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062324600 With flow control or compressor details 59
062324500 With atmospheric condensate removal or prevention 8
062324200 With cooling apparatus other than gas compressor 7
062324400 With refrigerant collection and intermittent discharge 4
20110120167Room Air Conditioner And/Or Heat Pump - A room air conditioner and/or heat pump is shown with a main control and a user interface. The user interface is mounted on a user interface mount attached to the front of a main unit, but behind the bezel. The user interface mount is used to (a) insert or remove the main unit, (b) secure and protect wiring cables, (c) mount the user interface thereon, (d) direct a filter into position, (e) provide a slot for a fresh air slide, and (f) direct a bezel into position. A main control housing allows access there through to a main control circuit board, but prevents moisture from dripping on the main control circuit board. A dual filter element is located behind a double hinged door. Channels and flanges direct and secure the bezel into position.05-26-2011
20100175413HEAT STORAGE DEVICE - A heat storage device that includes a first heat storage material and a second heat storage material, both of which accumulate heat by heat exchange with a heat afferent medium, and a changeover device that selectively either performs or intercepts heat storage by the second heat storage material. Accordingly, if the absorption of heat by the first heat storage material has decreased, the changeover device changes flow of the second heat storage material so that heat may be extracted from the heat afferent medium by the second heat storage medium. Thus, when the heat afferent medium is a refrigerant, it is possible to supercool the refrigerant thereof. Furthermore, since heat is extracted from the heat afferent medium and is accumulated, accordingly it is possible to anticipate effective utilization thereof.07-15-2010
20120247142Heat Pump Pool Heater Start-Up Pressure Spike Eliminator - In a heat pump pool heater, undesirable compressor-created pressure spikes resulting from start-up of the heater after extended idle periods thereof are substantially eliminated by the incorporation in the heat pump refrigerant circuit of a specially designed pressure spike eliminator structure. The spike eliminator structure includes an enclosed hollow wall structure extending around a first refrigerant tubing portion disposed between the heat pump circuit compressor and condenser and forming a cavity around the first refrigerant tubing portion, and a transfer tube directly connected to a second refrigerant tubing portion disposed between the condenser and expansion valve and intercommunicating the interiors of the cavity and the second refrigerant tubing portion.10-04-2012
20090139255DEVICE FOR INCREASING THE HEAT OUTPUT AND ENERGY STORAGE IN A HEAT PUMP - A device for controlling the heat output of a heat pump, with a storage circuit, wherein heat energy can be stored in a storage container, comprises means for receiving a volume flow of a heat carrier medium from a condenser of the heat pump and means in the circuit of the heat carrier medium for controllably feeding a volume flow of the heat carrier medium from a condenser of the heat pump to a desuperheater. In an embodiment of the invention, the device further comprises means in the refrigeration circuit of the heat pump for feeding the heat carrier medium from the desuperheater to the condenser of the heat pump.06-04-2009
062324300 With product treatment 4
20110192186BLOWER AND HEAT PUMP APPARATUS USING THE SAME - The rear side outer peripheral edge of a propeller fan rotated and driven by a motor, of a propeller fan drive unit, is surrounded by a bell mouth. An upper plate, a lower plate, a side plate, and a machine room plate constitute an air duct at the suction side, outside the radial direction of the propeller fan. The cross-section of the bell mouth, at a first position in the vicinity where a blade of the propeller fan is closest, and where the distance between the propeller fan and the plate constituting the air duct outside the radial direction is relatively narrow, is made to be such that an expansion angle θ08-11-2011
20090031749Refrigeration apparatus with exhaust heat recovery device - A refrigeration apparatus with an exhaust heat recovery device mounted on a vehicle includes a refrigeration cycle for allowing a refrigerant for refrigeration to circulate therethrough, and a Rankine cycle for allowing a refrigerant for the Rankine cycle to circulate therethrough. The refrigeration-cycle condenser and the Rankine-cycle condenser are disposed in predetermined positions of the vehicle in series with respect to a flow direction of external air for cooling, and the refrigeration-cycle condenser is disposed on an upstream side of the external air with respect to the Rankine-cycle condenser.02-05-2009
