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073146200 Tire inflation testing installation 125
20090120178TIRE WEAR TEST METHOD - A method of tire wear test capable of testing tire wear precisely by appropriately setting running modes in a simple manner.05-14-2009
20100077848TIRE AND METHOD OF SELECTIVELY ALTERING OR CONTROLLING PROPERTIES OR CHARACTERISTICS THEREOF UNDER VARYING CONDITIONS - One exemplary embodiment includes a method comprising providing a tire having a component constructed and arranged to cause at least one portion of the tire to have a first stiffness or resistance to force exerted thereon under a first condition and a second stiffness or resistance to force exerted thereon under a second condition and selectively causing the first or second condition to occur.04-01-2010
20100077847TIRE STATE ESTIMATOR AND TIRE STATE ESTIMATION METHOD - A tire state estimator includes a lateral force upper limit estimating section, a lateral force estimating section, and a tire slip angle estimating section. The lateral force upper limit estimating section calculates an estimated tire lateral force upper limit, on a basis of an estimated tire slip angle and a measured tire self aligning torque. The lateral force estimating section calculates an estimated tire lateral force, on a basis of the estimated tire lateral force upper limit calculated by the lateral force upper limit estimating section and the estimated tire slip angle. The tire slip angle estimating section calculates the estimated tire slip angle, on a basis of the estimated tire lateral force calculated by the lateral force estimating section and a measured vehicle state.04-01-2010
20130081457Attachment Patch for Mounting Various Devices - A tire monitor assembly includes a rubber ply having a first side affixable to an interior surface of a tire. A pedestal extends from a second side of the rubber ply, wherein the pedestal has a top surface and at least one sidewall. The pedestal has a groove disposed in the at least one sidewall that extends along a perimeter of the pedestal, wherein the pedestal has a cavity disposed in the top surface, extending towards the rubber ply. The assembly further includes a tire monitoring device and a fastener connected to the tire monitoring device and further connected to the pedestal such that the fastener is disposed in at least one of the cavity and the groove.04-04-2013
20130031968ROAD SURFACE MEMBER FOR TIRE TESTING MACHINE AND MANUFACTURING METHOD OF THE SAME - A rotary drum used in a tire testing machine has a road surface base material made of an aluminum alloy and provided with a road surface onto which a tire is pushed. The road surface is coated with a thermally-sprayed steel film having higher hardness than the road surface base material, and polished. With such a configuration, a favorable test result can be obtained.02-07-2013
20100043541TIRE EQUIPPED WITH A SENSOR AND A METHOD OF MEASURING STRAIN AMOUNT OF THE TIRE - This invention provides a tire (02-25-2010
20130036810TIRE TESTING APPARATUS HAVING ADJUSTABLE BEAD WIDTH - An adjustable width chuck assembly for a tire testing machine including upper and lower relatively movable rims by which a tire is clamped and held during a testing cycle. A pilot or nose cone forming part of one of the rims is gas pressure biased towards engagement with complementally formed structure on the other rim. The gas pressure bias is provided by a gas spring which can be replaced with gas springs of differing pressures in order to adjust the biasing force or, alternately, the gas spring can be removed from the chuck assembly and re-pressurized to a different level in order to change its biasing force. The use of a gas spring for providing the necessary biasing force expands the range of motion for the nose cone, thus allowing a given chuck assembly to accommodate tires having a wide range of bead widths.02-14-2013
20090158834Method for Testing Tires - The invention relates to a method for testing tires, for measuring the radial and lateral forces which the tires of motor vehicles will exert on a road. According to the method, a load-application wheel is forced with a predetermined force against the tread of the tire which is filled with air, the tire rolling off on the load-application wheel. The test is carried out in both rotational directions of the tire. After the first test the rotational direction is changed and the second test is carried out. The method is characterized in that the force with which the load-application wheel is forced against the tread of the tire is reduced during change of the rotational direction.06-25-2009
20120180560METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DETERMINING THE DEPTH OF A METAL FEATURE IN A RUBBER OR ELASTOMERIC MATERIAL - A method and apparatus for determining the depth of a metal feature in a rubber or elastomeric material is provided. In certain embodiments, the present invention provides a method and apparatus for determining the depth of e.g., a metal cable in a tire. A sensor that changes state within range of the metal feature is used to determine the depth of such feature in the material without the necessity of deconstructing the material.07-19-2012
20090044615Tire Testing Facility - A tire testing facility is used for testing tires. To improve such tire testing facility, the same comprises a tire testing device with one or more testing heads (02-19-2009
20090095065GREEN TIRE INSPECTION APPARATUS AND METHOD THEREFOR - An improvement is achieved in productivity of a tire by preventing an unacceptably molded green tire, which is produced in a molding process, from flowing to a vulcanizing process. Measures therefor comprise putting an unvulcanized green tire on a mount surface of a mount stage, sticking an information label to a side wall of the green tire with a label sticking device arranged below a through-hole formed in a position, which corresponds to an inside of a bead body of the green tire, on the mount surface, and measuring a weight of the green tire with a gravimeter, which supports the mount stage.04-16-2009
20090056433SYSTEM FOR ELECTRO-STATICALLY INDICATING MOVEMENT OF TREAD - A system including a first electrode embedded in tread of a tire. The first electrode is configured for electro-statically indicating movement of the tread.03-05-2009
20120222477TERMINAL ENCAPSULATED TIRE MONITORING DEVICE - A terminal encapsulated tire monitoring device electrically connectable with at least one contact of a read-write tool is disclosed to include a housing, a sensor unit mounted in the housing and consisting of a circuit board and a plurality of terminal connection portions, a plurality of conducting terminals partially embedded in the housing each having a first contact end electrically connectable by one contact of the read-write tool and a second contact end electrically connected to one terminal connection portion of the sensor unit.09-06-2012
20110011171TIRE RIM-ASSEMBLING MECHANISM, RIM-ASSEMBLING METHOD OF TIRE, AUTOMATIC VISUAL INSPECTION EQUIPMENT OF TIRE, AND AUTOMATIC VISUAL INSPECTION METHOD OF TIRE - Disclosed is automatic visual inspection equipment of a tire in which eccentricity of a rim-assembled tire is prevented by preventing the tire from being deformed by the load of an upper rim. An upper rim is previously pulled up to the side of a main shaft by an upper rim pull-up mechanism, which is fixed to the side of a main shaft. The lower rim is elevated up to the upper rim to fix the upper rim to the tire, and the rim-assembled tire is fixed to the main shaft. Only the upper rim pull-up mechanism is lowered and visual inspection of the tire is performed by rotating the main shaft. A positioning means is provided and includes a positioning pin and a positioning hole provided between the upper surface of an upper rim connector and the lower end surface of the upper rim fixing portion of the main shaft.01-20-2011
20110011170LATERAL POSITION CONTROL FOR TIRE TREAD WEAR TEST MACHINE - A method of tire testing comprising applying a drive torque to a tire and a wheel assembly about an axis of rotation to drive the tire and wheel assembly and a rotatable drum with the tire in rolling contact with the rotatable drum; controlling a load pressure of the tire against the rotatable drum; and adjusting a lateral position of the tire across a surface of the rotatable drum.01-20-2011
