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073 - Measuring and testing


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073864010 Pipette or cannula 112
073864510 Receptacle type 46
073864340 Sample meter or pump 29
073864410 Cutter, tearer, or scraper 16
073864710 Material for particulate adhesion 10
073864730 Conduit 8
073864310 With capture device transporter 7
073864330 Capture by fluid current 2
20080229848Probe and System For Extracting Gases From a Process Environment - A probe (S) for the extraction of gas from a process environment comprises a tubular element (09-25-2008
20080250877CHEMICAL SAMPLING AND MULTI-FUNCTION DETECTION METHODS AND APPARATUS - This invention describes a sample collection method that could release and collect residues of explosives and other chemicals from a surface; the described method is implemented into a compact detection system that can be used as a “wand” for screening chemicals residues on a subject. The wand configuration includes multi-function for sampling and detecting multiple threads. The invention further describes a method of inspecting a subject using an interrogating apparatus in a sweeping motion; the near range closed loop particle sampling arrangement allows effective collection of particle and vapor residues from a targeted surface. The invention also describes a sampling and detecting apparatus for on-the-fly threat detection using compact ion mobility based detectors.10-16-2008
073864720 Capillary attraction retention 2
20090193913ANALYTICAL DEVICE - An analytical device according to the present invention comprises a liquid accommodating chamber 08-06-2009
20120111130DILUTION TIP - A tip comprising, at its lower end, a capillary channel (05-10-2012
20130074613MICROFLUIDIC DEVICE AND METHOD FOR ISOLATING TARGET USING SAME - A micro-fluidic device includes a filter case, a first capture array and a second capture array. The filter case includes an inlet for introducing a sample containing different kinds of targets, an outlet for discharging the sample and a channel extending between the inlet and the outlet. The first capture array is arranged in an upstream portion of the channel, the first capture array including a plurality of first forward funnels arranged along a direction orthogonal to a flow direction of the sample so as to capture the different kinds of targets. The second capture array is arranged in a downstream portion of the channel, the second capture array including a plurality of second forward funnels arranged along the direction orthogonal to the flow direction of the sample so as to capture the different kinds of targets.03-28-2013
20100095789BOAT INCLUDING AUTOMATED WATER SAMPLING DEVICE AND METHOD OF USING THE SAME - A water sampling device comprises a cylinder, a first disk positioned at a top of the cylinder, a plurality of sampling tubes attached to the first disk, and a second disk positioned on the first disk, wherein the second disk includes an aperture through which water to be sampled flows into one of the plurality of sampling tubes when the aperture is lined up with an opening of the one sampling tube.04-22-2010
20100000341FECES COLLECTION CONTAINER - The inventors perfected the present invention upon finding that a conventional fecal sampling stick is given a hollow structure that has openings a certain distant apart, permitting in aspiration through the capillary tube phenomenon. That is, the present invention is a feces collection container for collecting faeces as an analyte, which comprises a fecal sampling stick which has a holding part (01-07-2010
20130068040Rapid analyte collection and testing device - A rapid analyte collection and testing device, said device comprising a) a casing, said casing having) a first casing section, said first casing section containing an encapsulated buffer section containing a buffer, and asecond casing section, said second casing section comprising a window on a side of said second section, a complementary mechanism for attachment to said first casing section, an opening at a proximal end of said second casing section; and a non permeable platform strip positioned lengthwise within and extending beyond the second casing section. The non-permeable platform further contains a swab, said swab positioned at the distal end of said non-permeable platform strip, a lateral flow assay positioned downstream from said swab, and a tag, positioned upstream from the capture reagent site.03-21-2013
20120222501CARRIER FRAME AND METHOD - A sample storage system and method for transporting a medium containing a biological sample. In one aspect the system includes a generally U-shaped carrier frame adapted to facilitate the insertion of a sampling medium into the carrier. The carrier may be configured for use with an automated sampling and storage system.09-06-2012
20100122587Sample collection device - A test sample collection device includes a generally elongated sample collection section for collecting and holding a test sample, a handle member having a top half, a bottom half, a test strip located between the top and bottom halves, and an opening formed by the top and bottom halves, and a cap. Prong members fit within the opening of the handle member for releasably connecting the sample collecting section to the handle member. The cap is releasably mounted on the sample collecting section and covers the sample collecting section. Flexible extension members on the cap are used to release the sample collecting section from the handle member. The collecting section includes a plurality of fins and slots for assisting in collecting the test sample. The device also includes windows for magnified viewing of test results and for indicating whether a sufficient amount of the sample has been collected.05-20-2010
