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Rotary to or from reciprocating or oscillating

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074 - Machine element or mechanism


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074029000 Rack and pinion type 41
074055000 Cam and slide 28
074061000 Unbalanced weights 21
074049000 Crank and slide 11
074047000 Crank and lever 10
074037000 Belt or chain carried member 8
074054000 Cam and lever 7
074042000 Crank, pitman, and lever 7
074044000 Crank, pitman, and slide 6
074040000 Crank, pitman, lever, and slide 5
20090107267PRIME MOVER WITH INTEGRAL OIL RESERVOIR - A prime mover is shown which can be used in supplying power for a variety of roles in industrial applications, including oil and gas well operations, such as the prime mover which is used to operate a pump jack at a well site. It includes an internal combustion engine having an output shaft, the engine being cooled by engine oil supplied from an oil reservoir to the engine and circulated by an oil pump. A housing framework encloses the engine and supports an associated jack shaft bearing assembly, and includes a base, a hood and a plurality of upright supports which extend upwardly from the base in the direction of the hood. One or more of the uprights is a specially designed compartment having a plurality of opposing sides which define an initially open interior space, the interior space comprising an integral oil reservoir for storing and supplying oil to the engine during normal engine operation.04-30-2009
20100170353PUMPING UNIT - A pumping unit that removes fluid from a well includes a base disposed on a foundation adjacent the well. A group of support posts is mounted on the base and extends upwardly to a center bearing, and is connected to the center bearing. A walking beam is pivotally mounted on the bearing. A Pitman arm is pivotally connected to the walking beam rearwardly of the center bearing, and extends downwardly to a crank assembly. The crank assembly is mounted on the base centrally beneath the Pitman arm, and is pivotally connected to the Pitman arm. A gear reducer is mounted on the side of the crank assembly, and a drive unit is mounted on the base and is connected to the gear reducer. Actuation of the drive unit actuates movement of the gear reducer, crank assembly, Pitman arm, and the walking beam to pump the fluid from the well.07-08-2010
20090266186Ring Rack Oil Pumping Machine - The Ring Rack Oil Pumping Machine is comprised of: a base, a frame mounted on the base, a roller mounted at the frame top, a sprocket case connects to the middle of the frame; a input shaft having a lower sprocket and a drive shaft having an upper sprocket are installed at the bottom and top of the sprocket case respectively, the upper sprocket and lower sprocket are connected by a chain; a guide wheel, track gear and centralizer wheel are mounted in sequence on the end of the drive shaft extended out of the sprocket case; the track gear meshes with a rack, a slide rail is mounted with the frame, and a sliding base (10-29-2009
20120031208BEAM PUMPING UNIT FOR INCLINED WELLHEAD - A method and pumping unit for use with an inclined wellhead. Proper address of the wellhead is accomplished through incorporation of an elbow-shaped walking beam. The forward section of the walking beam is fabricated such that its longitudinal axis is angled to address the inclination of the wellhead. The rearward section of the walking beam and the four-bar linkage system remains unchanged relative to a prior art pump jack intended for vertical wells. This modification is a simple and effective means of addressing an angled wellhead while preserving the well-known operating characteristics of a prior art pumping unit. Torque factors, polished rod position, speed, acceleration, stroke length, and effective counterbalance remain unchanged.02-09-2012
20100037716Clampless adjustable polish rod and well drilling equipment comprising same - A polish rod apparatus connectable between a motion imparting mechanism of a pump jack and a string of sucker rods comprises a polish rod and a lift device. The polish rod has a center portion extending between its first end portion and second end portion. The center portion includes a thread structure extending along a portion of its length. The first end portion is connectable to the string of sucker rods. The lift device has an adjuster body including a central passage extending therethrough. The central passage of the adjuster body includes a thread structure matingly engagable with the thread structure of the polish rod such that rotation of the adjuster body relative to the polish rod causes axial movement of the adjuster body along a longitudinal axis of the polish rod thereby enabling vertical adjustment of the sucker rod assembly with respect to the motion imparting mechanism.02-18-2010
074052000 Planetary gearing and slide 5
20130025384VALVE ACTUATION MECHANISM - An improvement to a mechanism for actuating valves or other control mechanisms, either manually or by means of an electric/electronic, pneumatic or hydraulic actuator, rendering the mechanism independent and dispensing with specific controls. The redundant actuation mechanism comprises a reduction gear (01-31-2013
20080210026Kinetic Energy Generation Device - A kinetic energy generation device comprises a case having a fixation gear wheel disposed at an interior rim thereof and engaged with a movable gear wheel. A motion transmission member is installed in the case, and a motion transmission shaft is provided at the axis of the motion transmission member. An axis gear wheel is disposed in relation to the movable gear wheel so that the axis gear heel is engaged with the motion transmission shaft. External to the axis gear wheel, a flywheel is engaged therewith and revolved in synchronization with the movable gear wheel. A force applying shaft is provided at an end of the flywheel. Each of several links Is connected to the force applying shaft with its one end and to a cylinder piston with the other end thereof.09-04-2008
