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062244000 Occupant-type vehicle 31
062241000 Utilizing motion of vehicle 6
062243000 Vehicle contained common power supply 3
20090071179Compressor manifold for an air conditioning system of a machine - A machine having an air conditioning system includes a compressor having an inlet and an outlet. A manifold having a housing is attached to the compressor and includes a low pressure channel for directing a low pressure refrigerant from a low pressure port of the manifold to the compressor inlet. The manifold also includes a high pressure channel for directing a compressed refrigerant from the compressor outlet to a high pressure port of the manifold. At least one additional port is in fluid communication with one of the high pressure channel and the low pressure channel.03-19-2009
20120247141Reciprocating Refrigeration Compressor Oil Sealing - A compressor (10-04-2012
20130098090VEHICLE AIR-CONDITIONING CONTROL APPARATUS - An air-conditioning unit for a vehicle that has an idling stop function, may include: a blower fan configured to blow air; a first air-outlet port configured to permit air blown from the blower fan toward a first portion of a vehicle cabin; a second air-outlet port configured to permit air blown from the blower fan toward a second portion of the vehicle cabin; and an air-conditioning controller. The air-conditioning controller is configured to: set a target air-outlet port temperature of the air blown from the first and second air-outlet ports on a basis of a preset temperature and an environmental condition of the vehicle; if the blower fan is operating to blow air from both of the first and second air-outlet ports before the vehicle is brought into an idling stop state, and then the vehicle is brought into the idling stop state, cause a controlled reduction in an air volume blown from at least one of the first and second air-outlet ports during the idling stop state; and cancel the controlled reduction when the idling stop state is cancelled.04-25-2013
062240000 Ship 3
20130025313Auxiliary Power Unit For On Board Conditioning Systems Of Power Boats - A power unit for air conditioning systems installed on boats, including at least one compressor, of the mass produced type used in the automobile industry, connected to the circuit of the conditioning system, at least one mechanical pump for circulation of a heat exchange fluid along a circuit and one or more rotating electrical machines. Operation of the power unit is ensured during navigation by an internal combustion engine for marine propulsion, for example a four stroke engine of the type normally used for outboard marine propulsion, mass produced at low costs, while when the boat is in port it is ensured by an electric motor. The fan coils are also of the mass produced type used in the automobile industry.01-31-2013
20100251739COMPACT MARINE AIR CONDITIONING UNIT WITH OPTIONAL ELECTRIC HEAT - A package marine air conditioning unit places an evaporator coil on the inlet side of an enclosing cabinet, an axial supply fan on an opposing outlet side of the cabinet, and a compressor disposed between the evaporator coil and the supply fan. Locating the compressor within the air stream on the leaving air side of the evaporator coil allows cold air to flow around the compressor thereby providing beneficial compressor cooling. An axial flow supply fan located downstream of the compressor functions to draw return air in a generally lineal flow path across the evaporator coil and around the compressor, for discharge in an axial direction thereby resulting in a generally linear air flow path through the unit. A cabinet is provided to enclose the components thereby allowing for the installation of electric heating elements. Enclosing the components within a cabinet avoids the need to paint or otherwise coat the enclosed components thereby reducing manufacturing costs.10-07-2010
20080202138LOW PROFILE MARINE AIR CONDITIONER - A low profile, self-contained air conditioning unit for a nautical vehicle comprises a base pan, an air handler, a substantially horizontal compressor and a second heat exchanger. The air handler comprises a first heat exchanger with a medium conduit for channeling a refrigerating medium, an air moving apparatus within a shroud. The shroud includes a front wall having an air outlet and a rear wall having an air inlet and the first heat exchanger is located adjacent to the air inlet of the first wall. The second heat exchanger has an inner tube and an outer tube. The inner tube circulates water and the outer tube is in fluid communication with the medium conduit, coaxially encloses a substantial portion of the inner tube, and has an inlet and an outlet. The compressor and the second heat exchanger are adjacent to the air handler and the second heat exchanger is above the compressor.08-28-2008
