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Circulating external gas

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062 - Refrigeration

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062093000 With removing of moisture 77
062091000 With adding of moisture 18
062090000 With reheating 7
062096000 Indirect cooling using closed circuit heat transfer fluid 4
20090107155PREPARING HYDROGEN FOR CRYO-ADSORBER STORAGE - Hydrogen gas at a hydrogen refueling site is cooled below liquid nitrogen temperature (e.g., about 80K) for more efficient adsorption of hydrogen on hydrogen adsorbent particles in the fuel storage of a hydrogen powered vehicle. When compressed hydrogen gas is available it may be cooled with liquid nitrogen and then sub-cooled below about 70K by a Joule-Thompson expansion. When liquid hydrogen provides hydrogen gas it may be cooled below liquid nitrogen temperatures by mixing with liquid hydrogen or by heat exchange with liquid hydrogen.04-30-2009
20110174001Warm Water Cooling - A method of providing cooled air to electronic equipment includes capturing heated air from a volume containing electronic equipment, cooling the heated air by more than fifteen degrees Celsius in an air-to-water heat exchanger, and supplying cooling water to the air-to-water heat exchanger at a temperature above a dew point temperature of the heated air.07-21-2011
20130014523OPERATION METHOD OF HEAT PUMP-TYPE VEHICLE AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEMAANM Kimura; KenzoAACI Utsunomiya-shiAACO JPAAGP Kimura; Kenzo Utsunomiya-shi JPAANM Yamaoka; DaisukeAACI Utsunomiya-shiAACO JPAAGP Yamaoka; Daisuke Utsunomiya-shi JPAANM Esaki; HidenoriAACI Utsunomiya-shiAACO JPAAGP Esaki; Hidenori Utsunomiya-shi JPAANM Masuzawa; KosukeAACI Shioya-gunAACO JPAAGP Masuzawa; Kosuke Shioya-gun JPAANM Kobayashi; SatoshiAACI Utsunomiya-shiAACO JPAAGP Kobayashi; Satoshi Utsunomiya-shi JP - The disclosed operation method of a heat pump-type vehicle air conditioning system involves a step for setting a cold operating mode for raising the output air temperature of the air conditioner by means of a heater or a normal operating mode for raising the heating COP; a step for detecting the temperatures inside and outside the vehicle; and a step which, by selecting either the cold operating mode or the normal operating mode on the basis of the detected temperatures inside and outside of the vehicle, is for bypassing a condenser, controlling the opening of an electronic expansion valve contained in a bypass unit connected in series to a gas/liquid separating liquid coolant storage unit downstream of the aforementioned heater, and adjusting the pressure drop applied to the coolant.01-17-2013
20080264076System and method for recovering and liquefying boil-off gas - A system and process to re-liquefy boil-off liquid natural gas in varied amounts by a process using a screw compressor having an effective compression range from about 10 to about 100 percent of its rated capacity.10-30-2008
062095000 Plural cooling, e.g., precooling by exhaust 1
20100199693System for Increasing the Efficiency of a Conventional Air Conditioning System - A system for increasing the efficiency of a conventional air conditioner includes: an evaporative air cooler having evaporative pads; and a frame that retains the air cooler so as to enclose a condenser of the air conditioner, thereby directing pre-cooled air from the air cooler to the air conditioner. The system includes a tray and a pump that pumps the water in the tray into the evaporative air cooler, and a sensor to refill the tray. The system may be retro-fitted onto existing air conditioners.08-12-2010
062097000 Combining streams having diverse temperatures 1
20120006038COOLING SYSTEMS AND METHODS - According to one example of the present invention, a cooling system is provided. The cooling system comprises a water-cooled air conditioning module for cooling air from a chamber. The chamber is arranged for receiving air to be cooled and hot humid air. The cooling system also comprises a control system for controlling the flow of hot humid air to the chamber such that the air input to the air conditioning module has a predetermined relative humidity level within a predetermined range.01-12-2012
20110173999CONTROL OF A CONDITIONED AIR SUPPLY SYSTEM - An air supply system and a method for controlling operation of an air supply system for supplying a conditioned air flow at a setpoint air temperature to a climate controlled space are disclosed.07-21-2011
20120159974REFRIGERATOR AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - A refrigerator, the temperature of the inside of which is uniformly controlled, and a control method thereof. The direction of an air flow in a storage chamber is periodically changed so as to uniformly distribute cool air in the storage chamber by interchanging roles of suction and discharge holes in various manners under various conditions, thereby preventing local supercooling and thus uniformly maintaining the internal temperature of the storage chamber.06-28-2012
20100018227Refrigerated Case - A refrigerated case (01-28-2010
20130025303REFRIGERATOR AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - A control method of a refrigerator including a compressor to supply refrigerant to an evaporator to cool a storage compartment, a valve to adjust flow of the refrigerant, a fan to blow air heat-exchanged by the evaporator, and a heater to remove frost from the evaporator. The control method includes, upon receiving a power-saving signal, determining whether the received power-saving signal is a first or second power-saving mode signal, upon determining that the power-saving signal is the first power-saving mode signal, performing at least one selected from among resetting of target temperature of the storage compartment, adjustment of an operation rate of the compressor, and adjustment of operation time of the heater to execute a first power-saving mode, and, upon determining that the power-saving signal is the second power-saving mode signal, controlling the compressor, the fan, and the heater to be off to execute a second power-saving mode.01-31-2013