20120073393ELECTRIC LINEAR-MOTION ACTUATOR AND ELECTRIC BRAKE ASSEMBLY - An actuator has planetary rollers disposed between a rotor shaft of an electric motor and an outer ring member fixed around the rotor shaft. The planetary rollers are rotated about the axis of the rotor shaft and about their own axes, thereby converting rotary motion of the rotor shaft to linear motion of the planetary rollers A helical groove is formed in the radially outer surface of each planetary roller in which a helical rib formed on the radially inner surface of the outer ring member is received. The helical groove has a pitch equal to that of the helical rib and a lead angle different from that of the helical rib. The amount of the linear motion of the planetary rollers relative to the amount of the rotary motion of the rotor shaft is determined by the difference in lead angle between the helical groove and the helical rib.03-29-2012
20120279331RING DISK RECIPROCATING POWER CONVERSION DEVICE - A ring disk reciprocating power conversion device includes a planetary gear set and at least one off-center control panel set. The off-center control panel set includes a rotary disk pivoted on the opposite end of the planetary gear set, which can be guided by the self rotation of the plurality of planet wheels of the planetary, forcing the rotary disk to do a reciprocating movement in limited amplitude. The periphery of the rotary disk forms annular chambers at intervals. The annular chambers accommodate a medium pressure forming medium. More than one variable volume chambers are formed at intervals in the annular chambers, and the periphery of the rotary disk is provided with equal amount of spacers as the variable volume chambers. The spacers can compress or draw the medium and further regulate and stop the self rotation of the planet wheel.11-08-2012
20130014602METHOD AND APPARATUS TO CONVERT LINEAR AND ROTARY MOTION TO ROTATIONAL TORQUE - Two separate motion converter apparatuses and methods using gears acting as levers to convert respectively reciprocal linear and circular motion as input to produce a higher torque rotational output.01-17-2013
074045000 Crank, lever, and slide 5
20120222506Reciprocating Pump Drive Apparatus for Operating a Downhole Pump Via a Rod String - A reciprocating pump jack employs a crank arrangement to drive a polish rod carrier up and down, and employs guide slots in side walls of a frame structure at both ends of the carrier in order to maintain tight control over the orientation of the polish rod.09-06-2012
20120279330Transmission mechanism of eyebrow tattoo machine - The present invention refers to a transmission mechanism of an eyebrow tattoo machine, which includes an eccentric rotation shaft connected to a driving axle of a motor and having a bottom end configured to rotate eccentrically with respect to the driving axle, an upper bearing coupled with the bottom end of the eccentric rotation shaft, a position-limiting cover longitudinally provided with a position-limiting groove, and a swinging rod element mounted to the upper bearing and provided with a swinging rod and a position-limiting rod on two sides respectively. Since the position-limiting rod is only allowed to swing up and down in the position-limiting groove when the eccentric rotation shaft drives the upper bearing and the swinging rod element, the end of the swinging rod away from the upper bearing can swing up and down and then drive a tattoo needle to move vertically up and down through a lateral bearing.11-08-2012
20130199315LEVER CONTROL MECHANISM OF A DRAIN VALVE OF A TOILET TANK - A lever control mechanism of a drain valve of a toilet tank has a lever assembly assembled in the wall of the toilet tank and a lever linked to the revolving shaft of the lever assembly. The lever assembly is connected to a deviator, which is disposed with a drive arm; the drive arm is connected to the revolving shaft. The deviator is disposed with a joint portion and at least a leading hole to limit the lever revolving vertically. One end of the lever is run through the leading hole to rotationally connect to the joint portion; the drive arm is revolved by the driving of the revolving shaft to drive the lever revolved in the fan shaped vertical surface limited formed by the joint portion and the leading hole.08-08-2013
20130199316MECHANICAL DEVICE WITH VARIABLE-LENGTH LEVER ARM - A mechanism which comprises at least one fulcrum element connected to at least one force transmission rod by a connecting member is provided. The mechanism may convert a reciprocating rectilinear movement into a rotational movement of the at least one fulcrum element. The rotation of the at least one fulcrum element may cause the at least one force transmission rod to rotate. The connecting member comprises a part, known as a lever arm that may be situated between the at least one fulcrum element and the at least one force transmission rod and has a length that varies during the relative movement of the at least one fulcrum element with respect to the at least one transmission rod.08-08-2013
074053000 Cam, lever, and slide 4
20110162467Reciprocating mechanism - The present invention relates to a reciprocating mechanism. In particular, the invention relates to a reciprocating mechanism suitable for use in a robot, wherein the robot is capable of performing a drumming action. In specific embodiments, the mechanism includes: (i) a substantially fan- or wedge-shaped member having a pivot, a follower end and a distal end, wherein the distal end includes a plurality of teeth; (ii) a guide cylinder having a serpentine guide means around a curved surface of the guide cylinder, wherein the follower end engages with the serpentine guide means such that as the guide cylinder is rotated the follower end traverses the curved surface; and (iii) a central pulley member having teeth that mesh with the teeth of the distal end; wherein movement of the follower end is translated into movement of a distal end via the pivot of the fan-shaped member, and wherein movement of the distal end causes movement of the central pulley member via their meshed teeth.07-07-2011
