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Including screw and nut

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074 - Machine element or mechanism


074089000 - Reciprocating or oscillating to or from alternating rotary

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074890340 Shaft moves through rotary drive means 28
074890370 Limit stop 24
074890390 Means to selectively lock or retard screw or nut 15
074890320 Carriage surrounding, guided by, and primarily supported by member other than screw (e.g., linear guide, etc.) 15
074890330 Carriage surrounded, guided, and primarily supported by member other than screw (e.g., linear guide, etc.) 14
074890380 Including means to selectively transmit power (e.g., clutch, etc.) 13
074890440 Lubrication 13
074890350 Plural screws in series (e.g., telescoping, etc.) 8
074890400 Contamination related 7
074890420 Backlash 5
20130160585Nut with Flexible Fingers and Radial Compression Members - A nut and lead screw assembly is disclosed. The nut includes a plurality of flexible fingers for adjusting the engagement of a threaded or unthreaded portion of the nut with corresponding threads of a lead screw. The engagement between the nut and the lead screw is adjusted by installing at least one radial compression member into a circumferential groove formed in the outer surface of the flexible fingers.06-27-2013
20090145252Anti-Backlash Nut, Lead Screw Assembly And Method - A nut for a lead screw assembly, a lead screw assembly and a method for preventing backlash in a lead screw assembly are provided. The nut of the lead screw assembly includes a one-way clutch that permits relative motion of between two nut bodies in a first direction but prevents relative motion in an opposite direction. The one-way clutch preferably includes at least one sprag element that acts between the two nut bodies to permit or prevent relative motion between the two nut bodies of the nut. The lead screw assembly generally incorporates a nut incorporating such a nut. The method generally includes binding the first nut body relative the second nut body to prevent relative motion of the nut bodies in one direction while permitting relative motion in an opposite direction.06-11-2009
20090308189STEERING DEVICE - Provided are a steering device and a feed screw mechanism. The steering device is made so easy in the adjusting work of a backlash that it can eliminate the backlash reliably, even if the precision of the thread of a feed thread shaft or a feed nut is poor, thereby to improve the rigidity and to reduce the manufacturing cost of the feed screw mechanism. An upper-side end portion feed nut is urged upward of 12-17-2009
20120304788Actuator - An actuator comprises a rotatable nut arranged to be driven for rotation by a motor, an axially translatable shaft cooperable with the nut and arranged such that rotation of the nut drives the shaft for axial movement, and a steering rack coupled to the shaft by a coupling arrangement so as to be driven for axial movement by the shaft, wherein the coupling accommodates limited relative lateral movement between the shaft and the steering rack.12-06-2012
20130186220JACK SCREW FOR MOVING A MOVABLE PANEL OF A VEHICLE - The invention relates to a jack (07-25-2013
074890360 Deflection related 5
20080295625Supporting Structure of Ball Screw Shaft - A ball screw shaft supporting structure of a ball screw rotationally supported by a housing via supporting bearings has a screw shaft formed, on its outer circumference, with a fitting portion and a positioning shoulder. An inner ring of the supporting bearing is press fit onto the fitting portion via a predetermined interference. A steel spacer ring is fit onto the fitting portion from the outer side of the supporting bearing with the inner side of the inner ring abutted against the shoulder. A caulking portion is formed on the end of the fitting portion by plastically deforming the end of the fitting portion radially outward. The inner ring is axially immovably secured on the screw shaft by the caulking portion via, the spacer ring.12-04-2008
20110167940ROTARY-TO-LINEAR MECHANISM HAVING AN ISOLATOR - A rotary-to-linear mechanism including an elongate linearly-moveable first member having a longitudinal first axis, and rotatably-moveable second and third members. The second member is rotatably disposed about the first member and defines a second axis about which it is rotatable. The third member encircles the first axis and is operatively engaged with the first member. The third member is disposed in a central cavity of the second member and has an axial surface superposing a second member interior surface, the superposed surfaces each defining one of a pair of corresponding grooves each encircling the first and second axes.07-14-2011
20090282935SPINDLE BEARING ARRANGEMENT FOR A LONGITUDINAL SEAT ADJUSTING GEAR - The invention relates to a spindle bearing arrangement for a longitudinal seat adjusting gear, which has a housing which can be attached by an attaching device on a vehicle-side component or on a seat component, whereby a spindle opening for guiding a spindle along a spindle opening axis runs through the housing and whereby an inner thread in the housing in the area of its spindle opening is formed to engage into a spindle run through in this manner, for shifting the housing and the spindle relative to each other along the spindle opening axis. The spindle bearing becomes advantageous in that the inner thread is formed in a spindle nut and the spindle nut is adjustably supported in the housing relative to the spindle opening axis.11-19-2009
20110174100FEED SCREW MECHANISM - A feed screw mechanism includes a feed screw shaft connected to a drive source and formed with first screw threads on an outer circumferential surface thereof, and a displacement nut, which is screw-engaged with respect to the feed screw shaft through a plurality of balls. The displacement nut is supported with respect to a slider that makes up an electric actuator by a pair of pins. The pins are inserted and fixed in first pin holes formed in the slider, and distal end portions of the pins are inserted respectively into second pin holes formed in the displacement nut.07-21-2011
20080245165SLIDE MECHANISM OF LINEAR TRANSMISSION APPARATUS - A slide mechanism of a linear transmission apparatus includes an actuating mechanism, a guide screw and a slide mechanism. The slide mechanism includes a fixing base, a primary guide rail, left and right secondary guide rails and a slide element. The fixing base has a through hole for passing the guide screw. The primary guide rail and each secondary guide rail are engaged to the guide screw and connected to the fixing base. The primary guide rail has a top panel and two side panels. Each secondary guide rail has an extended panel protruded from a side proximate to the primary guide rail. The top of each extended panel is not lower than the bottom of the side panel, and the slide element is sheathed onto the exterior of the guide rail, and a nut secured to the guide screw is formed in each guide rail.10-09-2008
074890260 Alternate power path operable on failure of primary 5
20090120219Linear Actuator - A linear actuator of the type whose function is based on a spindle (05-14-2009
20090260462 ACTUATOR WITH A MAIN ROD AND AN AUXILIARY ROD - The invention relates to a telescopic actuator comprising a cylinder (10-22-2009
