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070063000 Receptacle 38
070059000 Canes, umbrellas, apparel 2
20100107705PORTABLE SECURITY DEVICE FOR FISHING RODS AND REELS - A device is provided for securing against crime-of-opportunity theft at least one fishing rod and reel to be stored or transported in an outdoor, unsecured area or on an open, unsecured portion of a vehicle, such as an open bed of a pick-up truck, trailer, or boat. The device includes: (a) a flexible webbing material, wherein the flexible webbing material has a generally bag-like shape with an open end; (b) a first cable and first lock operatively connected for closing and locking the open end of the flexible webbing material around a forward portion of a fishing rod protruding through the open end when at least the rear portion thereof is positioned inside the flexible webbing material, and (c) a second cable and second lock operatively connected for attaching and locking the flexible webbing material to a fixed structure in the open area or on the vehicle; wherein each of the flexible webbing material, the first cable for closing, and the second cable for attaching is resistant to cutting with a hand-held knife.05-06-2010
20100287999Locking Structure for Helmets - A locking structure for helmets comprises a body including an arcuate groove disposed on a bottom surface thereof, an arcuate engaging member fixed on a motorcycle, the body further including a receiving hole formed on one side thereof for receiving a lock core, one distal end of the lock core being locked to a fixing member, wherein the fixing member includes a foot extending from one side thereof and a slot to receive a resilient element, the body further includes a coupling projection and an inserting bore which are pivotally connected with a U-shaped hook member by using a shaft, the groove of the body includes an elastic piece positioned therein to correspond to the inserting bore.11-18-2010
070061000 Tools 2
20090019899GUARD ANTI-ROTATION LOCK - The invention relates to a protective hood anti-rotation lock for a portable power tool (01-22-2009
20080236210DISCRETE MULTITOOL LOCKING METHOD AND APPARATUS - A locking system for a multitool where multiple discrete lock members are attached to a handle and the lock members can be individually engaged to lock and unlock tool members from a retained to an extended position and vice versa within the handle of a multitool.10-02-2008
20110174024Cable lock - A cable lock includes a belt, a lock body, a first clamp unit, a second clamp unit, and a switch unit. The belt has a buckle unit at one end thereof. The lock body has a hole for the belt to pass therethrough and a slot for receiving the buckle unit, wherein the belt and the lock body are together capable of forming a closed loop. The first clamp unit for fixing the belt in the hole is movably disposed in the lock body while the second clamp unit for retaining the buckle unit in the slot is movably disposed in the lock body. The switch unit is rotatably disposed on the lock body and capable of enabling the cable lock to operate in a locked mode, a clinched mode, or an unlocked mode. When the cable lock operates in the locked mode, the first clamp unit fixes the belt in the hole and the second clamp unit retains the buckle unit in the slot so that the closed loop has a fixed length. When the cable lock operates in the clinched mode, the first clamp unit releases the fixing of the belt to allow the closed loop to have an adjustable length. When the cable lock operates in the unlocked mode, the second clamp unit releases the buckle unit so that the belt can be detachable from the lock unit.07-21-2011
20110179834SECURITY APPARATUS INCLUDING BREAKAWAY KEY - A security system is disclosed. The security system may include a breakaway key and security apparatus. The breakaway key may have one or more stress areas, to facilitate separation of the key when it is improperly used. The security apparatus may have a rotatable sleeve, so that a user attempting to twist the security apparatus will only end up twisting the sleeve. Thus, the security apparatus cannot easily be broken by a rotation.07-28-2011
20130042658LEASH WITH SECURITY FEATURE - A conventional leash includes a snap fitting for attachment to a ring extending from a collar about the neck of an animal. A lockable cover is detachably attached about the snap fitting to prevent unauthorized detachment of the leash from the ring. A wire or the like may extend along or be embedded in the leash to prevent cutting of the leash by a conventional knife or a pair of scissors. A similar lockable cover is detachably attached about a buckle of the collar to prevent removal of the collar from about the neck of the animal.02-21-2013
20130025334Theft Deterrent for Backflow Preventers - Embodiments of the disclosed inventive subject matter may include a securing member for a theft deterrent device for a backflow preventer, a theft deterrent device for a backflow preventer, a theft deterrent system for a backflow preventer, and a method for deterring theft of a backflow preventer. Embodiments of the securing member may include channels having securing sections therein. Embodiments of the theft deterrent device may include a mating member positioned next to the securing member. Embodiments of the system may include engagement devices positioned in the channels of the mating and securing members, wherein engagement mechanisms of the engagement devices engage the securing sections. The method may include positioning the theft deterrent device around a backflow preventer, inserting the engagement devices into the theft deterrent device, engaging the engagement mechanisms, connecting the theft deterrent device to a post, and anchoring the post.01-31-2013
20090193857Method and Apparatus for Quarantining Palletised Goods and Preventing Pallet Movement - A pallet arrestor (08-06-2009
20100043503PORTABLE APPARATUS AND FASTENING DEVICE THEREOF - A fastening device for fixing an electronic device includes a base board; a hook fixed on the base board and capable of inserting into the electronic device; a locking member attached on the base board, the locking member is rotatable in a first rotating plane; an actuating member attached on the base board and adjacent to the locking member, and a resilient member comprising two ends and a winding connecting with the two ends. The actuating member is rotatable between a first position and a second position in a second rotating plane, which is perpendicular to the first rotating plane. The actuating member contacting with the locking member. One of the two ends fixed on the actuating member, and the other one of the two ends fixed on the baseboard. The winding unrestrained disposed by the two ends.02-25-2010
20100043502PORTABLE APPARATUS AND FASTENING DEVICE THEREOF - A fastening device for a portable electrical device includes a base defining a curved sliding slot; a locking member rotatably attached to the base and a portion of the locking member capable of inserting into the portable electrical device and withdrawing from the portable electrical device; an actuating member rotatably attached to the base, and an elastical member fixed on the actuating member and the base, and capable of positioning the actuating member at a first position and a second position. The actuating member comprises a sliding portion and a driving portion. The sliding portion is movably received in the curved sliding slot, the driving portion contacting with the locking member.02-25-2010