20110061418HEAT PUMP TYPE HOT-WATER HEATER - A heat pump type hot-water heater includes a hot-water tank, a heat pump cycle for heating hot water, a partition plate which divides an interior of the hot-water tank into an upper space and a lower space, a hot-water supply heat exchanger which exchanges heat of water with heat of hot water in the hot-water tank to produce high temperature hot water, a hot water supply pump which sends hot water in the hot-water tank to the hot-water supply heat exchanger, a heating terminal which heats a room, and a heating pump which sends hot water in the hot-water tank to the heating terminal.03-17-2011
20110113808HEAT PUMP - The heat pump according to the present invention comprises a scroll compressor, and injects refrigerant to the scroll compressor by using the first refrigerant injection flow path and the second refrigerant injection flow path. By injecting refrigerant, an efficiency of the heat pump can be improved as compared with non-injection. Thus, a heating performance can be improved also in the extremely cold environmental condition such as the cold area. Also, because refrigerant is injected twice by using the first refrigerant injection flow path and the second refrigerant injection flow path, heating performance can be improved by increasing the injection flow rate.05-19-2011
20130160479SOUND-ATTENUATING HOUSING - Sound-attenuating housing (06-27-2013
20130160478USE OF E-1,1,1,4,4,5,5,5-OCTAFLUORO-2-PENTENE AND OPTIONALLY 1,1,1,2,3-PENTAFLUOROPROPANE IN HIGH TEMPERATURE HEAT PUMPS - This invention relates to a method for producing heating in a high temperature heat pump. The method comprises condensing a vapor working fluid comprising E-HFO-1438mzz and optionally HFC-245eb, in a condenser, thereby producing a liquid working fluid. This invention also relates to a method of raising the maximum feasible condenser operating temperature in a high temperature heat pump apparatus. This method comprises charging the high temperature heat pump with a working fluid comprising E-HFO-1438mzz and optionally HFC-245eb. This invention also relates to a high temperature heat pump apparatus containing a working fluid comprising E-HFO-1438mzz and optionally HFC-245eb. This invention also relates to a composition comprising: (i) E-HFO-1438mzz and HFC-245eb; and (ii) a stabilizer to prevent degradation at temperatures of 55° C. or above, (iii) a lubricant suitable for use at 55° C. or above, or both (ii) and (iii).06-27-2013
20110138838DEVICE FOR VARYING THE PRESSURE OF A PNEUMATIC FLUID THROUGH DISPLACEMENT OF LIQUID DROPLETS AND HEAT PUMP USING SUCH A DEVICE - A heat pump comprising at least two devices for displacement of droplets of liquid by electro-wetting, where one comprises a control unit such that it forms a compressor (06-16-2011
20090288440Multichannel Heat Exchanger with Dissimilar Tube Spacing - Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC&R) systems and heat exchangers are provided which include dissimilar tube spacing configurations. The heat exchangers include multiple sets of multichannel tubes in fluid communication with each other. One set of multichannel tubes contains a plurality of tubes spaced apart at one spacing while the another set of multichannel tubes contains a plurality of tubes spaced apart at a different spacing. The different spacing between the multichannel tubes allows each set of tubes to be configured to the properties of the refrigerant flowing within the tubes.11-26-2009
20110203303HEATING SYSTEM WITH OPTIMIZED RECOVERY OF WASTE WATER HEAT - A heating system with recovery of waste water heat, of the type comprising a heat pump, a waste water holding vat comprising a casing defining an internal space for holding the waste water; and a heat exchanger to recover calories in the holding vat and use them in the heat pump. The holding vat comprises at least one baffle extending in the holding space and dividing the holding vat into a plurality of compartments and defining, with the casing, a waste water flow path that bypasses the baffles and passes into the compartments, the heat exchanger being positioned so as to recover calories in at least two compartments.08-25-2011
20090049856Working fluid of a blend of 1,1,1,3,3-pentafluoropane, 1,1,1,2,3,3-hexafluoropropane, and 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane and method and apparatus for using - There is a working fluid for a heating and cooling. The fluid is a blend of about 1% to about 98% by mass 1,1,1,3,3-pentafluoropane, about 1% to about 98% by mass 1,1,1,2,3,3-hexafluoropropane, and about 1% to about 98% by mass 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane. The 1,1,1,3,3-pentafluoropane, 1,1,1,2,3,3-hexafluoropropane, and 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane are about 90% or more by mass of the blend. There are also an apparatus that uses the blend and methods for heating and cooling using the blend.02-26-2009
