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Liquid constituent of a liquid mixture

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073 - Measuring and testing


073610410 - Content or effect of a constituent of a liquid mixture

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073610520 Chromatography 166
073610590 With detail of sampling, sample handling, or sample preparation 40
073610610 Detector detail 14
073610490 By vibration 9
073610480 By optical irradiation 8
073610440 Plural liquid constituent (e.g., multiphase liquid) 6
073610460 By thermal measurement 4
20100281957METHOD FOR DETERMINATION OF PRESENCE OR ABSENCE OF PEPTIDE COMPOUND PYY3-36 - The present invention provides a method for determining in a pharmaceutical test formulation the presence or absence of a peptide compound PYY11-11-2010
20100319436System and Apparatus for Determining Temperatures in a Fluid Analyte System - A test sensor includes a body, a first conductive trace, a second conductive trace, and a third conductive trace. The body includes a first region that has a fluid-receiving area, a second region separate from the first region, and a first temperature sensing interface disposed at or adjacent to the fluid-receiving area. The fluid-receiving area receives a sample. The first trace is disposed on the body, and at least a portion of the first trace is disposed in the first region. The second and third traces are disposed on the body. The third trace extends from the first to the second regions. The third trace is connected to the first trace at the first temperature sensing interface. The third trace includes a different material than the first trace. A first thermocouple is formed at the first temperature sensing interface. The thermocouple provides temperature data to determine an analyte concentration.12-23-2010
20120210775DETECTOR OF PRESENCE OF A LIQUID - A detector for detecting the presence of a liquid comprising a probe sensitive to the presence of the liquid on contact with it, and a casing surrounding the probe comprising: a) an opening for receiving the liquid in the casing; b) an inlet distinct from the opening for the admission of a test liquid into the casing in contact with the probe, the placing of the test liquid in contact with the probe in the casing causing the presence of the test liquid to be detected if the probe operates correctly and causing no detection in the contrary case; and c) an outlet for the discharge of a portion of the test liquid from the casing after the test liquid has been placed in contact with the probe, the discharge being sufficient for the probe to no longer detect the test liquid remaining in the casing.08-23-2012
20130167622Quality Sensor Apparatus - An apparatus (07-04-2013
073610470 By pressure measurement 1
20080289401METHOD TO DETERMINE A FUEL COMPOSITION - The invention concerns a method to determine the fuel composition of a fuel mixture from a first fuel and a second fuel for the operation of an internal combustion engine, wherein the first and the second fuel have different combustion rates and/or different specific energy contents and wherein the internal combustion engine has at least one pressure sensor in at least one combustion chamber, with which a temporal pressure curve and/or a pressure curve under conditions of angular synchronism is determined. Provision is made according to the invention for the composition of a fuel mixture to be determined from the temporal pressure curve and/or the pressure curve under conditions of angular synchronism of the gas pressure in the combustion chamber, of which there is at least one. A fuel mixture from fuels with different combustion rates exists, for example, in an alcohol-gasoline mixture. Alcohol has a faster combustion process than gasoline. For that reason, the proportion of alcohol in the fuel mixture can, for example, be suggested from the time difference between ignition and maximum pressure in the combustion chamber. The method according to the invention has the advantage, in that the alcohol content can already be determined shortly after cold starting the engine, if a method based on the signal of a lambda probe can not yet be executed because the lambda probe has not yet achieved its operating temperature. It is also particularly advantageous, in that the influence of the alcohol proportion in the fuel mixture can be separated from the errors of the fuel mixture generation, which result from the air and fuel pathways. This is otherwise only possible when using a cost inflating alcohol sensor. Furthermore, the method according to the invention can be implemented in one or in a small number of combustion cycles, while methods based on the signal of the lambda probe require a significantly longer time period. The method can be employed in internal combustion engines, which have a pressure sensor in at least one combustion chamber. Provision can, however, be made for the method to be used in selected or in all of the cylinders of the internal combustion engine.11-27-2008
