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081125000 Work-holding 26
081124400 Plural sockets 17
081124600 Having axial opening for removable handle 15
081124200 Slotted socket 15
081124300 Through socket and perpendicular handle 8
081124100 With nut ejectors 2
20110296961FRANGILE COLLAR FASTENER AND NUT RETRIEVAL SOCKET - A socket is disclosed for securing frangible collar fasteners to bolts, and collecting the separated nut portions of the fasteners to avoid introducing debris into the work area. The socket comprises the socket housing having a first end formed to receive and engage the frangible nut portions, and the second end to receive and engage a ratchet. At least one retention member is disposed within the socket housing, proximate the housing first end. The retention member is resiliently displaceable to allow each nut portion to enter into the socket housing during fastening, and to retain a plurality of nut portions within the socket housing after the nut portions have been separated from the frangible collar fasteners. Nut ejection apparatus is provided having a first portion disposed exterior to the socket housing and a second portion disposed interior to the socket housing. The nut ejection apparatus is translatable along at least a portion of the socket length, to store a plurality of separate nut portions within the housing. The nut ejection apparatus further being manually translatable to urge the stored nut portions past the retention member and out of the socket first end.12-08-2011
20090019973Socket assembly for quickly releasing object engaged with the socket - A socket assembly includes a socket having a mounting hole which includes a plurality of insides and yield recesses located alternatively between the insides. A control member is rotatably mounted to the socket and has a through hole, a plurality of stops extend inward from an inner periphery of the through hole. A polygonal object is engaged with the mounting hole of the socket and the stops of the control member are located on the path along which the polygonal object may drop from the socket. After the object is loosened and received in the socket, the control member is rotated an angle to remove the stops such that the path that the polygonal object may drop is clear and the object is easily take out from the socket.01-22-2009
081124700 Having perpendicular handle 2
20100154603WRENCH - A wrench comprises a handle connected to a housing. A socket is rotatably supported in the housing for ratcheting movement relative to the housing. A retaining member releasably secures a device in the socket. A retainer is supported on the housing and is movable between a first position and a second position. The retainer, when in the first position, at least partially overlays the socket. A plurality of guides orient a member relative to the socket. The guides are mounted in a rotatable body. A first handle is permanently connected to the housing and a second handle is removably connected to the housing.06-24-2010
20110088520TOOL - The tool according to the invention serves to rotate a work piece or a device around a rotational axis and has a handle and a shaped component, which can be brought into a form-fitting position with the work piece or the device. Herein the handle is able to swivel around a pivot axis arranged on the section of the handle toward the axis end side, whereby the moment of inertia and/or the momentum of the swiveled handle is transmittable as rotational momentum onto the shaped component and thus onto the work piece or the device, through a limitation on the swivelable extent. Thus an increased torque (for example, an initial breakaway or tightening torque) may be briefly applied onto the work piece or the device.04-21-2011
20100116098ANTI-SLIP ASSEMBLY ELEMENT FOR HAND TOOL - An anti-slip assembly element for hand tool includes an assembly element adapting to be detachably connected to a hand tool. The assembly element has a polygonal portion formed on one end thereof. A plurality of anti-slip portion is respectively disposed between every two adjacent side walls of the polygonal portion. Each anti-slip portion has a plurality of first grooves parallely defined therein and a plurality of second grooves parallely defined therein. The first grooves are crosswise of the second grooves. When a user grasps the polygonal portion of the assembly element, the anti-slip portions provides a friction for easily gripping. When the assembly element is dropped down, the anti-slip portions provide the friction for avoiding rolling away.05-13-2010
20130081521CLOSE FITTING STRUCTURE OF SLEEVE TOOL - A close fitting structure of a sleeve tool is provided. A through-hole is formed to penetrate a sidewall of the sleeve tool. The close fitting structure includes a body. Sharp engaging teeth are disposed at a front end of the body. The close fitting structure is received in the through-hole of the sleeve tool and adapted to move forward and backward spirally. The close fitting structure is inserted deep into the sleeve tool, such that the sharp engaging teeth disposed at the front end of the body and a nut mesh in a close-fitting manner. Accordingly, the close fitting structure enables the sleeve tool and the nut to mesh efficiently and to be loosened and tightened easily and in a slide-free manner.04-04-2013