20080307819REFRIGERATION MONITORING SYSTEM AND METHOD - A heat-pump system may include a compressor, an outdoor heat exchanger including an outdoor coil, an indoor heat exchanger including an indoor coil, and a sensor assembly including a first sensor disposed in the outdoor coil, a second sensor disposed in the indoor coil, and a third sensor disposed between the outdoor heat exchanger and the indoor heat exchanger. A controller may receive data from the first sensor, the second sensor, and the third sensor and may determine a first system operating parameter when the heat-pump system is operating in a cooling mode and a second system operating parameter when the heat-pump system is operating in a heating mode.12-18-2008
20090205353AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM FOR VEHICLE - An air conditioning system includes an air-cooling unit and an air-heating unit. On a first path in the cooling-unit, provided are a compressor for first refrigerant, a condenser for the first refrigerant, an expansion unit for the first refrigerant, and an evaporator to cool air. On a second path in the air-heating unit, provided are an air-conditioning radiator for second refrigerant, and a first valve for the second refrigerant (whether or not into the air-conditioning radiator) On a third path in the air-heating unit, provided are a driving-system heating element to heat third refrigerant, an internal heat exchanger to heat the third refrigerant, a heater core to heat air, a driving-system radiator for the third refrigerant, and a second valve for the third refrigerant (whether or not into the driving-system radiator). The air passing through the evaporator or the heater core is selectably sent into a vehicle compartment.08-20-2009
20100242523Electric Cooling System for Electronic Equipment - A system for maintaining a temperature of electronic equipment within its normal operating temperature range is disclosed. The system includes a housing having an inner liner that behaves as a heat sink, an outer shell that protects the electronic equipment from weather or harsh environmental conditions and a thermal insulation material disposed between the outer shell and the inner liner to mitigate heat transfer between the interior cavity of the inner liner and the environment. The system may further include a heat transfer unit mounted to a rear portion of the inner liner so that heat is funneled through the rear portion of the inner liner when transferring heat between the interior cavity of the inner liner and the environment.09-30-2010
20090145155Rotating Bernoulli Heat Pump - Heat engines move heat from a source to a sink. In a subset of heat engines, called heat pumps, the temperature of the source is below that of the sink. A subset of heat pumps, called working-fluid heat pumps, accomplishes the heat-pumping function by varying the temperature of a working fluid over a range that includes the temperatures of both the source and the sink. A subset of working fluid heat pumps, called Bernoulli heat pumps, accomplish this temperature variation of the working fluid by means of Bernoulli conversion of random molecular motion into directed motion (flow). This invention is a Bernoulli heat pump in which Bernoulli conversion is accomplished using a rotating disk, similar to those used in computers for data storage. Most working fluid heat pumps used for cooling and heating accomplish the temperature variation by compression of the working fluid. In contrast to compression, Bernoulli conversion consumes no energy.06-11-2009
20110239685LIGNOCELLULOSIC BIOMASS SACCHARIFICATION PRE-TREATMENT DEVICE - A lignocellulosic biomass saccharification pre-treatment device is provided, which is capable of easily recovering ammonia water to be used in a pre-treatment for saccharification of a lignocellulosic biomass and putting in recycle use. The lignocellulosic biomass saccharification pre-treatment device has a mixing unit 10-06-2011
20100122545TETRAFLUOROPROPENE COMPOSITIONS AND USES THEREOF - The present invention relates to compositions for use in refrigeration, air-conditioning, and heat pump systems wherein the composition comprises a tetrafluoropropene and at least one other component. The compositions of the present invention are useful in processes for producing cooling or heat, as heat transfer fluids, foam blowing agents, aerosol propellants, and fire suppression and fire extinguishing agents.05-20-2010
