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20100116071DEVICE FOR INSTALLATION OF A PROBE AND PROBE ACCOMMODATING ARRANGEMENT - Device for mounting and demounting of a probe (05-13-2010
20100269603Probe Holder - A probe holder is disclosed. The probe holder includes a cable connected to a probe, an attachment portion provided to the cable, and a holding portion to which the attachment portion is detachably coupled to allow the cable to be held by the holding portion. The probe holder prevents the cable connected to the probe from drooping when the probe is held by a probe holding member, thereby preventing the cable from being contaminated or damaged due to contact with a floor.10-28-2010
20130074617SENSING PROBE COMPRISING MULTIPLE, SPATIALLY SEPARATE, SENSING SITES - A single sensing probe comprising multiple, spatially separate, sensing sites is utilized to sense neural activity. The sensing probe includes multiple conductors each with multiple sensing sites in a fixed geometric arrangement. The sensing probe is configured to comprise multiple combined sensing sites in polytrode configuration. By appropriately combining the wire groupings at each combined sensing site, activity sensed from a single wire with multiple sensing sites, can be coupled with other wires to unmix signals from the spatially separate sites and leverage the power of combinatorics to maximize total recording bandwidth and single neuron/unit yield per wire and per probe.03-28-2013
20130036844Universal Sensor Fitting for Process Applications - A universal fitting for in-line fluid measurement in a process application. The fitting including an inlet and outlet port. The fitting also having a body with a fluid flow passage providing fluid communication between the ports. A sensor housing is provided that extends outwardly away from a wall of the body, wherein the housing is sized to receive a sensor assembly, which assembly measures at least one characteristic of the fluid. A base of each housing integrally formed with the wall and including a sensor seat for receiving a portion of the sensor assembly. A probe aperture receives a probe portion of the sensor assembly, each housing having the probe aperture disposed in the wall and extending from the fluid passage through its respective sensor seat.02-14-2013
20130036843Retractable Assembly - A retractable assembly, comprising: a housing; a media connection with complementary connecting means; an immersion tube; and a probe provided in the immersion tube. The probe has a probe head on its end facing the medium, wherein, in the service position, the probe head is arranged within a treatment chamber formed in the housing, wherein the immersion tube is divided into three regions, and, indeed, a upper region facing away from the containment, a middle region, on which a sealing system is provided, and a lower region facing the containment, wherein the sealing system is so embodied that in no position of the immersion tube does an exchange of medium or impurities from the drive to the treatment chamber, or vice versa, occur.02-14-2013
20090145249MODULAR SCANNER ASSEMBLY - A modular scanner assembly includes a probe holder support constructed from interconnected reconfigurable members. At least one of the interconnected reconfigurable members has a probe holder. The probe holder support has wheels attached to at least one interconnected reconfigurable member for moving the probe holder support across a surface to be scanned. At least one of the wheels is connected to a position encoder.06-11-2009
20090120216THREE-DIMENSIONAL MICROPROBE ARRAY - The present invention discloses a three-dimensional microprobe array assembly structure, wherein spacers are used in assembling edge-type microprobe arrays to form a three-dimensional structure, and the spacers reveal conductive pads of the edge-type microprobe arrays to benefit wire bonding. The present invention detects depths and angles and thus increases detection reliability. Besides, in the present invention, the related IC is integrated with the spacer to achieve circuit integration and reduce cost.05-14-2009
20120260751FIXING MEMBER, PROXIMITY SENSOR, MOUNTING STRUCTURE OF THE PROXIMITY SENSOR, AND ROTATIONALLY-CONNECTED STRUCTURE, AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE ROTATIONALLY-CONNECTED STRUCTURE - A fixing member has a securing portion to be placed in a space formed between a first fixed area and a second fixed area, the second fixed area being placed facing opposite to and being apart from the first fixed area, having an opening, and not being allowed to displace relative to the first fixed area. The securing portion is formed in a shape rotatable with respect to the first fixed area around the rotational axis L that extends in a direction penetrating the opening, and has a first abutting portion abutting on the first fixed area and a plurality of second abutting portions at a plurality of positions on the circumference of the opening at the end. The plurality of the second abutting portions have inclined guide faces around the rotational axis L, the inclined guide faces inclining in circumferential direction.10-18-2012
20130055832PROBE HEAD FOR A COORDINATE MEASURING MACHINE FOR DETERMINING SPATIAL COORDINATES ON A MEASUREMENT OBJECT - A probe head for a coordinate measuring machine has a coupling part having a retaining pin, on which a probe tool is detachably arranged. The probe tool has at least one stylus for touching a measurement object, and a rotary plate. The rotary plate is coupled to the coupling part by means of the retaining pin in one of a plurality of defined rotation angle positions. Moreover, the rotary plate has a latching mechanism including at least one adjustable latching element and a detector. The latching element has a latching position in which it fastens the rotary plate on the retaining pin, and it has a release position in which it releases the retaining pin. The detector generates a signal which is representative of at least one from the latching position and the release position.03-07-2013
20090095097Creating a jet impingement pattern for a thermal control system - In one embodiment, a head assembly to be adapted about a solid immersion lens includes a plurality of jets configured in a radial pattern that extends from a central portion to a substantial periphery of the head assembly. The jets may expel a liquid coolant stream to cool a semiconductor device with a radial impingement pattern so that the liquid coolant travels from a central portion of the semiconductor surface to a peripheral portion of the semiconductor surface. Other embodiments are described and claimed.04-16-2009
20120304786SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROBE-BASED HIGH PRECISION SPATIAL ORIENTATION CONTROL AND ASSEMBLY OF PARTS FOR MICROASSEMBLY USING COMPUTER VISION - A microassembly method and system utilizing multiple probes. Multiple manipulation actuators can be utilized for maintaining/holding one or more probes and an assembly substrate. Multiple microscope cameras can be configured to provide three distinct workspace configurations. At the center of each manipulation actuator is a die stage, which supports the assembly substrate upon which parts are assembled. A glue dispenser can also provide glue to a part prior to placement.12-06-2012
20090272205MODULAR SENSOR ASSEMBLY - A modular sensor assembly for performing measurement or calibration is disclosed, comprising a sensing module comprising a threaded spigot, a first slip ring conductive track, and a second slip ring conductive track; a base module comprising a threaded receptacle, a first conductor, and a second conductor; wherein the sensing module is detachably mounted to the base module by rotating the threaded spigot into the threaded receptacle thereby forming a first electrical connection between the first slip ring conductive track and the first conductor, and a second electrical connection between the second slip ring conductive track and the second conductor.11-05-2009
20090272206Transducer matrix film - A transducer system includes a plurality of transducer elements formed on a flexible/substrate with localized circuit elements and interconnects associated with each transducer element.11-05-2009
