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By measuring electrical or magnetic properties

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073861110 Electromagnetic induction (e.g., Faraday type) 94
073861090 Ionization type 4
20100199781Gas Metering - A gas meter comprises a conduit (08-12-2010
20090038408Electromagnetic Flow Control, Methods and Uses - Actuation for control of surfaces is provided through use of a conducting material comprising electrolyte particles electrically charged with electromagnetic fields in boundary layers. Interactions of the electrically charged particles with electromagnetic fields in boundary layers are coordinated for generation of control forces for various applications.02-12-2009
20090044634Apparatus for Measuring the Velocity of a Fluid Flow - An apparatus for measuring the velocity of a fluid flow provides electrical charge carriers that are emitted into the fluid flow from an emitter electrode, and wherein an electrical signal caused by this is measured at a sensor electrode. The projection of the envelope of the cross-sectional area of that part of the sensor electrode which projects into the fluid flow into the cross-sectional plane of the fluid flow is small in comparison with the cross-sectional area of the fluid flow at this point, if present at all. The measured current of the sensor electrode is used to serve as a characterizing feature of the velocity of the fluid flow in accordance with a defined allocation function. The measurement method has virtually no delay and can be used in a high temperature and velocity range.02-19-2009
20120266688Gas Metering - A gas meter comprises a conduit for passage of a gas flow and an ionizer to ionize the gas flow. A modulating electrode structure downstream of the ionizer modulates the ion distribution in the ionized gas flow. A first and a second electrode structure downstream of the modulating electrode structure detect the ion distribution in the ionized gas flow. The modulating electrode structure and the detecting electrode structure can generate an electrical field parallel to the direction of the gas flow. The modulating electrode structure and the detecting electrode structures can each have apertures defined therein for passage of the gas flow. The modulating electrode structure can capture ions of one polarity to generate an ionized gas flow comprising a majority of ions of the opposite polarity. Movement of the ionized gas flow generates a current indicative of the ion distribution between the electrode and the charge source.10-25-2012
20090025484Device and Method for Measuring Amounts of Milk in Particular During the Milking Process - The invention relates to a device for measuring the mass flow, in particular of a foaming liquid, comprising a measuring device with two electrodes and at least one electrical means for generation of an electrical parameter and an analytical device. The electrical means is connected to the first electrode at two remote points, such as to be wired in parallel with the first electrode. The second electrode is connected to the first electrode by means of the analytical device.01-29-2009
20130025376Wind-Speed-Detecting Device - A wind-speed-detecting device including a stator, a rotor and a processing unit is disclosed. The stator has a flux-sensing member. The rotor has a plurality of blades and a magnet module, wherein the rotor is rotatably coupled with the stator, at least a part of the plurality of blades is arranged in a settling area of an air channel, and the magnet module faces the flux-sensing member. The processing unit electrically connects with the flux-sensing member to receive an electrical signal generated by the flux-sensing member and to send out a processing result.01-31-2013
20090193908Fluid Flow Controller - The present invention relates to a magnetic flow controller which transforms a slow reduction in pressure of fluid flow over time to a measurable fluid flow. Once a threshold pressure differential is reached, a flow passage through the flow controller opens rapidly to a relatively large opening, thereby generating a volume of fluid at high flux flowing through the passage, particularly to permit the measurement of the volume of fluid in a conventional flow meter. The device of the present invention integrates this low flux and transforms it to a measurable fluid flux, so that the fluid can be measured by the fluid meter within its optimum error range. This is accomplished while maintaining a pressure drop in the flow meter which is within the permitted standards. Thus, the invention provides relatively sharp shifts between substantially high flux flow and no flow, in a pulse-like manner.08-06-2009
