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Drum and cymbal beaters

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084 - Music

084001000 - INSTRUMENTS

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084422400 Drumsticks 33
084422300 Hi-hat 22
084422200 Combined 3
20130025432Combination carrying case and kick drum creep preventer - A combination carrying case and kick drum creep preventer that allows a drummer to conveniently transport items to a performance or rehearsal venue and prevent unwanted kick drum creep. The case is specially designed to open into a platform and provide a suitable area which is a kick drum placement area. Integrally attached to the case/platform structure near the kick drum placement area is a kick drum creep preventer that the kick drum can be placed against. Such a system provides a cost effective, simple and easy method for drummers to setup and play a kick drum along with other musical instruments without the problem of unwanted kick drum creep or motion.01-31-2013
20110167984ROTATING MULTI-STEM INSTRUMENT BRACKET - An assembly for mounting musical instruments comprises a base, a bearing, the bearing secured to the base, a post, the post comprising a head, the head comprising a plurality of mounting flanges for mounting a musical instrument, and a body, the body fixedly connected to head at a first end, the body further rotatably engaged to the bearing at a second end.07-14-2011
20130008299ADJUSTMENT MECHANISM TO PERMIT A USER TO ADJUST THE SPACE BETWEEN HI-HAT CYMBALS - This invention is an adjustment mechanism for a musical percussion instrument having a pair of upper and lower cymbals moveable along a stand between a fully open position wherein there is a gap between the upper and lower cymbals and a fully closed position wherein there is no gap between the cymbals. The adjustment mechanism comprises a resilient element between the upper and lower cymbals to control the gap therebetween, an actuating mechanism operably connected to the resilient element, and a strike surface operably connected to the actuating mechanism. Striking the strike surface serves to cause movement of the resilient member and alter the gap between the upper and lower cymbals. The gap will increase or decrease depending on which strike surface is struck.01-10-2013
20120174734Drum Pedal With Optical Sensor - A drum pedal sensing system may include a base, a foot board, a pedestal, a beater, beater stem, and beater holder operatively connected to the foot board, a sensor holder, and a sensor fixedly coupled to the sensor holder. The beater holder may include a sensing surface that may rotate as the foot board is depressed and that may remain a substantially constant distance from the sensor as the sensing surface rotates. Additionally, the system may include a microprocessor operatively coupled to the sensor that receives signals from the sensor corresponding to motion of the sensing surface. Based on sensed changes such as changes in position, velocity, or acceleration, the microprocessor may determine whether the beater has contacted a drum face and, if so, may send an output signal to a stomp box, drum brain or similar element, with the amplitude of this output signal proportional to strength of the hit.07-12-2012
20130087035BASS DRUM PEDAL ASSEMBLY OF DRUM KIT - The bass drum pedal assembly includes a first connector, mounted on a shaft driven by a drum pedal; a second connector, engaging with the first connector, and coupled to a universal joint which links a connecting rod; and a positioning mechanism, comprising a central positioning member, an elastic member and a pin. The elastic member is put around the central positioning member to make the central positioning member elastically slidably disposed in a central hole of the first connector. The pin is inserted into a through hole at a lateral side of the first connector to press the central positioning member and the elastic member so that the central positioning member is elastically inserted in central holes of the first connector and the second connector.04-11-2013
20090235806STRUCTURE OF DRUM PEDAL - A structure of a drum pedal is provided for automatically returning of the pedal. The pedal drives a mallet that is mounted to a shaft and is rotated by the depression of the pedal to hit a drum. A rotary member is mounted to the shaft and carries a first magnet. An erect support is arranged to oppose the rotary member and carries a second magnet opposing the first magnet. When the pedal is depressed to drive the mallet to hit the drum, a magnetic interaction induced between the first and second magnets to automatically return the pedal to the original location before depression in a soundless manner.09-24-2009
20120000345STROKE SENSING DEVICE FOR PERCUSSION INSTRUMENTS - A percussion instrument striking detection device is configured to minimize time lag from striking the head until detection of head vibrations and for reliable detection of the vibrations in conformance with the striking force without regard to the head condition. A striking member has a vibration sensor. Therefore, the distance from the striking location on the head to the vibration sensor can be short, to minimize time lag. In addition, the effect of the tension or the material of the head on the vibrations detected by the vibration sensor can be minimized and vibrations in conformance with the striking force can be reliably detected.01-05-2012
