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Mass flow by imparting angular or transverse momentum to the fluid

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073 - Measuring and testing


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073861354 Coriolis or gyroscopic 147
073861352 Rotated resiliently coupled elements 1
20090049927Force balanced impeller flow meter for mass flow rate control - A force balanced mass flow meter is disclosed that includes a cylindrical sensor housing having an interior bore, an impeller body supported for axial rotation within the interior bore of the sensor housing, and including structure for converting fluid inertia into flow induced torque when fluid flows relative to the impeller body, a proximity sensor for measuring a rotation angle of the impeller body relative to the sensor housing, an electromagnet for generating a magnetic field about the sensor housing to prevent rotation of the impeller body, electronics for determining electrical values from the proximity sensor when fluid flows relative to the impeller body and a controller for controlling current supplied to the electromagnet in response to electrical values determined from the proximity sensor, to generate a magnetic field sufficient to prevent impeller rotation.02-26-2009
073861353 Reaction turbine or vane 1
20110167927MASS FLOWMETER - A motorless mass flowmeter in accordance with one embodiment of the invention comprises a turbine subassembly, a drum, and an impeller. The drum is rigidly connected to the turbine subassembly such that the drum rotates in accompaniment to rotation of the turbine subassembly. The impeller is rotationally coupled to the drum by way of a spring that allows relative rotation against the bias of the spring. The turbine subassembly has jets and bypass valves. The turbine subassembly may be implemented in the form of a laminated bypass valve structure. The laminated bypass valve structure may include an entrance layer having entrance port(s), a closure layer having closure member(s), an exit layer defining exit passage(s), and an intermediary layer forming conduit(s) for guiding fluid from entrance port(s) to exit passage(s).07-14-2011
20090235758DEVICE FOR MEASURING A MASS FLOW - A device for measuring a mass flow (09-24-2009
20130160564MASS FLOW MEASURING OR CONTROLLING DEVICE - A mass flow measuring or controlling device having a base body, a flow channel and a sensor module which comprises a sensor element and which can be coupled to an electronic unit, the flow channel having a measuring channel section which is in fluidic contact with the sensor element is characterized in that the sensor module comprises a sensor support part and a stabilizing element for stabilizing the sensor support part in the region of the measuring channel section.06-27-2013
20110247432Aircraft Conduit Monitoring System And Method - The invention relates to an aircraft conduit monitoring system comprising a conduit that conducts gas from a source to a point of application. A flow sensing device and a pressure sensing device are provided within the conduit. At least one set value of a gas mass flow rate and at least one set value of a pressure are sensed in a learning mode of operation. Said set values are compared with sensed actual values in the normal mode of operation. A gas volume flow rate can also be sensed and processed instead of a gas mass flow rate.10-13-2011
20110132105METHOD FOR MEASURING MASS FLOW OF A MULTI-COMPONENT GAS - This invention relates to a method of measuring mass flow of a first gas component in a gas consisting of one or more known gas components. Typically such methods assume that certain parameters were constant, such as the gas composition, pressure and/or temperature, and likewise the heat capacity, density, etc., of the gas were presumed to be such that they could be determined to have a constant value. However, it has been found that the determination of the mass flow is associated with a comparatively high degree of measurement uncertainty, when it is assumed that the parameters are constant. The core of the invention relies on this discovery and on a method wherein all of the gas parameters that are used in the determination of the mass flow of the first gas component and that may vary considerably as a function of the gas composition, pressure and/or temperature are determined continually.06-09-2011
20090301220DEVICE FOR MEASURING A MASS FLOW - The present invention relates to a mass flow meter (12-10-2009
20090158859Micromachined Thermal Mass Flow Sensor With Self-Cleaning Capability And Methods Of Making the Same - The current invention generally relates to Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) thermal mass flow sensors for measuring the flow rate of a flowing fluid (gas/liquid) and the methods of manufacturing on single crystal silicon wafers. The said mass flow sensors have self-cleaning capability that is achieved via the modulation of the cavity of which the sensing elements locate on the top of the cavity that is made of a silicon nitride film; alternatively the sensing elements are fabricated on top of a binary silicon nitride/conductive polycrystalline silicon film under which is a porous silicon layer selective formed in a silicon substrate. Using polycrystalline silicon or the sensing elements as electrodes, an acoustic wave can be generated across the porous silicon layer which is also used for the thermal isolation of the sensing elements. The vibration or acoustic energy is effective to remove foreign materials deposited on top surface of the sensing elements that ensure the accuracy and enhance repeatability of the thermal mass flow sensing.06-25-2009
20090133507Method and device for the continuous gravimetric metering of flowing materials for burner systems - According to the invention, a method for the continuous gravimetric metering of flowing materials for burner systems, in which the instantaneous mass flow is determined and metering occurs by means of a metering unit (05-28-2009
20120260743Assembly and Method for Measuring Pourable Products - The invention relates to an assembly and method for cost-effective in-line NIR measurement, in particular for cost-effective in-line NIR measurement of ingredients, quality parameters or in general product characteristics of cereal grains, inter alia, and constituents thereof in product streams (10-18-2012
20120285263SECONDARY AIR SYSTEM DIAGNOSTIC TEST - A diagnostic test for a secondary air system comprising an air pump, a first mass air flow sensor connected to the air pump and a first check valve connected to the first mass air flow sensor. A first testing phase is disclosed comprising a first delay period and a first testing period, wherein the air pump is activated. A second testing phase is disclosed comprising a second delay period and a second testing period wherein the first check valve is opened. A third testing phase comprising a third delay period and a third testing period is disclosed wherein the first check valve is closed. A fourth testing phase is disclosed comprising a fourth delay period and a fourth testing period wherein the air pump is deactivated. An optional fifth testing phase is also disclosed comprising a fifth delay period and a fifth testing period wherein the air pump remains off but the check valve is reopened and engine RPMs are increased. The diagnostic test further includes determining one or more failure modes of the system based on the output from the four or five testing phases.11-15-2012

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