20100313611Stringed instrument locking device - A locking device is described for preventing the theft of a stringed instrument having a neck with a curved rear face and a planar front face. The locking device includes a rear arm having a curved inner face corresponding to the rear face of the neck, and a front arm having a planar inner face corresponding to the front face of the neck. The arms are hinged at their proximal ends so that the front arm is pivotal toward and away from the rear arm. Spaced axially aligned rows of padding projections extend inwardly from the inner faces of the arms. A lock releasibly joins the distal ends of the arms to lock the locking device around the neck of an instrument. A cable has a proximal end attachable in a groove between the hinged ends of the arms and a distal end attachable to a stationary object.12-16-2010
20090158787ANTI-THEFT DISPLAY CARD STRUCTURE - An anti-theft display card structure comprises a hanger portion, a connection portion and a stopper. The hanger portion has a fixing seat at an end thereof for the connection portion to clamp thereto and the fixing seat has a stop surface at each of two sides thereof The hanger portion has a clamping slot for receiving and securing the stopper. The clamping slot includes a receiving slot with a larger slot size, an engaging slot with a smaller slot size, and an arcuate seat formed between the receiving slot and the engaging slot. The arcuate seat is an engaging structure formed on two sides of the receiving slot, having arcuate surfaces, and tapering in one direction from the receiving slot towards the engaging slot, so that the stopper can only be pushed into the engaging slot from the receiving slot for being secured against theft.06-25-2009
20080250826LOCKING DEVICE FOR SLIDING/SWING TYPE MOBILE TERMINAL - A locking device for a sliding/swing type mobile terminal is provided. The terminal includes a body housing and a sliding housing which slides on the body housing and swinging to open and close. The locking device includes a sliding member connected to the sliding housing while enabling the sliding housing to slide, a swing member which assembles the sliding member while enabling the sliding member to swing, and a locking unit which includes the sliding member and the swing member, the locking unit which prevents the sliding housing from swinging while sliding and from sliding while swinging in a state before sliding.10-16-2008
20100326144COMPUTER SECURITY DEVICE - A security device to secure a computer may include a substantially vertical pedestal, a fixed platform mounted on the pedestal, a clamping table to cooperate with the fixed platform to secure the computer and a locking assembly to allow the clamping table to be moved to allow the computer to be attached and released from the fixed platform in an unlocked state and to prevent the clamping table from being moved to hold the computer in a locked state, The locking assembly may include a locking knob to operate the locking assembly between the locked state and the unlocked state, and the locking knob may rotate freely in the locked state and rotates to allow the clamping table to be moved in the unlocked state.12-30-2010
20120216581COMPUTER LOCK - The present invention discloses a computer lock including a lock body, a guide seat, a lock tongue seat, a spring, a hook cylinder, and a cable rope set. The hook cylinder has a hook part extending outwards from the front end thereof. The hook part is arranged at inner wall of a slot of a computer; by lock actuation of a key, the guide seat is actuated to guide the lock tongue of the lock tongue seat to outstretch forward and enter the slot along the guide groove on the front end of the hook cylinder. By the foregoing mechanism, the computer lock is of being easy operation and can be locked and unlocked conveniently to prevent the computer from being stolen.08-30-2012
20120222458PRINTER SECURITY SYSTEM - A security apparatus which secures a portable device such as a printer and has a substantially flat base which has openings to receive mushroom-head studs of the printer. An upright plate extends substantially perpendicular from the base and is positioned against the rear of the printer housing and its cover, to prevent opening of the cover. A locking shaft is movable to a locking position to prevent disconnecting the printer housing from the base of the security apparatus. The locking shaft is secured in its locking position by means of a locking mechanism which is operated by a key, which can be any type of key, including push button keys or a combination lock and the like.09-06-2012
20120234057Anti-Theft Ring Assembly And Method Of Using the Same - An anti-theft assembly for deterring theft of a ring is provided. The anti-theft assembly includes a base that can be used to support an electronic article surveillance marker; a product engagement member including a support member that supports the ring during use and a locking member that secures the support member to the base; and an attachment member for securing the ring to the support member. In one embodiment, the support member and the locking member are a single, unitary member. In another embodiment, the support member and the locking member are separate members. Once assembled, upon applying a twisting force to the ring the engagement member rotates within the opening so that the attachment member is not broken.09-20-2012
20110030429A CABLE THEFT PREVENTION DEVICE - A cable theft protection device for securing electricity supply cables or communications cables includes a body having an opening therethrough for receiving a cable. At least one engaging member extends away from the body to engage a material into which the cable and body are inserted thereby to prevent an unauthorized removal of the cable and body from the material.02-10-2011
20110277516LOCKING DEVICE FOR POWER FEEDING PLUG - A locking device that prevents unauthorized removal of a power feeding plug from an inlet. The locking device is provided with a lock mechanism, which includes a lock member that locks the power feeding plug to the inlet, and an operation member, which is operated at least when shifting the lock mechanism to a lock state. The operation member applies an operation force to the lock member to mechanically move the lock member and shift the lock mechanism to a lock state.11-17-2011
20090235698Rotary lock mechanism - A rotary lock mechanism disclosed includes a housing, a linear latch, and a rotary latch. The linear latch is disposed next to the housing and slides corresponding to the housing. The rotary latch is pivoted at a side of the housing, which faces the position structure. The rotary latch includes a dual-angle ramp disposed facing the linear latch. The linear latch may touch the dual-angle ramp to rotate the rotary latch when the linear latch slides corresponding to the housing.09-24-2009
