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062 - Refrigeration

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062498000 Compressor-condenser-evaporator circuit 336
062468000 With lubricant handling means 106
062515000 Evaporator, e.g., heat exchanger 86
062476000 Sorbent type 59
062513000 Heat exchange between diverse function elements 36
062474000 With refrigerant treater 14
062512000 Distinct vapor liquid separator and separated liquid recycle 11
20130036760CENTRIFUGAL COMPRESSOR WITH FLUID INJECTOR DIFFUSER - A centrifugal compressor includes a housing providing in inlet, an impeller, a diffuser and a volute or collector. An electric motor is provided in the housing and is configured to drive at least one impeller via a shaft about an axis. The impeller includes an outlet end aligned with a diffuser and arranged at the throat. A variable fluid injector device is arranged downstream from the outlet end of the impeller in one example. The variable fluid injector device is configured to introduce high pressure fluid downstream from the impeller in response to a compressor regulation command. The injected fluid energizes the low momentum boundary layer, which provides compressor stability. A compressor controller is in communication with the variable fluid injection device to obtain a desired compressor operating condition.02-14-2013
20130061627DEVICE FOR REGULATING THE TEMPERATURE OF A PLURALITY OF COMPONENTS OF A VEHICLE AND VEHICLE SYSTEM - A device for regulating a temperature of a plurality of components of a vehicle is provided. The device has a first heat exchanger and a second heat exchanger, which are connected to one another in order to form a closed refrigerant circuit. The device furthermore has a first multiway valve, a second multiway valve, a third multiway valve and a fourth multiway valve for connecting the first and the second heat exchanger to a first component and a second component of the vehicle.03-14-2013
20110214450BITE-IN TYPE PIPE CONNECTION STRUCTURE, VALVE, BITE-IN TYPE PIPE JOINT, AND REFRIGERATION DEVICE - A bite-in type pipe connection structure is provided, the pipe connection structure being capable of, even if piping connection work is performed with a length of piping inserted insufficiently, minimizing deterioration of air-tightness at the joint portion, at which the piping is connected, due to an offset load acting on the piping. Also provided are a valve, a bite-in type pipe joint, and a refrigeration device using the bite-in type pipe connection structure. A ferrule 09-08-2011
20120204594AZEOTROPE-LIKE COMPOSITIONS OF DIFLUOROMETHANE AND TRIFLUOROIODOMETHANE - Provided are azeotrope-like compositions comprising difluoromethane and trifluoroiodomethane and uses thereof, including use in refrigerant compositions, refrigeration systems, blowing agent compositions, and aerosol propellants.08-16-2012
20080209940Gust Water Trap Apparatus - A Gust Water Trap Apparatus comprises means (09-04-2008
20130199237OUTDOOR UNIT AND AIR CONDITIONER HAVING THE SAME - An outdoor unit allows the position of the service valve to be changed in order to adapt the outdoor unit to various environments in which the outdoor unit is installed. The outdoor unit of an air conditioner includes a body, a compressor disposed inside the body to compress a refrigerant, an outdoor heat exchanger to cause heat exchange between the refrigerant compressed by the compressor and outdoor air, at least one service valve to regulate the refrigerant flowing into the outdoor heat exchanger, and a guide portion provided at the body to guide a positional shift of the service valve.08-08-2013
20130152624POWER CONVERTER AND REFRIGERATING AND AIR-CONDITIONING APPARATUS - A power converter includes step-up means for varying a voltage applied by a power supply to a predetermined voltage, commutating means for performing a commutation operation for allowing a current flowing through the step-up means to flow through a second path, smoothing means for smoothing a voltage related to outputs of the step-up means and the commutating means to produce power and supplying the power to a load side, and control means for performing control related to voltage varying, such as stepping up, by the step-up means and controlling the commutation operation of the commutating means on the basis of at least one of a voltage and a current related to the step-up means.06-20-2013

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