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063 - Jewelry

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063100140 With compartment 22
063100130 With indicator or alarm, e.g., gage, whistle, clock, etc. 18
063100120 With tool, e.g., knife, pen, lens, etc. 12
063100180 With retainer 8
063100160 Composite ornament 4
20110048070Jewelry & the method of making - Jewelry and the method of making jewelry which includes the steps of cutting a piece of material from an existing article of clothing, most preferably a pair of denim pants, attaching a fastener to said piece of material, and adapting said fastener to be capable of removably attaching said jewelry to a portion of a person's body.03-03-2011
20110120187Jewelry Kit, Articles of Jewelry, and Associated Devices and Methods Thereof - Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed toward jewelry, and more particularly, some embodiments of the disclosure are directed to jewelry kits having a plurality of jewelry articles capable of being worn separately, or two or more assembled together to form a combined jewelry article.05-26-2011
20080289363SELECTABLE COMPONENT JEWELRY SYSTEM - A selectable component jewelry system comprises a wearable jewelry base such as a finger band, pendant, or bracelet having a post for receiving interchangeable components concentrically thereon and secured thereto by an ornamental threaded cap enabling persons to create and wear unique pieces or jewelry.11-27-2008
20110203316JEWELLERY ASSEMBLY MADE UP OF AT LEAST THREE INTERCONNECTED PARTS - The present invention relates to a jewellery assembly made up of at least three parts, especially a ring and a pair of earrings, which can be connected together to create, for example, a single stable geometrical shape using separate connection means. For this purpose, a jewellery assembly (08-25-2011
20130074543VIDEO ADAPTABLE JEWELRY - A jewelry piece in which the precious stone is replaced with an apparatus comprising a screen, wherein the apparatus is capable of receiving from a smart phone and displaying on the screen an image a user selects from a plurality of choices, in order to make the jewelry piece appear as having a particular precious stone.03-28-2013
20130036766Decorative Signal Transducing Apparatus - The present invention provides an item of jewelry containing headphones, or a headset, enabling a wearer to interface with electronic devices. In particular, the present invention provides a necklace containing headphones or a headset, enabling a wearer to interface with electronic devices.02-14-2013
20100107689JEWELRY ARTICLE FOR A LENS OF EYEGLASSES AND A JEWEL-INSTALLATION TOOL FOR A PAIR OF EYEGLASSES - When using this jewelry article for eyeglasses, the base is positioned on a front surface of a lens of the pair of eyeglasses, and the rear surface magnet is set on the rear surface of the lens on a relative position to the base. Then, the lens is tucked by a magnetic force generated between the base and the rear surface magnet, and the base and the rear surface magnet are positioned in a stable state on a desired position on the surface of the lens. Therefore, the main body of a jewel can be mounted on the lens.05-06-2010
20100107690JEWELRY EYEGLASS HOLDER - A jewelry pin having an ornamental design portion with a height dimension and a width dimension defining a plane and an arcuate semi-circular loop extending between opposite sides of the height dimension that defines a plane essentially perpendicular to the plane of the ornamental design portion of the pin, wherein the loop defines an aperture for securely receiving an eyeglass post in the folded position of a pair of glasses.05-06-2010
20100024479FASTENER FOR SECURING JEWELRY ITEM - Disclosed is a fastener for securing a jewelry item to an article. The fastener includes a plate and a guide member. The plate includes a first face, a second face opposite to the first face and a groove extending up to a predetermined distance from the first face towards the second face. The groove is configured to receive a pin of the jewelry item for securing the jewelry item to the plate. The groove includes a first portion and a second portion extending from the first portion. The first portion of the groove is flared. The guide member is disposed on the first portion of the groove. The guide member is configured to guide the pin of the jewelry item towards the second portion of the groove.02-04-2010
20130055759JEWELRY THAT CONTAINS DETACHABLE PERSONAL PROTECTION DEVICE - A piece of jewelry is provided having at least one restrictive chain and at least one connecting chain. A protection device is connected to the at least one restrictive chain and the at least one connecting chain. A base of the protection device is attached to the at least one restrictive chain. A prong extends from the base for defending against an attacker. A cap of the protection device is attached to the at least one connecting chain. The cap is removeably attached to the base to conceal the prong and join the at least one restrictive chain and the at least one connecting chain.03-07-2013
20130055758REMOTELY ACTIVATED VIBRATING BODY PIERCING JEWELRY - A vibrating body jewelry item to be attached to either a pierced and unpierced body part of the user. Including a housing having a first and second section designed to create a cavity therein, with a power source, positioned within the cavity; a vibrating motor unit, coupled to the power source, and positioned within the cavity; and a control device, positioned within the cavity, coupled to the vibrating motor unit to control thereof, and coupled to the power source to receive power therefrom, having a signal receiving unit to receive control signals to turn on and off the vibrating motor unit. Wherein there is an attachment device, designed to couple the housing to the user. There is also an actuating device, remote from the housing, designed to send a signal to the signal receiving unit to activate and deactivate the vibrating motor.03-07-2013