20110289986SELF-RESETTING INTELLIGENT ROTATING LOCK CYLINDER WITH POWER SUPPLY FROM KEY, ITS MATCHED LOCKSET AND KEY - The present application relates to a self-resetting intelligent rotating lock cylinder device with power supply from a key, its matched lockset and the key. The self-resetting intelligent rotating lock cylinder device and the matched lockset include a keyhole unit and a turntable. An electronic circuit unit, an electromechanical drive unit and a force transmission clutch unit are provided on the turntable. A reset push pole that can reset the force transmission clutch unit is provided inside the keyhole. The electronic key includes a key head, contact points and an electronic circuit device. The electronic circuit device includes a power supply. Part of the out surface of the key head is wrapped with a metal sleeve. All contact points are exposed to the outer surface of the metal sleeve. By use of the intelligent rotating lock cylinder, its matched lockset and the key, existing mechanical locks can quickly upgraded to an electronic lock, and the safety and convenience of locksets in use are greatly improved. Many kinds of keys can be unified into one intelligent key, and the electronic lock can be widely used in hundreds of millions of families.12-01-2011
20100170307ANTI-SHOPLIFTING DEVICE FOR PROJECTING HOLDERS - There is disclosed an anti-shoplifting device for projecting holders (07-08-2010
20100101285UNLOCKING STRUCTURE AND CONNECTOR HOLDING STRUCTURE - An unlocking structure including a board element, a locking element, and a guiding element is provided. The board element has a first surface, a second surface, and at least one first opening. The locking element with at least one hook and at least one first elastic arm is disposed on the first surface of the board element. The hook is connected to the first elastic arm and passes through the first opening to protrude from the second surface of the board element. The guiding element is slidingly disposed on the first surface of the board element and is located between the board element and the locking element. The guiding element has at least one guiding inclined plane. The guiding inclined plane is suitable to structurally interfere with the first elastic arm, so as to drive the hook to exit from the second surface towards the first surface.04-29-2010
20100269552Compact Security Device For Systems And Peripherals - A security device includes a cable securing member defining a slot between an open first end and a closed second end. A channel is provided in the slot and a rib adjacent the channel protrudes into the slot. The open first end includes a tab receiver and a lock receiver. The tab receiver engages a tab attached to a chassis. A cable extending through the channel is not removable due to a lock inserted into the lock receiver and blocking the open first end.10-28-2010
20110167881ANTI-THEFT DEVICES FOR PORTABLE OBJECTS SUCH AS LAPTOPS - An anti-theft arrangement for securing a portable object such as a laptop computer to an immovable object (07-14-2011
20090249842Anti-Theft Device - An anti-theft device is provided comprising a frame comprising at least three interconnected sides. A plurality of interconnected frame members define the at least three interconnected sides of the device. A longitudinal extent or a vertical extent of one of the interconnected frame members is slidably movable within a bore of a longitudinal extent or a vertical extent of another of the interconnected frame members to a desired position, thereby allowing the device to be adjusted in one of a horizontal or vertical direction. The plurality of interconnected frame members define at least a rectangular-shaped region on each of the at least three interconnected sides.10-08-2009
20090139280LOCKING DEVICE WITH PASSAGE - A lock device for use with a key is disclosed. The lock device includes a locking spindle including a plurality of locking spindle bores and a passage extending axially along an axial length of the locking spindle, and a driver structure including a plurality of driver structure bores. An interface between the driver structure and the locking spindle forms a shear line. The lock device also includes a plurality of combination pins in the plurality of locking spindle bores, and a plurality of driver pins in the driver structure bores in the driver structure, the plurality of driver pins being respectively associated with the plurality of combination pins.06-04-2009
20100071423PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE COMPRISING AN INTEGRATED LOCK MECHANISM - An article of manufacture, such as a laptop computer, comprising a housing, a processor disposed within the housing, a computer readable medium disposed within the housing and in communication with the processor, a lock mechanism disposed within the housing, wherein the lock mechanism can be moved between a locked configuration and an unlocked configuration, and computer readable program code encoded in the computer readable medium and useable with the processor, the computer readable program code comprising a series of computer readable program steps to effect moving the lock mechanism between the locked configuration and the unlocked configuration.03-25-2010
20080264118CB radio mount screw lock - The invention is a portable steel lock that covers over each individual mount screw. These screws are attached to a metal bracket that secures a communications radio in an vehicle.10-30-2008
20100263414LOCKING DEVICE WITH PASSAGE - A lock device for use with a key is disclosed. The lock device includes a locking spindle including a plurality of locking spindle bores and a passage extending axially along an axial length of the locking spindle, and a driver structure including a plurality of driver structure bores. An interface between the driver structure and the locking spindle forms a shear line. The lock device also includes a plurality of combination pins in the plurality of locking spindle bores, and a plurality of driver pins in the driver structure bores in the driver structure, the plurality of driver pins being respectively associated with the plurality of combination pins.10-21-2010
20110203329THEFT PREVENTION DEVICE - A theft prevention device includes an outer shell having a top wall and side walls and defining a cavity, wherein the side walls have a slit therein adapted to accommodate a strap and wherein the top wall has an outer shell opening; and an inner shell having a top wall and side walls and defining a cavity, wherein the side walls have a slit therein adapted to accommodate a strap and wherein the top wall has an inner shell opening; wherein the inner shell is adapted to be mated to the outer shell such that the inner shell opening and the outer shell opening can be generally aligned.08-25-2011
20100139337SECURITY SYSTEM WITH LOCK INTERFACE MEMBER WITH MULTIPLE APERTURES - A system is disclosed. It includes a portable electronic device comprising a lock interface member having a first aperture configured to engage with a first security apparatus and a second aperture configured to engage with a second security apparatus. At least one of the first security apparatus and the second security apparatus is engaged with the lock interface member.06-10-2010
20090049876SECURITY APPARATUS WITH STABILIZING ELEMENT - A security apparatus for use with a portable electronic device with an aperture. The security apparatus includes a head including a housing, an engagement element extending from the housing, a first stabilizing element extending from the housing, and can have a second stabilizing element extending from the housing. The first stabilizing element extends out of the housing a first length and the second stabilizing element extends out of the housing a second length. The first and second lengths are different, and a security device is coupled to the head02-26-2009