20120234086TRANSMISSION DEVICE FOR TRANSMITTING INFORMATION ABOUT TIRE CONDITION AND TIRE CONDITION MONITORING SYSTEM - A tire condition monitoring system includes a transmission device, a receiving device, and a monitoring section. The transmission device includes a sensor, a transmitter, a housing, and a engaged member. The sensor detects, as the tire information, a condition of gas filled in the tire cavity area surrounded with the tire and a rim. The transmitter wirelessly transmits the detected tire information. The housing houses the sensor and the transmitter, including an inner space and a through hole. The inner space is surrounded with a wall of the housing and is separated from the tire cavity area. The through hole passes through the wall. The engaged member is engaged with the through hole to be provided to the housing. The engaged member includes one of an air vent and a communication groove for communicating between the tire cavity area and the inner space.09-20-2012
20130125639METHOD FOR ESTIMATING THE DYNAMIC LOAD BORNE BY A VEHICLE TIRE - The invention relates to a method for estimating the dynamic load borne by a tire of a vehicle running along over a given period, whereby the pressure is measured during the period, at each pressure measurement point, the pressure, known as the reference pressure, of the same tire subjected to a load that is constant and known per time interval is determined, and the variation in load is calculated from the difference between the measured pressure and the pressure, known as the reference pressure, and from a model of the tire devised beforehand and that relates a variation in load to a variation in pressure.05-23-2013
20130205884DIAGNOSTIC TIRE TEST METHOD - Provided is a method for testing a tire. The method may comprise performing a first stopping distance test on a tire of a first specification at a first inflation pressure and gathering data about the first stopping distance test. The method may further comprise performing a second stopping distance test on a tire of the first specification at a second inflation pressure and gathering data about the second stopping distance test. The method may further comprise performing a first traction test on a tire of the first specification at either the first inflation pressure or the second inflation pressure and gathering data about the first traction test.08-15-2013
20130205883SYSTEM FOR CHARACTERIZING TIRE UNIFORMITY MACHINES AND METHODS OF USING THE CHARACTERIZATIONS - A tire uniformity machine includes an apparatus for receiving and rotating a tire. The apparatus includes opposed chuck assemblies for receiving, inflating and rotating the tire and a load wheel applied to the rotating tire to obtain tire test results. At least one characterizing device is associated with components of the apparatus to characterize forces of at least one of the components and the characterized forces are used in adjusting the tire test results.08-15-2013
20110296906Piezoelectric Generator - A piezoelectric generator includes a piezoelectric element, a spring element, a mass element, and at least one stop. The piezoelectric element, the spring element, and the mass element form a system which can oscillate. The stop limits the oscillation of the system which can oscillate, at least on one side. The stop is formed from a ductile material or has a coating of a ductile material.12-08-2011
20090107228Detection of prepped tires - A portable tire prep detector is used to detect prep on a tire, when the tire is on a racing vehicle, and when the racing vehicle is on a race track. In one example, the detection of prep using the portable tire prep detector involves a test that takes less than two minutes. Multiple tires can be reliably tested in this way in rapid succession, even if some of the tires tested cause large amounts of prep to be drawn into the portable tire prep detector. In one example, the portable tire prep detector is a portable gas detector involving a catalytic combustion sensor. The portable gas detector is able to detect very low concentrations of hydrocarbons in a sample gas drawn into the detector from the tire surface. If the detector reads above a predetermined threshold value, then the tire is determined to have been prepped.04-30-2009
20090272183DEVICE AND METHOD FOR GENERATING REFERENCE GEOMETRIC DATA FOR TIRE INSPECTION - A split mold for vulcanizing a tire is held at a mold holding section, which is held on a rotatable base, and then a measuring section measures distances to an inner surface of the split mold in the inside diameter direction and in the axial direction. An operating section acquires two-dimensional geometric data of the inner surface of the split mold from the distances measured above, and further acquires geometric data over the entire circumference by rotating the rotatable base, and the data are combined to acquire three-dimensional geometric data of the inner surface of the split mold and make reference geometric data for tire inspection.11-05-2009
20100170331APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR TESTING A TIRE - An apparatus for testing a tyre (07-08-2010
20080282789Movable Tyre Test Bench and Method Therefor - A mobile test rig for tires, composed of a self-driven platform capable of following rectilinear and circular trajectories and including: a test instrument module for a wheel-tire assembly to be tested that permits the assembly to be orientated in all directions, to lean the assembly and apply a vertical effort to the assembly, first swivelling axles, equipped with suspensions and driving wheels, a processing unit associated to a memory, and a control of the test cycle permitting orientation of the assembly to be controlled, as well as a load applied to the assembly.11-20-2008
20100083745Method of Dynamically Measuring Stiffness of a Wheel and Tire Assembly - A test machine and method for dynamically testing a tire/wheel assembly. A first laser measurement gage is directed to an inboard rim flange of the wheel to measure radial deflection of the tire/wheel assembly. A second laser measurement gage is directed to the inboard rim flange to measure axial deflection of the tire/wheel assembly. Displacement data and loading data are correlated to provide values for lateral stiffness, radial stiffness and ride stiffness.04-08-2010
20090151440TIRE PROVIDED WITH A THERMOELECTRIC DEVICE - A tire provided with a Seebeck effect thermoelectric generator to deliver electrical power to a member, the generator comprising a cold pole and a hot pole respectively in contact with a cold element and a hot element, the hot element forming a portion of the tire.06-18-2009
20100089139WHEEL BASED SENSOR ASSEMBLY - A wheel and sensor assembly includes a U-shaped bracket assembly mounting to and moving with a wheel assembly. One or more sensor device(s) such as camber angle and slip angle sensors mount to the bracket assembly for operatively measuring one or more wheel assembly parameter(s) during vehicle use. The bracket assembly mounts to the wheel assembly and turns therewith. The bracket assembly positions the sensor device(s) in operative optimal proximity to the road surface during vehicle use under actual operating conditions.04-15-2010
20100126263METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DETERMINING OPERATING PARAMETERS OF A TYRE DURING RUNNING OF A VEHICLE - An oscillating structure is coupled to a crown portion of a tyre. The oscillating structure includes a housing and a piezoelectric element coupled to the housing. The piezoelectric element is able to oscillate in an oscillation direction, which could match either a longitudinal or a radial direction of the tyre. An electrical signal generated by the piezoelectric element is processed so as to determine at least one operating parameter of the tyre. The processing includes determining whether a rotation speed of the tyre is greater than a threshold speed; and, in the negative, extracting information for determining the at least one operating parameter of the tyre from a low-pass filtered signal. Such low-pass filtered signal is obtained by removing at least frequency components of the electrical signal having a frequency higher than or equal to a resonance peak frequency of the oscillating structure.05-27-2010
20090282905DEVICE AND METHOD FOR CHECKING A TIRE IN PARTICULAR BY MEANS OF AN INTERFEROMETRIC MEASURING METHOD - The invention relates to a device for checking a tyre, (11-19-2009
20080209995Vehicle Tyre Checking System - A method and apparatus for assessing the tread on a vehicle tyre, measuring tyre pressure and calculating other parameters such as vehicle weight. The vehicle is driven in a longitudinal direction so that the tyre passes over a first lateral sensor (09-04-2008