20090235788HAND TOOL FOR PROVIDING HIGH TWISTING FORCES AND LOW DAMAGE TO SCREW - A hand tool for providing high twisting forces and low damage to a screw includes a handle having a driving end. The driving end has an inner hexagonal space. The driving end has three engaging portions and three flat portions respectively form in six edges of the inner hexagonal space. The three engaging portions and the three flat portions are alternatively disposed. The driving end has six recesses. Each recess is disposed between the engaging portion and the flat portion adjacent to the engaging portion. Each engaging portion has two cambered protrusions and a sharp protrusion disposed between the two cambered protrusions. An apex of the sharp protrusion and those of the two cambered protrusions are collinear.09-24-2009
20080271576Socket connection device of adjustable tension value for preventing overlarge twisting force - A socket connection device of adjustable tension value for preventing an overlarge twisting force comprises a seat having a receiving space which penetrates through an upper and a lower end of the seat; one end of the seat being an engaging portion for engaging a spanner or a driving tool; another end of the seat being a hole section; a middle part of the receiving space between the engaging portion and the polygonal hole section being a threaded section; the control section including an adjusting block, an elastic unit, and a buckle block; and a head formed as a long rod; one end of the head being a buckling end having a shape corresponding to that of the buckle block; an outer periphery of the head near the buckling end being formed with an annular groove; and another end of the head opposite to the buckling end is an engaging end.11-06-2008
20110290086Socket Wrench - A socket includes faces, grooves and groups of notches. Each of the grooves is located between two adjacent one of the faces. Each of the grooves includes a width that gets smaller towards an axis of the socket along a radius, thus defining a reduced neck. Each of the groups of notches is located along a related one of the grooves or in a related one of the faces.12-01-2011
20090095137Specialized Socket for Installing Valve - A removable valve socket wrench for installing and removing pipe valves. The socket may be attached to an end of a ratchet, torque wrench, T-bar, or breaker bar with an extendable wrench handle. A detent feature is provided to allow the socket to positively engage the handle and be physically retained yet removable. The socket features various openings in the socket walls to engage with protruding features of a particular valve.04-16-2009
20090211407NUT WRENCH - The present invention provides a tool for tightening or releasing a nut engaged on a screw-threaded shank. The tool comprises: a socket arrangement comprising a socket for engaging the nut; an extension member adapted to engage the socket arrangement such that a torque applied to the extension piece is transferred to the socket for tightening or releasing the nut; and a location sleeve on the extension member, the location sleeve overlapping the extension member and the socket arrangement, when engaged therewith, so as to hold the extension member to the socket arrangement.08-27-2009
20090288522SOCKET AND A METHOD FOR MAKING THE SAME - A socket includes a tubular metallic body, a corrosion-resistant layer unit, a pattern unit, and a corrosion-resistant protection layer unit. The tubular metallic body has an outer peripheral surface, which includes a first peripheral portion and a second peripheral portion. The second peripheral portion has a non-patterned region and a patterned region. The non-patterned region exhibits a body color. The corrosion-resistant layer unit is provided on the first peripheral portion. The pattern unit is provided on the patterned region of the second peripheral portion. The corrosion-resistant protection layer unit is provided on at least the pattern unit. The pattern unit is imparted with an anti-corrosion property and a color property distinguishable from the body color exhibited by the non-patterned region.11-26-2009
20120291596Simple socket - A tool, the Simple Socket, which will with the installation of a fastener on or into its intended receiver while also holding another object, most often a washer(s), in axial alignment with the fastener. An elastic sleeve surrounds a fastener driver with a lip extending beyond the fastener. If the fastener is of an internal drive configuration, the tool includes a tube that mounts on the fastener driver and extends over the shank of the driver and the sleeve is axial mounted to the tube. The extended lip of the sleeve retains the washer in axial alignment with the fastener while it is advanced on or into its intended receiver. The driver may accept another tool opposite the fastener to apply torque. The elastic sleeve also provides dielectric insulation surrounding the tool.11-22-2012
