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062 - Refrigeration

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062407000 Cooled gas directed relative to cooled enclosure 106
062426000 Gas forcing means, e.g., cooler unit 55
062406000 Gas passage over or through indirect heat-transfer container or holdover 1
20090241585REFRIGERATOR WITH PRESSURE EQUALIZATION VALVE - A refrigerator including a housing with a chassis and a door enclosing a chilled interior; and a pressure equalization valve extending through a wall of the housing thereby facilitating an inflow of air from the surroundings into the interior and thereby blocking an outflow of air from the interior into the surroundings, the refrigerator comprising, a wall having a throughbore formed therein in a parallel flow arrangement with the pressure equalization valve, through which air can pass in two directions, wherein the flow of air is less than that of the airflow through the pressure equalization valve in the throughflow direction and greater than that of the air leakage value of the pressure equalization valve in the blocked direction.10-01-2009
20110289957REFRIGERATOR AND DEGASSING CONTAINER FOR REFRIGERATOR - The present invention relates to a refrigerator and a degassing container of the refrigerator which compulsorily degass a portion of air inside a space where foods are stored to the outside by a degassing means together with deformation of a gasket when a door is closely adhered. The present invention includes a degassing container of a refrigerator comprising a case whose one side is opened; a door which shields the opened one side of the case selectively; a gasket interposed between the door and case and elastically deformed to be closely adhered when the door is shielded; a degassing means provided on the door and exhausting air inside the case to the outside when the gasket is compressively deformed; and a release means provided on the door and flowing external air into an inner side of the case when the door is opened. According to the present invention, the storage performance is improved.12-01-2011
20080245093Apparatus for refrigeration - A refrigerator including a blowing unit optimized for a bottom type condenser. The refrigerator includes a main body having a storage compartment defined therein, a condenser mounted at the bottom of the main body, and a blowing unit to blow air that has already passed through the condenser. The blowing unit includes a centrifugal fan mounted in a machine compartment and a blowing guide member to guide air blown by the centrifugal fan to the front of the main body. Consequently, it is possible to discharge the air that has already passed through the bottom type condenser, to the front of the main body, thereby accomplishing the smooth discharge of air and reducing the power consumption necessary to blow the air.10-09-2008
20090100858AIR CONDITIONER - An air conditioner is disclosed which includes a case having one or more air intake portions, a heat exchanger inside the case, a fan in a vicinity of the heat exchanger, and an intake amount reducing member at one of the air intake portions that reduces an intake amount of introduced air.04-23-2009
20110000251AIR CONDITIONER - According to the present invention, there is provided an air conditioner which is capable of, even when the direction of wind blown out from a blow-out port is greatly changed, efficiently releasing ions to a distant place. Specifically, the air conditioner according to the present invention is configured by including a wind direction changing plate 01-06-2011
20090188273Air damper system for domestic cooling and/or freezing - An air flap device (07-30-2009
20120204593Supersonic Cooling with a Pulsed Inlet - A supersonic cooling system operates by pumping liquid without the need of a condenser. The compression system utilizes a compression wave in the generation of the cooling effect. An inlet of the system may be pulsed to reduce energy required of a pump. The evaporator of compression system operates in the critical flow regime where the pressure one or more evaporator tubes will remain almost constant and then ‘jump’ or ‘shock up’ to the ambient pressure.08-16-2012
20120060542 VALVE FOR A VAPOUR COMPRESSION SYSTEM - A valve comprising an inlet opening adapted to receive fluid medium and at least two outlet openings, each being fluidly connected to a flow path being arranged fluidly in parallel, is disclosed. The valve comprises a first valve part (03-15-2012
20120266626NEGATIVE PRESSURE PREVENTIVE DEVICE IN REFRIGERATOR - A negative pressure preventive device in a refrigerator is provided to be mounted to a machinery room on a top side of the refrigerator, in which an opening and closing damper is provided over an evaporator for controlling external air such that warm external air is led through an evaporator to reduce a temperature difference while the warm external air passes through the evaporator for minimizing a temperature change in the refrigerator, the opening and closing damper has a control lever operative by gravity to make quick and accurate opening, closing, and air introduction to the refrigerator for compensating a pressure difference, a filter mounted to the opening and closing damper at an air introduction portion to be detachable with a packing cap for easy removal of noxious insects, microbes, and dust, and easy washing and replacement, and a packing member provided to the opening and closing damper for improving a sealing function to prevent cold air from leaking, quick compensation of the pressure difference, and eliminating difficulty in opening the door caused by the negative pressure.10-25-2012
20130133356DESALINIZATION APPARATUS - There is disclosed a desalinization apparatus, and methods related to desalinization. In an embodiment, a desalinization apparatus includes at least one port for receiving airflow therethrough, at least one port for receiving salt water therethrough, at least one output for providing outflow of pure water vapor, and at least one output for proving outflow of a mixture of water, salt and air; and a plurality of chambers for evaporating the salt water into the airflow, at least one of the chambers forming a plurality of ports arranged in a plurality of rows. In an embodiment, a method includes providing airflow to a desalinization apparatus; providing salt water to the desalinization apparatus; forming a vortex in the airflow to evaporate water vapor from the salt water; and providing the water vapor in the airflow to a condenser so as to obtain pure water.05-30-2013

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