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Electrical type (e.g., solenoid)

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070 - Locks


070275000 - Using a powered device (e.g., motor)

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070278100 Actuated after correct combination recognized (e.g., numerical, alphabetical, or magnet(s) pattern) 28
070278700 And details of blocking system (e.g., linkage, latch, pawl, spring) 19
070279100 And alternately mechanically actuated by a key, dial, etc. 16
070283100 Key initiated actuation of device 13
070280000 Projected and retracted electrically 11
070283000 Dogging manual operator 6
070282000 Retracted electrically only 2
20080307837Convertible motorized latch - Disclosed is a convertible motorized latch that may be configured in either of a slam latch or a dead bolt latch configuration, just by desired selection and replacement of a minimal number of components, and which may be used on new (oem) equipment or in retrofit applications. In either preferred configuration, an electric motor contained within the latch housing operates to open or unlock the latch. Latch closure may be provided by spring actuation in a slam configuration or by further motor operation in a dead bolt configuration. Either present configuration may make use of an electrical feedback switch for signaling latch retraction while the dead bolt configuration may also include a second electrical feedback switch for signaling latch extension. A gear train may be incorporated within the latch housing to provide reduced speed and increased torque from the electric motor.12-18-2008
20100192648VEHICLE PANEL CONTROL SYSTEM - A vehicle panel control system includes a vehicle panel and a handle pivotably connected to the vehicle panel. The handle is movable about a pivot point in a first direction to unlatch or move the panel. A switch is positioned to be closed when the handle is sufficiently moved in a second direction opposite the first direction, closure of the switch is operable to unlatch or move the panel. Thus, the unlatching or movement of the panel is accomplished by either of two different motions.08-05-2010
070281000 Projected electrically only 1
20110308285ELECTROMECHANICAL CYLINDER LOCK - An electromechanical cylinder lock includes an outer lock shell and a rotatable lock barrel located therein which is controlled by dual locking features. A side bar or fence selectively blocks and permits rotation of the barrel with respect to the shell in response to insertion of a key into a keyway in the barrel. A slider bar is movable between a blocking position in which the side bar is prevented from permitting rotation of the barrel, and an unblocking position in which the side bar permits rotation of the barrel. Alternately, a blocking mechanism is provided to block motion of tumbler pins in the cylinder lock. A shape memory alloy actuator, such as a wire made of nitinol, disposed in the barrel is activated by an electric current in response to determination by an electronic control device whether an attempt to open the lock is authorized. Thermal interlock protection from external heating of the lock is also provided.12-22-2011
20100154494CONNECTING ADAPTOR FOR ELECTRIC CYLINDER CORRESPONDING TO MORTISE LOCK - A connecting adaptor for an electric cylinder to operate a door lock is provided having a screw type connecting member assembly D06-24-2010
20090308115Electronic locker lock - A locker lock fits a standard locker door three-hole door prep, with all electronics contained in a single housing mounted on the front of the locker door and a latch device behind the locker door. The locker lock preferably includes a keypad to allow rotation of a handle or knob, and also includes a manager's override and power jump terminal.12-17-2009
20090095037Key alignment system for keyed safety interlocks - A key alignment system for safety interlock switches uses alignment holes, and alignment pins to compensate for misalignment between a body assembly and a key assembly. The misalignment is often due to normal wear and tear or outright abuse of a gate or other movable member that should be safely interlocked. The key is fixed to a floating plate connected to a mounting plate by a suspension. The alignment pins and holes on or in a fixed alignment assembly and the floating plate can move the floating plate into a position such that the key enters the key hole. Some embodiments incorporate the fixed alignment assembly into the body assembly. The normal function of a keyed safety interlock wherein the key can be caught and held or released is preserved and enhanced by compensating for misalignment.04-16-2009
20090308116Lock Arrangement and a Method of Providing Power to a Lock - A lock arrangement including an electrically powered lock actuator, a power receiver (12-17-2009
20090282879LOCK ASSEMBLY WITH ROTARY LOCKING MEMBER - A lock includes a rotary locking member, a locking bolt, and an electrically operable mechanism. The rotary locking member is rotatable about a first axis between a locking position and a releasing position. The locking bolt is configured to hold the rotary locking member in the locking position when the locking bolt is in a first position. The electrically operable mechanism is configured to move the locking bolt in a direction parallel to the first axis from the first position to a second position in response to an electrical signal supplied to the electrically operable mechanism. Movement of the locking bolt to the second position allows the rotary locking member to rotate from the locking position to the releasing position.11-19-2009
