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073717000 With electrical readout 121
20090183573High Temperature Pressure Sensor Element, Particularly for Measuring Pressures Inside Jet Engines, Method for the Production Thereof and Component for Jet Engines - A high-temperature pressure sensor element for power units includes a substrate, in which an interior space is developed, a deformable membrane, which separates the interior space from the exterior space in order to deform when the exterior pressure changes, and a strain measuring element, which is arranged on the membrane, for measuring the deformation of the membrane. The substrate, the membrane, and the strain measuring element are manufactured from the same high-temperature-stable material, such as an alloy. By way of example a nickel base alloy may be used. A component for a power unit, such as a turbine blade for an airplane or rocket engine, includes an integrated high-temperature pressure sensor element of this type.07-23-2009
20090193904SENSOR ABNORMALITY DETECTION APPARATUS AND SENSOR ABNORMALITY DETECTION METHOD - A filter upstream-side pressure sensor detects the pressure on an upstream side of a filter. A filter downstream-side pressure calculating device subtracts an actual measurement value of the pressure difference between the upstream side and the downstream side of the filter from a pressure value on the upstream side of the filter. Based on this subtraction, the filter downstream-side pressure calculating device calculates a pressure value on the downstream side of the filter. A filter downstream-side pressure estimating device estimates a pressure value on the downstream side of the filter. An abnormality detection device compares the difference between the calculated pressure value and the estimated pressure value with a threshold. If the difference exceeds the threshold, it is determined that at least one of a differential pressure sensor and the filter upstream-side pressure sensor is not working normally.08-06-2009
20090151464DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURE SENSE DIE BASED ON SILICON PIEZORESISTIVE TECHNOLOGY - A method and apparatus for designing a differential pressure sense die based on a unique silicon piezoresistive technology for sensing low differential pressure in harsh duty applications is disclosed. The pressure sense die comprises of an etched pressure diaphragm and a hole that is drilled through the sense die wherein the pressure sense die possess a backside and a front side and are associated with varying pressures. A top cap can be attached to the front side and an optional constraint for stress relief can be attached to the backside of the differential pressure sense die. The top cap and the constraint comprise of glass and/or silicon and can be attached with an anodic bonding process or glass frit process.06-18-2009
20130074603INTERNAL FAULT INDICATOR FOR ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT - A fault indicator for indicating the occurrence of a rapid pressure surge within a housing of an electrical device has: a barrel capable of being mounted in an aperture of the housing; an actuating mechanism having a chamber with at least one orifice communicating between interior and exterior surfaces of the chamber within the housing and an actuating member movable in response to a pressure differential between the interior and exterior surfaces of the chamber; a plunger within the bore of the barrel biased outwardly in the barrel and normally retained in an armed position by the actuating member; and a radial seal disposed between the plunger and the barrel. When the pressure differential exceeds a positive threshold value, the actuating member is moved and thereby permits the plunger to move outwardly into a triggered position. The radial seal may be a dual-lip seal.03-28-2013
20120090399DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURE GAUGE - A differential pressure gauge includes a housing, a leaf spring having a magnetic steel, a measuring diaphragm, a helix, a dial, a range adjusting device and a diaphragm cover. The measuring diaphragm is connected with the leaf spring by connectors. The range adjusting device includes an adjusting spring provided at a lower end of the measuring diaphragm, a balance spring provided at an upper end of the measuring diaphragm, an adjusting screw and a slider which are provided at a lower end of the adjusting spring. The adjusting end of the adjusting screw is provided outside of the housing. The adjusting spring can be compressed by the upper and lower displacement of the slider driven by the adjusting screw, thus affecting the rigidity of the system to change the range of the differential pressure gauge. The differential pressure gauge facilitates adjusting the range and has the accurate measurement.04-19-2012
