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083835000 Toothed blade or tooth therefor 54
083698110 Joint or connection 48
083663000 Rotatable type 47
083679000 Cutting couple type 46
083697000 Reciprocable type 15
083856000 Stationary cutter 10
083661000 Endless band or belt type 7
083651100 Wire tool 6
083660000 Pointed perforators 4
20100242701RIPPER BLADE FOR USE ON HYDRAULIC ARM AND METHOD FOR STORAGE TANK DEMOLITION - A hydraulically-operated ripper tool mounted as an attachment on a hydraulic arm of a carrier or excavator is used for demolition of large metal walled structures such as storage tanks in a very short time. The ripper tool has a sharp point for punching entry holes into the tank walls, so that no torch cutting of entry holes needs to be used, particularly where there might be volatile residues left in the tank. The ripper tool has a concave, sharp inner edge and is operated by the hydraulic arm in reciprocation so as to provide a shearing force to cut quickly through metal walls in “can-opener” fashion. The ripper tool facilitates making long vertical cuts into the tank wall from top to bottom, so that a series of vertical cuts can be made to weaken a side of the tank and allow the top of the tank structure to be brought down.09-30-2010
20100313728METAL SHELL MACHINING APPARATUS - A metal shell machining apparatus includes a cutting tool and a pressing tool. The cutting tool has a main body, at least two blade bodies, at least two enlargement portions, and at least two blade heads. The main body is a hollow cylinder, the blade bodies are formed by extending downwards from lower end of the main body, and there are at least two intervals between the blade bodies. The enlargement portions are formed by extending downwards and outwards from lower ends of the blade bodies, the blade heads are formed by extending downwards and inwards from lower ends of the enlargement portions. The pressing tool is a hollow cylinder and encircles a periphery of the cutting tool. The lower end of the pressing tool abuts the enlargement portions of the cutting tool. The apparatus can easily form oblique grooves on a metal plate, reducing manufacture cost.12-16-2010
20110162503APPARATUS TO FORM PERFORATIONS - An apparatus of making perforations along which a package can be smoothly ripped includes a housing and a driving mechanism. Below a top wall of the housing, a top plate operatively is coupled to the driving mechanism. A blade assembly holding plate is attached to the bottom side of the top plate. Below the perforating blade assembly holding plate, there is provided a pressure plate including a base layer and a rubber layer, so that the blade holding plate is interposed between the pressure plate and the top plate. The pressure plate is formed with a slit extending therethrough in its thickness direction. Below the pressure plate, a loading plate is formed with a slit extending therethrough in its thickness direction and on which a film sheet can be loaded. Below the loading plate, a base plate is fixed to a bottom wall of the housing.07-07-2011
20120073418PIERCING DEVICE, PARTICULARLY FOR CAPSULES FOR PREPARING BEVERAGES AND THE LIKE - A piercing device, for capsules for preparing beverages, comprising a plate that can be associated with a capsule for infusions and at least one penetrator that protrudes at right angles from the plate toward the capsule and is provided with at least one external cutting edge for the penetration of at least part of the penetrator into the capsule as a consequence of the mutual approach of the plate and the capsule; passage duct is defined in the penetrator that terminates, at its ends, in a passage provided on the face of the plate that lies opposite the face provided with the penetrator, and at least one aperture provided in the part of the penetrator that can penetrate into the capsule for the passage of fluid from the face to the capsule or vice versa, the external cutting edge extending laterally to the penetrator along a helical profile.03-29-2012
083658000 Anvil 3
20090000451CUTTING ANVIL AND METHOD - A cutting system includes a cutting assembly and an anvil. The cutting assembly includes an ultrasonic cutting tool having a stylus with a tip and an actuator to move the tip along a path. The path is oriented in a transverse manner relative to movement of a backed ply material. The anvil includes a rigid base for securing the anvil to the cutting assembly and a surface coinciding with the path. The system is configured to drive the tip into the surface and draw the tip along the path to generate a groove disposed upon the surface. The groove being in cooperative alignment with the tip.01-01-2009
