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073 - Measuring and testing

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073862381 Responsive to force 331
073862080 Responsive to torque 227
073862041 Responsive to multiple loads or load components 107
073862010 For testing force-biased connections 2
20090260455TEST APPARATUS AND METHOD THEREWITH - A test apparatus for testing a separation force between a housing (10-22-2009
20120240690BINDING FORCE TESTING DEVICE - A binding force testing device for testing the binding force of a hinge, includes a control chassis for controlling the binding force testing device; a platform mounted on the control chassis; a support mounted on the control chassis above the platform; a first driving device mounted on the support; a main holder mounted on the first driving device facing the platform; and a second driving device mounted on the support and connected to the first driving device. The first driving device drives the main holder to move relative to the platform in a first direction; the second driving device drives the first driving device to move relative to the platform in a second direction perpendicular to the first direction.09-27-2012
20100162828TESTING SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MOTOR - A testing system for testing a temperature characteristic of a first motor includes a second motor, a controller, a driver, a load, a temperature sensor, and a temperature recorder. The controller provides a drive command for the driver to drive the second motor. The second motor drives the first motor via a coupling. A current of the first motor is determined by adjusting the resistance of the load. The temperature sensor senses the temperatures of the first motor every a determined time and sends the temperatures to the temperature recorder. The temperature recorder records and transmits the temperatures to the controller for the temperature characteristic test of the first motor.07-01-2010
20090107254System and Method for Dynamometer Testing of Motor Vehicles, Including a Cooling Device - The present invention relates to a system for dynamometer testing of motor vehicles, said system including a cooling device for a braking device and/or a power-generating means, and having power-absorbing means for absorbing a power applied thereto by power-generating means, the cooling device including a fan arrangement for producing an air stream, said air stream being intended to be directed towards the braking device and/or the power-generating means and/or a heat exchanger for providing a cooling effect. The fan arrangement includes two fans, which are substantially axially aligned, and the cooling device includes means for rotating the fans in opposite directions relative to each other. The present invention also relates to a method for cooling power-generating means or power-absorbing means in a system for dynamometer testing of motor vehicles.04-30-2009
20090107256Wind Turbine Testing System - A wind turbine testing system is disclosed for testing at least a part of the nacelle components of a wind turbine system when mounted on a load carrying structure of a nacelle, said wind turbine testing system comprising a test bench being arranged to hold said load carrying structure including said nacelle components, a grid simulation system comprising a power converter system and a simulation controller being arranged to be electrically coupled to at least one of said nacelle components and being adapted for providing a simulated utility grid on the basis of a power supply and at least one control signal established by said simulation controller, and a wind simulation system comprising a wind turbine shaft rotating means arranged to be coupled to a rotating part of said generator system or a generator-related system of a nacelle or a part of a nacelle located in said test bench.04-30-2009
20090107255Test Bench And A Method For Testing Wind Turbine Equipment - The invention relates to a test bench for testing wind turbine equipment. The test bench comprises one or more load applying means directly and/or indirectly applying load to the equipment, drive means of the test bench for rotating an input shaft of the equipment at least during a part of the test, and simulating means for establishing wind turbine like conditions or facilities. The invention further relates to a method for testing wind turbine equipment. The method comprises the steps of positioning the equipment in, on or at a test bench, rotating an input shaft of the equipment by drive means of the test bench, and directly and/or indirectly applying load to the equipment by means of load applying means of the test bench.04-30-2009
20120304782METHOD FOR EVALUATING THE STICKINESS OF AN OUTER SURFACE ON AN ABSORBENT ARTICLE - A method of evaluating the stickiness of an outer surface of an absorbent article comprises the steps of: (i) providing an absorbent article on a stationary horizontal surface, the absorbent article having an outer surface facing away from the stationary horizontal surface, (ii) affixing an adhesive substrate to the outer surface of the absorbent article, (iii) grasping an end portion of the adhesive substrate, and (iv) lifting the end portion of the adhesive substrate in a direction away from the stationary horizontal surface.12-06-2012

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