20090288492MEDIA ISOLATED DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURE SENSOR WITH CAP - A differential pressure sensor includes two pressure ports for allowing media to pass into contact with both the top and bottom sides of the diaphragm. A silicon pressure sensor die can be attached between the pressure ports using die attach materials for sensing a differential pressure between the media to evaluate media differential pressure. A cap with an opening can be placed on topside of a diaphragm formed in the silicon pressure die. The silicon pressure die can include die bond pads that can be electrically connected to the diaphragm to output electrical signals. The cap can seal the die bond pads from the harsh media and route the electrical signals therein. Media can pass through the opening in the cap such that a media path to the top of the diaphragm is not exposed to the die bond pads of the silicon pressure die to ensure long-term sensor reliability.11-26-2009
20100281991Differential Pressure Sensor - A differential pressure sensor for measuring a pressure difference between two high-pressure environments is comprised of a sensor block including internal, oil-filled channels leading to an internally positioned differential pressure sensor element. Two process diaphragms are provided for transferring pressure from the high-pressure environments for isolating two distinct internal oil channels from the high-pressure environments. In order to achieve small internal oil volumes in the sensor block, additionally two separating discs, which initially separate between the two internal oil channels, are positioned in fluid communication with the high-pressure environments in order to block for the pressure from the high-pressure environments against the oil channels “from behind.” The separating discs bear against abutment faces having small openings into the internal oil channels. The separating discs are preferably given a pre-tension, and the abutment faces are then shaped correspondingly having a slightly convex shape. Preferably, separating discs with no corrugations are used.11-11-2010
20110203380Pressure Sensor and Pressure Difference Sensor - A pressure sensor includes a hydraulic path filled with a pressure transfer liquid and a pressure transducer having a pressure sensitive deformation body. The hydraulic path includes a channel which extends from a pressure input opening at least to the deformation body, wherein the pressure input opening is spaced a separation distance from the deformation body, and wherein pressure on the deformation body deviates from pressure at the pressure input opening by the difference of the hydrostatic pressure of the pressure transfer liquid between the pressure input opening and the deformation body. The pressure sensor further includes an inclination sensor for determining at least one inclination value dependent on the inclination of the hydraulic path, and a processing circuit, which is suitable to determine the difference of the hydrostatic pressure of the pressure transfer liquid between the pressure input opening and the deformation body as a function of inclination value, a density value of the pressure transfer liquid and a separation distance.08-25-2011
20080271539Method of Maintaining a Multitubular Reactor - The object of this invention is to provide a method of maintaining a multi-tubular reactor which can ensure the uniformity of states of reaction in the reaction tubes in the multi-tubular reactor.11-06-2008
20100139409Construction of a pressure sensor - A micromechanical pressure sensor includes a first diaphragm and a second diaphragm accommodated in a shared semiconductor substrate. The two diaphragms facilitate independent pressure sensing of one or more media, by the fact that a respective pressure variable is sensed by way of the deflection of the respective diaphragm. A cap above the first diaphragm defines a hollow space that is connected to the hollow space below the second diaphragm.06-10-2010
20080257054Differential Pressure Measuring Transducer Unit - The disclosure relates to a differential pressure transducer unit comprising an over-load protection system which is used to measure low differential pressure in liquids and gases under high static pressure load which can be connected to flanges on the working pressure lines. The differential pressure transducer unit consists of a planar multi-layered arrangement comprising layers which are conductive, insulating and which are insulated from each other, whereby the insulating and conductive layers comprises recesses which at least partially cover each other, wherein the measuring mechanism and the measuring value processing means are accommodated. At least one of the layers is a functional component of the over-load protection system.10-23-2008
20090199647DIFFERENTIAL FLUID PRESSURE MEASUREMENT APPARATUS - A differential liquid pressure sensor (08-13-2009
20090211362PRESSURE SENSOR - A pressure sensor is provided with a carrier (08-27-2009