20110271818HEEL-DRIVEN PEDAL FOR A PERCUSSION INSTRUMENT - A heel-driven drum pedal system for playing a primary percussion instrument and a secondary percussion instrument. The heel-driven drum pedal system includes a heel-driven pedal that strikes the secondary percussion instrument with a separate beater unit connected to the heel-driven pedal with an extension rod. The heel-driven pedal further including at least one cut-out, allowing the heel-driven pedal to be coupled to a standard toe-driven drum pedal for the primary percussion instrument. The heel-driven pedal coupled to the toe-driven drum pedal so that both pedals can be operated with one foot.11-10-2011
20090151540SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SELECTIVELY ACTIVATING ONE OR MORE FOOT ACTIVATION DEVICES - A system is provided for selectively activating at least one foot activation device. The system includes an enclosure configured to hold the at least one foot activation device. Additionally, the system includes at least one handle coupled to a top portion of the enclosure, where each handle is positioned above a respective foot activation device and are mutually coupled to one another. Each handle is displaced in a direction toward the respective foot activation device such that each handle selectively activates the respective foot activation device.06-18-2009
20100122622TENSION NUT LOCK SYSTEM FOR AN INSTRUMENT - A locking system to more accurately secure the foot pedal tension spring to the desired tension every time a tension adjustment is necessary. An adjustment screw is interconnected with the tension spring for adjusting the tension of the spring. A spring tension adjustment nut is threaded onto the adjustment screw. In accordance with the invention, a locking system is provided for locking the adjustment screw at one of a plurality of selected adjustment positions relative to the support and the foot pedal assembly in general. The selected adjustment positions are radially disposed about the central axis of rotation of said adjustment screw so that the adjustment screw may be locked into one of the selected adjustment positions relative to the support. With this locking system, the user may carefully select from a plurality of highly sensitive adjustment positions.05-20-2010
20120291610BASS-DRUM PEDAL ASSEMBLY - A pedal assembly for a drum has a floor plate, a clamp for securing the floor plate to a hoop of a drum, a pivot on the floor plate, a post pivotal on the pivot of the floor plate between an erect operating position extending upward from the floor plate and a transport position recumbent on the floor plate. An upper end of the post is adapted to hold a beater shaft. A pedal pivotal on the plate is couplable to the beater shaft. A latch releasably locks the post in at least the operating position.11-22-2012
20110197738FOOT MACHINE FOR A BASS DRUM OF A DRUM KIT - The foot machine according to the invention for a bass drum of a drum kit basically comprises a shaft mounted rotatably in a frame, a beater supported on the shaft, and a pedal connected to the beater, operation of the pedal bringing about an excursion of the beater. Also provided are permanent magnet restoring means which bring the displaced beater back into a resting position and which are formed by at least one inner and at least one outer permanent magnet arrangement arranged concentrically around the shaft.08-18-2011
20080282868Pedal device with shiftable stepping position for percussion instruments - A pedal device with a shiftable stepping position for a percussion instrument is disclosed. In view of the problems in the prior art that the player feels discomfort when the angle of the footboard is not correct and that the instrument may have a worse pose, the invention provides a back bottom board under the pedal device that can rotate and adjust its side-shifting angles. By shifting the position of the back bottom board, the footboard is moved and fixed at a position preferred by the player. Therefore, the position of the footboard is adjusted according to the stepping position of the player. Therefore, the invention can avoid the player's discomfort and be disposed as desired.11-20-2008
20100170380SPRING HOLDING MECHANISM FOR FOOT PEDAL OF BASS DRUM - A spring holding mechanism is adapted to a foot pedal including a spring which applies a tensile force to a rotation shaft interconnected with a drum beater of a bass drum. It includes an external thread (i.e. a bolt) interconnected to one end of the spring, a support member having a hole allowing for the external thread running therethrough, and an internal thread (i.e. a fixing nut) that is engaged with the external thread so as to fix the support member in position, thus limiting the vertical movement of the external thread in an axial direction. A projection and a recess are formed in the support member and the internal thread respectively. The projection having an external slope is engaged with the recess having an internal slope so that the projection is received inside the recess when the internal thread is attached to the support member.07-08-2010