20090217689INTEGRATED TRANSPORT REFRIGERATION UNIT WITH LIMITED HEAT TRANSFER AND QUICK MOUNT HOUSING - A refrigeration unit includes an external housing and an internal housing supported by a vehicle roof. The internal housing includes an inner wall spaced from an outer wall with air located between to insulate the components of the refrigeration unit from an interior of a vehicle. The internal housing, a condenser, a compressor, and an evaporator may be assembled together into a refrigeration unit chassis prior to assembly with the vehicle roof. Fasteners are used to assemble the internal housing to the chassis. The external housing and a cover to reduce the amount of contaminants that enter the refrigeration unit. Water drains are located at the bottom of the internal housing along the inner wall to collect and dispose of any water within the refrigeration unit.09-03-2009
20090071178Vehicle HVAC and Battery Thermal Management - A HVAC and battery thermal management system for a vehicle having a HVAC portion and a battery portion, and a method of operation, is disclosed. The HVAC portion may include a main chamber, an evaporator located in the main chamber, a heater extending across a portion of the main chamber downstream of the evaporator, a battery duct extending from the main chamber adjacent to the heater and in fluid communication with the main chamber both upstream and downstream of the heater. The battery portion may include a battery pack in fluid communication with the battery duct, a battery cooling valve located in the battery duct and configured to selectively allow fluid flow from the main chamber between the evaporator and the heater, and a battery heating valve located in the battery duct and configured to selectively allow fluid flow from the main chamber downstream of the heater.03-19-2009
20090193830AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM FOR VEHICLE - An air conditioning system includes an air-cooling unit and an air-heating unit. On a first path in the cooling-unit, provided are a compressor for first refrigerant, a condenser for the first refrigerant, front and rear expansion units for the first refrigerant, and an front and rear evaporators to cool air. On a second path in the air-heating unit, provided are a pump for second refrigerant, and front and rear heater cores for the second refrigerant. The condenser is located also on the second path to achieve heat-exchanging between the first refrigerant and the second refrigerant. During air-heating, air heated by the front and rear heater cores is supplied to a vehicle compartment as conditioned air. During air-cooling, air cooled by the front and rear evaporator is supplied to the vehicle compartment as conditioned air.08-06-2009
20080256966Vehicular air conditioner - An air conditioner for a vehicle includes a blower for generating a flow of air, a center defroster air-blowing outlet disposed adjacent to a windshield of the vehicle for blowing the air toward the windshield, a side defroster air-blowing outlet disposed adjacent to a side window glass of the vehicle for blowing the air toward the side window glass, and a defroster air volume adjusting unit disposed to adjust the volume of air blown from a center defroster air-blowing outlet and the volume of air blown from a side defroster air-blowing outlet.10-23-2008
20080256965Heating And/Or Air Conditioning Unit For Vehicles - The invention relates in a heating and/or air conditioning with comprising a temperature mixing flap (10-23-2008
20100043470DUAL ZONE TYPE AIR CONDITIONER FOR VEHICLES AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE SAME - The present invention relates to a dual zone type air conditioner for vehicles, which includes two air volume controlling doors mounted on an air inflow port of an air-conditioning case where the cross section of an air passageway is uniform and a flow of air is relatively uniform, a sealing wall mounted between the air volume controlling doors, and a controlling part mounted for selecting a more air volume side as a level of a blower when an air volume set by a driver and an air volume set by a passenger are different from each other and controlling the air volume controlling doors to supply the set air volumes to a driver's seat side and a passenger's seat side.02-25-2010