20120174684APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR REAL TIME AND REAL FLOW-RATE MEASUREMENT OF MULTI-PHASE FLUIDS - A method for measuring flow rate of at least one fluid in a multi-phase fluid comprises: providing a magnetic resonance module through which the fluid phases flow and at least one pre-polarization module of variable effective length upstream of the magnetic resonance module; and conducting, a measurement by: i) setting the pre-polarization module to have a first effective length, ii) applying a RF pulse sequence to the fluid, in the magnetic resonance module, iii) determining the intensity of a pre-determined number of spin echoes produced by the RF pulse sequence, iv) determining a line approximating the attenuation of the intensity during the RF sequence, v) determining slope and y-intercept of the line, vi) determining the ratio of the slope and intercept, vii) applying a calibration between the slope:intercept ratio and multi-phase flow rate so as to determine the flow velocity of the fluid in the multi-phase fluid.07-12-2012
20100107775System, Method, And Device For Measuring Parameters Of A Two-Phase Flow - A capacitive sensor for measuring flow parameters of a two-phase flow, a device for measuring phase concentration of a two-phase flow, and a system and method for measuring flow parameters of a two-phase flow is disclosed. In the capacitive sensor, at least one pair of electrodes is twisted by 180° in a common direction into a spiral shape. Edge guard electrodes are twisted in the common direction and are formed between adjacent electrode edges. Problems of non-homogeneous sensitivity distribution of a measuring field and soft field effect can be effectively addressed, thereby allowing reliable and accurate measurement of phase concentration of a two-phase flow. The system for measuring flow parameters of the two-phase flow can output signals with a current of 4˜20 mA to a PLC system or communicate with an industrial process control computer or with a remote control computer system in a operating room.05-06-2010
20120304779ELECTRONIC FLOW METER - An electronic flow meter includes a magnetic sensor, phase-A and phase-B drivers, a phase-A comparator, a phase-B comparator, a two-phase encoder, and a rotational speed timer. The two-phase encoder determines a normal/reverse direction where the impeller is rotated based on event signals sampled by the phase-A and the phase-B comparators, respectively, causing a counter to count up or to count down according to the normal/reverse direction as determined, thereby outputting an event count signal. The rotational speed timer calculates a rotational frequency of the impeller from the event count signal outputted by the two-phase encoder and sets frequencies of respective sampling signals of the phase-A and the phase-B comparators at a time when the rotational frequency of the impeller is measured next, and respective drive periods of the phase-A and the phase-B drivers in accordance with the rotational frequency of the impeller as calculated.12-06-2012
20080257063DEVICES AND METHODS FOR USE IN ASSESSING A FLOW CONDITION OF A FLUID - A device for use in assessing a flow condition of a fluid, or a fluid in a flow path, is provided. The device comprises at least one electrochemical cell, comprising a working electrode and at least one other electrode, sufficient for communication with the fluid, or sufficient for communication with a flow path, such that when sufficient fluid is in the flow path, the cell is in communication with the fluid. The fluid comprises a component sufficient to affect a mass-transport limited electrochemical reaction at the working electrode. The device also comprises at least one microcontroller operably connected to the at least one electrochemical cell for providing a potential or a current to the working electrode and for assessing the electrochemical reaction. A method of assessing a flow condition of a fluid, or a fluid in a flow path, is also provided. The device and the method of the present invention may be used in connection with the delivery of a fluid-borne or fluidized drug or medicament to a subject.10-23-2008
20110271768AIR FLOW MEASUREMENT APPARATUS - An air flow measurement apparatus includes an air flow sensor for outputting an air flow signal indicative of detected air flow, a reference voltage generator for outputting reference voltage signals, a multiplexer for sequentially selecting the signals in a predetermined order, an A/D converter for converting the signals into digital data in an order selected by the multiplexer, and a signal processing unit for applying correction processing to air flow voltage data corresponding to the air flow signal using reference voltage data corresponding to the reference voltage signals. The signal processing unit has a sampling timing setting section for determining sampling timings at which the A/D converter samples the signals in such a manner that the sampling timing at which the air flow signal is sampled is interposed between the sampling timings at which successive two of the reference voltage signals are sampled.11-10-2011
