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062 - Refrigeration

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062126000 Operatively correlated with automatic control 82
062129000 Condition sensing 70
062127000 Diverse function indicators or testers 15
062131000 Position or extent of motion of movable element 1
20110120159DIRECT CURRENT AIR CURTAIN - Direct current air curtains are provided, which may be used to help reduce or prevent the exchange of heat between different areas. The direct current air curtain may be used in a variety of applications, including trailers, rail cars, vehicles and containers.05-26-2011
20090193823REFRIGERATOR WITH WIRELESS COMMUNICATION FUNCTION - The present invention discloses a refrigerator with a wireless communication function which can receive data and information by a wireless signal. The refrigerator with the wireless communication function includes a reception module (08-06-2009
20120210740REFRIGERATOR WITH WATER PURIFYING MEANS - A refrigerator with a water purifying arrangement includes a refrigerator door having a water supply passage along which water is supplied to the outside of the refrigerator; a case detachably mounted to the refrigerator door such that at least part of the case is exposed at the outside of the refrigerator door; and a water filter mounted to the case, and disposed at the refrigerator door such that water supplied along the water supply passage passes through the water filter.08-23-2012
20090044549Tabletop Quick Cooling Device - A tabletop quick cooling device comprises a housing with at least one door allowing access to at least one quick cooling chamber. The tabletop quick cooling device provides for a control panel electrically connected to an appropriate control circuit and control cooling time for a food or beverage inserted therein. Air intake openings and exhaust ports are also provided. An optional rack may be inserted into the quick cooling chamber to conveniently cool cans or bottles. In one embodiment, the tabletop cooling device utilizes liquid nitrogen circulating around the heat conductive surface within the quick cooling chamber. Another embodiment uses a conventional micro compressor to effectuate cooling.02-19-2009
20130086932Vehicle Air-Conditioning Device, and Refrigerant Leakage Diagnosis Method for Vehicle Air-Conditioning Device - In a vehicle air-conditioning device, refrigerant leakage is diagnosed precisely without any restrictions from an operating condition of the air-conditioning device. When the operating condition of the vehicle air-conditioning device is stable, a threshold value Th for determination of refrigerant leakage is set based on an outlet pressure Pd and an inlet pressure Ps of a compressor. Furthermore, a volume flow Gr in that refrigerant pipe running from a condenser to an expansion valve through which the refrigerant circulates in a liquid state is detected. When it is determined that the volume flow Gr exceeds the threshold value Th for determination of refrigerant leakage, a diagnosis result (alarm) indicating that the refrigerant leaks is output.04-11-2013
20130067940REFRIGERATOR AND DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM FOR THE SAME - Provided are a refrigerator and a diagnostic system for the same. The refrigerator includes a selection unit, a control unit, a modulator, and a sound output unit. The selection unit receives a diagnosis performance command. The control unit generates a control signal including product information when the selection unit receives the diagnosis performance command. The modulator generates a frequency signal according to the control signal generated by the control unit. The sound output unit outputs a sound including the product information according to the frequency signal generated by the modulating unit.03-21-2013
20120234028AIR-CONDITIONING APPARATUS - The drying operation menu determination means configures the drying operation by combining a heating operation and at least either one of a fanning operation and a fan stop operation by the air volume determination means when carrying out the drying operation with heating operation, and configures the drying operation by combining a fanning operation and a fan stop operation by the air volume determination means when carrying out the drying operation without heating operation.09-20-2012
20130125571COUNTERTOP RAPID COOLER FOR RAPIDLY COOLING FOOD, DRINK, AND OTHER ITEMS - A countertop rapid cooler is disclosed for rapidly cooling food, drink, and other items using at least convection cooling. the cooler includes: a thermally insulated enclosure with a door and sized to fit on a countertop; a fan; and a convective heat exchanger for cooling air blown by the fan toward an item within the enclosure. The convective heat exchanger is capable of receiving coolant from a neighboring refrigeration unit (such as a refrigerator), and returning the coolant to the neighboring unit after use. In some embodiments, expanded coolant can be delivered from the neighboring unit's expansion valve. In other embodiments, unexpanded coolant can be delivered from the neighboring unit, to be expanded by a separate expansion valve located within the countertop rapid cooler. By not including its own compressor or condenser, the countertop rapid cooler is lighter, and uses less space, than currently available rapid cooling devices.05-23-2013