20110011190PROBE AND METHOD FOR OBTAINING THREE-DIMENSIONAL COMPOSITIONAL MAPS OF A BIOLOGICAL SAMPLE - The invention provides a probe and a method of obtaining a three-dimensional compositional map of one or more targets in a biological sample, or a portion thereof, comprising: (a) milling a surface layer of a biological sample with a focused ion beam, thereby creating a newly exposed surface layer of the biological sample; (b) imaging the newly exposed surface layer of the biological sample; (c) identifying the chemical composition of the newly exposed surface layer of the biological sample, or a portion thereof, with a mass spectrometer; and (d) repeating (a) to (c) until a three-dimensional compositional map of one or more targets in the biological sample, or portion thereof, is obtained. Uses of the three-dimensional map obtained from the inventive method are further provided.01-20-2011
20090013807PIPE MONITORING METHOD - A method including locating at least one device in a conduit for exposure to ambient conditions within the conduit. The method comprises the steps of locating at least one device relative to a portion of a conduit and shaping the at least one device such that it is contiguous with the wall of the conduit.01-15-2009
20120125131SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR POSITIONING A SENSOR - A system for positioning a sensor through an inner barrier and an outer barrier includes a first collar configured for engagement with the inner or outer barriers, a collapsible coupling, and a sensor support connected to the collapsible coupling. The collapsible coupling or the sensor support is in sealing engagement with the first collar, and the first collar, collapsible coupling, and sensor support define a passage therethrough. A method for positioning a sensor includes engaging a first collar to at least one of the inner barrier or the outer barrier and inserting a sensor support connected to a collapsible coupling through the outer barrier. The method further includes connecting the sensor support or the collapsible coupling to the first collar and inserting the sensor through the sensor support.05-24-2012
20110277569INSTRUMENTATION FITTING - An instrumentation fitting includes a main body. The main body includes a first end configured to be inserted into an aperture of a vessel and a second end including at least one slot configured to accommodate at least one lead of at least one sensor. The instrumentation fitting further includes a gasket assembly supported by the second end of the main body. The gasket assembly includes a first gasket and a second gasket. The second gasket includes an aperture through which the at least one lead may pass. A flange is secured to the main body. The flange includes at least one aperture configured to receive at least one fastener. A cover plate is configured to be removably attached to the main body by the at least one fastener. The cover plate is configured to contact the first gasket and compress the at least one lead between the first and second gaskets when attached to the main body.11-17-2011
20110290045Probe Arrangement - A probe arrangement, in the case of which a probe is arranged within a tubular housing, wherein the tubular housing has at least one process window open to the process medium, and at least one functional element is secured on the probe and surrounded by the process medium. In order to suppress a taking along of the process medium during transfer of the functional element from the measured medium into a rinsing chamber, the tubular housing includes at least one treatment window open opposite the probe (3), preferably for washing, rinsing and/or calibrating the functional element, wherein the functional element is movable between the process window and the treatment window, and, during the measuring in the process medium, the at least one functional element is arranged approximately coincident with the at least one process window of the housing.12-01-2011
20100000347Ceramic Member, Probe Holder, and Method of Manufacturing Ceramic Member - To provide a ceramic member having a thermal expansion coefficient close to that of silicon and has satisfactory workability, a probe holder formed by using this ceramic member, and a method of manufacturing the ceramic member. For this purpose, at least mica and silicon dioxide are mixed and an external force oriented in one direction is caused to act on this mixed mixture to sinter the mixture. It is more preferable that, in the mixture, a volume content of the mica is 70 to 90 volume % and a volume content of the silicon dioxide is 10 to 30 volume %.01-07-2010
20090260459Probe substrate and probe card having the same - A probe card includes a printed circuit board; at least one probe substrate including a probe substrate body disposed on the printed circuit board and at least one probe through hole extending by passing through the probe substrate body; and at least one probe including a probe body supported by the probe substrate and a probe lead part extending from the probe body to an inside of the probe through hole in the printed circuit board, wherein the probe substrate body includes at least one fixing slit which extends in an X axis direction at one side surface of the probe substrate body where the probe body is exposed, and has a width substantially equal to a thickness of the probe; and at least some of the probe bodies are received in the fixing slit so that the probes are arranged in the a Y axis direction.10-22-2009
20120096961PROBE HOLDER FOR TURBINE ENGINE SENSOR - A turbine is provided and includes a component having a body, which is rotatable about a rotor centerline and which is formed to define a cavity radially proximate to a point of measurement interest defined at a radial distance from the centerline, a sensor to measure a condition at the point of measurement interest, a communication system by which condition measurements are transmittable from the sensor to a non-rotating recording system and a probe holder insertible into the cavity to secure the sensor proximate to the point of measurement interest.04-26-2012
20120186370MEASURING APPARATUS COMPRISING A MEASURING PROBE AND A SECUREMENT APPARATUS - A measuring apparatus, especially a measuring apparatus suitable for application in industrial process measurements technology for making measurements of physical or chemical, measured variables in a closed process container under increased pressure, comprising: a measuring probe, which has a probe shaft, especially a cylindrical probe shaft; and a securement apparatus to affix the measuring probe at a measuring point, wherein the securement apparatus comprises a sleeve, which at least sectionally accommodates probe shaft, wherein the measuring probe has a securement collar connected to the probe shaft; the securement collar is held, especially shape interlocked, between a coupling jacket releasably secured in sleeve and a counterbearing formed within sleeve, characterized in that, a first abutment surface is formed within the coupling jacket, and a second abutment surface, which lies opposite the first abutment surface, is formed on measuring probe.07-26-2012
20090151482Sterile single use measurement device - A sterile measurement device comprising an elongated measurement probe for measuring a physical property. The probe has a first end and a second end, and a sensing element, which is located on the first end, which can be installed at any time on a measurement site. The measurement site has a measuring chamber for measuring a physical quantity inside the measuring chamber without breaching sterility of the measurement arrangement. The measurement device further comprising a sterile tubing comprising a first end, a second end and a compressible section located between the ends. The sterile tubing surrounding the probe, such that the second end of the probe extends out of the second end of the tubing, structure for establishing a sterile connection between the first end of the tubing and a corresponding counter part on a measurement site. The sterile connection forms a passageway leading into a measuring chamber, wherein the physical property is to be measured, and a thermal weld providing a seal between the second end of the tubing and the elongated probe; wherein the compressible section of the tubing allows for a length of the tubing to be varied, such that the sensing element is entirely located inside the tubing, when the compressible section is uncompressed, and the sensing element is located outside the first end of the tubing when the compressible section is compressed.06-18-2009