20110290036Performing Metering Using Pulse Counting - An apparatus can include a first detector to receive a first signal from a first switch configured to open and close based on position of a metering wheel associated with a flow line. The apparatus can further include a first counter to count within a first range based on a change in a state of the first signal. Using this information, the apparatus can determine usage and direction of, e.g., a fluid or liquid flowing along the flow line.12-01-2011
20110167925WATERPROOFING APPARATUS FOR ELECTRICAL CABLE END, AND METHOD OF WATERPROOFING ELECTRICAL CABLE END - Provided is a waterproofing apparatus for an electrical cable end of the invention, in which, for waterproofing of an electrical cable end, the electrical cable end is placed in a high pressure atmosphere such that a liquid waterproofing agent dispensed onto the electrical cable end permeates the inside of a sheathed electrical cable, the apparatus is provided with; a first accommodating section that accommodates the electrical cable end to which a liquid waterproofing agent is applied, a sealing device that seals the first accommodating section, and a pressurizing device that feeds air into the first accommodating section.07-14-2011
20110167924FLOW SENSOR FOR COOLING WATER IN A GRADIENT COIL - A cooling water measurement system for a gradient system of an imaging system, such as a magnetic resonance system, is provided. A volume of cooling water flowing through at least one gradient system cooling water tube of the gradient system per unit of time is determined. The gradient system cooling water measurement system includes a voltage measurement system for measuring a Hall voltage.07-14-2011
20090277278Measuring device and method for monitoring a measuring deivce - A measuring device includes: a measuring transducer accommodated, at least partially, in a housing, for registering at least one, measured variable; and a measuring device electronics electrically connected, at least at times, with the measuring transducer. The measuring device electronics includes at least one measurement channel for registering and further processing at least one primary signal generated by means of the measuring transducer, and an electrical current measuring circuit for registering measuring-device-internally flowing, electrical currents. Furthermore, it is provided, that the electrical current measuring circuit registers, during operation, at least at times, especially recurringly, an electrical leakage current, which flows as a result of a potential difference existing, at least at times, between housing and measuring device electronics and as a result of an electrically conductive connection likewise existing between housing and measuring device electronics, especially an undesired, electrically conductive connection and/or an electrically conductive connection formed by a deposit affecting the housing. Taking into consideration the registered leakage current, the measuring device electronics generates, additionally, at least one state value, especially a digital state value, instantaneously representing an operating state, especially a defective operating state, of the measuring device.11-12-2009
20090288495MAGNETIC DRIVE ASSEMBLY FOR PETROLEUM AND LPG METER - A metering system for measuring a flow of petroleum and LPG. In embodiments of the invention, a magnetic drive is used to couple a measuring chamber, such as a known oscillating piston system, to a register or indicator, avoiding leakage and excessive wear due to passing a shaft through the wall of the chamber.11-26-2009
20090188327Flangeless magnetic flowmeter with integrated retention collar, valve seat and liner protector - A magnetic flowmeter comprises a pipe section, an insulating liner, a flangeless retention collar, a liner protector, a coil and an electromotive force sensor. The insulating liner lines the pipe section to form a process flow channel. The flangeless retention collar is located on an end of the pipe section for forming an end-to-end fluid connection to the process flow channel, and the liner protector is formed on the retention collar to provide an end seal for the insulating liner. The coil produces a magnetic field within the process flow channel, and the electromotive force sensor senses an electromotive force generated in fluid flow through the process flow channel.07-30-2009
20090025485Device for measuring the mass flow of milk in particular during the milking process - The device for measuring the mass flow of a foaming fluid, in particular of milk during milking, comprises a housing having an inlet and an outlet, and a measuring device for determining the mass flow. The housing is structured such that mixing the foam portion with the liquid portion of the fluid can be achieved. To this end, the inlet runs substantially tangentially into the housing interior.01-29-2009