20120011868ICE MAKING UNIT AND REFRIGERATOR HAVING THE SAME - An ice making unit includes an ice making chamber having an ice making area and an ice storing area, an ice tray installed within the ice making area and rotatable by a driving force transferred from the exterior, a driving module fixed in an inner wall of the ice making chamber and configured to provide the driving force, and a control module disposed outside the ice making chamber and configured to control the driving module. Also, a refrigerator with the ice making unit is provided. Therefore, the ice making area and the ice storing area of the ice making chamber can be increased.01-19-2012
20110214440REFRIGERATING APPARATUS AND METHOD - A refrigerating apparatus having two or more climate controlled compartments is disclosed. The refrigerating apparatus has a climate control device capable of controlling the climate of the compartments. The control device is electrically connected to an interactive display, wherein the display presents a compartment selection element to a user and, upon selection of a compartment by the user, the display presents a predetermined climate control element corresponding to the selected compartment. The compartment selection element comprises a plurality of compartment icons corresponding to the climate controlled compartments of the refrigerating apparatus. The climate control element may comprise, for example, a temperature control icon or a plurality of food-type icons. Preferably, the elements of the display are presented sequentially as the user makes selections. It is also preferred that the user's selections should be highlighted in some manner, for example a color change of the selected icon within an element.09-08-2011
20120023983REMOVABLE REFRIGERATION UNIT - A merchandiser cooler is provided for chilling and/or freezing food and beverage containers. To facilitate service and/or repair of the cooler, the merchandiser cooler includes numerous refrigeration components that are divided between a removable refrigeration unit and permanent placement within a cabinet of the merchandiser cooler. The refrigeration components may be fluidly connected in a manner that allows for quick and efficient release such that the removable refrigeration unit may be easily removed and/or replaced by a single individual who lacks specialized training.02-02-2012
20100043466REFRIGERATOR - The present invention relates to a refrigerator. The refrigerator includes a receiver unit for receiving information required for every day life, a control unit for determining information a user is in need from the information required for every day life, and a display unit for displaying the information the user is in need to an outside of the refrigerator.02-25-2010
20090165475ICEBOX WITH EXTERNAL CONTROLS AND TEMPERATURE DISPLAY - An icebox with external controls. The icebox includes an insulated container having one or more compartments. One or more temperature sensors take temperature measurements of the one or more compartments. An externally visible panel displays the temperature measurements and coldness settings corresponding to the temperature measurements. A control mechanism controls a cooling mechanism so as to maintain the temperature of the compartments at a predetermined temperature corresponding to the coldness setting. An externally accessible input allows selective changes of the coldness setting.07-02-2009
20110219795CORE ASSEMBLY FOR AIR CONDITIONER AND AIR CONDITIONER HAVING THE SAME - Disclosed are a core assembly for an air conditioner, and an air conditioner having the same. Since a core is formed in a consecutive ring shape, an impedance with respect to an electric signal is improved to enhance a communication performance through a refrigerant pipe. Furthermore, as the core or a core holder is integrally formed at a connection pipe, the refrigerant pipe is prevented from vibrating or moving by installation circumstances. This may enhance a communication performance much more. Besides, since a connector is provided at the core holder or a signal line, detachable mounting of the connector to the signal line may be facilitated. This may simplify the assembly processes and maintenance procedures, thereby reducing the costs.09-15-2011
