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062259200 With electrical component cooling 64
062259300 With body applicator 29
062259400 With evaporative type cooler 16
062262000 Window connected or mounted 13
062260000 Geographic, e.g., subterranean feature 12
062263000 Vertical partition or wall mounting feature 6
20090193831AIR CONDITIONER - An air conditioner is provided. A heat exchange unit of the air conditioner may include a blower fan that generates air flow within a housing, and a first shroud that guides the air flow generated by the blower fan to an outside of the cabinet. A second shroud may be coupled to an upstream end of the first shroud. An outer peripheral surface of a transverse section of the second shroud may be curved so as to stabilize air flow generated by the blower fan.08-06-2009
20100058791Transport refrigeration system - Self-contained refrigeration units include evaporator modules, condenser modules, compressor modules, control subassemblies, and all other refrigeration components in compact interconnected modular packages. The modules, which are assembled in rigid or flexible self-contained monoblock refrigeration units, are installable, removable and replaceable as complete self-contained refrigeration units without requiring transport downtime for servicing and repairing of the refrigeration units. Vehicles with refrigeration systems arrive at a distributor and have malfunctioning units removed and complete units replaced and installed and are back on the road within minutes. Dealers' inventories are small and non complex and dealers' workers need not be skilled transport refrigeration mechanics. Dealer trucks have light cranes to remove and replace complete self-contained refrigeration units on site.03-11-2010
20100115979DISTRIBUTOR AND REFRIGERANT CIRCULATION SYSTEM COMPRISING THE SAME - The embodiment provides a distributor and refrigerant circulation system comprising the same. A distributor includes: an inlet flow passage on which liquid and gaseous refrigerants that flows in from the inlet pipe flows; a distribution flow passage that receives the liquid and gaseous refrigerants which flow in to the inlet flow passage and distributes the received liquid and gaseous refrigerants to the plurality of outlet pipes; and a distribution projection that evenly distributes the refrigerant to the outlet pipe through the distribution unit.05-13-2010
20100162743COMPOSITE DOORS FOR TRANSPORT REFRIGERATION UNIT - The front cover of a transport refrigeration unit includes a plurality of hinged access doors, with each door being formed of a pair of spaced thermoplastic olefin sheets with their edges being bonded along the entire periphery of the door to form a hollow space between the sheets without a need for foam. The edges are bonded by a thermoforming process which provides strength and rigidity to the door. Additional thermoforming bonds are made at locations other than the periphery to provide further strength and rigidity. A ribbing structure is formed in one of the sheets and extends around the periphery thereof. Further ribbing may extend transversely across the sheet in non-peripheral positions.07-01-2010
20100043473THERMAL STORAGE AIR CONDITIONER - Thermal storage air conditioner including an outdoor unit having an outdoor heat exchanger for making heat exchange, and at least one compressor for compressing refrigerant, an indoor unit having at least one indoor heat exchanger for making heat exchange, a thermal storage unit having a thermal storage tank for holding thermal storage substance therein, a thermal storage heat exchanger for receiving refrigerant from an outside of the thermal storage unit to heat exchange with the thermal storage substance in the thermal storage tank, and a securing member for securing the thermal storage heat exchanger so as to maintain the thermal storage heat exchanger submerged under the thermal storage substance in the thermal storage tank, and a functional unit for selective control of refrigerant flows among the outdoor unit, the indoor unit and the thermal storage unit according to an operation condition, thereby maintaining the thermal storage heat exchanger in the thermal storage tank securely, to prevent drop of heat exchange efficiency caused by movement of the thermal storage heat exchanger.02-25-2010
20100313589TUBULAR ELEMENT - A tubular element including a wall defining therein an inner cavity, and a plurality of microchannels supported by the wall and extending along a length of the wall.12-16-2010
20100319380OUTDOOR UNIT FOR AIR CONDITIONER - The present invention aims to prevent freezing of water droplets, etc. between a fan and a bell mouth. An outdoor unit for an air conditioner includes an eaves member that is placed above an air outlet formed by a bell mouth in close adherence with a front panel, and that protrudes toward a side of an outlet grille. Particularly, the eaves member is placed with a space from the outlet grille.12-23-2010
20090126383Device equipped with cooling mechanism - To prevent incorrect operation of an operating member provided in an electric component box without giving complicated processing on a front panel. An opening formed in the front portion of a housing (05-21-2009
20100095696BEVERAGE CONTAINER DRINKING SURFACE ENHANCEMENT - A thermally conductive polymeric drinking surface for a beverage container is provided. The thermally conductive polymeric drinking surface may be an insert for a bottle or other covering configured to be formed around the mouth of a drinking container, such as a cup. The high thermal conductivity of the drinking surface contributes to the transfer of the temperature of the contents of the container to the mouth or lips of the consumer by reducing the time and energy consumption of the chilling processes being applied via the beverage or an external cooling mechanism.04-22-2010
20090120119Method of Using Glass for Surface Cooling Process and a Cooling Surface - The invention relates to a cooling surface arrangement, which provides cooling in places where food should be cooled and kept cold by means of cooling pipes (05-14-2009
20090120118Dehumidifier - A dehumidifier is provided. The dehumidifier includes a cabinet defining an outer appearance of the dehumidifier, a barrier installed in the cabinet to collect condensed water, and a bucket assembly received in the barrier to store the condensed water, the bucket assembly being capable of pivoting frontward.05-14-2009
20090100850AIR CONDITIONING APPARATUS - A control device repeats first air volume control and second air volume control for a predetermined number of times irrespective of a control state at that time while forcedly driving an ion generator, when a bacteria elimination shower switch is turned on. In the first air volume control, a sirocco fan generates an air flow having a predetermined air volume. In the second air volume control, the sirocco fan generates an air flow having an air volume smaller than the predetermined air volume. Therefore, a bacteria elimination effect is enhanced in an air conditioning apparatus.04-23-2009
20090044554SHUT-OFF VALVE SUPPORT MEMBER AND OUTDOOR UNIT OF AIR CONDITIONER PROVIDED WITH THE SAME - In a plate shaped shut-off valve support member configured to support a shut-off valve to which a refrigerant pipe on an indoor unit side is connected, and configured to be extended across a first fixing portion and a second fixing portion of an outdoor unit, the operability of a service port of the shut-off valve is ensured and the strength of the shut-off valve support member is improved. A shut-off valve support member (02-19-2009
20090095008AIR CONDITIONING UNIT - An air conditioning unit has improved visual appeal in a non-operational state, and can reduce smudging of a ceiling in an air conditioned space by discharged air. The air conditioning unit is configured to be disposed above a space to be air-conditioned. The air conditioning unit includes a case, a first moveable panel, and a moveable panel actuating mechanism. The case has at least one discharge duct on a bottom face. The first moveable panel is configured to open and close the discharge duct. The moveable panel actuating mechanism moves the first moveable panels between a first position at which at least the outside section of the discharge duct is closed off, and a second position at which the outside section of the discharge duct is opened.04-16-2009
20090095007INDOOR UNIT OF AIR CONDITIONER, COVER MEMBER THEREOF, AND METHOD FOR EMBEDDING INDOOR UNIT IN WALL - The indoor unit comprises a body and a cover member. The body has a rear ledge. The rear ledge can be embedded in a wall. The cover member has a plurality of cover elements. The plurality of cover elements is aligned along the direction in which the rear ledge is embedded in a wall. The plurality of cover elements can be partitioned. The cover member covers at least part of the rear ledge.04-16-2009