20110174062METHODS AND COMPOSITIONS FOR DIAGNOSIS AND PROGNOSIS OF RENAL INJURY AND RENAL FAILURE - The present invention relates to methods and compositions for monitoring, diagnosis, prognosis, and determination of treatment regimens in subjects suffering from or suspected of having a renal injury. In particular, the invention relates to using assays that detect one or more markers selected from the group consisting of cytochrome c and insulin-like growth factor IA as diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers in renal injuries.07-21-2011
20130031963WATER IN FUEL SENSOR - A fuel system including a fuel container containing fluid and a water sensor. The water sensor is in at least partial fluid contact with the fluid. The water sensor has a longitudinal axis that is substantially horizontal. The water sensor is configured to sense water in the fluid at a predetermined level in the fuel container. The water sensor is further configured to sense water at the predetermined level regardless of a rotational position of the water sensor about the longitudinal axis.02-07-2013
20090158819Probe or Sonde for Investigating Fluids - A probe or sonde (06-25-2009
20100107741Colorimetric Test for Brake System Corrosion - A method and kit for determining a concentration of iron in brake fluid when contacting a calorimetric reagent such that a color results. The level of iron can be used to determine the amount of active corrosion within a brake system and determine if special service procedures are required.05-06-2010
20120180556DETECTION OF MARKERS IN PRESSURIZED HYDROCARBON FLUIDS - A known amount of marker may be added to a pressurized hydrocarbon fluid, or combined with an additive to form a mixture, and the mixture may be added to a pressurized hydrocarbon fluid. An amount of the marker in the hydrocarbon fluid may be determined. An amount of the additive in the hydrocarbon fluid may be determined based on the amount of the marker in the pressurized hydrocarbon fluid. An inline system may be used for detection of a marker in a pressurized hydrocarbon fluid. The system is fixed in a pressurized hydrocarbon fluid supply line such that pressurized hydrocarbon fluid flowing from a first location to a second location in the supply line passes through the detection system. The hydrocarbon fluid may be a liquid or a gas. The markers may include a variety of optical markers, such as fluorescent markers. Detection of the markers may include, for example, fluorescence detection.07-19-2012
20120180555Active Filtering of Oil - Fuel contamination in oil is measured by using a sensor in contact with oil whereby fuel intrusion into the oil will change the electrical, mechanical, and/or chemical properties of the material as compared to the same electrical, mechanical, and/or chemical properties of the material when in contact only with mineral or synthetic oil only. The oil quality sensor provides real-time feedback so that an oil monitoring system can actively remove contaminates and/or increase an additive package as necessary.07-19-2012
20090056425Freezing a Microfluidic Chip - A method for preparing a microfluidic chip is described, the microfluidic chip comprising a micro-channel system with at least one micro-channel. The method comprises supplying one or more fluids to at least one predefined section of the micro-channel system or to the whole micro-channel system, and freezing the entire microfluidic chip by exposing the microfluidic chip to a temperature below −5° C., wherein the one or more fluids contained in the micro-channel system are frozen solid.03-05-2009
20130160529ALCOHOL DETECTOR AND METHOD - An alcohol detector for detecting high concentrations of alcohol in a fuel tank and for providing evidence that the alcohol was present even after it has been removed. In one aspect, the alcohol detector includes a cathode and an anode of different materials and spaced from one another. The anode experiences galvanic corrosion at a faster rate when exposed to high concentrations of alcohol than it does when exposed to unleaded gasoline. Thus, the amount of corrosion present on the anode provides evidence of the past presence of an improper fuel in the fuel tank. In another aspect, the alcohol detector is a dye printed on a fuel pump. The dye visually changes color intensity in the presence of high concentrations of alcohol to provide evidence of the past presence of alcohol.06-27-2013
20110138888TREATMENT OF OBESITY - The present disclosure relates to the treatment, e.g. reduction, of body fat mass levels for example in overweight and obese subjects. The present disclosure also relates to weight control in a subject where obesity should be avoided. Disclosed herein are methods of reducing body fat mass e.g reducing obesity or preventing weight gain and agents used in such methods whereby the agents inhibit a sulphur containing amino acid. Also included in the present disclosure include, without being limited to, methods for determining regimes for the treatment of obesity as well as other subject matter.06-16-2011