20110219794APPARATUS USING REFRIGERANT, AND METHOD FOR INSTALLING APPARATUS USING REFRIGERANT - An apparatus using refrigerant is provided. The apparatus includes, a refrigerant circuit including, a refrigerant circuit component part of an outdoor unit including a compressor, an outdoor heat exchanger, a decompressor, and a liquid reservoir, in which an incombustible refrigerant is sealed before factory shipment, and a load-side apparatus which is connected to the refrigerant circuit component part of the outdoor unit by way of extension pipes, and a refrigerant sealing connecting port which is provided in the refrigerant circuit and which seals a combustible refrigerant or a slightly combustible refrigerant, wherein, when setting the outdoor unit and the load-side apparatus at a place of use, the combustible refrigerant or the slightly combustible refrigerant is additionally sealed in the refrigerant circuit from the refrigerant sealing connecting port while the incombustible refrigerant is sealed in the refrigerant circuit component part of the outdoor unit.09-15-2011
20120102990ADSORPTION TYPE REFRIGERATOR THAT AUTOMATICALLY DETERMINES SWITCHOVER POINT - The present invention discloses an adsorption type refrigerator that automatically determines the switchover point. The adsorption type refrigerator includes a first vacuum chamber, a second vacuum chamber, a third vacuum chamber and a waterway structure. The waterway structure is connected to a first adsorption bed in the first vacuum chamber and a second adsorption bed in the second vacuum chamber. The waterway structure simultaneously conveys hot water into the first adsorption bed and cold water into the second adsorption bed, or simultaneously conveys cold water into the first adsorption bed and hot water into the second adsorption bed so as to allow the first and the second adsorption beds to conduct adsorption and desorption alternatively. This alternation creates pressure variation in the three vacuum chambers, which is then utilized to automatically determine the switchover point at which the refrigerator can provide and maintain a cold, stable environment.05-03-2012
20120031124EDGE-LIT INDICATOR FOR AN APPLIANCE DISPENSER - An indicator for a dispenser is disclosed. The indicator includes at least one display layer having at least one display surface surrounded by at least one edge surface, the at least one display layer being transparent in a direction of the at least one edge surface; at least one light source configured to transmit light through the at least one display layer in the direction of the at least one edge surface; and at least one pattern portion disposed in the at least one display surface such that light from the at least one light source is redirected through the at least one pattern portion.02-09-2012
20100300128Airflow-cooling apparatus for a ceiling air-conditioning circulation machine - An airflow-cooling apparatus of a ceiling air-conditioning circulation machine, and more particularly a structure permitting a smooth flow of the indoor air, wherein the drawn current of air passes through a cooling apparatus and then is guided indoors for reducing the temperature. Thus, the energy consumption and the carbon release can be reduced. According to the invention, a base frame includes a base frame having a rectangular positioning frame at the rim thereof. A plurality of radial supports are extended from the periphery of the positioning frame inwards. A circular frame is positioned at the center of the base frame. The rim of the circular frame is attached to the radial supports. A fan base is positioned within the circular hole of the circular frame and supported by a plurality of ribs. A plurality of conic and ring-shaped air outflow/inflow channels are concentrically and outwardly interposed between the circular frame and the positioning frame. Moreover, a wave-shaped cooling ring frame is disposed on the circular frame. In this way, a wavy flow is ensured when the indoor air pass through the conic air outflow/inflow channels into a cooling ring frame. Thus, the structure according to the invention achieves the flowing and cooling effect.12-02-2010
20090064693ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL SYSTEM FLUID SENSING SYSTEM AND METHOD - A sensor system and method for analyzing a fluid contained within an environmental control system, comprising the steps of providing a system including a passage for containing a thermal change fluid; placing a sensor including a mechanical resonator in the passage; operating the resonator to have at least a portion thereof translate through the fluid; and monitoring the response of the resonator to the fluid in the passage. A preferred sensor includes a tuning fork resonator.03-12-2009
20110239669MACHINE FOR MAKING AND DISPENSING ICED FOOD PRODUCTS - A machine for making and dispensing iced food products such as granitas, sorbets or slush drinks and the like, comprises a tank for containing and processing the product to be dispensed, a dispensing tap mounted near the bottom of the tank, a power-driven stirring means and an evaporator of a cooling circuit both located inside the tank; the machine also comprises a counter of the amount of product dispensed, the counter comprising a unit for measuring the amount of product dispensed and a unit for enabling measurement; the measurement enabling unit is equipped with a temperature sensor located at the dispensing tap, along the product dispensing path.10-06-2011