20090241608Fixture mechanism - A fixture mechanism is adapted to secure a computer hardware device onto a base plate, and includes a first limiting member, a second limiting member, a positioning mechanism, and an interfering member provided on the computer hardware device. The first limiting member is adapted to be secured onto the base plate, and includes an upright wall provided with a slot. The second limiting member is adapted to be disposed on the base plate, is movable relative to the first limiting member between locking and released positions, and is provided with a limiting groove that cooperates with the slot. When the second limiting member is at the released position, the slot is communicated with the limiting groove to permit free sliding movement of the interfering member along the slot. When the second limiting member is at the locking position, the slot is partly communicated with the limiting groove to thereby limit the interfering member.10-01-2009
20090235699ANTI-THEFT DEVICE FOR THE SECURITY - The present invention relates to an anti-theft device for a portable device, wherein the portable device includes an aperture. The anti-theft device includes a coupler, an engaging/disengaging device, and a localizer. The localizer couples the engaging/disengaging device with an immovable object. The coupler includes a bridge portion and a leg, wherein the bridge portion and the leg are disposed on two different sides of the portable device. The engaging/disengaging device engages with the aperture of the portable device and also couples with the coupler to clamp the portable device.09-24-2009
20090241607PIVOTING LOCK MECHANISM FOR A COMPUTER ACCESS COVER - A computer cover retention bar (or lock bar) is provided that is functionally integrated with a padlock and/or Kensington lock setup in such a way that full closure via the padlock and/or Kensington lock will ensure that the retention bar, itself provided with detents or hooks that themselves act to keep the cover fully closed with respect to a chassis or body of the desktop or workstation, cannot be moved. This then ensures that the locking action of a padlock or Kensington lock goes a measure beyond the norm, in that a cover can indeed remain fully closed without, e.g., affording unauthorized individuals from prying open the cover.10-01-2009
20120192600UNIVERSAL CAMERA SENSOR HAVING MOVABLE MOUNT FOR RETAINING POWER CONNECTOR - A sensor is provided for displaying an item of merchandise on a display stand. The sensor includes a bottom portion having a recess formed therein and a top portion movably disposed on the bottom portion and adapted for attaching the item of merchandise to the sensor. A power connector is configured to be received within the recess formed in the bottom portion and retained therein when the top portion is aligned with and secured to the bottom portion such that the power connector cannot be removed from the sensor. The sensor may further include an optional anti-rotation bracket for preventing an unauthorized person from rotating the merchandise relative to the sensor and thereby detaching the item of merchandise from the sensor. The display stand may include a base and a cam sleeve rotatably disposed within the base so that the item of merchandise may be positioned in different desired display orientations on the display stand without removing and reorienting the base on a support surface or without reorienting the merchandise on the sensor.08-02-2012
20100147041TETHERING ARRANGEMENT FOR PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICES - In a portable electronic device having an anti-theft functionality and a separate user-operable useful functionality, a method of using the portable electronic device includes operating the user-operable useful functionality; using the anti-theft functionality, wherein using the anti-theft functionality includes inserting an anchor into a socket of the portable electronic device, the anchor being connected to an object separate from the portable electronic device; locking the anchor in the socket to thereby secure the anchor to the portable electronic device; and unlocking the anchor from the socket upon verifying an unlock code that is received at the portable electronic device. The portable electronic device includes a locking mechanism switchable between a locked position in which the anchor is secured to the socket, and an unlocked position in which the anchor is not locked in the socket. The portable electronic device has a processor that is adapted to execute the user-operable useful functionality, receive an unlock code, and to transition the locking mechanism into the unlock position upon verifying the received unlock code.06-17-2010
20100154488LOCKING SKEWER FOR SECURING BIKES TO A RACK - A skewer assembly for a rack mount having a cam disposed against a cam follower actuable from an open configuration to a closed configuration, the skewer assembly further having a lock assembly integrated with the cam follower and a locking member located within a radial contact surface perimeter of the cam. The skewer further having a tightening assembly with a ratcheting nut which is incapable of being loosened when the skewer is placed in tension. Moreover, the skewer assembly covers the access holes to the internal hardware of the rack mount when inserted therein.06-24-2010
20100257903Anti-theft Lock with Plate Tumblers - An anti-theft lock with plate tumblers includes two axial grooves (10-14-2010
20100192642SECURITY SYSTEM INCLUDING ADAPTER - A system comprising a portable electronic device including a lock interface member, an adapter configured to be used in the lock interface member, and a security apparatus capable of engaging the lock interface member when the adapter is attached to the lock interface member.08-05-2010
20100223965REVERSIBLE LOCKING DEVICE FOR MERCHANDISE DISPLAY HOOKS - A locking device for a merchandise display hook has an upper rod disposed along a longitudinal axis and a lower rod disposed generally parallel to the longitudinal axis and the upper rod. The locking device includes a housing having a vertical slot adapted to receive the upper rod and the lower rod of the display hook. A bayonet is movable between a locked position in which a portion of the bayonet extends into the slot and restricts movement of at least one of the upper rod and the lower rod within the slot, and an unlocked position in which the bayonet does not extend into the slot and thereby permits movement of the upper rod and the lower rod within the slot. An elongate nose depending outwardly from the housing defines a channel that intersects the slot of the housing and receives the upper rod of the display hook with the upper rod and the lower rod disposed within the slot.09-09-2010
20100242552THEFT DETERRENT TAG - An EAS Tag with a marker that includes an adjustable housing comprised of a plurality of portions movably coupled with one another, forming an adjustable enclosure. A portion of the plurality of portions is movably coupled with a next, subsequent adjacent portion of the plurality of portions, with a first section of a first portion detachably, and adjustably accommodating a final portion to form the adjustable enclosure.09-30-2010
20100251785SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONTAINER SECURITY - A shipping container includes internal computer-operated locks that cannot be accessed from outside the container. A satellite receiver inside the container can receive position signals and other commands from a satellite to unlock the locks.10-07-2010
