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Angular rate using gyroscopic or Coriolis effect

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073 - Measuring and testing


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073504120 Vibratory mass 441
073504030 Multisensor for both angular rate and linear acceleration 31
073504080 Rotary gyroscope 18
073504050 Fluid or fluent inertial mass (e.g., electrons, ions, plasma) 2
20110011181ROTATION SENSING APPARATUS AND METHODS - Angular rate sensors cause a stream of fluid to flow by heating the fluid. A trajectory of the stream of fluid is deflected by Coriolis forces. Apparatus according to some embodiments provides two heaters spaced apart along a channel. A stream of gas can be made to flow along the channel by operating one of the heaters. The flow can be periodically reversed by alternating operation of the heaters. Temperature sensors may be applied to detect deflection of the flowing gas. Angular rate sensors may be fabricated inexpensively by micromachining techniques.01-20-2011
20110005314ION DISCHARGE GYROSCOPE - An ion discharge gyroscope measures rotational motion and linear acceleration by generating symmetrical ion jet streams and measuring respective amounts of the jet streams impinging on detectors located so as to intercept the ion jet streams. The ion jet streams will be diverted by operation of the Coriolis effect and the differences in the amount of each ion jet stream impinging on the detectors is an indication of rotational motion and linear acceleration. In one embodiment, the ion jet streams are heated and the respective temperatures of the detectors are measured. In another embodiment, the amounts of current flowing through each detector, as contributed by the ion jet streams, are measured and used to determine rotation and acceleration.01-13-2011
20130036818INERTIAL SENSOR AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - Disclosed herein are an inertial sensor and a method of manufacturing the same. The inertial sensor 02-14-2013
20130068017APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR ANALYZING THE MOTION OF A BODY - An apparatus for analyzing movement of equipment includes an inertial measurement unit continuously measuring six rigid body degrees of freedom of the equipment and outputting data representative thereof, wherein the inertial measurement unit includes a planar substrate defining a single common plane (either rigid or flexible). The inertial measurement unit further includes at least one angular rate gyro and at least one accelerometer sufficient to measure the six rigid body degrees of freedom and each being mounted on the single common plane. The apparatus further includes a communication device transmitting the data.03-21-2013
20110271757WIRING SUBSTRATE, PIEZOELECTRIC OSCILLATOR, GYROSENSOR AND MANUFACTURING METHOD OF WIRING SUBSTRATE - A wiring substrate includes: a substrate having a first surface and a second surface; a first insulating layer stacked on the first surface; a pad electrode stacked on the first insulating layer; a through electrode connected to the pad electrode; and a second insulating layer disposed between the substrate and the through electrode and between the first insulating layer and the through electrode, wherein a diameter of the through electrode in a connection section between the pad electrode and the through electrode is smaller than a diameter of the through electrode on the second surface side, the first insulating layer, the second insulating layer and the through electrode overlap with each other in a peripheral area of the connection section, when seen from a plan view, and the thickness of the first insulating layer in the area is thinner than the thickness of the first insulating layer in other areas.11-10-2011
20090084180OSCILLATION DRIVER CIRCUIT, OSCILLATION DRIVER DEVICE, PHYSICAL QUANTITY MEASUREMENT CIRCUIT, PHYSICAL QUANTITY MEASUREMENT DEVICE, AND ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENT - An oscillation driver circuit that drives a physical quantity transducer includes a one-input/two-output comparator. The one-input/two-output comparator includes a shared differential section that compares a voltage signal input from a drive current/voltage conversion amplifier circuit with a given voltage, a first output section that receives a signal output from the differential section, variably adjusts a voltage amplitude of the received signal, and outputs the resulting signal, and a second output section that receives the signal output from the differential section, and outputs a synchronous detection reference signal of which the voltage amplitude is fixed.04-02-2009
20120024056MICRO GYROSCOPE FOR DETERMINING ROTATIONAL MOVEMENTS ABOUT THREE SPATIAL AXES WHICH ARE PERPENDICULAR TO ONE ANOTHER - A micro gyroscope for determining rotational movements about three spatial axes x, y and z, which are perpendicular to one another has a substrate (02-02-2012