20100242643Direct Drive Electromechanical Linear Actuators - Direct drive electromechanical rotary-to-linear actuators include one or more electric motors mounted in a housing. Each motor includes a stator and a rotor. The motor drives a planetary drive mechanism that includes an elongated central shaft having one or more helical threads on an external surface coupled to the rotor for conjoint rotation. A planetary nut having helical threads on an internal surface is disposed concentric to the shaft, and a plurality of planetary rollers are disposed concentrically between the shaft and the planetary nut. Each of the rollers has a helical thread on an external surface that is complementary to and in engagement with a thread of the shaft and a thread of the nut. Rotation of the rotor is converted with mechanical advantage into linear movement of the planetary nut. The actuators provide backlash-free operation, higher stiffnesses, slew rates and frequency responses, and better overall efficiency.09-30-2010
20100024580Actuator - An actuator comprises a screw shaft, a nut translatable along the shaft between a retracted position and an extended position, a tine component carried by the nut, the tine component including tine fingers formed with projections each being engageable with a formation provided on a housing when the nut occupies its extended position to secure the nut against axial movement, and a lock member engageable with the tine fingers to restrict radial movement of the tine fingers.02-04-2010
20110048147AIRCRAFT STABILIZER ACTUATOR - An actuator for actuating movement of a control surface relative to a structure can include a high-efficiency assembly and a low-efficiency assembly. The high-efficiency assembly can be connectable between a control surface and a structure for providing a first load transfer assembly and the assembly can have minimum backlash. The low-efficiency assembly is connectable between the control surface and the structure for providing a second load transfer assembly. The low-efficiency or irreversible assembly can be disposed in parallel relationship to the high-efficiency assembly and can have a higher backlash than the low-efficiency assembly. The low-efficiency assembly can be unloaded in normal operation. The actuator also can include a coupler for that can have a closed state in which both load transfer assemblies are synchronously driven by the drive mechanism, and an open state in which the drive mechanism is decoupled from the low-efficiency assembly and the low-efficiency assembly can inhibit movement of the control surface.03-03-2011
074890290 Plural inputs, single output 4
20080236313Actuator Device - An actuator device (10-02-2008
20110072920VELOCITY SUMMING LINEAR ACTUATOR - A linear actuation system has two linear actuator channels acting in tandem and a gear housing connecting the two actuator channels and providing an output for the actuation system. The gear housing has multiples gears with at least one gear connected to each actuator and is movable.03-31-2011
20110162468Coarse/fine adjustment linear displacement mechanism - A coarse/fine adjustment linear displacement mechanism is disclosed to include a fixed holder frame, a movable holder frame movably supported on the fixed holder frame, a coarse adjustment screw rod threaded into a first screw hole on the fixed holder frame for rotation by the user to move the movable holder frame relative to the fixed holder frame rapidly and a fine adjustment threaded sleeve rotatably sleeved onto a smooth segment of the coarse adjustment screw rod and threaded into a second screw hole on the movable holder frame for rotation by the user to move the movable holder frame relative to the fixed holder frame at a fine scale. The coarse adjustment screw rod and the fine adjustment threaded sleeve are provided with different thread pitches for coarse adjustment and fine adjustment respectively, achieving rapid and accurate adjustments.07-07-2011
20100307268Spindle drive - The present invention relates to a spindle drive having a first load path which is formed by the spindle and having a second load path which is formed by a torsion bar which is exposed to torsion, which is arranged in the spindle and is connected to it such that a rotary movement is exerted onto the spindle in at least one state of the threaded drive by the torsion bar, with the spindle drive having a sensor unit which is made such that it detects a relative movement between the spindle and the torsion bar.12-09-2010
074890240 Shaft shorter than nut 3
20090183585ADJUSTING DISTANCE'S DEVICE USING RESILIENTLY LEAD SCREW AUTOMATICALLY - An adjusting distance device using a resilient lead screw automatically includes a pair of split semi-screws which have exterior screw threads resiliently retained in place inside a lead sleeve which have inner screw threads. When the resilient lead screw is in an open status, the threads of the split semi-screws will be in mesh with the threads of the lead sleeve. When the resilient lead screw is a closed status, the threads of the split semi-screws will not be in mesh with the threads of the lead sleeve, thus the lead screw can be rapidly pushed to its working position or retracted to adjust distance rapidly. The lead screw can be centered, engaged, split and self-locked automatically. This device has compact structure, can be used effectively, and can be fabricated relatively small in size. It can be used in vice or jack.07-23-2009
20110283824Actuator - An actuator comprising a motor having a drive shaft, a spindle which is directly or indirectly driven by the drive shaft and which exhibits an axial recess being delimited by an internal limiting surface, said spindle comprising an internal thread arranged on the limiting surface, said thread having a predetermined axial extension, and a piston rod which is arranged in the recess to perform a translational movement relative to the spindle between a first end position and a second end position when the spindle is rotating, said end positions defining a length of stroke of the piston rod, said piston rod comprising a threaded portion which exhibits an external thread and has a predetermined axial extension, said external thread being adapted to interact with the internal thread of the spindle. According to the invention, the axial extension of the internal thread of the spindle is at least twice as long as the axial extension of the threaded portion of the piston rod.11-24-2011
20100031761MECHANICAL POSITIONER FOR RECLINING SEAT ASSEMBLY - A mechanical linear actuator having a tubular member that is defined by a housing for rotatably and axially supporting a circular nut, a lead screw is mated to the circular nut so that it can move axially in and out of the tubular member. A torsion spring clutch brake is wound about the circular nut to normally brake the nut and thus prevent the lead screw from moving into or out of the tubular member. An unlocking mechanism can remotely unwind the torsion spring clutch brake to sufficiently release the circular nut and thus allow the lead screw to pass in and out of the tubular member. An adjustable stop is provided for adjusting the stroke of the actuator.02-11-2010
074890280 Single input, plural outputs 2
20110067511LINEAR ACTUATOR - The present invention concerns a linear actuator (03-24-2011
20110120243LINEAR ACTUATOR FOR HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE COLUMNS - The present invention concerns a linear actuator (05-26-2011
074890450 Manually driven 2
20120055278Pivoting Mechanical Applicator - An applicator includes a barrel portion, a nose portion, a pivoting joint, a threaded screw, a cup, and a flexible driveshaft. The nose portion is connected to the barrel portion at the pivoting joint. The threaded screw is disposed in the barrel portion and threadably engages a plurality of threads. The cup is disposed in the nose portion and is adapted to carry a mass or instrument. The cup is rotationally fixed to the nose portion and the threaded screw such that rotation of the nose portion relative to the barrel portion causes axial displacement of the cup and the screw relative to the barrel portion. The flexible driveshaft extends between and is rotationally fixed to the threaded screw and the cup. The flexible shaft extends across the pivoting joint disposed at the connection between the nose portion and the barrel portion.03-08-2012