20090308092OPERATING DEVICE FOR AIR CONDITIONER - An operating device for an air conditioner, includes: an operating member which is slidably operated to move in vertical and horizontal directions in an operation region; holding means for holding the operating member at an arbitrary position in the operation region; vertical position detecting means for detecting a vertical position of the operating member in the operation region; horizontal position detecting means for detecting a horizontal position of the operating member in the operation region; and control means for setting a first function on the basis of the detection result of the vertical position detecting means and setting a second function on the basis of the detection result of the horizontal position detecting means, wherein one of the first and second functions is a temperature regulation function, and the other thereof is an air volume control function.12-17-2009
20090095004SYSTEM FOR PRODUCING AIR - A system for the provision of process air comprises a first cooling system (04-16-2009
20120222443LIQUID GALLEY REFRIGERATION SYSTEM FOR AIRCRAFT - The liquid galley refrigeration system for cooling food carts for aircraft employs an intermediate working fluid to transfer heat from one or more food carts to one or more remote chillers, allowing the carts and chillers to be advantageously distributed in the aircraft. While the chiller working fluid undergoes a phase change in order to transfer heat from the intermediate working fluid to the cooling air, the intermediate working fluid remains in its liquid phase throughout its circulation. A recirculation pump circulates the intermediate working fluid through a distribution system that may link a plurality of chillers to a plurality of food carts, and the temperature of the food carts is regulated by a combination of controls.09-06-2012
20090013706Air conditioning apparatus for vehicle - An air conditioning apparatus has a cool-side door device and a heating-side door device between an evaporator and a heater core. The cool-side door device is configured to open and close a cool air passage through which a cool air generated by the evaporator flows. The heating-side door device is configured to open and close a heating air passage through which the cool air flows to be heated by the heater core. At least one of the cool-side door device and the heating-side door device is constructed of a plurality of doors. The plurality of doors is configured to begin to open successively when being opened from a fully closed condition.01-15-2009
20090013705Refrigeration apparatus with exhaust heat recovery device - A refrigeration apparatus with an exhaust heat recovery device mounted on a vehicle includes a refrigeration cycle for allowing a refrigerant for refrigeration to circulate therethrough, and a Rankine cycle for allowing a refrigerant for the Rankine cycle to circulate therethrough. The Rankine-cycle condenser and the refrigeration-cycle condenser are disposed in predetermined positions of the vehicle in series with respect to a flow direction of external air for cooling, and the Rankine-cycle condenser is disposed on an upstream side of the external air with respect to the refrigeration-cycle condenser.01-15-2009
20110277492ADDUCTION ASSEMBLY FOR AN AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - A coolant adduction assembly for a climate control system of a vehicle, characterized in that it comprises a joint and a tube inserted into said joint, wherein said pipe and joint comprise a thermoplastic material and are rigidly connected by means of a laser welding.11-17-2011
20090301120AIRCRAFT GALLEY REFRIGERATION SYSTEM INCLUDING A REDUCED WEIGHT AND DEPTH STORAGE COMPARTMENT COOLING APPARATUS - Embodiments of a storage compartment cooling apparatus include a liquid circulation system configured to circulate a liquid coolant having a temperature lower than an ambient temperature. The embodiments also include a centrifugal fan configured to cause a gas to flow in contact with the liquid circulation system and thereby cool the gas. The centrifugal fan is configured to receive the gas from a direction approximately parallel with an axis of rotation of the fan and output the gas to a direction approximately perpendicular with the axis of rotation of the fan. Embodiments of the apparatus also include a duct configured to direct the gas into contact with the liquid circulation system and through the centrifugal fan.12-10-2009
20090241574AIR CONDITIONER FOR VEHICLE - A portion of a draft duct in an air conditioning unit upstream from a heater core is divided into three passages. Each of the divided passages is provided with air mix doors 10-01-2009
20090188267AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM, METHOD OF OPERATION THEREOF, AND VEHICLE USING THE SAME - An air conditioning system providing cooled air to a vehicle includes a detection device, a control module, and an air adjusting module. The detection device determines whether another vehicle is in front of the vehicle within a predetermined distance, and sends a signal when the other vehicle is detected. The control module is coupled to the detection device and controls the air adjusting module to operate in a recirculation mode upon receiving the signal.07-30-2009
