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062 - Refrigeration

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062285000 Retainer or flow director for atmospheric condensate 109
062275000 By external heater 26
062277000 Means utilizing heat developed by refrigeration producer 13
062274000 With means to add moisture to cooled space 3
20090241579LIQUID TREATMENT APPARATUS, AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM, AND HUMIDIFIER - In a liquid treatment apparatus, a discharge electrode (10-01-2009
20090007582Air conditioning system - An air conditioning system for an inner space has an air conditioner configured for cooling and heating of air, a filter for filtering particles entrained in air supplied via the air conditioner into an inner space, a cooler air so as to dry the air located downstream, a humidifier for the air, and units for additional treatment located one after the other in a direction of air supply into the inner space.01-08-2009
20110232312FLEXIBLE WICK AS WATER DELIVERY SYSTEM - Certain embodiments of the presently described technology provide methods and systems for providing water for atomization in a refrigerator from a water source to an atomizer via a flexible wick. Certain embodiments provide a refrigerator for cooling and humidifying at least a portion of the refrigerator. The refrigerator includes a main supply fluid tank, a secondary reservoir supplied with fluid from the main supply fluid tank, an atomizer provided with fluid from the secondary reservoir, and a flexible wick for providing fluid transfer from the secondary reservoir to a location proximate to the atomizer. The secondary reservoir has a maximum, controlled height of fluid. The atomizer discharges the fluid provided form the secondary reservoir in an atomized spray to at least a portion of the refrigerator.09-29-2011
062281000 With porous or foraminous atmospheric condensate receiver 2
20110167858COLD APPLIANCE - A cold appliance, such as a refrigerator or a freezer, comprising a cabinet (07-14-2011
20100212346WICKING CONDENSATE EVAPORATOR FOR AN AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM - One embodiment of the present invention provides an air conditioning (AC) system that evaporates its own condensate. This AC system includes a condenser coil and an evaporator coil that produces condensate. The AC system also includes a wicking-evaporative device that is configured to wick and evaporate the condensate in the vicinity of the condenser coil.08-26-2010
062282000 Means contacting heat absorber with fluid strange to system 2
20110154845AIR CONDITIONER - An air conditioner includes a refrigerating cycle including a compressor (06-30-2011
20130111939METHOD AND DEVICE FOR DECREASING MOISTURE IN A GAS IN A HOUSING INTERIOR - A method and a device for decreasing moisture in a gas in a housing interior, in particular in a battery housing interior, include a gas having a lower proportion of water vapor than the gas in the housing interior. The gas having the lower proportion of water vapor is generated by a drying device and introduced into the housing interior. The method and the device further include a gas being discharged out of the housing interior such that the housing interior is at least partially filled with the gas having the lower proportion of water vapor.05-09-2013
20080256970More energy efficient cooling system by utilizing defrosting water - Utilizing condensing/defrosting water as additional coolant to cool the condenser coil makes cooling systems such as refrigerator, air conditioner, etc more energy efficient and reduces the possibility of condensing/defrosting water overflow from condensate collection pan. The compressed media flowing from bottom to top of the condenser coil makes more water evaporate. By introducing the working interval of cooling system makes the cooling system more energy efficient by optimally utilizing the low temperature condensing/defrosting water.10-23-2008
20100095697AIR CONDITIONER AND COATING COMPOSITION - Disclosed is an air conditioner coated by the coating composition to the resin-made components where due formation occurs upon the cooling operation, provides the antifouling performance against various stains, restrains enlargement of droplet, and provides an excellent long-term durability (sticking property and peeling off property) all at the same time. The air conditioner of the present embodiment forms a coating film 04-22-2010
20090188270Ultra-low temperature freezer, refrigeration system and vacuum apparatus - In an ultra-low temperature freezer (R) using refrigerant mixture in which plural kinds of refrigerants having different boiling points are mixed, in order to ensure the flow rate of liquid refrigerant into a supercooler (07-30-2009
20110126571COLD APPLIANCE - A cold appliance, such as a household refrigerator or freezer, comprising a cabinet (06-02-2011
20080245090Device for Generating Water by Condensation of Ambient Moisture - The invention relates to a device for generating water by condensation of the ambient moisture contained in the ambient air surrounding a thermally insulated sealed case housing a means for maintaining a low temperature. The invention also comprises a coil means which is divided into numerous segments, of which some pass through the interior of the sealed case and others extend externally around all sides thereof, such as to form a closed circuit with a receptacle containing an anti-freeze heat-transfer liquid. The invention further comprises a pulse pump which is disposed in the circuit, a cooler which cools the interior of the sealed case when the internal temperature rises and a turbine for driving air into the case. The assembly is enclosed in an external casing and is equipped with a tray for collecting the condensed water.10-09-2008