20130180349MANUAL LIFTING TOOL FOR WIND TURBINES - An apparatus for performing a supporting and/or a lifting operation to a wind turbine component inside the wind turbine nacelle is provided. The apparatus comprises at least a tool which comprises a manually operated linear actuator and a mounting device of said linear actuator in an element of the nacelle frame so that said linear actuator can be duly located with respect to the wind turbine component for performing said supporting and/or lifting operation.07-18-2013
074890250 Auxiliary drive (e.g., fluid piston, etc.) for load 1
20110061483STEERING LOCK DEVICE - An actuator (A) of a steering lock device includes a tubular member (03-17-2011
074890270 Single input split into two intermediate outputs that are subsequently superposed into a single output 1
20090308188Robot joint driving apparatus and robot having the same - Disclosed are a robot joint driving apparatus and a robot having the same. The robot joint driving apparatus includes a driving motor being rotatable in forward and reverse directions; a pair of movable members connected to the driving motor, and moving rectilinearly in mutually opposite directions according to the rotation of the driving motor; a wire provided with both ends respectively connected to the pair of movable members; and a joint unit, on which the wire is wound, driven by the movement of the wire.12-17-2009
074890430 Pressurized fluid introduced between nut and screw 1
20110154924Ball screw device having cooling structure - A ball screw device includes a ball nut having a bore for receiving a screw shaft, and having a number of longitudinal channels and compartments for forming a zigzag shaped fluid flowing passage in the ball nut, a number of deflecting members engaged with the compartments of the ball nut and each having a recess for communicating adjacent channels with each other, the outer peripheral surfaces of the deflecting members are tilted relative to the ball nut for allowing the deflecting members to be expanded when the deflecting members are expanded, a cooling agent flows through the zigzag shaped fluid flowing passage for cooling the ball nut and for preventing the ball nut from being overheated.06-30-2011
20130025388ADJUSTING DEVICE HAVING AN ADJUSTING MECHANISM ARRANGED ON A GUIDE RAIL - The invention relates to an adjusting device for adjusting two vehicle parts relative to each other, comprising a first guide rail (01-31-2013
20090193915SEPARABLE BALL SCREW - A separable ball screw comprises a screw shaft having a helical groove; a transfer ring, a plurality of balls and a separable nut being sequentially engaged to the screw shaft; the balls being distributed in the holes in the annular surface of the transfer ring; the transfer ring being hollowed, the retaining ring enclosing around the screw shaft; the plurality of holes being formed in the annular surface; the balls being received in the holes; the balls being received in the holes of the transfer ring as power transfer medium between the transfer ring and the screw shaft; and a separable nut having a hollow center; the separable nut enclosing around the transfer ring; an inner annular surface of the separable nut having at least one grooves; the inner annular surface and the groove serving for limiting positions of the balls.08-06-2009
20110192243OPTICAL AXIS ADJUSTING SCREW - An optical axis adjusting screw (08-11-2011
20120174691LINEAR ACTUATOR07-12-2012
20130074622ROLLER SCREW - The roller screw mechanism is provided with a screw comprising an external thread, with a nut arranged around and coaxial with the said screw, the nut comprising an internal thread, and with a plurality of rollers interposed between the screw and the nut and comprising flanks interacting with the said threads. The value of the opening angle α of the flanks of the external thread of the screw is greater than the value of the opening angle of the flanks of the rollers.03-28-2013
20130042707COMPOUND DIFFERENTIAL THREAD SYSTEMS - A compound differentially threaded element engages two or more longitudinally severed segments of a mating threaded element to provide differential linear motion. Different thread types may include pitch, thread starts, handedness or thread-form. Combinations of differential threads may be selected to enable fine or coarse linear motion without correspondingly fine or coarse thread pitches.02-21-2013
20090120218HEAD MOVING DEVICE - A first wiring member and a second wiring member are formed of flexible wiring boards. The wiring member has a securing portion, an X extending portion, a first loop, and an X reverse portion; and the wiring member has a securing portion, an X extending portion, a first loop, and an X reverse portion. An intermediate securing portion, which is a boundary portion of the X reverse portion and a Y extending portion, and an intermediate securing portion, which is a boundary portion of the X reverse portion and a Y extending portion, are secured to an intermediate moving unit. The Y extending portions are bent at respective second loops, and head securing portions are secured to the head. When the head moves in an X direction, if the first loops move in a Y direction, the second loops move.05-14-2009
20130047758Z-AXIS STAGE DRIVING APPARATUS, STAGE DRIVING APPARATUS, AND METHOD FOR MANIPULATING STAGE DRIVING APPARATUS - Disclosed is Z-axis stage driving apparatus to move a stage on which a workpiece such as a wafer is placed along a Z-axis. The Z-axis stage driving apparatus includes a motor, a plurality of elevating devices to move a stage along a Z-axis, a power transmission device to transmit power of the motor to the plurality of elevating devices, and a clutch to control power transmission between the power transmission device and the elevating devices.02-28-2013
20100000354Ball screw unit - A disc spring is provided between a ball screw nut and a hollow shaft, and another disc spring is provided between rolling bearings and a housing. When leftward motion of a screw shaft is stopped and a rotational inertia force is applied to the ball screw nut, these disc springs allow the ball screw nut to rotate to a certain degree.01-07-2010
20090095098HIGH FORCE ELECTRO-MECHANICAL ACTUATOR - An actuator is disclosed that utilizes a fixed screw attached at one end to an actuator housing. A rotatable tube concentric with the fixed screw rotationally drives a nut having threads engaging the threaded shaft, such that the nut moves axially relative to the tube, upon rotation of the tube. The actuator is axially coupled to the nut by thrust bearings such that the actuator rod does not rotate with the driven member.04-16-2009
20120222510LINEAR ACTUATOR - Linear actuator comprising a housing (09-06-2012
20110011191Ball-screw drive with axial bearing - A ball-screw drive, which has a spindle nut arranged on a threaded spindle and an axial bearing which is arranged so as to act on the threaded spindle and which has a bearing part arranged so as to be rotatable relative to the threaded spindle. The bearing part is arranged so as to be captively retained on the threaded spindle by a captive retention means.01-20-2011
20130160583Roller Screw - Disclosed is a roller screw including a screw shaft and a nut cage with the screw shaft inserted therein, the roller screw being adapted to convert a rotary motion of either the screw shaft or the cage into a rectilinear or linear motion of the other; the roller screw further including: a plurality of rollers, each formed to roll along a flank surface la of the screw shaft; and plurality of roller bearings, each formed to support one of the rollers so as to allow the roller to rotate. At least one of the roller bearings is retained in the case so as to move forward and backward in an axial direction of rotation of the corresponding roller supported by the roller bearing.06-27-2013