20090277262TIRE HAVING WIRELESS MICRO AND NANO SENSORS - A sensor system for obtaining data from an elastomeric article includes at least one wireless sensor. The sensor length-scales range from nano- to micro-scale devices that are small enough to avoid becoming occlusions within the article. The article may include sensors embedded within one of the materials of the article, a layer of sensors built into the article, and a string of sensors disposed within a component or embedded within a component of the article. The sensors may be configured to provide data related to one or more of temperature, pressure, sidewall flex, stress, strain and other parameters. The sensors may be LCD sensors, and/or conductive polymer sensors, and/or bio-polymer sensors and/or polymer diodes suitable for sensing data during the operation of the tire. A power circuit using energy generated by the tire may provide power to the sensors.11-12-2009
20100281968DETECTION METHOD FOR FORCES ACTING ON TIRE AND PNUAMATIC TIRE USED THEREIN - Provided is a detection method for at least one of acting forces on tire among a back-and-forth directional force, a lateral force, vertical force, and a moment about a tire axis, to detect by strain outputs of strain sensors, which are attached on the tire and measure the strains of a sidewall portion. The above-mentioned strain sensors comprise 11-11-2010
20130213125TEST DEVICE FOR MEASURING LOADS SUPPORTED BY A TIRE - The invention relates to a powered mobile test device for measuring loads supported by a running tire, said device being composed of a rigid frame carried by at least two carrying wheels to which a torque is applied, and having an axle which is fixed to the frame and which carries a test wheel for measuring the loads supported by said tire.08-22-2013
20100031740Biaxial wheel test assembly - A wheel test assembly for testing a wheel-and-tire assembly includes a drum operatively mounted to a base for rotation of the drum. The drum includes an inner circumferential surface. A tailstock assembly is slidably coupled to the base for movement in a lateral direction relative to the drum. A support assembly is slidably coupled to the tailstock assembly for movement in a vertical direction for positioning the wheel-and-tire assembly into rolling contact with the inner circumferential surface of the drum. A spindle assembly is pivotally coupled to the support assembly to adjust a camber angle of the wheel-and-tire assembly. The wheel-and-tire assembly is mounted to the spindle assembly for rotation of the wheel-and-tire assembly.02-11-2010
20080276699Method For Automatically Initializing an Indirectly Measuring Tire Pressure Monitoring System - Method for automatically initializing an indirectly measuring tire pressure monitoring system which due a change of the rotational behavior of the vehicle wheels, in particular a change in the rolling circumference detects a deflation on the vehicle wheels by comparing learnt reference values with continuously detected new values (11-13-2008
20110203362TIRE INFLATION METHOD FOR TIRE TESTING MACHINE - In a tire testing machine, a test tire transported onto a belt conveyor is entrusted to a lower rim by lowering the belt conveyor. In this state, an upper rim is lowered to the position of the lower rim, whereby the upper and lower rims are fitted to the test tire, and then the test tire is inflated. An inflation method for the tire testing machine comprises stopping the belt conveyor at an intermediate position, without lowering the belt conveyor to a descent limit, when entrusting the test tire to the lower rim by lowering the belt conveyor; and inflating the test tire, with the weight of the test tire being shouldered by the belt conveyor as well.08-25-2011
20120291537TIRE SYSTEM - A system for measuring physical parameters of a tire, according to one embodiment of the present invention comprises a sensor layer and a circuit layer. The sensor layer is communicatively coupled to the circuit layer. The sensor layer is configured as a first thin film and embedded in the tire. The sensor layer provides a signal related to a physical parameter of the tire. The circuit layer is configured as a second thin film and embedded in the tire. The circuit layer processes the signal provided by the sensor layer.11-22-2012
20100139383APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR MONITORING TYRE WEAR - A fleet management system for monitoring the tread depth of a plurality of tyres in use in a fleet of vehicles, includes an electronic database of information relevant to the depth of tread for each of a plurality of tyres in use in a fleet of vehicles, an apparatus (06-10-2010
20110138899TIRE TESTING DEVICE - A tire testing device which can improve reliability in measurement of loss in tire is provided. The tire testing device can include a tire motor connected with the rotational shaft of the tire, a tire shaft torque meter for detecting torque applied to the rotational shaft of the tire, a roller on to which the tire is pressed to be contact with, a roller motor connected with the rotational shaft of the roller, and a roller shaft torque meter for detecting the torque applied to the rotational shaft of the roller. The device measures loss of power in tire from the difference in power of the tire obtained by adding the torque measured by the tire shaft torque meter and the difference in power of the roller obtained by adding the torque measured by the roller shaft torque meter.06-16-2011
20090049902METHOD FOR CORRECTING CONCAVE-CONVEX EXHIBITED ON A SURFACE OF A BODY OF ROTATION - Providing a method for correcting a data of irregularity of a surface of a body of rotation with an eccentricity included to a data being not affected by eccentricity.02-26-2009
20080264160Tire pressure measurement system with reduced current consumption - A tire pressure measurement system (TPMS) includes a capacitor and an integrated circuit configured to receive a supply voltage. The integrated circuit includes a voltage regulator and a measurement unit. The voltage regulator is configured to be turned on and off for predetermined periods of time such that the capacitor is charged and discharged, respectively. The voltage regulator and the capacitor are connected to the measurement unit in order to selectively provide electric charge at a voltage between predetermined upper and lower limits.10-30-2008
20090084173Automated lost load response system - An automated lost load response system for work machines is disclosed. The response system has a first sensor situated to detect the contour of the road surface forward of a first machine, and a second sensor situated to detect the contour of the road surface rearward of the first machine. Each of the first and second sensors generates a signal corresponding to its detection of the contour of the road surface. The response system also has a controller that is in communication with both sensors. The controller is configured to provide a load loss warning based on the signals.04-02-2009
20090211352Sensor Module, Wheel With Sensor and Tire/Wheel Assembly - A sensor module includes a substrate having a cavity in a surface thereof; a first sensor inside the cavity; a second sensor inside the cavity; and a lid body sealing the cavity and including an internal surface. The second sensor includes a first electrode located on an internal surface of the lid body and a second electrode located in the cavity.08-27-2009
20100147062METHOD OF ESTIMATING TIRE CONTACT STATE, TIRE CONTACT STATE ESTIMATING APPARATUS AND TIRE FOR TIRE CONTACT STATE ESTIMATION - Provided is a tire contact state estimating method using a tire for estimating a contact state (06-17-2010
20100147061IN-TIRE MULTI-ELEMENT PIEZOELECTRIC SENSOR - Disclosed is an apparatus and methodology for monitoring tire related conditions. A substrate is provided having one or more pairs of sensors mounted thereon. The pairs of sensors are mounted in predetermined relationship to each other at predetermined separation distances such that rotational direction, speed and other parameters of a tire with which the sensors may be associated may be determined. In some embodiments, plural effective pairs of sensors are provided so that mounting orientation of the sensor need not be predetermined.06-17-2010