20110132019HEAT PUMP APPARATUS - A heat pump apparatus includes a refrigerant circuit in which a compressor, a condenser, expansion means, and an evaporator are serially connected. Condensation temperature detection means that detects a saturation temperature of the condenser, and evaporation temperature detection means that detects the saturation temperature of the evaporator are provided. Operation efficiency is estimated by a value obtained by dividing heating ability estimated from a detection value of the condensation temperature detection means by a difference between a detection value of condensation temperature detection means and that of evaporation temperature detection means or dissipation power estimated by the difference.06-09-2011
20110132020HEAT EXCHANGER AND HEAT PUMP DEVICE USING THE SAME - Provided are a heat exchanger capable of providing sufficient heat exchange capability even with heat transfer tubes having a reduced outer diameter, and a heat pump device using the same. The heat transfer tubes has an outer diameter D in a range of 5 mm≦D≦6 mm, has a thickness t in a range of 0.05×D≦t≦0.09×D, are disposed at a vertical pitch L1 in a range of 3×D≦L1≦4.2×D, and are disposed at a longitudinal pitch L2 in a range of 2.6×D≦L2≦3.64×D. A sufficiently increased heat exchange rate per unit weight is obtainable with the heat exchanger.06-09-2011
20100147004Heat pump or heat exchange device with periodic positive and reverse pumping - The present invention discloses that the conventional applications for heat pump or heat exchange devices are further made to be the functional structure having periodic positive and reverse directional pumping, wherein either one of the pumping flow directions of the primary side fluid piping for passing by primary side fluid or secondary side fluid piping for passing by secondary side fluid are driven by the periodic positive and reverse flow directional pump to timely improve the temperature distribution status between the primary side fluid and secondary side fluid as well as reduce the defects of impurity accumulations in fixed flow directions.06-17-2010
20120042678HEAT PUMP-TYPE HOT WATER FEEDING APPARATUS - A heat pump-type hot water feeding apparatus includes a cooling cycle circuit, a heat storage tank, and a hydro kit heat exchanging unit, wherein the hydro kit heat exchanging unit is connected to the cooling cycle circuit, wherein during a heat storage mode operation that stores heat in the heat storage tank, heat of the first heat transfer fluid, which is heat exchanged in the first heat exchanger, is stored in the heat storage tank or heat of the first heat transfer fluid, which is heat exchanged in the first heat exchanger and heat of the second heat transfer fluid, which is heat exchanged in the second heat exchanger, are simultaneously stored in the heat storage tank.02-23-2012
20110083462DEVICE FOR OBTAINING HEAT - The invention relates to a device (04-14-2011
20120060538HEAT PUMP APPARATUS - To provide a heat pump apparatus, such as a heat pump water heating apparatus, capable of efficiently supplying high-temperature water by increasing a condensation capacity to a maximum if the outside air temperature is low. The heat pump water heating apparatus is configured to include a first refrigeration cycle and a second refrigeration cycle. The first refrigeration cycle is configured to connect in series a main compressor, a first water-refrigerant heat exchanger, an internal heat exchanger, a first pressure reducing device, and an air heat exchanger. The second refrigeration cycle diverges from the first refrigeration cycle between the first water-refrigerant heat exchanger and the first pressure reducing device, and joins the first refrigeration cycle between the main compressor and the first water-refrigerant heat exchanger. The second refrigeration cycle is configured to connect in series a second pressure reducing device, an internal heat exchanger, a sub compressor, and a third pressure reducing device03-15-2012
20120060537CHEMICAL HEAT PUMP COMPRISING AN ACTIVE SURFACE - Chemical heat pump comprising an active surface. A chemical heat pump working according to the hybrid principle with an active substance and a volatile liquid whereby the active substance is in a reactor part 03-15-2012
20120125033HEAT SOURCE UNIT - According to one embodiment, a heat source unit apparatus includes air heat exchangers, each includes a plurality of fins arranged at prescribed intervals, heat exchanging pipes penetrating the fins, and bent strips extending at sides and bent in the same direction, and a heat exchange module includes two air heat exchangers, each having the bent strips opposed to those of the other air heat exchanger, the air heat exchangers being inclined such that lower edges are close to each other and upper edges are spaced apart, whereby the heat exchange module is shaped like a letter V as seen from side.05-24-2012