20090056358AIR CONDITIONER AND HEAT SOURCE UNIT - An air conditioner is provided with a plurality of outdoor units, an indoor unit, a liquid refrigerant communication pipe and gas refrigerant communication pipe, and a controller. The outdoor unit has a compressor, an outdoor heat exchanger, and an accumulator. The indoor unit has an indoor expansion valve and an indoor heat exchanger. The controller starts another of the heat source units in a stopped state when it is determined that the amount of refrigerant is excessive in a heat source unit in an operating state, or performs refrigerant accumulation control for accumulating refrigerant in an accumulator in a heat source unit other than a first heat source unit in an operating state.03-05-2009
20090056357Air conditioner with service valve assembly - An air conditioner with a service valve assembly is disclosed wherein service valves are used for easy infusion and collection of refrigerant at the time of installation or detachment of separation-type multi-air conditioner mounted with a plurality of indoor units reducing the manufacturing costs and unit size. The air conditioner comprises: an outdoor unit including a compressor and heat exchanger; a plurality of indoor units including an expander and an indoor heat exchanger; a plurality of refrigerant input pipes; a first convergence piping for converging the refrigerant flowing in the plurality of refrigerant input pipes into the compressor; a second convergence piping for converging and introducing the refrigerant having passed the outdoor heat exchanger via the compressor into the plurality of indoor units; a plurality of refrigerant supply pipes; and first and second service valves for controlling fluid flow.03-05-2009
20090025413AIR CONDITIONER HAVING ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT BOX COOLING MECHANISM - In an air conditioner having an electrical equipment box mounted on the outer surface of a unit body in which an air blowing fan and an indoor heat exchanger are mounted, the electrical equipment box has an accommodating portion in which a control board is mounted, and a projecting portion that is connected to the accommodating portion so that the inside of the projecting portion intercommunicates with the inside of the accommodating portion and has an air inlet port and an air discharge port, and the unit body has an opening formed in the outer surface thereof through which the projecting portion of the electrical equipment box is inserted, the projecting portion being secured to the outer side surface of the unit body under the state that the projecting portion projects through the opening into an air flowing passage of the air blowing fan.01-29-2009
20090095006REFRIGERATION COMPARTMENT INCLUDING FREEZER SECTION - A walk-in cooler arranged in accordance with the invention includes a one or more refrigeration sections and a freezing compartment within the refrigeration section. The wall panels defining the freezing compartment are substantially thicker than the wall panels defining the refrigeration section. To accommodate the substantial change in panel thickness, panel conversion members are provided that couple panels having a substantial different in panel thickness, yet maintain a uniform exterior wall appearance. Ceiling conversion panels are also provided to enable a ceiling transition between the refrigeration section and the freezer compartment.04-16-2009
20090151381Refrigerator unit and/or freezer unit - The invention relates to a refrigerator unit and/or a freezer unit comprising an assembly carrier on which one or more components of the unit serving cold production are arranged, with the assembly carrier being made such that it can be received in different installation positions in the unit, preferably in the unit base.06-18-2009
20110296862PORTABLE REFRIGERATED RIG MAT - A portable refrigeration mat includes an evaporator mat. An evaporator is located in the evaporator mat. Located above the evaporator mat is an insulation mat which thermally insulates the evaporator mat from the surrounding environment. Located above the insulation mat is a load mat having a planar load carrying upper surface. The evaporator is fluidly interconnected with a condenser to provide a thermosyphon unit which is portable and can be moved from site to site.12-08-2011
20100170276Switch assembly and air conditioner having the same - Disclosed herein are a switch assembly and an air conditioner having the same. A switch and a circuit board of the switch assembly are detachably coupled to each other, thus resulting in enhanced maintenance and workability. The switch assembly includes a switch to sense an electrical signal of a human body, a conductive connector to provide the switch with an elastic force, and a circuit board adapted to receive the electrical signal through the connector so as to perform a control operation. The circuit board is detachably coupled with the switch.07-08-2010
20100170275COOLING STATION FOR RECEIVING A FRAME - In order to provide a device, which with a low outlay enables a product to be cooled to be conveyed to a place of use and cooled reliably and energy-efficiently at the place of use, a cooling station for receiving a frame that has receivers for a product to be cooled is proposed, wherein the cooling station comprises at least one fan for generating a circulating air flow through the frame and at least one cooler for cooling the circulating air flow and wherein the cooling station comprises a housing that surrounds a receiving space for receiving the frame on at least three sides.07-08-2010
20090314022Refrigerant flow divider - A refrigerant flow divider is made up of an inlet pipe 12-24-2009
20090188268Ceiling type air conditioner - There is provided a ceiling type air conditioner capable of controlling the operation of at least one of a moving unit for moving a brush assembly or a suctioning unit for suctioning foreign matters stored in the brush assembly based on the position of the brush assembly for collecting and storing the foreign matters filtered by a filter. Therefore, it is possible to properly control the movement of the brush assembly to effectively collect and store the foreign matters filtered by the filter. In addition, since a user does not have to exchange or clean the filter, it is possible to prevent inconvenience from being caused by exchanging or cleaning the filter and to prevent the filter from being contaminated.07-30-2009
20100107671INDOOR UNIT OF AIR CONDITIONER - An indoor unit (05-06-2010
20120186289SHIPPING AND INSTALLATION FOR HEATING, VENTILATION, AND AIR CONDITIONING (HVAC) - A zone-control unit adapted for facile inclusion in a building's ductwork includes a mechanical terminal unit, inlet and outlet piping assemblies that are mechanically coupled together. The structure also includes at least one handle so the zone-control unit may be conveniently and safely handled both during shipping, and during installation into a HVAC system. Prior to installation into a HVAC system the fully-functional zone-control unit also includes a pair of caps respectively sealing the ends of the piping assemblies, and a pressure gauge for sensing pressurization of the piping assemblies and coil which the caps seal. Sealed in this way a pressure gauge permits testing to assure that the piping assemblies and coil are leak free, and readily assessing that zone-control units remain leak free until they are about to be installed into a building's HVAC system.07-26-2012
20090151382TRANSMISSION SYSTEM FOR AIR CONDITIONER - A plurality of air conditioning units (06-18-2009
20090151379Electrical Component Box of Container Refrigeration System - A pair of reinforcing ribs (06-18-2009
20090151380REFRIGERATOR - Refrigerator for enabling putting in or taking out food to/from a basket (06-18-2009
20090145152Refrigerant piping unit and method of manufacturing pipe for the same - A refrigerant piping unit includes a pipe and a joint coupled to the pipe. The pipe includes a main section, an end section and a bent section between the main section and the end section. The end section includes a flange portion adjacent to the bent section and a thick end portion opposite to the bent portion with respect to the flange portion in an axial direction. The flange portion is expanded in a radially outward direction and is engaged with the joint. The thick end portion is expanded in the radially outward direction and has a thickness greater than a thickness of the main section. The thick end portion has a groove on its outer surface. The end section has a flat inner surface extending continuously from an inner surface of the bent section throughout inside of the flange portion and the thick end portion.06-11-2009