20080289455DRIVE SOCKET DESIGN FOR HOLD AND DRIVE FASTENER - A drive tool that includes a drive socket. The drive socket includes alternating flutes and lobes and has a conical portion. The lobes, rather than being tapered in the conical portion of the socket, are each uniform in width as they progress to an end of the socket. The fact that the lobes are uniform in width in the conical portion of the drive socket provides for better engagement with the flutes of a conical section of a fastener.11-27-2008
20080271577Socket assembly for a gate valve wrench - A socket assembly for a gate valve wrench includes a socket, a support member adapted to mount on the wrench and a fastener for connecting the socket to the support member in such a manner so as to retain the socket fixed in place on the gate valve wrench. The socket includes a cylindrical piece with an inner surface shaped to include twelve inwardly protruding ridges that together define an interior cavity. In use, the socket assembly can be used in conjunction with the wrench to turn a rounded gate valve operating nut. Specifically, with the socket assembly attached to the wrench, the socket is forcibly driven down over the rounded nut such that each ridge digs into the rounded nut. Firmly engaged by the socket, the rounded nut can then be operated using the wrench.11-06-2008
20080276763NO MESS OIL FILTER REMOVAL TOOL - An oil filter removal tool includes a member for providing a reservoir to capture leakage oil as the oil filter is removed from a vehicle.11-13-2008
20080271575Socket connection device of adjustable tension value for preventing overlarge twisting force - A socket connection device of adjustable tension value for preventing an overlarge twisting force, comprises a seat having an approximate round cylinder; the seat having a receiving space; one end of the seat being an engaging portion; another end of the seat being a polygonal hole section; the control section including a base, an adjusting block, an axial rod, an elastic unit and a buckle block; the base serving for positioning the axial rod; the axial rod of the control section for installing the adjusting block, elastic unit and buckle block; and a head being formed as a long rod; one end of the head being a buckling end having a shape corresponding to that of the buckle block; an outer periphery of the head near the buckling end being formed with an annular groove; and another end of the head opposite to the buckling end is an engaging end.11-06-2008
20100269642 ONE-PIECE MANUAL TIGHTENING TOOL FOR DRIVING A FASTENER - This tool substantially extends in a general plane (XY) and comprises: —at least one working head (10-28-2010
20080257118Sani-Clamp Tool - The sanitary pipe clamping tool described in this document will also be refered to as a “Sani-Clamp Tool”. The Sani-Clamp Tool is a tightening/removal tool, for use specifically with sanitary pipe clamps that join two flanged pipe ends together. The tool is used by placing the reccessed portion of the tool over the winged nut of the pipe clamp, turning clockwise or counterclockwise, allowing the user to tighten or loosen the clamp as desired. The tool is designed for use by itself for proper hand torquing and removal applications, or in conjunction with a drive adaptor, so that a power tool, ratchet, or torquing ratchet may be utilized to maximize efficiency.10-23-2008
20110226096POLYGONAL DRIVING MEANS WITH INBUILT COLLAR - It has become apparent that the dimensions of inbuilt-collar driving means of the same nominal size may vary according to the method of manufacture. The dimensions of the collar must therefore be adapted to suit the mode of manufacture, at the expense of its strength or mass. Moreover, the transmissible torque for tightening and loosening operations varies according to a useful wrenching height. In order to have a useful height identical to the height of the shank, the idea underlying the invention involves pushing the frustoconical collar of a driving means in towards its center along the extension of the sides of the shank. The inbuilt-collar driving means of the invention is suited to all modes of manufacture, and can be manufactured without adversely affecting the dimensions of the driving means or its installation.09-22-2011
