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With liquid extractor

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068 - Textiles: fluid treating apparatus

068003000 - MACHINES

068013000 - Combined

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068023000 Centrifugal extractor (e.g., centrifuge) 56
068020000 Gaseous drier 22
068021000 Squeezer extractor 1
20120060564DEVICE FOR THE WET TREATMENT OF ITEMS TO BE WASHED - An inline washing system to be formed from a tunnel-type washing machine (03-15-2012
20130042654DAMPER, WASHING MACHINE, AND WASHER/DRYER - A damper obtaining damping force by the frictional resistance imparted by the viscosity of the magnetic viscous fluid is disclosed. The damper is provided with a seal not only on one (lower side) of the axial outer sides of the yoke but also on the other (upper side) of the axial outer sides of the yoke to trap the magnetic viscous fluid within the magnetic viscous fluid filling portion at both axial outer sides of magnetic viscous fluid filling portion. Because the leakage of the magnetic viscous fluid can be prevented, no air is introduced into the magnetic viscous fluid filling portion, to allow the density of the magnetic viscous fluid within magnetic viscous fluid filling portion to be maintained at a favorable level and prevent degradation of damping force02-21-2013
20100116002WASHER/DRYER - The present invention relates to washer/dryer (05-13-2010
20120111066WASHING AND DRYING MACHINE - Provided is a washing and drying machine (05-10-2012
20090090138Air jet pressurized clothes washing machine - A washing machine having high pressure angled air jets that introduce air into the wash water in a stationary pressurized tub. A circular swirl flow-pattern and air pressure within the warm wash water agitates and cleans the clothes without the need for a mechanically rotated drum or detergent. Sediment from the laundry is removed from the water by drains both at the top and the bottom of the tub. At the end of the wash cycle, the high pressure air is used to drain and dehydrate the clean clothes.04-09-2009
20100101280WASHING/DRYING MACHINE - Disclosed is the washing/drying machine including a fragrance supplying means for supplying fragrance, and a heat supplying means for supplying heat to promote evaporation of a fragrance source stored in the fragrance supplying means. The washing/drying machine uses heat supplied by the heat supplying means so as to promote evaporation of a fragrance source in the fragrance supplying means, thereby increasing efficiency in fragrance supply.04-29-2010
20100281925Washer/Dryer - The present invention relates to the items required to be close by while the washer/dryer (11-11-2010
20100281924WASHING/DRYING MACHINE AND DEODORIZATION APPARATUS - The inventive washing machine is capable of deodorizing a daily commodity with cleaning air in a shorter period of time. When the daily commodity is deodorized with the cleaning air, a control section (11-11-2010
20100212368WASHING MACHINE - A washing machine is provided that is capable of efficiently draining condensed fluid discharged from a heat pump module. The washing machine may include a cabinet, a tub installed in the cabinet, a drum rotatably installed in the tub, a heat pump module installed in the cabinet to supply hot air into the drum, a backflow prevention connector installed in the cabinet to prevent backflow of wash fluid draining from the tub, and a condensed fluid drain hose connected to one end of the backflow prevention connector to drain condensed fluid from the heat pump module.08-26-2010
20090255299Clothes Drier, Washing Machine, and Washing Machine with Clothes Drying Function - The present invention provides a clothe drier, a washing machine and a washing machine with a clothes drying function, which are improved in the effects of cleaning, deodorizing and sterilizing clothes with ozone, and permit easy replacement of an ozone generation element or safe control of the ozone. An ozone generator (10-15-2009
20090249837WASHING AND DRYING MACHINE AND CLOTHES DRYER - A washing and drying machine includes a water tank, a rotary drum, an irradiating light source and control means. The rotary drum is rotatably supported in the water tank. The irradiating light source is for emitting a light beam including ultra-violet ray to the inside of the rotary drum. The control means controls the irradiating light source such that the light beam including the ultra-violet ray is emitted to the inside of the rotary drum after the end of the drying process.10-08-2009
20100186458Combination laundry washer dryer - Method and apparatus for a novel apparatus to perform the task of washing and drying laundry in one machine is described within. There have been many attempts to create a practical combination laundry machine because the space and potential time savings to have all of the processes happen within one machine is beneficial. The problem created with most previous attempts is a machine that is sized for a wash load which will not properly dry the clothes in less time than a traditional two machine system. The underlying issue is the fact that a properly sized machine for washing is considerably smaller in internal volume than a dryer with the same load capacity. This invention uses a basket which has the capability to change the basket volume to maintain the proper ratio for both washing and drying cycles.07-29-2010
