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Compressor or its drive controlled

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062 - Refrigeration


062190000 - Refrigeration producer

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062228300 By refrigerant pressure 16
062228500 By variable compressor output, e.g., unloading, staging, etc. 14
062228400 By variable speed motor or pulley type mechanism 13
062230000 By condition of power source 8
062229000 By external cooled gas 2
20100223941Air Conditioning System for Low Ambient Cooling - An air conditioning system that comprises a controller that is in electrical communication with a compressor, a condenser fan, a temperature sensor that measures the temperature of the ambient air, a temperature sensor that measures the temperature of a condenser coil of the air conditioning system, and a low pressure switch (LPS) that measure the pressure of a refrigerant disposed within the air conditioning system. An algorithm resident on the controller controls the controller to enter a low ambient cooling mode when the temperature of the ambient air is less than a set temperature. The algorithm further controls the controller so that a minimum and/or maximum cycling frequency is imposed on the condenser fan. The algorithm further controls the controller so that the controller does not respond to an LPS trip during the early part of a cooling cycle under low outdoor temperature conditions, which might not accurately indicate a system fault, but still shuts down the compressor in response to an LPS trip under conditions that truly indicate a system fault.09-09-2010
20130125573HEAT SOURCE SYSTEM AND CONTROL METHOD THEREFOR - Provided is a heat source system that includes two heat source devices connected in series to a heat medium and can be efficiently operated. A heat source system (05-23-2013
20130042641REFRIGERATOR AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - A refrigerator capable of having a storage compartment configured for a converted use as a freezing compartment or a refrigerating compartment includes a refrigerating compartment; a converting compartment configured for a variable use among freezing, refrigerating, and off; a cold air flow supplying apparatus having a compressor, a condenser, an evaporator, an expanding valve, a draft fan, a cold air flow supplying apparatus; a converting damper apparatus installed at the converting compartment discharging flow path for controlling the supply of the cold air flow to the converting compartment; and a refrigerating compartment damper apparatus installed at the refrigerating compartment discharging flow path for controlling the supply of the cold air flow to the refrigerating compartment.02-21-2013
20100037642COMPRESSOR CAPACITY CONTROL OPERATION MECHANISM AND AIR CONDITIONER PROVIDED WITH SAME - A compressor capacity control operation mechanism includes a pilot valve (flow channel switching valve) having capillary tubes, a suction branching pipe, an intermediate pipe, and a discharge branching pipe. The suction branching pipe is connected to a first capillary tube and branches off from a compressor suction pipe. The intermediate pipe is connected to a second capillary tube and a compressor cylinder intermediate part. The discharge branching pipe is connected to a third capillary tube and branches off from a compressor discharge pipe. Preferably, the suction, intermediate and discharge branching pipes have larger diameters than the first second and third capillary tubes. Also, the pilot valve preferably has a flow channel configuration switchable between first and second states in which the first, second and third capillary tubes are connected differently in the first and second states.02-18-2010
20130074537METHOD FOR OPERATING A VEHICLE CLIMATE CONTROL SYSTEM - A method for controlling torque of an air conditioner compressor is disclosed. In one example, the air conditioner compressor is a variable displacement compressor. The method may provide smooth transitions between different air conditioner compressor torques.03-28-2013
20100043469REFRIGERATION SYSTEMS WITH VOLTAGE MODULATED COMPRESSOR MOTORS AND METHODS OF THEIR CONTROL - A refrigerant system is provided that includes a compressor, a motor for driving the compressor, a refrigerant system component, and a controller. The refrigerant system component can operate in a pulse width modulated mode having a loaded phase and an unloaded phase. The compressor motor is loaded in the loaded phase but unloaded in the unloaded phase. The controller applies a first voltage to the compressor motor in the loaded phase and a second voltage to the compressor motor in the unloaded phase. Here, the second voltage is less than the first voltage.02-25-2010
20090293521HVAC System Control for Improved Vehicle Fuel Economy - A method of operating a HVAC system in a vehicle having an engine that operates in a high efficiency mode and a less efficient mode is disclosed. The method may comprise the steps of: operating a refrigerant compressor to cool a passenger compartment and charge a cold thermal storage apparatus; determining if a cold charge in the storage apparatus has exceeded a threshold; enabling compressor cycling if the cold charge in the storage apparatus has exceeded the threshold; detecting if the engine is operating in the high efficiency mode; determining an amount of HVAC loads on the engine; determining a proximity of the engine operation to a switching point from the high efficiency mode to the less efficient mode; and conducting a HVAC load shed if the HVAC load reduction allows the engine to stay below the switching point and the compressor cycling is enabled.12-03-2009