20100077857Inertia sensing module - An inertia sensing module is connected to a portable electronic device. The inertia sensing module includes an accelerometer unit for generating at least one of acceleration sensing signals a04-01-2010
20090183567OPERATION DEVICE CONTROL APPARATUS, OPERATION DEVICE CONTROL METHOD, INFORMATION STORAGE MEDIUM, AND OPERATION DEVICE - To provide an operating device control device for obtaining information about a rotational angle of an operating device, while reducing the influence due to an individual difference and/or variation of a reference sensor signal in accordance with a sensor signal output from the gyro sensor mounted in the operating device. A control device of an operating device having a gyro sensor for detecting an angular velocity and outputting a sensor signal in accordance with the detected angular velocity, the control device obtains an output signal from signal output means for outputting an output signal in accordance with a difference between the sensor signal output from the gyro sensor and a predetermined reference signal, then estimates a reference sensor signal to be output by the gyro sensor when no angular velocity is detected, based on the output signal, and changes the predetermined reference signal according to the estimated reference sensor signal.07-23-2009
20120031183MICROMECHANICAL SYSTEM - A yaw-rate sensor for determining a Coriolis force includes a semiconductor substrate, a mass body mounted so it is movable over the semiconductor substrate, a drive unit for setting the mass body into an oscillating movement, and a detection unit for determining a deflection of the mass body which is caused by the Coriolis force. The detection unit includes a piezoresistive element, whose electrical resistance is a function of the deformation of the piezoresistive element.02-09-2012
20100071465Control component for planar resonator - A control component of an apparatus in one example is configured to signal a plurality of electrodes arranged in at least first, second, third, and fourth radial electrode groups along first, second, third, and fourth axes at approximately 0, 45, 90, and 135 degrees, respectively, around the planar resonator. During a first time period, the control component is configured to signal: the first radial electrode group to induce a drive oscillation in the planar resonator, the third radial electrode group to sense the drive oscillation, the second radial electrode group to sense a Coriolis force induced oscillation, and the fourth radial electrode group to null the Coriolis force induced oscillation. During a second time period after the first time period, the control component is configured to signal: the second radial electrode group to induce the drive oscillation in the planar resonator, the fourth radial electrode group to sense the drive oscillation, the first radial electrode group to sense the Coriolis force induced oscillation, and the third radial electrode group to null the Coriolis force induced oscillation.03-25-2010
20090019932Mems Gyroscope with output oscillation about the normal to the plane - A gyroscope that lies generally in a plane, for detecting rotation rate about a gyro input axis. The gyroscope has a substrate, and a generally planar outer member flexibly coupled to the substrate such that it is capable of oscillatory motion about a drive axis that is orthogonal to the input axis. There is also a generally planar inner member coplanar with and flexibly coupled to the outer member such that it is capable of rotary oscillatory motion relative to the outer member about an output axis that is orthogonal to the plane of the members. There are one or more drives for directly or indirectly oscillating the outer member about the drive axis, and one or more sensors that detect oscillation of the inner member about the output axis.01-22-2009
20110247414MAGNETIC SOLENOID FOR GENERATING A SUBSTANTIALLY UNIFORM MAGNETIC FIELD - One embodiment of the invention includes a magnetic solenoid. The magnetic solenoid includes an elongated sidewall that extends along and surrounds a central axis between spaced apart ends. The central axis can include a center point that is approximately equidistant from the spaced apart ends. The magnetic solenoid also includes a conductive coil that extends along and conforms to the elongated sidewall and comprises a plurality of consecutive loops centered on the central axis. The plurality of consecutive loops can have a consecutive loop-spacing that is non-uniform along the central axis and having a substantial maximum spacing value at approximately the center point.10-13-2011
