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072 - Metal deforming

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072237000 With carrier for roller-couple or tool-couple 64
072200000 With modification or control of temperature of work, tool or machine 55
072226000 Plural roller-couples (e.g., successively or optionally usable) 26
072214000 Comprising tool movable relative to stationary work-portion during deformation 21
072203000 With cutting of work or product 19
072208000 With tool inside hollow work 19
072250000 With handling of, or guiding of, work or product relative to tool 18
072252500 Roller or roller-like tool-element of particular configuration 17
072224000 Included in roller-cluster 14
072206000 With non-roller Metal Deforming station 8
072236000 With cleaning or conditioning of tool, or lubrication of tool or machine 6
072205000 Including tautening of work during deformation (e.g., "tension bridle") 4
20100050727Rolling Mill and Method for Controlling a Rolling Mill - A rolling mill, in particular, a cold strip tandem rolling mill, for producing a metal strip, with a number of stands is arranged in a tandem path, wherein, in a direction of production of the metal strip, a first stand is designed as driving stand and serves as inlet for a section of the tandem path, in which a primary thickness reduction of the metal strip occurs, and by corresponding control of the driving stand, an increase in the mechanical inlet tension of the metal strip can be achieved. In a method for controlling a rolling mill, in particular, a cold strip tandem rolling mill, for producing a metal strip, in a production direction of the metal strip, a first stand is controlled as driving stand, the driving stand achieving a significant increase in the mechanical inlet tension on the metal strip and a significant thickness reduction of the metal strip.03-04-2010
20120131975METHOD AND FORMING MACHINE FOR MANUFACTURING A PRODUCT HAVING VARIOUS DIAMETERS - The invention relates to a method and a forming machine suitable for manufacturing a product having various diameters from a workpiece, such as a metal cylinder or plate, in which the workpiece is clamped down in a clamping device, the workpiece and a first tool are rotated about an axis of rotation relative to each other, the workpiece is deformed by means of said first tool by placing the tool into contact with the workpiece and moving the workpiece and/or the tool in a direction along the axis of rotation. At least a second tool is placed into contact with the workpiece at a position behind the first tool, seen in the working direction, and the workpiece is also deformed by means of said second tool. Thus, parts of the workpiece that have been deformed by the first tool are deformed by one or more subsequent tools practically immediately.05-31-2012
20080302158Method and Rolling Mill For Improving the Running-Out of a Rolled Metal Strip Whose Trailing End is Moving at Rolling Speed - A method for improving the running-out of a metal rolled strip (12-11-2008
20080223100Method and Apparatus for Producing Strip Having a Variable Thickness - Disclosed is a method for producing strip having a variable thickness in its length direction, in particular a repetitive thickness variation, using a stand of a rolling mill, wherein the strip has a thickness D09-18-2008
072211000 Mounted on manually maneuverable carrier 4
20100300170VARIABLE CRIMP ON FLANGE TOOL - A variable crimp on flange (COF) tool is provided for engaging and attaching a weather strip and like structures onto a flange. The COF tool includes a housing with two or more crimp rollers that project therefrom. For example, a fixed roller is mounted to the housing to rotate in a first direction, while a movable roller is mounted to the housing to rotate in a second, opposite direction. The movable roller is axially offset from and movable relative to the fixed roller. A driving mechanism, such as a pneumatic motor, is encased within the housing, and operates to rotate the crimp rollers. A biasing mechanism, such as a pneumatic piston assembly, is also encased within the housing, and operates to move the movable crimp roller relative to the fixed crimp roller. The COF tool is engineered such that the crimp speed, crimp rate, and crimp pressure are independently adjustable.12-02-2010
20120186318DEVICE FOR ROLLING THREADS - The invention relates to a device for introducing a thread into a workpiece having a cylindrical outer surface by means of thread rolling, comprising a profiling tool (07-26-2012