20110283818PLASMA SAMPLE COLLECTION DEVICE - A plasma sample collection device includes an elongated blood separation strip having a constant width and a relatively narrower end portion. A support base is located under the plasma separator strip and a cover is positioned superincumbent with respect to the blood separator strip. The cover defines an elongated observation window extending along the length of the plasma separator strip. An oblong collection port is adjacent to but spaced from one end of the observation window. The oblong collection port exposes the separator strip end portion and has a chief axis substantially aligned with the longitudinal axis of the blood separation strip. In one embodiment, the collection port has a teardrop configuration, and in another embodiment it has an obovate-cuneate configuration.11-24-2011
20110197686Air sampling system - The system includes at least one sampler including a body having a hollow interior accessed through holes in the body and optionally a slide which can selectively cover and expose the holes in the body. A stand is provided made of a base and a floor. The base includes at least one recess therein. The recess is configured to support the sampler therein so that the sampler can be held by the stand while sampling an airspace at a particular location. The floor can be separated at least partially from the base in a removably attachable fashion to provide selective access to a hollow inside. A sampler can be placed within this hollow inside space and resealed so that the stand doubles as a shipping container for the sampler after collection of an air sample.08-18-2011
20120291566SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR SINGLE-PHASE FLUID SAMPLING - An assembly capable of being disposed in a subterranean bore for obtaining a fluid sample is described. The assembly can include an apparatus having a sample chamber and a housing encasing the sample chamber and providing a pressure source. The pressure source can be disposed of in an annulus defined by the sample chamber and the housing. The assembly can be attached to a slick line or wire line and conveyed into a wellbore.11-22-2012
20080307903Gas Sample Collection and Analysis - A system and method for capturing a sample gas for analysis is disclosed. In one embodiment, the system includes an accumulator that has a variable volume. A volume of the sample gas is fed to the accumulator. The system also has an analyzer. An aliquot of the sample gas is withdrawn from the accumulator and fed to the analyzer. The analyzer analyzes a desired component of the sample gas.12-18-2008
20090025489Apparatus and methods for analysis and sorting of particles such as polymer beads - The present invention relates to an apparatus for analysing beads and particles, such as polymer beads used e.g. for solid phase synthesis. The apparatus in one embodiment comprises a rotatable, circular disc comprising a plurality of through-going inlets, wherein an individual bead from a composition comprising different beads can be fixed to the disc at the end-position of a through-going inlet by applying a pressure drop over said disc comprising said through-going inlets. The pressure drop results in beads being sucked (i.e. detachably fixed) onto the disc on top of the through-going inlets. When the disc is rotated the beads are transferred from the position where they initially became attached to the disc to fixed positions wherein suitable devices for measuring and/or analysing and/or sorting the beads can be operated in order to e.g. measure and/or analyse and/or sort at least one bead of a plurality of beads. More specifically, the invention relates to an apparatus for measuring a plurality of optically detectable beads, such as polymer beads, said apparatus comprising a) a vacuum container comprising at least one planar capture body capable of rotating around a central axis, wherein said capture body comprises a plurality of through-going inlets, and wherein the diameter of each inlet is smaller than the average diameter of the beads to be measured and/or analysed and/or sorted, b) a pressure controlling device capable of controlling the pressure in the vacuum container, c) a device for rotating the vacuum container around the axis of the capture disc, and d) a device for measuring at least one property of at least one bead.01-29-2009
20090078063Hand-held sampling device preventing deformation of sampling wipe and method of use thereof - A hand-held sampling apparatus used for an ion mobility spectrometer and method of obtaining a sample are provided to prevent deformation of sampling wipes when detecting explosives and drugs. The apparatus has a body comprising a handle in the rear portion and a wiping sampling mechanism in the front portion, with a wiping surface located on its underside. The sampling wipe can be in full contact with the surface of the object during wiping to improve wiping efficiency. Correspondingly, a smaller sample inlet port can be disposed on the analyzer so as to save a large amount of sampling wipes. and meanwhile avoid sampling wipes from deformation and folds hard to restore, thereby ensuring subsequent sample insertion operation, enhancing the efficiency of both sample collection and sample injection and improving the detection performance for the analytes to be detected. The method of using said sampling device according to the present invention comprises the following steps: attaching a sampling wipe to the swiping surface; fixing the front end portion of the sampling wipe by using the front holder, and fixing the rear end portion of the sampling wipe by using the rear holder. The method of the present invention is simple and convenient.03-26-2009