20100126240DEVICE FOR LOCKING A LOCK - In a device for locking a lock, in which an actuating member (05-27-2010
20080276672LOCK ASSEMBLY INCLUDING A ROTARY BLOCKING DEVICE AND TAMPER RESISTANT MECHANISM - A lock including a housing having an opening for a locking bolt, a locking bolt movable between a locked position and an unlocked position, an actuator positioned within the housing, and a rotary blocking device that prevents the locking bolt from moving to the unlocked position is disclosed. The lock may optionally include a tamper resistant mechanism that is designed such that attempting to forcibly move the locking bolt from the locked position to the unlocked position while the actuator remains in the locked condition causes the locking bolt to engage the tamper resistant mechanism.11-13-2008
20110203336Electronic Unlatch System for Vehicle Door - A vehicle door having an electronic unlatch system and a method of operation. The door includes an electronic key cylinder mounted to the door and includes a slot that receives a key; a switch engaging the key cylinder to detect when a key has been turned in the cylinder; and a door latch mounted to the door to selectively unlatch the door, with the door latch receiving a signal from the switch to unlatch the door. The door also includes a backup power supply mounted in the door and supplying electrical power to the door latch and switch, with the backup power supply receiving power from a vehicle electrical system to recharge the backup power supply.08-25-2011
20090113963Electronic lock system and method of use thereof - In an electronic lock system, a lock includes a lock housing (05-07-2009
20090139287Circuit Arrangement for Locking and/or Unlocking a Door Lock, Especially in an Electric Appliance - A circuit arrangement for locking and/or unlocking a door lock, especially in an electric appliance that is provided with a door for closing or opening a work area. Said circuit arrangement comprises an electrically actuated door lock actuator which acts upon a locking member when a current flows through the actuator, said locking member locking or unlocking the door lock. A series connection that is composed of two switching devices is arranged in the triggering circuit of the door lock actuator, said two switching devices being controllable by the control device which emits output signals to actuate the two switching devices once specific triggering signals have been fed to the control device.06-04-2009
20090139286DOOR LOCK CONTROL DEVICE IN HEATING COOKER - There is provided a door lock control device in a heating cooker that prevents a door from being accidentally unlocked when the door is locked and a temperature inside the heating cooker is a predetermined temperature or more such as during self-cleaning, and provides safe handling of the heating cooker. Even in general door lock and unlock states, when the temperature inside the cooker is low and a thermal switch 06-04-2009
20090084147ELECTRIC LOCK DEVICE - An electric lock device which can be used suitably regardless of an operation mode of a thumb-turn. In the electric lock device, components to be placed at a peripheral part of the thumb-turn are miniaturized by separating a control device and an electric power supply, which require a comparatively large space, from a thumb-turn cover. The electric lock device includes a cover device internally having a motor and a thumb-turn cover, a control device internally having a control part, and a power supply part built-in the control device for supplying power to the control device and the motor. Therefore, the cover device can be more compactified than that of a conventional electric lock device in which the control part and the power supply part are integrally placed with the thumb-turn cover and the motor. The cover device can be attached proximity to a thumb-turn without being protruded from a door.04-02-2009
20090241618Electric lock device - A lock device includes a tongue slidably engaged with a housing and extendible out of the housing, an anchoring device slidably disposed in the housing and having two anchoring members for selectively aligning with the tongue and having a compartment formed between the anchoring members, and a moving device for moving the anchoring device relative to the housing to selectively align either of the anchoring members with the tongue and for preventing the tongue from being engaged into the compartment of the anchoring device. The moving device includes an electromagnetic mechanism coupled to the anchoring device for moving the anchoring device relative to the housing.10-01-2009
20100192647HOUSING FOR ELECTRONIC LOCK - A housing assembly adapted to fit into a mortised recess in a door is provided for accommodating components of an electronic lock mechanism. The housing assembly comprises a housing including opposed major side walls at least partially defining an opening into the housing. A circuit board comprising electronic circuitry for operating the lock mechanism is disposed in the housing. A bracket for holding batteries is adapted to be disposed in the opening in the housing. The bracket is accessible when the housing is in the mortised recess of the door such that the bracket is movable relative to the housing between a first position and a second position. In the first position the bracket is in the housing and in the second position the bracket is at least partially outside of the housing such that batteries may be inserted into or removed from the bracket.08-05-2010