20110290008NOVEL TECHNIQUE FOR UNIFORMLY APPLYING ANALYTE TO A STRUCTURED SURFACE - Nanostructured sensing substrates (nanodevices) offer greatly enhanced sensitivity and selectivity for detection of molecular species through a variety of sensing modalities. In order to produce repeatable and quantifiable assays, it is desirable to apply the analyte uniformly to the nanodevice. Uniform analyte application is promoted by applying the analyte in a fluid mixture or solution which uniformly wets the nanostructured device. The fluid, or mixture of fluids, is chosen to both wet the nanodevice and dissolve or uniformly suspend the analyte.12-01-2011
20110107821MULTIMARKER PANEL FOR MONITORING PATIENTS WITH AND WITHOUT OVERT HEART FAILURE - The present invention relates to a method for monitoring a subject suffering from heart failure, the method involving repeatedly determining, within given time intervals, the amounts of each of the following peptide markers: NT-proANP or a variant thereof; NT-proBNP or a variant thereof; a cardiac troponin or a variant thereof; and GDF-15 or a variant thereof; in a sample from the subject; and comparing the amounts measured in each determination with reference amounts of each marker; and assessing, based on differences in determined amounts in one or more of the markers, whether the subject is stable or has undergone a change in pathophysiological state.05-12-2011
20120096931Device - An adapter for an analyte measuring device for measuring the amount of analyte in a test sample, typically a biological fluid, the device comprising a meter (04-26-2012
20080295581Method for the determination of aqueous polymer concentration in water systems - The concentration of an anionically charged polymer in an aqueous solution is determined with a thin solid film having a polymer matrix and a cationic dye. A sample of an aqueous solution containing at least one anionically charged polymer to be tested is applied to the film sensor. The absorbance of the film sensor is measured after the sample has been applied. The absorbance of the film sensor is then compared with a calibration curve of the absorbance of samples containing known concentrations of the anionically charged polymers to determine the concentration of anionically charged polymer in the sample.12-04-2008
20130118238TEST SOLVENT FOR EVALUATING THE COMPATIBILITY OF BIOLOGICALLY ACTIVE SUBSTANCES AND GRAFT COPOLYMERS - A liquid mixture, comprising a) at least one compound selected from polyols, polyol ethers wherein at least one hydroxyl group is unetherified, or polyalkylene ethers wherein at least one terminal hydroxyl group is unetherified, b) 1,3-bis(caprolactam-1-yl) butane, and c) diacetoxybutane mimics the solubility properties of a graft copolymer comprising a poly(alkylene glycol) backbone and a vinyl acetate/N-vinylcaprolactam copolymer grafted onto the backbone. In a method for evaluating the compatibility of a biologically active substance with the graft copolymer i) the biologically active sub-stance is brought into contact with the liquid mixture, and ii) the phase behavior of the test system and/or the solubility of the biologically active substance in the mixture is determined.05-16-2013
20080209987Measurement Instrument - In a measurement instrument for measuring pollutants in a liquid, such as oil in water, the measurement instrument includes a main unit disposed in a first housing and a sensor unit disposed in a second housing. The housing, manufactured from an electrically insulating material, and an associated electric connection, are sealed against the passage of gas and liquid. The sensor unit has connections which are connected to a conduit system in which flows the liquid which is to be inspection measured. Sensors are further disposed in the sensor unit for emitting a measurement signal. The sensor unit and its electronics lack galvanic connection with electrically conductive components in the main unit, transfer of measurement signals between both of the units taking place by optical energy transfer, capacitative or inductive transfer. The housings have apertures for the transfer of measurement signals which are closed by non-electrically conductive foils which, when the main unit and the sensor unit are mounted together, abut against one another so they are protected against outer damage.09-04-2008
20120291530CONCENTRATION DETECTING APPARATUS - A concentration detecting apparatus that detects the alcohol concentration of an alcohol blended fuel includes frequency controlling means that controls the frequency of an alternating-current voltage applied between a pair of electrodes spaced apart from each other. A first resistance constituent value between the electrodes is detected by applying an alternating-current voltage at a first frequency at which a capacitance constituent value of the impedance is zero. Similarly, a second resistance constituent value between said electrodes is detected by applying an alternating-current voltage at a second frequency different from the first frequency at which the capacitance constituent value of the impedance is zero. The alcohol concentration is calculated based on the difference between the first resistance constituent value and the second resistance constituent value.11-22-2012