20100126238ANTI-THEFT DEVICE FOR EYEGLASSES AND PROCESS FOR ITS PREPARATION - The present invention concerns an antitheft device of the type for mounting on the arm of a pair of glasses, comprising at least two rigid half shells able to close themselves over the arm, at least one half shell being provided with at least one insert in a pliable material able to accommodate, at least in part, a surface portion of the arm, and means to constrain said at least two half shells together in a non-reversible manner.05-27-2010
20100300158SECURITY APPARATUS - A security apparatus is disclosed. The security apparatus is used with a lock interface member attached to a housing of a portable electronic device. The security apparatus may include a head comprising a plurality of engagement elements adapted to engage the lock interface member via the engagement regions, where the engagement elements are capable of extending radially outward to engage the engagement regions of the interface member.12-02-2010
20110016932BURGARPROOF LOCK AND BURGARPROOF SYSTEM USING THE SAME - The present invention provides a burglarproof lock using with a portable apparatus which has a slot. The burglarproof lock includes a lock apparatus and a protection portion. The lock apparatus has a housing, a first contact surface, and an engaging portion. The lock apparatus is disposed inside the housing. The first contact surface is formed on a side wall of the housing. The engaging portion connects with the lock apparatus and penetrates through the first contact surface. The protection portion has a second contact surface and a flange portion. The protection portion is disposed corresponding to the first contact surface, and an area projection of the flange portion is protruding from the first contact surface, wherein the engaging portion further penetrates through the second contact surface.01-27-2011
20110072863Security Apparatus Including Locking Head and Attachment Device - A security apparatus is disclosed. The security apparatus comprises an attachment device comprising a base, and a locking head configured to secure to the base. The attachment device can be small and strong. The locking head can have a securing element and a locking component, associated with a housing. The locking head may be in a secured configuration upon a single motion or movement of the locking head.03-31-2011
20110072862SECURITY DEVICE FOR SECURING PORTABLE OBJECTS - An apparatus for securing equipment against theft, includes a small lock with a T-bar protruding from one end, the lock being operable by a key, a combination and the like, an anchor assembly, and a cable extending between and connecting the lock to the anchor assembly. An opening passes through the anchor assembly, large enough to thread the lock through that opening. This enables the anchor assembly to be anchored to an immovable object and then secure the lock end via its T-bar in the standardized, typically a rectangular security slots provided in equipment such as in laptop or notebook computers and similar electronic devices.03-31-2011
20110067460LOCKABLE USB MEMORY DEVICE - According to one embodiment, a USB memory device includes a cylinder lock, a storage unit, and a control unit. The storage unit is capable of storing data. The control unit prohibits at least part of access to the storage unit from an outside when the cylinder lock is locked.03-24-2011
20090320533FASTENER AND LOCKING STRUCTURE FOR PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE - An exemplary locking structure for a portable electronic device includes an engagement portion and a fastener. The engagement portion includes an upper plate and a lateral plate perpendicular to the upper plate. Two protrusions are fixed on a fringe of the upper plate and lateral plate. The lateral plate defines a through hole. The fastener includes a main body, a first holding sheet, two second holding sheets, and a third holding sheet. The main body abuts the lateral plate. The first and second holding sheets extend from the upper plate in a first direction and the second holding sheets are engaged with the protrusions. The third holding sheet extends from a bottom end of the main body and passes through the through hole so that a locking hole of the third holding sheet is exposed outside of the housing.12-31-2009
20120240641LENS THEFT PROTECTION DEVICE - A theft prevention device including a housing comprising a base and a cam ring, the cam ring comprising at least one cam; an actuator rotatably coupled to the housing, wherein the actuator has a side wall defining a central space configured to receive an object; a coupler generally between the housing and the actuator, the coupler having teeth configured to engage the object in the central space; wherein the theft prevention device has an engaging orientation in which the coupler contacts the cam and wherein the teeth protrude from the side wall of the actuator.09-27-2012
20110005281LOCKING BASE FOR ANTI-THEFT LOCK - A locking base for Anti-theft lock includes a socket, a locking member and two sliding portions. The socket is disposed in a main body and extends a portion out of the main body. The locking member has a locking hole, and the locking member can extend out of the portion of the socket. The two sliding portions are disposed on the socket and the locking member respectively. The two sliding portions are matched structurally to make the socket and locking member slide correspondingly.01-13-2011
20110162417SEAT ANTI-THEFT ASSEMBLY AND METHOD OF INSTALLING THE SAME - There is provided a seat anti-theft assembly for use with a bicycle frame, the seat anti-theft assembly comprising a sleeve having a closed end, an open end and a sleeve chamber extending therebetween, the sleeve being mounted to the bicycle frame; a seat post having a seat end configured for receiving a seat thereon and an opposed engaging end adapted for engaging the sleeve chamber through the open end; a compartment mounted to the bicycle frame, the compartment having therein a compartment cavity in communication with a hollow lower portion of the bicycle frame, the compartment further having an access opening therein sized and shaped to allow access to the compartment cavity; a first stopping member mounted in the sleeve chamber; and a second stopping member associated with the seat post, the second stopping member being configured for cooperating with the first stopping member to allow slidable movement of the seat post along a restricted path of travel.07-07-2011
20110061427SECURITY APPARATUS INCLUDING ATTACHMENT DEVICE - A security apparatus is disclosed. The security apparatus comprises an attachment device comprising a base, and a locking head configured to secure to the base. The attachment device can be small and strong. The locking head can have a securing element and a locking component, associated with a housing. The locking head may be in a secured configuration upon a single motion or movement of the locking head.03-17-2011
