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074 - Machine element or mechanism

074640000 - GEARING

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074331000 Plurality of counter shafts 96
074335000 Control mechanism 80
074330000 Multiple concentric clutch shafts 46
074339000 Meshing assisters 34
074333000 Combined gear and clutch 22
074329000 Disconnectable counter shaft 13
074352000 Laterally slidable gears 4
20090090206Mechanical gear apparatus - A mechanical gear apparatus that provides power transmission wherein a gear that is driven moves only in a forward direction when the driving gear is driven forward or in reverse. It is a mechanical gear apparatus comprising a support base, a drive gear, and, a directional gear assembly comprising three gears and, another configuration in which there is a mechanical gear apparatus comprising a support base, a driven gear, and a directional gear assembly comprising two directional gears and a drive gear. The gears in the mechanical gear apparatus can be substituted by smooth or rough surface rubber rollers.04-09-2009
20120312112DISENGAGEABLE INTERFACE MECHANISM BETWEEN A MOTORIZATION SYSTEM OF AN AIRCRAFT LANDING GEAR ASSEMBLY AND A WHEEL - A motorization mechanism for a wheel of a landing gear assembly, including an input gear driven by a motor-reducer unit; a pendulum element, carrying two intermediate gear wheels driven in rotation by this element, with the intermediate gear wheels having synchronized rotation blocking mechanisms such that the two intermediate gear wheels can be simultaneously engaged or simultaneously released. The angular displacement of the pendulum element around its rotation axis is limited by a first and a second adjustable stop. These adjustable stops are set so that when the pendulum element comes into contact with an adjustable stop, the blocking mechanism of the intermediate gear wheels is freed, whereas it is engaged when the pendulum element is in the neutral position. This pendulum assembly faces a cog wheel that is capable of driving the hub of the said wheel.12-13-2012
20110259135TRANSMISSION - A transmission having at least one shaft, on which a guide sleeve which has a first external toothing system is arranged fixedly so as to rotate with it and at least one slider sleeve which has an internal toothing system is arranged, it being possible to adjust the slider sleeve between a disengaged position, in which the internal toothing system and a second external toothing system on a clutch element are not operatively connected, and an engaged position, in which the internal toothing system meshes with the second external toothing system. The internal toothing system and/or the first external toothing system are/is configured in such a way that there is merely punctiform contact between them in the engaged position. As a result, in particular, an undesired gear disengagement can be suppressed.10-27-2011
20120118091TRANSMISSION OF MOTORCYCLE - A motorcycle having a transmission which includes a counter shaft to which a rotation of a crankshaft disposed in an engine is transmitted and a drive shaft to which a rotation of the counter shaft is transmitted. A pair of drive gears mounted on the counter shaft so as to be rotated integrally with the counter shaft, and a pair of driven gears mounted on the drive shaft so as to be meshed with the pair of drive gears, respectively, to be rotatable therewith, and a friction ring is interposed between the pair of driven gears.05-17-2012
074000000 Slidable keys or clutches 3
20100307269DEVICE FOR REVERSING THE DIRECTION OF AN AUTOMOTIVE WHEELED VEHICLE - A direction-reversing device includes at least one input shaft, an output shaft, and direction-reversing element with a clutch sleeve including a moving clutch sleeve, mounted to move axially on one of the shafts carrying it to enable occupying forward and reverse positions. This device also includes a blocking element that is driven in rotation by the input shaft that carries the moving clutch sleeve, whereby this blocking element is mounted to move between the off position, in which the moving clutch sleeve is able to switch from one operating position to the next, and the on position, in which the blocking element forms an obstacle that prevents the switching of the moving clutch sleeve from one position to the next, being able to switch automatically from the off position to the on position when the input shaft is driven at a speed of rotation that exceeds a predetermined threshold value.12-09-2010
20100257969TRANSMISSION SYSTEM - A transmission system including a first shaft (10-14-2010