20090049903TIRE STATE ESTIMATION DEVICE AND TIRE - For the purpose of providing a tire state estimation system in which estimation of a tire ground contact state is made possible the same as the prior art, and a tire used therefor, a configuration is provided such that the tire used in the tire state estimation system has applied force sensors inside thereof, the applied force sensors inside of the tire are connected in series by signal transmitting lines, transmit detection signals to a tire state estimation ape provided on the side of vehicle in a time-series manner, the detection values thus transmitted which are successive in the time-series manner are separated for the respective applied force sensors by a signal identifying part, and an estimating part obtains a ground contact length of the tire in its width direction, as regarding the detection signals thus identified for each applied force sensor as the detection signals in the width direction of the tire obtained in the same timing, and thus, estimates the ground contact state of the tire.02-26-2009
20090314075METHOD FOR ANALYSING TIRE VIBRATION CHARACTERISTICS AND AN APPARATUS FOR CARRYING OUT SAID METHOD - A method for analysing tire vibration characteristics and an apparatus for carrying out the method, wherein the apparatus includes a stiff frame including a wheel support for supporting a wheel with a tire to be analysed. A base part is flexibly connected with the frame by elastic means. The elastic means is embodied such that the frame is flexibly supported in one predefined functional direction. An actuator is provided for exciting vibrations into the wheel. The method and apparatus allow separate analysis of the natural vibrations in all four functional directions.12-24-2009
20090293602WIRELESS COMMUNICATION APPARATUSES, SYSTEMS AND METHODS - Methods of wirelessly communicating are disclosed. In one embodiment, a transmit angle along a circumference of a revolution is determined, a transmit time of the transmit angle based at least in part on a time required to complete a revolution is determined, and a signal is wirelessly transmitted at the transmit angle and the transmit time. Apparatuses and systems are also disclosed.12-03-2009
20110209536WHEEL POSITION DETERMINATION USING REVOLUTION COUNTER - A wheel position determination system and method to count wheel revolutions in a wheel unit of a tire monitoring system. An indication of the count is transmitted, optionally along with an indication of a left/right side position of the wheel on the vehicle, and an identification unique to the transmitting wheel unit, to a central controller of the tire monitoring system. In the central controller of the tire monitoring system, the count is compared with wheel speed information for the vehicle, such as from an ABS system, to determine if one wheel on each side of the vehicle is rotating at a different speed. Based at least in part upon a determination that each wheel speed is unique, a determination of wheel location may be made.09-01-2011
20090078034TIRE DEFECT TESTER - A tire defect tester and a method of operation are disclosed. In one aspect, the tire defect tester includes a first electrode arranged to direct energy toward a tire, and a second electrode arranged on an opposite side of the tire from the first electrode to receive energy passing through the tire from the first electrode. The tire defect tester further includes an energy sensor electrically connected to the second electrode and a fault indicator circuit responsive to the energy sensor and configured to indicate the presence of a flaw upon energy above a threshold level being sensed at the second electrode.03-26-2009
20120192637Method for Determining the Transverse Curve of a Generally Cylindrical Receiving Surface - Method for determining the transverse curve of a receiving surface of generally cylindrical form designed, during the assembly of the tire blank, to receive the components forming a crown belt in which threads are placed at zero degrees relative to the longitudinal direction, the threads being continuously wound without tension. The elongation rate (A) to be applied to a turn of a zero-degree thread is determined according to the desired pre-tension (A=f(T)), according to its axial position in the tire. Depending upon the radial position (Rf) of the thread of the said turn in the tire fitted into its mould, the initial radial position (Ri=Rf/(1+A)) is determined so that the thread of the turn in question sustains the desired elongation rate during forming in the press. The transverse profile (Rfdp) of the receiving surface is determined, in the axial location of the said turn, by subtracting from the initial position of the thread (Ri) the thickness (e) of the components placed radially inside the turn of the said zero-degree thread (Rfdp=Rf/(1+f(T)) e).08-02-2012
20110056284METHOD FOR MEASURING DEFORMATION OF TIRE TREAD - A method for measuring deformation of a tire tread is provided. The method uses a tire tread deformation producing system 03-10-2011
20110056283METHOD FOR ANALYSING TIRE VIBRATION CHARACTERISTICS AND AN APPARATUS FOR CARRYING OUT SAID METHOD - A method for analysing tire vibration characteristics and an apparatus for carrying out the method, wherein the apparatus includes a stiff frame including a wheel support for supporting a wheel with a tire to be analysed. A base part is flexibly connected with the frame by elastic means. The elastic means is embodied such that the frame is flexibly supported in one predefined functional direction. An actuator is provided for exciting vibrations into the wheel. The method and apparatus allow separate analysis of the natural vibrations in all four functional directions.03-10-2011
20100000310APPARATUS FOR DETERMINING THE CONDITION OF A TIRE TREAD OF A VEHICLE WHEEL - A method and apparatus for determining the condition of a tire tread of a vehicle wheel including a rim and a tire configured to perform the steps of: 01-07-2010
20120031179TIRE UNIFORMITY THROUGH DISPERSION OPTIMIZATION - A system and related method for improving tire uniformity includes providing at least one set of test tires constructed with one or more process elements provided at known relative angular locations. At least one uniformity parameter, such as radial or lateral run-out, balance, mass variation, radial lateral or tangential force variation, is measured for at least one harmonic of interest for each test tire. Respective rectangular coordinates are determined for each measured uniformity parameter and harmonic of interest for each tire. A form of the determined rectangular coordinates (e.g., the rectangular coordinates themselves and/or the log of the residuals squared) is analyzed for each tire to identify optimized relative angular locations for each process element that reduce dispersion (or dispersion and mean) of the measured uniformity parameter. New tires are built with the one or more process elements positioned in the identified optimized relative angular locations.02-09-2012
20090145214Method of Measuring the Three-Dimensional Profile of a Ground, and Device for Implementing Said Method - A method of measuring the profile, in three dimensions, of a pavement on which vehicles fitted with at least one tire may run. A first topographical measurement is carried out on site with a precision of at least one millimeter of an elementary surface of said pavement, then the points of contact between said surface and the tread of a given tire are defined and at least a second topographical measurement of said points of contact is carried out on site so as to obtain a three-dimensional representation, with a resolution of the order of one micron, of the microroughness of said points of contact.06-11-2009
20100294032METHOD FOR OPERATING A SENSOR ON OR IN A VEHICLE TIRE, AND A SENSOR SYSTEM - A method is proposed for operating a sensor on or in a vehicle tyre, in particular an acceleration sensor and in particular for detecting a tyre rotation period and/or a tyre contact period, wherein the sensor is operated with a first sampling rate in a first time interval of a rotation of a tyre, and with a second sampling rate in a second time interval of the rotation of the tyre.11-25-2010
20090071236METHOD AND DEVICE FOR DETECTING DEFECT IN OUTER SHAPE OF TIRE SIDE PORTION - Repeated small irregularity, i.e. defect in outer shape on a sidewall portion S of a pneumatic tire T is detected. An order analysis is performed in higher order by an order analysis means 03-19-2009
20100300191ACTIVE AND ADAPTIVE TIRE SYSTEMS - An active and adaptive tire system is disclosed. The active and adaptive tire system comprises a tire and an active material configured to alter at least one characteristic of the tire in response to at least one condition. Also disclosed are an intelligent tire system and a method of monitoring a condition.12-02-2010