20110100142DISC DEVICE - A disc device has a sliding member 05-05-2011
20130098181ACTUATOR - An actuator for a lever that is connected, with a valve or a wastegate or a variable turbine geometry of an exhaust gas turbocharger. The actuator includes a connecting rod between a drive and the lever. The connecting rod is rotatably supported at a location some distance from the lever. The connecting rod is further guided between the support and the lever on a circular arc.04-25-2013
20120272759DEVICE AND METHOD FOR CONVERTING CIRCULAR MOTION - The present invention relates to a device and method for converting circular motion, including: a drive part rotated by a power means; an eccentric cam disposed at one side of the drive part to perform the eccentric rotary motion; a connection rod connected at one side thereof to the eccentric cam in such a manner as to be operated cooperatively along with the motion of the eccentric cam and to perform the linear reciprocating motion, the connection rod being extended forwardly; and motion conversion members rotatably fixed at one sides thereof to a body by means of a hinge shaft and having drive grooves formed thereon in such a manner as to be connectedly fastened to the connection rod to allow the connection rod to be moved along the drive grooves, thereby performing the circular arc motion.11-01-2012
074026000 Head motions 2
20110072917VIBRATING AGGREGATE, AN APPARATUS FOR PROCESSING MINERAL MATERIAL, AND A METHOD FOR MOVING A PROCESSING DEVICE OF AN APPARATUS FOR PROCESSING MINERAL MATERIAL - A vibrating aggregate for moving the processing device, the vibrating aggregate including at least a frame, a shaft having an axial line and being arranged to rotate with respect to the frame, as well as a first element connected to the shaft in such a way that the centre of mass of the element is not on the axial line, and fitted to move along a circular path. The vibrating aggregate also comprises a second element coupled to the shaft and arranged to move along a linear path. Furthermore, the invention relates to an apparatus for processing mineral material, and a method for moving the processing device of an apparatus for processing mineral material.03-31-2011
20080236310MOTOR MOUNT WHICH ALLOWS MOVEMENT OF THE MOTOR ONLY IN A BELT TENSIONING DIRECTION - A motor drive apparatus comprises a motor, a pulley driven by the motors a driven element and a belt drive connecting the pulley and the driven element. The motor is mounted on a motor base and a pivot base connected by a shaft around which one pivots relative to the other. The motor is arranged on the motor base such that its weight causes the motor to pivot away from the drive element in a belt tensioning direction. A one-way clutch bearing is provided on the shaft and includes a link connected to an outer sleeve of the bearing and extending to the pivot base to allow pivotal movement tin the belt tensioning direction while preventing the motor from pivoting back toward the drive element, thereby keeping the belt drive taut.10-02-2008
074027000 Reciprocating carriage motions 1
20100037715DRIVE FOR A MOVABLE FURNITURE PART - The invention relates to a movable furniture part, particularly a furniture drawer, comprising a ejector device having an ejector lever and an electric motor for driving the ejector lever, wherein a retracting device is provided with traction means (02-18-2010
074051000 Crank and multiple pitmans 1
20130192395TRIAXIAL CAMERA SUSPENSION UNIT - The invention relates to a suspension system designed for use with optical devices, such as video cameras. The camera suspension unit includes a platform, outer and middle frames, with the orthogonal intersecting axes of rotation at the midpoint of the unit, rotating drives to rotate the unit about the X, Y and Z axes all controlled by a control unit. The middle frame of the suspension unit is designed as a mechanical parallelogram, having a movable jointed foot, a piston-rod and two cranks, as well as two mechanical links, all of which have an axis of rotation parallel to the middle frame axis of rotation, which is parallel to the Y axis. The outer end of each mechanical link is fastened to a crank while the inner end is fastened to the frame. The inner ends are fastened in a rotatable manner, allowing for the rotation about an axis parallel to the axes of rotation of the cranks. The outer frame of the suspension unit, the foot of the parallelogram, two mobile mechanical links and the cranks, are all joined together, to form two parallelograms. The platform is rotatably fastened to the middle frame or parallelogram on at least one end with a piston-rod, and the axis of rotation of the platform is perpendicular to the axes of rotation of the piston-rod in relation to the cranks. The axis of rotation of the platform and cranks intersect.08-01-2013
20110192242LEVERAGE MOTOR - Disclosed is a leverage motor (08-11-2011
20100147089FORCE/ENERGY RE-VECTORING DEVICE - Apparatus (06-17-2010
20090241703Retractable pen - A second sleeve (10-01-2009
201001077873-DIMENSIONAL VARIABLE-AXIS MACHINE - A 3-dimensional (3D) variable-axis machine is disclosed, which includes a frame spaced from a base to be disposed at an upper surface of a workpiece, a pair of forward and backward pivoting frames having an arch shape connected to the frame, a pair of leftward and rightward pivoting frames having an arch shape and a relatively less height than the forward and backward pivoting frames to be connected across the forward and backward pivoting frames, and a spindle vertically inserted in an intersectional portion between the forward and backward and the leftward and rightward pivoting frames to be pivoted corresponding to movements of the both pivoting frames. The spindle is connected to a sliding member, and the sliding member is connected to a lower surface of the forward and backward pivoting frames and an upper surface of the leftward and rightward pivoting frames in a sliding manner.05-06-2010