20090145151AIR CONDITIONER - An air conditioner including an outdoor unit, indoor units, and a relay device for connection between the outdoor unit and each of the indoor units. The outdoor unit includes an outdoor heat exchanger, a compressor for pressurizing a refrigerant of or including carbon dioxide, and a first switching member for switching flow direction of the refrigerant through the outdoor heat exchanger. Each of the indoor units includes an indoor heat exchanger and first flow controller in fluid communication between first and second pipe connection ports. The relay device includes second switching members, each of the second switching members selectively connecting the first pipe connection port of a respective indoor unit with the first or second connection end of the outdoor unit.06-11-2009
20100122544MICRO-CHANNEL HEAT EXCHANGER FOR CARBON DIOXIDE REFRIGERANT, FLUID DISTRIBUTER THEREOF AND METHOD OF FABRICATING HEAT EXCHANGER - A micro-channel heat exchanger module is respectively connected to a compressor and an expansion device. The micro-channel heat exchanger module includes a heat transfer tube module and a block. The block has a working fluid inlet channel, a working fluid outlet channel, a working fluid distribution chamber, a plurality of working fluid outlet openings, and a plurality of working fluid inlet openings. The working fluid inlet channel is connected to one of a compressor and an expansion device. The working fluid distribution chamber communicates with the working fluid inlet channel. The working fluid outlet openings communicate the working fluid distribution chamber with the heat transfer tube module. The working fluid inlet openings communicate the heat sink with the working fluid outlet channel. The working fluid outlet channel is connected to the other one of the compressor and the expansion device.05-20-2010
20110214445Pipe connection unit and air conditioner having the same - A pipe connection unit to connect a first pipe made of a first material and a second pipe made of a second material, and an air conditioner having the same. The pipe connection unit includes a first connection member fixed to the first pipe, a second connection member coupled with the first connection member, and a ferrule received in the second connection member so as to be closely fixed to the outer circumferential surface of the second pipe according to the coupling of the first connection member and the second connection member with each other, thereby simply connecting the first pipe and the second pipe through the coupling of the first connection member and the second connection member with each other.09-08-2011
20100083681REFRIGERATION UNIT WITH INTEGRATED STRUCTURAL CONDENSER COIL SUPPORT - A refrigeration unit for a shipping container exposed to end loads and rack loads. The refrigeration unit has a frame, a back panel, a plurality of structural support brackets secured to the back panel, a condenser cover secured to the plurality of structural support brackets so that the condenser cover, the plurality of structural support brackets, the frame, and the back panel form a structural member sufficient to support end loads and rack loads. The refrigeration unit also has a condenser coil having a first end and a second end, a first coil support member secured to one of the structural support brackets and secured around the first end, and a second coil support member secured to one of the structural support brackets and secured around the second end. The first and second coil support members maintain the condenser coil unstressed from the end loads and rack loads.04-08-2010
20090188269HIGH PRESSURE CONNECTION SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR THEIR MANUFACTURE - A high pressure connection and method for making a high pressure connection. The method includes applying a primer composition to one distal joint portion, applying an anaerobically curable composition to the other distal joint portion; sliding one distal joint portion into the other distal joint portion and curing the anaerobic composition to maintain the second distal joint portion within the first distal joint portion thereby forming the high pressure connection. The method does not use plastic deformation of the first or second distal joint portions after the step of sliding. The method is advantageously useful for making high pressure connections in gas compression or refrigeration systems.07-30-2009
20090139252Indoor unit of an air conditioner - An indoor unit of an air conditioner is capable of both enhancing the design thereof and preventing the reduction of the air blowing performance. The indoor unit of an air conditioner has a front grill and a design panel. The front grill is provided with an outlet. A front panel covers the outlet in the front view during shutdown, and moves so as to open the outlet during operation.06-04-2009
20130019626Cooling Unit And Work Piece Conveying Equipment Using It - An object is to provide a cooling unit which can reduce influence of radiation heat from a work piece having high temperature on members surrounding the work piece, prevent leak of coolant and vacuum leak, reduce cost, and prevent turning angle of a work piece conveying mechanism from being limited. The cooling unit is attached to the work piece conveying mechanism in the state that the outer wall part is in close contact with the to-be-cooled surface. The coolant stored in the lower space is evaporated by the heat transmitted from the to-be-cooled surface P via the outer wall part, and the to-be-cooled surface is cooled via the outer wall part by the heat of evaporation lost at the time of the evaporation of the coolant. The vapor in the lower space (coolant container) is discharged to the vacuum chamber by the vapor exhaust unit when the pressure of the vapor in the lower space reaches the fixed value or higher.01-24-2013
20080250806Air-Conditioner Unit and Method of Conveying the Same - A housing capable of being carried into an elevator cage and turned with ease even in the elevator cage having a narrow frontage is provided. A housing 10-16-2008
20080223062Air Conditioning Apparatus - An air conditioning apparatus is capable of being mounted on the ceiling of an air-conditioned room. The air conditioning apparatus includes a casing in which an intake port is formed in a bottom surface, a filter provided in the intake port, a cleaning mechanism for removing dust collected by the filter from the filter, and a dust box provided at the bottom of the casing to collect dust removed by the cleaning mechanism. A nozzle insertion hole through which a nozzle of a vacuum cleaner can be inserted is formed facing downward in the dust box.09-18-2008
20090133420Casing Structure for Refrigeration System and Sealing Method for Refrigeration System Casing05-28-2009
20090100851INDOOR UNIT OF AIR CONDITIONER - An indoor unit of a ceiling-embedded type or ceiling-suspended type air conditioner with an improved flexibility of the design of a bottom panel is provided. An indoor unit includes a bottom panel, an inlet disposed to the bottom panel, a movable panel that closes the inlet during non-operation, and a driving unit. The driving unit moves or rotates the movable panel. During operation, the movable panel moves or rotates and recedes above a bottom surface of the bottom panel.04-23-2009
20100139302Outdoor refrigerator - An outdoor refrigerator comprising a cabinet, a heat insulation board, a door panel and a condenser, wherein the heat insulation board is placed on the cabinet in order that a roasting stove is adapted to placing thereon without being damaged, a door panel is provided in front of the cabinet and is provided with a plurality of sealing strips, a condenser is provided in a receiving chamber on a rear side of the cabinet, and a fan is provided to increase effect of heat dissipation of the condenser. The present invention can overcome the problems of being subjected to damaging of the refrigerator used outdoors and the inferior heat dissipation of the refrigerator, and an object of convenient use can thus be attained.06-10-2010
20090133422AIR CONDITIONER - An air conditioner (05-28-2009
20090183522SELF-CONTAINED CLIMATE CONTROL SYSTEM - A self-contained climate control system includes a housing having an interior defined as the space between the top, base and walls of the housing. In the interior of the housing are a refrigeration circuit, a conditioned air path, an exhaust air path and an electronic control circuit. The conditioned air path and the exhaust air path are separated by a housing partition, and the electronic control circuit is separated from both the conditioned air path and the exhaust air path by at least one electronics partition.07-23-2009