20100154602DRIVER WITH TAPERED HEX SOCKET - A driver is used to manually drive a fastening member. The driver includes a shank, a handle provided at an end thereof, and a socket provided at the opposite end thereof. The socket has a receptacle which includes a front portion extending from a front face of the socket a predetermined distance and a tapered portion extending from the front portion a predetermined distance. The front portion is larger than the outer dimension of the fastening member and is formed from walls which are parallel to the centerline of the socket. The tapered portion tapers inwardly from the front portion toward the centerline. The tapered portion extends uninterrupted 360° around the receptacle such that a rear edge of the fastening member continuously contacts the tapered portion when inserted therein.06-24-2010
20090078093Universal socket adapter - The universal socket adapter is a multitiered drive adapter that can be attached to the head of a drive, such as a ratchet drive. The adapter has an upper socket stop at the female end for stopping upward axial travel of a socket mated to the uppermost drive tier of the tool. The upper socket stop has a drive-receiving bore adapted for accepting the drive of a driver tool, such as a ratchet drive. A plurality of drive tiers are integrally formed and extend away from the upper socket stop to form the male end of the adapter. Each adapter drive tier is successively smaller than the one above it. All of the drives are disposed concentrically below the upper socket stop so that each drive tier can accommodate a corresponding drive-size socket.03-26-2009
20100192732Multiple Pin Retention For Universal Socket - A universal socket that forms around a fastener to drive the fastener received by the universal socket generally includes a socket housing including a circumferential wall that defines a chamber having an inner periphery and an opening. The inner periphery extends through the socket housing along a longitudinal axis. A plurality of pin members is operable to be disposed in the chamber. A plate member has a first surface and a second surface that define through holes formed between the first and second surfaces. The through holes accommodate a cross-sectional diameter of a middle portion of the pin members but each of the through holes is too small to accommodate a cross-sectional diameter of a first end portion of the pin members. The plate member is operable to connect in the chamber to hold the plurality of pin members in the socket housing. A plurality of pin cap members includes frangible connections with an adjacent pin cap member. The plate member has a frangible connection with at least a part of the plurality of pin cap members. A first end portion of each of the pin cap members defines an aperture that is operable to accept the second end portion of the pin members.08-05-2010
20100224035Driving Tool Kit Including Driving Tools and Method for Determining Driving Angles of Driving Tools - A driving tool kit includes at least three driving tools each having an opening for selectively receiving one of first and second fasteners with nominal sizes of different units. The opening includes an inner periphery having a plurality of driving sections. Each driving section includes first and second planar driving faces meeting at an intersection and at an obtuse driving angle to each other. The intersections of the driving sections are capable of engaging with sides of a larger one of the first and second fasteners. The first planar driving faces and the second planar driving faces of the driving sections are capable of selectively engaging with sides of a smaller one of the first and second fasteners. The driving angles of the driving tools are different from one another and can be determined by a method.09-09-2010
20100212462PEG BOARD DISPLAY FASTENER AND CONNECTOR - A clip includes a head having a thumbscrew protrusion and a body with spaced apart threads. The clip is of various widths and lengths to accommodate, most preferably, different widths and depths of holes in peg board. Most preferably, the clip is sized to accommodate ¼ inch peg board, and is used to releasably secure items such as advertisements and promotional material to the peg board.08-26-2010
20120137836RATCHETING WRENCH - A ratcheting wrench includes a driving head having a receiving hole defined through the driving head. The driving head includes an inner flange and multiple teeth. The inner flange inwardly extends from an inner surface of the receiving hole. The multiple teeth extend from the inner surface of the receiving hole. Each tooth has a bottom connected to the inner flange and includes an upper edge, a first side, a second side and beveled ridge. The beveled ridge extends from a juncture between the first side and the upper edge to the inner flange, gradually and inwardly protrudes from an inner surface of the tooth, and includes an engaging bevel and a guiding bevel. The present invention allows the wrench body to continuously rotate a fastener without detaching from the fastener.06-07-2012