20110000325Linear to Dynamic Power Multiplying Device by Motor Lever - Linear to dynamic power multiplying device by motor lever, consisting of a motor (01-06-2011
20130068047ENERGY HARVESTING - The present application describes techniques for the harvesting of kinetic energy from the movement of people and/or vehicles. A motion converter is discussed which converts linear progression caused by traffic-related impulse forces, to be converted to rotational motion for driving the rotor of an electricity generator. An assembly for harvesting energy including the motion converter and a floor unit are also described.03-21-2013
20120111131VEHICLE GEARBOX FAMILY - A family of vehicle gearboxes having at least a first vehicle gearbox and a second vehicle gearbox, such that the first and the second vehicle gearbox are of modular construction and have an actuation system which is substantially structurally identical. The actuation system is provided in the first vehicle gearbox for actuating a parking lock and in the second vehicle gearbox for actuating a functional unit which differs from the parking lock, in particular, a clutch.05-10-2012
20120222503ACTUATOR - This invention provides an actuator, comprising: a supporting frame having a movable element accommodation space; a movable element received by the movable element accommodation space of the supporting frame, at least one elastic element accommodation space and at least one electrically-driven element accommodation space being arranged in proximity to each other around the exterior thereof; an electrically-driven element received by the at least one electrically-driven element accommodation space and configured to cause the movable element to move with respect to at least one axis; and an elastic element configured to provide an elastic force with respect to at least one axis, wherein the elastic element is received by the at least one elastic element accommodation space and able to perform a sliding function with the at least one elastic element accommodation space.09-06-2012
20090090201Nutating Gear Drive Mechanism for Surgical Devices - A drive mechanism for transmitting rotation force in surgical devices comprises a nutating gear reduction drive having an input and an output. The input is configured to be driven at high speed, low torque by a proximal drive shaft of a surgical device. The output is configured to transmit a low speed, high torque rotational force. The proximal drive shaft can be flexible. In one embodiment, the nutating gear reduction drive includes a wobble plate. This nutating gear reduction drive may include at least one crown gear. In an alternative embodiment, the nutating gear drive includes at least one ring gear. The ring gear is fixed in place. This embodiment can also include at least one spur gear.04-09-2009
20080295623Speed Reducer to be Attached to Articulated Portion Industrial Robot - A speed reducer 12-04-2008
20090320625OSCILLATING ROTARY TOOL ATTACHMENT - The present invention provides an attachment facility for converting a rotary tool to oscillatory tool. The attachment facility may attach to a rotating drive shaft of the rotary tool and may convert the rotating motion of the drive shaft to an oscillating motion. This oscillating motion may provide oscillatory or vibration movements to the blades attached to rotary tool.12-31-2009
20110271777DRIVE MECHANISM - A drive mechanism (11-10-2011
20110290046ACTUATION DEVICE OF A ROTATING, SHIFTABLE MECHANICAL CONNECTION - An actuating device for a rotatable, shiftable mechanical connection. The connection comprises first and second connection portions (12-01-2011
20110197690LINEAR DRIVE FOR A PIVOTALLY SUPPORTED PANEL OR A PIVOTALY SUPPORTED HARD OR SOFT TOP OF A VEHICLE - The invention is based on the object of driving a trunk lid or hard or soft tops of a vehicle by a motor as efficiently and as economically as possible. Typically a hydraulic cylinder having very high energy density, or an electromechanical spindle drive, generally provided with a planetary gear as is known from DE 10 2004 040 170 A 1, is used today. Said arrangement has the disadvantage that the transmission comprises several wheels in order to enable an accordingly high gear ratio for the required slow rotational movement of the spindle. In the process, a loud operating noise is produced. The invention relates to a linear drive having a high-ratio single-step manual transmission and the possibility of integrating an energy storage, for example a helical spring or a gas pressure spring, and the possibility of integrating a hydraulic brake. The invention is particularly suitable for driving a cover or panels/doors/tops/moveable hardtops or other moveable components on vehicles, on other mobile systems or on stationary devices. It is supported on the vehicle body or the stationary device and on the cover or the moveable element, which in turn is rotatably connected to a hinge on the vehicle body or the stationary device.08-18-2011
20090277290WIPER DRIVE - The invention relates to a wiper drive (11-12-2009
20110197691CRANK-AND-ROCKER PISTON MACHINE - The invention relates to mechanical engineering, in particular to piston machines and mechanisms for converting the movement of the pistons thereof into shaft rotation. The technical result of the invention involves increasing the operational reliability, extending the service life, improving the specific mass and dimensional characteristics and enhancing the efficiency of a machine. The essence of the invention is that the piston and the crank of a piston machine are interconnected by means of a hinged joint with at least a flat hinge which enables the piston to self-center along the cylinder surface owing to the movement of the piston with respect to the crank in any direction on a plane that intersects the longitudinal axis of the cylinder. Side bearing elements are mounted on the interacting parts of the body and the crank; furthermore, the connection between the opposite parts of the crank and the coupling elements is designed in such a way that the movement of one part of the crank with respect to the opposite part thereof is limited in the direction away from the axis of rotation of the shaft along the reciprocating motion of the crank in order to ensure a specified distance between the contact surfaces of the working bearing elements of the crank when the machine is in operation. Furthermore, a preliminary load is created between the contacting surfaces of the working bearing elements and rollers.08-18-2011