20100005820Cooling Device for Printing Machines - A cooling device for printing machines, includes a refrigerating circuit (01-14-2010
20130047653SPACE-SAVING HIGH-DENSITY MODULAR DATA POD SYSTEMS AND ENERGY-EFFICIENT COOLING SYSTEMS - A space-saving, high-density modular data pod system and an energy-efficient cooling system are disclosed. The modular data pod system includes a central free-cooling system and a plurality of modular data pods, each of which includes a heat exchange assembly coupled to the central free-cooling system, and a distributed mechanical cooling system coupled to the heat exchange assembly. The modular data pods include a data enclosure having at least five walls arranged in the shape of a polygon, a plurality of computer racks arranged in a circular or U-shaped pattern, and a cover to create hot and cold aisles, and an air circulator configured to continuously circulate air between the hot and cold aisles. Each modular data pod also includes an auxiliary enclosure containing a common fluid and electrical circuit section that is configured to connect to adjacent common fluid and electrical circuit sections to form a common fluid and electrical circuit that connects to the central free-cooling system. The auxiliary enclosure contains at least a portion of the distributed mechanical cooling system, which is configured to trim the cooling performed by the central free-cooling system.02-28-2013
20130047652REFRIGERATOR AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - A refrigerator is disclosed herein. The refrigerator may include a compressor to compress a refrigerant, a condenser to condense the refrigerant passed through the compressor, a capillary tube that lowers a temperature and pressure of the refrigerant passed through the condenser, an evaporator to evaporate the refrigerant passed through the capillary tube, a thermal storage device for auxiliary cooling that undergoes heat exchange with the refrigerant to store thermal energy, an energy management device that receives electric rate information, and a controller configured to control the compressor based on the electric rate information received at the energy management device. The controller may control an operation of the thermal storage device to provide auxiliary cooling for the refrigerator when the compressor is not operational or when electric rates are relatively high.02-28-2013
20130047651Temperature Control System in a Parked Vehicle - An air-conditioning system for vehicle temperature control incorporates a thermostat having contacts, and a circulation contour, including a condenser, an expansion valve essentially connected with the condenser, an evaporator connected sequentially with the expansion valve, a first tee splitter connected to a common line, a second tee splitter connected to the condenser, a main compressor connected with the first tee splitter and with the second tee splitter, a supplemental compressor connected with the first tee splitter and the second tee splitter. The supplemental compressor is operatively controlled by the thermostat and powered by a supplemental battery. In embodiments, the supplemental compressor is electrically connected with the supplemental battery and operatively controlled by a control circuitry including a power relay, an air-condition relay, and the contacts of thermostat. The proposed system reduces pollutions and saves energy.02-28-2013
20100031682SOLAR AIR CONDITIONER FOR VEHICLE - A motor vehicle having a solar air conditioning system which is entirely independent of the vehicle propulsion system. The vehicle comprises a body, at least two axles, a propulsive power plant, and a first electrical system serving the power plant, lighting, and other support functions of the motor vehicle. The air conditioning system has a refrigerant compressor including an electric motor, and a second electrical system comprising a battery, a photovoltaic element which charges the battery of the air conditioning system, and an on-off switch controlling the motor of the refrigerant compressor. The first electrical system is electrically unconnected to the second electrical system of the motor vehicle. The battery of the solar air conditioning system may be located proximate one axle and the refrigerant compressor may be located proximate the other axle.02-11-2010
20110167852AIR-CONDITIONING REFRIGERATING SYSTEM - An air-conditioning refrigerating system that enables demand control based on operation control of an air-conditioning system and a refrigerating system is provided.07-14-2011
20130098088MULTI-STAGE COOLING SYSTEM WITH TANDEM COMPRESSORS AND OPTIMIZED CONTROL OF SENSIBLE COOLING AND DEHUMIDIFICATION - A cooling system has a plurality of separate cooling stages including an upstream cooling stage having an upstream cooling circuit and a downstream cooling stage including a downstream cooling circuit, which are each a direct expansion cooling circuit including a tandem compressor. Each tandem compressor includes a fixed capacity compressor and a variable capacity compressor. A controller controls the fixed capacity compressor and variable capacity compressor of each tandem compressor based on a Call for Cooling, which of a plurality of ranges the Call for Cooling falls within, and whether the Call for Cooling is ramping up or ramping down.04-25-2013