20120227523SHIFTING APPARATUS - A shifting apparatus including a base, first and second shifting elements, a pushing element, a fixed portion, and two screws is provided. The fixed portion fixed on the base has two trenches extending along first and second directions perpendicular to each other. The first shifting element is slidably disposed on the base along the first direction. The second shifting element is slidably disposed on the first shifting element along the second direction. The pushing element is slidably disposed in the two trenches. One screw screwed on the fixed portion along the second direction is capable of pushing the pushing element to move along the two trenches, such that the first shifting element is pushed by the pushing element to shift along the first direction. Another screw screwed on the first shifting element along the second direction is capable of pushing the second shifting element to shift along the second direction.09-13-2012
20110277571Rotary-Linear Actuator with Optimised Rollers - According to the invention, an actuator device comprises rollers positioned and guided by spacer rings, and an assembly consisting of said rollers and said rings is provided between a male part and a female part. The rollers include synchronization pinions arranged at the ends thereof and include, on the threaded portion located between said pinions, annular grooves used as a journal for interfacing with open bearings in the form of notches provided on each spacer ring.11-17-2011
20110271779Linear Actuator - A linear actuator includes a leadscrew and a drive rod threadingly engaged with the leadscrew to permit longitudinal movement of the drive rod along its axis as the leadscrew rotates. A sheath is provided around the drive rod. A gear column is arranged generally coaxially with the axis of the leadscrew, the gear column including a gear through which drive can be applied to rotate the gear column. The gear column is connected to the leadscrew such that rotation of the gear column causes rotation of the leadscrew with respect to the drive rod to cause the drive rod to extend and/or retract.11-10-2011
20110283823ADJUSTING TOOL - The invention provides an adjustment device and a method for the adjustment of a machine by means of the adjustment device which has a carrier block and a spindle guided in the carrier block, which spindle has an extension piece at its first end. The carrier block has a contact surface spaced from the guiding section of the spindle, e.g. which contact surface is at the surface of the carrier block facing the extension piece, and is particularly approximately in perpendicular to the axis of the spindle. Upon moving the spindle along its longitudinal axis in the guiding section in the carrier block the extension piece is moved against the plane in which the contact surface is arranged.11-24-2011
20120011951LINEAR ACTUATOR - The invention relates to a linear actuator comprising: —an outer tubular body having a helical rolling track; —an internal tubular body with an engine rotatable around a shaft that is coaxial to the tubular bodies; —at least one nut having at least one helical rolling path and a reflow area mounted on said shaft; —and ball bearings placed between a rolling path of at least one nut and a rolling track of the outer tubular body, as well as in the reflow area of such a nut. Said actuator is characterized in that it comprises at least one means for bearing against a rolling track of the outer tubular body along at least one line of contact, and at least one means for controlling said bearing means.01-19-2012
20120024092SPINDLE DRIVE FOR THE MOTORIZED ADJUSTMENT OF AN ADJUSTMENT ELEMENT OF A MOTOR VEHICLE - Described herein is a spindle drive for the motorized adjustment of an adjustment element of a motor vehicle comprising a drive portion on the spindle side and a drive portion on the spindle nut side, in which the drive portions are able to be adjusted relative to one another in a linear manner for producing drive movements between a refracted position and an extended position and in each case comprising a coupling means for transferring the drive movements and a spring arrangement provided which pretensions the two drive portions in the extended position, wherein a predetermined rupture point is provided in the drive train of the spindle drive which fractures at a predetermined critical load acting via the coupling means on the spindle drive, and which is located outside the flux of force of the spring arrangement.02-02-2012
20090282934UNDER TRAVEL ACTUATOR, PARTICULARLY FOR AN AUTOMOBILE CLUTCH - An under travel actuator, particularly intended for an automobile clutch, including an engine (12) for the translation movement of a mobile gear (14) acting on a push stem (16) for the opening and closing of the clutch, the mobile gear including screw-nut means (22, 24) cooperating with two combined means of unidirectional driving in order to regulate the length of the push stem (16) according to the wear of the clutch surfaces subject to friction.11-19-2009
20100077878 DRIVE MECHANISM FOR ARTICLE DEHYDRATION - A drive mechanism for dehydrating a mop. The drive mechanism includes a base (04-01-2010
20130098185Linear Motion Device having an Anti-Twist Safeguard, Comprising an Elongate Anti-Friction Lining - A linear motion device includes a housing, an extension arm, and an anti-twist safeguard. The extension arm projects from the housing and includes a securing section. The anti-twist safeguard includes at least one separate elongate anti-friction lining, which is formed with a constant cross-sectional shape. The anti-friction lining is arranged substantially without play between the housing and the securing section of the extension arm and extends transversely to a longitudinal axis. The extension arm is supported on the housing in such a way that it can move along the longitudinal axis. In the securing section, the extension arm extends parallel to the longitudinal axis with a constant external cross-sectional shape deviating from a circular shape. The anti-twist safeguard engages positively in said external cross-sectional shape, thus securing the extension arm with respect to the housing against twisting relative to the longitudinal axis.04-25-2013
20090277292Precision drive mechanism for long-travel microscopy stage - It is a goal of the proposed invention to provide “encoder-like” performance without incurring the cost and complexity of a closed loop system.11-12-2009
20080236312BEARING UNIT AND LINEAR UNIT EQUIPPED THEREWITH - A bearing unit has a housing and a connecting element that is supported so that it is able to rotate around a rotation axis in the housing and is for producing a non-rotating connection between a drive shaft and a threaded spindle of a screw drive, in which at its end oriented toward the threaded spindle, the connecting element has a recess extending coaxial to the rotation axis for accommodating an end section of the threaded spindle, the end of the connecting element oriented toward the threaded spindle has at least one slot that is narrowable by a element; and a linear unit can be equipped with a bearing unit of this kind.10-02-2008
20080210028DRIVING MECHANISM AND CUTTING APPARATUS HAVING THE DRIVING MECHANISM - A driving mechanism having a driving unit in which a drive source is connected to a feed screw shaft and a feed nut is in screw engagement with the feed screw shaft and connected to an active element through a sliding body, wherein the active element is moved by being driven by the driving unit. An inner ring of a bail bearing for supporting the feed screw shaft is fixed to the outer periphery of a free end portion of the feed screw shaft, and an outer ring elastic body which supports an outer ring of the ball bearing slidably in the axial direction of the feed screw shaft and which absorbs vibration of the feed screw shaft is disposed at the inner periphery of a tubular portion for containing the ball, bearing at a terminal support portion.09-04-2008
