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For control and machine elements

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070 - Locks


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070207000 Handle, handwheel or knob 51
070182000 Rotary shaft 35
070225000 Wheel 11
070192000 Lever 10
070229000 Bolt, nut, stud, stud-cap 5
20090113960Outboard motor lower-unit lock - An outboard motor lower-unit lock has a key, a locking pin assembly and a shaft. To install the lock, a user drills a shaft hole the same diameter as the shaft through both sides of a housing unit below an access hole of the housing unit. The shaft is inserted in the shaft hole, and oriented so that a threaded hole in the center of the shaft can receive a threaded pin section of the locking pin. The locking pin receives the key. The key is tightened. Finally, the user removes the key allowing the locking pin to rotate around and below the shaft, thereby obstructing a bolt securing the lower-unit to the housing unit, and preventing the unauthorized removal of the lower-unit.05-07-2009
20090158791TAMPER-RESISTANT HOSE BIB LOCK - A tamper-resistant hose bib lock is disclosed. The tamper-resistant hose bib lock may be utilized in connection with a hose bib having a threaded end and a narrow region proximate the threaded end. The hose bib lock includes a sealing cup having internal threads to engage the threaded end of the hose bib. The hose bib lock further includes a first mating jaw and a second mating jaw connected by an intermediate hinge. The hinge enables the mating jaws to be positioned in an open state and a closed state. The mating jaws, when in a closed state and positioned around the sealing cup secured to the threaded end of the hose bib, form an enclosure to surround and prevent access to the sealing cup.06-25-2009
20110214461ANTI-THEFT THREADED CAP - An anti-theft device is provided for inhibiting access to a fastener, and more specifically to a fastener head. The anti-theft device can include a base member with an opening for receiving the fastener and a lid member releasably coupled to the base member. The lid member can include a specialized tool recess adapted for receiving a specialized tool, such that only the specialized tool can be used to open and close the lid member.09-08-2011
20090013735SECURING MECHANISM COOPERATING WITH A DEVICE THAT IS TO BE SECURED - Proposed is a securing mechanism cooperating with a device that is to be secured, having a closing part (01-15-2009
20080289376Sealing Bolt - The present invention proposes a sealing bolt (11-27-2008
070175000 Valve 3
20100101286VALVE OPERATED BY A MASTER KEY - The present invention relates generally to valves for controlling the flow of fluid and, more particularly, to a valve which is controlled using a master key such that only an authorized person is able to turn the valve on and off. The valve controlled using a master key according to the present invention, which is constructed such that a fluid passage is controlled by rotating a handle relative to a body, includes a locking means for maintaining the locked state of the handle relative to the body. Furthermore, a master key slot, which extends to the locking means, is formed in the handle, so that, when a master key is inserted into the master key slot, the locked state of the handle is released such that the fluid passage can be controlled by rotation of the handle.04-29-2010
20080271501Locking Device - The invention relates to a locking device for a lock opening which is arranged in a wall between a first and a second recipient, said lock opening comprising a blocking element, which is arranged in the inner chamber of the first recipient, and a counter-plate which is associated with the blocking element. A first magnet device is provided in an area of the counter-plate and a second magnet device, which is associated with the first magnet device, is provided in the region of the blocking element. In order to close and/or open the locking device by means of the first and second magnet device, a positive and/or negative contact pressure can be produced between the blocking element and the counter-plate.11-06-2008
20120096906LOCK RECEPTACLE ASSEMBLY - A lock receptacle assembly having a body portion having a first end that includes a bore configured to receive a lock, an end cap removably securable to the first end of the body portion. The end cap having a through bore to allow passage of the lock, such that, when assembled, the lock can lock the end cap and the body portion together. The end cap interlocks with the first end of the body portion so that there is substantially no load on the lock when axial force is applied to the assembly.04-26-2012
070181000 Rod 1
20100011818Safety switch - A safety switch is provided in which the open-close condition of a switching contact provided in a lock mechanism is reliably switched in a manner coupled with a motion of a lock member between a lock position and a unlock position. Since a link member, which directly and simultaneously switches the open-close conditions of normally-open and normally-closed switching contacts pursuant to the motion of a lock member, is provided, the open-close conditions of the normally-open and normally-close switching contacts can be switched reliably in a coupled manner with the motion of the lock member between the lock position and the unlock position. As a result, for example, by monitoring the open-close conditions of the normally-open and normally-close switching contacts, it is possible to determine to which of the lock position and the unlock position the lock member has moved, that is, which of the locked state and the unlocked state the rotation of the drive cam is in.01-21-2010