20090158872Shift device of a power take-off transmission - A shift device is provide for a power take-off transmission of an agricultural utility vehicle. The shift device comprises an input shaft that can be driven by an engine of the utility vehicle, and an output shaft. The input shaft is connectable to the output shaft by way of three gear pairs, in order to transmit torque from the input shaft to the output shaft via one of the three gear pairs. Three gear wheels of the gear pairs are assigned to the input shaft. Three gear wheels of the gear pairs are assigned to the output shaft. One gear wheel of a gear pair is rotationally fixed to the input shaft or the output shaft and the other gear wheel of the gear pair is rotationally fixable to the output shaft or the input shaft by a gearshift sleeve. The two gear wheels of a gear pair intermesh with one another. The output shaft has a recess, in which a PTO stub shaft can be reversibly introduced. A mechanism, which can be actuated by a PTO stub shaft and which serves to actuate a gearshift sleeve, provided on the output shaft and rotationally fixed to the output shaft, is provided on the output shaft. The gearshift sleeve in one shift position of the gearshift sleeve is rotationally fixed to a gear wheel of a first gear pair. In another shift position of the gearshift sleeve no rotationally fixed connection exists between the gearshift sleeve and gear wheel of the first gear pair. By means of a further gearshift sleeve a rotationally fixed connection can be established with a gear wheel of the second gear pair or with a gear wheel of the third gear pair.06-25-2009
074332000 Internal-external gears 3
20090260466ROTATION OUTPUT DEVICE - A rotation output device including a lock mechanism for automatically locking an output shaft without inertia or a need to pivot the output shaft by the operator after the input shaft stops rotating. The rotation output device includes an output gear for inputting a rotation driving force; a lock ring restricted from rotating; output rings for rotating integrally with the spindle; a click spring for rotating the output rings with respect to the output gear; float gears which are held by the output ring to be urged radially outward and are fixedly engageable with the lock ring; and central pin insertion through-holes and side pin insertion through-holes provided in the output rings for releasing the float gears radially outward and fixedly engaging the float gears with the lock ring. The click spring relatively rotates the output rings by the stoppage of the rotation driving of the output gear.10-22-2009
20100064832Helical gear sets - A gear set for a transmission for use in limited space and capable of transmitting relatively large amounts of power with a small diameter of the gear sets, comprising a series of helical gear elements having stub shafts extending laterally from either side thereof, each of the stub shafts having teeth formed at the remote ends thereof and a central axial bore extending through each gear element and a coupler adapted to engage the teeth on adjacent gear elements join gear elements in driving contact. The gear set having a relatively large effective diameter, and a tension rail extending through the axial bore in the gear elements with retainers at either end of the tension rail so as to effectively permit limited axial movement along the tension rail while preventing inadvertent disengagement.03-18-2010
20100229665MODIFIED ECCENTRIC GEARBOX - The invention deals with an eccentric gearbox with selectable, large speed ratio. A gearbox that consists of multiple eccentric gear pairs (09-16-2010
074000000 Longitudinally slidable 2
20100139430Power transmission switching mechanism for office machine - A power transmission switching mechanism for office machine. The power transmission switching mechanism has simple structure and enables the office machine to commonly use a motor to execute scanning and printing works. The power transmission switching mechanism includes a rotary shaft, a drive gear mounted on the rotary shaft, an actuator reciprocally movable on the rotary shaft and a driving gear for transmitting power of a motor to the drive gear. The drive gear has an spline. The actuator can be selectively moved forward or backward to make the spline disengaged from a first gear mounted on the rotary shaft or engaged with the first gear. When the spline is disengaged from the first gear, the power of the motor is transmitted to a scanning module. When the spline is engaged with the first gear, the power of the motor is transmitted to the rotary shaft for printing work.06-10-2010