20130098089DEVICE AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING COMPRESSOR, AND REFRIGERATOR INCLUDING SAME - Disclosed are a compressor control device, a method for controlling a compressor, and a refrigerator including the same. The present invention enables: a compressor to be driven by using a mode selectively to be driven by an inverter and a mode which directly uses a supply voltage, according to the quality of electricity of the supply voltage; loss which is caused by the use of the inverter to be reduced or removed by directly providing the supply voltage to the compressor within a certain voltage or frequency range; and increased energy efficiency by reducing power consumption.04-25-2013
20080209929Air-Conditioning System For a Motor Vehicle - An air-conditioning system for a motor vehicle includes a coolant circuit, through which it is possible to pump coolant with the aid of a compressor, the air-conditioning system having a torque-determining unit for determining a drive torque required for operating the compressor as a function of a temperature of air, which has flowed past an evaporator integrated into the coolant circuit for evaporating coolant, a pressure of the coolant prevailing in the coolant circuit in front of the compressor relative to a flow direction of the coolant or an actuating signal for setting a settable compressor stroke of the compressor.09-04-2008
20090120112AIR CONDITIONER - An air conditioner according to an embodiment of the invention includes a refrigerator cycle unit having a variable speed compressor, an outdoor heat exchanger, a decompression device, an indoor heat exchanger, and an accumulator sequentially connected to one another, a bypass pipe that connects the discharge side of the compressor and an outlet of the accumulator and has a two-way valve in the middle thereof, a discharge temperature sensor that detects the temperature of the compressor, and a controller that opens or closes the two-way valve, and limits the number of rotations of the compressor to a predetermined value or less, on the basis of the temperature detected by the discharge temperature sensor when the compressor starts.05-14-2009
20100275628CAPACITY CONTROL SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR A COMPRESSOR - A system and method are provided to control the output capacity of a compressor in response to the outdoor ambient temperature. The outdoor ambient temperature is measured by a sensor. The measured outdoor ambient temperature is then used to control the output capacity of the compressor. The compressor is operated at less than 100% capacity in response to the outdoor ambient temperature being less than or equal to 95° F. If the outdoor ambient temperature reaches a predetermined temperature greater than 95° F., the compressor is then operated at 100% capacity.11-04-2010
20080250802Air-conditioning system - An air-conditioning system includes a refrigeration cycle and a control unit. The refrigeration cycle includes an electric compressor in which a compression mechanism for drawing a refrigerant therein for compression is integrated with an electric motor for driving the compression mechanism, and a motor drive circuit for driving the motor is cooled using an intake refrigerant drawn into the compression mechanism. The control unit provides operational control to the motor drive circuit and the refrigeration cycle. When the temperature of the motor drive circuit has exceeded a predetermined temperature, the control unit varies a condition of supplying air to exchange heat with the refrigerant flowing through the refrigeration cycle to thereby reduce the temperature of the intake refrigerant.10-16-2008
20080289348Refrigeration cycle system - A refrigeration cycle system is disclosed. A compression unit 11-27-2008
20080245086Multi-zone low temperature freezer - A freezer provides multiple zones of temperature for preserving a frozen product at an ultra-low temperature. At least one first housing provides a first interior space at a first predetermined temperature. A first compressor, condenser and metering device supply a first refrigerant to a first evaporator for lowering the temperature in the first interior space to the first predetermined temperature. At least one second housing is mounted totally within the first interior space and provides a second interior space for defining a second freezing zone at a second predetermined temperature. The second predetermined temperature is lower relative to the first predetermined temperature. A second compressor, condenser and metering device supply a second refrigerant to a second evaporator for freezing the second housing to the second predetermined temperature. The second compressor, condenser and metering device are disposed within the first interior space to the first evaporator.10-09-2008
20120137713POWER SAVINGS APPARATUS FOR TRANSPORT REFRIGERATION SYSTEM, TRANSPORT REFRIGERATION UNIT, AND METHODS FOR SAME - Embodiments of systems, apparatus, and/or methods can control conditions such as temperature within a container of a transport refrigeration system. Embodiments can include a controller for controlling the transport refrigeration system to reduce power consumption. Embodiments of systems, apparatus, and/or methods for operating the same can control cycling of a transport refrigeration unit to conserve power where a subsequent cycle time in a power savings mode is based on at least one previous cycle time. In addition, components can be enabled based on monitored conditions to reduce power consumption.06-07-2012