20110048210Cutting apparatus of winder for secondary battery - A cutting apparatus of a winder for a secondary battery includes a cutting roll contacting a first side of a material, the cutting roll having a cutter protruding through an outer circumferential surface of the cutting roll to contact the first side of the material during cutting, an anvil roll facing the cutting troll and contacting a second side of the material, the cutting roll and the anvil roll being configured to contact each other via the material only at predetermined process stages, and a controller configured to move the cutting roll and/or the anvil roll to contact each other via the material during the predetermined process stages.03-03-2011
20090235800Perforation anvil - A method and apparatus for perforating a web includes an anvil roll having an outer surface wherein at least a portion of the outer surface defines an anvil surface. The anvil surface includes a plurality of angled grooves having a variable groove width. The method may include phasing the cutting position on the anvil to effect varying perforation patterns.09-24-2009
083652000 Work supported tool (e.g., clicker die) 1
20110100186CUTTING RULES FOR CUTTING OF FLAT MATERIALS - The present invention relates to a cutting rule 05-05-2011
20090193954After-treatment method and facility for a coarse aluminum casting - This invention resolves the problem in which a robot of the existing method cannot efficiently carry coarse aluminum castings to a first and a second machining unit.08-06-2009
20100071526CUTTER ADAPTER FOR CUTTING MACHINE - A cutter adapter includes a holder having a receiving portion for inserting a cutter therein; a sleeve sleeved onto the holder and having an annular bevel; a lock pin inserted into the holder and having an active end and a passive end, the passive end being squeezed by the annular bevel when the sleeve is moved, the active end being inserted into the cutter when the passive end is squeezed; and a biasing pin located in the receiving portion and pushed by a spring mounted in the receiving portion. In this way, when intending to mount the cutter to the cutter adapter, the user only needs to insert the cutter into the receiving portion to force the biasing pin to disengage from the lock pin, the lock pin being forced by the annular bevel to insert the active end into the receiving portion to hold the cutter.03-25-2010
20090120259Cutting tool - A cutting tool for use on earth working and land clearing equipment includes a working body portion having a continuous slot formed transversely therethrough in open communication with the first end and an exterior surface thereof. A cutting insert having a V-shaped notch formed in the front cutting end thereof is positioned and rigidly secured within the slot. A mounting shank extends outwardly from and is attached to the second end of the working body portion for enabling attachment of the cutting tool to a tool holder used on such earth working and land clearing equipment.05-14-2009
20090235799Knife Holder For Microtome Blades - A knife holder (09-24-2009
20110271812CUTTING UNIT FOR A PACKAGING MACHINE - A cutting unit for a packaging machine comprises a cutting knife which is movably guided in a linear guide, and a drive for driving the movement of the cutting knife. The cutting unit further includes a curved push rod that is provided between the drive and the cutting knife.11-10-2011
20110192266Cutting Tool and Method for Treating Surface Thereof - A method for treating a surface of a cutting tool includes first blasting the surface of the cutting tool using a granular abrasive and then brushing the blasted surface of the cutting tool. The surface condition of the cutting tool is improved, thereby achieving superior resistance to chipping while cutting a workpiece and excellent durability by means of improvement in abrasion resistance and toughness.08-11-2011
20100319513COMBINED SPLITTING BLADE - The present invention provides a combined splitting blade, including a cutting ring and a fixed disc. The cutting ring is provided with a through-hole for the flange and a blade formed on the periphery. The fixed disc is partially covered on the upper and lower end surfaces around the through-hole of the cutting ring by die-casting. The cutting ring is clamped tightly. The fixed disc and the cutting ring are made of different materials. As the cutting ring and fixed disc are not prefabricated nor made of the same kind of materials, thus simplifying the fabrication process of the blade to save the cost of materials, processing and fabrication time. In addition, the combined splitting blade is fabricated by of rolling.12-23-2010
20110030526FLAT CUTTING TOOL - A flat cutting tool includes a blade member fixed to a mounting concavity of a base member using a brazing filler metal or an adhesive agent to form a cutting edge on a surface layer side of the blade member. The blade member includes a surface layer which is a high-speed tool steel with a high degree of hardness, a middle layer which is an alloy steel having a lower quench-hardenability than the high-speed tool steel, and a lower layer which is a mild steel having little quench-hardenability, which can be formed by forge welding. The blade member can be quenched and tempered, and the surface layer hardened to a hardness suitable for the cutting tool and fixed to the mounting concavity of the base member.02-10-2011