20100000377Foot torque - “Foot Torque” is a new and improved version of the lug wrench for vehicles. “Foot Torque” far proceeds anything in the market, designed to accomplish the changing of a tire in a much easier, safer, and convenient on almost any vehicle. “Foot Torque” was designed with the intention to change one's tire, but also making it possible for all types of people to use. “Foot Torque” can be used by the elderly, the handicapped, the disabled and even used by people who have never changed a tire in their life. “Foot Torque” is the safest, easiest and most convenient lug wrench anyone could ever use. There is nothing like “Foot Torque” on the market today and if it is put on the market, I am quite positive that people would never consider using anything else again.01-07-2010
20090107301WRENCH WITH SLIM PROFILE - A slim profile wrench is provided for reaching nuts and bolts in tight spaces. The wrench includes first and second casing members which encloses a chain trained about sprockets at opposite ends of the wrench. Each sprocket includes an integral female drive and an integral female socket on opposite ends. Rotation of a drive shaft inserted into the female drive rotates the female socket at the opposite end via the chain. The casing members are secured together by fasteners extending into a central wall within the casing members. The wall also defines spaced apart channels which provide a guide track for the chain. Wear bushings are provided on each side of each sprocket.04-30-2009
20090241742APPARATUS FOR USE IN AND METHOD OF SETTING THE TENSION IN A DRIVE BELT OF A MOTORCYCLE - A specially configured wrench is fitted to the fork structure of the rear wheel of a motorcycle to transmit rotational torque to the axle and move the rear wheel axle and sprocket to adjust and accurately set the tension in the drive belt of the motorcycle to a desired level. Further, a method is disclosed for reducing slack, changing, and/or setting a desired tension in the flexible power transmission mechanism of a motorcycle, the mechanism exemplified by a chain or drive belt having upper and lower reaches wrapped about respective of a rotatable forward motor drive sprocket and a rotatable rear wheel drive sprocket and used in cooperation with a fork structure for mounting the rear wheel and a cam-operated structure for repositioning the rear sprocket and associated axle.10-01-2009
20110017025Diesel Injector Pressure Regulator Socket - A socket for an injector pressure regulator having an upper and a lower portion that forms a body. The socket is configured to remove or install the injection pressure regulator in an engine, such as a Ford diesel engine. The socket further includes a tapered portion and a driver receiving portion to receive a driver of a wrench. A slot is formed in the upper and lower portions to better mate with the injector pressure regulator. The inner portion of the socket includes a dome portion that provides a space between the socket and a top of the injector.01-27-2011
20090064825Reinforced impact socket - The present invention is a lightweight impact socket having an aluminum or other light metal blank having a fastener end and a drive end. A high strength, heat-treated steel alloy insert is inserted into the fastener end of the blank and glued in place to yield a highly effective impact socket. A drive end insert can be inserted into the bore at the drive end to add strength to the drive end of the impact socket. A high strength, heat-treated steel alloy sleeve can be adhered to the outside of the lightweight blank to add further strength to the drive end of the impact socket.03-12-2009
20100275738Socket Insert Adapter - A hollow shaped socket insert adapter rotatively driven by a single socket driver for tightening, loosing, and removing various sizes of nuts/bolts.11-04-2010
20120198970Oil Filter Removal Tool With Integral Oil Retaining Reservoir - An oil filter removal tool having a base and axially compressible bellows attached at a liquid-tight joint to the base that telescopes over an oil filter being removed defining a container that collects excess oil during filter removal. Base has a filter engaging recess with a fluid passage enabling oil collected during removal to flow into a reservoir between the filter and base. Another reservoir formed between filter and bellows holds additional oil. Joint is formed by a seating arrangement having a configuration that also strengthens the tool. Bellows can compress to seal against pan ensuring oil in oil pan and filter that spills during filter removal remains within tool. After removal, bellows can return to its uncompressed length providing a container sidewall extending outwardly beyond filter enabling collected oil to be transported and dumped into a container.08-09-2012
20100294086METHOD AND MEMBER FOR TIGHTENING THREADED FASTENERS, AND FIXING AND TIGHTENING DEVICE - This method of tightening a threaded fastener (11-25-2010
