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062 - Refrigeration

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062238600 With vapor compression system 114
062238300 With sorption 12
062238200 With vortex tube, thermoelectric, Stirling or air cycle 3
20120090340HEAT RECOVERY SYSTEM - A heat recovery system includes a first air cooler for cooling compressed air from a compressor, a first oil cooler for cooling a lubricant from the compressor, and a second air cooler and/or a second oil cooler serving as a heat recovering heat exchanger. The second air cooler heats water with the heat of the compressed air to be fed to the first air cooler. In contrast, the second oil cooler heats water with the heat of a lubricant to be fed to the first oil cooler.04-19-2012
20100126195Heat pump - A refrigeration apparatus (05-27-2010
20110005252AIR REFRIGERANT TYPE FREEZING AND HEATING APPARATUS - An object is to provide an apparatus which performs freezing and heating with a high efficiency. A compressor generates an air refrigerant with a high temperature and a high pressure by compressing the air refrigerant. As the air refrigerant is heated by a first heat exchanger and further heated by a heater, the temperature of the air refrigerant is increased to more than 200° C. in which bread and cookies can be baked, and the air refrigerant is supplied to an oven. Heat of the air refrigerant outputted from the oven is recovered by a second heat exchanger, and supplied to a high-temperature side of the first heat exchanger. The air outputted from the second heat exchanger is cooled by a cooler and a third heat exchanger, is adiabatically expanded by an expansion turbine to be cooled to −85° C., and is supplied to a freezer. The air of the freezer is recovered to be supplied to the low-temperature side of the third heat exchanger, and then is supplied to the compressor.01-13-2011
062238400 With power vapor generator 2
20120102996RANKINE CYCLE INTEGRATED WITH ABSORPTION CHILLER - A power generation system is provided. The system includes a carbon-dioxide waste heat recovery Rankine cycle, integrated with an absorption chiller cycle. The Rankine cycle includes a condenser and a desorber. The condenser of the Rankine cycle is combined with the evaporator of the absorption chiller cycle. The Rankine cycle and the absorption chiller cycle can be integrated at the desorber.05-03-2012
20130074539MODIFIED HEAT PUMP - A modified heat pump (03-28-2013
20130031923CONDENSER COIL HOLDER FOR WATER HEATER - A condenser coil holder apparatus comprises a first portion formed to have a shape that is at least substantially complementary to a shape of a bottom surface of a water storage tank of a water heater so as to hold a condenser coil against the bottom surface of the water storage tank of the water heater when assembled. The condenser coil holder apparatus also comprises a second portion formed as a base for the first portion.02-07-2013
20130055746AIR CONDITIONER FOR VEHICLE - An air conditioner for a vehicle includes a cycle switching device. The cycle switching device switches a refrigerant cycle between a heating circuit, in which refrigerant flows through a heating heat exchanger, and a cooling circuit, in which refrigerant flows through a cooling heat exchanger. The air conditioner further includes an air conditioning controller, which controls the cycle switching device and includes a defroster control portion. The defroster control portion increases a temperature of air blown into the vehicle compartment through a defroster air outlet by a predetermined degree while keeping the refrigerant cycle at a state of the heating circuit for a predetermined time, when a defrosting operation is commanded to be performed during the heating circuit.03-07-2013
20120222442DEHUMIDIFICATION - Recuperation systems and methods are applied to vapor compression cycles in dehumidification, such as in air conditioning. In some embodiments, a method for dehumidification includes introducing a refrigerant from a heating unit to a cooling unit along a first path; introducing the refrigerant from the cooling unit to the heating unit along a second path different from the first path; introducing the refrigerant from the heating unit to the cooling unit along a third path different from the first path; and contacting the cooling unit and the heating unit with a first gas stream.09-06-2012
20080295533Heat Exchange and Heat Transfer Device, in Particular for a Motor Vehicle - A heat exchange and heat transfer device comprises an evaporating/absorbing arrangement connected to a binary mixture flow circuit containing a first refrigerant fluid and a second absorbing fluid. The refrigerant fluid is evaporated in the evaporator part of the arrangement and subsequently absorbed in the absorber part by an absorbing fluid-enriched mixture. The evaporating/absorbing arrangement comprises at least two oppositely disposed reference surfaces defining evaporation and absorption components, respectively, an evaporator mass for supplying the liquid refrigerant fluid to the reference surface of the evaporation component and an absorber mass for supplying the absorbing fluid-enriched mixture to the reference surfaced of the absorption component.12-04-2008
20100281899GAS-FIRED HEAT PUMP WATER HEATER - A heat activated (preferably natural gas, propane, solar or waste heat fired) absorption heat pump water heater and heat exchange system. The heat driven absorption heat pump system extracts low grade heat from the ambient air and produces high grade heat suitable for heating water for domestic, climate control or process purposes in a storage tank. Flue gases exiting the absorption heat pump system are further cooled by the heated water to enable high (condensing) combustion efficiencies. The heat activated heat pump water heating system achieves efficiencies of 150% or greater.11-11-2010