20090139253REFRIGERATION APPARATUS - Disclosed is a refrigeration apparatus capable of minimizing the pressure loss of a refrigerant circulated through an internal heat exchanger and capable of improving a cooling capability. A refrigeration apparatus in which a compressor, a radiator, an electronic expansion valve and an evaporator are successively annularly connected to one another to constitute a refrigerant circuit includes a refrigerator unit provided with the compressor and the radiator, and a cooling unit provided with the electronic expansion valve and the evaporator, the refrigerator unit is connected to one or a plurality of cooling units via a communication pipe to constitute the refrigerant cycle, an internal heat exchanger which performs heat exchange between a refrigerant discharged from the radiator and a refrigerant discharged from the evaporator is constituted of a double tube, and the internal heat exchanger is provided in the cooling unit.06-04-2009
20110219804AIR CONDITIONING DEVICE - An air conditioning device is provided. The air conditioning device includes a distribution device that distributes refrigerant from an outdoor unit to a plurality of indoor units, and that receives refrigerant from the plurality of indoor units and supplies the received refrigerant to the outdoor unit. The distribution device may reduce the length of pipes used to connect the plurality of indoor units and the outdoor unit and facilitate installation of the outdoor unit.09-15-2011
20090199583Indoor unit of air conditioner - Disclosed is an indoor unit of an air conditioner, in which discharge units respectively provided on upper and lower portions of the indoor unit have an improved discharge structure such that the discharge units are interchangeable, to increase cooling efficiency regardless of installation position of the indoor unit. The indoor unit includes a cabinet; a first discharge unit being detachably provided on the cabinet and configured to discharge air in a forward direction; and a second discharge unit separated from the first discharge unit, being detachably provided on the cabinet and configured to discharge air in the oblique direction, the first discharge unit and the second discharge unit being interchangeable according to a height of a position at which the cabinet is installed. The indoor unit of the air conditioner sets the optimum direction of discharged air, thus increasing the cooling efficiency of an indoor space.08-13-2009
20090019874Air Conditioner For Communication Equipment And Controlling Method Thereof - An air conditioner for communication equipment according to the present invention comprises an indoor module located inside a base station, and having a storage tank in which cooling water is stored, a pair of circulation pumps which are installed in parallel on a cooling water pipe extending from an outlet of the storage tank, an indoor heat exchanger which is installed on the cooling water pipe extending from outlets of the circulation pumps, and an indoor blower which is positioned adjacent to the indoor heat exchanger; and an outdoor module located outside the base station, and having an outdoor heat exchanger which is installed on the cooling water pipe extending from an outlet of the indoor heat exchanger, an outdoor blower which is positioned adjacent to the outdoor heat exchanger, and a pair of cooling units which are installed in series on the cooling water pipe extending from an outlet of the outdoor heat exchanger.01-22-2009
20090107161Air conditioner - Provided is an air conditioner. The air conditioner includes an outdoor unit and an indoor unit, a plurality of refrigerant tubes guiding refrigerant to flow into the outdoor unit and the indoor unit, and a refrigerant tube support inside the outdoor unit, the refrigerant tube supporting the plurality of refrigerant tubes, wherein the refrigerant tube support has a height difference such that the plurality of refrigerant tubes are separately supported at different positions.04-30-2009
20090205352Air conditioner and control box assembly - Disclosed is an air conditioner having a control box assembly, which enhances the serviceability of a circuit board and reduces production costs. In the air conditioner, which has a casing unit forming an external appearance of the air conditioner, a heat exchanger, a blowing device, and a control box assembly provided in the casing, the control box assembly includes a mounting unit mounting a circuit board; a control box housing the circuit board and the mounting unit; and guide units provided in the control box to guide a rectilinear reciprocating motion of the mounting unit to allow the mounting unit to come into and out of the control box and guide a rotating motion of the mounting unit in the case that the mounting unit is located at a designated position.08-20-2009
20090211288COMBINATION MICROCHANNEL CONDENSER AND RADIATOR MOUNTING ARRANGEMENT - A transport refrigeration system includes a single frame for containing both a refrigeration condenser coil and an engine coolant radiator arranged in serial airflow relationship within a framework. Either one or the other may be removed and replaced without replacing the other.08-27-2009
20090211286DUAL CONDENSER FANS WITH CENTER PARTITION - A transport refrigeration system having a structural framework supporting a refrigeration unit including a condenser heat exchanger supported in an upper region of the framework and an engine and an electric generator powered by the engine supported by the framework in an engine compartment in a lower region of the framework, includes a pair of vertically disposed condenser fan/motor assemblies disposed aft of the condenser heat exchanger in side-by-side relationship and above the engine compartment; and a flow partition extending vertically between the pair of condenser fan/motor assemblies.08-27-2009
20090211283Heat storage air conditioner - The present invention relates to a heat storage air conditioner. The heat storage air conditioner includes an outdoor unit having an outdoor heat exchanger for making heat exchange, and at least one compressor for compressing refrigerant, an indoor unit having at least one indoor heat exchanger for making heat exchange, a thermal storage unit for storing energy, the thermal storage unit having a thermal storage heat exchanger for making heat exchange, and at least one functional unit for selective control of a refrigerant flow among the outdoor unit, the indoor unit and the thermal storage unit according to an operation condition.08-27-2009
20090211284AIR CONDITIONER - An air conditioner is installable in a ceiling of an air-conditioned room and is disposed with a casing in whose top surface is formed a suction opening and in whose bottom surface are formed blowout openings, and in which is formed an air flow path that leads from the suction opening to the blowout openings, a blow fan that is disposed in the air flow path, and a heat exchanger that is disposed in the air flow path.08-27-2009
20090260382ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT ASSEMBLY, AND OUTDOOR UNIT OF AIR CONDITIONER AND AIR CONDITIONER PROVIDED WITH THE SAME - An electric equipment assembly has a frame with various electric components attached to the frame. The electric components include a control circuit board mounted with operating control elements and an inverter control element. Preferably the electric equipment assembly is disposed in outdoor units of an air conditioner. Each outdoor unit includes a structure in which the inside of a casing has a generally rectangular parallelepiped box shape divided into a fan chamber and a machine chamber by a partition plate extending vertically. The frame is provided such that a substrate surface of the control circuit board is positioned along a partition plate and is also inclined to a front side of the unit casing, with the frame provided in a unit casing so that an increase in airflow resistance in a fan chamber is prevented and the on-site workability is ensured at the same time.10-22-2009
20090241575COOLING MEMBER - A cooling member for a variable speed drive. The variable speed drive has a component that generates heat during operation of the drive and a base. The base has a surface that receives the component, a channel formed in the surface of the base and a passageway formed in the base and receiving fluid therethrough. Fluid flowing through the passageway provides cooling to the component and the base is manufactured from an injection molding process.10-01-2009
20090241576Interior Panel of Air Conditioner and Air Conditioner - In order to give a simple appearance design to an interior panel (10-01-2009