20090183575Measuring Transducer - A measuring transducer has a sensor for recording a physical or chemical parameter and for generating a corresponding measurement signal and has an analytical device for determining a measured value dependent on the measurement signal and for outputting the measured value. A first interface for digital transmission of the measured value and a second interface are provided between the sensor and the analytical device. The analytical device is provided with a signal by the second interface, providing the measurement signal from the sensor. A synchronization of the analytical device t to the sampling time of the sensor is thus possible.07-23-2009
20090241686METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR A MEMS DETECTOR THAT ENABLES CONTROL OF A DEVICE USING HUMAN BREATH - Methods and systems for a MEMS detector that enables control of a device using human breath are disclosed and may include detecting air flow caused by human breath via a microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) detector, which may include deflectable members operable to detect the movement of air. The deflection of the members may be limited via a spacer within the MEMS detector. The amount of deflection may be determined by measuring reflected light signals, piezoelectric signals, capacitance changes, or current generated by the deflection in a magnetic field. Output signals may be generated based on the detected movement. The MEMS detector may include a substrate, a spacer, and the MEMS deflectable members. The substrate may include a ceramic material and/or silicon, and may include embedded devices and interconnects. An integrated circuit may be electrically coupled to the substrate. Air flows may be directed out of the side of the MEMS detector.10-01-2009
20120103107FLOW RATE MEASURING APPARATUS - Provided is a flow rate measuring apparatus which suppresses deformation of a base main body due to vibration of a pipe so as to be able to reduce occurrence of disconnection of wires due to the vibration of the pipe. The flow rate measuring apparatus includes a bonding portion (05-03-2012
20090314101MEASURING APPARATUS SYSTEM AND METHOD - Disclosed are a method, device and system for determining a flow rate of an excretion stream within an excretion collection assembly. According to some embodiments of the present invention, one of the constituent elements of the collection assembly includes a sensing module which includes an electrical and/or electromechanical component.12-24-2009
20100251828METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR GAS FLOW MEASUREMENT - A method and apparatus for measuring gas flow are provided. In one embodiment, a calibration circuit for gas control may be utilized to verify and/or calibrate gas flows utilized for backside cooling, process gas delivery, purge gas delivery, cleaning agent delivery, carrier gases delivery and remediation gas delivery, among others.10-07-2010
20080229845Flowmeter Assembly - A beverage dispenser provides numerous inventive features in its refrigeration system, diluent delivery system, concentrate delivery system, mixing and dispensing system, and control system. The refrigeration system employs a plate heat exchanger to provide on demand refrigeration of an intermittent water flow. The diluent delivery system includes a flowmeter/solenoid/check-valve assembly. The concentrate delivery system employs a positive displacement pump. The mixing and dispensing system includes a mixing nozzle that has a locking feature such that an elevated blocking surface directly faces the inlet of pressurized diluent to create turbulence. The control system receives package-specific information from a scanner and diluent flow rate information from the flowmeter, and then determines the pump speed in order to set a desired mix ratio.09-25-2008
20110000309APPARATUS FOR MEASURING PARAMETERS OF FLUID FLOW - A flow rate measuring apparatus comprises a vessel for receiving electrically conductive liquid, and a measuring element for measuring electrically the filled volume of the vessel as a function of time to provide a signal representative of the flow rate of electrically conductive liquid entering the vessel. The measuring element is disposable within the vessel and is configured to regulate the flow of electrically conductive liquid from the first side to the second side of the measuring element.01-06-2011
20110030482Apparatus and Method for Measuring Water Quality in a Water Meter Data Collection System - A system for monitoring water quality in a water meter data collection system having a plurality of metering end points (E) for measuring consumption includes a plurality of chemical biological and environmental sensors (S02-10-2011