20090178539BEATER HOLDER WITH ADJUSTMENT FEATURE - A beater holder apparatus for a bass drum pedal enables adjustment of the amplitude of swing of a drum beater with respect to a drum head, comprises a beater holder that is configured to for radial adjustment with respect to the beater shaft. The assembly comprises a support; a shaft supported by the support and rotatable around the axis of the shaft. A pedal is pivotable between an operating position to which the pedal is operated by the operator and a return position. A connecting system connects the pedal to the shaft such that movement of the pedal between the operating and return positions rotates the shaft and rotates the beater head toward and away from the drum head for beating the drum head. The beater holder can be angled infinitely and can be mounted to the pedal's axle to provide a “LIGHT” or “HEAVY” feel to provide a dual adjustment structure. Further, the invention has a clam-shell design for easy change-over to the “LIGHT” and “HEAVY” positions without dismantling the pedal.07-16-2009
20090025533Quick connect and disconnect for drum pedals - Embodiments of the invention provide an apparatus for connecting drum pedals for a musical drum set. In one embodiment, an apparatus for connecting two drum pedals of a drum set comprises an outer tube having a proximal end and a distal end, the distal end of the outer tube being coupled with a first drum pedal; an inner rod having a proximal end and a distal end, the proximal end of the inner rod being slidably received through the proximal end of the outer tube, the distal end of the inner rod being coupled with a first drum beater; and a quick-release mechanism configured to releasably engage the outer tube with the inner rod. The quick-release mechanism includes a resilient engagement member that resiliently engages the outer tube with the inner rod and that is manually operable to disengage the outer tube from the inner rod.01-29-2009
20090100985MUSICAL INSTRUMENT STAND ASSEMBLY WITH FOLDABLE PEDAL - A musical instrument stand assembly with a foldable pedal includes a main stand body, and the main stand body includes a main rod, and the bottom of the main rod includes two support rods each with a recession, and the recession includes a first circular serration; two side frames, and a sidewall of each side frame includes a protrusion and a second circular serration at the protrusion, and each side frame is installed by engaging each protrusion with the recession of each support rod, such that the first and second circular serrations are engaged with each other. With the design of rotably engaging the two side frames and the two support rods, the main stand body of the musical instrument has the function of adjusting its inclination with respect to a vertical position, and the effect of conveniently folding the pedal of the musical instrument.04-23-2009
20110138989RESILIENT DEVICE FOR A DRUM PEDAL - A resilient device for a drum pedal has a resilient member, an upper driven fastener, a lower driven fastener, a stationary fastener, an upper bearing, a connecting fastener and a lower bearing. The resilient member is connected between the upper and lower driven fasteners. The stationary fastener is connected pivotally to the upper driven fastener. The upper bearing is clamped between the stationary fastener and the upper driven fastener. The connecting fastener is connected pivotally to the lower driven fastener. The lower bearing is clamped between the connecting fastener and the lower driven fastener. The upper and lower bearings provide a reduction in friction between the elements so stepping on the pedal is easier and smoother and gives greater control.06-16-2011
20100162874MODULAR POST ASSEMBLY FOR FOOT-OPERATED PEDAL - A drum pedal assembly comprising a base member having a first mounting section and a second mounting section and a footboard pivotally mounted to the base member. A universal mounting post is interchangeably mounted to one of the first and second mounting sections such that the mounting post may be selectively positioned at the left-hand or right-hand position with respect to the footboard on the base member. With this invention, the mounting post is sized and shaped to interchangeably operate in either of the first or second mounting positions defined by said first and second mounting sections. Further, a dual beater drum pedal assembly is provided whereby first and second mounting posts are respectively mounted to a single mounting section. The first mounting post includes a first drive shaft rotatably mounted thereto and a first beater member affixed to the first drive shaft. A second mounting post is mounted to the second mounting section and likewise includes a second drive shaft and beater rotatably mounted thereto. In this dual beater drum pedal, the first and second mounting posts are substantially identical in shape so that the first and second mounting posts may be swapped one for the other without altering the operation or performance of the drum pedal assembly.07-01-2010
20120240746VARIABLE BEATER FOR DRUMS - The invention is directed to a beater for operating a drum, the beater comprising the following: a main body (09-27-2012
