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Retainer or flow director for atmospheric condensate

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062 - Refrigeration


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062291000 Condensate retainer 68
062288000 With flow director directing condensate to retainer 12
062290000 Plural distinct flow directors acting in parallel 3
20110179818Dual-connection drain pan - A refrigerant system includes a dual-connection drain pan for collecting and draining condensate from the exterior surface of a cooling coil. The drain pan includes a first channel and a second channel disposed alongside each other and sloped lengthwise in opposite directions to direct the condensate to either one of two drain outlets at opposite ends of the pan. To drain the condensate to a first outlet, a breakaway removable dam between the two channels is left intact to isolate the second channel from condensate so that the condensate drains from the first channel to the first outlet. Permanently removing the breakaway dam and plugging the first outlet allows condensate to drain from the first channel, into the second channel, and out through the second outlet. In some embodiments, the drain pan, including the two channels and breakaway dam, is formed of a unitary piece of a thermoset polymer.07-28-2011
20100011795ARRANGEMENT IN CONNECTION WITH COOLING ELEMENT INCLUDING CONDENSATE GUTTERS - Refrigerator device provided for connection to a cooling unit, and for being mounted with an open, exposed lower side, particularly for being used at a cooling device for releasing cooled air to an underlying entity of cooled goods. A number of generally parallel cooling lamellas (01-21-2010
20120272677DRAINAGE STRUCTURE OF CORRUGATED FIN-TYPE HEAT EXCHANGER - To achieve a sufficient drainage of condensed water (dew water) adhering to a surface to suppress an adverse effect on an airflow resistance and a heat exchange efficiency, even in a case where heat exchange tubes are arranged horizontally, provided is a drain structure for a corrugated fin-type heat exchanger (11-01-2012
20080256971VENTILATION DEVICE AND THE REFRIGERATOR HAVING THE SAME - A ventilation device of a refrigerator is configured to prevent freezing of condensed water. The condensed water does not accumulate at the corresponding portion, and hence formation of ice is prevented. The generation of noise and the change of the efficiency of the ventilation fan do not occur, and the risk of ice contacting the shroud of the ventilation fan is reduced and reliability may be improved.10-23-2008
20100107675HEAT EXCHANGER WITH IMPROVED CONDENSATE REMOVAL - A heat exchanger includes an arrangement of refrigerant conveying heat exchange tubes and associated heat transfer fins and has an airflow inlet and an airflow outlet. A plurality of inlet guide vanes is disposed slightly upstream of the airflow inlet to the heat exchange tube arrangement so as to route incoming airflow through the heat exchange tube arrangement along a desired direction, in relation to the heat exchange tubes and associated fins, so as to improve drainage of accumulated condensate from the external surfaces of the heat exchange tubes and to enhance shedding of condensate from the surfaces of the heat transfer fins. Also, a plurality of outlet guide vanes can be disposed slightly downstream of the airflow outlet from the heat exchange tube arrangement.05-06-2010
20100071398EVAPORATOR - An evaporator, in particular for a motor vehicle air conditioner, is provided that includes at least one block constructed largely of tube elements and rib elements, whereby it is possible for a refrigerant to flow through the tube elements, at least one section of the block being provided with a condensation water overflow protection means, which includes at least one restriction plate, the height of the restriction plate in at least one section being lower than a height in at least one second section adjacent to the first section.03-25-2010
20120180514DRAIN HOSE ASSEMBLY AND REFRIGERATOR INCLUDING THE SAME - A refrigerator may include a drain hose assembly. The refrigerator includes an upper hose, a lower hose connected to the upper hose while being arranged in a machinery chamber, the lower hose being provided with an air inlet hole to introduce outside air, and an opening and closing unit provided at the lower hose to be upwardly pivoted by negative pressure in a storage chamber and to be downwardly pivoted by gravity, in order to open and close the air inlet hole, respectively. As a result, it may be possible to achieve an enhancement in energy efficiency and to reduce the force required to open door according to an improvement of sealing-tightness.07-19-2012
20100269531COOLING DEVICE - Preventing the flow of the ambient air into the cabinet (10-28-2010