20090013736Electronic lock - Disclosed is an electronic lock. In one embodiment, the electronic lock comprises a body, a barrel having a slot, a pin disposed in the slot, a blocking member disposed in the body to prevent movement of the pin, and an electro-mechanical device. Activation of the electro-mechanical device causes the blocking member to be moved clear of the pin and movement of the barrel causes the pin to be moved out of the slot.01-15-2009
20100251787Micro Motor Locking System - The invention relates to locking systems to realize locking function in embodiments such as electronic gates, drawers, cabinets, safes and similar things and it consists of linear motion transmission member (10-07-2010
20100122561Driving device for an electric lock latch - A driving device for an electric lock latch, comprising: a) a housing; b) a motor positioned within the housing with a power output shaft secured to a drive shaft with a threaded portion; c) a spiral spring having an internal part fixed in the housing or at the motor, the middle part of the spiral spring having a threaded joint portion (with a smaller diameter) corresponding to the threaded portion of the drive shaft, the internal and external parts of the spiral spring not having the threaded connection to the threaded portion of the drive shaft; and d) a lock latch secured to the external part of the spiral spring. Unlike the conventional structure requiring an external power source, thereby leading to a complicated installation, the structure in accordance with the invention includes a drive shaft having a threaded portion for driving a spiral spring in threaded connection thereto. Moreover, the lock latch is connected at the external part of the spiral spring. As a result, the circular motion of the drive shaft is converted into the rectilinear motion of the spiral spring such that the lock latch is moved. In this way, the locked and unlocked state of the lock device may be changed by the movement of the lock latch. Accordingly, the lock structure and the installation thereof may be simplified. Meanwhile, the power-saving effect is achieved.05-20-2010
20100000273PROGRAMMABLE ELECTRONIC LOCK - A programmable electronic lock with a closing tongue is actuated with an actuating mechanism formed by a mobile knob acting as a button joined to the closing tongue. Actuation of the mobile knob generates a movement of the closing tongue and closure of the lock. Recovery of the mobile knob to its initial position generates an opening of the lock. Furthermore, an electronics board is activated with a transponder key and controls operation of the lock by deactivating and subsequently activating a blocking mechanism formed by a motor that actuates a punch via a gear mechanism. When the punch is in a blocking position it is located against the actuating mechanism. When the punch is in an unblocking position, it is separated from the actuating mechanism and allows the movement of the closing tongue by unblocking the actuating mechanism.01-07-2010
20100288000ELECTRONIC LOCK - The invention relates to an electronic lock, in particular a safety lock. In order to provide an electronic lock which, while being resistant to manipulation, is of simplified construction, the invention proposes a lock having a bolt (11-18-2010
20100294008MOTOR DRIVE MECHANISM FOR AN ELECTRONIC DEADBOLT LOCK - An apparatus including a motor that has a rotatable output shaft extending outward from the motor and defining a rotational axis. The apparatus also includes a coupler that is coupled to the output shaft for rotation therewith, and a coil spring that is coupled to the coupler without external attachment means such that rotation of the coupler is transferred to the coil spring.11-25-2010
20100180649SELF-POWERED ELECTRONIC LOCK - A self-powered electronic lock is provided having a housing, a lock element mounted in the housing for movement relative to the housing between a locked position and an unlocked position, a code input device operating with a first set of electronics, and an electric actuator operating with a second set of electronics. The electric actuator is operatively coupled with the lock element to allow movement of the lock element from the locked position to the unlocked position. A first electric power generator is operative by a user to supply electrical power for operating the code input device and the first set of electronics. A second electric power generator is operative to supply electrical power for operating the electric actuator and the second set of electronics. The first and the second set of electronics are electrically isolated and are synchronized to generate a common number for a combination code.07-22-2010
20100263419HANDLE DEVICE - Handle device for operating doors, windows and the like, comprising a first element, which is rotatable about an axis of rotation, a second element, and a coupling device which is connected to the first and the second element and is designed to selectively allow or prevent relative rotation about the axis of rotation between the first and the second element, the coupling device comprising an outer coupling member (10-21-2010