20120266705 FIXED SPOOL FISHING REEL - A fixed spool fishing reel having a handle shaft connected to a handle to be rotated thereby and coupled to a bail arm drive of the wheel so that rotation of the handle shaft causes rotation of the bail arm. The handle shaft is coupled to the bail arm drive via a gear mechanism that enables the gear ratio between rotation of the handle shaft and rotation of the bail arm drive to be selectively altered. Also, a fixed spool fishing reel having a spool shaft and two gear wheels respectively on opposite sides of the spool shaft, both gear wheels being coupled to be driven by a rotary handle of the reel and both being selectable to be the one which drives a spool shaft oscillatory mechanism of the reel, the coupling between each of the said two gear wheels and the mechanism being via respective gearing arrangements to impart different respective ratios of handle rotary speed to oscillatory speed of the spool shaft.10-25-2012
20110174103DOUBLE CLUTCH FOR CARS - There is provided a double clutch for connecting a crankshaft of an engine to one of two input shafts of a gearbox for engine torque transmission. The double clutch includes, but is not limited to a first clutch for selectively connecting a first input shaft of the gearbox to the crankshaft, a second clutch for selectively connecting a second input shaft of the gearbox to the crankshaft, and an actuator coupled to both the first clutch and the second clutch. The actuator is operable to move the first clutch and the second clutch between a default position and an activated position. In the default position, the first clutch connects the first input shaft to the crankshaft while the second clutch disconnects the second input shaft from the crankshaft. In the activated position, the first clutch disconnects the first input shaft from the crankshaft while the second clutch connects the second input shaft to the crankshaft. The crankshaft is always connected to one of the input shafts.07-21-2011
20100107791STEERING APPARATUS - In a steering apparatus, a differential lock mechanism has a lock holder in which a plurality of groove portions are formed on an outer periphery thereof, and selectively allows and prohibits to generate a difference of steering amount in the rotational direction between an input shaft and an output shaft by selectively engaging and disengaging an engaging portion with respect to the groove portions. A rotation sensor detects the position in the rotational direction of the lock holder during one rotation of the lock holder and repeatedly detects the same sensor pattern being output a plurality of times. A variable transfer ratio unit ECU detects which groove portion, from among the plurality of groove portions, the engaging portion is engaged with using the sensor pattern output by the rotation sensor when a side portion of one of the groove portions is pressing against a side portion of the engaging portion.05-06-2010
20130047759MULTI-SPEED TRANSMISSION WITH AN ENGINE START/STOP ENABLER - A transmission includes an input member, an output member, a plurality of torque-transmitting mechanisms that are selectively engageable to establish at least four forward speed ratios and at least one reverse speed ratio between the input member and the output member, and one or more latches associated with one or more of the torque-transmitting mechanisms. The one or more latches engages the respective torque-transmitting mechanisms during or prior to a start event.02-28-2013
20090272211MULTI-GROUP TRANSMISSION OF A MOTOR VEHICLE - A multi-group transmission of a motor vehicle which includes at least two transmission groups arranged in a drivetrain and a way for supporting traction force during gearshifts such that traction-force gearshifts are maintained with improved shifting comfort at comparatively low cost, little design effort and compact installation space demands. At least one electromagnetic clutch is a change-under-load unit by which, bypassing the force flow of at least one main group made as a gear-change transmission, an active connection can be formed between a driveshaft and a main transmission shaft or a transmission output shaft. During a gearshift operation, an active connection is temporarily made between a driveshaft and a main transmission shaft or a transmission output shaft by way of at least one electromagnetic clutch designed as a change-under-load unit.11-05-2009
20120234118CLUTCH-TYPE ELECTRICAL DRIVING DEVICE FOR BICYCLE AND CLUTCH-TYPE DRIVE THEREOF - A clutch-type electrical driving device for a bicycle includes a first one-way bearing provided between a transmission sprocket assembly and an electrical driving assembly, and a second one-way bearing provided between the transmission sprocket assembly and a pedal driving assembly. When a user selects to drive sprockets via the electrical driving assembly for moving the bicycle forward, the sprockets would not feed back to bring two pedal assemblies to rotate at the same time. On the other hand, when the user selects to drive the bicycle forward via the pedal driving assemblies, the sprockets would not feed back to rotate the electrical driving assembly. Therefore, the user can ride the bicycle safely because the pedal assemblies would not rotate along with the sprockets when the latter are driven by the electrical driving device to rotate at high speed. A clutch-type drive for the electrical driving device is also disclosed.09-20-2012