20090277206A/C drain line device - An air conditioning drain device essentially comprising a tubular pipe assembly, a flapper assembly, and a service port assembly. The device automatically engages a flapper valve that prevents the reverse flow of condensate water from entering a dwelling unit that shares a common drain line with multiple units, while at the same time allowing for quick and easy flushing of blockages in the drain line without causing water damage to the interior of the dwelling unit.11-12-2009
20090013710REFRIGERATOR AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A refrigerator and a method for manufacturing the same. The refrigerator includes a main body which has a specified space and a open front surface, and a plate having a specified thickness, in which the plate is inserted into the main body through one side of the open front surface of the main body to sectionalize the space provided in the main body.01-15-2009
20080216503Cross-References to Related Applications - A combination filter assembly housing (09-11-2008
20090151384Condensate Water Guide Unit of Air Conditioner for Vehicles - A condensate water guide unit of an air conditioner for vehicles which collects and drains condensate water, generated on the evaporator, outside the air conditioner is disclosed. The condensate water guide unit includes a plurality of guide pieces for draining condensate water outside the air conditioner, and a support bar, which connects the guide pieces to each other. The guide pieces are in close contact with the lower end of an evaporator. Each guide piece has a guide slot for drawing condensate water formed on the surface of the evaporator, and a water moving passage for draining the drawn condensate water outside the air conditioner.06-18-2009
20100126198CONDENSATION PUMP FOR ROOF-TOP AIR CONDITIONER - A pump assembly and a method for removing condensate from an elevated air conditioner of a transport structure are provided. The air conditioner includes a base pan with a sump. The pump assembly includes a pump, a suction line and a discharge line. The pump is configured to be in electrical communication with the air conditioner. The suction line enters the pump and is configured to be in fluid communication with the sump. The discharge line exits the pump and is configured to be in fluid communication with a hose of a drainage means of the transport structure. The pump operatively moves condensate in the sump to the hose of the drainage means to remove the condensate from the transport structure.05-27-2010
20090266099HVAC DRAIN SYSTEM - The invention relates to a HVAC drainage system. There is a need for an HVAC drainage system which operates well in a vehicle which moves over rough terrain. An HVAC unit is mounted at a central portion of an inner roof panel over an air inlet opening. A collection recess is formed by the panel and surrounds the air inlet opening. Concentric walls formed by the inner roof panel in the collection recess surrounding the HVAC unit. Each wall has one or more gaps formed therein. The gaps in adjacent walls are mis-aligned with respect to each other so that fluid is prevented from flowing in a straight line through gaps in adjacent walls. Drainage ports are formed in the inner roof panel. Drainage grooves formed in the inner roof panel communicate the collection recess with corresponding drainage ports.10-29-2009
20110197614DEHUMIDIFICATION SYSTEM FOR A VEHICLE - The present invention relates to a dehumidification system for a vehicle, which is developed to remove humidity from the vehicle interior through a separate path from an air-conditioner or a cooling system, installed in the existing vehicle. An air-conditioning system for the vehicle has a circulation path in which an inner refrigerant passes through an evaporator with a blower fan blowing air into the interior of the vehicle from a condenser via an expansion valve, and the inner refrigerant is returned to the condenser by a compressor. The dehumidification system for the vehicle comprises a water jacket, a heat-exchanger, and a circulation conduit. The water jacket with a conduit which is extended therein for heat absorption is positioned close to the vehicle engine to absorb the heat thereof. The heat-exchanger is located on the path in which the vehicle's interior air is circulated and cooled by the blower fan and removes the humidity by condensing the surrounding air. The circulation conduit comprises a first conduit and a second conduit. The first conduit supplies the heated fluid or gas in the water jacket to the heat-exchanger and has a valve on the fluid or gas supply path. The second conduit transfers and circulates the fluid or gas which is condensed in the heat-exchanger, to the water jacket, and has a check valve in the middle thereof to move the fluid or gas in a fixed direction.08-18-2011