20110232350ROLL STAND - The invention relates to a roll stand comprising at least one roll (09-29-2011
20130125602INTEGRATED BENDING AND SHIFTING SYSTEM UNDER LOAD FOR LARGE OPENING STANDS BETWEEN THE WORKING ROLLS - A rolling stand with a bending and shifting device for rolling rolls with two lower blocks (05-23-2013
072212000 With work-forcer offset from, and relatively movable between, spaced rollers 3
20090126440DEVICE AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING PROFILED BODIES - The invention relates to a device and a method for producing longitudinal grooves in cylindrical workpieces, especially for producing longitudinal grooves having an irregular profile. the forming process is carried out by means of segmental wheels in a similar manner to that of a rolling method.05-21-2009
20120085137STAMPING WITH ROLLING METHOD AND A DEVICE FOR IMPLEMENTING SAME - A blank is rolled by rolls in transverse directions with respect to the longitudinal axis of the blank with the aid of a drive for rockingly moving the rolls in opposite directions. The device comprises upper and lower rolls, a frame, two hydraulic power cylinders provided with pivot levers which kinematically form a four-link articulation mechanism, an upper thrust bearing and an upper axis on which an upper roll is secured. The four-link articulation mechanism is designed with the possibility of lifting/lowering the upper roll and transmitting a rolling force thereto. The device also comprises two hydraulic torque cylinders, a rocker, a lower thrust bearing and a lower axis, on which a lower roll is secured. The rods of the hydraulic torque cylinders are pivotally connected to the ends of the rocker with the possibility of transmitting oppositely directed torques and a rolling force to the lower roll. A wedge mechanism is coupled to the lower end face of the lower thrust bearing with the possibility of lifting/lowering the lower roll and transmitting rolling force thereto. A rack bar is disposed between retainers with the possibility of being horizontally moved during rolling. The upper and lower rolls are provided with toothed sectors; furthermore, during rolling, the teeth of the toothed sector of the lower roll engage with the teeth of the rack bar and the teeth of the toothed sector of the upper roll, and the rack bar is provided with a cradle in which the blank can be secured.04-12-2012
20090107199FLEXIBLE FORMING DEVICE FOR FORMING THREE-DIMENSIONAL SHAPED WORKPIECES - A flexible forming device for forming three-dimensional shaped workpieces, comprising a frame, at least two working rollers, one or more working roller driving mechanisms and one or more adjusting mechanisms, wherein the working rollers, the one or more working roller driving mechanisms and the one or more adjusting mechanisms are installed on the frame respectively. At least one of the working rollers is a flexible working roller, which is bendable and adjustable. The forming device need not use mold and can realize the continuous formation of a three-dimensional curved surface of a plate-shaped workpiece, and the gradual formation of a tube-shaped or bar-shaped three-dimensional shaped workpiece. The forming device can save manpower, material and time.04-30-2009
072221000 Plural passes spaced along axis of one roller of tool-couple 2
20090095045Method of reducing thickness of unbroken rolling stock - A method of reducing thickness of unbroken rolling stock (04-16-2009
20080302160Square Tube Forming Roll, Square Tube Forming Method, and Forming Device - Roll forming a round tube to a square tube without applying excessive load to the raw tube scheduled portions to become corner portions and shoulder portions. This invention structures the curvature of the rotation axis direction of the forming roll surface in a way that in relation to other raw tube locations (straightening precedes for the raw tube locations adjacent to the corner portion scheduled locations of the square tube. It disposes stands of four-direction roll structure at the forming roll stand furthest upstream and furthest downstream sides and disposes stands of upper-lower and left-right two-direction roll structure between the upstream and downstream roll stands, and by adopting forming roll with a structure having a curvature for constricting the raw tube locations to become the shoulder portions adjacent to the corner portions of the square tube at a smaller curvature than that constricting the raw tube portions to become the side portion centers of the square tube cross section.12-11-2008