20120291529METHOD FOR BIODIESEL BLENDING DETECTION BASED ON FUEL POST-INJECTION QUANTITY EVALUATION - A method for detecting the blending level of biodiesel fuel in an internal combustion engine includes setting at least two post injection fuel quantity reference values respectively for known biodiesel blending percentage levels. A post injection fuel quantity value is evaluated and is compared with the at least two post injection fuel quantity reference value. A predetermined correlation set of values between the post injection fuel quantity value and a biodiesel blending level expressed by biodiesel percentage with respect to the petro-diesel is used to determine the biodiesel blending level.11-22-2012
20090044605DEVICE FOR LEACHING EXTRACTION AND ASSESSMENT - A apparatus and process for quantifying of contaminants, wherein the apparatus comprises a container that includes a housing to support a sample, and a gel elastomer inside the enclosure. The gel elastomer is capable of absorbing the contaminants that are leached from the sample. The gel may be a PDMS gel, and is preferable coated on a, or the side wall of the apparatus. After a period of time, the gel is analyzed for the presence and amount of contaminants.02-19-2009
20100126253METHOD FOR DETERMINING THE ALCOHOL CONCENTRATION OF FUEL THAT CAN BE FED TO COMBUSTION IN A MOTOR VEHICLE - In the method for determining the alcohol concentration of the tank fuel after filling up with E85 fuel or E0 fuel, two corridors of possible lambda values for filling with E0 fuel and E85 are established according to the volumes of the tank fuel before and after filling, and the lambda values are taken into account in the evaluation.05-27-2010
20110146387Measurement system and method for determination and/or detection of one or more agents in one or more samples using said measurement system - The present invention relates to a measurement system which comprises a reader and a chip and concerns a method to determining and detecting biological and chemical agents or materials in biological samples.06-23-2011
20110107820USE OF A STEROID PROFILE IN OVARIAN FOLLICULAR FLUID FOR DIAGNOSIS, PROGNOSIS AND DETERMINING STRATEGIES FOR TREATMENT - Concentrations of endogenous steroids in ovarian follicular fluid are used to develop steroid profiles which provide means for the diagnosis and prognosis of endocrine-related conditions and for identifying and developing appropriate treatments for related conditions, including the identification and development of suitable protocols for in vitro fertilization (IVF), treatment and predictive strategies for successful IVF outcomes and selected uses of oocytes for IVF or embryonic stem cell procedures.05-12-2011
20110113865USING CARDIAC TROPONIN FOR MONITORING ANTI-ANGIOGENESIS THERAPY - The present invention relates to a method for monitoring subjects being on anti-angiogenesis therapy based on determining the amount of a cardiac troponin in a first and second sample of a subject and comparing the amount in the first sample with the second sample. Thereby, it can be assessed whether a subject is susceptible to a continuation of the therapy or not. Moreover, the present invention relates to a method for predicting the risk of a cardiovascular event as a consequence of anti-angiogenesis therapy. Also encompassed by the present invention are kits and devices adapted to carry out the method of the present invention.05-19-2011
20110113864IDENTIFICATION OF SUBJECTS BEING SUSCEPTIBLE TO ANTI-ANGIOGENESIS THERAPY - The present invention relates to a method for identifying a subject being susceptible to anti-angiogenesis therapy based in determining the amount of a cardiac troponin in a sample of the subject and comparing the amount to a suitable reference amount. Also encompassed by the present invention are kits and devices adapted to carry out the method of the present invention.05-19-2011
20110113863MEANS AND METHODS DIAGNOSING GASTRIC BYPASS AND CONDITIONS RELATED THERETO - The present invention relates to the field of diagnostic measures. Specifically, it contemplates a method for assessing whether gastric bypass therapy was successful in a subject, a method of predicting whether gastric bypass therapy will be beneficial for a subject in need thereof, and a method of diagnosing whether a supportive therapy accompanying gastric bypass has beneficial effects on a subject in need thereof. Further provided are diagnostic methods for diabetes and body lean mass. Furthermore, the invention relates to a method for identifying a treatment against diabetes and/or obesity.05-19-2011
20110259088HIGH WATER CONTENT FUEL DETECTION SYSTEM - A water detection system in a fuel delivery system of an engine that helps to limit the occurrence of water related corrosion or damage to various engine components by detecting if a fuel supply has a high level of water content, and providing a notice that appropriate action should be taken. The system includes a fuel filtration module, a water sensor to sense high water content of a fuel supply, and a control device connected to the water sensor and receiving inputs therefrom relating to the water sensed by the sensor. The system also includes an indication source connected to the control device for communicating that a problem with the fuel exists if high water content is detected.10-27-2011