20090277204Adjustable Orifice For Use In An Air Conditioning System, In Particular An Aircraft Air Conditioning System - An adjustable orifice (11-12-2009
20090288438DISTRIBUTED REFRIGERATION SYSTEM - A refrigeration system configured for use with a trailer including a container having a roof, a first sidewall, and a second sidewall. The refrigeration system includes a refrigeration unit configured to couple to the trailer and operable to condition the container. The refrigeration system also includes a duct in fluid communication between the refrigeration unit and an opening in the first sidewall. The duct is configured to direct an airflow in at least one of a first direction toward the refrigeration unit and a second direction away from the refrigeration unit.11-26-2009
20090293524Method and Apparatus for Protecting Temperature Sensitive Products - Embodiments of the invention pertain to a method and apparatus for protecting temperature sensitive products during air, ground, or sea transportation. Specific embodiments of the invention relate to a chamber built inside a trailer or sea container where temperature sensitive products are placed to have additional protection against the environmental conditions encountered during the transportation and distribution periods. The dimensions and modularity of the chamber can vary depending on the trailer or sea container the chamber is designed to be used with. This chamber can be preassembled and inserted into the desired trailer or sea container or can be assembled inside the trailer or sea container. The chamber system can include insulated and or non-insulated walls, conveyor system, ventilation system, temperature and asset (trailer or sea container) location tracking. The location tracking can utilize, for example, cellular (GSM) and/or satellite communication, with or without GPS tracking. Each wall of the chamber can be composed of a single material or a combination of dissimilar materials. One or more of the materials in the wall can posses insulating and/or phase changing properties. Different layers of the wall may incorporate different materials.12-03-2009
20100005822VEHICLE WITH ELECTRIC AIR CONDITIONING AND SECONDARY COOLING CIRCUIT - An air conditioning system for a vehicle includes an auxiliary compartment, and a secondary cooling circuit positioned within the auxiliary compartment. The secondary cooling circuit includes a radiator and an electric coolant pump assembly. An AC circuit includes an electric compressor assembly, a condenser, an evaporator, and an electric fan for blowing air through the evaporator. The compressor assembly and the condenser are each located within the auxiliary compartment. The condenser is configured as a refrigerant to coolant heat exchanger with a refrigerant flow path and a coolant flow path. The refrigerant flow path is in fluid communication with each of the compressor assembly and the evaporator, and the coolant flow path is in fluid communication with each of the coolant pump assembly and the radiator. The AC circuit and the secondary cooling circuit may be mounted to a common sub-frame which is removably attached to a cab of the vehicle.01-14-2010
20080229771Heat Exchanger - A heat exchanger 09-25-2008
20090049851TRANSPORT REFRIGERATION DAMPER ASSEMBLY - A damper assembly for a transport unit that defines a space and that includes a refrigeration system. The damper assembly includes a housing that is coupled to the transport unit, and that has an inlet and an outlet in communication with the conditioned space. The damper assembly also includes a blower assembly that is in communication with the inlet and the outlet, and that has a rotatable blower member that is configured to generate an airflow from the inlet toward the outlet. An airfoil-shaped damper blade is pivotally coupled to the housing about an axis offset from a center of the damper blade, and is positioned adjacent and in close proximity to the blower member, and is further positioned between the blower assembly and the outlet. The damper blade is pivotable about the axis between an open position and a closed position to selectively direct the airflow through the outlet.02-26-2009
20090188266HEATING, VENTILATING, AND AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM HAVING A THERMAL ENERGY EXCHANGER - A control module for a heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system for a vehicle is disclosed, the module includes a thermal energy exchanger having a phase change material disposed therein, whereby the phase change material is directly cooled and recharged by a fluid from a refrigeration system.07-30-2009