20130125684SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING A TRANSMISSION - The present invention provides a system for controlling a vehicle comprising a prime mover, a first sensor, a transmission, a second sensor, and a transmission controller. The first sensor outputs a first signal that indicates a speed of an input shaft of the transmission and the second sensor outputs a second signal that indicates a speed of the prime mover. The transmission controller includes control logics that control the transmission using the first signal, perform a diagnostic check on the first sensor, determining whether the diagnostic check of the second control logic indicates that the first sensor meets a predefined performance characteristic, instruct the transmission controller to use the second signal of the second sensor to control the transmission if the third control logic indicates that the first sensor does not meet the predefined performance characteristic, and control the transmission using the second signal of the second sensor.05-23-2013
20090084207SPLIT SHAFT FOR HIGH POWER DIESEL ENGINE - An idler shaft assembly is disclosed suitable for internal combustion engines, such as the heavy duty engines. The assembly may transmit power between a crank shaft and a cam shaft. The assembly includes a hollow shaft which can be interference fit within a small idler gear, with a large idler being mounted on a shoulder of the small idler gear. Idler hubs on either side of the hollow shaft are centered with respect to the idler shaft and are held firmly in place by fasteners that extend through one of the hubs and the hollow shaft, and are threaded into the other hub. Lubrication may be provided by an internal reservoir formed in the hollow shaft, and oil passages in fluid communication with this reservoir that extend to journal bearings mounted between the idler hubs and the support structure for the overall assembly.04-02-2009
20120285279DUAL TORQUE LIMITER - A dual torque limiter on a utility vehicle having a gear train connected to a main shaft through a first slip clutch assembly that releases the gear train from the main shaft if torque exceeds a predetermined limit. The main shaft is connected to a rear drive train. The front drive train is connected to the main shaft through a second slip clutch assembly that releases the front drive train from the main shaft if torque exceeds a predetermined limit.11-15-2012
20110296937METHOD FOR OPERATING A GROUP TRANSMISSION - A method of operating a group transmission of a motor vehicle, the group transmission being arranged in a drive-train between a drive aggregate and an axle drive and including at least a multi-stage main transmission (HG), a splitter group (GV) connected one of upstream and downstream of the main transmission and/or a range group (GP) connected one of upstream and downstream from the main transmission. The main transmission (HG) is of countershaft design with at least one countershaft (WVG12-08-2011
20090205451GEARING - In a gearing, in particular coaxial gearing, hollow shaft gearing, hypoid gearing, axial gearing or linear gearing, with a driving element (08-20-2009
20090084208TRANSMISSION FOR VEHICLES - A shift position changing drive member for a transmission includes an arm member capable of turning around the axis of a shift spindle for drivingly turning a shift drum in response to the turning of the shift spindle wherein the shift drum is prevented from coming into a neutral position even if the shifting speed is stopped in midstream. A lost motion spring includes gripping portions gripping a pressing portion from both sides of a coil portion surrounding the shift spindle. An arm member of shift position changing drive member is provided with a pressure-receiving member which is gripped by both gripping portions in such a manner that when the turning member is turned, if, in response to the turning direction, the pressing portion abuts against one of the gripping portions for turning, the other of the gripping portions abuts against the pressure-receiving member.04-02-2009
20090205450Group transmission for a motor vehicle - In a group transmission having a number of countershafts, wherein three input constants are provided on a transmission input shaft for driving a countershaft such that the group transmission is of very short construction, the transmission input shaft is connectable to an intermediate shaft for direct power transmission, with the countershaft being disconnectable in the direct gear in order to avoid drag losses.08-20-2009