072210000 Mounted on travelling, work-supported carriage 1
20090241626Lip-rolling and flanging tool for bending back or widening fender-wheelwell edges - The invention relates to lip-rolling and flanging tool for bending back and/or widening fender-wheelwell edges of motor vehicles, comprising a flanging roll (10-01-2009
072207000 Including rectilinearly moving tool cooperating with single roller 1
20100242559METHOD OF PRODUCING ALUMINUM PRODUCTS - Methods of producing pack rolled aluminum products by contacting bright finishes of two strips with each other, contacting matte finishes of each strip to a pair of work rolls, and rolling the strips through a sheet and foil rolling mill are disclosed. Concomitant to the contacting step is lubricating at least one of the bright finishes of the two strips. Each strip can achieve a reduction in thickness of at least about 65% after the rolling step.09-30-2010
20100071432METHOD FOR PRODUCTION OF BONE PLATES, IN PARTICULAR OF PLATES FOR VERTEBRAL OSTEOSYNTHESIS - A method for producing bone plates includes the following steps: using a sheet (03-25-2010
20120234065APPARATUS FOR MANUFACTURING A METAL PLATE FOR A DUCT, INCLUDING MESH-TYPE BEADS - The present invention relates to an apparatus for manufacturing a metal plate for a duct. The apparatus includes a frame (F) constituted by connecting metal pieces in a form of a box; roll stands (F09-20-2012
20120024031Shape restoration metal rolling tool and method - A metal shaping tool assembly, e.g., for auto body repair, includes shaper having a roller mounted between opposite legs in a yoke member. The central member has a recess for receiving an end of a manipulator, which is used as a handle. The manipulator may comprise a tool such as a tire iron. In a method, shaper is operated so that the roller engages the surface being worked to shape to restore the metal to a desired.02-02-2012
20110192208METHOD FOR CONTROLLING VARIATIONS OF AL-TI-B ALLOY GRAIN REFINEMENT ABILITY THROUGH CONTROLLING COMPRESSION RATIO - A method for controlling variations of Al—Ti—B alloy crystal grain refinement ability through controlling a compression ratio of sectional area of Al—Ti—B alloy including: A. establishing a relationship between variations of refinement ability of Al—Ti—B alloy crystal grain and parameters of press process of the Al—Ti—B alloy; setting the parameters of press process and controlling the variation of the refinement ability of the Al—Ti—B alloy crystal grain through controlling a value of the compression ratio.08-11-2011
20100154503ROLLER HEMMING APPARATUS AND ROLLER HEMMING METHOD - In an initial state of roller hemming processing, an erected flange 06-24-2010
20100251792MANDREL MILL AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING SEAMLESS PIPE OR TUBE - The present invention provides a mandrel mill and the like that is capable of not only enhancing the elongation ratio of the pipe or tube, but also suppressing a pinhole defect from occurring. The first means of the present invention provides a mandrel mill comprising a plurality of rolling stands in which two grooved rolls R10-07-2010
20110016942SHAPING STATION OF A WIRE SHAPING MACHINE WITH ANNULAR TOOL HOLDER ARM - The invention relates to a shaping station of a metal wire shaping sequence machine, a machine wherein a wire feed station supplies the wire along a travel axis through a bending nose which brings the wire in front of tools of a bending head which can be moved about the wire travel axis. The bending head is supported by an annular arm centered on the travel axis, and mounted to rotate about said travel axis. Preferably, the annular arm, with the guiding in rotation thereof by rollers and a toothed ring, are mounted on a support plate positioned vertically and perpendicularly to the wire travel axis. In addition, the support plate can be moved in horizontal and vertical translation in a plane perpendicular to the wire travel axis, which also is the arm rotation axis.01-27-2011
20110061435PLANT FOR THE REVERSIBLE ROLLING OF STEEL STRIP - A rolling plant has a reversible rolling mill with two stands. Each upright of the stands rests on a support structure via a bearing surface and is fastened thereto by a bolt or shank integral with the structure and cooperating with the upright via a removable fastening device. The bearing surface of each upright is provided on the lower face of the upright, without extending beyond the lateral faces directed along the rolling direction of the uprights, and is formed with a hole opening into a hollow housing provided in the upright and having an orifice opening onto a lateral face of the upright. The bolt or shank extends through the hole and projects into the housing, and the removable fastening device is placed inside the housing.03-17-2011