20090126384FRONT COVER FOR TRANSPORT REFRIGERATION UNIT - A transport refrigeration unit has a front cover that includes a grille supported by and attached to a surround assembly by means of latch members.05-21-2009
20100147001REFRIGERATOR HAVING HEAT CONDUCTION SHEET - A refrigerator having one or more heat conduction sheets is provided. The refrigerator may include main body having a cooling chamber formed therein, and a door that opens and closes the cooling chamber. One or more heat conduction sheets may be disposed on the main body, the door, or a combination of various portions thereof so as to substantially eliminate an occurrence of a temperature variation on a corresponding planar surface and reduce an insulation thickness.06-17-2010
20100154453LINE SET BOX FOR PROTECTING REFRIGERANT LINES AND METHOD OF USE THEREOF - A line set box, and a method of use thereof, comprising a generally rigid conduit box panel having a removable front cover, wherein the box panel has knockouts and insertable sealing grommets enabling sealed passage of conduits from inside a structure to outside the structure. Thus, the conduit box functions to house and protect end portions of refrigerant lines, drain lines, and/or control lines of an air-conditioning system during construction of a building until the refrigerant lines and the control lines are connected to a compressor of the air-conditioning system located outside the building.06-24-2010
20090077989OUTDOOR UNIT AND AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM USING THE SAME - An air conditioning system including a first communication line, a second communication line, and at least one common power supply line coupling an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The indoor unit including at least one of a first communication circuit and a second communication circuit, the first communication circuit configured to communicate through the first and second communication lines independent of the at least one power supply line, and the second communication circuit configured to communicate through the at least one power supply line and one of the first and the second communication lines. The outdoor unit including a third communication circuit with a plurality of communication terminals coupled to the indoor unit and configured to communicate with at least one of the first and second communication circuits, and a switch configured to connect one of the plurality of communication terminals of the third communication circuit to the at least one power supply line in a state where the third communication circuit is connected to the second communication circuit and configured to open a connection between the communication terminal of the third communication circuit and the at least one power supply line in a state where the third communication circuit is connected to the first communication circuit.03-26-2009
20090077988OUTDOOR UNIT OF AIR CONDITIONER - To improve operation efficiency and safety at the time of trial run after installation and inspection, an outdoor unit includes a casing, a box provided within the casing, a main control board which is disposed along a perpendicular direction within the casing and at least on a forward side and a deep side such that they overlap each other, a fan motor driving board and a noise filter board, wherein the main control board is provided to be rotatable to the forward side with its bottom side as a fulcrum point.03-26-2009
20090077987Air conditioner - In an air conditioner of a ceiling-installed type provided with a casing (03-26-2009
20090077991OUTDOOR UNIT AND AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM USING THE SAME - An air conditioning system comprising: an indoor and an outdoor unit connected through common power supply lines The indoor unit comprising a first communications circuit in communication with the outdoor unit through first and second communication lines independent of the supply lines; and a second communication circuit that communicates through one of the supply lines and a third communication line. The outdoor unit comprising a third communication circuit in communication with one of the first and second communication circuits; a switch that connects or disconnects a communication terminal with one of the common power supply lines based on a connection status between the third communication circuit and the first and second communication circuits; and a judging circuit that controls the connection and disconnection, and judges, based on the presence of an acknowledge signal, whether the first and the second communication circuit is connected to the outdoor unit.03-26-2009
20100242515EXTERNAL DECORATIVE MEMBER FOR REFRIGERATOR AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - The present invention relates to an external decorative member that can defines an exterior appearance of a refrigerator, considering various kinds of patterns and consumers demands for independent exterior beauty. An external decorative member for a refrigerator, which is attached to a front surface of an outer case defining an exterior of the refrigerator, having a glass member (09-30-2010
20100218531GRILLE SURROUND ASSEMBLY FOR TRANSPORT REFRIGERATION UNIT - A transport refrigeration unit having a front grille supported by a frame and being composed of a rigid material that is subject to cracking because of vibrations being transmitted from the frame, there is provided a relatively flexible support structure surrounding the grille and supporting it in the manner which allows for the damping of vibrations so as to prevent them from reaching the grille. The flexible material is preferably a thermoplastic olefin. The manner in which the supporting structure is attached to the frame and in which the grille is attached to the supporting structure also described.09-02-2010
20100199697AIR CONDITIONER AND EXTENSION NOZZLE OF CLEANER USED FOR THE SAME - Dust collection structure for collecting the dust removed from an air filter of an indoor unit has been devised to reduce user's labor in collecting the dust as much as possible. An indoor unit includes, in a casing, an indoor heat exchanger, an indoor fan for sucking air from inside of a room, and blowing the air to the inside of the room, and an air filter arranged on an inlet side of the indoor fan. The dust trapped on the air filter is removed by the dust removing means, and is contained in the dust containing part. A nozzle connector for arranging a nozzle of a cleaner at a predetermined position where suction of the contained dust is allowed is provided at a downstream outlet of a dust collection path as a transfer path for transferring the dust in collecting the contained dust.08-12-2010
20080302120Indoor Unit of Air Conditioner - An indoor unit of an air conditioner is provided. The indoor unit includes a cabinet, a heat exchanger, and at least one ventilation unit. The cabinet includes a plurality of discharge ports formed on different surfaces thereof. The heat exchanger is installed in one side of the cabinet. The ventilation unit is installed inside the cabinet and includes a discharge port selectively communicating with one of the plurality of discharge ports of the cabinet.12-11-2008
20090211285Condensing Unit - A condensing unit is provided and may include a support base having a first retention feature and a second retention feature and a shroud having a first locking feature receiving one of the first retention feature and the second retention feature to automatically attach the shroud to the support base when the shroud is moved a first predetermined distance relative to the support base. A heat exchanger may include at least one second locking feature receiving the other of the first locking feature and the second locking feature to automatically attach the heat exchanger to the support base when the heat exchanger is moved a second predetermined distance relative to the support base.08-27-2009
20080307816Outdoor Unit of Air Conditioner - Fixed part 12-18-2008
20090113915AIR CONDITIONER - Provided is an air conditioner. According to the air conditioner, an installation structure of an indoor heat exchanger installed inside the air conditioner is improved, so that the air conditioner become slim and an installation space for additional devices such as a filter can be secured. According to the air conditioner, the indoor heat exchanger divides a passage of air introduced into a main unit into an upper passage and a lower passage, so that interference between the upper and lower passages can be minimized, and thus operation efficiency of the air conditioner can improve. Also, a space of a predetermined size is formed between the indoor heat exchanger and air intake holes to receive a predetermined device such as a filter and a negative ion generator that can give a separate function to the air conditioner.05-07-2009