20090133419Trailer Refrigeration System - A trailer refrigeration system comprising: an electricity generator (05-28-2009
20090049852Ejector-type air-conditioning and refrigerating system for automotive vehicle - An ejector-type air-conditioning and refrigerating system according to the present invention is mounted on an automotive vehicle. The system includes a first evaporator for cooling a passenger compartment and a second evaporator for cooling a refrigerator mounted on the vehicle. Refrigerant is supplied to the first evaporator through an ejector, while the refrigerant is supplied to the second evaporator through a restrictor disposed in a branch passage. Refrigerant evaporated in the second evaporator is sucked by a sucking portion provided in the ejector through a sucking passage. A noise dissipater for suppressing noises caused by pulsating vibrations generated in the ejector is disposed in the sucking passage at a position close to the sucking portion of the ejector. The noise dissipater is postured in the sucking passage so that liquid components in the refrigerant including oil contained in the refrigerant are prevented from being retained in the dissipater.02-26-2009
20090199582Air Conditioning System Operating On A Supercritical Cycle For Use In Motor Vehicles - An air conditioning system operates on a supercritical cycle for a vehicle and includes a circuit through which a refrigerant flows, which circuit includes an evaporator where the refrigerant collects heat from the ventilation air to be conditioned, a compressor, a cooler where the refrigerant releases heat into the outside air, an expander, and an arrangement for humidifying the outside air that contacts the cooler. The system has no internal heat exchanger.08-13-2009
20090107158AUTOMOTIVE COOLING SYSTEM - An automotive cooling system, which comprises a housing, a radiator unit, and a circulating fan, is disclosed. The housing has a water tank for supplying water. The radiator unit has external air radiating fins emitting heat of vaporization of the water through a flow of air introduced from outside the vehicle, and internal air radiating fins exchanging heat with air circulating through an interior of the vehicle, and is installed on the housing. The circulating fan is installed in the housing in order to circulate the air in the interior of the vehicle.04-30-2009
20120031132TRAILER REFRIGERATING APPARATUS - A generator (02-09-2012
20110126566AIR-CONDITIONER FOR USE WITH TRAILER REFRIGERATION UNIT - A refrigerated freight vehicle includes a tractor truck with a cab interior, a trailer presenting a chamber, and a cooling system to refrigerate the chamber and cool the cab. The cooling system includes a powered compressor assembly, a trailer evaporator, and a truck evaporator, with the compressor assembly operable to circulate refrigerant through the evaporators.06-02-2011
20090249810EVAPORATOR - An evaporator, in particular for a motor vehicle, is provided. The evaporator includes a plurality of plates stacked parallel to one another in a vertical direction with openings that are aligned with one another for supply and return of a first fluid in the form of refrigerant and of a second fluid, wherein there are formed between two adjacent plates a flow passage of a first type for carrying the first fluid in alternation with a flow passage of a second type for carrying the second fluid, wherein a heat-transferring area of the plates has a length in the direction of refrigerant flow and a width perpendicular thereto, wherein the ratio of the length to the width is no greater than approximately 1.3, wherein the refrigerant flows through the flow passages in a first bank comprising one or more of the flow passages of the first type, and at least one second bank comprising one or more of the flow passages of the first type following the first bank after a reversal of direction.10-08-2009
20120031131Vehicle, in particular motor vehicle, having absoption refrigerating machine - A motor vehicle has a drive device or engine which generates waste heat. An air conditioning system cools a passenger compartment and/or at least one component of the vehicle. The cooling device is designed as an absorption refrigerating machine which utilizes the waste heat from the drive device, in particular as a diffusion absorption refrigerating machine.02-09-2012
20100024458Air Conditioning and/or Heating System With An Assembled Housing - The invention relates to an air conditioning and/or heating system (02-04-2010