20100199776Jointless Pressure Sensor Port - Methods and systems for measuring pressure through a jointless pressure sensor port are disclosed, including permitting a substance to pass into a jointless pressure sensor port comprising an aperture, a channel, and a diaphragm having a larger area than the area of the aperture, allowing the substance to come into contact with the diaphragm resulting in a mechanical stress on the diaphragm, and measuring the mechanical stress to generate a signal indicative of the substance pressure.08-12-2010
20100139408Low pass filter semiconductor structures for use in transducers for measuring low dynamic pressures in the presence of high static pressures - A semiconductor filter is provided to operate in conjunction with a differential pressure transducer. The filter receives a high and very low frequency static pressure attendant with a high frequency low dynamic pressure at one end, the filter operates to filter said high frequency dynamic pressure to provide only the static pressure at the other filter end. A differential transducer receives both dynamic and static pressure at one input port and receives said filtered static pressure at the other port where said transducer provides an output solely indicative of dynamic pressure. The filter in one embodiment has a series of etched channels directed from an input end to an output end. The channels are etched pores of extremely small diameter and operate to attenuate or filter the dynamic pressure. In another embodiment, a spiral tubular groove is found between a silicon wafer and a glass cover wafer, an input port of the groove receives both the static and dynamic pressure with an output port of the groove providing only static pressure. The groove filters attenuate dynamic pressure to enable the differential transducer to provide an output only indicative of dynamic pressure by cancellation of the static pressure.06-10-2010
20090114028Pressure transducer apparatus adapted to measure engine pressure parameters - A pressure header assembly has a closed front and back surface. The back surface has an aperture for accommodating a separate dual die pressure header. The dual die pressure header has an absolute and differential pressure sensor positioned thereon. A differential pressure port is located on a side surface of the pressure header assembly and is directed to a bore in the pressure header assembly. The bore contains an elongated tube which is positioned in the pressure header assembly and locked in place by means of a crush nut and locking nut assembly. One end of the tube is coupled to the differential pressure port, while the other end of the tube accommodates a differential pressure tube which is bent in an arcuate position and directed to the underside of the sensor of the differential sensor assembly mounted in the dual die pressure header. Suitable leads from the dual die pressure header assembly are directed to a terminal board which is mounted within a pressure transducer housing shell, which terminal board coacts with an outboard contact cap assembly forming the transducer. The pressure header assembly portion also contains extending tabs which have apertures for external mounting.05-07-2009
20090114027Non-invasive system and method for measuring vacuum pressure in a fluid - A noninvasive system and method for measuring vacuum pressure in a fluid in accordance with the present invention generally includes a chamber with two interconnected diaphragms having different surface areas and a force transducer that makes contact with the smaller area diaphragm. When a pressure level less than atmospheric occurs inside the chamber, the smaller area diaphragm presses with a force on the force sensor. As the pressure level in the chamber decreases, the force on the sensor increases. The present system is intended for, but not limited to, use in a Phacoemulsification machine, where it will serve to measure the vacuum in a fluid without contaminating the fluid with previous uses of the system or with any components of the system which are unable to undergo a sterilization process.05-07-2009
20130139603JOINTLESS PRESSURE SENSOR PORT - A jointless pressure sensor port which includes a body portion, a flange portion integrally formed with the body portion, and a cylindrical portion integrally formed with and extending away from the flange portion. The port also includes an aperture having a first area, where the aperture is formed as part of the cylindrical portion. A channel is located along an axis and has at least one channel region. The channel at least partially extends through the cylindrical portion, the flange portion, and the body portion. A diaphragm includes a second area which is larger than the first area, the diaphragm also has a top surface and a bottom surface. A pressure sensor is disposed on the top surface, and the diaphragm is substantially perpendicular to the axis of the channel. The body portion, flange portion, and cylindrical portion form a jointless and seamless pressure sensor part.06-06-2013