20100132418IMPACT RESISTANT ELECTRONIC LOCK - An electronically controlled solenoid lock mechanism that remains locked when subjected to an impact type force. The lock utilizes the kinetic energy of a sliding bar during an impact to push on a lever with a fixed fulcrum such that the opposite end of the lever pushes against the core of the solenoid to keep it engaged with a latching mechanism. This prevents the unintentional opening a device to which the lock is attached with a mechanism that is energy, weight and cost efficient.06-03-2010
20090308118Dual Locking System And Latch Incorporating Therefor - A dual locking system having a manual lock and an electrical lock, and a shuttle connected to both the manual lock and the electrical lock. The shuttle is moveable by either the manual lock or electrical lock between an engaged position in which a hook on the shuttle can engage a prong and a disengaged position in which the hook does not engage a prong. Upon de-energization of the electrical lock, the shuttle remains in the engaged position if the shuttle was in the engaged position prior to de-energization and the shuttle remains in the unengaged position if the shuttle were in the unengaged position prior to de-energization. The dual locking system is incorporated in a latch.12-17-2009
20100024496Electric Locks with Release Hammer - Electric lock with hammer for doors, locker doors, safe doors, telephone chassis, vending machines and the like which also have an anti jamming mechanism. To close the electric lock, the bar moves forward and the door latch closes upon a corresponding bolt. When moving forward, the bar stretches the spring into a tense state. The latch drops into a corresponding groove and mechanically locks the bar. To unlock the electric lock the solenoid activates the hammer while applying most of the energy over a relatively short period of time. The hammer in turn hits the latch out of its groove to unlock the electric lock. The spring pulls the bar backwards and the door latch opens up. According to the present invention, when mechanical pressure is applied upon any of lock mechanical components, the hammer strikes at the latch repeatedly until it comes out of its groove and the unlocks.02-04-2010
20090308117SOLENOID-OPERATED ELECTROMECHANICAL LOCK - An electromechanical lock is provide that comprises a locking assembly and a latch solenoid with a plunger axially displaceable, by an electrical command signal, between retracted and extended states and being associated with a first urging arrangement that biases the plunger in a first axial direction from the retracted to the extended states. The locking assembly comprises a lock actuation member movable between first and second states for locking and unlocking the lock, respectively. A second urging arrangement is operative to bias the actuation member to move to the second state. A third urging arrangement is operative to bias the actuation member to move from the second to the first state. The plunger is operatively associated with the locking assembly to cause said lock actuation member to move from the first to the second state for unlocking the lock upon displacement of the plunger in the first direction, and to permit movement of the actuation member, induced by the third urging arrangement, from the second to the first state for locking the lock, upon displacement of the plunger from the extended to the retraced state.12-17-2009
20090173119Electromagnetic Lock Monitoring System - An electromagnetic lock monitoring system for monitoring the strength of a magnetic field in an electromechanical lock which is created when a steel armature plate is closed against an electromagnet. The system utilizes dual Hall Effect devices positioned in such a way that both ends of the electromagnet and both magnetic fields are monitored, and that the resulting monitoring effectively covers the complete contact surface between the electromagnet and the armature plate. Preferably, the Hall Effect devices are disposed in series at the point of maximum flux density within the center element of an E-shaped electromagnetic core, at opposite ends of the core. If the magnetic flux is below a preset limit, a relay also in series drops out, triggering an alarm which may be sonic, electronic, and/or visual, as is known in the prior art.07-09-2009
20110016933PIVOT LEVER WHICH IS LOCKABLE IN A TROUGH AND HAS A LOCK COVER - A swivel lever can be locked in a trough in a swiveled in position and comprises a locking device which is accommodated in the swivel lever and which can be unlocked by way of an access opening in the swivel lever. The access opening can be made inaccessible by means of a cover. The cover can be blocked mechanically, particularly electromechanically, in its covering position.01-27-2011
20090211320Electro-mechanical lock structure - An electromechanical lock structure includes a casing, an electric control mechanism and a manual member. The casing has a base and an accommodating space, the electric control mechanism is disposed within the accommodating space of the casing and has a first control switch, a rotation member corresponding to the first control switch, a drive member coupled to the rotation member, a clutch gear disposed between the rotation member and the drive member and a motor able to drive the clutch gear. The drive member has at least one protrusion, the clutch gear has at least one pushing block corresponding to the protrusion and the pushing block is capable of moving the protrusion. The manual control member has a knob and a spindle coupled to the knob, wherein the spindle penetrates the base of the casing and one end of the spindle is coupled to the rotation member of the electric control mechanism.08-27-2009