20120234041ELECTRONIC BRACELET - An electronic bracelet has a bracelet body with an inner opening for a part of a user's body and a bracelet part provided with an electronic device and connectable with the bracelet body to form the whole bracelet so that the user can see and operate the electronic device on his body part.09-20-2012
20100077797Decorative Recording Module - A charm bracelet and charm with a recording module for recording messages facilitates transferring recorded messages by providing recording device in a charm that may be detached from the charm bracelet.04-01-2010
20090266108ASH FILLED GEM STONES FOR MEMENTOS OF LOVED ONES - A lasting memento derived from the ashes of a cremated human or pet, and a method of manufacture thereof. A rough gem stone of either natural or man made chemistry can have a hole or plurality of holes that are drilled into them. The ashes are subsequently inserted into the drilled hole, whereupon, the holes are permanently sealed with known materials and sealing techniques. The rough stones are then faceted using conventional faceting and polishing procedures. The same techniques may be used to ‘drill and fill’ completed, faceted gem stones and man made synthetic crystals, resulting in the same permanent memento that may be incorporated into an article of jewelry.10-29-2009
20090100866Jewelry for Infant Teething - Jewelry in the form of necklaces, bracelets, and bangles has a prominent component that is smooth and has a shape that is round or has rounded edges with no sharp edges or points. The jewelry is ornamentally attractive and is useful when worn on the person of a caregiver so that an infant can teeth on the jewelry. The jewelry is nontoxic and dishwasher safe.04-23-2009
20090025423Teething Necklace and Related Accessories - A jewelry item includes a plurality of objects that are made of a material that is suitable for infant teething and that have an outward appearance resembling a stone, a bead or other decorative ornamental object. The objects are made from a material that is a non-toxic substance that will retain its structural integrity when subjected to the forces and environment of a baby chewing on the object. In a method of making a teething necklace, a non-toxic resilient material is formed into a plurality of structures that have an ornamental outward appearance. Each of the plurality of structures are strung together by passing a string member through a longitudinal bore defined by each of the structures.01-29-2009
20080264102Sheath Capture Device for Stent Graft Delivery System and Method for Operating Same - A delivery system for delivering and deploying stent grafts having a proximal stent includes a first lumen and a stent capture device including a capture portion fixedly connected adjacent a first lumen distal end. An outer catheter has a catheter distal end and a catheter inner diameter. A second lumen having a second distal end is slidably disposed about the first lumen and within the outer catheter. A stent graft sheath has a sheath proximal end connected to the second distal end and disposed about the first lumen. The sheath has a sheath distal end and a sheath inner diameter greater than the catheter inner diameter for holding a compressed stent graft. A distal nose cone has a cone proximal end connected to either the capture portion or the first distal end. The nose cone and the capture portion are movably adjustable to selectively capture the sheath distal end therebetween.10-30-2008
20090100865Earring assembly - The present invention relates to an earring assembly comprising an ornamental portion adapted to be suspended from a hook portion. The hook portion is adapted to be inserted into a piercing opening of an earlobe of a wearer by a pin portion extended from the hook. The assembly further comprises an ornamental ear lobe masking element, mounted on the hook, adapted to be securely mounted on the assembly and provided to mask or disguise the piercing opening or hole of the earlobe. The assembly further comprises a guard element mounted on the hook and adapted to abut the inner surface of the earlobe. The guard element is provided to facilitate a counter balance with the masking element and to keep the masking element flat against the earlobe. The masking element has generally a saucer-shaped configuration and provided with a central opening that threads onto the hook. The masking element can be made of a synthetic material and provided with silicon filler around the central opening to provide a friction property and facilitate a secure positioning of the element on the hook portion.04-23-2009
20100154472BRASSIERE HAVING REMOVABLE DISPLAY APPARATUS AND RELATED METHODS - Brassieres having removable display apparatus are disclosed. The display apparatus is securable around a band between the cups of a brassiere. The display apparatus may have a cincture to secure the relative position of the body of the display apparatus and the band of the brassiere. The methods disclosed include securing a display apparatus to brassiere and displaying a message or image on a display device of the display apparatus.06-24-2010
20090078002Multi-piece puzzle charm - Multi-piece charm includes at least one edge puzzle piece charm each having at least one smooth edge and at least one edge having at least one tab or blank, and at least one additional puzzle piece charm having a tab or blank and arranged to interlock with an edge puzzle piece charm. Each puzzle piece charm includes an aperture to enable a strand of material to be passed therethrough and enable the puzzle piece charms to be worn on a part of the body. The additional puzzle piece charm may be another edge puzzle piece or a middle puzzle piece charm which has one or more tabs or blanks, either on a single edge, on a plurality of edges or on all of its edges.03-26-2009