20110083513Pressure Sensor - A pressure sensor has a substrate with conductor tracks for contact-connecting electrical components. The pressure sensor has a measuring element for converting a mechanical measurement variable into an electrical signal and a signal converter for processing the electrical signals from the measuring element further. Furthermore, the pressure sensor has a first diaphragm which, together with the substrate, forms a first closed cavity which contains an inert filling medium. At least one side of the measuring element of the pressure sensor, which comprises an active surface, has direct contact with the filling medium in the first cavity. The signal converter is arranged on the substrate in the form of an unhoused integrated circuit.04-14-2011
20110247423MEASURING APPARATUS FOR DETERMINING A PRESSURE DIFFERENCE - A measuring apparatus for outputting a measurement signal representing the difference between a first pressure and a second pressure. The apparatus includes a first pressure measuring transducer module for outputting a sequence of first signals representing the first pressure; a second pressure measuring transducer module for producing a sequence of second signals representing the second pressure; an evaluation module for ascertaining a sequence of difference values between the two pressure values and for outputting a sequence of fourth signals, which, in each case, represent the pressure difference; a first cable connection between the first and second pressure measuring transducer module; and a second cable connection between the second pressure measuring transducer module and the evaluation module. The modules are separated spatially from one another. The second pressure measuring transducer module has a mapping unit, which is provided for receiving the sequences of first and second signals, and for outputting to the evaluation module via the second cable connection a sequence of third signals, which, in each case, contain the pressure values.10-13-2011
20110247422PRESSURE SENSOR - A pressure sensor including a sensor chip; a differential pressure diaphragm provided in the center portion of the sensor chip; a first differential pressure gauge formed along a radial direction relative to the center of the differential pressure diaphragm, provided on a first edge of the differential pressure diaphragm; a second differential pressure gauge formed along a circumferential direction, which is perpendicular to the radial direction, provided in the vicinity of the first differential pressure gauge on the first edge of the differential pressure diaphragm; and a static pressure diaphragm disposed between an edge portion of the sensor chip and one of the edges, other than the first edge, of the differential pressure diaphragm, provided to the outside of the differential pressure diaphragm.10-13-2011
20110247421PRESSURE SENSOR - A pressure sensor comprising: a sensor chip; a differential pressure diaphragm provided in the center portion of the sensor chip; a differential pressure gauge provided in the differential pressure diaphragm; a static pressure diaphragm provided at the outer peripheral portion of the differential pressure diaphragm; a first static pressure gauge formed at an edge portion of the static pressure diaphragm; and a second static pressure gauge formed at a center portion of the static pressure diaphragm.10-13-2011
20110041618ELASTIC CERAMIC BODY AND PRESSURE SENSOR WITH AN ELASTIC CERAMIC BODY - An elastic ceramic body and a pressure sensor. The elastic ceramic body comprises: a base body of an elastic ceramic material; and a cover layer, which covers at least one section of a surface of the base body, wherein the cover layer is of a material other than that of the base body, and the cover layer comprises microcrystalline A102-24-2011
20100281992PRESSURE DIFFERENCE MEASURING CELL - A pressure difference measuring cell for registering pressure difference between a first pressure and a second pressure, comprises: an elastic measuring arrangement having at least one measuring membrane, or diaphragm, that comprises silicon; a platform, which is pressure-tightly connected with the elastic measuring arrangement; a first hydraulic path for transferring a first pressure onto a first surface section of the elastic measuring arrangement; and a second hydraulic path for transferring a second pressure onto a second surface section of the elastic measuring arrangement. The first pressure opposes the second pressure, and the elastic deflection of the measuring arrangement is a measure for the difference between the first and the second pressure, wherein the pressure difference measuring cell has additionally at least one hydraulic throttle, characterized in that the at least one hydraulic throttle comprises porous silicon.11-11-2010