20110100042REFRIGERATING CYCLE DEVICE AND AIR CONDITIONER - A compressor for compressing a refrigerant containing a substance having a double bond, a condenser for condensing the refrigerant by heat exchange, expanding means for decompressing the condensed refrigerant, and an evaporator for evaporating the decompressed refrigerant by heat exchange are connected by piping so as to configure a refrigerant circuit through which the refrigerant is circulated, and control means is provided for controlling an operation of the refrigerant circuit so that a pressure of the refrigerant in the refrigerant circuit becomes less than a critical pressure of the substance having the double bond.05-05-2011
20090113908Method for controlling motor of air conditioner and motor controller of the same - A motor controlling method and apparatus of an air conditioner are disclosed. It is checked whether or not an operation frequency of a compressor motor is the same as or greater than a certain frequency and it is also checked whether or not a detected velocity of a fan motor is the same as or lower than a certain velocity during a certain time period. If the operation frequency is the same as or greater than the certain frequency and the detected velocity is the same as or lower than the certain velocity during a certain time period, the compressor motor is temporarily stopped. Because the compressor motor operates according to operational conditions of the fan motor, an overload can be prevented.05-07-2009
20080245085COOLING APPARATUS WITH EVAPORATOR - A cooling apparatus for objects such as convenience foods and beverages has an enclosure and a vapour cycle refrigeration system. The refrigeration system includes a compressor, a condenser, a metering device and an evaporator, all connected in a circuit. Fans force air across the evaporator coils during operation of the compressor. When the compressor is ‘off’, or dormant, the evaporator fans are operated in a partial or reduced duty cycle in which the overall power draw and average power consumption is less than it would be if the evaporator fans were run continuously.10-09-2008
20130139536APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING A COMPRESSOR, AND REFRIGERATOR COMPRISING SAME - The present invention relates to an apparatus for controlling a compressor, to a method for controlling a compressor and to a refrigerator comprising same. According to certain embodiments of the present invention, a compressor operates selectively in a TRIAC driving mode or in a mode in which commercial power is directly used in accordance with the quality of the electricity of the commercial power. According to certain embodiments of the present invention, the commercial power is directly applied to the compressor within the range of a predetermined voltage or frequency so as to reduce or remove losses caused by the TRIAC driving, and power consumption is reduced to improve energy efficiency.06-06-2013
20080209930Heat Pump with Pulse Width Modulation Control - A heat pump is provided with a component that has a pulse width modulation control to adjust system capacity. Thus, by utilizing a pulse width modulation technique to control this component, the present invention is able to closely tailor the delivered capacity of the heat pump to that which is demanded, without cycling the unit. In one embodiment, the component has a suction pulse width modulation valve. In another embodiment, the component which is modulated is the compressor pump unit, and, in particular, a pair of scroll members that are allowed to move into and out of contact with each other. The pulse width modulation control device can also be utilized in combination with a heat pump having an economizer function and/or an un-loader function.09-04-2008
20100000246METHOD AND DEVICE FOR COOLING BEVERAGES - The invention relates to a beverage dispenser (01-07-2010
20110041533SCREW COMPRESSOR DRIVE CONTROL - An embodiment of method used to control operation of a screw compressor of a refrigeration system may include receiving status signals regarding operation of the screw compressor of the refrigeration system. The method may further include determining an operating point of the screw compressor based upon the received status signals, and selecting a torque profile for the screw compressor based upon the operating point. The method may also include driving the screw compressor per the selected torque profile. Refrigeration systems and compressor systems suitable for implementing the method are also presented.02-24-2011
20100313586REFRIGERATION CYCLE APPARATUS - A refrigeration cycle apparatus (12-16-2010
20110252819Continuously variable transmission apparatus and air conditioning system having the same - An output-side swing arm is adapted to be swung about a swing axis thereof when the output-side swing arm is urged by a corresponding part of an input-side swing arm, which is driven by a force transmitted from an input shaft. An adjusting mechanism adjusts an amount of swing of the output-side swing arm by changing a location of a point of action of the input-side swing arm relative to the output-side swing arm in a radial direction of the swing axis of the input-side swing arm.10-20-2011