20090255352DETACHABLE, QUICK DISCONNECT SYSTEM FOR NONDESTRUCTIVE TESTING COMPONENTS - A connector system for attaching a probe to a probe shaft mating assembly comprising: a probe shaft mating assembly comprising a connector body, a plunger chamber located within the connector body, a spring located within the plunger chamber, a locking ball channel extending through the connector body from the plunger chamber to the outer surface of the connector body, a locking ball located within the locking ball channel, and a plunger located within the plunger chamber adjacent to the spring, wherein the locking ball is in contact with the outer surface of the plunger; a probe comprising a probe body, a probe shaft chamber located within the probe shaft facing end of the probe body, and a locking ball receiver located in the probe body adjacent to the probe shaft chamber; wherein the diameter of the probe shaft chamber is larger than that of the probe shaft mating assembly such that when the plunger and the spring are moved from a first position to a second position, the locking ball moves inwardly towards the plunger chamber and below the outer surface of the connector body allowing the probe facing end of the probe shaft mating assembly to enter the probe shaft chamber, and when the plunger and spring are moved from the second position to the first position, the locking ball moves towards the surface of the connector body, extending beyond the outer surface of the connector body such that the locking ball engages the locking ball receiver and fixes the probe to the probe shaft mating assembly.10-15-2009
20110197689ARRANGEMENT FOR FASTENING SENSOR TO FACE OF SUBJECT AND MEASURING ASSEMBLY - An arrangement for fastening at least one sensor to a face of a subject to acquire a signal indicative of one or more patient physiological parameter is disclosed herein. The arrangement includes a sensor holder for placing the sensor and having at least one fixing point. The arrangement also includes at least one ribbon being stretching for fastening the sensor holder by means of the at least one fixing point to an ear of the subject. Also a measuring assembly is disclosed herein.08-18-2011
20100089188APPARATUS FOR AND METHOD OF ATTACHING A STRAIN SENSING ELEMENT TO A SUBSTRATE - A circular shaft having a platform formed on it by machining a circular flat into the surface of the shaft. A channel extends around the periphery of the circular flat with a depth in the range of 10 to 15% of the diameter of the shaft and in the range of 30 to 50% of the width/diameter of the platform. The width of the platform is 4 to 7% of the diameter of the shaft. A sensor is mounted on the platform, whereby the formation of the platform and surrounding channel reduces the strain arising in the device which is transferred to the sensor.04-15-2010
20110146425UNIVERSAL SENSOR FITTING FOR PROCESS APPLICATIONS - A universal fitting for in-line fluid measurement in a process application. The fitting including an inlet and outlet port. The fitting also having a body with a fluid flow passage providing fluid communication between the ports. A sensor housing is provided that extends outwardly away from a wall of the body, wherein the housing is sized to receive a sensor assembly, which assembly measures at least one characteristic of the fluid. A base of each housing integrally formed with the wall and including a sensor seat for receiving a portion of the sensor assembly. A probe aperture receives a probe portion of the sensor assembly, each housing having the probe aperture disposed in the wall and extending from the fluid passage through its respective sensor seat. A filtering assembly being disposed between the inlet and outlet ports.06-23-2011
20100089187PROBE CONNECTOR - A probe connector includes a barrel, a plunger, an elastic element, at least one first magnet, and at least one second magnet. The barrel defines an enclosure surrounding a chamber. An opening is formed at one end of the barrel. The elastic element is arranged in the chamber of the barrel. The plunger has a basic portion received in the chamber and against one end of the elastic element, and a contact portion extending out of the chamber through the opening. The first magnet is disposed on the enclosure of the barrel. The second magnet is disposed on the basic portion of the plunger. When the plunger is pressed inward, the plunger is leant towards one side with the basic portion against the enclosure because of the second magnet approaching the first magnet to produce a magnetic force interaction therebetween.04-15-2010
20080271549Connecting flange for analytical instruments and an analytical probe equipped with such connecting flange and a process for installing the instruments - The invention relates to a connecting flange for analytical instruments for investigating a fluid flowing in a pipeline, having a disk-shaped installation ring which comprises two substantially planar end surfaces, an outer jacket surface and a inner jacket surface which defines an axial passage, the installation ring having at least one radial drillhole opening into the outer jacket surface, to which an analytical instrument can be connected and the process for installing the instruments. The invention also relates to an analytical probe having such an analytical instrument, and also to the use of this analytical probe in a process for preparing alkyl (meth)acrylates by reacting (meth)acrylic acid with alkanols.11-06-2008
20090282933FOLDED BEAM SUSPENSION FOR PROBE - Probe structures that utilize a folded beam structure to support the probe tip. The folded beam or supported-beam structure provides a linear spring force over a large displacement range while resisting probe tip tilting and lateral motion of the probe tip. In one embodiment, the probe structure has a supported-beam structure comprising an inner beam structure surrounded by an outer support, the inner beam structure pivotally connected to the outer support. The inner beam structure has a central region and the outer support having outer corner regions. The outer corner regions provide an attachment region to a supporting mechanism for the probe structure. A probe tip is located at the central region of the inner beam structure. The probe structure may have at least three arms, for example, four arms.11-19-2009
20100058881Device for installation of a probe - Device for mounting and demounting of a probe 03-11-2010
20100126288MEASURING PROBE FOR A MEASURING DEVICE - A measuring probe for a measuring device for ascertaining and monitoring fill level of a medium in a container. The measuring probe includes: a probe holding element, which is mounted on the container; and a probe element, which is secured in an axial bore of the probe holding element by means of a releasable securement structure. A first cavity is provided in the axial bore of the probe holding element and a second cavity on the probe element, and a locking element is provided, which, in a final position of the mounting of the probe element in the probe holding element, protrudes into the first cavity and into the oppositely lying second cavity on the probe element and, thus, forms an axial locking.05-27-2010
20080282819PROBE FOR A SCANNING PROBE MICROSCOPE AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURE - A probe assembly for an instrument and a method of manufacture includes a substrate and a cantilever having a length that is independent of typical alignment error during fabrication. In one embodiment, the probe assembly includes a buffer section interposed between the substrate and the cantilever. The cantilever extends from the buffer section and a portion of the buffer section extends beyond an edge of the substrate. The portion of the buffer section is more stiff than the cantilever. The corresponding method of producing the probe assembly facilitates batch fabrication without compromising probe performance.11-20-2008
20110203394INLINE JET-SONDE - A sonde, inline sonde, or inline sonde and carrier, configuration for use in troubleshooting a pipe and providing precise location of the problem includes a sonde carrier having a first end adapted to attach to a line and a second opposite end adapted to attach to a troubleshooting device. A sonde transmitter having a hollow core is mounted over a line or hose or inline with the sonde carrier between the first and second ends. The sonde carrier includes means for coupling first and second body portions of the carrier together and to a high pressure water line and cleaning nozzle. Means for generating power may be included within the sonde carrier or transmitter for electrically supporting operation of the sonde transmitter. Electrical storage means may also be included to allow for operation of the sonde transmitter hardware during a non-water flow event.08-25-2011