20100218612DUAL PRESSURE SENSOR - A dual pressure sensor using a reduced number of parts to simplify its structure and having increased ease of assembly and improved air tightness. The dual pressure sensor has an airtight container, two pressure sensor units received in the airtight container so as to be in intimate contact with each other and a substrate. The pressure sensor units has two bases, two pressure sensing diaphragm chips, and an output correction circuit. The pressure sensing diaphragm chips are secured to the bases, respectively. The bases are constructed respectively from base bodies having communication paths formed inside them and also respectively from pressure introduction sections integral with and projecting from the base bodies. The pressure introduction sections respectively project outward from insertion holes formed in the airtight container.09-02-2010
20100175481APPARATUS FOR MEASURING MULTIPLE PRESSURES WITHIN DIFFERENT PRESSURE RANGES - There is disclosed apparatus for measuring multiple pressures within different pressure ranges. The apparatus contains multiple pressure sensors which are positioned on a housing, where each pressure sensor is adapted to measure pressure within a different pressure range. The housing has an input port which is constructed to communicate with different output ports, where the output ports communicate with each different pressure sensor utilized in a different pressure range. The input port has a stepped or keyed aperture which is adapted to receive different pressure adapters to assure that, for example, only a high pressure will be applied to the high pressure sensor during high pressure measurements. By selecting another adapter, a mid-range pressure and a high pressure will be applied to the pressure sensors during the measurement of a mid-range pressure. By receiving a different adapter, a low pressure will be applied to all the pressure sensors during low pressure measurement. In this manner, one is assured that the pressure sensors are operated without damage to the diaphragms during all pressure measurements. It is of course noted that while three pressure ranges are indicated, there can be more than three or at least two pressure ranges can be accommodated within the common housing. As indicated, the common housing has an input port which consists of contiguous varying diameter sections to enable the selective insertion of various adapter members as indicated where each adapter member can only be inserted within the input port to a desired position, where at that position, the pressure applied to the input port will be directed to the proper sensor.07-15-2010
20100024563PRESSURE SENSOR FOR MEASURING PRESSURE IN A MEDIUM - A pressure sensor module is disclosed. The pressure sensor module comprises a sensing element (02-04-2010
20120006119DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURE TRANSMITTER WITH COMPLIMENTARY DUAL ABSOLUTE PRESSURE SENSORS - A process variable transmitter for measuring a pressure of a process fluid includes a process coupling having a first port configured to couple to a first process pressure and a second port configured to couple to a second process pressure. A differential pressure sensor is coupled to the first and second ports and provides an output related to a differential pressure between the first pressure and the second pressure. First and second pressure sensors couple to the respective first and second ports and provide outputs related to the first and second pressures. Transmitter circuitry is configured to provide a transmitter output based upon the output from the differential pressure sensor and/or the first and/or second pressure sensors. Additional functionality is provided by the transmitter using the sensed first and/or second pressures.01-12-2012
20120210799FORCE DETECTOR - A force detector includes: a container which has a cylindrical external shape; a diaphragm which is disposed on an end surface of the container; a force detection element which has a force detection unit and a pair of bases connected with one and the other ends of the force detection unit, respectively, and detects a force generated by the shift of the diaphragm with the detection axis extending in the direction parallel with the line connecting the bases under the condition in which the one and the other bases are connected with the diaphragm and the container, respectively; and a flange which projects from the side surface of the container in the direction toward the outer circumferential side of the side surface such that the flange becomes concentric with the outer circumference of the side surface of the container.08-23-2012
20120210798PRESSURE TRANSDUCER ARRANGEMENT - A pressure transducer arrangement and method of operation is provided. The pressure transducer and methods of operation reduce error in determining an offset value by eliminating error relating to fluid flow through the transducer arrangement when the offset value is determined. In a particular embodiment, the apparatus and method includes a lockout valve that prevents fluid flow between first and second fluid pressure sources when the offset value is determined.08-23-2012
20130133432PRESSURE SENSOR ASSEMBLY - A pressure sensor assembly is disclosed wherein the substrate to which the pressure sensing die is mounted is decoupled from the package.05-30-2013

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