20110252853METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR COMPACTING A CIGS THIN FILM IN A NON-VACUUM ENVIRONMENT - A method and an apparatus for compacting a CIGS thin film in a non-vacuum environment are provided. According to the present invention, a substrate having a CIGS light absorbing layer configured thereon is processed with a soft baking process. Then, a pneumatic cylinder is employed for providing a pressure for driving a roller which is fixed to a holder. The holder is connected to the pneumatic cylinder. The roller is driven to downwardly apply a pressing force onto the CIGS light absorbing layer. The substrate is then moved back and forth to compact the CIGS light absorbing layer uniformly.10-20-2011
20100031723ROLLING METHOD FOR A STRIP - A strip has a strip head and a strip leg. It is rolled, beginning at the strip head, in a roll stand of a rolling device between an upper and a lower roller arrangement of the roll stand. It is monitored whether the strip foot reaches a switching point located, viewed in the rolling direction, in front of the roll stand. From the time the strip leg reaches the switching point, the roller arrangements are subjected to a bending force expanding the roller arrangements by means of an adjusting device, the force being at least as high as a minimal force. The minimal force is at least as high as a balancing force of the upper roller arrangement. The minimal force is determined as a function of the parameters of the strip and/or the operating parameters of the rolling device.02-11-2010
20100018273Roll Unit for use in Surface Treatment of Copper Foil - Provided is a roll unit for use in a surface treatment of a copper foil, wherein shaft sleeves are fitted to a roll shaft of a roll so that the roll shaft is rotatably supported by a bearing via the shaft sleeves. Additionally provided is a roll unit wherein the shaft sleeves consist of two sleeves, namely a roll-side sleeve arranged on a roll main body side and a tapered sleeve arranged on a shaft end side, an oil seal is arranged between the roll-side sleeve and a bearing box, and the tapered sleeve is supported by a bearing disposed in the bearing box. Thus, this invention relates to a roll unit to be used in electrochemical surface treatments, such as roughening treatment, rust prevention treatment and surface oxidation treatment, to be continuously performed on a surface of a rolled copper foil or an electrolytic copper foil, and in particular relates to a roll unit capable of inhibiting the abrasion and corrosion of the roll shaft of such roll unit and capable of simple replacement of the bearing box, bearing and other components.01-28-2010
20100175451PROFILE-ROLLING MACHINE - The invention relates to a profile-rolling machine for rolling a profile in a blank, wherein the profile-rolling machine has a first and a second profile-rolling jaw. The second profile-rolling jaw (07-15-2010
20120011913ROLL FORMER FOR STEEL PLATE AND ROLL BENDING METHOD FOR STEEL PLATE USING SAME - A roll former for steel plate (01-19-2012
20110088444APPARATUS AND PROCESS FOR FORMING PROFILES WITH A VARIABLE HEIGHT BY MEANS OF COLD ROLLING - The invention relates to an apparatus for producing a profile by means of cold roll forming, said apparatus comprising a forming unit (04-21-2011
20120131974ARCHING METALLIC PROFILES IN CONTINOUS IN-LINE PROCESS - A method and apparatus for manufacturing an arched metallic profile, in a continuous in-line process. The method comprises forming the metallic profile; and arching the formed metallic profile in a continuous in-line process. The apparatus includes a roll forming station configured to receive flat metallic composition and output a given profile. An arching device is configured to receive the metallic profile and bend the metallic profile having a desired radius of curvature wherein a portion of the arching device is displaced with respect to said roll forming station vertically and/or horizontally.05-31-2012