20110113834LOCK - A lock adapted for being assembled to an electronic device having a transmitting element is provided. The lock includes a first locking stand, a second locking stand, and a driving element. The first locking stand has a key inserting opening and a first rotating element located opposite to each other. The second locking stand disposed at a housing of the electronic device has an accommodating space and a second rotating element located opposite to each other, where the first locking stand is disposed in the accommodating space detachably. The second rotating element is assembled to the driving element, and the driving element is connected to the transmitting element. The first rotating element is forced to rotate when the first locking stand is disposed in the accommodating space, such that the second rotating element drives the driving element to rotate. Consequently, the driving element drives the transmitting element to move.05-19-2011
20100180648SECURITY ATTACHMENT AND METHOD FOR USE WITH A SECURITY SLOT, E.G. IN A LAPTOP COMPUTER - A security attachment for engagement in a security slot (07-22-2010
20100180647LOCKING APPARATUS - A locking apparatus having a clipping mechanism is provided. The locking apparatus includes: a main body including upper and lower pressing portions defining a gripping space and a support or connecting member supporting or connecting the upper and lower pressing portions and providing a gripping force to the upper and lower pressing portions; an opening/closing member that is affixed to the main body and transmits a force to the upper and lower pressing portions so that the upper and lower pressing portions may open; and a cover member enclosing the main body and controlling a force for opening the upper and lower pressing portions. The locking apparatus can be widely applied to usefully lock or secure personal articles vulnerable to privacy intrusions such as a bag, a notebook, a planner/diary, and a book and an electronic dictionary, a gaming machine or other electronic devices vulnerable to theft.07-22-2010
20100186465UNIVERSAL ELECTRONICS LOCK - A universal electronics lock (07-29-2010
20110185776Securing Apparatus for Portable Electronic Devices - An apparatus for securing an electronic device includes a main body with two ends. An arm is provided at one end of the main body, and has a hook attached thereto, shaped for the electronic device to be placed between the hook and the arm. An additional arm is slidably attached to the other end of the main body, and is capable of being slid by a user to several lateral positions relative to the main body. An additional hook is provided on the slidable arm, and is shaped for the electronic device to be placed between the hook and the arm. A locking system is provided to lock and unlock the slidable arm to at least one of the lateral positions. A base section is capable of being secured at or near a location. The main body is adjustably attached to the base section.08-04-2011
20100300159REMOTE-ACTIVATION LOCK SYSTEM AND METHOD - Remote-activation locks designed to permit unlocking and/or locking of the lock without physical manipulation of the lock are articulated to a product/good in a manner so as to deny one or more benefits associated with the product/good.12-02-2010
20100206018Lock Device for Photovoltaic Panels - A photovoltaic panel locking system is disclosed. The locking system includes a unitary locking bracket made from a hardened steel material having a horizontal portion and a vertical portion extending from the horizontal portion, wherein the horizontal portion of the locking bracket is configured to encapsulate a portion of the top of the frame of a photovoltaic panel and wherein the vertical portion is configured to flank the vertical portion of the photovoltaic panel frame, and wherein the vertical portion of the bracket includes a bracket aperture. The locking system also includes a lock configured to fit through both the bracket aperture and an aligned aperture formed in the vertical portion of the frame of the photovoltaic panel securing the locking bracket against the photovoltaic panel.08-19-2010
20120144886Anti-theft lock assembly for universal key switches and locks - An anti-theft lock assembly used in conjunction with ignition switches and locks which are operated by universal keys. The device can be attached to, and operate, the universal switch or lock by the use of non-universal key. Once the device is attached to the universal switch or lock the key to operate the device can be turned to the key lock position and then extracted, locking the device to the universal key switch or lock, therefore restricting the ability to operate the switch or lock with a universal key. The device can be easily removed by simply inserting the key into the device, rotating the key to the vertical position and removing the device, giving on the ability to operate the switch or lock with the universal key as normal. The device does not, however, need to be removed in order to operate the switch or lock. With the device attached, the switch or lock can be operated in the same manner as before using the key provided with the device to operate the switch or lock.06-14-2012
20120000254MAGNETIC THRUST THEFT-PROOF LABEL - A magnetic thrust theft-proof label comprises a shell composed of an upper cover and a pedestal. A coil alarm and a theft-proof nail locking mechanism are provided between the upper cover and the pedestal. A theft-proof nail is inserted into the shell from the upper cover and located by the locking mechanism. The locking mechanism comprises a locking bead cap with a trapezoid section, a locking bead fixing seat fitting with the inner cavity of the locking bead cap, no less than three locking beads and a spring component resisting the locking bead fixing seat. A magnetic force switch device is provided on the locking mechanism. A magnetic block in the magnetic force switch device is pushed by a magnet in an unlocking piece to move towards a direction away from the magnet. The magnetic block pushes the locking mechanism to open.01-05-2012
20110154867CABLE WRAP SECURITY DEVICE - A security device a plurality of cables which are securable about an item of merchandise with a locking member and a cable-tightening mechanism each connected to the cables in a spaced apart manner. The locking member includes a key portion for unlocking the tightening mechanism when the cable is removed from the item. The tightening mechanism includes a spool and a ratchet mechanism. Alternate embodiments for locking and unlocking the ratchet mechanism are disclosed. The tightening mechanism carries sense loops which if compromised actuate an onboard audible alarm. The cables are part of one or more of the sense loops. The device is configured to sound a security gate alarm upon passing through the gate and upon simply reaching a certain distance from the gate. The tightening mechanism includes a housing having a flip-up handle for tightening the ratchet mechanism to tighten the cable.06-30-2011
20120006079Condo Smart Cart System - Condo Smart Cart System is designed for consumers who desire a secure, convenient storing method for carts. Using a key or an identification card, this system will not allow any person besides the owner to access the cart. This product is ideal for storage in apartment or condo parking garages.01-12-2012