20120297811MODULAR CHILLER UNIT WITH DEDICATED COOLING AND HEATING FLUID CIRCUITS AND SYSTEM COMPRISING A PLURALITY OF SUCH UNITS - A modular heating and cooling unit comprising an independent set of headers for each of the heating a cooling loads and the source. A bank of these modular units provides a system that is capable of incremental simultaneous heating and cooling and redundancy. Valves in the internal piping of the unit eliminate the need for valves in the headers between units. This substantially reduces the overall footprint of the unit. Because of the parallel flow between the heat exchangers and the heating and cooling load, the modules can be operated in cooling mode and heating mode in any order.11-29-2012
20120090345OPERATING RESOURCE STORE, HEAT TRANSFER DEVICE, AND HEATING PUMP - heating pump is provided that has a plurality of heat transfer devices, each having at least one first zone and one second zone for displacing an operating resource arranged in the heat transfer device based on thermodynamic state variables. Each of the heat transfer devices are thermally connectable by the first zone thereof to a first flow channel through which a first fluid can flow and by a second zone thereof to a second flow channel through which a second fluid can flow, so that heat energy can be exchanged between one of the fluids and one of the zones. The flow channels of one of the zones can be interconnected to one another sequentially by a valve arrangement and an interconnecting sequence changes in the course of an operation of the heat pump by the valve arrangement.04-19-2012
20130174597ADIABATIC COOLING UNIT - Mixing gases within an adiabatic cooling unit can include allowing a first gas at a first temperature to enter a mixing chamber on a non-exposed side of an adiabatic cooling media and utilizing a first baffle to direct the first gas in a direction away from the adiabatic cooling media. Mixing gases within an adiabatic cooling unit can also include allowing a second gas at a second temperature to enter the mixing chamber on an exposed side of the adiabatic cooling media and allowing the first gas and the second gas to mix in the mixing chamber creating a mixed gas. Furthermore, mixing gases within an adiabatic cooling unit can include creating an inlet with the first baffle and a second baffle to direct the mixed gas away from the adiabatic cooling media and allowing the mixed gas to enter through the exposed side of the adiabatic cooling media.07-11-2013
20130139538ADSORPTION HEAT PUMP - An adsorption heat pump includes: an evaporator configured to evaporate a refrigerant; and an adsorbent heat exchanger provided with an adsorption member configured to adsorb vapor evaporated by the evaporator, and a heat transfer tube in which a heating medium flows. Here, the adsorbent heat exchanger includes a pressing mechanism configured to press and compress the adsorption member depending on a temperature of the heating medium flowing inside the heat transfer tube.06-06-2013
20120017624HEAT EXCHANGER, HEAT PUMP SYSTEM AND AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM - Disclosed is a heat exchanger of a plate type comprising an evaporator having at least one inlet and at least one outlet allowing a first medium to enter into and exit from the evaporator. The evaporator comprises a plurality of interconnected evaporation chambers disposed in parallel, having at least one common inlet and at least one common outlet allowing the first medium to enter into and exit from the evaporation chambers. An injector (01-26-2012
20130192291PLATE HEAT EXCHANGER AND HEAT PUMP APPARATUS - A plate heat exchanger includes a plurality of rectangular plates each having, at four corners thereof, inlets and outlets and others for a first fluid and a second fluid. The plates are stacked such that first passages each defined by adjacent two of the plates and through which the first fluid flows and second passages each defined by adjacent two of the plates and through which the second fluid flows are provided alternately. The first passage includes a bypass passage extending from an inlet peripheral portion, which is an area around the inlet, along the outlet for the second fluid up to a long-side-peripheral portion of the plate that is nearer to the second outlet. The bypass passage allows some of the first fluid having flowed therein from the inlet to flow from the long-side-peripheral portion into a heat-exchanging passage.08-01-2013

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