20090165485Hybrid dehumidification system for applications with high internally-generated moisture loads - A hybrid dehumidification system uses both mechanical cooling and ventilation to control humidity under control of a system which selects the best mode of operation under a given set of conditions. A purge mode using 100% outside air and exhaust is also supported to decontaminate a space. Either a single large plate heat exchanger or multiple small plate heat exchangers may be employed in the system.07-02-2009
20100199698REFRIGERATION DEVICE - A refrigeration device having an insulated interior in which at least one refrigerated component part, such as an evaporator, is located and wherein the surface of the component part has a tendency to ice up. According to an exemplary embodiment of the invention, the surface tending to ice up is provided with a coating comprising organic substances which restrict or limit the growth of ice crystals.08-12-2010
20110126569COLD APPLIANCE - A cold appliance comprising a cabinet (06-02-2011
20110126570COLD APPLIANCE - A cold appliance, such as a domestic refrigerator or freezer, comprising a cabinet (06-02-2011
20100275630Defrost Bypass Dehumidifier - A defrost bypass dehumidifier includes an air flow path with first, second and third segments in series from upstream to downstream and passing ambient air respectively to an evaporator coil then to a condenser coil and then discharging same. The air flow path has a bypass segment passing ambient air to the evaporator coil in parallel with the noted first air flow path segment.11-04-2010
20100101255REFRIGERATOR - By means of the front panel structure having the insulating layer according to the embodiment of the present invention, the phenomenon that frost is formed on a structure in a freezing chamber is preferably reduced even though outside air is introduced while opening/closing a freezing chamber door.04-29-2010
20090126387Duct mounted dehumidifier using parallel air flow - In one aspect, a dehumidifier is provided for installation in an air duct of an HVAC system. The air duct has air flowing therethrough controlled by a blower of the HVAC system. The dehumidifier includes an enclosure, which includes a compressor connected to an evaporator and a condenser. The evaporator has a first air flow rate for the air flowing therethrough. The condenser has a second air flow rate for the air flowing therethrough, wherein the second air flow rate is higher than the first air flow rate. In another aspect, the evaporator has a first air impingement surface area for the air flowing therethrough. The condenser has a second air impingement surface area for the air flowing therethrough, wherein the air impingement surface area is larger than the first air impingement surface area. Another aspect is drawn to a system wherein a dehumidifier is installed in an air duct.05-21-2009
20100205994REFRIGERATING APPARATUS - A refrigerating apparatus includes: a storage compartment, an air-circulating member, a refrigerating unit, and an electric field-generating unit. The storage compartment has an evaporator-side region and a cooling-side region. The air-circulating member is disposed to establish an air circulation path in which a to-be-cooled air flows from the cooling-side region to the evaporator-side region along an onward flow route, and in which a cooled air flows from the evaporator-side region back to the cooling-side region along a backward flow route. The refrigerating unit includes an evaporator disposed in the evaporator-side region, a compressor, and an expansion valve. The electric field-generating unit is disposed to impose a DC voltage over the onward flow route so as to minimize cohesion of water droplets in the evaporator-side region, thereby reducing phenomenon of frosting on the conduit body of the evaporator.08-19-2010
20110226000Water-sputtering Ring and Water-dispersing Fan Assembly for an Air Conditioner - A water-dispersing fan assembly for an air conditioner has a water-sputtering ring and a fan. The water-sputtering ring has an annular body and at least one set of multiple water-disturbing ribs formed on one or both of the annular outer surfaces. Each water-disturbing rib is curved and arranged substantially radially. The fan is connected coaxially to the water-sputtering ring and has a hub; multiple blades formed on and protrude radially from the hub and an annular bracket formed around the blades, arranged concentrically with the hub and connected to the water-sputtering ring so that the water-sputtering ring is mounted securely around the annular bracket. The water-dispersing fan assembly prevents condensed water of the air conditioner from dropping.09-22-2011
20130014533REFRIGERATORAANM CHOI; HojinAACI Changwon-siAACO KRAAGP CHOI; Hojin Changwon-si KRAANM KANG; SeokhoonAACI Jinju-siAACO KRAAGP KANG; Seokhoon Jinju-si KRAANM KIM; SeongjinAACI BusanAACO KRAAGP KIM; Seongjin Busan KRAANM KIM; YoungnamAACI Changwon-siAACO KRAAGP KIM; Youngnam Changwon-si KRAANM PARK; SanghuAACI SeoulAACO KRAAGP PARK; Sanghu Seoul KR - A refrigerator is provided. The refrigerator may include a refrigerator body having at least one storage compartment and an opening, and a main door for opening and closing the storage compartment, the main door also having an opening corresponding to a receiving compartment formed therein. A sub door may be provided to open and close the opening of the main door, and a gasket may be provided along an edge of a rear surface of the sub door to contact a front surface of the main door and seal an interior of the main door when the sub door is closed. A heat transfer member may extend from the inside of a side to the inside of a front surface of the main door.01-17-2013