20120006080LOCK STRUCTURE - A lock structure for an electrical device is provided. The lock structure includes a rotatable fastener, a lock body, an operation device, and a housing. The lock body is disposed at least partially in the housing, connected with the operation device, and includes or couples with a driving portion. When the lock body is operated to achieve an unlocked state, the lock body allows the driving portion to move the rotatable fastener. At the same time, the operation device achieves an operable status in which the operation device can move driving portion to change the orientation of the rotatable fastener, resulting in the connection/detachment of the lock structure and the electronic device. When the lock body is in a locked state, the movement of the driving portion is restricted and the operation device is not operable to directly or indirectly rotate the rotatable fastener, resulting in the secure connection of the lock structure and the electronic device.01-12-2012
20110094275SADDLE LOCK - The invention is a saddle lock that is inexpensive to manufacture and can be used with different style and/or size saddles.04-28-2011
20100050706Releasable security mount - An apparatus for securely mounting an appliance to a support surface having interlocking components that securely mount the appliance yet may be easily installed and uninstalled.03-04-2010
20120227448ROTATABLE LOCK FOR A PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICE - A rotatable lock for a portable electronic device includes a first casing, a second casing, two interlocking members, an I-shaped engaging member, a driving member, an elastic member and a lock core. The lock core is a depressible tubular lock having a limiting slot adjacent to an end and a key hole on another end. The key hole is an axial slot and has a plurality of protrusions and a positioning slot disposed in an inner wall, and a pivoted sliding rod. The key is a hollow column and has a positioning pin and a plurality of grooves. To unlock the lock, a positioning pin of the key needs to be aligned with the positioning slot of the key hole, and then the groove of the key engages with the protrusion of the key hole of the lock core such that the key is able to be rotated.09-13-2012
20120260698SPRING LOADED SECURITY SLOT ATTACHMENT FOR PORTABLE DEVICE SECURITY - A lock includes an assembly of a slot engaging member insertable in a slot of a piece of equipment being locked, such as a portable or desktop computer, a laptop, notebook or other handheld electronic device, a monitor, a television/video screen, a video game, an electronic instrument such as an oscillator or a medical centrifuge or other analytical device, or the like. A rotatable locking member engages an anchor sub-assembly having a rotatable element, wherein the rotatable element communicates with a spring force urging against the rotatable locking member. The rotatable locking member is alternately movable in and out of the slot in which it is inserted, and the locking element is rotatable by finger force overcoming said spring force against the locking member, wherein the lock is locked without use of a tool.10-18-2012
20110120197Ski pole locking system - A ski pole locking system utilizes a single, unitary body bracket element with one or more U-shaped lateral sections. Each lateral section forms a through passage for the acceptance and maintenance of ski poles. Strategically placed apertures through the bracket element are provided for a locking line which is ultimately secured to a locking device. Ski poles locked within the bracket element present a bulky package which is a deterrent to a would-be thief. The system can also be used to secure and lock skis and other ski equipment, along with the poles.05-26-2011
20120324962CABLE LOCK SYSTEM AND METHOD - A cable locking system is provided. The cable lock system 12-27-2012
20110146358ANTI-THEFT DEVICES FOR PORTABLE DEVICES SUCH AS LAPTOPS - A locking device (06-23-2011
20120240640SECURITY NUT AND TOOL - A security device, comprising, a bolt, comprising, a head, wherein the head comprises at least one functional marker; and a hollow cylinder, the hollow cylinder comprising a bolt internal threaded surface and a bolt external threaded surface, wherein the bolt internal threaded surface extends through the head; and a nut, comprising, a first nut cylinder, wherein the first nut cylinder is internally grooved threaded and of the same diameter as the bolt external threaded surface; and a second nut cylinder, whereby the second nut cylinder is capable of containing the head of the bolt when the bolt external threaded surface is securely screwed into the first nut cylinder. A bolt, the bolt further comprising at least one functional marker, and where the bolt is externally threaded in reverse. A nut, where the nut internal grooves threaded in reverse; and a key; wherein the key comprises a receiving unit, wherein the receiving unit comprises at least one functional interaction point, whereby the at least one functional marker of the head of the bolt and the at least one functional interaction point of the key match up and allow for the key to engage the head.09-27-2012
20110232339Rod Locker - A portable lock box for enclosing and organizing a plurality of fishing rods with securement means to a base structure. A rectangular box is disclosed with a lockable, hinged roof and cut-outs that accommodate fishing rod penetrations on both lengthwise sides of the box. The box provides a secure container for transporting, protecting and housing a series of fishing rods. Securement means along the bottom of the box are accessible from the box interior and provide mounting points for the assembly to a base structure, preventing theft or movement during transportation. Fishing reels are housed within the internal cavity of the box to prevent theft and to protect them from external damage.09-29-2011
20080223090Anti-theft lock structure - An anti-theft lock structure including a base, a frame, and a sensor is provided, which is applicable for a lock tongue of a lock to be inserted in. The frame fixed on one side of the base has a lock hole and a stopping portion, wherein the lock hole is engaged with the lock tongue of the lock, and the lock tongue is inserted into the frame through the lock hole. The sensor is fixed in the base and connected to one side of the stopping portion of the frame, for detecting the displacement of the stopping portion relative to the base when the frame is deformed under an external force, so as to generate a trigger signal.09-18-2008
20080223089MEDIA BASE SECURITY DEVICE AND METHOD OF USE - A media base security device and method of use is disclosed. According to one aspect, a media base security device can include a lock rod mechanism coupled to a portion of a media base housing including a security lock aperture operable to receive a security lock. The media base security device can also include a release lever accessible external to the housing. The release lever can be operable to release the media base housing when coupled to a portable computer system. The release lever can include a lock rod seat operable to engage a lock rod extending from the lock rod mechanism in response to locking the security lock.09-18-2008
20130174617SECURITY SURROUND DEVICE WITH CORD LOCK - A security device and method to surround merchandise for theft deterrence. The security device includes a cord and housing for a knot in the cord. The cord is pulled from one end about the knot to tighten cord around a product and the cord is pulled from another section to lock cord in place around the product. The device serves to deter breaking in or stealing merchandising product. The security device may also include an additional housing for the cord to pass through. Either housing may include an EAS and/or RFID element for additional security.07-11-2013