20120006082ELECTRIC LOCK - An electric lock includes an outer door housing, nexus, inner door housing, and a latch bolt. The outer lock housing is arranged to an outer side of a door. The nexus is connected to the outer door housing. The inner door housing is connected to the nexus and arranged to an inner side of the door. The latch bolt is connected to a latch bolt retaining unit of the nexus. An actuator of the nexus will extend a guiding block and a protruded block to engage the outer handle to the nexus for opening the door while user inputting a correct password to the electric lock. The door can be opened by a proper key also. The nexus will be isolated from the outer handle to prevent damage to the nexus while a user does not have a right key and password to the electric lock.01-12-2012
20090071208Lock structure with fingerprint recognition function - A lock structure includes a lock installed in the two hinged box chambers of a storage container and having a link controllable to move a locking plate between the locking position and the unlocking position, and a fingerprint reader mounted on the outside of one box chamber corresponding to the lock for allowing a user to move the link through a slide thereof to unlock the lock when the link is released from the constraint after the user's fingerprint has been recognized by the fingerprint reader.03-19-2009
20120222461LOCKING SYSTEM WITH INFRARED COMMUNICATIONS - A locking system with infrared communications includes a lock (09-06-2012
20120227450LOCK - An electro-mechanical lock for cargo containers or similar enclosed spaces such as storage units. The locking mechanism includes a dual-ratcheting mechanism, which is normally in the locked position, and which firmly secures doors of a container or other enclosure. To unlock the device, the user obtains a temporary access code and unlocks the device, either by a wireless interface or by, for example, a key pad. The device incorporates a rolling access code algorithm that changes the access code based upon a pre-defined customer selected time period during which the code is valid. Once the validity period expires the user must obtain a new access code from a secure access code source to unlock the device. When access is desired, the user contacts a remote secure access code source, which provides the access code for the associated lock and time period.09-13-2012
20120079859BATTERY FIRE PREVENTION VIA THERMAL MANAGEMENT - An assembly for preventing a fire resulting from the outgassing of a lithium battery in an electronic door lock includes a lithium battery, a circuit board, and a thermal insulation. The lithium battery and circuit board are housed within the electronic door lock. The thermal insulation is arranged between a door interfacing side of the electronic door lock and either or both of the circuit board and lithium battery. Another thermal management technique for preventing fire resulting from the outgassing of a lithium battery in an electronic door lock is achieved by using a battery cover that is selectively movable away from the circuit board or ignition source in response to temperature rise to ensure the lithium battery does not reach a critical temperature that may cause outgassing in close proximity to the ignition source.04-05-2012
20090320537TAMPER EVIDENT SECURITY LOCK - A tamper evident security lock includes a tamper evident security system to indicate whether the tamper evident security lock has been improperly accessed. The tamper evident security system includes a tamper evident security module that invokes different sets of logic to generate a sequence of characters displayable through a viewing window incorporated into the tamper evident security lock. The tamper evident security system may also include a processor activatable by an actuator in communication with a shackle or other component of the tamper evident security lock. The shackle works in conjunction with the actuator to activate the processor, and when the processor is activated, the tamper evident security system generates the sequence of characters. The sequence of characters may change each time the processor is activated so that a person authorized to unlock the tamper evident security lock can identify whether the tamper evident security lock was improperly accessed.12-31-2009
20130152644ACTUATING UNIT FOR AUTOMOTIVE APPLICATIONS - Actuating unit for automotive applications, especially motor vehicle door locks (06-20-2013
20130152645ACTUATING UNIT FOR AUTOMOTIVE APPLICATIONS - Actuating unit for automotive applications, especially motor vehicle door locks (06-20-2013
20090217719KEY MECHANISM INTEGRATING A BEZEL AND A KEY - A key mechanism includes a bezel whereon an opening is disposed, a key installed inside the opening, at least one elastic structure connected to the bezel and the key, and a decoration ring sleeved between the bezel and the key and fixed on the bezel.09-03-2009

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