20080276736Drive Mechanism Which Can Be Used in a Scanning Device - The invention relates to a drive mechanism which can be used in a scanning device. The inventive mechanism comprises a device which converts a rotary motion produced by a motor member into a linear reciprocating motion. According to the invention, the aforementioned converter uses: a planetary rotating table (11-13-2008
20110203395VIBRATIONAL APPARATUS - Vibrational apparatus capable of providing a vibrational output, said apparatus comprising or including an assembly having a shuttle capable of shuttling between complementary structures, at least one of which complementary structures provides the vibrational output,08-25-2011
20090178501Rotating axle with anti-shaking function - The present invention discloses a rotating axle with anti-shaking function that comprises: a fixed part with a sleeve which is axially formed to have an axle hole; an inner collar disposed with at least a hollow clamping ring; an end seal plate axially formed to have a through hole whose circumference is disposed with a plurality of slightly protruded portions fittingly connected and fastened onto one end of the axle hole; a movable part extending axially to form an axle which is inserted through the through hole and encircled with the clamping ring.07-16-2009
20090078066Gear train for an actuator - In a gear train (03-26-2009
20090025494Vertically Movable Slide Unit for an Operating Machine, with an Integrate Anti-Fall Device - A vertically movable slide unit for an operating machine includes a support structure, a slide slidably mounted along a vertical direction on the support structure and drive means of the vertical movement of the slide, carried by the support structure A safety device for preventing an accidental fall of the slide and operatively interposed between the slide and the support structure is foreseen, which is integrated within the slide.01-29-2009
20090139354VIBRATING ASSEMBLY FOR A VIBRATION EXERCISER - A vibrating assembly for a vibration exerciser has a base, a drive device, a transmission, multiple stanchions and a platform. The drive device is mounted on the base and has a drive wheel. The transmission has a drive axle, two rotary cranks, two reciprocating cranks, two base levers and two platform levers. The drive axle is mounted rotatably on the base and connected to the drive wheel and has two ends. The rotary cranks are respectively mounted on the ends of the drive axle. The reciprocating cranks are pivotally connected to the rotary cranks. The levers have moving ends mounted on corresponding reciprocating cranks and stationary ends. The stationary ends of the base levers are attached to the base. The stationary ends of the platform levers are attached to the platform. The stanchions are attached to the base and have guide rods telescopically protruding therefrom and attached to the platform.06-04-2009
20120240694FLEXIBLE WIRE - A flexible wire assembly of a compact structure that can transmit the torque for a high speed rotation even in a bent condition is provided. The flexible wire assembly (A) includes a flexible outer tube (09-27-2012
20100206101Linear actuator - A linear actuator has a modulized structure that allows at least a transmission unit, an actuation unit, and a power device of the linear actuator to be combined integrally. The actuator is advantaged by its reduced manufacturing and fabricating costs, simplified and compact structure, as well as expanded application scope.08-19-2010
20100300222VIBRATION ACTUATOR AND ELECTRIC DEVICE - A vibration actuator comprising: a vibration portion which contacts a relative movement portion, and produces necessary vibration for a relative movement of the relative movement portion; a first member provided to hold the relative movement portion between the first member and the vibration portion, and moves relative to the vibration portion in response to movement of the relative movement portion with respect to the vibration portion; a second member which faces the first member via a rolling member, and supports the first member so that the first member is movable relative to the vibration portion; and a pressing member which generate a pressing force between the second member and the vibration portion so that the vibration portion and the relative movement portion are in contact with each othercome in contact with each other; and wherein the first member comprises a plastic substance.12-02-2010
20120144939Double Bearing Assembly for Rotating Shaft - A double bearing assembly is for supporting a rotatable shaft within a housing and includes two axially-spaced inner races mounted on the shaft. Each inner race has an outer race surface with a radially-outwardly extending shoulder section adjacent one axial end and are arranged such that the two shoulder surfaces are facing. Two axially-spaced outer races are disposed within the housing, each about one of the inner races. Each outer race has an inner race surface with a radially-inwardly extending shoulder section adjacent one end and are arranged such that the two shoulder surfaces face away from each other. A set of rolling element are disposed between each pair of races. At least one biasing member biases one of the outer races axially to retain the associated rolling elements sandwiched between the inner shoulder surface of the outer race and the outer shoulder surface of the corresponding inner race.06-14-2012