20080245091Plumbing control unit drainage device - The present invention is a drain system for use with a manifold plumbing control unit (MPCU) including a drain pan having a sloping bottom surface with a peripheral wall forming a reservoir. The peripheral wall may include upwardly extending sidewalls, and upwardly extending endwalls secured to the edges of the sloped bottom surface. One or more attachment brackets may extend from the wall to facilitate attachment to one or more wall studs under the MPCU. The drain pan has a unique drain hole assembly in the bottom surface for attachment of a drainage line, that prevents the line from protruding upward to prevent blockage of the drain. A separate access opening is provided in the bottom surface to allow for passage of a water supply line to the MPCU. In alternative embodiments, splash shields may be provided to surround the MPCU to help contain and drain off any spraying or leaking liquid into the drain pan. Methods of installation are also provided.10-09-2008
20100212347AIR CONDITIONER FOR A VEHICLE - Provided is an air conditioner for a vehicle, which has an improved condensate discharging structure so as to prevent condensate from being leaked through a divided surface of a left and right divided type air conditioning case. To this end, a condensate discharging port is formed at a lower side of an evaporator of the first and second cases, and a partition wall is formed from a lower side of a drain passage to an upper side thereof so that the condensate is flowed through the condensate discharging passage without a leakage of the condensate.08-26-2010
20100199699DISCHARGE HOSE SYSTEM FOR A MOTOR VEHICLE AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM - A discharge hose system is provided for a motor vehicle air conditioning unit. The discharge hose system includes, but is not limited to a discharge hose and a vent line. The discharge hose and the vent line are designed as a single piece together.08-12-2010
20090151383Refrigeration Device With a Siphon - A refrigeration device with an interior which is surrounded by a thermally insulating housing, a condensation water conduit is passed through the housing and has a siphon which is embedded in an insulation layer of the housing.06-18-2009
20110016904CONTINUOUS DRAIN-TYPE DEHUMIDIFIER - A dehumidifier for continuously draining water generated by dehumidification to an external side is provided. The continuous drain-type dehumidifier includes a case having an air inlet and outlet, a dehumidifying unit that remove moisture from air introduced through the air inlet and discharges the air through the air outlet, a middle part member having a bottom portion on which water generated by the dehumidifying unit is dropped and provided with a water outlet, and a water leakage preventing unit that is provided on the water outlet to prevent the water from leaking. The water leakage preventing unit includes a drain nipple cap inserted into the water outlet, a drain nipple snap-fitted to the drain nipple cap, and a ring compressed between the drain nipple cap and the drain nipple and close-contacting an outer circumference of the water outlet.01-27-2011
20090249812APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR DRAINING CONDENSATE - An apparatus for draining condensate accumulated by an air handling unit element, the element presenting a footprint area, includes: a substantially unitary plurality of surfaces oriented between a first level and a second level and bounded by a peripheral wall. The first level is generally higher than the second level in an installed orientation. A first surface is situated substantially at the first level and is generally horizontal and presents a generally planar expanse generally coextensive with the footprint area in the installed orientation. A second surface generally extends from the second level at a first end of the apparatus to the first level at two loci separated by the first surface at a second end of the apparatus opposite the first end to orient the first surface in a generally nested relationship with respect to the second surface. At least one third surface joins the first and second surfaces.10-08-2009
20110005259WATER GENERATOR UTILIZING AN AIR CONDITIONER SYSTEM - A method and system for generating and providing drinking water is provided. The method for providing drinking water includes collecting condensed water from an air conditioner unit, storing in a tank the water that was collected, filtering the water so as to eliminate contaminants and activating an on-demand water pump so as to send the water to a faucet for dispensation. A water generator for providing drinking water is also provided. The water generator can include an air conditioner unit, a tank for collecting condensed water from the air conditioner unit, a pipe for transferring the condensed water from the air conditioner unit to the tank, a filter for eliminating contaminants from the water pumped through the filter and an on-demand water pump for sending the water through the filter and to a faucet for dispensation01-13-2011