20110126617LASER SENSOR BASED SYSTEM FOR STATUS DETECTION OF TIRES - A system is described which enables parameters of a tire (06-02-2011
20090151439METHOD AND DEVICE FOR DETERMINING THE CONDITION OF AT LEAST ONE TYRE OF A VEHICLE WHEEL - The invention concerns a method for diagnosing the condition of at least one tire of a vehicle wheel connected to the body shell thereof via a suspension, including, for the or each tire, a step (06-18-2009
20100132445EVALUATION METHOD FOR PNEUMATIC TIRES AND SYSTEM THEREOF - An evaluation method for pneumatic tires and a system thereof, is provided, capable of appropriately evaluating an adverse effect, such as deterioration, of tire temperature by expressing severity of a temperature imposed on a member of tire made of rubber or the like in quantitative and convenient manners. Detection counts are calculated for each detected temperature according to a detection counts calculating unit 06-03-2010
20090320581METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR TIRE TREAD MEASUREMENT - Methods and apparatus are provided for evaluating tread depth on at least one tire. One or more laser scanners are positioned at an offset position from a tire path of the at least one tire. A profile of the at least one tire is obtained and the tread depth is determined from the profile. Additional information, such as identifying information and mileage information, can optionally be obtained from the at least one tire.12-31-2009
20090320580TYRE COMPRISING A DEVICE FOR DETECTING AT LEAST A CHARACTERISTIC PARAMETER OF THE TYRE ITSELF, AND A MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - Fastened to a tyre is a detecting device consisting of a detecting unit including a sensor associated with an annular antenna having an inner perimetral edge, and an anchoring body having a base portion with a fastening surface secured to the radially internal surface of the tyre. The detecting unit is removably brought into engagement with the anchoring body by insertion of the inner perimetral edge of the antenna into a perimetral groove formed between the base portion and a retaining portion. The anchoring body has an overall height of about 0.2 to about 1.5 times a maximum distance measure between two mutually spaced apart points along the inner perimetral edge.12-31-2009
20100199756METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DETECTING WEAR OF TIRE - A method and apparatus for detecting the state of wear of the tire tread with accuracy and durability are provided. Acceleration of the inner surface of the tire tread is detected by an acceleration sensor installed in an inner liner region of the tire. From a thus detected time-series waveform of acceleration, an acceleration waveform in the leading edge region including a leading peak which occurs when the block engages with the road surface or an acceleration waveform in the trailing edge region including a trailing peak which occurs when the block disengages from the road surface is extracted. A frequency band value P08-12-2010
20110239752TIRE FORCE DETECTION APPARATUS - A tire force detection apparatus estimates the force exerted on a tire at the contact point of the tire in a vehicle that includes: a tire/wheel assembly having a wheel and a tire held on an outer circumferential portion of the wheel; and a wheel support member that rotatably supports the wheel via a wheel support portion. The tire force detection apparatus includes: an elastic body disposed between the wheel and the wheel support portion, the elastic body having column portions that each abut, at opposite ends thereof, the wheel and the wheel support portion and a plate-shaped portion that is integrated with the column portions and extends around the column portions; stress detectors that detect stress applied to the elastic body by detecting a strain of the plate-shaped portion; and an electronic circuit device that calculates the force exerted on the tire, based on the stress detected.10-06-2011
20100037686DRIVING CONTROL METHOD OF TIRE TESTING MACHINE AND TIRE TESTING MACHINE - The present invention is a driving control method of a tire testing machine provided with a controller for giving a rotation command to a tire driving electric motor so that a slippage ratio of a tire with respect to movement of a simulated road surface is a preliminarily fixed value, and changing rotation speed of the tire, the method comprising: estimating longitudinal force imposed on the tire in accordance with the slippage ratio of the tire in a case where the rotation command is given; determining a torque limitation value for the tire driving electric motor based on an estimated longitudinal force estimate value; and applying the torque limitation value to torque limitation of the tire driving electric motor when the rotation command is given so as to change the rotation speed of the tire. With such a configuration, in a case where a tire test is performed while changing the slippage ratio, it is possible to perform the test without imposing excessive overloads on the tire driving electric motor.02-18-2010
20100071453TIRE ACTION FORCE DETECTING DEVICE - An apparatus to accurately detect a force acting on a tire, based on a stress acting on a connection mechanism that connects a wheel and a wheel support member. A tire-acting-force detection apparatus is applied to a vehicle including a wheel unit composed of a wheel and a tire held at an outer circumferential portion of the wheel; a wheel support member which supports the wheel by a wheel support portion perpendicular to a rotation axis such that the wheel can rotate about the rotation axis; and a connection mechanism which connects a circular plate portion of the wheel and a wheel support portion of the wheel support member at a plurality of positions separated from one another about the rotation axis. The tire-acting-force detection apparatus includes a plurality of detection elements detecting stresses acting on each bolt, and an electronic circuit apparatus calculating a tire acting force, which acts at the ground contact point of the tire, based on the detected stresses.03-25-2010
20100064790MEASURING CONSTRUCTION AND METHOD FOR MEASURING TYRE DATA - Measuring construction for measuring use conditions of a tyre, configured to be mounted to a support arrangement and provided with a tilting arrangement for tilting and/or adjusting a force on a tyre, wherein the tilting arrangement is provided with a measuring instrument that is connected to the tilting arrangement, at least configured and measure forces and/or moments on a tyre, a wheel axle supported by the measuring instrument, and at least one actuator for driving the tilting arrangement, wherein the tilting arrangement comprises a foldable construction connected to the at least one actuator.03-18-2010
20100064789MEASUREMENT MACHINE FOR THE UNIFORMITY OF VEHICLE TIRES - A measurement machine for uniformity serves for determining radial and lateral force fluctuations of vehicle tires (03-18-2010
20110000292TIRE TESTING MACHINE AND METHOD FOR TESTING TIRE - Provided is a tire testing machine capable of measuring a force generated in a tire with high precision. The tire testing machine includes a spindle shaft (01-06-2011
20100263440APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR MEASURING LOCAL TIRE STIFFNESS - A tire testing apparatus and method for measuring the local stiffness of a tire. The apparatus includes a force producing mechanism, a force measuring device, a force transmitting member, and a measuring device. The force transmitting member applies a force to a tire surface and the measuring device measures the distance of the displacement of the tire surface caused by the force. A tire testing method comprising mounting a tire on a tire testing apparatus to measure a local stiffness of the tire. The method further comprises inflating the tire, applying a force to a local area of the tire, monitoring the force, measuring a distance corresponding to the local deflection, and calculating a local stiffness.10-21-2010
20090000371TIRE CHARACTERISTIC JUDGING METHOD AND TIRE CHARACTERISTIC JUDGING DEVICE - A tire characteristic judging device judges a tire characteristic in the following way. At first, a load applied to a tire and a cornering force generated in the tire in time series while the tire is rolling are acquired. Then, an applied load variation amount is calculated from the acquired time-series applied load information and a cornering force variation amount calculated from the acquired time-series cornering force information. Next, an evaluation value is calculated based on the applied load variation amount and the cornering force variation amount. The calculated evaluation value and a preset reference value are compared with each other and whether or not the tire satisfies a desired characteristic is judged according to a result of comparison.01-01-2009