20090025493Sensor Attachment Device, A Sensor and A Light Emitting Device For A Photo-Electrical Sensor - This invention provides a sensor attachment device that can be easily attached and detached, a sensor and a light emitting device for a photo-electrical sensor. By downward displacement of an operation member after tip ends of a pair of locking hooks are locked to a sensor main body by inserting the sensor main body into an insertion opening with second regions of a pair of facing surfaces respectively facing toward external surfaces of central portions of the pair of locking hooks, the central portions of the pair of locking hooks can be pressed inwardly by first regions of the pair of facing surfaces, thereby fixing the sensor main body to a holding member. Accordingly, the attachment of the sensor main body is easy in comparison with the conventional configuration in which a nut is screwed onto the sensor main body, then rotated and fastened.01-29-2009
20110226073REFERENCE PROBE FOR ASSEMBLY JIG FOR AIRCRAFT STRUCTURES - A reference probe for assembly jigs for aircraft structures includes a constraint pin (09-22-2011
20110138938SENSING PROBE COMPRISING MULTIPLE, SPATIALLY SEPARATE, SENSING SITES - A single sensing probe comprising multiple, spatially separate, sensing sites is utilized to sense neural activity. The sensing probe includes multiple conductors each with multiple sensing sites in a fixed geometric arrangement. The sensing probe is configured to comprise multiple combined sensing sites in polytrode configuration. By appropriately combining the wire groupings at each combined sensing site, activity sensed from a single wire with multiple sensing sites, can be coupled with other wires to unmix signals from the spatially separate sites and leverage the power of combinatorics to maximize total recording bandwidth and single neuron/unit yield per wire and per probe.06-16-2011
20120192661MEASUREMENT APPARATUS - A measurement apparatus includes a pedestal, a supporting tray, a first movable base, a first measuring assembly, a second movable base, a second measuring assembly, a third movable base, a third measuring assembly, and a console. The supporting tray is rotationally fixed in the pedestal and can be rotated to position a workpiece at different angles to ensure that images of all portions and surfaces needing to be measured can be captured.08-02-2012
20130213156RETROFITTABLE SYSTEM FOR AUTOMATIC READING OF UTILITY METERS AND A TEMPLATE FOR ALIGNING AN OPTICAL SENSOR HOUSING THEREOF - A retrofittable system for automatic reading of a utility meter having a meter housing with at least one transparent meter housing part. The system includes an optical sensor unit adapted to detect a signal from the consumption indication of the meter. The optical sensor unit includes a sensor unit housing adapted to be mounted on the transparent meter housing part of the utility meter housing using an adhesive. The optical sensor unit includes an electrical cable connection adapted to connect the sensor unit to a data processing unit remote from the sensor unit. The processing unit includes a wireless transmission device adapted to transmit processed data from the data processing unit to a further remote device for further processing and/or display. Also disclosed is a template for aligning the optical sensor housing.08-22-2013
20100186526Method for mounting a capacitive level sensor in a liquid tank - Method for mounting a capacitive level sensor inside a liquid tank having a bottom wall, the sensor having a foot and a measuring portion comprising at least one capacitive element supported by a rigid support extending from said foot, wherein the foot is fixedly secured to the bottom wall of the tank through a retainer, and according to which the rigid support forms an angle with the foot so that the length of the measuring portion of the sensor is higher than the height of the tank in the portion where the foot is located.07-29-2010
20100162834HYDROGEL BASED SENSOR PROBE FOR DETECTING AN ENVIRONMENTAL STATE - The invention relates to a sensor probe (07-01-2010
20100224015PROBE SENSOR SHAFT BEARING ADAPTOR ASSEMBLY WITH CONDUIT ATTACHMENT - A probe adaptor assembly includes a probe opening into which a probe can be inserted. The probe is held in place by a compression fitting such that the probe depth, with respect to a longitudinal axis of the assembly, can be adjusted prior to the compression fitting being tightened to secure the probe. A conduit adaptor port is provided. A lubrication fitting provides an opening for a lubricant to be injected into the assembly. The lubrication fitting is coupled to the probe opening so that the lubricant injected into the fitting can exit the probe opening in order to lubricate the system into which the probe is inserted. In one embodiment, the probe adaptor assembly is configured to replace a lubrication fitting for a bearing so that a temperature of the bearing can be monitored while also providing lubrication.09-09-2010
20120125130CONTACTING MODULE FOR SENSOR HAVING LIMITED INSTALLATION SPACE - A sensor which encompasses at least one sensing element for recording at least one measured quantity. The sensor also has one sensor body for holding the sensing element. The sensing element has at least one connecting lead. The sensor has a modular design and includes a contacting module, whose design is separate from that of the sensor body, for electrically contacting the sensing element. The contacting module has at least one connecting element and at least one connector contact pin, the connector contact pin being surrounded in at least one connection region by the connecting element. The connector contact pin is electrically connected to the connecting lead.05-24-2012
20100139422EXTERNAL SENSOR ADJUSTMENT SYSTEM AND METHOD - In accordance with one embodiment, a system may include an external position adjuster configured to move a sensor within an agricultural tank without requiring access inside the agricultural tank. In another embodiment, a method may include magnetically coupling a sensor to a structure located inside an agricultural tank, wherein the sensor is adjustable to different positions inside of the agricultural tank in response to user input from outside of the agricultural tank.06-10-2010
20100126289METHOD OF MOUNTING CONTACTOR - A method of mounting a contactor comprising: a step S05-27-2010
20110056313 METHOD FOR MEASURING CONDITIONS IN A POWER BOILER FURNACE USING A SOOTBLOWER - The present invention relates to a method for measuring the conditions inside a power boiler wherein a sootblower is used as a measuring probe. The invention also relates to a system for measuring the conditions in a power boiler, comprising a control unit, at least one sensor and a measuring probe placed inside said furnace, wherein said probe is arranged on a soot blower.03-10-2011
20090320624Method for Preparing Specimens for Atom Probe Analysis and Specimen Assemblies Made Thereby - A method for making a specimen assembly for atom probe analysis in an energetic-beam instrument includes milling a post near a region of interest in a sample in the energetic-beam instrument, so that the post has a free end. The probe tip of a nano-manipulator probe shaft is attached to the free end of the post and the post is cut free from the sample to form a rough specimen, so that the region of interest in the rough specimen is exposed at approximately the location where the post is cut from the sample. A specimen assembly form is provided having an open area inside its perimeter. The probe shaft bearing the specimen is joined to the specimen assembly form, so that the region of interest in the rough specimen is located in the open area. Thereafter, the probe shaft can be cut off outside the perimeter of the specimen assembly form, and the specimen conveniently held and sharpened for atom probe analysis. Specimen assembly forms made by the method are also disclosed.12-31-2009
20080271548Probe Holder System, Method for fixing a Probe Holder System and Method for Adjusting a Probe - A probe holder system for fixing a probe to a housing wall, wherein it is possible to provide a simple structure and position the probe as accurately and easily as possible in relation to a measuring object. According to the invention, a housing bushing provided with an inner thread and a carrier rod for the probe, which can be screwed into the threaded bushing, are provided. The threaded bushing can be placed in a reference position in an associated recess of the housing wall and can be arrested by means of a locking element.11-06-2008
