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070 - Locks

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070447000 For key-operated mechanism 60
070432000 Condition indicators 11
070466000 Mounting aids, guides and assistors 5
20120192604Door Lock - A door lock has a fixed housing having a thin pie shape with a hinge sleeve extending from an edge and an extension containing a hinge opening. The hinge opening connects to a hinge of a door. A rotating housing has a thin pie shape with a hinge sleeve extending from an edge and aligned with the hinge sleeve of the fixed housing. A hinge pin extends through the hinge sleeve of the fixed housing and the hinge sleeve of the rotating housing. The rotating housing has a first position that is coplanar with the fixed housing and a second position that is stacked on the fixed housing. When the rotating housing is in the first position it blocks a door from opening. Since the fixed housing is attached to the hinge of the door, the door lock is as strong as the door itself.08-02-2012
20100139344Positioning Assembly for a Bicycle Lock - A positioning assembly for a bicycle lock has a positioning frame, a turning connector and a linking element. The positioning frame is detachably mounted on a bicycle and has a mounting segment and a controlling segment. The controlling segment is mounted on the mounting segment and has a base and two pressing devices. The base has two mounting recesses. The pressing devices are movably and respectively mounted in the mounting recesses of the base. The turning connector is pivotally and detachably connected to the positioning frame and has a pivotal segment and a linking segment. The pivotal segment has two engaging elements mounted in the mounting recesses of the base to engage the pressing devices. The linking segment is formed with the pivotal segment and has an inserting hole. The linking element is detachably connected to inserting hole of the turning connector.06-10-2010
20100218572U-LOCK CROSS BRACE - A cross brace for securing on a U-lock having a U-shaped shackle with the cross brace comprising first and second engaging members and a connecting member therebetween. The first engaging member defines a first through bore having a first opening and a first central axis. The second engaging member defines a second through bore having second opening and a second central axis. The connecting member extends between and connects the first and second members relative to one another such that an opening plane extending between the first and second openings and intersecting the first and second central axes is at an acute angle relative to the first and second central axes.09-02-2010
20120006084ELECTRONIC ARTICLE SECURITY SYSTEM - Disclosed are embodiments of apparatus, methods, and systems for securing electronic articles, such as computers, for theft deterrence or prevention. In one embodiment, a body is provided, which is secured to an intermediary structure. The intermediary structure is, in turn, secured to the electronic article. The body may be configured as a mass such that it is of sufficient weight, shape, and/or size to allow for deterring theft. In some embodiments, the system is configured to render inaccessible, or at least impede access to, at least one piece of fastening hardware between the intermediary structure and the body and/or between the intermediary structure and the electronic article, thereby further deterring theft.01-12-2012
20120204612METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR INDEPENDENT ACCESS TO A LOCKED FACILITY - An apparatus for allowing separate and independent access to a locked facility by multiple users is provided. The apparatus comprises at least three parts that can be joined together to provide independent access through independent locks that lock adjacent parts of the apparatus together. The apparatus provides stability and separation between the locks when the apparatus is locked or unlocked so that the locks are easily identifiable and do not get lost among hanging chains or cables.08-16-2012
070461000 Adjustment provisions 3
20110192203Adjustable installation of door locking system - In a drive train between a door handle having a first axis of rotation and a rotary lock part carried on a door to have a second axis of rotation, the drive train accommodating to possible misalignment of those axes, the drive train including a carrier, a rack carried by the carrier, and movable in a first lateral direction in response to door handle rotation, a gear located to rotatably drive the rotary lock part in response to rack movement in the first lateral direction, relative to the carrier, and means to adjust the position of the rack in a second lateral direction, to compensate for mis-alignment of the first and second axes.08-11-2011
20110219832Adjustable shaft for door lock assembly - A door lock assembly includes a lock casing device and a door lock device attached to the opposite sides of a door panel, a core device pivotally mounted to the lock casing device and operatable by an actuation device, an adjustable shaft mechanism includes a housing coupled to the core device and having a number of orifices and a channel communicative with a chamber of the housing, a shank slidably engaged in the housing and having a free end for engaging with the door lock device, and a spring-biased detent attached to the shank for engaging with either of the orifices of the housing and for anchoring the shank to the housing at a selected position and for adjustably mounting the shaft to the door panels of different thicknesses.09-15-2011