20090282850EVAPORATOR - An evaporator includes plural refrigerant flow members and corrugate fins disposed in corresponding air-passing clearances between the adjacent refrigerant flow members. Each refrigerant flow member includes plural flat tubes arranged in the front-rear direction. Each corrugate fin extends across all the flat tubes. A vertically extending drain portion is formed between the flat tubes adjacent each other in the front-rear direction. At each connection portion of the corrugate fin, a louver group including plural louvers inclining downward toward the front is provided to correspond to a front portion of each flat tube. At least the front-end louver of the louver group provided to correspond to the front portion of each flat tube except for the flat tube at the front end is located in the drain portion. This evaporator exhibits excellent drainage of condensed water and enables high work efficiency in manufacture thereof.11-19-2009
20090107160COMPACT, MODULARIZED AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM THAT CAN BE MOUNTED UPON AN AIRPLANE GROUND SUPPORT EQUIPMENT CART - A modular and compact air conditioning system is designed to be conveyed by a ground support equipment cart and to occupy minimal space within the cart. The system is constructed within a rectangular frame supporting top, bottom, left side, right side, front side, and back side panels. The top and back side panels contain thin air conditioner condensers. One of the left and right side panels contain an air outlet, and the other contains an air inlet and a duct that may be connected to an airplane to provide cooling air to the airplane. A condenser fan is mounted within the rectangular frame and is arranged to draw outside air in through the condensers and to blow the air out through the air outlet. First and second air conditioners are mounted within the rectangular frame, each including a compressor, an expansion valve, and evaporator coils, with each compressor pumping refrigerant through one of the condensers, through one of the expansion valves, and through one of the evaporator coils and back to the compressor. One of the two evaporator coils is mounted over the air inlet, and the other is mounted over the duct. A variable speed blower is mounted within the rectangular frame adjacent the air inlet, and an enclosed air passage routes air from the air inlet through one of the evaporator coils, the air passage narrowing and routing the air through the blower, the passage then widening and curving around and routing the air through the other of the evaporator coils and through the duct.04-30-2009
20090107159ADJUSTABLE AIR CONDITIONING CONTROL SYSTEM FOR A UNIVERSAL AIRPLANE GROUND SUPPORT EQUIPMENT CART - A ground support equipment air conditioning system detachably connects to a port on an airplane. An air conduit connects an air intake and filter to a coupling that is adapted to be connected to one end of an air duct or hose the other end of which is adapted to be connected to an airplane's port. A variable speed blower in the air conduit has its speed varied by a controller to regulate the pressure supplied to an airplane. This controller receives as inputs the pressure sensed by a pressure sensor connected to the air conduit adjacent the coupling to sense the pressure of air passing into the airplane and also a setpoint pressure which can be varied to match the requirements of different types or classes of airplane. First and second air conditioners each include a circular refrigerant conduit channeling refrigerant through a compressor, a condenser, an expansion valve, and an evaporator. The evaporators are positioned in the air conduit with the first air conditioner's evaporator preceding the blower and the second air conditioner's evaporator following the blower in the air conduit. A condenser cooling fan drives air through the two condensers and is controlled by a controller responsive to one or more pressures or temperatures measured in one of the air or refrigerant conduits or in the surrounding air.04-30-2009
20090113914REFRIGERATION UNIT FOR TRAILER - A refrigeration unit body (05-07-2009
20090113913VEHICLE AIR-CONDITIONING SYSTEM - The present invention provides a vehicle air-conditioning system in which an air for air-conditioning is cooled at a first evaporator, is heated at a condenser, and is supplied to a vehicle interior in heating operation. The object of the present invention is to suppress a dew condensation at the first evaporator to prevent a freeze of the dew condensation water even if the temperature of the air for air-conditioning introduced from the outside of the vehicle is low. The above object is achieved by disposing a second evaporator between an automated expansion valve to decompress the refrigerant exhausted from a compressor and the first evaporator so as to reduce the absorbed heat at the first evaporator.05-07-2009