20110174093DRIVE DEVICE FOR ENTRANCE/EXIT DEVICES WITH COUPLING - The invention relates to a drive device (07-21-2011
20110100141LINEAR ACTUATOR - The swinging operation of a rotary striker 05-05-2011
20110174092DRIVE DEVICE - An output shaft, to which the rotational force of a motor is transmitted, is rotatably supported and housed in a case. One end of the output shaft protrudes from the case, and a pinion gear is provided on this one end. Teeth that mesh with the pinion gear are provided on the outer circumferential surface of cables. A guide member for guiding the cables in such a way that they mesh with the pinion gear is mounted on the case. An urging plate portion that presses against the side of the pinion gear is provided on the guide member. The urging plate portion urges the output shaft in the axial direction and, as a result, rattle of the output shaft is alleviated.07-21-2011
20110041629MOTION DEVICE AND MOVING DEVICE - The present invention relates to a motion device and a moving device in which the total size in a direction perpendicular to the longitudinal direction of an orbital element can be reduced to extremely smaller sizes and miniaturization can be accomplished. A motion device 02-24-2011
20110252903MECHANICAL VENTILATOR - A reciprocating device, comprising: 10-20-2011
20120031207Wave energy converter - A wave energy converter comprises a space truss having vertical frames between which a plurality of floats are placed, generators and means for converting the vertical reciprocating movement of the floats into a unidirectional rotation of the of the generator shaft on which a flywheel is fixed. This means has a gearing converting alternate rotation of its input shaft into unidirectional rotation of its output shaft provided with an overrunning clutch on which the flywheel is mounted. The flywheel stabilizes the rotation of the generator shaft and together with the overrunning clutch lets the float to sink to initial position.02-09-2012
20110179892MOTOR HORSE POWER AMPLIFICATION DEVICES USING A MOMENT ARM DESIGN - A motor horse power amplification device using a moment arm design is described. The device converts reciprocal motion of the moment arm to rotational motion which drives an electrical generator. Use of the device can significantly reduce the amount of electricity generated by power plants and thus reduce the need for power plant construction. The devices have many different applications, including home, industrial, and automotive applications.07-28-2011
20100077877ROTARY MICRO-ADJUSTMENT MECHANISM FOR A SYNCHRONOUS DOUBLE-DRIVE POSITIONING PLATFORM - A rotary micro-adjustment mechanism for a synchronous double-drive positioning platform (such as a gantry) is disposed between a beam and support pillars of the synchronous double-drive positioning platform and comprises a positioning pillar and elastic members. The positioning pillar is provided to pivot the beam relative to the respective support pillars to compensate displacement error of the beam and the support pillars. The elastic members are provided to resist the pivotal rotation between the beam and the support pillar by their restoring force, so as to improve the rigidity of the overall mechanism.04-01-2010
20100288062Two Axis Solar Tracking System - An electromechanical solution for 2 axis solar tracking is disclosed that is suitable for application with a single solar heat, hot water or photovoltaic panel. 3 points of contact are arranged in a triangle on the back of the panel with 2 points of contact connected by linear actuators and flexible couplings. The third point of contact is a spherical bearing at the base of the panel. The actuators are independently adjustable in length by using electric motors according to a microprocessor program. In this way, 2 rotary axes of motion with limited angles are achieved which can orient the panel to the sun with minimal hardware. Since only one solar panel is being controlled the mechanical force required is minimized.11-18-2010
20120042738Railway actuated energy generating device - A rail train actuated energy generating device for the use in a path of a train includes an actuator arm for transverse disposed on side, parallel to rail tracks across the path of the track ties in a module mounted to the ground, wherein the actuator includes a “Y” type member, the bottom of the “Y” actuator is tied to a shaft with a one way clutch gear in a said module in oil bath, another shaft with a roller is attached to top two tips of “Y”. The actuator arm having being pushed by a “V” type attachment mounted to the edge of train's undercarriage on same side in line with the actuator arms. Thereby moving the actuator arm approximately 75+ degrees as the train passes. This motion of the actuator arm turns the shaft of the actuator arm with the one way clutch locked turning the gear attached to the one way clutch, housed in a module. This in-turn turns the adjacent one way clutch gears with chains, where the gears are free riding on the adjacent shafts, this process repeated as the gears turns in the module which directly extends out of the transfer case to the gearbox. The gearbox turns the energy generator.02-23-2012
20110154921RECIPROCATING CUTTING TOOL - A reciprocating cutting tool including a motor housing, a gear box connected with the motor housing, a motor disposed in the motor housing and a reciprocating mechanism disposed in the gear box. The reciprocating mechanism includes a suspending rack and a reciprocating shaft driven by the motor. The reciprocating shaft is connected to the motor by a reduction gear and an eccentric shaft. The suspending rack comprises a top plate and a bottom plate, the reciprocating shaft movably connected to the bottom plate, and would not reciprocate beyond the top plate in a reciprocating direction. Due to the reciprocating shaft not being guided and restricted by the top plate of the suspending rack, the reciprocating shaft would not extend beyond the top plate during the reciprocating motion, The present invention decreases the height of the gear box greatly relative to prior tools, and thus the height of the reciprocating cutting tool is likewise decreased, thereby increasing its application ability.06-30-2011