20090266187STEERING APPARATUS - Under a state of a normal temperature, a pitch B10-29-2009
20090165581Ball screw device - In a ball screw device, a ball screw nut is rotated, causing a screw shaft to rectilinearly move in the axial direction, and the limit of the movement of the screw shaft is determined by a stopper. The ball screw device includes a hollow shaft that rotates together with the ball screw nut and in which the screw shaft is movably fitted. The hollow shaft is provided with a small diameter portion that exerts a dragging force on the screw shaft before the screw shaft reaches the limit, and a buffer layer is formed on a tip portion of the screw shaft.07-02-2009
20080271552Drive device - In a drive device for opening and or closing the hatch of a motor vehicle, the drive including a spindle drive with a threaded spindle and a nut, with a clutch arranged between the rotary drive and the spindle drive, the clutch includes a shifting element, a clutch element, and a clutch disk non-rotatably connected to the threaded spindle. The shifting element is rotatably drivably connected to the rotary drive. The shifting element has an axially oriented helical first ramp and the clutch element has an axially oriented helical second ramp in opposed contact with said first ramp. Relative rotation of the shifting element and the clutch element causes relative axial displacement of the shifting element and the clutch element against a spring force. The clutch element has a clutch area movable into non-rotatable engagement with the clutch disk in response to the relative axial displacement of the shifting element and the clutch element such that the rotary drive for the spindle drive also operates the clutch.11-06-2008
20080257080Linear Motion Assembly With Monitoring System and Method of Monitoring - A linear motion assembly comprising a first body arranged for operable communication with a second body for translation of the first body and the second body relative to one another. At least one of the two bodies carries a sensor that detects and monitors information related to performance-indicating characteristics of the assembly. A control module is arranged in communication with the sensor and monitors at least one performance-indicating characteristic of the linear motion assembly by monitoring corresponding signals received from the sensor. The control module also detects and provides an indication of a discrepancy in the performance-indicating characteristic.10-23-2008
20090260461ACTUATOR WITH ZERO POINT INITIALIZATION - The actuator has a shaft having a starting point resistance feature, and a low resistance portion. The actuator has a motor configured to rotate the shaft, the motor outputting a current feedback signal to indicate current exiting the motor. The actuator has a interference portion in proximity to the shaft, the interference portion configured to facilitate a resistance to shaft rotation when the shaft rotates, the resistance to shaft rotation causing a magnitude of the current signal to be greater when the starting point resistance feature passes in front of the interference portion than when the low resistance portion passes in front of the interference portion.10-22-2009
20090320627Driving Device - A device for moving a movable structural component with respect to a stationary structural component includes a first fastening element which can be fastened to the movable structural component, and a housing tube having a second fastening element which can be fastened to the stationary structural component. A spindle drive for moving the first fastening element axially relative to the housing between an extended position and a retracted position includes a spindle nut arranged on a threaded spindle. An electric motor arranged in the housing tube drives one of the spindle nut and the threaded spindle in rotation. A power supply for supplying power to the electric motor includes a power output stage arranged in the housing tube, wherein the power output stage is shielded from electrical and magnetic fields.12-31-2009
20110138941TORQUE REACTING BELLOWS SEAL FOR LINEAR ACTUATOR - Disclosed is a linear actuator (06-16-2011
20100192714Spindle Drive of an Adjustment Device of a Motor Vehicle Seat - The spindle drive of an adjustment device of a motor vehicle seat comprises a spindle (08-05-2010
20090249904Linear Actuator - A linear actuator comprises an outer tube, an intermediate tube and an inner tube which are polygonal in cross section. The outer tube is provided for the insertion of the intermediate tube and the inner tube, and the respective tubes are restricted with respect to one other. The outer tube is disposed with a push device having a screw and a nut that are screwed with each other and at least one tension adjusting device. At a top of a push pole is disposed a pulley pushing and supporting a pulling member whose two ends are respectively fixed between the inner tube and the outer tube, and another pulling member winding around a pulley is disposed between the intermediate tube and the inner tube. Thus, each pulling member can be pulled to change the tension so as to keep the stability.10-08-2009
20100175490ROUGH AND FINE MOVEMENT DEVICE, AND LIQUID SUPPLY DEVICE INCORPORATING THE SAME - A rough and fine movement device capable of moving a mobile body with high accuracy, and a liquid supply device incorporating such a device. First and second mobile bodies are movable along guide members with a connection member connecting the mobile bodies in a relatively movable manner. A first drive mechanism roughly moves the first mobile body by a first stroke. A second drive mechanism between the first and the second mobile bodies, finely moves the second mobile body relative to the first mobile body by a second stroke. The second drive mechanism on one of the first and second mobile bodies and includes an actuator having a contactor with a first contact surface. The other of the bodies includes a second contact surface which contacts the first contact surface. At least one of the first contact surface or the second contact surface is spherical.07-15-2010
20100192713LINEAR ACTUATOR - Linear actuator device, comprising a housing (08-05-2010
20100162837BALLSCREW ASSEMBLY WITH DETECTION FEATURE - A ballscrew assembly for an actuator is provided. In an embodiment, the ballscrew assembly includes a ball nut assembly including a view port; a ballscrew provided within at least a portion of the ball nut assembly; an inner rod provided within the ballscrew in the direction of the longitudinal axis, the inner rod including an enlarged end portion; and a compression mechanism, such that at least a portion of the compression mechanism is provided between the enlarged end portion and the ballscrew. In another embodiment the assembly is configured such that when the inner rod is in a failed state, the compression mechanism provides a force that moves the visual indicator toward the view port. In another embodiment, the assembly includes a proximity sensor in addition to, or in lieu, of a view port to detect a failure.07-01-2010
20100224017Linear Actuator Device - A linear actuator device for pieces of furniture, e.g. beds, is described which include an adjustable section (09-09-2010
20100242642Actuator with Linearly Movable Drive Screw - An actuator and vehicle system including a drive gear with an integral drive nut in meshing engagement with a drive screw. The drive screw is prevented from rotating such that rotation of the drive gear causes linear motion of the drive screw.09-30-2010