20090000370TREAD DEPTH SENSING DEVICE AND METHOD FOR MEASURING SAME - A tread depth measurement system for measuring a depth of a tread provided to a tire on a vehicle. The system includes an energy source for emitting a wireless signal to be transmitted to the tire; a sensor for detecting a return wireless signal emitted from the tire to be transmitted in response to the wireless signal from the energy source; and a housing over which the tire is to roll while attached to the vehicle, said housing separating the sensor from the tire while the tread depth is being measured. A control unit is operatively coupled to the sensor for determining the depth of the tread as a function of at least the return wireless signal detected by the sensor.01-01-2009
20100319446Method of Indicating the Degree of Ageing Experienced by a Tire - A method of indicating the degree of ageing experienced by a tire as it is being driven on by a vehicle. The temperature is measured locally at least one point of the tire, the time of exposure to the temperature is measured and these measurements are analyzed using a model of the tire.12-23-2010
20100281967OVER-SPEED, ROUGH LOADS AND HARD LANDING DETECTION SYSTEM - A system, apparatus and method provide a means for indicating an overload condition has occurred during aircraft operation. The occurrence of an overload condition is automatically determined and an indication output thereof. Based on the indication received by the cockpit, avionics, maintenance, etc., further action may be taken to correct the effects of the overload condition on the tires and/or landing gear.11-11-2010
20110113875MASTER TIRE AND METHOD OF INSPECTING TIRE UNIFORMITY TESTER USING THE MASTER TIRE - The present invention provides a master tire for inspecting the accuracy of a tire tester easily and securely. A master tire 05-19-2011
20110132080DEVICE FOR DETERMINING A CONTACT SURFACE LENGTH OF A VEHICLE TIRE - An apparatus ascertains a contact area length of a vehicle tire. The apparatus has a transmission unit which has a resonator and which is set up to transmit a sensor signal at a defined frequency. A change in the frequency of the sensor signal on the basis of mechanical excitation of the resonator is indicative of a contact area length for the vehicle tire. Furthermore, the apparatus has a contact area length ascertainment unit which is set up to receive the sensor signal and to take the change in the frequency of the sensor signal as a basis for ascertaining the contact area length of the vehicle tire.06-09-2011
20100180676WHEEL DIAGNOSIS SYSTEM - According to the present invention there is provided a wheel diagnosis system (DS) for diagnosing a wheel (07-22-2010
20090308149METHOD FOR TIRE ROLLING SIMULATION ON MUD - A method for tire rolling simulation on mud comprises the steps of modeling a tire using finite elements to build a tire model, modeling a muddy road using finite volumes to build a muddy road model which can exhibit elastoplasticity property and failure property, and executing a numerical simulation in which the tire model is made to roll on the muddy road model in a predetermined condition.12-17-2009
20090301183FLAT BELT ROADWAY SIMULATOR WITH STEER AND/OR CAMBER ADJUSTMENT AND METHOD FOR ASCERTAINING ROLLING LOSS - A testing machine includes a frame and a roadway assembly. The roadway assembly includes an endless belt and a carriage supporting the endless belt for rotation on the carriage and providing flat portion in the endless belt. The carriage is pivotally coupled to the frame to move relative to the frame about at least one axis. The carriage includes a bearing arranged to support an inner surface of the flat portion of the endless belt. A spindle carriage has a spindle arranged to support a tire and wheel assembly. The spindle carriage is movably mounted on the frame to move the spindle toward and away from the flat portion. A drive is operably coupled to the roadway assembly or the spindle. An actuator controls pivotal movement of the roadway assembly about said at least one axis. A method of ascertaining rolling loss of a tire mounted to such a machine is also provided.12-10-2009
20090293603METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DETERMINING WHEEL PARAMETER CONSISTENCY - A method and system for a wheel assembly service system are provided. The system includes a rotatable spindle configured to receive a wheel assembly, a load device configured to apply a load to the wheel assembly during a rotation of the wheel assembly on the spindle, and a controller configured to rotate the wheel assembly about a rotational axis of the wheel assembly, apply a load to the wheel assembly using the load device, determine a dimensional parameter of the wheel assembly, and output the determined effective diameter.12-03-2009
20090205414METHOD FOR DETERMINING THE LENGTH OF THE FOOTPRINT ON THE GROUND OF A TIRE OF A WHEEL OF A VEHICLE - The invention relates to a method for determining, while a vehicle is traveling, the length of the footprint on the ground of a tire (08-20-2009
20100024538TIRE FOOTPRINT DETERMINATION APPARATUSES, SYSTEMS AND METHODS - In one embodiment, a method comprises sampling a sensor during rotation, determining a percentage of samples within a target range, and calculating a circumferential portion of the rotation associated with the percentage of samples. In other embodiments, additional systems and methods and disclosed.02-04-2010
20100294031Method for Evaluating the Transverse Adhesion of a Tire on Snow-Covered Ground - A method for evaluating the transversal grip of a type of tires on a snow-covered ground, of providing this type of tires to a vehicle, driving this vehicle at the transversal grip limit on a snow-covered track, and producing instantaneous measures of the vehicle transversal acceleration while it travels on the track. Track (P) includes a plurality of turns (V11-25-2010
20100257925METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR TESTING TIRES OF VEHICLES TO QUANTIFY TRANSIENT TIRE FORCE AND MOMENT RESPONSES - A method for testing a tire of a vehicle that includes the steps of creating a first condition comprising a first slip angle of the tire, obtaining a first set of data regarding performance of the tire under the first condition, creating a second condition comprising either a second slip angle or lateral displacement of the tire, obtaining a second set of data regarding performance of the tire under the second condition, and determining the transient response of the lateral force and aligning moment of the tire, using the first set of data and the second set of data.10-14-2010
20090173149Method for identifying vehicle wheels having low tire pressure - A method for identifying low-pressure tires includes determining the number of revolutions of each wheel over a preselected driving distance, and comparing crosswise by summing the number of revolutions of the diagonally opposite front right/rear left and front left/rear right wheels and taking the difference between the sums, a diagonal containing a low-pressure tire being identifiable via the sign of the difference between the diagonals. A further comparison for each side of the vehicle is effected by summing the revolutions of the front left/rear left side and front right/rear right side wheels and comparing the difference between the sums, the side containing a low-pressure tire being identifiable via the sign of the difference between the sides. The difference between diagonals is compared with a low-pressure threshold value. If the threshold is exceeded, the signs of the difference between diagonals and between sides are logically combined to identify the low-pressure tire.07-09-2009
20120144910METHOD FOR PREDICTING A PHYSICAL INTERACTION EFFECT BETWEEN A TYRE AND A SURFACE COURSE - In a method for predicting at least one physical interaction effect between a tyre and a pavement, a real profile of the pavement is charted, and the real profile is sectioned into several strata each corresponding to an altitude of the real profile. At least one law of variation of at least one pavement descriptor is determined based on the real profile, as a function of the altitude, and an interaction value of each pavement descriptor is determined at an interaction value of the altitude, for each law of variation. A value of a physical interaction effect is predicted based on an interaction value of at least one pavement descriptor.06-14-2012