20090272157Air Brake Plunger Securing Device - Various embodiments of this invention is an easy-to-use one-piece air brake securing device designed for use in recreational vehicles, trucks, and other automotive vehicles employing air-operated parking brakes. The device is designed to fit around the shaft of the air brake plunger and to prevent the plunger from being moved intentionally or inadvertently in a manner that may disengage the air brake.11-05-2009
20110197639ACTUATOR FOR MOVABLE FURNITURE PARTS - The invention relates to an actuator having at least one actuating member for moving a movable furniture part and having a locking device for inhibiting a movement of the actuating member, wherein the locking device has a lock which is disposed in or on the actuator and can be unlocked by a key so as to release the movement of the actuating member.08-18-2011
20090120143ROTATING MACHINE INCLUDING A SELF-LOCKING BALANCING MEMBER - A rotating machine includes a stationary component, a rotating component that is moveable relative to the stationary component, and a balancing member detachably mounted to the rotating component. The balancing member includes a self-locking device that selectively engages the rotating component when in a locked position and disengages the rotating component, to permit removal of the balancing member, when in an unlocked position. In this manner, the self-locking device prevents the balancing component from becoming loose during operation of the rotating machine without requiring staking the balancing component to the rotating component.05-14-2009
20090288458INTEGRATED LOCKING ASSEMBLY FOR RECONFIGURABLE END-EFFECTORS - An integrated locking assembly that includes a linear locking mechanism and a rotary locking mechanism. The linear locking mechanism employs opposing locking plates having aligned bores that can lock onto a rod extending through the bores. The rotary locking mechanism includes rollers positioned between a housing and a cam where the rollers are wedged between the housing and the cam to lock the rotary locking mechanism and are positioned in an open position between the housing and the cam to unlock the rotary locking mechanism. The rotary locking mechanism includes T-shaped driving lugs each including a key portion that is slidably engaged in a slot in the cam and a driving portion having a flange that is positioned within an indented neck portion of the rollers when the rotary locking mechanism is in the locked position.11-26-2009
20090100885GUARD ANTI-ROTATION LOCK - The invention relates to a protective hood anti-rotation lock for a portable power tool (04-23-2009
20100186466TROLLING MOTOR LOCK ASSEMBLY - A trolling motor lock assembly (07-29-2010
20100192644OUTBOARD MOTOR LOCK ASSEMBLY - An outboard motor lock assembly (08-05-2010
20110259060SAFETY SWITCH FOR GENERATING A SYSTEM ENABLE SIGNAL DEPENDING ON THE POSITION OF A MOVABLE GUARD DOOR - A safety switch for generating a system enable signal depending on the position of a movable guard door which is used for safeguarding a hazardous area of a machine installation. At least one part of the machine installation can only be operated when the system enable signal is present. The safety switch has a door part to be fastened to the movable guard door and a frame part to be fastened to a mating door piece. The safety switch also has a bolt which can be moved between a first position and a second position, a recess in which the bolt can engage in the second position, and a locking element designed to block the bolt in the second position. In addition, the safety switch comprises a first position sensor designed to clearly detect at least one of the positions of the bolt in order to generate the system enable signal. Moreover, the safety switch comprises a door release request unit configured to generate a door release request signal in addition to the system enable signal.10-27-2011
20120000259COUPLING PLUG LOCK - This invention relates to a coupling plug lock assembly 01-05-2012
20100095720LOCKING DEVICES - A tool carrier assembly (04-22-2010
20090133451LOCKING MECHANISM AND LOCKING APPARATUS - A locking apparatus with a locking system housing is provided. The locking system housing includes at least one sliding pad and a locking pad with at least one locking groove. The at least one sliding pad and the locking pad are arranged in such a manner that they may be displaced by at least or counter to at least a first spring.05-28-2009
20100229610Locking Device Using Shape Memory Materials - The disclosed devices use shape memory materials, and specifically shape memory polymers and composites to allow or disallow mechanical or physical movement. By positioning the shape memory polymer so it is near the mechanical device which is to be moved, the shape memory polymer will allow or disallow the motion of the mechanical device depending on the state the shape memory polymer is in. When the shape memory polymer is in its hard rigid state the device cannot move. Once activated the shape memory polymer will become soft and pliable, whereupon with sufficient force the mechanical device can be moved to a new position. Once in this new position the SMP can either remain in its relaxed state, the SMP can return to a hard rigid state and maintain its deformed shape, or the SMP can return to its original shape to ensure the device does not move.09-16-2010
20120247162Anti-Tamper Cam System - The present invention relates to an anti-tamper cam system 10-04-2012

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