20110016899TEMPERATURE CONTROL APPARATUS FOR IN-VEHICLE ELECTRIC STORAGE DEVICE - A temperature control apparatus for an in-vehicle electric storage device supplies air from a vehicle compartment to a secondary battery based on the temperature of the secondary battery. The fan air volume, which is the volume of air that is supplied from the vehicle compartment to the secondary battery, is set based on the degree of introduction of external air into the vehicle compartment.01-27-2011
20090031741Automotive air conditioner and method for controlling automotive air conditioner - An automotive air conditioner comprises: an air-conditioning unit for supplying conditioned air into a passenger compartment of a vehicle; an information acquiring unit for acquiring state information indicating a state relating to the vehicle; an air conditioning state estimating unit for estimating an air conditioning state inside the passenger compartment that would be achieved after a predetermined time if a setting operation for improving fuel economy were performed based on the state information; a recommended operation determining unit for recommending the setting operation if it is determined that the estimated air conditioning state satisfies a comfort condition that would make the passenger compartment comfortable for an occupant; and an air-conditioning control unit for controlling the air-conditioning unit in accordance with the recommended setting operation.02-05-2009
20100037643VEHICULAR REFRIGERATING CYCLE - Provided is a vehicular refrigerating cycle comprising a compressor, which uses carbon dioxide refrigerant and which has a displacement control valve capable of controlling a displacement in response to an external signal. The vehicular refrigerating cycle comprises a falling-off preventing means for stopping a movement of the displacement control valve in a direction in which the displacement control valve comes out of its mounting position on the compressor, disposed at a portion which is positioned in the direction for the displacement control valve to come out of its mounting position on the compressor and positioned on this side of a position for the displacement control valve to completely fall off from the compressor. The displacement control valve can be prevented from exerting unpreferred influences upon the environment, even if the displacement control valve being mounted on the compressor should become so unfixed for some reason as could pop out of the compressor.02-18-2010
20100281902EVAPORATOR ASSEMBLY FOR AN HVAC SYSTEM - An air conditioning system for a vehicle includes a compressor, a condenser, a first sub-cooler, a metering device, and an evaporator assembly. The evaporator assembly includes an evaporator and a second sub-cooler. The second sub-cooler is arranged below the evaporator such that water condensation from the evaporator drains onto the second sub-cooler to cool the second sub-cooler such that a temperature of the refrigerant exiting the second sub-cooler is less than a temperature of the refrigerant exiting the first sub-cooler.11-11-2010
20100180614Cold Plate Refrigeration System Optimized For Energy Efficiency - A Cold Plate Refrigeration System Optimized for Energy Efficiency is provided utilizing two refrigerant compressors and a single set of cold plates; or two refrigerant compressors, a conventional evaporator to air heat exchanger, and a single set of cold plates; or a single refrigerant compressor, a conventional evaporator to air heat exchanger, and a single set of cold plates. It is emphasized that this abstract is provided to comply with the rules requiring an abstract that will allow a searcher or other reader to quickly ascertain the subject matter of the technical disclosure. It is submitted with the understanding that it will not be used to interpret or limit the scope or meaning of the claims. 37 CFR 1.72(b).07-22-2010
20120204589ENCLOSED CAB SYSTEM FOR MINING EQUIPMENT - An operator's cab for a shuttle car including a cab frame, a window assembly, and a pressurization system. The cab frame defines an interior chamber and an opening. The window assembly includes a pane and a pane seal. The pane is coupled to the cab frame such that the pane covers the opening and encloses the interior chamber. The pane seal is positioned between the pane and the cab frame. The pressurization system provides a positive pressure in the interior chamber relative to the surrounding environment. The pressurization system includes a blower and a motor for driving the blower. The blower is in fluid communication with the interior chamber.08-16-2012