20110079089COMPLIANT COIL FORM - A coil assembly includes a coil form and a winding. The coil form includes a base defining a loop defined by a pair of opposed first sides and a pair of opposed second sides, a plurality of spaced apart support members extending from the base along the first sides, and a coil support structure extending from the base at each of the second sides. Each support member includes a first portion and a second portion, the first portion extending from the base and the second portion extending from the first portion, with a gap is defined between adjacent support members. The winding abuts the first portion of at least some of the spaced apart support members and is at least partially secured by the second portions of the support members. The winding abuts each of the coil support structures, and is curved in a saddle shape.04-07-2011
20110239777Airborne Particle And Microorganism Collection System - A highly portable airborne particle and microorganism collection system which includes an air flow control mechanism adapted to control the air flow volume as air is pulled through the system via a vacuum source.10-06-2011
20120118073APPARATUS FOR MEASURING VOLUME-OR MASS-FLOW OF A MEDIUM IN A PIPELINE - In order to place a medium flowing through a magneto-inductive flow measuring device at a reference potential, a grounding gasket is arranged, in each case, between flared end regions of the measuring tube, or measuring tube flanges secured on the measuring tube, and pipeline flanges connected with the pipeline. The grounding gasket comprises a conductive support material. The support material is provided with an electrically conductive, chemically resistant, plastics coating, at least in regions in contact in the installed state with the medium, the flared end regions, or the measuring tube flanges, as the case may be, and the pipeline flanges.05-17-2012
20090126504Microfluidic System - The microfluidic system is constituted of modules that comprise one microfluidic unit and one corresponding electric control unit each and that are retained on a rear panel unit next to each other in a row. To prevent the formation of accumulation of ignitable or toxic gas mixtures a fluid conduit for a rinsing fluid extends through the rear panel unit. Branches lead from said fluid conduit to the modules, and said branches flowing into respective distributor compartments that extend vertically across the module height in the modules. Said distributor compartments are delimited in relation to the interior of the respective module by a distributor panel that is provide with openings. The interior of the respective module comprises, on its lower or rear surface, an exit opening for the rinsing fluid.05-21-2009
20110113894FLOW MONITOR - The invention relates to a flow monitor for monitoring the flow of flowing media, wherein a paddle projecting into the flow transfers the rotating movement of the paddle onto a display device by means of a magnetic gear comprising a plurality of individual magnets corresponding with each other.05-19-2011
20110185821FLOW RATE METER INCORPORATING REUSABLE DEVICE - A flow rate meter comprises a disposable fluid transport portion and a reusable interface connector removably attached to the transport portion. The transport portion includes a flow conduit having an input and an output, while the interface connector provides feedback to a desired location. First and second portions of control circuitry are, respectively, associated with the transport portion and the interface connector. The first circuitry portion includes a plurality of electrodes and derives flow rate. The device measures a range of flow rates and is adapted, for example, for use in micro-fluidic systems including fluids administration to a patient's body.08-04-2011
20100024566Liquid flow sensing systems - A liquid flow sensing system for sensing the flow of liquid within a supply line (02-04-2010
20110314930FLUID FLOW MEASURING DEVICE, VALVE DEVICE AND MEASURING METHOD - The present invention relates to a fluid flow measuring device. The device includes a fluid flow having at least one of a volume flow rate and a mass flow rate. At least one spring element is included, which is exposed to the fluid flow, such that the spring element is elastically displaceable in at least one of a ferromagnetic and an electrically conductive mobile region depending on the dynamic pressure acting thereon with an eddy current sensor arranged stationarily. The eddy current sensor generates a measurement signal that is correlated with a distance between the eddy current sensor and the mobile region. The distance varies with the dynamic pressure-related displacement of the mobile region, and at least one temperature sensor is included, the temperature sensor measures an actual temperature of the fluid flow.12-29-2011