20100218532Luggage Refrigerator - A luggage refrigerator apparatus comprises a storage cabinet for transporting personal belongings and a means for refrigeration. After a traveler reaches his or her destination and unpacks personal belongings from the luggage, he or she may use the luggage to store and refrigerate groceries.09-02-2010
20100293980REFRIGERANT DISTRIBUTOR - A conical-shaped distributing member 11-25-2010
20100300133CONTAINER WITH AIR GUIDE - In a container 12-02-2010
20100300132FIBRE ASSEMBLIES AND USE THEREOF IN VACUUM INSULATION SYSTEMS - The present invention relates to a fibre assembly comprising high-performance polymeric fibres and bonding fibres, the fibre assembly comprising at least 70% by weight of high-performance polymeric fibres and at most 30% by weight of bonding fibres, the fibre assembly having a layered arrangement of the fibres and at least some of the fibres being bonded together by points of contact obtainable by softening of the bonding fibres. The present invention further describes an insulation system comprising a fibre assembly of the invention.12-02-2010
20100300134REFRIGERANT DISTRIBUTION DEVICE FOR REFRIGERATION SYSTEM - The invention provides a refrigerant distribution device for refrigeration system which is capable of improving heat exchange efficiency, comprising: an entering duct, a bottom cover plate, a core, a hollow cylinder, an upper cover plate and multi-branch ducts. The core is disposed in the space formed by the bottom cover plate, the cylinder and the upper cover plate, wherein a plurality of openings are distributed on the core. The refrigerant distribution device according to the invention is capable of realizing uniform distribution and allocation of refrigerant in refrigeration system, and improving heat exchange efficiency of the refrigeration system.12-02-2010
20110126567FIXING STRUCTURE FOR INDOOR/OUTDOOR COMMUNICATION LINE OF AIR CONDITIONER - In a multi-unit type air conditioner in which a plurality of indoor units are connected to one outdoor unit 06-02-2011
20100180617POSITIVE SHUTOFF DEVICE FOR A CONNECTION POINT OF A REFRIGERATION SYSTEM - A positive shutoff device is provided for a connection point of a refrigeration system. The connection point includes a manually-actuatable valve that permits charging and testing of the system. The device includes a first fitting engagable with the connection point and having a raised actuator that actuates the manually-actuatable valve when the first fitting engages the connection point, and a shutoff valve having a first end coupled to the first fitting and a second end coupled to a second fitting, the shutoff valve is operable in a closed position to prevent flow therethrough and an open position to permit flow therethrough, so that the refrigeration system may be charged or tested by connecting equipment to the second fitting and opening the shutoff valve, and the connection point may be positively shut off to prevent leakage of refrigerant through the connection point by closing the shutoff valve.07-22-2010
20100218533AIR CONDITIONER - To increase a heat exchange capacity of an indoor heat exchanger without increasing a pressure loss inside tubes of an outdoor heat exchanger.09-02-2010
20110239678Flare nut and refrigerant pipe set, air conditioner, and freezer including the same - A flare nut includes a nut main body having a outer surface and a circular cylinder portion provided so as to extend from the nut main body to one opening end of an insertion hole along the insertion hole in a circular cylindrical shape having a major diameter smaller than the nut main body.10-06-2011
20090038325Outdoor Unit of Air Conditioner and Its Control Method - An outdoor unit includes an outdoor unit control circuit, an inverter substrate and a compressor. Periodic communication showing the operating condition of the inverter substrate is set from the inverter substrate to the outdoor unit control circuit. Thus, when the communication is performed-normally, the drive of the compressor is changed to a power saving process according to the necessity of the power consumption and the operating condition of the inverter substrate. When the communication is defective, the power-on reset is done to the inverter substrate.02-12-2009
20100071395Portable Cooler - A portable cooler has a thermally isolating outer shell defining an internal compartment for holding contents to be kept cool, such as, for example, food, drinks and temperature-sensitive medicine. The portable cooler has a door connected to the outer shell for providing unrestricted access to the internal compartment. The portable cooler may have a shelf for holding a cold gel pack to help keep the contents cool. The cooler may also have a plurality of dividers (that are optionally reconfigurable) for defining variously sized storage spaces for the contents. The cooler may have an aesthetically pleasing curved outer shell and an adjustable shoulder strap so that the cooler can be carried on a person's shoulder. Because the cooler is easy and comfortable to carry and because its large swing-open door provides full and quick access to its contents, this cooler is more ergonomic and aesthetic than traditional designs.03-25-2010
20100058790ROTARY TYPE ULTRALOW TEMPERATURE REFRIGERANT SUPPLY APPARATUS - The rotary type ultralow temperature refrigerant supply apparatus includes a refrigerant introduction pipe coupled to the super conductive rotor for supplying a liquid-phase ultralow temperature refrigerant cooled by the refrigeration system to the evaporator, a refrigerant withdrawal pipe disposed spaced apart from the refrigerant introduction pipe for withdrawing a gas-phase ultralow temperature refrigerant obtained through the evaporation of the liquid-phase refrigerant by the evaporator and guiding the withdrawn gas-phase ultralow temperature refrigerant to the refrigeration system, and a vacuum housing fixedly disposed outside the refrigerant introduction pipe and the refrigerant withdrawal pipe, the vacuum housing having a vacuum heat insulation space defined inside.03-11-2010
20100064713BRACKET FOR THERMAL EXPANSION VALVE BULB - A single bracket serves to both attach a TXV bulb to an outer surface of an outlet header and to place a securely hold the distribution assembly in a fixed position with respect to the TXV bulb. A pair of clam shell clamping members on opposite ends of a central member are put in position and clamped to hold the TXV bulb tightly in place against the outlet header and to clamp around the equalizer of the distributor assembly, thereby resulting in a rigid interconnection which maintains the desired positions for each of the components.03-18-2010
20090007580Air Conditioning System - A mounting bracket (01-08-2009
20090183521AIR CONDITIONER - There are provided a first guide channel 07-23-2009
20090126382Electronic Indoor Air Quality Board For Air Conditoner Controller - An air conditioning system to improve indoor air quality (“IAQ”) comprises an air conditioner to receive indoor air from an indoor space and to heat or cool the air, the air conditioner to then return conditioned air to the indoor space. An IAQ option board (“IOB”), electrically coupled to the air conditioner control board, is configured to accept electrical inputs from at least one IAQ sensor. A fresh air damper is electrically connected to the IOB, the IOB controlling the position of the fresh air damper valve. An air purifier is situated such that air from the indoor space passes through the purifier. The operation of state of operation of the purifier is based at least in part on the input from at least one IAQ sensor to improve the IAQ of the indoor space.05-21-2009
20110174007SUSPENSION BRACKET - Provided, in aspect, is a suspension bracket for use with an HVAC component. The suspension bracket, in one embodiment, may include a base portion, a first tab portion coupled to the base portion, wherein the first tab portion is positioned substantially perpendicular to the base portion, and a second tab portion coupled to the base portion. The second tab portion, in this embodiment, may include a first region and a second region, wherein the first region is positioned substantially perpendicular to the base portion, and further wherein the second region is positioned substantially perpendicular to the base portion and the first region.07-21-2011
20090049855BRANCHING REFRIGERANT RELAY UNIT AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A branching unit has a refrigerant pipe that is branched into a plurality of branching refrigerant pipes, and includes an insulation material resin casing and an expanded insulation material casing. The insulation material resin casing encloses branching portion while assuring an insulation space between the insulation material resin casing and the branching portion. The expanded insulation material casing is disposed on the external periphery of the insulation material resin casing.02-26-2009