20100319375AIR CONDITIONING APPARATUS - An air conditioning apparatus is provided. The apparatus includes: an engine; an outdoor unit including a compressor driven by the engine to inhale a refrigerant, and compress and discharge the inhaled refrigerant and an outdoor heat exchanger; an indoor unit including an indoor heat exchanger; a controlling unit which controls a rotational speed of the compressor to be lower than a predetermined upper limit rotational speed; an outdoor temperature detecting unit which detects an outdoor temperature; an in-box temperature detecting unit which detects an in-box temperature within an enclosure box which accommodates therein the engine and the compressor; a correcting unit which corrects an upper limit rotational speed of the compressor when the outdoor temperature exceeds a predetermined outdoor temperature; a canceling unit which cancels the correction of the upper limit rotational speed when the in-box temperature is lower than a predetermined in-box temperature.12-23-2010
20110132015DEDICATED PULSING VALVE FOR COMPRESSOR CYLINDER - A reciprocating piston compressor for use in a refrigerant compression circuit comprises first and second intake manifolds, first and second reciprocating piston compression units, an outlet manifold and a first pulsing valve. The intake manifolds segregate inlet flow into the compressor. The first and second reciprocating piston compression units receive flow from the first and second intake manifolds, respectively. The outlet manifold collects and distributes compressed refrigerant from the compression units. The first pulsing valve is mounted externally of the first intake manifold to regulate refrigerant flow into the first intake manifold. In another embodiment, a second valve is mounted externally of the second intake manifold to regulate flow into the second intake manifold, and the first and second valves are operated by a controller. The controller activates the first valve with variable width pulses having intervals less than an operating inertia of the refrigerant compression circuit.06-09-2011
20110048046CONTROL SYSTEM - A system for controlling a centrifugal gas compressor (03-03-2011
20110174005REFRIGERATING APPARATUS - A refrigerating apparatus having a plurality of compressors includes an injection circuit (07-21-2011
20100024456TURBO CHILLER AND CONTROL METHOD THEREFOR - A turbo chiller equipped with a high-efficiency two-stage turbo compressor is provided. In a turbo chiller including a control unit for controlling the degrees of opening of first inlet guide vanes of a first impeller and second inlet guide vanes of a second impeller, the control unit has a slave mode in which the second inlet guide vanes are operated so as to be dependent on the first inlet guide vanes in a slave-mode priority region, and an independent mode in which the degree of opening of the second inlet guide vanes is increased independently of the first inlet guide vanes in an independent-mode priority region.02-04-2010
20110120163Semi-Frozen Product Dispenser - A semi-frozen product dispenser (05-26-2011
20110120162PERFORMANCE EVALUATION DEVICE FOR VARIABLE-SPEED CENTRIFUGAL CHILLER - An object is to sequentially calculate planned COPs. Provided is a performance evaluation device for a variable-speed centrifugal chiller that includes a data acquisition unit that acquires operating data of the variable-speed centrifugal chiller as input data; a storage unit that stores a first arithmetic equation derived on the basis of mechanical characteristics of the chiller and used for calculating a relative load factor that relatively expresses a relationship between a current load factor at a current coolant inlet temperature and a predetermined load factor at a predetermined coolant inlet temperature set as a reference operating point, a second arithmetic equation that expresses a relationship between the relative load factor and a correction coefficient, and a third arithmetic equation used for calculating a planned COP by using the correction coefficient to correct a COP calculation equation derived from a reverse Carnot cycle; and an arithmetic unit that calculates the planned COP under current operating conditions by using the operating data acquired by the data acquisition unit in the first, second, and third arithmetic equations stored in the storage unit.05-26-2011
20080196430VARIABLE RESTRICTOR - A variable restrictor including a tube with first and second ends of a first cross-sectional area and a region between the ends of reduced cross-sectional area. The region comprises a flattened portion of the tube where the tube has been permanently deformed such that opposed wall portions of the tube are much closed together than in the remainder of the tube. An actuator is arranged to selectively alter the separation of the opposed wall portions of the flattened section.08-21-2008
20120204587TEMPERATURE CONTROL SYSTEM - Provided is a temperature control system, including a closed refrigerant circuit having an evaporator unit configured for absorbing heat via the refrigerant, thereby evaporating it, a compressor unit configured for increasing the pressure and temperature of refrigerant within the circuit, and a condenser unit configured for rejecting heat from the refrigerant, thereby liquefying it. The compressor unit includes a mechanical compressor configured for increasing the pressure of the refrigerant and a thermal collector configured for utilizing an external heat source to increase the temperature of the refrigerant.08-16-2012