20120247159ANTI-THEFT SYSTEM FOR A CAMPER - The present invention relates to an anti-theft system for a camper. The camper is supported at its front end by a pair of spaced-apart jacks. The system includes a barrier having a first end operatively connecting to a first one of the jacks and a second end opposite thereof. The second end of the barrier operatively connects to a second one of the jacks. The barrier extends in a horizontal direction and is positioned and configured to prevent an unauthorized vehicle from passing underneath the camper and mounting of the camper onto the vehicle.10-04-2012
20110048083LOCKING DEVICE - A locking device having two halves. An item may be secured in an interior of the two halves.03-03-2011
20110219829Linkage Lock - A linkage lock includes at least a plurality of elongated links capable of being arranged in a substantially tubular configuration; wherein each link has a longitudinal axis extending therethrough and at least one pivot disposed at the ends thereof configured to allow rotation about an axis in substantially orthogonal relation to the longitudinal axis; wherein at least one link is configured to be separable from the remainder of the linkage lock.09-15-2011
20110219828SECURITY DEVICE - A security may include a base that defines an aperture or opening configured for receiving at least a portion of an object to be secured. The base may support a capture member that is configured to move between a capture position and a release position. The security device may further include a driving member that is configured to move between a first position and a second position and may engage the capture member. When the driving member is moved from the first position to the second position it may urge the capture member from the release position to the capture position. The capture member may be configured to secure the object within the aperture when the capture member is in the capture position. The security device may further comprise a locking member may be configured to releasably engage the driving member to prevent movement of the driving member from the second position to the first position.09-15-2011
20100307205SECURITY APPARATUS - The present invention, relates to an apparatus for securing cassettes housed within an automatic teller machine (ATM). The apparatus comprises at least one barrier and a supporting structure for supporting said at least one barrier. Each barrier is formed and arranged to be associated with a pair of adjacent cassettes and to be movable between a first position in which the barrier prevents removal of a pair of adjacent cassettes in use of the apparatus along their respective removal paths. The barrier is moveable to a second position in which the barrier prevents removal of one cassette of the pair of adjacent cassettes along its removal path and to a third position in which the barrier prevents removal of the other cassette of the said pair of adjacent cassettes along its removal path. In use, only one cassette of a pair of adjacent cassettes is removable along its removal path when the barrier is in the second or third position. The apparatus is further formed and arranged so that the barrier (or barriers) can be moved to a ‘service’ position so that both cassettes can be accessed and removed along their removal paths and for servicing of the ATM.12-09-2010
20100307204LOCK ASSEMBLY WITH DETACHABLE PARTS - A lock assembly includes a first lock unit and a second lock unit. The first lock unit includes a first housing and a first locking mechanism disposed in the first housing. The first housing has a receiving hole. The first locking mechanism is configured to be set either in a locking state or in an unlocking state. The second lock unit includes a second housing and a shackle disposed on the second housing. The second housing has a head and a body which is connected with the head and presented to be wedged into the receiving hole of the first housing. Additionally, the first locking mechanism is configured to lock or release the body of the second housing in or from the receiving hole of the first housing when the body is received in the receiving hole.12-09-2010
20120272693LOCKING ASSEMBLY FOR ELECTRONIC TABLET AND OTHER DEVICES - A method for securing a portable electronic device having a housing to a substantially immovable object utilizing a locking assembly having a security rod or spike formed with an anchoring end separated axially by a protruding end, a locking device with an internal locking mechanism and a cable permanently attached to the locking device at one end, includes the steps of securedly fixing the anchoring end of the security rod or spike to the portable electronic device upon or through the housing, attaching an other end of the cable to the substantially immovable object and inserting the protruding end of the security rod into an opening in the locking device to actuate the internal locking mechanism and lock the locking device to the captive security rod. Locking the security rod to the locking device concurrently locks the portable electronic device to which it is anchored to the substantially immovable object.11-01-2012
20130180295COMPUTER SECURITY LOCK FOR TRAPEZOIDAL SECURITY SLOT - A lock that is configured to be attached to electronic equipment requiring securing against theft and the lock comprising: a lock body; a locking element protruding from the lock body and having a forward distal section that is comparatively wider in cross-sectional size compared to a rear section thereof, the forward section configured to be insertable into a cavity formed in the equipment. The cavity has a size and shape slightly larger than the cross-sectional size of the forward section of the locking element and an interior larger in cross-sectional size than the opening of the cavity. A slidable locking pin slides alongside the locking element and into the cavity, substantially filling the space of the cavity.07-18-2013
20110308284Optical disc security device having a magnetically actuable locking mechanism - A security device having magnetically actuable locking mechanism for security an optical disc is disclosed. The device includes a detectable security tag secured in a housing having an optical disc receptacle formed as a basin. The housing includes one or more arcuate grooves adjacent to the circular basin. A top cover is sized to fit into the circular basin and is configured to be rotatably mateable with the housing. The top includes arcuate lips extending outwardly therefrom adapted for sliding rotatable engagement with the one or more the arcuate grooves in the housing. Locking the device prevents the top cover from being rotated to a position where the arcuate grooves are fully disengaged with the arcuate lips.12-22-2011
20120017656COMPUTER LOCK EXTENSION DEVICE - A device is configured to be adjusted between open and closed conditions, and to securely engage a security slot of a portable computer when in the closed condition. The device defines an internal cavity that is configured to receive a portion of a cable-like computer lock when the device is in the closed condition. The device is further configured to extend the computer lock away from the housing of the portable computer. The device prevents the computer lock from obstructing access to surface features on the computer proximate to the security slot.01-26-2012

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