20110167942Continuously Variable Transmission with Brake - A transmission is disclosed for a wheeled vehicle. The transmission has a rotary input (07-14-2011
20120291575MAGNETIC GEAR ARRANGEMENT - A magnetic gear arrangement comprises: a first gear system having a plurality of first gear members, each first gear member generating a respective first magnetic field for that gear member; a second gear system having a second gear member generating a second magnetic field; and a coupling device which provides arrangements of interpoles between the first gear system and the second gear system. The first gear members are changeably selectable by the coupling device such that the interpoles couple the first magnetic field of a selected first gear member to the second magnetic field to produce a gear ratio between the first gear system and the second gear system, the gear ratio being changeable by changing the selected first gear member.11-22-2012
20120192665VEHICLE TRANSMISSION - A shifting sleeve for selectively engaging a transmission gear in a vehicle transmission is provided. The transmission gear has at least one opening defined therein. The shifting sleeve comprises at least one tooth for selectively engaging the at least one opening defined in the transmission gear. The at least one tooth extends from the shifting sleeve body and has a first portion, a second portion and a third portion. The first portion has a top surface disposed at a first height and the second portion has a top surface disposed at a second height, the first height being greater than the second height. The third portion is disposed between the first and second portions, and has a top surface disposed at an angle and extending between the top surfaces of the first and second portions.08-02-2012
20120192664Powertrain Comprising A Three Speed Transmission - Disclosed is a powertrain comprising a three speed transmission and an electric motor.08-02-2012
20120240698TRANSMISSION - A transmission includes first and second rotating shafts arranged in parallel and multiple gear sets including gears fixed to the first rotating shaft and rotatable gears rotatably supported on the second rotating shaft. Each gear set includes first and second engagement units engaged with first and second engagement-target portions formed on end surfaces of each rotatable gear and transmitting torque in first and second rotational directions; and a shift mechanism axially and independently moving the first and second engagement units. Each one of the first and second engagement units has a slanted portion allowing the engagement unit to withdraw from the rotatable gear when the other one of the engagement units is disengaged and torque transmitted in a corresponding direction is input. Each one of the first and second engagement unit of each gear set moves integrally with the other one of the engagement units of an adjacent gear set.09-27-2012
20110252906VEHICLE OIL PUMP - A vehicle oil pump that is driven by a drive gear provided on a rotating shaft that rotates in one direction when a vehicle travels forward and rotates in the opposite direction when the vehicle travel backward includes a first driven gear that is in mesh with the drive gear and provided on a drive shaft of the vehicle oil pump via a first one-way clutch, an idler gear that is in mesh with the drive gear, and a second driven gear that is in mesh with the idler gear and provided on the drive shaft of the vehicle oil pump via a second one-way clutch. The first one-way clutch is configured to transmit rotation of the first driven gear to the drive shaft when the vehicle travels in one direction, from among forward and backward, and the second one-way clutch is configured to transmit rotation of the second driven gear to the drive shaft when the vehicle travels in the other direction, from among forward and backward.10-20-2011
20110259133SPEED CHANGE GEAR - A speed change gear includes: a housing that has internal gears having different inside diameters; and a plurality of change gear units that are respectively in mesh with the plurality of internal gears and that change the speed of rotation from an input shaft to an output shaft. Each of the change gear units includes a rotating member that has one of a pin protruding in a direction along an input/output axis and an insertion hole; an eccentric member that centers on an eccentric axis that is eccentric with respect to the input/output axis; and an oscillating member that oscillatingly rotates as the eccentric member rotates about the input/output axis.10-27-2011