20120000293Nanofiber Actuators and Strain Amplifiers - Nanofiber actuators and strain amplifiers having a material that generates a force or generates a displacement when directly or indirectly electrically driven. This material is an aerogel or a related low density or high density network comprising conducting fibers that are electrically interconnected and can substantially actuate without the required presence of either a liquid or solid electrolyte. Reversible or permanently frozen actuation is used to modify the properties of the actuator material for applications.01-05-2012
20120011940Integrated Micromachining Air Flow Path Clog Sensor - Nowadays many electronic devices, such as LCD projector, computer servers, and air fresher etc. require reliable air cooling system to reduce the risk of electronics damage caused by overheating. The present invention disclosed an apparatus integrated with air flow sensor as an alarm apparatus for air flow clog detection. The major prior approach for air flow circulation failure detection is based on an indirect measurement method of temperature monitoring on surrounding environments, which method is suffering from the slow response and poor identification of real-time situation. The present invention will demonstrate the advantages by directly monitoring air flow over by indirectly monitoring the surrounding temperature as for the purpose of preventing air flow path clog.01-19-2012
20110179880FLOW SENSING SYSTEMS AND METHODS - A flow sensing system is provided. The system can include a first graphitic member and a first measurement device communicatively coupled to the first graphitic member. The first measurement device is adapted to measure a voltage along each of a plurality of orthogonal axes defined by the first graphitic member. The system can further include a display communicatively coupled to the first measurement device, the display adapted to convert the measured voltages into a signal proportionate to the fluid flow past the first graphitic member.07-28-2011
20100326202APPARATUS FOR MEASURING A FLOW RATE OF A POWDER - [Problems] For an apparatus for measuring a flow rate of a powder when a powder is conveyed by using air as a carrier gas, which apparatus measures the flow rate based on the change of capacitance of the powder to be measured, to provide the apparatus that can measure the flow rate of a powder with high accuracy by compensating for the effect of the thermal drift of the capacitance.12-30-2010
20110259118ELECTROMAGNETIC FLOW METER - A noise eliminating circuit is provided between a sample hold portion and an A/D converting portion. In the noise eliminating circuit, a DC flow rate signal is sent from the sample hold portion through a buffer to one input terminal of an operational amplifier as a first input signal, and through a high-pass filter and a buffer to the other input terminal of the operational amplifier as a second input signal. The high-pass filter passes, as a noise component, a signal of higher than a specific frequency included in the DC flow rate signal. The operational amplifier calculates the difference between the first input signal (the flow rate signal component+the noise component) and the second input signal (the noise component), and outputs this difference (the flow rate signal component) to the A/D converting portion as the DC flow rate signal.10-27-2011
20120325013FLOW MEASUREMENT SYSTEM AND METHODS - Flow measurement systems and methods are provided. A flow measurement system can include at least one heat-producing computing device (12-27-2012
20130008261GAS FLOW METER WITH HORIZONTAL PISTON MOVEMENT - A method and a gas flow meter for measuring gas flow. A cylinder is supported in the flow meter with a horizontal orientation. A piston is disposed movably within the cylinder, the piston having a surface which forms a clearance seal with a surface of the cylinder. The piston may have a low-friction coating such as diamond-like carbon. A gas flow to be measured is received at a gas inlet, and directed to the cylinder so as to move the piston within the cylinder. The gas flow is directed by valves and conduits alternately to the two ends of the cylinder, for measuring the gas flow in both directions of the cylinder. From the detected movement of said piston electrical signals representative of the gas flow are generated.01-10-2013
20130008262Volumetric Gas Flow Meter With Automatic Compressibility Factor Correction - A method and a gas flow meter for measuring gas flow, having a cylinder, and a piston disposed movably within the cylinder, forming a clearance seal between the piston and the cylinder. A gas flow to be measured is directed to the cylinder so as to move the piston within the cylinder. From the detected movement of the piston, electrical signals representative of the gas flow are generated. Gas temperature and pressure data are also measured. A controller calculates a standardized flow rate of gas based on gas species information, and determines a compressibility factor based on the gas species information and the temperature and pressure data, and calculates a corrected flow rate. The compressibility factor is determined from a table pre-stored in a memory.01-10-2013