20100236371CUTTING FRAME OF HIGH CUTTING EFFICENCY - Disclosed herein is a cutting frame including a plurality of cutters for cutting one or more kinds of rectangular unit pieces having a relatively small size from a rectangular base material at a predetermined inclination, the cutters being mounted or formed in the cutting frame such that the cutters correspond to the rectangular unit pieces, wherein the cutters are mounted or formed in the cutting frame based on the array structure of the rectangular unit pieces such that a large majority of the remaining rectangular unit pieces, excluding the uppermost row rectangular unit pieces and the lowermost row rectangular unit pieces, are arranged while being adjacent to different rectangular unit pieces at four sides of each rectangular unit piece, and at least some combinations of adjacent four rectangular unit pieces form an island-type residue in the center thereof.09-23-2010
20110048209Cutting Frame of High Cutting Efficiency - Disclosed herein is a cutting frame including a plurality of cutters for cutting two or more kinds of rectangular unit pieces having relatively small sizes from a rectangular base material at a predetermined inclination, the cutters being mounted or formed in the cutting frame such that the cutters correspond to the rectangular unit pieces, wherein the cutters are formed in the cutting frame in an array structure of the rectangular unit pieces in which largest-sized rectangular unit pieces are arranged at a central part of a base material based on the height of the base material in the longitudinal direction of the base material, and small-sized rectangular unit pieces are arranged above and below the largest-sized rectangular unit pieces.03-03-2011
20110041668APPARATUS FOR SURFACING FLITCH - An apparatus for surfacing a flitch by cutting material from its radially outer surface to prepare the flitch for veneer slicing or other uses. The apparatus comprises a cutterhead rotatable about a cutterhead axis. The apparatus further comprises a carriage comprising a ring that rotates about a carriage axis and a pivot arm that carries the cutterhead and is coupled to the rotatable ring for pivoting movement about a pivot arm axis. The apparatus further comprises a flitch contour accommodation device coupled to the pivot arm and to the cutterhead to permit rotation of the cutterhead about a device axis that is generally transverse to the cutterhead axis.02-24-2011
20120031249Method for refining texture of ferrous material, and ferrous material and blade having microscopic texture - A method for refining the texture of a ferrous material. The method includes a first step and a second step. The first step includes a step of making carbide particles in a portion of a base material smaller. The second step includes a step of nitriding at least a part of said portion.02-09-2012
20110094363Ceramic cutting tool with an edge area, method for the production and use thereon - A ceramic cutting tool configured as multiphase ceramic with an improved resistance to wear of the edge area or edge layer consists of a base ceramic and of a sacrificial phase as well as eventually additives and primary hard material phases and an eventually multilayered edge area or edge layer resistant to wear, hard, not deposited made of at least one hard material phase, whereby the edge area is intimately intergrown with the starting ceramic and which is formed by aging the starting ceramic in a defined atmosphere.04-28-2011
20110061510Stamping Tool and Treatment Method for Stamping Tool Surface - To enable fabrication of a precise stamped product having an extremely low surface roughness. Ripples 03-17-2011
20100288097BLADE MEMBER, AND EDGE WORKING APPARATUS FOR THE BLADE MEMBER - In a vacuum chamber, the edge of each blade group is subjected to an ion beam treatment under predetermined conditions using a plasma ion gun and argon as a medium, and is subjected to a plasma ion implantation of nitrogen plasma under predetermined conditions using a plasma ion implantation gun. As a result, it is possible to provide a blade member having an edge of a cutting quality enhanced by increasing the sharpness, a blade member having an edge of a rigidity enhanced by increasing the hardness, and a working apparatus capable of working those edges efficiently.11-18-2010
20100199827Cutting Table Cutting Tool Assembly - A cutting tool assembly that includes a holder that supports a blade for use with cutting tables. At least one roller is attached to the holder and extends beyond a perimeter of the holder in a direction that is normal to an axis of rotation of the roller. The blade extends from the holder in a common direction with the roller and includes a cutting edge that is oriented in a direction that is generally normal to the axis of rotation of the roller. During a cutting process, the roller maintains the position of the material with respect to the sharpened edge of the blade.08-12-2010