20110113907MOTOR-VEHICLE HYBRID PROPULSION SYSTEM INCLUDING A DOUBLE-CLUTCH TRANSMISSION WITH GEAR SHIFT DEVICE COMPRISING A ROTARY DRUM - The hybrid propulsion system for an internal combustion engine having a mechanical gearbox and an electric machine. A gear shift device includes a plurality of sliding engagement sleeves, each arranged to connect a driven gearwheel for rotation with the respective secondary shaft, a corresponding plurality of sliding shift forks, each arranged to cause a respective engagement sleeve to slide between a neutral position and at least one shift position, a rotary drum having on its outer cylindrical surface a corresponding plurality of guide grooves in each of which a respective stud slidably engages for translation with a respective shift fork in the sliding direction of this latter, and an actuation unit arranged to cause the drum to rotate stepwise among a plurality of angular positions each corresponding to predetermined positions of the engagement sleeves.05-19-2011
20110113908RPM MULTIPLIER AND/OR TORQUE INCREASER FOR TURBINES - RPM Multiplier consists of a succession of gears of two different toothed radii each, the smallest ones engage with the biggest and let the successive biggest gears turn in relation to the previous biggest as the smallest. Magnets and electromagnets are placed in the gear teeth and support rails with the purpose of reducing friction. Torque Increaser model B consists of at least a pair of gear rotors, which incorporate electromagnets or magnets; the electromagnetic or magnetic force is used to move the generator together with the main rotor of the turbine.05-19-2011
20090308190POWER TRANSMISSION APPARATUS FOR PRESS MACHINE - A power transmission apparatus for press machine according to the invention transmits rotational power from a drive shaft to a driven shaft. The apparatus has at least two drive gears arranged along an axial direction and substantially integrally attached to the drive shaft, a driven gear substantially integrally attached to the driven shaft, and an idle gear rotatably supported on an idle shaft and having a gear meshing with the driven gear and a plurality of gears corresponding respectively to the at least two drive gears. The idle gear can be displaced relative to the drive gear along the axial direction of the idle shaft to cause one of the at least two drive gears and corresponding one of the plurality of gears of the idle gear to mesh with each other selectively.12-17-2009
20110185832Wind Power Plant Transmission and Auxiliary Drive for a Wind Power Plant Transmission - A wind power plant transmission with at least one transmission stage which comprises at least a first and a second gearwheel, wherein a third gearwheel is provided which is connected axially to and is centered on the first or second gearwheels. At least the first, second and third gearwheels are encompassed by a transmission housing. Flange-mounted on the transmission housing is an auxiliary drive, where the torque of the auxiliary drive can be transmitted to the third gearwheel by a fourth gearwheel which is movable axially along, and can rotate with, a driveshaft which is driven by a motor. In an activated state of the auxiliary drive, the third gearwheel is in engagement with the fourth gearwheel. By omitting a front-mounted gearing and thereby reducing the number of individual parts, it is possible for a wind power plant transmission to be obtained in a more cost-effective and more compact manner.08-04-2011
20110259134METHOD OF GEAR SHIFTING A DUAL CLUTCH TRANSMISSION - A method for gear shifting a dual clutch transmission from an initial gear into a target gear and a respective dual clutch transmission are described. The dual clutch transmission comprises a first partial transmission and a second partial transmission. When shifting from an initial gear into a target gear which are both allocated to the first partial transmission, gears are shifted at least for a short time period into the support gear prior to gear shifting from the support gear into the target gear. A process of an uninterrupted reduction of the transmitted clutch torque down to zero at a first clutch allocated to the initial gear is started prior to starting a process of closing the second clutch allocated to the support gear.10-27-2011
20110259132Transmission Gear Ratio Changing Without Disassembly For A Work Machine - A transmission (10-27-2011
20090133522VEHICLE TRANSMISSION - A vehicle transmission is adapted to transmit a power output from an engine unit to a wheel. The vehicle transmission includes a driving unit and a speed-changing unit. The driving unit includes a main box, a first driving mechanism disposed within the main box and adapted to be driven by the engine unit, and an output shaft driven by the first driving mechanism. The speed-changing unit includes an auxiliary box connected removably to the main box, a second driving mechanism disposed within the auxiliary box and driven by the output shaft, and an axle parallel to the output shaft and driven by the second driving mechanism. The axle is connected fixedly to the wheel, and extends into the auxiliary box.05-28-2009