20080250884Pneumatic line isolation and heating for air data probes - The invention provides a probe for an aircraft including a strut having an interior passage accommodating a plurality of pneumatic lines, a probe head extending from the strut and having at least one inlet opening communicating with the pneumatic lines, a baseplate situated below the strut for attaching the probe to the aircraft, and a manifold situated below the baseplate for communicating with the pneumatic lines, wherein the baseplate is adapted and configured so that the pneumatic lines communicating with the manifold are thermally isolated from the baseplate. The invention also provides a method of thermally isolating at least one pneumatic line in an aircraft probe.10-16-2008
20090107266PROBE TIP ASSEMBLY FOR SCANNING PROBE MICROSCOPES - A probe assembly for a scanning probe microscope (SPM), a cartridge for a probe assembly for an SPM, and a method of attaching a probe tip to an SPM are described.04-30-2009
20090071270ENVIRONMENT MONITORING AND RECORDING TAG WITH REMOTE SENSING CAPABILITY - A tag for sensing environment conditions in a package may be located within the package or external thereto, and is encased within a food or pharmaceutical grade material such that the tag is hermetically sealed within the material and will not be affected by the environmental conditions to which it will be subjected. The sensor affiliated with the tag can also be located at an end of a conductor or probe that also is hermetically sealed to the material encasing the tag itself. The sensor, remotely located with respect to the tag, may be located within the package being monitored, while the tag itself is located external to the package. The probe may be formed of stainless steel with the sensor being mounted within the tip of the probe to facilitate penetration of the probe into the package.03-19-2009
20110107858PROBE APPARATUS AND SUBSTRATE TRANSFER METHOD - A probe apparatus includes a plurality of prober chamber arranged in a straight line; and a loader chamber having a substrate transfer mechanism that takes out a test target substrate from a container provided in an upper area of the prober chamber, lowers the test target substrate to a height corresponding to a loading/unloading port of the prober chamber, moves in front of a row of the prober chambers in parallel to the row of the prober chambers and transfers the test target substrate into the prober chamber. A reading mechanism for reading information recorded on the test target substrate held on the substrate transfer mechanism is installed at a horizontal moving mechanism that moves the substrate transfer mechanism in front of the row of the prober chambers in parallel to the row of the prober chambers.05-12-2011
20090064804Sensor holder for a piston cylinder unit - A sensor holder for a piston-cylinder unit with a cylinder and a piston rod which is movable relative to the latter comprises a holding element which carries out a synchronous movement with respect to the piston rod and has a first position measuring device. A second position measuring device is held by a holder so as to be axially stationary with respect to the cylinder, and there is a rotationally oriented installation position between the first position measuring device and second position measuring device. The cylinder-side holder and the holding element are rotatable relative to one another, and a magnetic force acting between the holder and the holding element brings about a rotational orientation of the two position measuring devices relative to one another.03-12-2009
20110016995MODULE OR TOOL CHANGING FOR METROLOGICAL PROBE - Apparatus is disclosed for changing task modules or styli of a metrological probe. In one embodiment, a stylus module (01-27-2011
20110083521WIRELESS CIRCULAR CHART RECORDER - A wireless circular chart recorder is presented. The wireless chart recorder includes a probe for sensing a process variable, a wireless transmitter coupled to the probe, a circular chart recorder having an input terminal, and a wireless receiver coupled to the input terminal of the circular chart recorder. The wireless transmitter receives data including the sensed process variable form the probe and transmits signals including the data over a wireless communication path. The wireless receiver receives the transmitted signals over the wireless communication path and provides the received signals to the circular chart recorder for display thereon. In one embodiment the process variable includes at least one of temperature, voltage, relative humidity, pressure, strain, resistance, motion, light, current, velocity and flow.04-14-2011
20110247436GEAR MEASUREMENT METHOD - An object of the present invention is to provide a gear measurement method which makes it possible to reduce the size of a machine by reducing the amount of travel of a probe and thus reducing a moving range of the probe in a measurement. To achieve the object, a gear measurement method for measuring the tooth profile of a workpiece (W) by linearly moving a probe (1610-13-2011
20110100140Probe Holder Assembly for an End to End Test of Adhesives and Sealants - A test assembly is provided having a platform with an indentation. A probe holder assembly is placed in the indentation of the platform. The probe holder assembly includes a base with an indentation configured to receive a tissue specimen, a plate configured to secure the tissue specimen to the base, and a probe holder configured to hold a probe in contact with an adhesive placed on the tissue specimen.05-05-2011
20110146424STRINGER PROBE WITH MAGNETIC SPRING BALANCE - A nondestructive inspection apparatus and method for inspecting a structure having an interior opening portion may comprise an inspection apparatus outer probe unit having a plurality of outer probe unit walls each having a surface corresponding to a respective one of the plurality of exterior surfaces of a respective structure wall, the outer probe unit may comprise a first outer probe member and a second outer probe member, magnetically coupled to each other through magnetic attraction between a magnet on the first outer probe unit member and a magnet on the second outer probe unit member; and a magnetic balance positioned to force the second outer probe unit member in a direction of increased magnetic coupling of the second outer probe unit member to the first outer probe unit member through magnetic repulsion between a magnet on the magnetic balance and a magnet on the second outer probe unit member.06-23-2011
20100263462Concave connector substrate, method of manufacturing the same, measuring kit, sensor substrate, and sensor substrate interprolated cylinder - There is provided a method of manufacturing a concave connector substrate that has high connection accuracy, a low manufacturing cost, and high flexibility in design, can ensure stable repeated use, and significantly improve use convenience.10-21-2010
20100294053PROBE HOLDER - A probe holder has a manipulator, a probe arm arranged on the manipulator, and a probe needle that is at least indirectly connected to the probe arm. To increase the number of contacts of a substrate to be tested and to make it possible to test a plurality of contacts in etched trenches of semiconductor elements in a group of wafers, the probe arm is connected to a needle support on which the probe needle and at least one second probe needle are arranged.11-25-2010
20100251838Fixture for Mechanical Analysis of a Hollow Tube - A test fixture for use with a Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (DMA) restrains a hollow cylindrical tube for purposes of performing either a tensile or transverse/bending load test. The fixture includes a clamp that is configured to restrain the tube without imparting a preload or changing a mechanical property of the tube.10-07-2010
20080314171Apparatus for Sensing Parameters - Apparatus (12-25-2008
20120167700Sensing Assembly Components and Methods of Assembling, Mounting and Orientating Same - A variety of sensing assembly components, and methods of assembling, mounting, and orientating such assemblies and/or components, are disclosed. In one example embodiment, a sensing assembly includes a main body including at least a housing portion, and a mounting portion protruding outward from the main body. The mounting portion includes an outer connector section including at least one electrical connector, and an intermediate section that includes an outer surface that either has substantially a shape of a polygon or is at least partly threaded, where the intermediate section is positioned in between the main body and the outer connector section. Additionally, the intermediate section has an outer diameter, the outer connector section has an outer diameter, and the intermediate section outer diameter is greater than the outer connection section outer diameter. In other example embodiments, retaining structures on portions of a sensing assembly, or bracket assembly components, are provided.07-05-2012