20110154920ACTUATOR WITH THRUST FLANGES AND LATERALLY TILTABLE TOOL ASSEMBLY USING SAME - A fluid-powered rotary actuator having a body with a shaft disposed therein and having a linear-to-rotary torque transmitting member mounted for longitudinal movement within said body in response to the selective application of pressurized fluid thereto. The body includes a non-cylindrical cross-sectional shape body portion and a non-cylindrical cross-sectional shape piston head is in sliding engagement therewith and sized to engage the body portion to inhibit rotation of the piston head. In an alternative embodiment the body portion is cylindrical with an eccentric aperture to receive the shaft to inhibit rotation of the piston head.06-30-2011
20120204661Fixed Moment Arm Internal Gear Drive Apparatus - An apparatus for converting linear reciprocal motion to rotary motion, comprising a reciprocating component and a reciprocating rod capable of linear reciprocal motion in unison, internal gear racks, a segmented gear, and transfer plates is provided. The internal gear racks are disposed on opposing internal sides of the reciprocating rod for inducing rotary motion in the segmented gear by linear reciprocal motion of the reciprocating rod. The segmented gear, disposed within a space defined between the opposing internal sides of the reciprocating rod and rigidly connected to a power shaft, alternately meshes with the internal gear racks to transmit rotary motion to the power shaft. The transfer plates, coaxially disposed on the segmented gear's centric axis, comprise profiled grooves for controlling transition of the reciprocating rod by contacting the reciprocating rod, when the reciprocating component is at a top dead center and a bottom dead center within an engine housing.08-16-2012
20110094324Actuator System - An actuator system comprises an electric motor, a plurality of linearly extendable actuators, and a drive transmission arrangement transmitting rotary drive from the motor to the actuators, wherein the drive transmission arrangement includes a drive shaft and a gear arrangement, and wherein at least one of the drive shaft and the gear arrangement is dry-running.04-28-2011
20120152042Multi-Dimensional Micro Driver - A micro driver includes a translational unit, an actuating unit and a rotational unit. The translational unit includes translational elements movable relative to one another. The actuating unit includes two opposite actuators connected to each of the translational elements. The actuators are operable to move the translational elements relative to one another. The rotational unit includes a frame and semi-spheres each located in an aperture defined in the frame and in contact with the uppermost one of the translational elements so that the uppermost translational element rotates the semi-spheres on the frame when the actuators causes the translational elements to move relative to one another.06-21-2012
20110179894REMOTE-CONTROLLED ACTUATOR - A remote controlled actuator includes a spindle guide section of an elongated configuration, a distal end member fitted to a tip end of the spindle guide section for alteration in attitude, and a drive unit housing to which a base end of the spindle guide section is connected. The distal end member rotatably supports a spindle then holding a tool. The spindle guide section includes a hollow outer shell pipe, a rotary shaft and a guide pipe, and an attitude altering member for altering an attitude of the distal end member is inserted within the guide pipe. A hollow of the outer shell pipe includes a round hole portion at a center and a grooved portion depressed radially outwardly from the round hole portion. The rotary shaft is arranged within the round hole portion whereas the guide pipe is arranged within the grooved portion.07-28-2011
20110179893LINEAR ACTUATOR - A linear actuator has a housing, a piston slideable within the housing along a slide axis, a first shaft rotatable about a first axis substantially perpendicular to the slide axis, a second shaft rotatable about a second axis parallel to the slide axis, in which the second shaft and the piston are engaged to convert rotational motion of the second shaft into linear motion of the piston, and in which the first shaft and the second shaft are engaged by a ball-worm gear.07-28-2011
20110126648SEALED LINEAR ACTUATOR UNIT - A linear actuator unit has a slide plate which is allowed to freely move along the outer rail while causing a cover to retreat. The linear actuator unit includes: an outer rail, which is formed into a cylindrical shape, and includes the slit-opening portion formed along an axial direction thereof; the slide plate (06-02-2011
20120312105MECHANISM FOR TRANSFORMING CIRCULAR MOTION INTO TRANSLATIONAL MOTION TO DRIVE THE PISTON OF A CNG COMPRESSOR - The proposed mechanism is applied to a reciprocating piston compressor including at least two twin cylinders in each of which a set of piston-rod are housed. Both pistons being driven by the same driving means which in turn is driven by a crankshaft coupled to a motor. The assembly is also mounted on a chassis and covered with a casing. This mechanism comprises a parallelepiped housing defined by two side covers each of which is attached to the end of said rod. Such covers are linked to a driving piece that is in turn linked to the crankshaft counterweights. That way when the crankshaft rotates causes the up-down movement and at the same time a linear horizontal one.12-13-2012
20110120241System for Moving a Carriage Along a Guide - A system for moving a carriage along a guide comprises: 05-26-2011