20110030532PEDAL FOR DRUM - To provide a drum pedal with a suppressed deflection and no fluctuation in beat timing or beat force of a beater, which allows the player to perform with a desired well-modulated tone, and to obtain the direct feeling, which is a sense of the depressing force being directly transferred to the beater attained by the good operability and the maintained stable attitude of the entire pedal, without inviting an increase in weight or material cost.02-10-2011
20110100194PEDAL SYSTEM AND A DRUM ASSEMBLY USING THE SAME - A pedal system of the present invention includes a support element, a connecting shank, a fixation element and a transmission element. The support element has a pedal and a rotatable axle. The axle inserts through the connecting shank and the fixation element in a rotational operative relationship. The transmission element connects between the pedal and the connecting shank. The fixation element is adapted for a drum hammer to dispose thereon. The fixation element has a longitudinal slot and a positioning unit. The axle is movable between both ends of the longitudinal slot, and the positioning unit selectively fixes a relative position of the longitudinal slot and the axle. As such, the position of the drum hammer is adjustable for the player to achieve better performance effect.05-05-2011
20120198984TOPSIDE SPRING TENSION ADJUSTER FOR BASS DRUM PEDALS WITH VARIABLE PIVOT POINT SPRING ROTOR - Described is a drum foot pedal with a tension adjuster for adjusting the tension of the spring and corresponding return action of a beater. The device includes a foot pedal and a beater bracket operably connected with the foot pedal such that the beater bracket is actuated in response to force applied to the foot pedal. A rocker component is attached with the beater bracket such that rotational motion of the beater bracket causes a rotational motion of the rocker component. A swivel component is connected with the rocker component. Further, a spring is attached with the swivel component for biasing the beater bracket to force a return action of a beater when force is removed from the foot pedal. Finally, a spring tension adjuster connected with and between the swivel component and spring, the spring tension adjuster operable for allowing a user to selectively adjust tension of the spring.08-09-2012
20120144976BEATER BRACKET AND VARIABLE DRIVE LEVER SYSTEM WITH VARIABLE PIVOT POINT SPRING ROTOR FOR BASS DRUM FOOT PEDALS - Described is a bass drum foot pedal having a variable drive lever linkage with variable arc ratios connecting the foot pedal to a beater bracket. The beater bracket is formed with a mounting surface that tips a beater shaft forward to create a forward beater angle that maximizes the beater impact against a bass drum.06-14-2012
20120031253Pedal Apparatus - A pedal apparatus that suppress the generation of acoustic sound at the time of operation includes a belt member made of an elastic material linked to an upright section of a main body section and a belt fastening section of a pedal. When the pedal is stepped on by a performer, the belt member is tensioned from a relaxed state and displaced to a linear form while being subjected to elastic deformation. When the pedal is further stepped on from that state, the displacement of the pedal is limited by the tensile force of the belt member. Accordingly, the generation of the striking sound that would otherwise be produced due to the impacting of bodies against each other to limit the pedal displacement can be avoided.02-09-2012
20080264237Music instrument - In a musical instrument (10-30-2008
20120000344BEARING STRUCTURE FOR DRUM PEDAL - A drum pedal includes a base having a pair of posts, a shaft, a beater, a footboard, and a chain belt. A shaft is rotatably supported by the upper ends of the posts with bearings. One of the bearings is fixed to a first end portion of the shaft by fastening a screw to the shaft along the axial direction. The bearing fixed to the shaft is sandwiched by the cover and the post along the axial direction of the shaft.01-05-2012
20120000346PERCUSSION INSTRUMENT - A percussion instrument is configured for minimizing space used for set up for use. The percussion instrument uses a belt member stretched between one of two upper stretching members and a lower stretching member, to form a striking surface. By using the elasticity of the belt member, the striking surface can simulate the tension sensation of a conventional acoustic percussion instrument. By forming the belt member in a band shape, the width dimensions of the striking surface can be small relative to conventional circular shaped striking surfaces.01-05-2012
20120152085Heel the beat kick-peddle - In conclusion by designing and constructing a base-drum kick-pedal in this form and fashion it provides a drummer a more natural and comfortable motion to the foot, as the foot compresses the pedal to engage the mallet to strike the base drum. Because it is easier to raise and lower the heel of the foot as opposed to raising and lowering the ball of the foot. Thus making it more sensible to move the compression capability of the compression pedal that engages the mallet to strike the base-drum from the front to the rear of the base-drum kick pedal.06-21-2012