20110107857Probe system for measuring a measured variable of fluid contained in a process container, especially for sterile applications - A probe system for measuring a measured variable of a fluid, especially a liquid, contained in a process container comprising: A probe body, which is connectable to the process container by means of a process connection; axially shiftable in a guiding passageway of the probe body between a measuring position and at least two different treatment positions, an immersion tube, which has a protective cylinder on its front end immersible in the fluid; held in the immersion tube, a measuring probe having a measuring head, wherein the measuring head is arranged within a region of the protective cylinder having openings; a first treatment chamber formed between the guiding passageway and the immersion tube; a second treatment chamber formed between the guiding passageway and the immersion tube and adjoining the first treatment chamber on a side of the first treatment chamber facing away from the process connection; and a seal arranged between the first and second treatment chambers, wherein the immersion tube has a first section with a first outer diameter and a second section adjoining the first section and having a second outer diameter smaller than the first outer diameter, so that, through axial shifting of the immersion tube, the seal arranged between the first and second treatment chambers can be opened.05-12-2011
20110259130METHOD OF MONITORING A POTENTIOMETRIC MEASURING PROBE - Method and system of monitoring a measuring probe which is in contact with a measurement medium and registers a measurement value of the measurement medium, wherein the method comprises determining and evaluating time-dependent values of a first and a second parameter, wherein the first parameter responds faster than the second parameter to changes in a process to which the measurement medium is subjected, and wherein both of the parameters are probe-specific parameters.10-27-2011
20120036948ASSEMBLY DEVICE FOR A MEASURING PROBE FOR MEASURING PROCESS VARIABLES IN A PROCESS - An assembly device, especially a retractable assembly, for a measuring probe for measuring process variables in a process, comprising: an assembly housing with a connection system for connecting the assembly device to a process container; a tubular holder for a measuring probe, wherein the tubular holder is guided in the assembly housing axially displaceably between a measuring position in the process container and a maintenance position outside of the process container; and a damping system to damp axial shifting of the tubular holder. The damping system comprises a fluid filled, damping cylinder within the assembly housing, and a damping piston unit guided within the damping cylinder (15) in operative connection with the tubular holder.02-16-2012
20120000302ULTRASONIC SENSOR MODULE ATTACHING DEVICE AND ATTACHING METHOD - An ultrasonic sensor module attaching device and attaching method include an ultrasonic sensor module 01-05-2012
20120006132PROBE HOLDER ADJUSTABLE TO CONFORM TO TEST SURFACES - Disclosed is an acoustic probe/wedge holder that facilitates the operation of holding and sliding the probe over often non-flat test surfaces. The probe/wedge holder is configured to allow the adjustment of the probe/wedge so that the footing of the probe holder and the test surface of the probe or wedge collectively match the surface of a test object, allowing the probe or wedge to have intimate contact with the test surface and the probe holder to be stably disposed on or gliding over the surface of the test object. The surface of the test object is often of non-flat surface, such as that of a pipe.01-12-2012
20120006134LOW ROW STEAM GENERATOR INSPECTION PROBE - An inspection assembly for inspecting a hollow member, with a probe head, which includes at least one sensor, and a flexible shaft connected to the probe head to transmit motive force. The shaft encloses at least one wire operatively connected to the probe head for sensory operation of the sensor. The shaft has a first part adjacent to the probe head and a second part distal there from. The first part is relatively more flexible that the second part. The shaft has an improved ability to follow a torturous path of the hollow member and for aiding in kink prevention of the shaft. In one aspect, the first part is made of polymer material and has a reduced-diameter and corrugations. Optionally, at least one non-metallic retrieval cable is enclosed within the shaft and connected to the probe head for transmitting a pulling force to the probe head.01-12-2012
20120006133LOW ROW STEAM GENERATOR INSPECTION PROBE - An inspection assembly for insertion inspection of an elongate tubular member. The inspection assembly includes a probe head with a sensor. The assembly also includes a flexible shaft connected to the probe head and transmitting a motive force to the probe head to move the probe head within the elongate tubular member. The probe head includes at least one characteristic to minimize resistance against movement of the probe head along a torturous path within the tubular member.01-12-2012
20120011947MILLIMETER-WAVE RECEIVING DEVICE - Disclosed is a millimeter-wave receiving device. The device includes at least one radiometer; and a positioning assembly for holding the radiometer, wherein the positioning assembly comprises: a first positioning member having a first surface; a second positioning member having a second surface, the first surface of the first positioning member and the second surface of the second positioning member holding the radiometer in opposite to each other. With the configuration according to the present invention, the at least one radiometer in the millimeter-wave receiving device can be located in all of freedoms on basis of various design requirements of the radiation path to ensure that the radiometer can be arranged in desired receiving positions.01-19-2012
20120011946SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR MOUNTING LANDING GEAR STRAIN SENSORS - A strain sensor device for measuring loads on aircraft landing gear. This is done by measuring strains in the lower end of the strut, by which we infer the loading in the entire landing gear structure. These strains can be very large (as high as 10,000 microstrain) and can be imposed in numerous random directions and levels. The present invention includes a removable sensor assembly. An electromechanical means is presented that can accommodate large strains, be firmly attached to the strut, and provide good accuracy and resolution.01-19-2012
20120055275System and Method for Smart Operation of an Exhaust Hood Using a Protected Monitoring Device - A combination kitchen hood and electronic component enclosure is disclosed. The kitchen hood includes a recess into which kitchen effluents are drawn. The electronic component enclosure is operatively coupled to the kitchen hood and includes a container and a cover removably attachable to the container to seal the electronic component enclosure. The electronic component enclosure defines an interior. The cover is accessible from inside the recess. Upon removal of the cover from the container, the interior of the electronic component enclosure is exposed to the recess, and upon attachment of the cover to the container, the interior of the electronic component enclosure is sealed from the recess.03-08-2012
20120118086SENSOR ASSEMBLY - A sensor assembly includes a sensor and a sensor housing that supports the sensor and that operably engages a connector. The sensor housing includes a first retainer and a second retainer. The first retainer includes a tapered surface that tapers relative to the longitudinal axis, and the tapered surface abuts against the aperture surface of the connector to guide the sensor housing as the sensor housing moves substantially parallel to the longitudinal axis into the aperture. The sensor housing is engageable with the connector to receive the connector between the first retainer and the second retainer and to limit relative movement of the sensor housing and the connector in a direction substantially parallel to the longitudinal axis. The second retainer abuts against the aperture surface of the connector to limit relative rotation of the sensor housing and the connector about the longitudinal axis.05-17-2012