20120304754SYSTEM, METHOD, AND PROGRAM FOR DETECTING DEFLATED TIRES - A system detects deflated tires based on a resonance frequency of tires with a vehicle and a relative comparison value of rotation speeds of the tires. The system includes: a rotation information detection means for detecting rotation information of the tires; a rotation speed calculation means for calculating rotation speeds of the tires; a resonance frequency assumption means for assuming a resonance frequency of the tires; and a determination means for detection of deflated tires using a decreased pressure determination index calculated by a relative comparison of the rotation speeds of the tires and the resonance frequency. The determination means is so configured as to reduce the second threshold to be compared with the decreased pressure determination index to a value equal to or higher than 1% and equal to or lower than 90% and to detect deflated tires when the decreased pressure determination index exceeds the reduced threshold.12-06-2012
20110100108Tire Tread Scanner Drive-Over Unit - A tire tread scanner drive-over unit is used to measure the tread depth and tire wear condition of a vehicle with two or four wheels on the axle. The unit includes a surface with two tire position area areas, each between an elevated rearward area and an elevated forward area to define a trough therebetween. Scanners are located behind scanner windows in the rearward area under scanner covers. When a vehicle is driven onto the surface so that the tires of one of its axels are on the tire position areas between the rearward and forward areas, the tires self-center against the scanner windows so that the tire profile may be measured to determine wear and wear characteristics.05-05-2011
20110154894Method of Estimating the Transverse Grip of a Pair of Tires by Comparative Analysis - A method of estimating the transverse grip of a pair of tires intended to equip a two-wheeled vehicle by comparative analysis against another pair of tires. The tires are mounted on the vehicle in pairs, the vehicle is run in a circle of set radius until it attains the maximum speed with grip, and the mean speed and/or the mean cornering angle of the vehicle under steady state conditions and/or the mean lap time is/are determined.06-30-2011
20120204633TIRE CHIP AND TEAR TEST APPARATUS AND METHOD - A tire testing apparatus that includes a test drum and at least one tire station. The test drum has an outer radial surface and a plurality of sectioned plates having outer radial test surfaces, wherein the plurality of sectioned plates mount on the outer radial surface of the test drum. The tire testing apparatus further includes at least one tire station having a selected tire with a tread, wherein the tread of the selected tire presses against the outer radial test surface of the plurality of sectional plates, and wherein the at least one tire station applies a force against the tread of the selected tire. Further, a tire testing method includes providing a selected tire having a circumferential tread and moving the selected tire against a rotating test drum having a plurality of sectional plates having a test surface. Further, the method includes maintaining contact between the selected tire and the plurality of sectional plates for a selected period of time, moving the selected tire away from the test drum, and evaluating the tread for wear.08-16-2012
20120011926DEVICE AND METHOD FOR MEASURING THE TREAD DEPTH OF A MOTOR VEHICLE TIRE - A device and a method for measuring the tread depth of a motor vehicle tire. The device includes at least one sensor element which is configured to acquire data on a change of the deformation characteristics of the motor vehicle tire in the area of the tire contact area and can be fixed in the area of the inner side of the motor vehicle tire opposite the tread; and a control and evaluation unit for evaluating and processing the acquired data. The unit is data-connected to the at least one sensor element.01-19-2012
20110048120Tire test system - A tire test system for tire tests under the most realistic conditions possible, however, including the possibility of widely-varied, simple and precisely reproducible parameters includes a track (03-03-2011
20120067115METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DETERMINING THE TREAD DEPTH OF A VEHICLE TIRE - A method for determining the tread depth of a vehicle tire, with the tire being mounted on a vehicle, the tire being rolled over or placed on a measuring station, the tread of the tire being optically sensed transversely to the rolling direction of the tire on at least one measuring line, a ray fan extending from a light source being reflected at the tire surface and a signal of the reflected ray fan being recorded by a sensor, and the signal of the reflected ray fan being evaluated by way of a triangulation method, is characterized in that the signal is recorded in a non-orthogonal manner to the tire surface.03-22-2012
20120174661METHOD OF OPTIMIZING A TIRE TREAD COMPOUND, AND A TIRE TREAD COMPOUND MADE BY SAID METHOD - The present invention relates to a methodology for determining various rubber composition factors that play a role in the structural and functional attributes of the rubber. The present invention also relates to tire treads that are derived using the methodology for optimizing the same as described herein.07-12-2012
20120131995Method for Inspecting Tires, Enabling the On-Site Detector of Defects, the State of Wear of the Rubber, or the internal Condition of the Tire - The invention relates to a technical inspection method which comprises the specific application of an ultrasound wave perfectly adapted for interacting with the rubber and for detecting: defects, tears, gaps, the state of wear of the rubber, and the breakage of steel wires or meshes in giant OTR (off-the-road) tires. Said inspection consists of injecting, into any sector of the tire and using an ultrasound defect detector device, ultrasound waves that generate echoes by bouncing off breaks or interfaces in the material, the assessment of which yields a diagnosis of the internal condition and operating state of the tire.05-31-2012
20120167674TIRE TESTER - Disclosed is a tire tester (07-05-2012
20120260726TIRE TESTING SYSTEMS AND METHODS - The present invention provides a tire testing system, including: a first rail and a second rail; a carriage assembly coupled to the first rail and the second rail such that five degrees of freedom of motion of the carriage assembly are thereby constrained; a first bogie assembly coupling the carriage assembly to the first rail such that at least lateral, pitch, and yaw motions of the carriage assembly are thereby constrained; and a second bogie assembly coupling the carriage assembly to the second rail such that at least vertical and roll motions of the carriage assembly are thereby constrained; wherein the carriage assembly translates in a direction that is tangential to the first rail. The tire testing system also includes a tire articulation system coupled to the carriage assembly, wherein the tire articulation system includes a dedicated actuator for each degree of freedom of motion of a test tire coupled thereto.10-18-2012
20080302177Flex Signature for Tire Condition - Disclosed is a methodology for deriving data related to various selected tire (12-11-2008
20100326179METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR INSPECTING PNEUMATIC TIRE DURING PRODUCTION - An inspection method for inspecting beads provided on a tire building drum in process of production a pneumatic tire includes measuring a displacement amount in a radial direction on each of the beads lying axially on both sides of the drum with a distance sensor such as an eddy current sensor while rotating the drum, synthesizing displacement amounts so obtained on the beads on both the sides, calculating a harmonic of the displacement amounts in the radial direction of the beads by performing harmonic analysis on a resultant synthesized displacement amount, and determining whether the magnitude of the harmonic so calculated falls within a predetermined range.12-30-2010