20120137802ELECTROMECHANICAL TELESCOPIC ACTUATOR - The invention relates to a telescopic actuator comprising: 06-07-2012
20090241706TELESCOPIC ACTUATOR - A ring gear of a planetary reduction gear is screwed into an inner peripheral surface of a first housing through an opening thereof, while the thrust-receiving flange of a screw feed mechanism is held by the locknut screwed into an inner peripheral surface of a second housing through an opening thereof. In addition, the locknut and the ring gear face each other in an axial direction with a slight gap provided therebetween when the openings, respectively, of the first and second housings are connected to each other in the axial direction. Accordingly, even if the threaded connection of any one component of the locknut and the ring gear is loosened, the one component is prevented from moving by the other component.10-01-2009
20120192663BALL SCREW ASSEMBLY WITH ENHANCED RADIAL LOAD CAPACITY AND METHOD OF CONSTRUCTION THEREOF - A linear ball screw assembly and method of construction thereof is provided. The assembly includes a screw having a helical external groove and a ball nut having a through bore configured for receipt of the screw therethrough and including a helical internal groove radially aligned with the external groove of the screw to form a helical raceway. A plurality of axial load balls are disposed in the helical raceway. The nut includes a pair of non-grooved internal cylindrical surfaces extending in axially opposite directions from the internal groove along the external groove of the screw to provide outer surfaces of a pair of radial load raceways. A plurality of radial load balls are disposed in the radial load raceways. The radial and axial load balls have different diameters and/or the internal cylindrical surfaces are provided by a pair of sleeve inserts.08-02-2012
20110000328THREADED SPINDLE ADJUSTING DRIVE - A threaded spindle adjusting drive, e.g., a vehicle seat adjusting drive, includes a threaded spindle, a drive gear operably connected to the threaded spindle, and a bearing system for supporting axial and radial forces from the threaded spindle and/or the drive gear on a jacketed pipe. The bearing system has an axial bearing element abutting on at least one radially inwardly directed crimp of the jacketed pipe for supporting axial forces and a radial bearing ring abutting on the inner circumference of the jacketed pipe for supporting radial forces.01-06-2011
20110113904FOLDING-TOP DRIVE - A folding-top drive has a motor (05-19-2011
20110016998SPIRAL BODY LOCK AND METHOD - A spiral body lock including a mandrel; a sleeve; and at least one of the mandrel and sleeve including a male component, the other of the mandrel and the sleeve including a recess receptive to the male component at least one of the recess and the male component being helically configured and method.01-27-2011
20100186528Drive Device - A drive device includes a first fastening device (07-29-2010
20110174098CRADLE & CABLE HANDLER FOR A TEST HEAD MANIPULATOR - In one aspect, a cradle system for supporting a load, the cradle system comprising a first arm with a first carriage assembly axially adjustable therealong and a second arm, opposite the first arm, with a second carriage assembly axially adjustable therealong. An actuator is associated with the first and second carriage assemblies and configured such that actuation of the actuator causes the first and second carriage assemblies to move axially in opposite directions. In another aspect, a cable support system comprising a support column and one or more tethers supported by the support column and configurable so that at least one tether is configured to move its supported cable in the same or opposite direction as the test head moves at a rate that is a constant multiplied by the test heads rate of motion where the constant may be greater than, equal to, or less than one.07-21-2011
20110061481POSITIONING DEVICE FOR POSITIONING A LOAD - A positioning device (03-17-2011
20110061482POWER TRANSMISSION DEVICE - A power transmission device which is free from a possibility of breakage of a driving member is provided. A stepping motor (driving member) 03-17-2011
20110048146FEED DRIVE MECHANISM AND CONNECTING ASSEMBLY THEREOF - A feed drive mechanism and a connecting assembly thereof are described. The connecting assembly includes a main body and an outer sleeve. The main body has a connecting plate and an inner sleeve connected to a side surface of the connecting plate. Two opposite side surfaces of the connecting plate are respectively fixed on a screw nut seat and a lead screw nut of the feed drive mechanism, and a channel surrounds an outer side surface of the inner sleeve. The outer sleeve is sleeved on the outer side surface of the inner sleeve, enables the channel to be formed into a sealed space, and has an inlet and an outlet respectively communicating with the channel, thereby injecting a cooling medium into the channel.03-03-2011
20110041633VERTICAL MOVEMENT DEVICE FOR AN EXAMINING TABLE - A vertical movement device for an examining table includes a driving wheel, a nut and screw pair and a direction-converting synchronization belt. The driving wheel is disposed on the examining table. The rotation axis of the nut is perpendicular to the rotation axis of the driving wheel, and the nut moves vertically on the screw when the nut rotates so as to carry the examining table to move vertically. The direction-converting synchronization belt converts the rotation of the driving wheel into the rotation of the nut so as to realize the vertical movement of the examining table. The self-locking vertical movement device reduces the noise and manufacturing costs, simplifies the structure, increases the maximum lifting weight and speeds up the lifting/lowering process.02-24-2011
20110041632JAM-TOLERANT DUAL-REDUNDANT DIFFERENTIAL-TYPE ACTUATORS - A jam-tolerant dual-redundant differential-summing actuator (02-24-2011
20110252904TOGGLE TYPE WITH ONE AXIAL POSITIONING MACHINE - A toggle type with one axial positioning machine can increase positioning precision and decrease the impact from external impact by using the three-links design.10-20-2011
20120198951SPINDLE DRIVE - A spindle drive having a threaded spindle driveable in a rotational fashion, a carriage adjustable via the threaded spindle along a guide rail, and several guide carriages arranged in front and behind the carriage in the feed direction to support the spindle, with the guide carriages arranged in front of the carriage in an accumulating motion being pushed together successively by the carriage towards the spindle end, and with the guide carriages arranged behind the carriage being entrained by a coupling mechanism and moved into allocated support positions. Coupling elements are provided on the guide carriages and the carriage, that cooperate together and can be operated by switching elements fixed on the guide rail, by which the guide carriages arranged in front of the carriage are automatically coupled during the successive displacement motion, and by which the entrained guide carriages upon reaching their support position are automatically decoupled and fixed.08-09-2012
20110296936Machine Part Comprising a Physical Component Coated with a Polyelectrolyte Layer - The invention relates to a machine part comprising a first physical component, wherein: the first physical component is configured for moving relative to a second physical component; the first physical component has a first surface with a contact area for physical contact with the second physical component; the first physical component is shaped spatially complementarity to the second physical component at the contact area, and a polyelectrolyte layer is present on the first surface at a location of the contact area. The invention further relates to a machine comprising the present machine part and the second physical component. In addition, the invention relates to the use of a polyelectrolyte layer to reduce the friction between the first physical component and the second physical component, and a rolling-elements bearing.12-08-2011