20110179889SENSOR ELEMENT AND CARRIER ELEMENT FOR MANUFACTURING A SENSOR - A method for manufacturing a sensor in which a sensor element, which comprises at least a first housing, is at least partially encapsulation-molded in an encapsulation-molding process. As a result of the encapsulation-molding process a sensor housing is formed. The sensor element is mechanically connected to a support element and/or accommodated by the support element, after which the sensor element and the support element are encapsulation-molded in a common encapsulation-molding process for forming the sensor housing.07-28-2011
20100206099REUSABLE HANDPIECE FOR DISPOSABLE PROBES - A handpiece for removably attaching one of a plurality of probes including a housing, an actuation assembly arranged on the housing, a linkage assembly arranged on the housing and adapted to couple motion of the actuation assembly to actuation of the probe and an alignment feature arranged on the housing and adapted to control the orientation of a connected probe. Several probes are also disclosed in addition to method of performing a procedure.08-19-2010
20120247237SENSOR AND BONDING AGENT FOR SAME - A sensor and bonding agent for the sensor wherein thickness of the bonding agent interposed between the sensor and measuring object can be kept uniform to maintain uniform bonding force of the bonding agent and a peeling phenomenon of the bonding agent occurring due to a difference in thermal expansion between the measuring object and bonding agent and/or between the bonding agent and the sensor can be prevented. The sensor is attached, through the bonding agent, to a high-temperature measuring object, include a sensor main body having a detecting section, a block body constructed by integrally forming the sensor main body using a molding process. The block body is made of a ceramic-based bonding material that the same as a material forming the bonding agent and, on a side of the measuring object of the block body, a bonding surface of the bonding agent is formed.10-04-2012
20120210808SYSTEM COMPRISING A SPATIAL MOTHER PROBE FORMING A SPATIAL CARRIER VEHICLE AND A PLURALITY OF SPATIAL DAUGHTER PROBES - A system includes a mother probe forming a carrier space vehicle (08-23-2012
20090064803Duct-mountable sensing unit - A duct-mountable sensing unit includes a plurality of sensors for detecting respective parameters, including pressure, of a fluid in a duct. The sensing unit enables fluid communication between the sensors and the fluid in the duct through a single insertion point in the duct.03-12-2009
20100000348Device for fastening a sensor on containers - Device for fastening a sensor on containers with a flexible container wall, in particular mixing bags, comprising a sensor support which is fitted with a sensor, bears against an inner wall of the container wall at least with a rear subsurface averted from the sensor, and is guided with a central piece through an opening in the container wall in which the sensor support is fixed on the container wall by a clamping part which can be connected to the central piece, in which the container wall is clamped between the rear subsurface of the sensor support and on a bearing surface, facing an outer wall of the container, of the clamping part, and in which the rear subsurface bears sealingly against the inner wall of the container wall. The sensor support can also have an electronic or optical transmit unit which is connected to the sensor, in which case the transmit unit communicates in a wireless fashion with a receive unit arranged outside the container.01-07-2010
20110120240BREAK AWAY SLIDE MECHANISM WITH ENHANCED POSITIONING ACCURACY - An actuator for selectively extending and retracting a probe in a measuring instrument comprises an actuator body, a carriage having a first aperture slidably attached to the body, and a second aperture receiving a probe holder having a probe. The first aperture of the carriage, which surrounds the actuator body, includes a first plurality of magnets disposed around an inner circumference of the aperture. The actuator body includes a lead screw, a round lead screw nut mated with the lead screw, and a second plurality of magnets arranged on a periphery of the lead screw nut, generally aligned with the first plurality of magnets. The magnets are arranged so that the carriage may be displaced with respect to the actuator body a sufficient amount that the magnets do not significantly restrain the further movement of the carriage.05-26-2011
20120297906Probe System and Method for Operating a Probe System - A probe system includes a probe head and a transceiver element. The probe head and the transceiver element are configured to allow a signal communication to be established between them, optionally in two modes, such that in the first mode, the transceiver element is able to transmit a signal, which is able to be received by the probe head, and in response to the received signal, the probe head is able to transmit an acknowledge signal. In the second mode, when a stylus is touched, a sensor element is able to generate a sensor signal, which is transmittable by the probe head and receivable by the transceiver element, and in response to the received sensor signal, the transceiver element is able to transmit an acknowledge signal.11-29-2012
20130019702MULTI-PART MOUNTING DEVICE FOR AN ULTRASONIC TRANSDUCER - A multi-part mounting device for an ultrasonic transducer, the mounting device comprising a first part configured to mount the mounting device on a housing of an ultrasonic test probe, and a second part configured to retain the ultrasonic transducer, wherein the second part is at least in touching contact with the ultrasonic transducer, wherein the second part comprises a first plastic and is connected by positive fit to the first part, and wherein the first part has a greater hardness than the second part.01-24-2013
20130019701Sanitary clean in place microwave probe and sealing gasket assembly - A process seal (01-24-2013
20110265584DOWNHOLE TOOL MEASUREMENT DEVICE MOUNTING SYSTEM AND METHOD - A downhole tool measurement device mounting system and method and provided.11-03-2011
20120318078PARALLEL SLIDER DEVICE WITH A PNEUMATIC LINEAR GUIDE, CONTROL METHOD THEREFOR AND MEASURING DEVICE USING SAME - In a parallel slider device with a pneumatic linear guide, the stiffness of the mechanical coupling and the air bearing stiffness are prevented from interfering each other such that the parallelism between the two sliders can be maintained at a high precision in a highly reproducible manner. A difference in the slider support stiffness (air bearing stiffness) between a first pneumatic linear guide and a second pneumatic linear guide by varying the sizes of the air gaps and the supply air pressures so that any error in the linearity is accommodated by the changes in the air gap on the side of the linear guide having a lower slider support stiffness in a stable manner.12-20-2012
20120279325STEERABLE PROBES - A steerable probe comprises a body and drive means arranged to drive the probe through a sample. The body comprises at least three body sections extending parallel to each other along the probe and each movable relative to the others along the probe. The drive means is arranged to move each of the body sections in turn relative to the others thereby to drive the probe through the sample.11-08-2012
20130014601HOLDING DEVICE FOR A PANE SENSORAANM NIEMANN; ThomasAACI DelmenhorstAACO DEAAGP NIEMANN; Thomas Delmenhorst DEAANM PALLOKS; JurgenAACI WesterstedeAACO DEAAGP PALLOKS; Jurgen Westerstede DEAANM ROBEN; UweAACI ZetelAACO DEAAGP ROBEN; Uwe Zetel DE - In a holding device for a sensor, in particular for a rain/light sensor, for mounting on the inner side of a window pane, such as a vehicle pane or suchlike, with at least one holder able to be fastened on the window pane, which holder has a mount for the sensor, and with at least one spring component for fixing the sensor in the mount of the holder, the spring component has detent means for at least a partially detachable connection to the holder. The spring component comprises a spring section with a snap function, which is constructed such that the spring section is in one of two stable spring positions, wherein in one spring position a spring force acts on the sensor.01-17-2013
