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Screw and nut

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074 - Machine element or mechanism

074640000 - GEARING

074412000 - Directly cooperating gears

074424500 - Spiral

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074424810 Rolling element engaging thread 130
074424750 Thread geometry 3
20110072927Method and apparatus for attachment of a lead screw to a motor shaft - A linear actuator arrangement consists of an extended lead screw terminating at one end via a conical section and a threaded rod. After completion of the motor assembly, the threaded rod at the end of the lead screw is later engaged within the threaded aperture to provide linear actuator function.03-31-2011
20100101347ROLLER SCREW AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - The present invention provides a roller screw which bears loads in both directions along the axis of the screw shaft and which is also capable of preventing interference between each roller end surface and roller rolling grooves. Between roller rolling surfaces 04-29-2010
20120160047Spindle for a Drug Delivery Device - A spindle (06-28-2012
074424940 Less than 360 degrees of contact between nut and screw 1
20080210039Rolling Screw - Rolling screw (09-04-2008
074424780 Nut disengageable from screw 1
20090211387Spiral Gear - A spiral gear having a body, a compound nut and a screw on which a keyway is made on the longitudinal direction. The nut has four or more inserts placed in the grooves made in the longitudinal direction and leaning against the inclined surfaces made at different heights in the same direction on the end parts of the bottoms of the grooves. The spiral support with the conical surface placed coaxial in the hole of the body leans against the conical surfaces made on the butt-ends of the inserts from one side and leans from the other side the imitator with the respective conical surface. On the other butt-end of the imitator are two small balls against two inclined spiral surfaces made in the direction of the screw which have the same height, and the spiral disk.08-27-2009
20130074626RECIRCULATING BALL GEAR - A recirculating ball gear, in particular for a steering system of a motor vehicle, comprises a nut, which is mounted in a housing by way of a bearing, wherein at least one spring element is disposed on each end face of the bearing between the bearing and the housing. During operation, the recirculating ball gear is exposed to impact in the axial direction, whereby the gear may become damaged over time and annoying rattling noise may develop in the recirculating ball gear. The spring elements are thus operated in the progressive area of characteristic curve.03-28-2013
20090235769Device in connection with transmission - A device in connection with transmission, preferably in relation with low-speed lifts, the device including an externally threaded rod (09-24-2009
20080271558LINEAR ACTUATOR WITH WEAR-RESISTANT CERAMIC BUSHING - An actuator in one embodiment includes a threaded shaft; a shaft engaging portion coupled to the threaded shaft, the shad engaging portion being moveable in a direction parallel to an axis of the threaded shaft upon a relative rotation between the threaded shaft and the shaft engaging portion; and a ceramic bushing coupled to the shaft engaging portion, the bushing encircling the threaded shaft.11-06-2008
20090025499Drive unit - Object of the present invention is to provide a miniaturized drive unit which has the function of measuring the slide distance of a driven object. The drive unit 01-29-2009
20090107272Modified Acme Screw/Nut Set - A nut and screw set for reducing the amount of hindered motion therebetween is disclosed. The nut and screw set includes a screw and a nut. The screw includes a plurality of screw threads. The nut includes a plurality of nut threads. The nut threads are threadably engagable with the screw threads. The nut threads are sized reduce hindered motion between the screw and the nut as a result of thermal expansion of the screw and the nut.04-30-2009
20090199668Driving Device - A driving device for a hatch in a motor vehicle includes a first fastening element which can be connected to a stationary structural component, a second fastening element which can be connected to a movable structural component, a spindle drive including a threaded spindle having an axis of rotation and a spindle nut arranged on the threaded spindle, and a rotary drive having a driveshaft for rotating spindle to move the first fastening element axially relative to the second fastening element. A stroke detection sensor for continuously detecting the position of the movable structural component includes a rotatable sensor element driven in rotation by the driveshaft and a stationary sensor element for continuously detecting the rotational position of the rotatable sensor element. A gear reduction unit is provided between the driveshaft and the rotatable sensor element so the revolutions of the sensor element are reduced by about 14:1.08-13-2009
20100212443Intelligent Transmission Element - An intelligent transmission element includes a first element formed in a strip shape and disposed with a slot therein; a second element disposed with a containing space for placing the first element, wherein the inner side of the containing space is disposed with a tank corresponding to the plurality of slots, the tank and the plurality of slots forms a loading path for disposing a plurality of rolling elements and a silencing element. The silencing element is placed between the plurality of rolling elements and contains a dye container for a dye. When the silencing element is damaged due to an external force, the dye inside the dye container of the silencing element would color the transmission element to let the user notice that the silencing element is damaged.08-26-2010
20110000330BALL NUT OF A BALL SCREW - The ball nut of a ball screw at the inner circumference of which a ball groove is provided, wound helically about the longitudinal axis for rolling balls, and at its outer circumference a roller bearing is arranged for rotatably supporting the ball nut, wherein the roller bearing has an inner ring which is supported by means of a support ring arranged on the ball nut in the axial support direction, wherein the support ring is arranged as a result of material deformation in the axial support direction with positive engagement on the ball nut.01-06-2011
20100206112Linear actuator - A linear actuator has a clutch mechanism settled between a worm gear and a screw of the linear actuator. The clutch mechanism including a disc spring normally stays in a clutched position where a driving power is transmitted from the worm gear to the screw. When the linear actuator is overloaded, the clutch mechanism changes to a declutched position by compressing the disc spring so that the driving power is not transmitted to the screw. Thereby, the clutch mechanism protects internal components of the linear actuator from being damaged, thereby improving durability of the linear actuator.08-19-2010
20120227528MULTI-MOTION ASSEMBLY FOR LEADSCREW SYSTEM - In one embodiment, a stirring system has a stirring assembly, a threaded leadscrew, and a multi-motion assembly adapted to travel along the leadscrew and accompanying parallel guide rods. The multi-motion assembly (i) has a timing pulley for powering the stifling assembly via a timing belt and (ii) converts the rotation of the leadscrew into either travel along the leadscrew in an engaged state or rotation of the timing pulley in a disengaged state. The multi-motion assembly includes (i) a screw-nut having an inside thread matching the leadscrew's thread and (ii) a clutch sub-assembly. The clutch sub-assembly (i) prevents the screw nut from rotating with the leadscrew in the engaged state, such that leadscrew rotation causes linear movement of the multi-motion assembly and (ii) allows the screw nut to rotate with the leadscrew in the disengaged state, such that leadscrew rotation causes corresponding rotation of the screw nut and timing pulley.09-13-2012
20130145877NUT FOR BALL SCREW - A nut for a ball screw mainly includes a nut, multiple dual-narrowed paths, multiple micro fans, a control portion, and multiple temperature sensing portions. The nut has a threaded path and the dual-narrowed paths are defined through the central axis of the nut and substantially parallel to the threaded path. Each of the dual-narrowed paths has a high-speed area and the diameter of each of the dual-narrowed paths is gradually reduced from two ends toward the high-speed area. The nut has micro fans which drive the air flows and reduce the temperature to increase the life of use and the precision of positioning.06-13-2013

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