20120031211Shaft Part Formed With A Rolling Groove - A shaft part is formed with a rolling groove (02-09-2012
20120036951WAVE-TYPE LINEAR MOTION MECHANISM - Disclosed is a wave-type linear motion mechanism including a hydraulic pressure chamber for applying a retention force in the axial direction to a rigid screw member which moves in a linear fashion. Regulating valves are provided in the hydraulic pressure chamber, and these regulating valves open during the rotation of a wave generator so that no hydraulic pressure is exerted on the rigid screw member which moves in a linear fashion. During the rotation of the wave generator the regulating valves close to establish an airtight state in the hydraulic pressure chamber, and a hydraulic pressure is exerted as a retention force on the rigid screw member. Although restricted by the meshing strength between the rigid screw member and a flexible screw member and the buckling strength of the flexible screw member, the retention force of the wave-type linear motion mechanism is able to be increased.02-16-2012
20120036950ACTUATOR FOR A WASTEGATE OR A VARIABLE TURBINE GEOMETRY DEVICE AND METHOD OF ACTUATION - An actuator has a rotary drive and a threaded element for converting the rotary motion of the rotary drive into a reciprocating motion of a tappet connected to a hinged wastegate and/or to a variable turbine geometry device of an exhaust gas turbocharger. The tappet and/or an axle between the tappet and the threaded element is received in at least one guide comprising at least one web and allowing for at least a slight tilting or pivoting movement of the tappet in at least one direction. At least some play is present between the web and at least one broadened portion on the tappet and/or on the axle. Methods of actuating a wastegate and/or a variable turbine geometry device.02-16-2012
20090288508Leadscrew drive with annular-shell leadscrew - A leadscrew drive has a leadscrew follower, and a leadscrew. The leadscrew is formed as an elongated annular leadscrew shell having a thread-form outer surface. The leadscrew may be fabricated by depositing a leadscrew-shell material, such as nickel, onto a mandrel having a thread-form outer surface, so that the thread-form outer surface of the mandrel is replicated in an outer surface of the leadscrew-shell material. The mandrel may be removed, to leave a hollow leadscrew shell, or left in place.11-26-2009
20120000304LINEAR DRIVE ACTUATOR FOR A MOVABLE VEHICLE PANEL - An apparatus for opening and closing a deck lid of a vehicle body includes a jack-screw type drive unit having two elongated relatively rotatable drive elements which are threadably engaged for controlled bi-directional displacement. An electric motor engages the rotatable drive element. A first mounting device pivotally connects the rotatable drive element to a relatively fixed point on the vehicle. A second mounting device pivotally connects the non-rotatable drive element to the deck lid, or vice versa. The motor is energized to affect bi-directional control of the drive unit while enabling low back-drive effort. A concentric spring counters loading due to the weight of the deck lid.01-05-2012
20120011950Actuator Arrangement - An actuator arrangement comprises a carriage secured to a nut of a ball screw actuator, a support member, and bearing means whereby the carriage is supported for axial movement relative to the support member.01-19-2012
20100319471RACK ASSIST TYPE ELECTRIC POWER STEERING SYSTEM - A rack assist type electric power steering system has a durable and simplified structure with reduced parts and has an improved productivity, so as to reduce the manufacturing cost thereof and remarkably reduce an assembling difficulty thereof.12-23-2010
20120103115NUT ROTARY BALL SCREW WITH A PREDETERMINED PRESSURE STRUCTURE - A nut rotary ball screw with a predetermined pressure structure is disclosed. In the nut rotary ball screw of the present invention, we may rotate the predetermined pressure adjusting device to adjust the magnitude of the predetermined pressure by generating a predetermined pressure between the first inner slot and the outer slot as well as the first rolling pieces and between the second inner slot and the outer slot as well as the first rolling pieces. The present invention can greatly simplify the complicated adjustment process of the predetermined pressure in the prior art and can eliminate the time-consuming grinding step and the steps to disassemble or assemble a bolt. Accordingly, the present may simplify the adjustment process of the predetermined pressure and may lower the production cost.05-03-2012
20120024093BALL-SCREW SPLINE - Provided is a ball-screw spline which contributes to downsizing through reduction of an entire length of a spline shaft, while securing a sufficient stroke amount of a spline nut with respect to the entire length of the spline shaft. The ball-screw spline includes: a screw shaft; a ball-screw nut threadedly engaged with the screw shaft through intermediation of balls; and a spline nut assembled to an outside of the ball-screw nut through intermediation of balls to freely reciprocate in an axial direction of the ball-screw nut, in which the ball-screw nut includes a screw portion and an extended portion which are formed integrally with each other with the same outer diameter, in which the screw portion has an inner peripheral surface provided with: a load-rolling groove which forms a load path for the balls together with a ball rolling groove on the screw shaft side; and a ball return path coupling adjacent valley portions of the load-rolling groove so as to form an infinite circulation path corresponding to one loop around the screw shaft, and in which the ball-screw nut has an outer peripheral surface provided with a ball rolling groove for the spline nut, the ball rolling groove for the spline nut being formed over a range corresponding to the screw portion and the extended portion.02-02-2012
20110094326ROTATION DEVICE AND ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY UTILIZING THE SAME - An electronic assembly comprises a rotation device comprising a fixed platform defining a through hole. An annular groove is formed in the inside wall of the fixed platform. A first transmission element seats a plurality of teeth. A second transmission element is located in the through hole, and comprises a threaded axis portion and a toothed portion meshing with the plurality of teeth. A third transmission element comprises a rotation portion rotatably mounted in the interior of the annular groove of the fixed platform. A threaded hole is defined in the rotation portion, and is configured for cooperating with the threaded axis portion. A driver source is fixed on the fixed platform and is configured for rotating the first transmission element. An electronic device is mounted on the third transmission element.04-28-2011
20120118089TRANSMISSION DRIVE UNIT - A transmission drive unit (05-17-2012
20120160043LINEAR UNIT - A linear unit for applying an axially acting force, composed of a rotational/translational gear (06-28-2012
20120132019CHASSIS ACTUATOR - A chassis actuator adjusting a movably mounted component of a chassis, which has a first actuator component connected to the movably mounted component and a second actuator component connected to a fixed chassis component. The actuator components are adjustable axially by a ball screw that has a threaded spindle and a nut which runs on spindle. The nut is driveable by a drive motor that has a rotor coupled to the nut and a fixed stator arranged axially symmetrically with respect to the nut. The rotor is coupled to the nut by a wrap spring which radially surrounds the nut and via which the nut is rotated during rotation of the rotor and which forms a brake device. The brake device can be actuated by an external chassis force which acts on and rotates the nut and builds up a friction moment that counteracts the rotation of the nut.05-31-2012