20110209570MOTION CONVERSION DEVICE, FLEXIBLE ACTUATOR USING THE SAME, AND JOINT DRIVING UNIT - Three or more displacement generation mechanisms, which allow some of a plurality of guide members that are provided respectively to a plurality of guide holding members that is capable of reciprocally moving substantially perpendicularly to shifting directions of a reciprocally movable linear motion structural member with respect to a base member, and a rocking member that is provided to an end of a linear motion member capable of reciprocally moving in directions substantially in parallel with the shifting directions of the guide holding members so as to rock around an axis substantially perpendicular to the respective shifting directions of the linear motion structural member and the linear motion member, to be made in contact with each other so that some of the guide holding members are displaced relatively to the linear motion structural member, are operation-controlled, with a result that a transmission gear ratio between a displacement velocity of the linear motion member and a displacement velocity of the linear motion structural member is changed.09-01-2011
20120325031VIBRATION ACTUATOR, LENS BARREL, AND CAMERA - A vibration actuator includes an elastic member and a relative movement member. The elastic member generates oscillatory waves by oscillation of an electromechanical conversion element. The relative movement member with which the elastic member is in pressure contact is driven by the oscillatory waves to rotationally move with respect to the elastic member. Of the elastic member and the relative movement member, at least one member has a plurality of spaces at one contacting face opposite to the other contacting face of the other member. The spaces are filled with friction coefficient adjusting substances so that a coefficient of friction of the one contacting face of the one member changes in a radial direction.12-27-2012
20110146426FORCE DECAY RELEASE MECHANISM - A system is provided for the force decay triggered release of a device, the system comprising: a base; a plurality of retention rods extending from the base; a rotationally movable actuator, to which a linear force is configured to be applied, converting the linear force to a rotational force; a plurality of retention pins, the retention pins being coupled to the actuator, and each the pin being removably disposed within a retention rod of the plurality of retention rods, such that a rotation of the actuator withdraw each the pin from respective the rod; a force triggered detent, the detent allowing the rotation of the actuator when the rotational force exceeds a threshold level.06-23-2011
20130167671TRANSMISSION MECHANISM AND ELECTRO-MECHANICAL LOCK THEREWITH - A transmission mechanism includes a first rotating wheel, a second rotating wheel and an interference mechanism. The interference mechanism includes an engaging slot, a containing slot and an engaging member. The engaging slot is formed on the first rotating wheel, and the engaging slot includes an arc-shaped concave surface. The containing slot is formed on the second rotating wheel. The engaging member is located in the at least one containing slot, and the engaging member includes an arc-shaped convex surface. The first rotating and the second rotating wheel simultaneously rotate when the arc-shaped convex surface of the at least one engaging member engagingly contacts with the arc-shaped concave surface of the at least one containing slot. The first rotating wheel and the second rotating wheel do not simultaneously rotate when the at least one engaging member disengages from the at least one containing slot.07-04-2013
20110259131LIGHT MODULE ADJUSTMENT APPARATUS AND METHOD - The present invention relates to an apparatus for adjusting a light module along a horizontal or a vertical axis, comprising an actuator and a linear control element which can be moved in an adjustment direction and is driven by said actuator to operate an adjustment mechanism, wherein an articulated joint connects said mechanism to a carrier of the light module and wherein an articulated joint connects a free end of the linear control element to the adjustment mechanism such that said linear control element can pivot around a first axis of rotation perpendicular to the adjustment direction to make up a first pivot joint, wherein the adjustment mechanism provides a control element (10-27-2011
20110209569POWER MULTIPLIER LEVER SYSTEM - A power multiplier lever system gives an increase in mechanical power generated by the motor thereby giving greater power to the piston giving a greater compression capacity that makes air compression possible without the need to use a large quantity of mechanical power.09-01-2011
20110271776Driving Device - A driving device for a hatch in a vehicle with a first housing part connectable to a stationary base part or a movable structural component part, a second housing part connectable to the other, of the movable structural component part and the stationary base part, a spindle drive by which the first and second housing parts are movable axially relative to one another, a rotary drive that drives the spindle drive in rotation including a motor and a gear unit accommodated in a gear unit housing, and a braking device. The spindle drive includes a threaded spindle that has a first spindle portion and a braking spindle nut that is axially movable on the first spindle portion and a second spindle portion and a working spindle nut axially movable on the second spindle portion. The braking spindle nut cooperates with the braking device for applying a holding force to the spindle drive.11-10-2011
20120017710Electrical Appliance For Personal Use - An electrical appliance for personal use is disclosed. The appliance includes an electric motor for driving a working tool via a drive train. The drive train has a driving wheel for driving a transmission element in engagement therewith. The driving wheel has a mounting portion mounted on a driving shaft connected to the electric motor. The engagement portion of the driving wheel which is in engagement with the transmission element, is positioned axially offset from the mounting portion of the driving wheel.01-26-2012

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