20100154450Air Conditioning System Using Dehumidifying Cooling Device - An air conditioning system using for a dehumidifying cooling device has developed that comprising a heating source for producing hot water, a heat exchanger for transferring heat from the hot water to circulating water, a circulation pump for circulating the resulting hot water heated in the heat exchanger, a heating pipeline connected to the circulation pump for conveying the hot water to a heat supply target area, a user heat exchanger connected to the heating pipeline for conveying hot water to the heat supply target area, a dehumidifying cooling device connected to a hot water pipe of users heat exchanger and installed in each household within the heat supply target area, the dehumidifying cooling device removing moisture from the air by using hot water supplied from the hot water pipe to deal with latent heat load and to lower the temperature of the dehumidified air via evaporation of water contained in the air.06-24-2010
20120102995COOLING SYSTEM - The cooling system includes a heat exchanger, the circulating pump, a first refrigerant channel in which an electric device and the circulating pump are provided, a second refrigerant channel connected to the first refrigerant channel so as to form a circulation channel of the refrigerant, in which the heat exchanger is provided, a bypass channel connected to the first refrigerant channel in parallel to the second refrigerant channel, in which a charger is provided, and a valve provided at a position where the first refrigerant channel and the bypass channel are connected to each other, for forming a circulation channel of the refrigerant, the circulation channel including the first refrigerant channel and the second refrigerant channel, to restrict a flow of the refrigerant through the bypass channel when the electric device is in operation.05-03-2012
20110174006ZONE TEMPERATURE CONTROL ON BOARD AN AIRPLANE BY MEANS OF FUEL CELL WASTE HEAT - The invention relates to an air conditioning system for a transportation means, having multiple zones to be air-conditioned, which may be variably air-conditioned by means of processed supply air in combination with individual trim air conduits, wherein the air conditioning system further has at least one heat exchanger for heating supply air by means of the exhaust heat of a fuel cell, and for discharging the supply air into a trim air distributor supplying the trim air conduits.07-21-2011
20090126381TRIGENERATION SYSTEM AND METHOD - A trigeneration system comprising a cooling loop and a heat/power loop connected by a heat exchanger. Energy available at the high side of the cooling loop is transferred from cooling loop to the heat/power loop by the heat exchanger. This energy is put to use by the heat/power loop to efficient produce heat and power. The system can be run transcritical and use environmentally friendly working fluid, such as carbon dioxide.05-21-2009
20110041534DEVICE FOR INCREASING THE HEATING AND COOLING OUTPUT OF A HEAT PUMP IN HEAT RECLAMATION IN AIR CONDITIONING UNITS - In order to improve heat reclamation, a circulatory composite system having one heat exchanger each in a supply air volume flow and an exhaust air volume flow is provided in an air treatment system and connected to a buffer reservoir supplied by a heat pump with heat energy. In addition, a method for operating a heat reclamation system with the structure of a circulatory composite system with an integrated heat pump is designed such that the volume flow of the heat exchanger is divided in the line leading to the heat exchanger. The at least two volume flows serve to flow through the heat exchanger (compressor) of the heat pump with a larger or smaller volume flow than the heat exchanger in the supply air.02-24-2011
20100115977ENERGY CONVERSION DEVICE - A thermodynamic energy conversion device (05-13-2010
20120222441Heat Cycle System for Mobile Object - A heat cycle system for a mobile object includes: a refrigeration cycle system 09-06-2012
20130008199VIRTUAL MOVEABLE ENDCAP NON-REVERSING HEATER CHILLER SYSTEM - The invention sets out a system of interconnected non-reversing heater-chiller modules having a virtual moveable endcap separating select units. The system facilitates the variable operation of heater/chiller modules in a combination of heating/chilling/simultaneous operation modes, or rest modes, in order to adjust to variable building load, mechanical, and environmental conditions.01-10-2013
20130014530HEAT RECOVERY SYSTEMAANM Bracewell; NeilAACI BarrowfordAACO GBAAGP Bracewell; Neil Barrowford GB - The invention relates to a heat recovery system. Said system comprises a heat recovery device having a plurality of heat recovery plates; a fluid supply means connectable to at least the heat recovery device. The heat recovery device is operable to supply a fluid at a first temperature to the fluid supply means; and a refrigeration assembly. The refrigeration assembly is operable to supply a fluid to the heat recovery device at a second temperature.01-17-2013
20130186121LIQUID-TO-AIR MEMBRANE ENERGY EXCHANGER - An energy exchanger is provided. The exchanger includes a housing having a front and a back. A plurality of panels forming desiccant channels extend from the front to the back of the housing. Air channels are formed between adjacent panels. The air channels are configured to direct an air stream in a direction from the front of the housing to the back of the housing. A desiccant inlet is provided in flow communication with the desiccant channels. A desiccant outlet is provided in flow communication with the desiccant channels. The desiccant channels are configured to channel desiccant from the desiccant inlet to the desiccant outlet in at least one of a counter-flow or cross-flow direction with respect to the direction of the air stream.07-25-2013