20120132015Method of Sampling Specimen, Test Method and Dropping Pipette and Specimen Sampler to be Used Therein - A method for taking a sample includes drawing blood into a vacuum blood collection tube and transferring at least part of the blood from the vacuum blood collection tube to a sample storage space of a dropper. The vacuum blood collection tube includes a sample storage portion and a stopper sealing the sample storage portion, and the drawing is performed by stabbing a hollow needle into the stopper. The dropper includes and internal space at least part of which is the sample storage space for storing a sample and which includes a volume changeable space defined by an elastically deformable portion having flexibility. The dropper further includes an insertion portion including a through-hole connected to the internal space, and the transfer of the sample is performed by inserting the insertion portion into a through-hole formed in the stopper by the stabbing of the hollow needl into the stopper.05-31-2012
20120125128SYSTEM FOR PERFORMING INSPECTIONS, REPAIRS, AND/OR OTHER OPERATIONS WITHIN VESSELS - A system is provided to facilitate inspections, repairs, and other operations within vessels without human entry into the vessels, and without introducing contaminants that could reduce the purity of materials held in the vessels below predetermined minimum levels.05-24-2012
20100251836Apparatus and method for obtaining asphalt paving samples - Asphalt-sampling apparatus (10-07-2010
20110048142HOLDER FOR A CAPTURE DEVICE - The present invention relates to a holder for at least one capture device (03-03-2011
20110113901APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR PROCESSING A FLUIDIC SAMPLE - The application discloses an apparatus and method for processing a sample of material. In one embodiment, the apparatus includes a multi-layered structure including a plurality of deformable chambers and a flow passage or passages in fluid communication with at least one of the plurality of deformable chambers. In another embodiment, the apparatus includes a pressure device having a pressure pattern to compress or squeeze at least one deformable chamber of the apparatus.05-19-2011
20120031205Apparatus and method for groundwater sampling using hydraulic couplers - There are provided an apparatus and method for groundwater sampling, using a hydraulic coupler according to the present invention. In more particular, in the groundwater sampler which is positioned at multiple depths within a groundwater borehole to simultaneously take groundwater samples at the multiple depths, couplers are each connected to both ends of a water sampling pipe made of a metal pipe material. In case of positioning the sampler at a targeted depth, a socket and a plug forming each coupler are connected to each other, so that the both ends of the water sampling pipe-to lead groundwater to freely flow in/out. Thereafter, at the targeted depth, the sockets or plugs are permitted to be separated in the couplers at the both ends of the water sampling pipe by using a lift device, so that the both ends of the water sampling pipe are sealed to simultaneously taking groundwater samples at multiple depths.02-09-2012
20110061475 Sampling Apparatus - A sampling apparatus for sampling a fluid enriched in a selected phase from a multiphase fluid mixture flowing into a main pipe, the multiphase fluid mixture containing at least the selected phase and one other phase, the apparatus comprising: —a sampling arrangement: for taking a fluid sample of the multiphase fluid mixture flowing into the main pipe, —a sample chamber having a variable volume for collecting the fluid sample of the multiphase fluid mixture and letting settle by gravity the fluid sample into the fluid enriched in the selected phase and at least another phase enriched fluid, and —a valve manifold coupling the sampling arrangement to the sample chamber for driving the fluid sample in the sample chamber and for driving the fluid enriched in the selected phase to a sample outlet and the other phase enriched fluid back to the main pipe.03-17-2011
20110296930AUTOMATED CONTAMINATION-FREE SEED SAMPLER AND METHODS OF SAMPLING, TESTING AND BULKING SEEDS - A method is provided for removing tissue samples from seeds. The method generally includes orienting the seeds in a desired orientation and removing tissue samples from the oriented seeds. The method may also include orienting the seeds in the desired orientation using an actuator, where the actuator is configured to position the seed in a desired orientation. In addition, the method may include orienting the seeds together in a seed transport and removing tissue samples from the oriented seeds while the oriented seeds are in the seed transport. Further, various operations of the method may be automated as desired, for example, to permit greater sampling throughput than was previously practical.12-08-2011
20120204659EXPLOSIVE RESIDUE SAMPLING - In one aspect, an apparatus includes a head configured to receive a pad for sampling explosive residue on a surface and a feedback system coupled to the head. The feedback system is configured to indicate when a pressure applied by the head is greater than a minimum threshold value. In another aspect, an apparatus includes a head configured to receive a pad and rotate to apply a shear force to the pad for sampling explosive residue on a surface. The apparatus includes a feedback system coupled to the head, which is configured to restrict the shear force applied by the head to be within a predetermined range. In another aspect, a method includes applying pressure to a pad to sample explosive residue on a surface, sensing the pressure applied to the pad, and providing an indication of when the pressure applied to the pad is greater than a threshold value.08-16-2012