20120247240Linear Actuator - A linear actuator is provided which is able to simplify its structure by adding a stopper function, too, to a detent mechanism and to prevent generation of radial load. The linear actuator comprises a ball screw mechanism, to which a rotational driving force is transmitted, for converting a rotational motion into a linear motion. The ball screw mechanism comprises radially projecting guide projections provided in a linear motion component, and a guide groove arranged in a securing portion facing the linear motion component and is engaged with the guide projections to guide the guide projections in an axial direction. The guide projection has a projection projecting by the predetermined length, while engaging into the guide groove, at a stroke end of the linear motion component and a locking portion provided in a rotary motion component is locked to the projection of the guide projection.10-04-2012
20100282008LINEAR ACTUATOR - A linear actuator comprising a cabinet (11-11-2010
20100300224Spindle Drive - The present invention relates to a spindle drive with a first load path which is formed by a first nut which meshes with a threaded bolt and a second load path which is formed by a second nut which likewise meshes with the threaded bolt and which is arranged such that it is movable relative to the first nut in the axial direction of the threaded bolt in at least one state of the spindle drive, with the spindle drive having a sensor unit which is made such that it detects a relative movement between the first nut and the second nut.12-02-2010
20120325033SPINDLE GEAR UNIT HAVING REINFORCEMENT - An adjusting means for adjusting two vehicle parts relative to each other, in particular for the longitudinal setting of a vehicle seat is provided. The adjusting means comprising an adjusting gear unit arranged on a first vehicle part and a spindle arranged on a second vehicle part, which extends in longitudinal direction, is in engagement with the adjusting gear unit and along which the adjusting gear unit is movable for adjusting the first vehicle part relative to the second vehicle part. There is provided a reinforcement part which supports the adjusting gear unit with respect to the first vehicle part in the longitudinal direction of the spindle such that due to the reinforcement part with forces introduced in the longitudinal direction from the first vehicle part into the adjusting gear unit the adjusting gear unit is supported with respect to the first vehicle part with a higher rigidity than with forces introduced against the longitudinal direction.12-27-2012
20110265587Drive cartridge - The invention relates to a drive cartridge comprising an actuating mechanism, in which a spindle can be guided in a hollow cylindrical drive element between two end positions at an axial distance from one another, said positions being defined by the axial length of the drive element, and to a dome-shaped casing that surrounds the drive element in a non-rotatable and non-displaceable manner. The cartridge is characterized in that the drive element has an external contour with an eccentric profile and in that the internal contour of the dome-shaped casing has a positive fit only in those areas of the drive element in which the permissible normal stress exceeds a predefined upper limit.11-03-2011
20130008268Positioning Apparatus - A positioning apparatus converts linear movement along a first axis into either linear movement along another axis or rotational movement. The apparatus includes a fixed element and one or more moveable elements which are moveable relative to the fixed element. A first guide element is attached to the fixed element and a second guide element is attached to the moveable element. An adjustment mechanism, which is associated with the first and second guide elements, is moveable relative to the fixed element along a first axis, and movement of the adjustment causes movement of the moveable element.01-10-2013
20080223160Feed screw mechanism - In a feed screw mechanism in which an internally threaded member 09-18-2008
20130174678OPTICAL PICKUP DEVICE TRANSFER MECHANISM - Provided is a feed-screw type optical pick-up device transfer mechanism for transferring an optical pick-up device through a base member coupled to a follower member in a state in which teeth of the follower member are engaged with a screw portion threaded around an external circumference of a drive shaft, wherein the teeth of the follower member include two main teeth relating to the transfer of the optical pick-up device and at least one subsidiary tooth provided between the two main teeth and unrelating to the transfer of the optical pick-up device.07-11-2013
20130125682PEDAL FORCE ADJUSTING APPARATUS FOR ACCELERATOR PEDAL - A pedal force adjusting apparatus for an accelerator pedal regulates a resilient force of a resilient member through movement of an upper carrier and a lower carrier due to rotation of a lead screw. Accordingly, a pedal force of a pedal arm can be easily regulated if necessary.05-23-2013
20130152716ROLLER SCREW - The roller screw mechanism is provided with a screw including an external thread, with a nut arranged about and coaxial with said screw, the nut including an internal thread, and with a plurality of rollers inserted between the screw and the nut and each including an external thread engaging the external and internal threads of said screw and of said nut. The screw is axially moveable in relation to the rollers. The flanks of the thread of the screw have a concave profile in cross section.06-20-2013
20110283822Medical Devices, Apparatuses, Systems, and Methods - Medical devices having a platform and an arm movable between a collapsed position and an expanded position. In some embodiments, the platform comprises at least one of a magnetically-attractive material and a material capable of being magnetically-charged. Methods of use.11-24-2011
20110303030MECHANISM FOR CONVERTING ROTATIONAL MOTION TO LINEAR MOTION - A rotational-to-linear conversion mechanism inhibits interference from occurring in places except for an engagement site to increase the efficiency of conversion mechanism and reliability, which has: a rack rod 12-15-2011
20130186216PART FOR ADJUSTING A SPORTS ARTICLE - A rotatable adjustment part adapted to be affixed to a first component of a sports article. The adjustment part comprises a groove for receiving a portion of a retaining wall associated with the sports article so as to keep the tightening part on the retaining wall, when the tightening part is separated from the first component of the sports article.07-25-2013
20090288507Control rod mechanism and system - A reversible control rod mechanism adapted for selectively and repeatedly rotating a shaft bidirectionally and thereby moving an attached load bidirectionally.11-26-2009
20120297908LINEAR ACTUATOR WITH ANTI-ROTATION MECHANISM - An assembly comprises a housing, a motor within the housing, and a thrust tube with an anti-rotation mechanism. The motor comprises a hollow rotor. An externally threaded screw shaft is coupled to the hollow rotor for rotation therewith. An internally threaded nut is coupled to the externally threaded screw shaft, wherein rotation of the screw shaft causes the nut to move axially. The thrust tube is operably connected with the nut, and the anti-rotation mechanism is attached to the thrust tube to substantially prevent rotation relative the housing.11-29-2012

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