20120240689Rotational Measurement System for Fluid Meters - A fluid meter includes a housing which comprises a cavity that defines a flow bore through which a fluid to be metered is directed, a rotor which is rotatably supported in the cavity and is set into rotation by the fluid flowing through the flow bore, a first magnet which is connected to the rotor, a second magnet which is magnetically coupled to the first magnet, a cap member which is positioned over the first magnet and separates the second magnet from the cavity, and a rotary encoder which is operatively coupled to the second magnet. Rotation of the rotor is magnetically transmitted through the cap member from the first magnet to the second magnet and is detected by the rotary encoder.09-27-2012
20080236295AIRFLOW DETECTING APPARATUS - An airflow detecting apparatus for a fan includes an amplifier circuit (10-02-2008
20130112007Fouling Resistant Flow Metering System - Appurtenances added to a pipe mitigate the effects of upstream valves, sluice gates or pipe elbows to condition the pipe flow for accurate flow rate detection by a reverse propeller meter. Further appurtenances allow the reverse propeller meter to be used in extreme debris situations such as weeds, vines and moss present in many canal systems. The system provides an electronic signal that indicates flow rate and accumulated flow volume, or the signal can be transmit to a central headquarters for remote gate control or canal automation.05-09-2013
20130118271SENSOR SIGNAL SAMPLING - A system for processing a signal from a sensor is described. The system comprises an analog-to-digital converter. The system is configured to vary a sampling rate of said analog-to-digital converter dependent on an expected shape of the signal.05-16-2013
20130125664WIRELESS FLOW MONITORING DEVICES - Wireless flow monitoring devices are described. In one example, a device to wirelessly monitor a flow of material is described that includes a housing having a first surface and a second surface opposite the first surface, the second surface having an aperture, a lever secured within the housing to move in response to the flow of material, and a paddle arm forming at least a portion of a first arm of the lever, where an end of the paddle arm extends out the aperture of the second surface of the housing, and where a paddle is affixed to the paddle arm to be positioned within the flow of material. The device includes a magnet that is actuated by a second arm of the lever to move an amount proportional to the first arm of the lever, a portion of the magnet extending beyond the first surface of the housing so that a motion path of the portion of the magnet extending beyond the first surface of the housing is disposed within a channel of a wireless position monitor mounted to the first surface of the housing, where the channel serves as a sensor to detect movement of the magnet.05-23-2013
20080202255Oval Gear Meter - The invention relates on an oval gear meter for volume flow measurement comprising a housing (08-28-2008
20130139608Electromagnetic Flow Meter - A flow meter comprising a magnet, a substantially non-magnetic conduit adapted to convey conductive fluid flowing in said conduit, said conduit arranged proximate to said magnet, and a sensor for sensing distortion of lines of force created by said magnet when said fluid flows in said conduit. Neither the magnet nor the sensor need be in physical contact with the conduit that carries the conductive fluid.06-06-2013
20120031195Fluid Flow Meter - Fluid flow meters and methods for measuring different aspects of fluid flow with a non-contact sensor are provided. In some cases a fluid flow gear meter is provided with a fluid chamber that is sealed with a cover portion carrying the non-contact sensor. An optional separation member may be located between the cover portion and the chamber to seal the chamber. In some cases the cover portion and/or separation member are configured to transmit visible light to allow viewing of the fluid chamber, through material selection and/or the presence of viewing cavities within the material. The flow meter is optionally configured to prevent or reduce the transmission of ambient environmental radiation into the flow meter to lessen the likelihood that it may adversely affect an optical non-contact sensor used to detect movement of gears within the chamber.02-09-2012

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