20120198934BIAS MEASUREMENT FOR MEMS GYROSCOPES AND ACCELEROMETERS - A system and method for separating bias instability of MEMS inertial instruments such as gyroscopes or accelerometers from the instrument signal, in which the inertial measurement instrument has an input axis and an output signal, and the bias instability has a frequency. The instrument is rotated about a rotation axis that is orthogonal to the input axis, at a frequency that is greater than the bias instability frequency. The instrument output signal is detected, and demodulated with a phase-sensitive detection method referenced to the instrument rotation.08-09-2012
20120006112METHOD AND PORTABLE TERMINAL FOR ESTIMATING STEP LENGTH OF PEDESTRIAN - A method and apparatus of a portable terminal estimate a step length of a pedestrian. An accelerometer detects acceleration caused by a movement of the portable terminal as a pedestrian carrying the portable terminal walks. A gyroscope detects angular velocity caused by the movement of the portable terminal as the pedestrian walks. A controller determines a magnitude of a swinging motion of the portable terminal by using at least one of the detected acceleration and angular velocity, determines that the portable terminal makes the swinging motion when the magnitude of the swinging motion is equal to or greater than a predetermined value, determines a carrying position of the portable terminal in the pedestrian's body by using at least one of the detected acceleration and angular velocity, and estimates a step length of the pedestrian according to the determined carrying position of the portable terminal.01-12-2012
20120011933YAW RATE SENSOR - A yaw rate sensor is described which includes a drive device, at least one Coriolis element, and a detection device having at least two detection elements which are coupled to one another with the aid of a coupling device, the drive device being connected to the Coriolis element for driving a vibration of the Coriolis element, and an additional coupling device which is connected to the detection device and to the Coriolis element for coupling a deflection in the plane of vibration of the Coriolis element to the detection device in a direction orthogonal to the vibration.01-19-2012
20100077856START TIME OF GYRO ASSEMBLY - An inertial measurement unit (IMU) includes an assembly including a plurality of gyroscopes. Each gyroscope has an associated motor bias control loop gain setting. The IMU further includes an electronic device in signal communication with the gyroscopes. The device is configured to set the loop gain setting of a first gyroscope of the plurality to a first value to commence a startup time period of operation of the first gyroscope. The device is further configured to set the loop gain setting of the first gyroscope to a second value to commence a normal time period of operation of the first gyroscope.04-01-2010
20100071466SYNCHRONOUS DETECTION CIRCUIT, SENSING CIRCUIT, PHYSICAL QUANTITY MEASURING DEVICE, GYRO SENSOR, AND ELECTRONIC APPARATUS - A synchronous detection circuit includes: an offset compensation circuit which generates an offset compensation voltage to compensate an offset voltage superposed on a direct current voltage signal; and a temperature compensation circuit which generates a temperature compensation voltage to compensate variation of a direct current reference voltage that depends on a temperature in a signal path of a sensing circuit. In the circuit, the synchronous detection circuit synchronously detects an alternating current signal, the offset compensation voltage and the temperature compensation voltage are respectively superposed on the alternating current signal which is input into the synchronous detection circuit, and the synchronous detection circuit synchronously detects the alternating current signal on which the offset compensation voltage and the temperature compensation voltage have been superposed.03-25-2010
20080257041ELECTRON/HOLE TRANSPORT-BASED NEMS GYRO AND DEVICES USING THE SAME - A nanomechanical (NEMS) gyroscope includes an integrated circuit substrate, a pair of spaced apart contact pads disposed on the substrate, and a movable nanoscale element forming at least a portion of a first electrically conductive path electrically coupling the contact pads. The movable element experiences movement comprising rotation, changes in rotation, or oscillation upon the gyroscope experiencing angular velocity or angular acceleration. Movement of the gyro introduces geometrically induced phase changes which results in phase and/or frequency changes in ac current flowing through the movable element. An inertial measurement unit (IMU) can include an integrated circuit substrate having a three axis gyroscope formed on the substrate and a three axis accelerometer, which is preferably formed on the same substrate.10-23-2008