20110005256AC Cooler Device - An AC cooler device for cooling an input line of an air conditioner may include a top section and a bottom section being detachably connected to the top section. The top section and the bottom section may be connected to form a passageway for the input line of the air conditioner, and the bottom section may include a input source to input a fluid to cool the input line. The top section may include a drain to drain the fluid and the bottom section may include bottom connection flanges to connect to the top section. The top section may include top connection flanges to connect to the bottom section.01-13-2011
20110132016EQUIPMENT COOLING - Convection cooling channels are provided by means of an at least partially enclosed open cell metal foam structure for removing heat from equipment. In particular, an electronic equipment box is provided having walls comprising sections of open cell aluminium foam, clad with aluminium, through which air or other types of coolant may pass to remove heat from heat-generating components mounted thereon. Other types of equipment, such as electric motors, may be surrounded by customised sections of open cell metal foam, appropriately clad, through which a coolant may be channeled. The foam cell size may be adjusted according to desired coolant flow rate and weight considerations.06-09-2011
20100115980CONNECTION PIPE AND REFRIGERANT FLOWING SYSTEM COMPRISING THE SAME - The embodiment provides a connection pipe and a refrigerant flowing system comprising the same. The connection pipe and the refrigerant flowing system include: a connection pipe main body of which both ends are coupled to first and second refrigerant pipes through which refrigerant is flowed and that has a channel through which refrigerant transferred from the first refrigerant pipe to be transferred to the second refrigerant pipe is flowed; and a flow interfering part that is provided on the channel to interfere the flow of the refrigerant in the direction transferred from the first refrigerant pipe to the channel.05-13-2010
20100031684Circulating Air Refrigerating Appliance and Assembly Method Therefor - A circulating air refrigerating appliance surrounds at least one storage region and an evaporation chamber containing an evaporator. The evaporator engages with projections extending from an inner wall of the housing defining the evaporation chamber. A separating wall between the storage region and the evaporation chamber is mounted adjacently to the evaporator in the housing.02-11-2010
20100024459Cover for a Wall-Mounted Packaged Terminal Air Conditioning (PTAC) Unit - Embodiments of the present invention provide a cover for a Packaged Terminal Air Conditioning (PTAC) unit. Embodiments of the cover include a gasket on an interior portion of the cover sealing against a portion of the PTAC unit to prevent air recirculation. Other embodiments of the cover include a screen configured to capture large debris. Other embodiments of the cover include solid wood panels with stain and lacquer on both sides of the panels.02-04-2010
20090260383Air conditioner condenser platform - An air conditioner condenser platform is described for supporting an air conditioner condenser installed on a roof. The platform provides a fixed base and an adjustable platform whereby the fixed base is installed on the roof and the adjustable platform is configured to provide a level platform on which to install the condenser. It provides a durable metal weather resistant platform on which to install the condenser, and a standard platform that may be quickly installed in a variety of roof slopes and configurations.10-22-2009
20090145153Air conditioner cover - An aesthetically pleasing decorative air conditioner cover and a method for associating the air conditioner unit cover with an air conditioner unit is provided, wherein the air conditioner cover includes a front cover panel configured to associate with an end portion of an air conditioning unit, wherein the air conditioning unit is at least partially disposed external to a structure. The air conditioner cover further includes a top cover panel configured to associate with a top portion of the air conditioning unit, a bottom cover panel configured to associate with a bottom portion of the air conditioning unit and a plurality of side cover panels, wherein each of the plurality of side cover panels are configured to associate with at least one side of the air conditioning unit.06-11-2009
20090173096Methodology for converting existing packaged rooftop air conditioning units to be served from a centralized water cooled refrigeration and/or heat pump system - The present invention includes the equipment and processes necessary to convert packaged air-cooled rooftop HVAC units so that they may be served off of a centralized, water-cooled, refrigeration system thereby increasing the energy efficiency and reliability of the HVAC units, and potentially reduce maintenance costs for facilities with multiple packaged air-cooled rooftop HVAC units.07-09-2009
20090077990INDOOR UNIT AND AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM USING THE SAME - An air conditioning system comprising an outdoor and an indoor unit connected through common power supply lines. The outdoor unit including a first communication circuit using one of the plurality of common power supply lines and one signal line independent of the power supply lines. The indoor unit comprising terminals connected to the first communication circuit; a switch configured to set the first and second communication circuits to a connection state or a disconnection state; a detection circuit configured to detect a voltage between the terminals; and a controller configured to control the switch. The switch sets the first and second communication circuits to the disconnection state when the voltage detected by the detection circuit equals or exceeds a predetermined threshold value; otherwise the switch sets the first and second communication circuits to the connection state.03-26-2009
20090277205OUTDOOR UNIT OF AIR CONDITIONER - An outdoor unit is provided that is capable of reducing pressure loss due to the presence of a fan guard and improving the performance of an air conditioner. The outdoor unit includes an outdoor fan, an air discharge port, and a fan guard. The fan guard covers the air discharge port, and has a spaced away portion that is at least 100 mm away from the outdoor fan. In addition, the spaced away portion has a first opening whose minimum width is at least 15 mm.11-12-2009
20120000230REFRIGERANT DISTRIBUTION UNIT FOR AIR CONDITIONER - A refrigerant distribution unit for an air conditioner, includes: a pipe unit for distributing a refrigerant from a refrigerant pipe on an outdoor unit to branch refrigerant pipes on indoor units; and a main body including: upper and lower seal case which include first edge portions around the upper seal case and second edge portions around the lower seal case, and engage the second edge portions with the first edge portions for sealing an inside of the first and second seal cases to store the pipe unit; upper and lower insulator cases for covering the upper and lower seal cases; and upper and lower case constituting a contour of the refrigerant distribution unit. The pipe unit is fixed to a pipe mounting portion of the upper seal case using a pipe holder and a pipe hanging bracket.01-05-2012
20120006043IMPELLER MOUNTING STRUCTURE OF AIR CONDITIONING DEVICE - An impeller mounting structure of air conditioning device is provided, including an electric machine arranged between a condenser and an evaporator and a condenser impeller and an evaporator impeller. The electric machine is mounted to an air duct casing of the condenser. The condenser impeller and the evaporator impeller are mounted to a shaft of the electric machine at the same side of the electric machine. A central air duct casing is arranged between the condenser impeller and the evaporator impeller. The evaporator impeller is mounted inside the evaporator air duct casing. The condenser impeller and the evaporator impeller are provided with mated self-locking structures. The mounting structure provides the efficacies that the impeller mounting structure of air conditioning device makes the manufacturing and assembling simplified, the size of a movable air conditioning device reduced, balance of electric machine in operation enhanced, and the number of parts assembled reduced.01-12-2012