20090217682REFRIGERATOR - A refrigerator is disclosed which is capable of performing data transmission and reception with an external electric appliance (09-03-2009
20100037638DISPLAY FOR REFRIGERATOR - A display for a refrigerator, which can uniformly form a diffusing area, is provided. The display includes a process unit receiving a variety of operation signals for operating the refrigerator, a front cover provided in front of the process unit and including a pushing portion displaying an input location of a user and a light transmission portion transmitting light, and a diffusion sheet provided in rear of the front cover and uniformly diffusing the light.02-18-2010
20100058785ENGINE LIFE PREDICTING APPARATUS AND REFRIGERATING APPARATUS - A current detector and a voltage detector respectively detect a current value and a voltage value outputted from an engine generator. An operating block determines a weight constant on the basis of the current value and the voltage value, weights the operating time of an engine by using the weight constant, and integrates the weighted operating time to calculate an integral time. A judging block compares the integral time and a reference time, and gives a notification to an indicator when it judges that the integral time exceeds the reference time. Receiving the notification, the indicator makes an external indication. The current detector and the voltage detector can be made of electric circuitry, so that the life of the engine can be predicted at low costs and with high reliability.03-11-2010
20110083457REFRIGERATOR WITH A DISPENSER - A refrigerator dispenser includes an ice dispensing actuator, an ice dispensing chute, an ice dispensing housing positioned within a refrigerator door cavity and configured to define an ice dispensing cavity through which ice dispensed by the ice dispensing chute passes, a liquid dispensing chute positioned closer to a front surface of a refrigerator door than the ice dispensing housing, and a liquid dispensing actuator positioned on the ice dispensing housing and configured to receive input to inspire dispensing of liquid through the liquid dispensing chute.04-14-2011
20120042670REFRIGERATOR - The present invention relates to a refrigerator, and more particularly, to a refrigerator that facilitates keeping and drawing out a container for storing wine.02-23-2012
20120260683DISPLAY DEVICE AND REFRIGERATOR HAVING THE SAME - A refrigerator having a display is disclosed herein. The display may display contents of the refrigerator, display recommended recipes based on the contents, and display an operational state of the refrigerator. The refrigerator may include a body, at least one door, at least one storage area, a display for displaying a GUI having a first region for displaying an image of the at least one storage area and a second region for displaying a control interface, a memory having information for contents of the at least one storage area, a communication interface, and a controller for controlling the display. The controller may control a display of at least one icon for a type of food in the second region of the GUI and may control a display of one of the at least one icon in the first region of the GUI based on an input at the display.10-18-2012
20130014524REFRIGERATORAANM KIM; WoosungAACI Changwon-siAACO KRAAGP KIM; Woosung Changwon-si KR - A refrigerator is provided, including a case that forms a predetermined space separated from an outside thereof, a storage chamber provided in the case, a component chamber partitioned from the storage chamber within the case, the component chamber housing at least a compressor or a condenser, a thermoelectric device to generate electricity based on a temperature difference, and a display to display operational information related to the refrigerator. The thermoelectric device may include a first surface exposed to a high temperature area and a second surface exposed to a low temperature area to produce electricity using the temperature difference between the two areas.01-17-2013
20110219796REFRIGERATING APPLIANCE - A refrigerating appliance comprising an inner chamber which is surrounded by a heat-insulating housing, and a plurality of electrical or electromechanical components, including a coolant circuit for cooling the inner chamber and at least one temperature sensor, in addition to a control unit for controlling the co-operation of the components. Said control unit has a test operating mode for checking the operativeness of at least some of said components.09-15-2011

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