20110079035Draining device for air control equipment - A draining device for air control equipment has a bottom shell, a top shell, a knob, a switch and a connecting device. The bottom and top shells are connected to each other. The top shell has two inclined recesses. The knob is mounted through the top shell and has two sliding protrusions mounted in the inclined recesses and two tabs. The switch is mounted in the bottom shell and has a button. The connecting device has a connecting tube, a flange and an end protrusion. The connecting tube is mounted through the top shell. The flange is formed around the connecting tube and is mounted across the tabs. The end protrusion abuts the button. When the knob is rotated, the sliding protrusions move along the inclined recesses to force the knob moving downward. Therefore, the end protrusion pushes the button to turn on the switch.04-07-2011
20100175407AIR CONDITIONER - An air conditioner includes a heat-exchanger positioned in an outdoor unit and configured to conduct heat-exchange between air provided from outside of the outdoor unit and a refrigerant. The air conditioner also includes a fan configured to generate a flow of the air that is from the heat-exchanger to an outlet of the outdoor unit. The air conditioner further includes a driving unit configured to provide a driving force to the fan. In addition, the air conditioner includes a first member positioned in the flow of the air generated by the fan and a second member configured to guide a flow of the air to reduce collision between the air and the first member when the fan is operated.07-15-2010
20100175406Auxiliary Battery Cooling for a Vehicle - A HVAC and battery cooling system, and method of operation, for use in a vehicle that may include a HVAC system, a battery cooling system and a pre-cooling heat exchanger is disclosed. The HVAC system may include an evaporator and a drain configured to receive condensate from the evaporator. The battery cooling system may include a main battery cooling subsystem configured to cool a cooling fluid that flows through a battery pack. The pre-cooling heat exchanger is configured to receive a flow of the cooling fluid therethrough and a flow of the condensate therethrough, whereby the condensate absorbs heat from the cooling fluid as the condensate flows through the pre-cooling heat exchanger.07-15-2010
20110232313Chiller Condensate System - The present application provides a chiller condensate system. The chiller condensate system may include a chiller that produces a flow of condensate, a condensate drain system positioned about the chiller to collect the flow of condensate, and a heat exchanger in communication with the condensate drain system for the flow of condensate to flow therethrough.09-29-2011
20130098093MODULAR DRAIN PAN ASSEMBLY FOR ADJACENT HORIZONTALLY POSITIONED DUAL-PASS COOLING COILS - A combination modular drain pan and horizontally positioned cooling coil assembly, providing dual pass dehumidification, including a housing, a plurality of adjacent discrete horizontal cooling coils each receiving air from an air distribution manifold. The air distribution manifold receives air from a inlet air stream and forming a single large horizontally positioned cooling coil module assembly. Each discrete horizontal cooling coil has a respective heat exchange area directly thereabove and a drain pan therebelow.04-25-2013
20080202141Refrigerator and evaporator mounting structure therefor - A refrigerator having a mounting structure to firmly fix an evaporator to the refrigerator. In the refrigerator including an evaporator and a cover to be coupled with the evaporator, the evaporator includes first fixing portions to be coupled with the cover and the cover includes second fixing portions to correspond to the first fixing portions. The evaporator and the cover are coupled with each other by the first and second fixing portions without separate fasteners.08-28-2008
20100307180Cold-storage heat exchanger - An outer surface of a cold-storage container (or a refrigerant tube) is provided with a plurality of protrusion portions or recess portions. A cooling air passage, in which air flows to cool a space to be cooled in a cold storage time and in a cold release time of the cold storage material, is provided to contact a surface of the refrigerant tube on a side opposite to the cold storage container bonded to the refrigerant tube. The refrigerant tubes and the cold storage container form therebetween a cold-storage side air passage by the protrusion portions or the recess portions, such that air flows in the cold-storage side air passage separated from the cooling air passage. For example, the cold-storage side air passage is provided with a slanting space that causes condensed water or ice generated in the cold storage time to be drained along the cold-storage side air passage.12-09-2010

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