20100095694Power Unit for Air Conditioning Systems Installed on Boats - A power unit for air conditioning systems installed on boats, including at least one compressor, of the mass produced type used in the automobile industry, connected to the circuit of the refrigeration device, at least one mechanical pump for circulation of a heat exchange fluid along a circuit and one or more rotating electrical machines. Operation of the power unit is ensured during navigation by an internal combustion engine for marine propulsion, in particular a four stroke gasoline engine, with vertical motor axis, normally used for outboard marine propulsion, mass produced at low costs, while when the boat is in port it is ensured by an electric motor. The fan coils are also of the mass produced type used in the automobile industry.04-22-2010
20100205990INTEGRATED PORTABLE UNIT FOR PROVIDING ELECTRICITY, AIR-CONDITIONING, AND HEATING - Disclosed is an integrated unit packaged on a vehicle for providing electricity, air-conditioning and heating to a space remote from the vehicle. The unit includes an electric generator system, a ventilation system, a refrigeration cycle system, each of which is powered by the electric generator system, a heater that is also powered by the electric generator system and electrical outlets that are also powered by the electric generator.08-19-2010
20120210743REFRIGERATED TRAILER DOOR HAVING AN AUTOMOTIVE-STYLE HANDLE AND LOCKING MECHANISM - A door for a refrigerated trailer including a door pan formed of fiberglass reinforced plastic, the door pan having an inner surface and an outer surface. A door sheet is formed of fiberglass reinforced plastic and has an inner surface and an outer surface. A foamed plastic core is provided between the inner surfaces of the door pan and the door sheet. A housing is mounted between the inner surfaces of the door pan and the door sheet and is substantially encapsulated within the foamed plastic core. An automotive-style handle and locking mechanism is mounted to the housing.08-23-2012
20120090342TRAILER REFRIGERATING APPARATUS - A casing includes an engine support which is fixed to a main body of the casing and on which an engine generator is mounted. The engine support is drawable from the main body of the casing in a forward direction relative to the front side of the trailer.04-19-2012
20080236181COOLING SYSTEM FOR A VEHICLE BATTERY - Air is cooled by a heat exchanger of a vehicle. The cooled air is directed to a cabin and/or battery of the vehicle. Ports in the cooling path direct the cooled air to the cabin and/or battery.10-02-2008
20130145789CONDENSER FOR VEHICLE - A condenser apparatus may include a first heat-radiating portion formed by stacking a plurality of plates, fluid-connected to the radiator to circulate the coolant, and fluid-connected to the compressor to circulate the refrigerant supplied from the compressor so as to condense the refrigerant through heat-exchange with the coolant and the refrigerant, a second heat-radiating portion integrally formed at a lower portion of the first heat-radiating portion and fluid-connected thereto, and a receiver-drier portion integrally formed at each one end of the first and second heat-radiating portions and fluid-connected to the first heat-radiating portion to receive a condensed refrigerant from the first heat-radiating portion and performing gas-liquid separation and moisture removal of the refrigerant, wherein the first heat-radiating portion may be provided with a gas-liquid separating portion which separates the refrigerant into gas refrigerant and liquid refrigerant.06-13-2013
20130180277AIR-CONDITIONING APPARATUS FOR VEHICLE - Provided is an air-conditioning apparatus for vehicle including a main frame capable of being assembled without increasing the number of parts and the number of processes. An air-conditioning apparatus for vehicle includes a casing divided into an indoor chamber and an outdoor chamber by a partition plate, the casing including a cover placed on a top thereof, and a refrigeration cycle device placed across the indoor chamber and the outdoor chamber in the casing. Each of side plates, serving as side surfaces of the indoor chamber and the outdoor chamber, of the casing is extruded in one piece of aluminum.07-18-2013
20120085115AIR CONDITIONER FOR VEHICLE - An air conditioner for a vehicle may include an evaporator core, a heater core allowing air which has passed through the evaporator core to selectively pass therethrough, a defrost outlet, a vent outlet formed adjacent to the defrost outlet, a floor outlet formed adjacent to the vent outlet, and a sliding door sliding between the defrost outlet, the vent outlet and the floor outlet in series, thus selectively opening or closing the defrost outlet, the vent outlet and the floor outlet.04-12-2012

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