20100031734METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DETECTING IMPURITIES IN LIQUIDS - A method for testing the quality of a solvent is disclosed. The method comprises obtaining a solvent sample, wherein the solvent sample contains less than 10 ppm of impurities and nebulizing the solvent sample thereby forming a multitude of droplets that comprises solvent and impurities. The method further comprises evaporating the solvent from at least a portion of the multitude of droplets to thereby form a multitude of aerosol particles, condensing a liquid onto at least a portion of the multitude of aerosol particles to a multitude of form liquid-coated aerosol particles, and counting the number of liquid-coated aerosol particles.02-11-2010
20090320570DETECTION OF FREE CHLORINE IN WATER - The present invention describes methods and kits for determining the concentration of free chlorine in water. To avoid false readings from other species present in the water, the free chlorine is reacted with ammonia to form monochloramine, which is then reacted to form an indophenol or an indonaphthol. The concentration of the indophenol or indonaphthol is proportional to the total monochloramine present. Subtracting the concentration of residual monochloramine from the total monochloramine yields the concentration of monochloramine formed from the free chlorine and ammonia, and is proportional to the concentration of free chlorine. Embodiments of the present invention will simplify and accelerate accurate measurements of free chlorine in water, without interference from compounds impacting present measurements of free chlorine.12-31-2009
20120304744UREA QUALITY DIAGNOSIS SYSTEM - A urea quality diagnosis system capable of accurately diagnosing a quality of an aqueous urea solution in a urea tank. A concentration and a level L of an aqueous urea solution inside a urea tank 12-06-2012
20110162437Biomarker for Mitochondrial Toxicity Associated with Phospholipidosis - The present invention relates to a method for determining a risk of a phospholipidotic compound for inducing mitochondrial toxicity which is associated with drug-induced phospholipidosis, comprising a) measuring the level of PAG in a body fluid, b) comparing the level of determined PAG with the level of PAG of a control wherein an increased level of PAG in comparison with that control is indicative that said compound induces mitochondrial toxicity which is associated with drug-induced phospholipidosis.07-07-2011
20120006102SENSOR HAVING A THIN-FILM INHIBITION LAYER - Sensors and detection systems suitable for measuring analytes, such as biomolecule, organic and inorganic species, including environmentally and medically relevant volatiles and gases, such as NO, NO2, CO2, NH3, H2, CO and the like, are provided. Certain embodiments of nanostructured sensor systems are configured for measurement of medically important gases in breath. Applications include the measurement of endogenous nitric oxide (NO) in breath, such as for the monitoring or diagnosis of asthma and other pulmonary conditions.01-12-2012
20120125086 Cartridge for body fluid measuring strips and a body fluid measurement device - The invention relates to body fluid measuring strip cartridges and apparatuses. A cartridge of the present kind comprises a body having a housing zone for a plurality of stacked test strips, a first opening on the wall of the body for bringing the test strips out of the body one at a time, and first means for sealing the first opening. According to the invention, the cartridge further comprises a second opening on the wall of the housing, the second opening allowing an external actuator to enter the housing and to move within the housing for bringing a test strip out of the body, and second means for sealing the second opening. In addition, means are arranged on said body for providing electrical connection between the reading terminals of at least one strip and external meter electronics. The invention offers a convenient way of achieving sealed storage and reading of analytical test strips for small-sized body fluid measuring apparatuses.05-24-2012
20110146388METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DETERMINING THE ETHANOL PROPORTION OF THE FUEL IN A MOTOR VEHICLE - Internal combustion engines which are operated using ethanol exhibit an improved capability for lean-burn running. The lean-burn running limit with a higher ethanol proportion is displaced in the direction of lean. This link between the lean-burn running limit and the ethanol proportion of the fuel is used to determine the ethanol proportion. To determine the lean-burn running limit, a fuel quantity is injected into a cylinder in the operating range of the overrun fuel cut-off, with which fuel quantity no combustion of the air/fuel mixture occurs, and the fuel quantity is increased continuously until combustion occurs; the smooth running of the engine is monitored for this cylinder and the lean-burn running limit is detected as reached if the smooth running exceeds a predefined threshold value. The ethanol proportion is then deduced from the increase in the injected fuel quantity which is required to reach the lean-burn running limit.06-23-2011