20120132021MANUAL TRANSMISSION FOR VEHICLES - A manual transmission for vehicles includes an input shaft on which a first synchronizer mechanism including first and second input gears, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth input gears are disposed, an output shaft on which a first output gear, first and second speed gears engaged respectively to the first and second input gears, a second synchronizer mechanism including third and fourth speed gears engaged respectively to the third and fourth input gears, and a third synchronizer mechanism including fifth and sixth speed gears engaged respectively to the fifth and sixth input gears, a reverse speed output shaft on which a second output gear and a fourth synchronizer mechanism including a reverse speed gear engaged to the third speed gear, and a driven gear engaged to the first and second output gears so as to receive torque, and delivering the torque to a differential.05-31-2012
20120312109METHOD OF CONTROLLING DOUBLE CLUTCH TRANSMISSION OF VEHICLE - A method of controlling a double clutch transmission of a vehicle to conduct a series of downshifting operations from a preceding gear to a subsequent gear via a current gear in response to deceleration of the vehicle, may include maintaining a clutch which has been in an engaged state at the preceding gear, in the engaged state until after an order to shift to the subsequent gear may be generated, when shifting from the preceding gear to the current gear, releasing the clutch after the order to shift to the subsequent gear may be generated, and engaging a shift gear of the subsequent gear after the releasing of the clutch.12-13-2012
20120312110METHOD OF CONTROLLING DOUBLE CLUTCH TRANSMISSION OF VEHICLE - A method of controlling a DCT (double clutch transmission) of a vehicle to conduct a series of downshifting operations from a preceding gear to a subsequent gear via a current gear in response to deceleration of the vehicle may include slip-controlling, continuously, a clutch which has been in an engaged state in the preceding gear, at least until a shift gear of the subsequent gear is engaged, wherein the slip-controlling includes maintaining the engaged state of the clutch with the current gear.12-13-2012
20120073394DRIVE SYSTEM OF AN ELECTRIC VEHICLE - A drive system of an electric vehicle includes a drive motor, a transmission and a hydraulic system. The transmission has an input shaft, a countershaft, an output shaft, a first transmission unit placed between the countershaft and the output shaft, a first clutch, a second transmission unit placed between the countershaft and the input shaft, and a second clutch. The drive motor is attached to the input shaft, which is attached to the countershaft to provide power of the drive motor to the countershaft; the first clutch is configured for linking or cutting off the power transmission between the countershaft and the first transmission unit; and the second clutch is configured for linking or cutting off the power transmission between the countershaft and the second transmission unit. The first transmission unit has a first transmission ratio greater than a second transmission ratio of the second transmission unit.03-29-2012
20120255381FAN BIASING TRANSMISSION MECHANISM - A fan biasing transmission mechanism includes a housing having first, second and third mounting chambers, a control rod mounted in the first mounting chamber, a driving gear wheel and a driven gear mounted on the control rod, a worm coupled to a motor and meshed with the driving gear wheel, a follower gear wheel pivotally mounted in the second mounting chamber, a link coupled with the follower gear wheel, a cap covering the housing, and two speed-changing transmission gears pivotally mounted in the third mounting chamber in a stepped manner and respectively meshed with the driven gear and the follower gear wheel.10-11-2012
20080302195Reverse shift jump out of gear fix for model T45, 5 speed manual automotive transmission - The invention described herein is the first known solution to modify the original model T45 manual transmission to prevent or fix the documented reverse shift problems inherit in the original production design as described in the Background of the Invention section included in this application.12-11-2008
20110005343MULTI-STAGE TRANSMISSION - Disclosed is a multi-stage transmission in which friction loss is reduced, which is simple in structure and which realizes an easy mounting or assembling work and a reduced work time. The multi-stage transmission has a drive gear shaft 01-13-2011