20120125066FEED DRIVE FOR A COLD PILGERING MILL - The state of the art discloses cold rolling mills comprising a roll stand, at least one roll rotatably mounted to the roll stand, a feed clamping saddle for feeding a blank, and a first drive for the feed clamping saddle. Those cold rolling mills have ball spindle drives with a high rate of wear as the drive for the feed clamping saddle. In comparison the object of the present invention is to provide a cold rolling mill whose drive for the feed clamping saddle involves no or only very slight wear and which in addition permits a slow movement of the feed clamping saddle. According to the invention that object is attained by a cold rolling mill which has a direct electromechanical linear drive for the feed clamping saddle.05-24-2012
20120210762PROFILE AND METHOD OF FORMING SAME - A cold-rolling method of forming a profile formed of a strip-shaped rolling stock and having thickness-reduced section (08-23-2012
20110226030ROLLER PROFILING MACHINE - Roller profiling machine includes several forming stations which progressively shape a given material until obtaining a pre-designed profile with a section variable along the length of the profile. Each forming station is placed over a head (09-22-2011
20110146363TIP SHAPING APPARATUS - A tip shaping apparatus presses electrode tips against a shaping roller thereof held by a rotationally driven holder in such a manner as to bring tip sections of the tips close to each other, thereby shaping the tip sections into reusable condition. The tip shaping apparatus includes deburring sections located in such positions as to confront burrs that are formed during shaping in such a manner as to project from outer circumferences of root sections proximate the tip sections of the electrode tips in a direction perpendicular to the axes of the electrode tips, at ejection of the electrode tips from the apparatus. Each of the deburring sections is located proximate an outer circumferential plane of the root section of each of the electrode tips undergoing shaping so as to abut against and cut off or bend the burrs in such a manner as to suppress the projecting height of the burrs when the electrode tips are ejected from the tip shaping apparatus.06-23-2011
20130111963GRID RUNNER - A roll-formed grid runner comprising a sheet metal strip folded into an upper hollow single wall reinforcing bulb, a double wall web below the bulb, a channel extending laterally from both sides of a lower end of the web to a bend and upwardly from the bend to a panel supporting elevation, the bend on each side of the web existing at a longitudinally extending score line where a thickness of the strip is locally reduced.05-09-2013
20130180303METHOD FOR PRODUCING A PROFILE FROM A SHEET-METAL STRIP - A method for producing a profile from a sheet-metal strip is disclosed. The sheet-metal strip is bent at least twice during a first stage, where, as viewed in the cross-section of the sheet-metal strip, a center section as well as two flank sections are formed, which project angularly from two opposing end regions of the center section. During a second stage following the first stage, the center section is compressed by two complementary roller arrangements which engage on the two opposing end regions of the center section, and the sheet-metal strip is thereby locally thickened.07-18-2013
20110308291TITANIUM SLAB FOR HOT ROLLING PRODUCED BY ELECTRON-BEAM MELTING FURNACE, PROCESS FOR PRODUCTION THEREOF, AND PROCESS FOR ROLLING TITANIUM SLAB FOR HOT ROLLING - A titanium slab is appropriate for hot rolling, is produced by electron beam melting furnace, has superior linearity so that it can be fed into a hot rolling machine without performing breaking down process or other subsequent correcting process after production, and has good structure having no cracks at the corner parts. A process for production thereof is also provided. The titanium slab is directly produced by a mold of an electron beam melting furnace, and has the deformation of not more than 5 mm for the thickness direction versus the longitudinal direction and deformation of not more than 2.5 mm for the width direction versus the longitudinal direction, both per a length of 1000 mm of the slab. The process for production of this titanium slab for hot rolling has a step of using an electron beam melting furnace in which its rectangular mold has mold walls of a long side and mold walls of a short side, and a step of pouring molten metal from one of the mold walls of a short side. Furthermore, a mold having chamfered parts at the corner parts can be used in the process.12-22-2011


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