20130199276INCORPORATION OF METAL NANOPARTICLES INTO WOOD SUBSTRATE AND METHODS - Metal nano articles were incorporated into wood. Ionic liquids were used to expand the wood cell wall structure for nanoparticle incorporation into the cell wall structure. Nanoparticles of elemental gold or silver were found to be effective surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) imaging contrast or sensing agents. Nanoparticles of elemental iron were found to be efficient microwave absorbers and caused localized heating for disrupting the integrity of the lignocellulosic matrix. Controls suggest that the localized beating around the iron nanoparticles reduces losses of cellulose in the form of water volatiles and CO08-08-2013
20120247191COMBINED HYDROGEN AND PRESSURE SENSOR ASSEMBLY - A housing sensor having a semiconductor element for measuring hydrogen concentration in an insulating fluid in equipment having a mounting flange on the equipment providing access to the interior of the equipment provided with a plurality of bolt receiving openings arranged on the mounting flange in a first pattern which includes a first flange having at least one or more openings and an outer periphery. The sensor also includes a tubular housing support member having one end received in one of the openings, a plurality of bolt receiving apertures arranged in a pattern corresponding to the first pattern within the outer periphery of the first flange. The sensor further includes at least one wire receiving opening extending through the housing body, a cover closing an end of the housing body distal from the one end, a first seal disposed between the first flange and the tubular housing support member, a second seal disposed on the first flange for engaging the mounting flange.10-04-2012
20130133406DEVICE FOR MEASURING A COMPOSITION OF A FUEL MIXTURE - A method and a device for determining a composition of a fuel mixture, in particular for determining the ethanol content and/or a water component in the fuel mixture. Fuel flows sequentially through spatially separated sensor elements. The sensor elements generate time-dependent output signals, which are unambiguously dependent on the ethanol content of the fuel mixture. A difference between the time-dependent output signals is ascertained and subjected to a plausibility check. A received plausibility-checked output signal is ascertained, having at least one item of information about the direction of change in the ethanol content of the fuel mixture.05-30-2013
20130118239Remote Water Quality Monitoring - A remote water quality monitoring arrangement, a distributed water quality monitoring system with said remote water quality monitoring arrangement, and a method for replacing or installing said remote water quality monitoring arrangement in said distributed water quality monitoring system are provided. The remote water quality monitoring arrangement may include a position detection device, for example a GPS-receiver (Global Positioning System), while a current location of said remote water quality monitoring arrangement is automatically detectable/detected. Water quality measurements, i.e., measurement data, of said remote water quality monitoring arrangement can automatically be assigned with the detected location facilitating a central server—receiving the measurements, i.e., measurement data, together with the detected location of the remote water quality monitoring arrangement—to automatically organize a replacement and/or a new installation of said remote water quality monitoring arrangement in said distributed water quality monitoring system.05-16-2013
20090100911Method for producing synthetic resin mold package, alcohol concentration sensor and apparatus for measuring alcohol concentration - Disclosed is a method for producing a synthetic resin mold package at high yield from which package a pair of the surface of an internal device is exposed. A to-be-exposed part of the surface of the internal device composed of an insulating substrate (04-23-2009
20120000275DELIVERY DEVICE FOR DISPENSING PHARMACEUTICAL DOSAGE FORMS INTO DISSOLUTION TESTING APPARATUS - The present invention provides a dissolution test cell having a chamber and slide valve for dispensing pharmaceutical dosage forms, such as tablets, capsules, and powders, into the chamber without having to open the cell and expose the chamber and its contents to the ambient environment. The present invention also facilitates removal of a partially dissolved or non-disintegrating dosage form from the chamber and cell entirely, without exposing the interior of the cell and chamber. Dissolution test apparatus comprising at least one dissolution test cell in accordance with the invention is also provided, as well as methods for its operation to obtain Level A IVIVC dissolution results which accurately correlate with in vivo dissolution results are also provided.01-05-2012
20130192350SENSOR-ENABLED GATE VALVE - Methods, systems, and apparatus for a gate valve including a body, a stem, and a sensing bore. A subassembly includes a body, a stem, and a sensing bore; a bonnet contacting the body; and at least one of a vein and a plug in the sensing bore.08-01-2013

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