20110146432CHANGE-SPEED GEARBOX HAVING A GEARBOX HOUSING WHICH HAS AN AUXILIARY CHAMBER - A change-speed gearbox of a motor vehicle having a drive input and a drive output shaft which are mounted in a main chamber of a gearbox housing and by which a power flow can be transmitted by the selective actuation of clutches such that, parallel to the drive input and output shafts, an intermediate shaft with an intermediate gearwheel is arranged in an auxiliary chamber of the gearbox housing which communicates with the main chamber, so that when the shifting device is appropriately actuated, a power flow is directed from the drive input shaft, via the intermediate gearwheel of the intermediate shaft, to the drive output shaft to produce a reverse rotation direction of the drive output shaft. The auxiliary chamber, accommodating the intermediate shaft, has a bell-shaped longitudinal section with an oval cross-section.06-23-2011
20120240697ATTACHMENT STRUCTURE FOR OUTPUT SPROCKET WHEEL - An output sprocket wheel attachment structure includes a coned disk spring fitted with an output power shaft is abutted with and positioned by a stepped portion. An output sprocket wheel spline-fitted with spline grooves formed at an outer side portion of the output power shaft with respect to the stepped portion is pressed by the coned disk spring. A cap nut which engages with male threads formed at an end portion of the output power shaft is restricted and fixed at a bottom face thereof by and to an axial end of the output power shaft. Movement in an axial direction of the output sprocket wheel pressed by the coned disk spring is restricted by an opening end portion of the cap nut.09-27-2012
20110232400TRANSMISSION FOR INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE - A transmission for an internal combustion engine that allows a fit length between a dog and a dog hole to be made longer and gear splines to be made longer, without having to increase an axial length of the transmission. A transmission selectively performs gearshifting by using a shift fork to slidingly move a shift gear of the transmission axially and by using a dog clutch to engage the shift gear with, or disengage the shift gear from, an adjacent gear. When the shift gear slidingly moves, a gear-side spline portion of the shift gear slidingly moves over a shaft-side spline portion.09-29-2011
20080223161Bearing For a Gearwheel Which Serves as a Reversing Gear and as a Shiftable Free Gear - A transmission for a motor vehicle featured with an internal combustion engine has a helical reversing gear wheel, which is mounted on a dual-row cylinder roller bearing with left-hand cylinder rollers and with right-hand cylinder rollers, which are supported on the inside, in each case, on a circular centre rim in the reversing gear wheel. The left-hand cylinder rollers and the right-hand cylinder rollers are held in a bearing cage. The bearing cage is configured in such a way that the force flow for axial forces between the reversing gear wheel and its transmission shaft, omitting the bearing cage, is introduced through the centre rim and by way of end faces of the cylinder rollers directly adjacent thereto, through the opposing end faces of the cylinder rollers and through adjacent components into the input shaft.09-18-2008
20130174682TRANSMISSION FOR WORK VEHICLE - A multi-shaft transmission is mounted on a work vehicle for performing loader work, and includes a power transmission mechanism for transmitting power from an input shaft through a countershaft to an output shaft. A shifting part shifts a drivetrain from the input shaft to the output shaft. The power transmission includes a forward clutch and a reverse clutch for forward-reverse shifting, and a plurality of speed stage shifting clutches for changing speed stages, wherein at least one of the forward clutch and the reverse clutch has a plurality of speed region shifting clutches. The shifting part shifts only one clutch among the plurality of speed stage shifting clutches and the plurality of speed region shifting clutches to change speeds when a plurality of speed stages are used in the loader work.07-11-2013
20130139626Power-economizing, integral electric vehicle drive mechanism with independent rear suspension for an electric vehicle with a multi-speed transmission capable of multiplying the torque of the electric motor at low speeds - The invention is an electric vehicle subassembly that has a drive with a front wheel drive multi-speed transmission with independent suspension mounted in the rear of the vehicle. The front wheel drive transmission is not steerable. The invention is also an electric vehicle drive subassembly with a drive having an electric motor, an input shaft of a multi-speed transmission, a driven gear cluster, a differential, and the axles of the vehicle all arranged in parallel. The invention also comprises methods for efficiently manufacturing such electric vehicles.06-06-2013

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