20120111129Device for the Actively-Controlled and Localized Deposition of at Least One Biological Solution - The invention relates to a device for the actively-controlled deposition of microdrops of biological solutions. The inventive device includes at least one flat silicon lever comprising a central body and an end area which forms a point, a slit or groove being disposed in said point. The invention is characterized in that it also comprises at least one metallic track which is disposed on one face of the central body and which runs alongside said slit or groove at least partially. The invention also relates to a method of producing the inventive device and a method for the active-controlled deposition and sampling of microdrops of biological solutions using said device.05-10-2012
20110179887SAMPLE ACQUISITION DEVICE - A sample acquisition device includes a body comprising a plurality of sample acquisition regions defined by at least a first wall and a second wall oriented nonparallel to the first wall. In some embodiments, the body defines a plurality of apertures that define a plurality of sample acquisition regions. In other embodiments, the walls extend from the body, and the sample acquisition regions are defined between the walls. The sample acquisition regions may be configured in some embodiments such that a user may acquire a sample by rotating the body in a first direction relative to a sample source and may release the sample by rotating the body in a second direction that is substantially opposite to the first direction. When rotated in the first direction, at least one of the first or second walls defines a surface that is inclined into a sample acquisition region.07-28-2011
20120260748SAMPLE COLLECTION DEVICE - Provided herein is technology relating to collecting samples of soft matter compositions, and particularly, but not exclusively, to devices and methods for collecting stool samples.10-18-2012
20120297902LABORATORY SPATULA - Laboratory spatula having stalk regions with a hollow first end and a hollow second end and at manipulating regions may be used for collecting, transporting or storing a material. A manipulating region may be configured as a shovel region, a scoop region, a whisk region, a punch region, a sieve region, a loop region, a cutting edge, a spreading region, a grinding region, a hook region, a scraper region, a tweezer region, a grasper region, or a pick region. The spatula may be lightweight and disposable, and may be any appropriate size including micro size, a regular size, or a macro size. The spatula may also have an anti-stick surface. The spatula may be calibrated, and may include calibration marks or additional features.11-29-2012
20130167667Sampling Device - Sampling devices are used to obtain samples of fluids to be analyzed and to determine the composition of the fluid in the sampled environment. A sampling apparatus with an inflatable sample bag used to collect and store liquid, air, vapor, and or gas samples by drawing the sample into the bag through an inlet, a sorbent tube, cassette, and/or other collection media is described. The means for extracting the sample and moving it into the sample bag comprises means for expanding the volume of a sample bag and creating a vacuum or reduced pressure within the sample bag. The means for expanding the include separating walls of a sample bag by use of gravity, pneumatic pressure, a biasing force, hydraulic force, for example or increasing the volume of a sample bag retaining container by such forces. Such sampling apparatuses do not require use of a sampling pump.07-04-2013
20090095092BOAT INCLUDING AUTOMATED WATER SAMPLING DEVICE AND METHOD OF USING SAME - A method for retrieving water samples from a body of water comprises positioning a remotely controlled boat on a body of water, moving the boat to a predetermined location on the body of water, lowering a probe attached to the boat into the body of water, wherein the probe includes a plurality of sample tubes contained therein, rotating a disc positioned above the plurality of sample tubes to line up a mouth of one of the sample tubes with an aperture to flow water into the sample tube.04-16-2009
20130152708NANOSTRUCTURED FLUID SAMPLING DEVICE - Disclosed is a nanostructured device for the in-situ capture of fluid samples at selectable times. The device includes a porous anodic alumina substrate having a plurality of elongated pores and an erodible capping material covering the pores. The device is transported into and through a geological reservoir while suspended in an injected carrier fluid. The device can optionally include a polymeric coating to improve minimize flocculation and sedimentation and prevent adhesion to surfaces in the reservoir. Upon erosion of the capping material, the fluids can diffuse into and fill each exposed pore. After a period of time, the hot water of the medium causes swelling and closure of the pore, effectively locking the fluid sample inside the pore. The device may be retrieved and analyzed to determine the composition and properties of the captured fluids.06-20-2013
20100043574Test Vessel, Test Strip, Test Kit, And Test Method - The present invention relates to a test vessel used in a test method having a step of immersing one end (02-25-2010
20130205921Device for Collection of Materials from Surfaces - A device for collecting material from a solid surface, and optionally concentrating the collected material, for subsequent analysis includes a nebulizer that generates and discharges a fluid stream, and a collector positioned to intercept material caused by the fluid stream after it is deflected from the solid surface. The device is usable in a sample collection process having steps of spraying a fluid stream of gas containing nebulized solvent as the solid surface, positioning a collector to intercept material carried by the fluid. The process may be repeated to concentrate the material being sampled.08-15-2013

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