20100212367WASHING MACHINE - A washing machine is provided that is capable of efficiently draining condensed fluid discharged by a heat pump module. The washing machine may include a first cabinet, a tub installed in the first cabinet, a drum rotatably installed in the tub, a second cabinet detachably coupled to the first cabinet, a heat pump module mounted in the second cabinet so as to supply hot air into the drum, a condensed fluid drain pump that pumps condensed fluid generated by the heat pump module, and a condensed fluid drain hose, one end of which is connected to the condensed fluid drain pump and the other end of which is connected to the tub, to discharge the condensed fluid pumped by the condensed fluid drain pump to the inside of the tub.08-26-2010
20120192596Actuation Mechanism Configured to Exert Mechanical Forces on Laundry Items in a Wash Basin - In one aspect of the present invention, a washing machine is configured for personal use. The washing machine comprises a basin configured to contain a plurality of laundry items. Mechanical force is exerted on laundry items within the basin through at least one actuation mechanism. Additionally, the washing machine comprises a panel configured to enhance the mechanical force exerted from the actuation mechanism.08-02-2012
20110016928MODULAR FABRIC REVITALIZING SYSTEM - A modular system according to one embodiment of the invention for treating a fabric load comprises a first module and a second module. The first module can include a chamber having an interior for holding a fabric load, and the second module can have at least one of a fluid delivery system, a fluid removal system, and a fluid recycling system. The modular system can further include conduits for coupling the systems of the second module with the first module.01-27-2011
20100132413WASHER/DRYER WITH A LIGHT SOURCE INSIDE A BAFFLE FOR ILLUMINATING THE DRUM - The present invention relates to a washer/dryer (06-03-2010
20110100068WASHER-EXTRACTOR MACHINE - This invention is related to washer-extractor machines and in particular to drum type washing machines that provide saving from water, energy and time and at the same time increase washing and extraction efficiency. This invention is also related to a washing and rinsing process realized using this machine.05-05-2011
20110107798WASHING MACHINE - It is an object of the present invention to provide a washing machine which is capable of substantially preventing vibrations of an outer tub occurring due to rotation of a rotary drum thereof from being transmitted from a base to a frame thereof. A lower edge portion (05-12-2011
20100095713Drain pump and washing machine having the same - A drain pump including a case including a mounting bracket; a first connection member mounted to the mounting bracket to be spaced from the cabinet; a second connection member inserted in the first connection member; and a fastening member passed through the cabinet and inserted in the second connection member so that the case is mounted to the cabinet. Since the first connection member is spaced from the cabinet, the second connection member can be prevented from being damaged by vibration of the drain pump.04-22-2010
20120167636LAUNDRY DRYER AND WASHER DRYER - Provided is a laundry dryer including a first duct having a first outlet opening at the rear of a drum storing laundry, and a second duct with a second outlet opening at the front of the drum. The second outlet has a smaller bore allowing air passage than the first outlet. The first and second ducts are selectively switched during the drying process in response to temperature detectors which detect the dry air temperature before and after contact between the air and the laundry. A larger volume of air is blown from the first outlet under selection of the first duct than the second duct whereas the dry air is blown from the second outlet at higher pressure and higher velocity under selection of the second duct than the first duct.07-05-2012
20120186305LAUNDRY DRYER AND WASHER DRYER - A laundry dryer has drum (07-26-2012
20100229607WASHING MACHINE AND DRYER - The present disclosure relates to a washing machine with a drying function, capable of performing a washing program and a drying program. The machine comprises a cabinet (09-16-2010
20080236206Independently operable washing and treating routine clothes washing machine - A clothes washing and treating appliance in the form of an independently operable washing routine clothes washing machine 10 comprises an appropriately drainable clothes washer 10-02-2008
20110232335WASHER/EXTRACTOR WITH PLASTIC HOSE CONNECTING FITTING - A washer/extractor having a one-piece plastic water hose connecting fitting having a base plate, a tubular hose connection portion that defines a passageway communicating between a hose connected to the fitting and an opening in the wall to which the fitting is mounted, and a pair of clamping members disposed in parallel relation to a rear side of base plate. The wash tub opening has a key hole configuration which enables the arms of the fitting to be positioned into the opening in a first position of the base and upon rotation of the base plate to a second position locates the clamping arms behind mounting portions of the wall for securement by respective fasteners extending through the base plate, wall mounting portions, and clamping arms.09-29-2011

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