20120060533PRESSURE REDUCTION SYSTEM AND VACUUM TREATMENT DEVICE - A depressurization system includes a plurality of depressurization devices, each of which includes a cooling; and a compression device. The compression device includes a compression unit, which is provided with an AC electric motor, and supplies a compressed coolant to each cooling unit at a flow rate corresponding to a rotation speed of the AC electric motor. Each cooling unit supplements gas when adiabatically expanding the compressed coolant. The depressurization system also includes a temperature detection unit, which detects the temperature of each cooling unit, an inverter device, which is capable of changing a frequency of AC power supplies to the AC electric motor, and a frequency controller, which controls an output frequency of the inverter device. The frequency controller relatively raises the output frequency of the inverter device when the temperature of the cooling unit of at least one depressurization device of the depressurization devices is greater than or equal to a first threshold value, and relatively lowers the output frequency of the inverter device when the temperature of the cooling unit of all of the depressurization devices decreases to less than the first threshold value.03-15-2012
20090113907Refrigeration Apparatus - A refrigeration apparatus having a refrigerant circuit (05-07-2009
20120151950HEAT TRANSFER SYSTEM - A heat transfer system includes a heat exchanger configured to transfer heat between a first fluid and a second fluid. The heat exchanger includes an outer sleeve and a microchannel unit. The outer sleeve has an interior surface defining a cavity and an exterior surface configured to be in direct thermal communication with the first fluid. The microchannel unit is received in the cavity. The microchannel unit has a plurality of microchannels configured to receive the second fluid therein and be in direct thermal communication with the second fluid. The microchannel unit has an exterior surface in direct thermal communication with the interior surface of the outer sleeve to transfer heat therebetween. At least one of the interior surface of the outer sleeve and the exterior surface of the microchannel unit has grooves defining breach channels for the first fluid or the second fluid should a breach in the outer sleeve or the microchannel unit occur.06-21-2012
20090133418Plug-in circuit and cooling system thereof - The present invention relates to a plug-in circuit and a cooling system thereof. The cooling system includes the plug-in circuit, an external terminal and an alternating current (AC) compressor, wherein the plug-in circuit includes an AC to AC inverter and an inverter control circuit. The AC to AC inverter is coupled to and between the external terminal and the AC compressor for converting an external AC voltage received by the external terminal to an internal AC voltage to supply to the AC compressor. The inverter control circuit is coupled to the AC to AC inverter for outputting a control signal to the AC to AC inverter to control the frequency of the internal AC voltage according to an external parameter.05-28-2009
20120125028SPACE-SAVING HIGH-DENSITY MODULAR DATA POD SYSTEMS AND ENERGY-EFFICIENT COOLING SYSTEMS - A space-saving, high-density modular data pod system and an energy-efficient cooling system for cooling electronic equipment and method of cooling are disclosed. The cooling system includes a free-cooling system cooling a first fluid in thermal communication with the electronic equipment using atmospheric air and a mechanical sub-cooling system coupled to the free-cooling system. The mechanical system cools a second fluid flowing in the free-cooling system as a function of an amount by which the free-cooling system has exceeded its maximum cooling capacity. The method of cooling includes using a first fluid, enabling heat transfer from the first fluid to a second fluid that has been cooled using atmospheric air, and mechanically cooling the second fluid to the extent that free cooling the first fluid is insufficient to cool the first fluid. The cooling system operates by the wet bulb temperature exceeding a first predetermined wet bulb temperature.05-24-2012
20090025410Refrigeration System - When during a first action of a refrigeration system the internal cold storage temperature is held at a desired temperature by an evaporator, the refrigeration system performs a second action of increasing the cooling capacity of the evaporator to decrease the internal cold storage temperature. When during the second action the internal cold storage temperature reaches a minimum temperature Tmin, the refrigeration system stops a compressor and performs a third action. When during the third action the internal cold storage temperature reaches a maximum temperature Tmin, the refrigeration system drives the compressor and performs the first action.01-29-2009
20120227430AIR-CONDITIONING APPARATUS - An air-conditioning apparatus includes an outdoor air temperature sensor detecting an outdoor temperature; a compressor temperature sensor detecting a temperature of an outer wall of a compressor; a liquid-level and concentration detection sensor detecting a liquid surface level in the compressor and a concentration of a lubricant oil in a liquid in the compressor; an electric heater heating the compressor; and a controller that carries out preheating to the compressor by driving the electric heater when a detection value of the outdoor air temperature sensor is higher than or equal to a detection value of the compressor temperature sensor and, further, when the liquid surface level detected by the liquid-level and concentration detection sensor is higher than or equal to a predetermined level and the concentration of the lubricant oil in the liquid is lower than a preset minimum required concentration.09-13-2012