20110120287POSITIONING DEVICE FOR A HOOP OF A DRUM - A positioning device of the present invention is for fixing a relative position of a hoop of a drum and a pedal base, and it includes a main body, a clamping body, a first screw and an adjusting means. The main body is pivotably disposed on the pedal base, and the main body includes a front end and a rear end. The main body further has a threaded bore disposed at the front end along its longitudinal direction. The clamping body is disposed on the front end of the main body. The clamping body has a through hole corresponding to the threaded bore. The first screw inserts through the through hole to mate with the threaded bore. The clamping body is rotatable about the first screw. The adjusting means is for adjusting a height of the rear end of the main body.05-26-2011
20110146475Musical instrument pedal - A musical instrument pedal has a base, two supporting posts, a pedal plate, a shaft, an elevation-angle-adjusting assembly, a chain assembly and two beaters. The pedal plate is mounted pivotally on the base. The shaft is mounted rotatably between the supporting posts. The elevation-angle-adjusting assembly is mounted on the shaft and selectively changes an angle thereof relative to the shaft. The chain assembly connects the pedal plate to the shaft. The beaters are mounted on the shaft. The elevation-angle-adjusting assembly allows users to quickly change an elevation angle of the pedal plate.06-23-2011
20110146474Pedal for musical instruments - A pedal has a base, two supporting posts, a pedal plate, a first shaft, a second shaft, a chain assembly and two beaters. The pedal plate is mounted pivotally on the base. The first and second shafts are rotatably mounted respectively on the supporting posts, are connected concentrically together and are capable of rotating independently. The chain assembly connects the pedal plate to the first shaft. The beaters are mounted respectively on the first and second shafts. The concentrically connected first and second shafts serve as a crossbeam between the supporting posts to reinforce the structurally strength of the pedal and obviate additional crossbeams that limit the pivoting range of the pedal.06-23-2011
20080196574ADJUSTABLE DRUM PEDAL AND METHOD THEREFOR - An adjustable drum pedal has a foot pedal and a base plate. A frame is coupled to the base plate. A support bar having a slot running a length of the support bar is coupled to the frame and raised above the base plate. A drum beater mechanism is movably coupled to the frame to allow one to adjust a position of the drum beater mechanism on the frame. A drive assembly is movably coupled to the drum beater mechanism and the foot pedal for moving the drum beater mechanism when pressure is applied to the foot pedal and for returning the drum beater mechanism to a starting position when pressure is removed from the foot pedal. A clamping device is movably coupled to the base plate for allowing one to couple the adjustable drum pedal in multiple positions relative to a drum. An adjustment device has a first end coupled to the foot pedal and a second end slidably coupled in the slot in the support bar. The adjustment device is used for adjusting a position of the foot pedal relative to the base plate.08-21-2008
20080196573Fastening structure for transmission rod of drum hammer - A fastening structure for a transmission rod of a drum hammer is disclosed and comprises: a transmission rod, which is connected to at least two pedals for transmitting power; two universal connectors, which are disposed two ends of the transmission rod respectively, each of the universal connectors has a female-connecting end, a female-connecting hole is disposed in the female-connecting end, an upper portion in the female-connecting hole has a plane, which corresponds to a through hole disposed in a lower portion of the female-connecting hole; two axes, an end of each axis has a plane; and two fixing structures, each fixing structure has a clamping member, which has an inner hole and a screw hole from the top of the clamping member through to the inner hole, a fixing column is disposed in the clamping member other than the screw hole; wherein the clamping member fastens the female-connecting end, a screw inserted in the screw hole is pressed on the periphery of the female-connecting end, the fixing column is inserted from the through hole disposed in the bottom of the female-connecting end and urged on a bottom slot of the end of the axis, the plane is closely contacted with the female-connecting end so as to let the power be indeed transmitted to effectively hit a drum.08-21-2008
20130199355Drum Pedal Cover - A drum pedal cover for attachment to a drum pedal surface is hereby disclosed. Single or multiple layers of padded foam material are employed, which are attached to the drum pedal surface. The padded material is used to reduce shock and provide comfort to the user during drumming. The drum pedal cover is attached to the drum pedal surface by employing the use of several strap assemblies, which are woven through apertures in the drum pedal cover. The strap assembly winds underneath the drum pedal's surface and is attached from the underside of the drum pedal. The strap assembly enables the user to rapidly employ and deploy the invention.08-08-2013

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