20110005356Wheel Nut Wrench and Manufacturing Process Thereof - In order to provide a wheel nut wrench in which strength of a nut socket portion is allowed to be increased even though processes are facilitated under a situation where a tube made of carbon steel such as S45C is used as a material, and a manufacturing process thereof, an embodiment to implement the present invention is a wheel nut wrench made with a tube-shaped steel tube and provided with a nut socket portion at least one end, a nut socket shell portion whose inner and outer peripheries are both formed in a hexagonal shape is provided at an end portion of the steel tube, a sleeve made of a steel plate and having a cross section of a hexagonal shape is pressed into the nut socket shell portion, and a portion of the nut socket shell portion is deformed toward the sleeve to thereby achieve unification of the nut socket portion and the sleeve.01-13-2011
20100282029HAND TOOL WITH AUTOMATIC ENGAGING FUNCTION - A hand tool with the function of automatic engaging is disclosed. It has a holding part with a driving head at an appropriate position thereon. The driving head has sleeve parts stacked in layers. The driving head has a sleeve hole for a working object to be automatically embedded therein and engaged with a corresponding sleeve part. The invention enables the user to determine the actual size of the working object for future maintenance.11-11-2010
20090293684Aerator tool - A tool to facilitate the installation and removal of a flow control member, illustratively an aerator, within a faucet spout.12-03-2009
20100018359Tight-spot fitting and driver, and method of use thereof - A tight-spot fitting includes an elongated body configured to be inserted into and extracted from an aperture of a device, a user-operable head configured to be manipulated by a user to rotate the elongated body with respect to the aperture of the device, a depression in the user-operable head dimensioned and configured to receive a corresponding driver, and a through-bore extending through the elongated body and the user-operable head into the depression. The through-bore is configured and dimensioned to receive a line therethrough such that when the elongated body portion is inserted into the aperture, the line spans the aperture and through-bore, and extends through the depression.01-28-2010
20120031242Anti-Rolling Socket - An anti-rolling socket includes ribs extending thereon in parallel to an axis thereof. Two adjacent ones of the ribs are in contact with a planar face when the anti-rolling socket is laid on the planar face. In an aspect, the ribs are merged with the anti-rolling socket. In another aspect, the ribs are formed on a ring located on the anti-rolling socket.02-09-2012
20120096992Socket - A socket for driving a fastener, which head are or have become damaged to enable a wrenching tool to drive, includes a hole defining an inner peripheral edge. The inner peripheral edge defines a plurality of engaging sides and slots. Each engaging side includes first, second, and third sections, and the first section extends from one slot and approaches to a center of the hole, and the second section extends from the first section and away from the center of the hole, and the third section extends from the second section and towards and connects to another slot.04-26-2012
20120042754Socket Assembly Having Insulating Effect - A socket assembly includes an insulating outer layer, a workpiece connector mounted in a first end of the insulating outer layer, and a tool connector mounted in a second end of the insulating outer layer and spaced from the workpiece connector. Thus, the separation wall of the insulating outer layer between the workpiece connector and the tool connector can isolate the workpiece connector from the tool connector so that when an electric current is electrically conducted to the workpiece connector through the workpiece, the electric current will not be delivered from the workpiece connector to the tool connector, thereby preventing an operator from directly contacting with the electric current so as to protect the operator's safety.02-23-2012
20090133541COMBINATION WRENCH SOCKET - A combination wrench socket is provided that includes, but is not limited to a one-piece outer part, in the form of a wrench socket having an inner part situated therein, a first tool head molded onto the inner part, and a second tool head, designed differently there from, molded onto the outer part, in which the outer part is designed in such a way that it has at least one retention element for the lockable fastening of a tool head.05-28-2009
20100288083MODULAR WRENCH - A modular wrench has a shaft, a connecting protrusion and a socket mount. The shaft has two ends and two sides. The connecting protrusion is formed on and protrudes from one side at one of the ends. The socket mount is attached to the other end of the shaft, may be mounted in or formed on the same or opposite side and has a mounting hole formed in the socket mount. The socket mount can be combined with the connecting protrusion of another modular wrench to extend length or adjust configuration of the modular wrench. A socket is mounted in a distal socket mount corresponding to and for tightening or loosening fasteners. Therefore, the modular wrench can be easily adapted to work fasteners of machines.11-18-2010