20130014600NON-DESTRUCTIVE INSPECTION SYSTEMS AND METHODS THAT INCORPORATE INTERCHANGEABLE PROBESAANM Sarr; Dennis P.AACI KentAAST WAAACO USAAGP Sarr; Dennis P. Kent WA USAANM Kennedy; James C.AACI RentonAAST WAAACO USAAGP Kennedy; James C. Renton WA US - A non-destructive inspection (NDI) device is described that includes a robotic arm, a storage device proximate the robotic arm, and a plurality of NDI probe assemblies disposed within the storage device. Each NDI probe assembly includes at least one transducer operable for NDI of a part and a tool operable as a mechanical interface between the robotic arm and the corresponding NDI probe assembly. Each NDI probe assembly is configured for a specific NDI task, for NDI of a part, and the robotic arm is operable for selectively engaging the tools and movement of the probe assemblies for the NDI of at least a portion of a part.01-17-2013
20080223155Probe assembly for lapping bar using patterned probe - A probe assembly used to lap a bar, the bar being provided with elements that are to be formed into sliders, is provided. The probe assembly comprises an elastically deflectable probe, and a stopper for applying bending deformation to the probe so as to cause first bending deflection at a leading end of the probe and for maintaining the first bending deflection of the leading end while preventing a bending deformation at the leading end from becoming smaller than the first bending deflection. The leading end of the probe is adapted to be subjected to second bending deflection that is larger than the first bending deflection in a same direction as a direction of the first bending deflection and thereby to abut against an electrode pad to establish electrical connection between the probe and the electrode pad, the electrode pad being provided on a surface of the bar other than a surface to be lapped.09-18-2008
20120247236SENSOR WITH AGING FUNCTION - A sensor with aging function is provided wherein installation space for an apparatus to perform an aging process and the number of apparatuses can be reduced which enables easy and reliable aging processes and can improve measuring accuracy and enhance measuring reliability of the sensor. The sensor with aging function 10-04-2012
20130174675TELESCOPIC TEST BAR STRUCTURE - A telescopic test bar structure comprises a circuit unit and a winding device within a main body, and a telescopic test bar connected externally to the main body. The winding device has a shaft, which has a slit provided at the center thereof, protruding from a housing. A reel disk is received within the housing. A receiving groove for winding a sensing wire is formed on the reel disk and an accommodation space for receiving an elastic element is formed on the reel disk. The inner end of the sensing wire is electrically connected with the circuit unit. A sensor element on the outer end of the sensing wire is connected to the telescopic test bar. This structure has the advantage of better operational convenience in extension and shortening of the test bar without wiring entanglement.07-11-2013
20130098178PLATFORM FOR SUSPENDED SENSOR STABILIZATION - A sensor stabilization platform and method for installation in an enclosure is described, wherein the platform can be lowered into the enclosure from the enclosure's entry way (without requiring a person to enter the enclosure) and properly oriented to provide the structural support/securing capabilities needed for a sensor that is “sensing” the material at the bottom of the enclosure. The securing platform is weighted or configured to rest (without movement) at the bottom of the enclosure floor or manhole, and sensors can be lowered into the platform's receptacle(s), etc. The platform may be configured to be foldable, allowing it to be compact and pass through narrow entry ways.04-25-2013
20120272756PROBE SYSTEM FOR MEASURING A MEASURED VARIABLE OF A PROCESS MEDIUM CONTAINED IN A PROCESS CONTAINER - A probe system, including: a connector apparatus; a treatment chamber part having at least one treatment medium supply line communicating with the treatment chamber; a measuring head seated so as to be axially shiftable, and a treatment position, wherein the immersion tube, on its connector apparatus-side front end, has a front-end closed, protective cylinder, and is arranged in a section of the immersion tube, so that, in the measuring position of the immersion tube, the measuring head is contactable via perforations with the process medium, and in the treatment position of the immersion tube, is contactable with the treatment medium; and a drive system for axial shifting of the immersion tube, arranged on the end region of the probe system facing away from the connector apparatus. The treatment chamber part is surrounded by a support structure connected with the connector apparatus and with the drive system.11-01-2012
20110277570Sensor Device Protected by a Film Layer and a Resin Layer - A sensor element assembly, including: a sensor element; lead frames provided with the sensor element therebetween, the lead frames fixing the sensor element; a first head protection film protecting the sensor element fixed between the lead frames; an insulating film covering the first head protection film and the lead frames to insulate the lead frames; and a second head protection film (resin layer) further covering the head covered with the insulating film. The sensor element assembly is advantageous in that an epoxy resin layer is formed on a film layer covering a sensor element, so that the strength of the sensor element assembly can be maintained by the epoxy resin layer itself, thereby improving the impact resistance and compressive strength thereof.11-17-2011
20110303027SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PROCESSING SENSOR MODULES - The invention provides methods and components for assembly of arrays of sensors from modular units containing component sensors of the array. The methods are particularly useful for forming arrays of microarrays. The sensor modules can readily be assembled in different combinations thereby allowing many different modular sensor arrays to be assembled from the same building blocks. Such modular sensor arrays offer advantages of economies of scale for a manufacturer of the modular units and flexibility for an end user in allowing the user to customize the array of sensor according to the user's own needs from a relatively small number of sensor modules provided by the manufacturer.12-15-2011
20130186211Sensor Mounting for a Distance Sensor - The invention relates to a sensor mounting (07-25-2013
20120017708Mounting element for installing sensors without play - A mounting element for receiving a sensor has a sensor receptacle having an essentially cylindrical or funnel-shaped geometry. The sensor receptacle has openings for wetting of the sensor by a medium. The sensor is fixed in the sensor receptacle without gaps or play by a filling compound, which is in turn mounted by a mechanical undercut.01-26-2012
20120017707SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR DETECTING OBJECTS IN THE GROUND - The presently disclosed systems and methods may be utilized in connection with several different sensor suites for detecting objects in the ground. Such systems and methods may be utilized in conjunction with a variety of military and commercial vehicles. In various embodiments, a sensing system may be carried by a vehicle in a stowed or deployed position. While in the stowed position, a segmented boom may have a relatively small vertical profile in comparison to the length of the boom when fully extended. According to various embodiments, in the deployed position the height of the sensor may be controlled to avoid obstructions. A hoist connected to the boom may be utilized to move the boom between the deployed and stowed positions.01-26-2012
20120067145CERAMIC MEMBER, PROBE HOLDER, AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING CERAMIC MEMBER - Provided are a ceramic member being a sintered body including at least forsterite and boron nitride as major components, and in which the boron nitride is oriented in one direction, a probe holder formed by using the ceramic member, and a method for manufacturing the ceramic member. In the ceramic member, the index of orientation preference is equal to or lower than 0.07, and the coefficient of thermal expansion at 20 to 300° C. in a direction parallel to the direction of orientation is (3 to 5)×1003-22-2012

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