20120055186OUTDOOR UNIT FOR AIR CONDITIONER - An outdoor unit for an air conditioner according to an exemplary embodiment of the disclosure, comprising: a case forming shape and having a suction port suctioning outside air and a discharge port discharging the suctioned air; a heat exchanger accommodated inside the case; a fan that is accommodated inside the case and forcibly circulate air; and a louver assembly revolvably mounted in the case so as to selectively open and close the discharge port.03-08-2012
20090211287MODULAR CONDENSER FAN ASSEMBLY - A modular condenser fan/motor assembly for use in a transport refrigeration system includes a support frame, a fan shroud panel, a fan/motor assembly and a support bracket. A fan and motor assembly for use in a transport refrigeration unit includes a fan impeller disposed about an inside/out motor, whereby the fan impeller rotates with at least a portion of an outer casing of the motor.08-27-2009
20100031685Convection Barrier - Embodiments of the present invention include a convection barrier for a freezer which may comprise a plurality of individual flaps arranged one above the other in a manner such as to be capable of forming a closed curtain of individual flaps, with each individual flap extending over a predetermined width corresponding at least to the width of the interior of the freezer and being pivotable between a closed position and an open position so as to allow access to the interior of the freezer when the flap is in the open position. Embodiments may also include actuation means attached to the individual flaps for allowing an actuator to engage the actuation means of an individual flap so as to pivot the said flap between the closed position and the open position.02-11-2010
20090056356Modular Arrangement of Functional Units for Household Appliances and Household Appliances Comprising a Modular Arrangement of the Functional Units - An arrangement of functional units for one of the following household appliances: refrigerator or freezer, electric cooker, dishwasher, and washing machine. Said household appliance comprises a device body and the arrangement comprises at least three of the following functional units: at least one ventilator, at least one condenser, at least one electronic system, at least one valve, at least one transformer, and an evaporator. The at least three functional units are arranged together on a support and can be functionally, in particular, electrically and/or fludically connected to the device body as a module. The invention also relates to a household appliance comprising the inventive modular arrangement, whereby the arrangement and the device body are functionally, in particular, electrically and/or fluidically connected together. The invention is characterised in that mounting, maintenance and/or repairs of the household appliances are significantly simplified.03-05-2009
20110088422Air Conditioner - An air conditioner is provided. The air conditioner includes: an indoor device installed at indoor; an outdoor device connected to the indoor device using a refrigerant pipe; a ventilation unit for exchanging heat of outdoor air and indoor air while ventilating indoor air and outdoor air; and a guidance duct for communicating the ventilation unit and an air inhalation portion of the outdoor device in order to guide indoor air exhausted from the ventilation unit to an air inhalation portion faulted in the outdoor device. Therefore, the number of ventilation holes to form in an outer wall of a building can be minimized, a construction cost can be reduced, and performance of the air conditioner can be improved.04-21-2011
20100077782HEAT EXCHANGER ASSEMBLY - A heat exchanger assembly for a refrigerator is provided and includes a pipe line that extends on a thermally conductive substrate and is divided by a throttle point into an evaporator and a condenser.04-01-2010
20100326113TUBULAR CONDUIT - The tubular conduit system of this invention allows modules requiring utilities to be positioned at any desired location within a cabinet, such as a refrigerator. The conduit is mounted to the cabinet of a refrigerator/freezer or the doors thereof and includes at least one electrical conductor positioned between the outer and inner walls and at least one fluid conduit within the inner wall. The conduit can be made of joined sections using connectors to also couple a module to the conduit such that modules can be installed at consumer selected locations prior to delivery of the refrigerator/freezer to the consumer.12-30-2010
20100326112IN-DOOR FLUID DRAINAGE SYSTEM FOR A REFRIGERATOR - An in-door fluid drainage system for a refrigerator is disclosed. The drain fluid transfer system is described as extending from the door of a refrigerator to the lower compartment for transfer of drain fluid from the door to a drain fluid removal system. Also described is a drain fluid transfer system which comprises one or both of a transfer tube at least partially enclosed in a hinge assembly, and a valve assembly positioned at the lower portion of the door.12-30-2010
20100229584COVER ASSEMBLY FOR AIR CONDITIONER OPENING - An apparatus is provided including first and second base members having upper and lower flanges, and a cover. The second based member is configured to be adjustably attached to the first base member to define an opening. The cover is configured to be attached to the first base member and/or the second base member to cover the opening. The upper and lower flanges of the first base member are configured to receive a first edge of a hole of an air conditioner plenum and the upper and lower flanges of the second base member are configured to receive a second edge of the hole of the air conditioner plenum.09-16-2010
20090178424Air conditioner - In an air conditioner including a plurality of outdoor units, a first outdoor unit includes: a converter that receives commercial AC power and converts the received commercial AC power into DC power; and at least one first outdoor fan inverter that converts the DC power into AC power to drive a motor for at least one first outdoor fan, and a second outdoor unit includes: at least one second outdoor fan inverter that receives the DC power which has been converted by the converter and converts the received DC power into AC power to drive a motor for at least one second outdoor fan.07-16-2009
20090241577Chiller unit, refrigeration system having chiller unit and air conditioner having chiller unit - A chiller unit including a chiller unit main body connected to a refrigeration cycle, a plate type heat exchanger unit that is secured to an upper stage portion of the chiller unit main body and divided into plural plate type heat exchangers, and a pipe group having a water medium pipe and a refrigerant pipe for supplying water medium and refrigerant to each of the plate type heat exchangers while branching the water medium and the refrigerant and collectively disposed at a lower stage portion of the chiller unit main body, wherein at least an exit side portion of the water medium pipe is routed substantially horizontally along the bottom portion of the chiller unit main body and a flow switch is provided in a horizontally-extending pipe portion of the water medium pipe.10-01-2009
20080229772Cooling device for a ceiling - The invention relates to a cooling device for a ceiling, the device having a cooling hose (09-25-2008
20090090119Cooling unit for a drinking water fountain, and water fountain containing such a unit - A self-contained cooling unit for drinking water fountains, wherein the cooling unit includes an outer casing (04-09-2009
20100031686MODULAR OUTBOARD HEAT EXCHANGER AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM - The invention discloses a modular air conditioning, heating, and heat recovery system. Particularly, the invention discloses a modular system having the condenser and/or evaporator heat exchangers mounted outboard of the modules and being easily removable and separatable by virtue of their positioning and valving.02-11-2010
20080196433Supply Air Terminal Unit - A supply air terminal unit (08-21-2008
20110314858REACTOR CONTAINMENT VESSEL COOLING SYSTEM, REACTOR CONTAINMENT VESSEL, AND REACTOR CONTAINMENT VESSEL COOLING METHOD - A reactor containment vessel cooling technology for preventing the cooling capability and structural integrity of a reactor containment vessel cooling system from decreasing by lowering the temperature of water vapor and gases acquired by the reactor containment vessel cooling system is provided. Based on the technology, the present invention provides a reactor containment vessel cooling system that acquires water vapor in a reactor containment vessel by using water vapor pressure in the vessel as a drive force, condenses the acquired water vapor into condensate, and cools the reactor containment vessel with the condensate. The reactor containment vessel cooling system includes a heat exchange pool 12-29-2011

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