20120240622EMBEDDED GEM AND A METHOD FOR EMBEDDING A GEM - An embedded gem and a method for embedding a gem are disclosed. An embedded gem includes a first gem and a second gem. The first gem includes a recess. The recess has an opening at the location of the table. The first gem has a first diameter. The second gem is coupled to the first gem. The second gem has a second diameter that is less than the first diameter of the first gem. The resistive fit within the recess of the first gem couples the first gem to the second gem. At least a portion of the second gem is within the recess.09-27-2012
20090038338JEWELRY WITH INTERHCHANGEABLE DECORATIVE COMPONENTS - A jewelry item has a post and a decorative component thereon. The post has a length defined between an upper end and a bottom end, a fastening means attached to the upper end and a stopper permanently fixed to the bottom end. A first outer circumference of the fastening means is less than a second outer circumference of the stopper. The decorative component has a central opening with a third inner circumference, wherein the third inner circumference of the decorative component is greater than first outer circumference of the fastening means and less than the second outer circumference of the stopper. The central opening of the decorative component is sized such that the fastening means of the post passes through the central opening of the decorative component and connects the decorative component to the post.02-12-2009
20130133365BRACELET WITH GROOVE FOR HAIR BAND - A bracelet having a channel groove. The bracelet has an outer side and an inner side. A channel groove is at least partially surrounding a circumference of the outer side. A hair band may fit within the channel groove.05-30-2013
20110146345JEWELRY AND METHOD FOR ITS USE - A jewelry piece comprising a ring shank, at least one first connector, at least one second connector, at least one first linkage, at least one second linkage, and at least one charm.06-23-2011
20090007596DESIGNER CONTROL DEVICES - At least one exemplary embodiment is directed to a control device comprising: an input; an output; and a processor, where the processor is configured to receive an input signal through the input, where the input signal is generated from a user interface on media device, where the processor sends a control signal through the output to a sound reproduction device, where the output signal controls audio generated by the sound reproduction device, and where the input, output, and processor are not included in the media device and are not included in the sound reproduction device.01-08-2009
20120234040Bracelet - Aspects include a wristband/bracelet with an emoticon display device (EDD) attached to it. The EDD will allow the user to change the emoticon that is being displayed. A first particular embodiment of the invention includes a wristband with the EDD attached to it, in which the EDD operates mechanically and the user pushes a button to change emoticons.09-20-2012
20120204600Nail Ring - The invention provides a novel faux fingernail device to provide an efficient finger or toe ring to which a faux fingernail is slidably attachable. The fingernail slides into grooves along the sides and across the top of the ring into which the fingernail can slide and which holds the fingernail.08-16-2012
20120060555CONVERTIBLE PIPE EARRING - A dual-use product is configured for use as a piece of body jewelry and as a smoking pipe. In a first configuration, the product may be inserted through a pierced hole in a user's body, such as in the user's earlobe, and worn as an earring. In a second configuration, the product may be packed with a smokeable material and converted to a smoking pipe.03-15-2012
20080245103Kit for manufacturing costume jewelry - A kit for easy use by children in designing jewelry that includes erasers. The kit allows for the manufacture of bracelets and other articles of jewelry combining different types of ornaments with erasers. To make a bracelet using the kit, the ornaments, erasers and elongated cord materials are removed from their packaging means. The elongated cord is of sufficient length to hold several ornaments and erasers. The elongated cord is threaded through the ornaments and erasers in any configuration the user desires. The ends of the elongated cord are then tied or glued together to form a loop. The loop can then be used as a bracelet, necklace or any other type of jewelry.10-09-2008
20130111951JEWELRY DISPLAY STAND - A jewelry display stand having a main body portion simulating the neck and upper torso of a person. A necklace can be draped over the front of the main body portion, which is hollow on the interior, so that the end of the necklace can either be inserted into an opening in the back of the main body portion communicating with the interior thereof, or hooked under a tab on the back of the main body portion. A retractable panel is provided on the back of the main body portion for supporting the same in an upright position.05-09-2013
20130125583ACRYLIC JEWELRY WITH EMBEDDED SCENT - A jewelry with scent embedded thereon includes a substrate. A multi-colored graphic is adhered to a first side of the substrate. A scent microcapsule layer is adhered to a second side of the substrate, opposite to the first side of the substrate.05-23-2013
20110048069Germanium ionic/Magnetic Bracelet - A germanium alloy bracelet with embedded magnets and a source of negative ions is presented. The embedded magnets are permanent and arranged in a patented alternation north-south orientation to confer improved magnetic field strength. The germanium bracelet helps to disperse the negative ions produced by the ion source.03-03-2011
20100287987Massaging nursing bracelet - the chicminder - A nursing cuff that can be moved easily back and forth from the right to left wrist as a result of its contractible nature and a permanent opening, allowing the nursing mother to keep track of which breast she last used to feed her baby. The cuff is made of a durable, waterproof, non-toxic material and expands and contracts to conform to the nursing mother's wrist. The cuff also serves as a baby massager, which calms both baby and mother before, during, and after feedings.11-18-2010

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