20100058897SINGLE AND UNITARILY FORGED SOCKET - It is noted the purpose of the foregoing abstract is to enable the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and the public generally, especially the scientists, engineers and practitioners in the art who are not familiar with patent or legal terms or phraseology, to determine quickly from a cursory inspection the nature and essence of the technical disclosure of the application. The abstract is neither intended to define the invention of the application, which is measured by the claims, nor is it intended to be limiting as to the scope of the invention in any way. A single and unitarily forged socket includes a cylindrical body that has opposed proximal and distal ends and has a centrally registered first bore formed therein.03-11-2010
20100269641SCREW LOCKING TOOL - A screw locking tool includes a main body composed of a shank to be combined with a hand tool and a sleeve. The shank has front end continually connected with the sleeve having its surface disposed with an annular recess with an O-shaped ring fitted therein and bored with insert holes communicating with an accommodating cavity of the sleeve for receiving positioning steel balls, with an elastic element fixed in the accommodating cavity. A screwing element secured with the accommodating cavity has a shank with a minor-diameter and a medium-diameter annular recess for receiving steel balls to prevent the screwing element from slipping off. A receiving groove at the front end of the screwing element is bored with insert holes respectively for fitting a positioning steel ball and has an annular recess fitted therein with an O-shaped ring for positioning the steel balls.10-28-2010
20080302216Wrench Socket with Easily Recognizable Size Indicia - A wrench socket includes first and second ends spaced along a longitudinal axis. The first end includes a recessed indicia area formed in an outer peripheral wall face of a peripheral wall thereof. Size indicia extends outward from a bottom wall of the recessed indicia area and is integrally formed from a single homogenous material with the peripheral wall as a single continuous monolithic piece. The size indicia has a top face extending not beyond the outer peripheral wall face. The radii of the bottom wall and the top face are larger than a radius from the longitudinal axis to the outer peripheral wall face. Centers of curvatures of the bottom wall and the top face are located outside the longitudinal axis.12-11-2008
20110120274THROUGH TYPE SLEEVE - A through-type sleeve has a tubular main body having an actuating end, a wrench sleeving end and an axial through-hole is set at the center of the main body. A moulded groove is set at one end of the through-hole correspondingly to the actuating end, and a round groove set at the other end of the axial through-hole correspondingly to the wrench sleeving end. A blind chamber is recessed radially at one side of the wrench sleeving end of the main body, and provided with an inner wall. An elastic support is accommodated into the blind chamber. A shelled convex locator is assembled externally onto the elastic support and is provided with an inner face supported elastically by the elastic support. A convex surface on the shelled convex locator is protruded outside of the blind chamber, and the protruding state is limited by a limiting portion of the blind chamber.05-26-2011
20120297937SOCKET EXTENSION - A socket extension and related methods of utilizing a socket extension that improves upon conventional designs through the use of a shaped body allowing the socket extension to be manipulated with an appropriate tool at any point along the shaped body. Through the use of the shaped body, a user is provided multiple engagement points such that interference due to the proximity of other structures or other accessibility issues can be overcome. In addition, the shaped body presents the opportunity to utilize a plurality of tools on the same socket extension when additional force/torque is necessary to loosen and/or tighten a bolt.11-29-2012
20130014616COMBINATION OF CONTROL CABINET KEYSAANM Putsch; RalfAACI WuppertalAACO DEAAGP Putsch; Ralf Wuppertal DEAANM Feld; MichaelAACI CologneAACO DEAAGP Feld; Michael Cologne DEAANM Marovic; FilipAACI WuppertalAACO DEAAGP Marovic; Filip Wuppertal DE - The invention relates to a combination (01-17-2013
20090078092Wrench with curved handle - A wrench includes a curved handle including a bent portion located between two ends of the curved handle. Two sockets are connected to two ends of the curved handle and one of the socket includes a passage defined axially therethrough and the passage communicates with an opening defined through the bent portion so as to reduce concentration of stress at the bent portion.03-26-2009

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