20100326109REFRIGERATING APPARATUS - A refrigerating apparatus for keeping an inside of a storage at a predetermined low-temperature state includes first and second refrigerant circuits including compressors, condensers, decompressors, and evaporators, connected circularly with pipings to form refrigerating cycles, the circuit having a first or second refrigerant sealed therein as a working refrigerant, a first sensor which detects a temperature of a cascade condenser constituted by integrating the evaporator of the first refrigerant circuit and the condenser of the second refrigerant circuit in a heat exchangeable manner, first and second controllers which control operation performances of the first and second compressors in a variable manner based on first and second sensor detected temperatures in order that the first and second sensor detected temperatures are first and second temperatures, respectively, and a second sensor which detects a temperature inside the storage.12-30-2010
20120260688HEAT PUMP SYSTEM - A heat source unit has a capacity-variable heat source-side compressor and a heat source-side heat exchanger which functions as a radiator of refrigerant. Usage units are connected to the heat source unit and have usage-side heat exchangers, respectively, which function as evaporators of refrigerant and cool an aqueous medium. An operating capacity controller controls the capacity of the heat source-side compressor so that evaporation temperature of refrigerant of each of the usage-side heat exchangers reaches a first target evaporation temperature. A decision unit calculates second target evaporation temperatures at which outlet temperatures of the aqueous medium in the usage-side heat exchangers of the respective operating usage units reach predetermined set temperatures, and decides a minimum value of the second target evaporation temperatures as the first target evaporation temperature.10-18-2012
20120318014CAPACITY AND PRESSURE CONTROL IN A TRANSPORT REFRIGERATION SYSTEM - Embodiments of apparatus, transport refrigeration units, and methods for operating the same can control cooling capacity for a refrigerant vapor compression system. Embodiments can provide use discharge pressure control for modulating cooling capacity for a refrigerant vapor compression system. In one embodiment, discharge pressure control can reduce the cooling capacity without increasing the compressor pressure ratio or discharge temperature. In one embodiment, discharge pressure control can reduce the cooling capacity independently of system superheat. In one embodiment, discharge pressure control can control a compressor discharge temperature; for example, to remain below a threshold temperature.12-20-2012
20110132014VEHICLE AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM - A vehicle air conditioning system includes a controller that initially controls operation of a compressor to switch between inactive and active states in response to detecting that an operating condition is equal to or surpasses a first operation threshold. The controller determines a first time delay occurring between initiating the switch from one of the inactive and active states to the other of the compressor, and an actual change in the operating condition. The controller subsequently defines a first limit that is offset from the first operation threshold such that the controller controls the operation of the compressor to subsequently switch from the one of inactive and active states to the other in response to detecting that the operating condition is equal to or surpasses the first limit.06-09-2011
20130139535Control for Compressor Unloading System - A variable-capacity compressor that includes a housing having an inlet for receipt of refrigerant and an outlet for return of refrigerant, and a plurality of compressing elements contained in the housing between the inlet and the outlet. The variable capacity compressor includes a valve having an electrical control. The valve is dedicated to fewer than all of the compressing elements. The valve is movable between a first state which communicates refrigerant flow to the compressing elements, and a second state that reduces or stops flow to the compressing elements. In an embodiment of the invention, an unloading controller has an operational modulation mode that includes cycling the valve between on and off states to provide a portion of compressor capacity. The unloading controller is further programmed to provide a minimum delay time between transitions between the first and second states, but no maximum dwell time between transitions.06-06-2013
20120291470Air Conditioning System With Discharged Heat Driving Compression of System Refrigerant - An air conditioning system. The system includes apparatus for circulating a refrigerant in a path, further having apparatus for compressing the refrigerant and generating heat in the refrigerant. The system further includes apparatus for providing a driving force to the apparatus for compressing in response to the generated heat.11-22-2012

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