20120279299GYROMETER WITH REDUCED PARASITIC CAPACITANCES - Gyrometer comprising a substrate and an inertial mass suspended above the substrate, the inertial mass comprising an excitation part and a detection part, means of moving the excitation part in at least one direction contained in the plane of said inertial mass, and capacitive detection means detecting movement of said detection part outside the plane of said mass, said capacitive detection means comprising at least one suspended electrode, located above the detection part located facing the substrate so as to form a variable capacitor with said detection part, said electrode being held above said detection part by at least one pillar passing through the inertial mass.11-08-2012
20130019677MICROELECTROMECHANICAL STRUCTURE WITH ENHANCED REJECTION OF ACCELERATION NOISE - An integrated MEMS structure includes a driving assembly anchored to a substrate and actuated with a driving movement. A pair of sensing masses suspended above the substrate and coupled to the driving assembly via elastic elements is fixed in the driving movement and performs a movement along a first direction of detection, in response to an external stress. A coupling assembly couples the pair of sensing masses mechanically to couple the vibration modes. The coupling assembly is formed by a rigid element, which connects the sensing masses and has a point of constraint in an intermediate position between the sensing masses, and elastic coupling elements for coupling the rigid element to the sensing masses to present a first stiffness to a movement in phase-opposition and a second stiffness, greater than the first, to a movement in phase, of the sensing masses along the direction of detection.01-24-2013
20130091948ANGULAR VELOCITY DETECTION DEVICE AND ANGULAR VELOCITY SENSOR INCLUDING THE SAME - An angular velocity detection device includes an outer frame including fixed portions, outer beam portions connected to the fixed portions, a sensing part surrounded by the outer frame with first slit therebetween, and a joint connecting the outer frame and the sensing part. The sensing part includes an inner beam portion, a flexible portion, and a detector. The inner beam portion has a hollow region inside and is square-shaped when viewed from above. The flexible portion is formed in the hollow region of the inner beam portion, and is connected to the inner edge of the inner beam portion. The detector is disposed in the flexible portion. The first slit is formed to surround the sensing part excluding the joint.04-18-2013
20080196497Inertial sensor - An inertial sensor includes a stopper having a first locking member extending from a flame onto a proof-mass, a first recess formed at the proof-mass, including a bottom surface, a second locking member extending from the proof-mass onto the edge of the flame, a second recess formed at the edge of the side member of the flame and a projection member projecting from the flame toward the proof-mass, wherein each of the first locking member and the projection member is disposed on the both sides of the second recess.08-21-2008
20130180331READING CIRCUIT FOR A MULTI-AXIS MEMS GYROSCOPE HAVING DETECTION DIRECTIONS INCLINED WITH RESPECT TO THE REFERENCE AXES, AND CORRESPONDING MULTI-AXES MEMS GYROSCOPE - A multi-axis gyroscope includes a microelectromechanical structure configured to rotate with respective angular velocities about respective reference axes, and including detection elements, which are sensitive in respective detection directions and generate respective detection quantities as a function of projections of the angular velocities in the detection directions. The gyroscope including a reading circuit that generates electrical output signals, each correlated to a respective one of the angular velocities, as a function of the detection quantities. The reading circuit includes a combination stage that combines electrically with respect to one another electrical quantities correlated to detection quantities generated by detection elements sensitive to detection directions different from one another, so as to take into account a non-zero angle of inclination of the detection directions with respect to the reference axes.07-18-2013
20110308314Electromechanic Microsensor - The invention relates to an electromechanic microsensor (MEMS) (12-22-2011
20120017676SENSOR DEVICE FOR DETECTING AT LEAST ONE ROTATION RATE OF A ROTATING MOTION - In order to be able to perform redundant measurements of rotation rates particularly economically, disclosed herein is a sensor device which includes a dual-axis, first rotation rate sensor element with which rotation rates of rotating motions of the sensor device about a first and a second rotation rate measurement axis can be detected, wherein the first and the second rotation rate measurement axes are oriented orthogonally in relation to one another. The sensor device is defined by the fact that the sensor device includes at least one other rotation rate sensor element with which a rotation rate of a rotating motion of the sensor device about a rotation rate measurement axis, which lies in a plane together with the first and the second rotation rate measurement axes, can be deselected.01-26-2012

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