20120318114CUTTING DEVICE FOR SUGAR CANE HARVESTER - The present invention relates to a cutting device for sugar cane harvesters that includes support discs, where several radial blades through fixing bolts are fixed, and that is characterized in that the radial blades (12-20-2012
20110265626APPARATUS FOR THE PRODUCTION OF CAPS - An apparatus for the production of caps comprises a first operating turntable device associated with a first operating arrangement and a further operating turntable device associated with a further operating arrangement, between said first operating turntable device and said further operating turntable device a transferring turntable device being interposed such as to transfer said caps between said first operating turntable device and said further operating to turntable device; a device for positioning a tool in relation to an object to be processed comprises a toolholder element suitable for bearing said tool, an adjustable member operationally associatable with said toolholder element and an abutting member suitable for pressing said toolholder element against said adjustable member.11-03-2011
20120279370PUNCHING TOOL - Stamping tool, in particular a cutting rule, for dividing or perforating flat materials, and production of the tool. To create a stamping tool with improved properties, in particular with an automatic leveling in a flat-bed stamping machine and/or in a rotation stamping machine, embodiments provide that from a thermally treated and/or quenched and tempered steel strip, shaped on the narrow sides with, on the one hand, a back part with a convex contour in cross section or a contour composed of several projecting convex regions, which contour has recesses in some places transverse to the longitudinal extension and perpendicular to the lateral surfaces, shaped in a chipless manner by cold forming or embossing with free spreading of the material, wherein the extent of the spreading is smaller than the steel strip thickness and the undeformed regions between the recesses can be plastically deformed with a startup of the tool.11-08-2012
20100307311PCB CUTTER MODULE WITH DETACHABLE CUTTERS - A PCB cutter module is disclosed to include a base panel having locating grooves arranged on one side thereof subject to a predetermined layout and mounting through holes arranged along the border, fastening members mounted in the mounting through holes for fastening the base panel to a worktable, positioning devices, for example, permanent magnets or electromagnets mounted in the locating grooves for detachably securing cutters at the base panel for cutting a workpiece, for example, PC board, and supplementary holder blocks selectively attached to the cutters to hold a respective alignment rod for securing the PC board in position for cutting by the cutters accurately.12-09-2010
20130192441MACHINE BLADE FOR FOOD PROCESSING - The present invention relates to a blade for cutting machines and to a method for producing such a blade. The blade has a main body made of a first material and a cutting body made of a second material and having at least one cutting edge formed thereon. The second material has a higher hardness than the first material. The cutting body is joined along a joining line to the main body. According to the invention, the blade is produced by: a) providing a support made of a third material of high thermal conductivity; b) placing the main body on the support such that a base area of the main body and a surface of the support lie substantially parallel to each other and the joining line is adjacent the surface of the support; c) generating the cutting body by build-up welding of the second material onto the first material along the joining line, the support being arranged for mechanically supporting the second material used for build-up welding and d) sharpening the cutting body to form the at least one cutting edge08-01-2013
20130199351SURFACE-COATED SINTERED BODY - A surface-coated sintered body includes a sintered body of cubic boron nitride (cBN) and a surface coating layer formed on a surface thereof, the sintered body of cBN containing 20 to 99.5% by volume of cBN and a binder, the surface coating layer including an adhesion layer and at least one hard coating layer, the adhesion layer being a metal layer containing at least W and being formed to cover a portion of the surface of the sintered body of cBN, the hard coating layer being formed to cover the sintered body of cBN and the adhesion layer, a ratio of cBN particles in contact with the adhesion layer to a total number of cBN particles in contact with the adhesion layer or the hard coating layer in the surface of the sintered body of cBN being 0.01 to 20%.08-08-2013

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