20110226050RIM MOUNTING DEVICE FOR TIRE TESTING DEVICE, MAGNET MOUNTING METHOD, RIM REPLACING DEVICE AND TIRE TESTING DEVICE - A rim mounting device configured in such a manner that, even if a permanent magnet breaks due to impact produced during mounting thereof by magnetic attraction, the rim mounting device can be handled easily after the breakage of the permanent magnet. The rim mounting device is provided to a tire testing device having a spindle for rotating a tire and is adapted that a rim is mounted to the tip of the spindle. The rim mounting device is provided with: a rim mounting section provided to the tip of the spindle, having a rim mounting surface capable of making contact with the rim, and having mounting recesses formed in the rim mounting surface so as to be arranged side by side; permanent magnets inserted in the mounting recesses, respectively, and generating magnetic force for attracting the rim to the rim mounting surface; and scatter suppressing members. The scatter suppressing members are provided in the mounting recesses, respectively, and when the permanent magnet inserted in each mounting recess breaks, suppress scatter of fragments of the permanent magnet.09-22-2011
20120285230ACTIVE AND ADAPTIVE TIRE SYSTEMS - Next-generation intelligent tire systems, such as active and adaptive tire systems and methods, are disclosed. Various embodiments of the invention can sense actual tire, road and driving conditions and characteristics, and/or respond to externally controlled influences, and dynamically adapt thereto, thereby improving vehicle and passenger safety.11-15-2012
20100186492METHOD FOR ESTIMATING THE WEAR OF A TIRE - The degree of wear of a tire is estimated with constant accuracy. An acceleration sensor (07-29-2010
20120137762FLOATING MECHANISM LOADING VEHICLE PROVIDED WITH DOUBLE SHAFTS AND EIGHT WHEELS FOR PAVEMENT ACCELERATED LOADING TEST - Disclosed is a floating mechanism loading vehicle provided with double shafts and eight wheels for pavement accelerated loading test. The floating mechanism loading vehicle comprises front and rear rotating shafts (06-07-2012
20120137761Device for Monitoring Metal Wires - The device (06-07-2012
20080223124Method for the Indirect Tire Pressure Monitoring - Method for the indirect tire pressure monitoring in which an analysis of the natural oscillation behavior of at least one tire is performed and at least one pressure loss analysis variable (f09-18-2008
20130139581TIRE DEFECT TESTER - A tire defect tester and a method of operation are disclosed. In one aspect, the tire defect tester includes a first electrode arranged to direct energy toward a tire, and a second electrode arranged on an opposite side of the tire from the first electrode to receive energy passing through the tire from the first electrode. The tire defect tester further includes an energy sensor electrically connected to the second electrode and a fault indicator circuit responsive to the energy sensor and configured to indicate the presence of a flaw upon energy above a threshold level being sensed at the second electrode.06-06-2013
20130174657TIRE INNER LINER ANOMALY PROBE GROUNDING APPARATUS AND METHOD - An apparatus and method for high voltage discharge testing of a tire is disclosed. In particular embodiments, a high voltage probe is maintained against the surface of a tire. The high voltage probe is energized and relative motion is provided between the surface of the tire and the high voltage probe. At the presence of an anomaly that penetrates the insulating material of the tire surface, an electrical discharge will occur between the conductive spring electrode and a reference electrode. The reference electrode is positioned adjacent the bead portion of the tire such that the electrical discharge will travel from the high voltage probe through the anomaly in the surface of the tire to one or more carcass plies in the tire. The carcass plies will carry the electrical discharge to the bead portion of the tire, where the electrical discharge will pass to the reference electrode.07-11-2013
20130098148TIRE UNIFORMITY THROUGH IDENTIFICATION OF PROCESS EFFECTS USING SINGLET TIRE REGRESSION ANALYSIS - A system and related method for improving tire uniformity includes identifying at least one candidate process effect and a corresponding process harmonic number for each process effect. A given uniformity parameter, such as radial or lateral run-out, balance, mass variation, radial lateral or tangential force variation, is measured for each tire in a test set, such that the measurements contain tire harmonics as well as a process harmonics corresponding to each candidate process effect. Rectangular coordinate coefficients are electronically constructed for each said process harmonic, after which point the rectangular coordinates corresponding to each process harmonic are solved for (e.g., by using regression-based analysis). The magnitude of each said process harmonic is estimated, and a final magnitude estimate for each process harmonic can be determined by summarizing (e.g., by taking the average or median value) the respectively estimated magnitudes for each process harmonic across all test tires.04-25-2013
20080202229DEVICE AND METHOD FOR TESTING A TIRE, IN PARTICULAR BY MEANS OF AN INTERFEROMETRIC MEASURING METHOD - A device for testing a tire with two sidewalls and a tread portion in particular by means of an interferometric measuring method, is provided with a measuring unit with which the tire can be scanned to generate a measurement result, and with a positioning means for the measuring unit. The measuring unit comprises at least three measuring heads. The first measuring head and the second measuring head are used to scan the outer surface of the sidewalls, whereas the third measuring head is used to scan the inner surface of at least the tread portion. The device enables a tire to be fully tested quickly.08-28-2008
20130180324TIRE STATE DETECTION DEVICE AND TIRE STATE DETECTION METHOD - A tire state detection device capable of detecting a tire state with high accuracy. This tire state detection device (07-18-2013
20130192355METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DETERMINING AND IMPROVING RUNNING CHARACTERISTICS OF A PNEUMATIC TYRE OR A VEHICLE WHEEL - A method for determining or improving running characteristics of a vehicle wheel (tyre/rim assembly), comprising supporting the wheel axis of the vehicle wheel with at least a single degree of freedom of vibration perpendicular to the wheel axis. In the interior of the tyre at least one amount of a compensating substance which initiates in its flowing state a compensating effect on the rotating vehicle wheel can be disposed, and the vehicle wheel can be rotated while the compensating substance is brought into the flowing state such that the compensating substance is distributed inside the tyre during the rotation of the vehicle wheel to improve the running characteristics of the vehicle wheel, wherein the running speed of the rotating vehicle wheel is kept in a range different to the natural frequency of the rotating vehicle wheel and its suspension or supporting means.08-01-2013
20120085159TIRE CARCASS CABLE DEPTH GAUGE AND METHOD OF USE - A cable depth gauge and method for determining the depth of a cable embedded in a sidewall of a tire, the cable depth gauge comprising an elongate body having a proximal end and a distal end, the proximal end having an indicator point set to reference a surface of the tire, the elongate body having a width to determine eligibility if the repair hole being examined meets the minimum size for the repair process and a first measuring region and a second measuring region located at the proximal end of the elongate body, the first measuring region and the second measuring region being at a known distance from the indicator point.04-12-2012
20120085158PNEUMATIC CIRCUIT FOR TIRE TESTING DEVICE, TIRE TESTING DEVICE, AND TIRE TESTING METHOD - A pneumatic circuit whereby small amounts of variations in pneumatic pressure in a tire occurring during tire testing can be adjusted in a short time. The pneumatic circuit includes an air supply source which generates compressed air to be supplied to a tire retained in a tire testing device; a pressure regulating valve which regulates the pressure of the compressed air generated; a discharge/supply valve provided downstream of the pressure regulating valve and by which compressed air is supplied to, or discharged from, the tire; a pressure detection unit provided downstream of the discharge/supply valve and which detects the tire pressure inside the tire; and a volume adjustment mechanism provided between the pressure regulating valve and the tire and which increases or decreases the volume of compressed air in an airflow path between the tire and the pressure regulating valve, as well as in the tire.04-12-2012

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