20110302971ADJUSTABLE TURN PIECE EXTENSION - An adjustable turn piece extension includes a first member, a second member, and a connecting pin. The first member includes a slot and the second member is configured to fit in the slot. Apertures on the first and second members can be aligned to receive the connecting pin and thereby determine the length of the turn piece.12-15-2011
070442000 For combination-operated mechanism 1
20120131968Code Changing Mechanism for a Mechanical Combination Lock - A code changing mechanism for a mechanical combination lock, comprises function keys; two rows of code number keys on the lock body; a code-changing rack; an intermediate gear; a code-changing lock core with keyhole; and gear modules connected with each code number key, each gear module comprises a code-changing gear and controlling chip. There is a groove for resetting code provided on the gear; the chip inserted in the groove forming a code reset site; a code free site provided between the chip and gear; a left and a right straight rack; and the rack engages with a corresponding row of code-changing gears. The lock core coaxially connects with the intermediate gear, the intermediate gear engages with two opposing code-changing gears thereof. A movable sheet is under each of the keys. The code is changeable without disassembling any component, making the mechanism convenient, swift, flexible, reliable, with robust anti-crack capability.05-31-2012
070462000 Reversible structures 1
20110283757LEFT AND RIGHT INTERCHANGING DEVICE FOR A LOCK CLUTCH - A left and right interchanging device for a lock clutch includes a clutch pin, an inner rotary clutch shaft, and an outer rotary clutch shaft. The clutch pin is movably placed in a hole of the inner rotary clutch shaft and connected with a built-in driving module of the inner rotary clutch shaft. The module controls the clutch pin so that the clutch pin can retract into or extend out of the inner rotary clutch shaft. The inner rotary clutch shaft is placed in a central hole of the outer rotary clutch shaft, and both can rotate about a same central axis. A first stop edge and a second stop edge are provided on the inner rotary clutch shaft and connected with a driving output shaft. A third stop edge and a fourth stop edge are provided on the outer rotary clutch shaft and connected with a driving output and input shaft. When a door is left-opened, the third stop edge correspondingly contacts the clutch pin and the fourth stop edge correspondingly contacts the second stop edge. When the door is right-opened, the third stop edge contacts the second stop edge, and the fourth stop edge contacts the clutch pin.11-24-2011
20100043508PIN LOCKING DEVICE - A locking device includes a shaft, a locking head joined to the shaft, and a lock body having a lock opening for receiving a locking end of the shaft. A latch member is disposed within the lock body and includes a shaft aperture for receiving the locking end of the shaft therethrough. The shaft aperture includes an edge portion spring biased radially inward of the lock opening to engage the recessed portion with the edge portion when the locking end of the shaft is disposed in the lock opening. A locking member is disposed within the lock body. Rotation of the locking member from a locked condition to an unlocked condition moves the edge portion of the shaft aperture out of engagement with the recessed portion of the shaft to permit withdrawal of the shaft from the lock opening.02-25-2010
20130036781STATUS DETECTOR AND COMMUNICATION UNIT AND SYSTEM FOR REMOTE TRACKING OF PADLOCKS - A status detector and communication unit (02-14-2013
20090308120Method for making a supporting body for the lock of a motor vehicle, and a supporting body thus obtained - A method for making a supporting body (12-17-2009
20090188289Electric Strike Horizontal Adjustment - An electrically-operable strike for locking and unlocking doors. The strike is mounted on a face plate which in turn is mounted on a door jamb. The face plate is provided with mounting apertures which receive adjustment inserts each having an offset aperture for a mounting screw for mounting the strike on the face plate. The face plate also has a tongue extending distally from a lip and a break-off portion at the distal end of the tongue. The strike is first mounted with the offset apertures in a distal position. If the strike does not function properly due to preload, the strike is remounted with the offset apertures in a proximal position and the break-off portion is removed.07-30-2009
20090025441Device for actively threatening extrinsic destruction of a lock - The present invention relates to a device for actively threatening extrinsic destruction of a lock which is formed by a male member and a female member, wherein the device comprises a plurality of container units formed by rigid and brittle materials, such as plastic or glass materials and having a pressurized tear gas or toxic gas filled therein to form sealed structures that are inserted in a space in the female member or the male member, and several alarming marks or characters are marked on a surface of the lock. In such manner, when the lock is subjected to an extrinsic destruction, the deformation of the female member or the male member resulted from the extrinsic destruction will squash the sealed container units to instantly eject the pressurized tear gas or toxic gas out.01-29-2009
20100242555FASTENER SHIELD DEVICE FOR LOCKS - A lock assembly including a housing, a fastener that has a head, a lock member that is movable between a first position and a second position, and a barrier that is movably disposed within the housing. The barrier is displaceable between a first position at which the barrier at least partially covers the fastener head, and a second position at which the fastener head is generally accessible. The barrier is coupled with the lock member such that the barrier displaces from the barrier first and second positions when the lock member displaces between the lock member first and second positions.09-30-2010
20120192603HIGH SECURITY LOCK CORE STRUCTURE - A high security lock core structure includes a case, a core, multiple side bead units and multiple bead units. The case includes side holes for receiving the side bead units. The core includes bottom holes which communicate with the top holes. The bead units are located in the top holes and the bottom holes. Each side bead unit includes a side bead and a first resilient member. Each bead unit includes a bottom bead, a top bead, a second resilient member and a cover. The top bead of one of the bead units is replaced by a cone-shaped locking bead which has a cone-shaped base and located at the interfaces of the top and bottom holes to make the core be locked. When the core is in unlocked status by malicious ways, the bottom holes are moved to the side holes to lock the core again.08-02-2012
20100206028LOCK-ACTUATING KEY WITH IMPROVED IMPACT RESISTANCE - A key having one end secured to a yoke mounted between in a casing to turn about a pivot axis between a position in which the key is retracted inside the casing and a position in which the key is extended, and a control pushbutton mounted in a housing of the yoke so as to be constrained to pivot therewith and so as to slide between a position for holding the yoke at least in the retracted position, and a position for releasing the yoke for pivoting, the control pushbutton having at least one stud received in a groove of the housing, the groove including an inlet segment that opens out via a first end in an outer face of the yoke and that opens out via a second end in a terminal segment, forming an angle therewith, the terminal segment extending along the pivot axis.08-19-2010
20100192652TEMPORARY SPACER DEVICE EQUIPPED WITH LOCKING MEANS - The present invention relates to a device (08-05-2010
20100064745LOCK WITH A SUPPORT STRUCTURE - A lock with a support structure includes a tubular element connected to a handle having a positioning hole and a center hole. The center hole contains a lock set having a rotatable lock core connected to a transmission element. The transmission element has separated first and second sides. A transversally slidable element is installed to the tubular element for receiving a bias pressure of an elastic element, and includes a protruding portion and a bearing portion. The protruding portion can be moved between engaged and non-engaged positions of the positioning hole of the handle. The support structure includes a support portion. If the first side of the transmission element approaches the support portion of the support structure, the bearing portion of the transversally slidable element will approach the second side of the transmission element for limiting the displacement of the transversally slidable element when an external force is applied.03-18-2010
20110061430MULTISTAGE LOCK APPARATUS - A multistage lock apparatus has a base, a disk holder, two selecting devices, two disk sets and at least one interfering element. The base has a mounting panel and a central tube. The disk holder is connected to the base and has a mounting beam, two extending beams, a middle beam, a connecting beam and two mounting spaces. The selecting devices are rotatably connected to the base. The disk sets are respectively mounted on the selecting devices in the mounting specs of the disk holder and each disk set has a driving disk and at least one driven disk. The at least one interfering element is mounted securely on the disk holder and each of the at least one interfering element has a mounting tab and two elastic panels.03-17-2011
20120260704CLUTCH MECHANISM FOR ELECTROMECHANICAL LOCK CYLINDERS - An improved clutch mechanism for electromechanical lock cylinders is disclosed. The aim of the invention is to improve the performance of the clutch mechanism and to increase the battery life of the motor which is included in the electromechanical lock cylinder. The improved clutch mechanism comprises an electromagnetic motor (10-18-2012


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