20130025302CRYOSAUNA - A cryosauna for recreational procedures comprises a source of liquid nitrogen, a unit to prepare an operating mixture, and a patient box. The unit has thermo insulated evaporator and mixer in fluid communication with each other. The evaporator is connected via a valve to the source of liquid nitrogen, the mixer through a fan is open to ambient air and connected with the patient box. The patient box is made roofless and comprises a floor, walls, and an adjustable stage to accommodate the patient. The cryosauna also comprises a recycle stream bypass channel connecting the patient box and evaporator and is provided with a three-way discharge valve, a first and a second discharge ducts connecting the patient box with inputs of the discharge valve and a duct fan installed at an output of the discharge valve.01-31-2013
20090193821PRE-RIDING AIR CONDITIONING METHOD AND AIR CONDITIONER - A pre-riding air conditioning method in which if an intention of a passenger to ride in a vehicle is detected, an inside air fan (08-06-2009
20100115972REFRIGERATOR AND CONTROL METHOD OF THE SAME - A refrigerator that is capable of achieving smooth flow of cool air therein and improving cooling efficiency of a cooled evaporator (05-13-2010
20130031919REFRIGERATION PLANT AND METHODS OF CONTROL THEREFOR - A refrigeration plant has a refrigerator circuit comprising a compressor, a condensing coil, an expansion valve and an evaporator. Heat is absorbed in the evaporator and exhausted at the condenser. Pressure is measured at the compressor inlet and a blower arrangement for blowing cool air over a heat transfer surface of the condenser is controlled in dependence upon the pressure measurement.02-07-2013
20090044547Method and apparatus for maintaining a uniform temperature in a refrigeration system - A refrigeration apparatus includes an air chiller, a storage enclosure defining a compartment, a duct system, and a valve system. The air chiller blows chilled air into the duct system. The compartment has a first and a second opening, each of which is coupled to the duct system. The valve system has valves that can be moved to route the chilled air so that it enters into the first opening and exits the second opening, or vice versa. In one implementation, the first opening is at the top of the compartment and the second opening is at the bottom of the compartment, and the valve system is controlled by a control circuit that periodically switches the valves (via an actuator) to change the direction of the chilled air. This effectively maintains a relatively uniform temperature throughout the compartment.02-19-2009
20130047640SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR LOW VOLTAGE DETECTION FOR HEAT PUMP WATER HEATERS - Systems and methods for low voltage detection for a heat pump water heater are disclosed. A current sensor can be used to monitor current supplied to a inductive load, such as a compressor or evaporator fan, of the heat pump water heater. The current sensor can be coupled to a controller which receives and processes information from the current sensor to determine whether a low voltage condition of the heat pump water heater has occurred. An alert can be provided to an installer/user of the heat pump water heater that a low voltage condition has occurred. The controller can also disconnect the heat pump water heater from the power source to prevent damage to the heat pump water heater.02-28-2013
20100132383METHOD OF DISPERSING AIR, JETS FROM AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEMS AND MIXING THEM WITH THE AMBIENT AIR OF AN ENCLOSURE FOR BETTER COMFORT AND APPARATUS TO CREATE THE JETS - The invention relates to a method and equipment for dispersing the air flowing out of air conditioning systems and mixing it with the ambient air of the enclosure to be conditioned. The quick mixing of the conditioned air jets will create better comfortable feeling of people in front of the conditioned air outlet.06-03-2010
20100269520AIR-CONDITIONING WITH DEHUMIDIFICATION - One embodiment comprises an apparatus with an evaporative unit for a refrigerant having a flow direction opposing the airflow direction and an adjustable airflow rate to utilize to produce both cold/dehumidified exit air and warmed exit refrigerant for high efficiency and to maintain an airflow sufficient to avoid freeze-up of evaporative unit or freeze-up to an extent that blocks the airflow. This may produce low humidity even when the room thermostat is set warm (e.g. 85F) and 5%-30% lower A/C bills. Other embodiments comprise systems and methods related to the adjustable airflow. A further embodiment comprises a controller to adjust the humidity in an air-conditioned space to produce air, which is both temperature and humidity controlled.10-28-2010
20130055735Defrost Bypass Dehumidifier - A defrost bypass dehumidifier includes an air flow path with first, second and third segments in series from upstream to downstream and passing ambient air respectively to an evaporator coil then to a condenser coil and then discharging same. The air flow path has a bypass segment passing ambient air to the evaporator coil in parallel with the noted first air flow path segment.03-07-2013
20130055734SENSOR MOUNT FOR A MOBILE REFRIGERATION SYSTEM - A refrigeration system for a mobile unit includes a refrigeration loop (03-07-2013
20120222436Air Cooled Refrigerator, Method And System Of Controlling The Same - A system and method of controlling an air-cooled refrigerator. The air-cooled refrigerator includes a refrigerating compartment, a refrigerating evaporator, and a refrigerating fan for circulating an air between the refrigerating evaporator and the refrigerating compartment. The method may include steps of: detecting a temperature T09-06-2012
20110011106REFRIGERATOR - A refrigerator having a refrigerator body including a first cooling chamber and a second cooling chamber, a barrier wall located between the first cooling chamber and the second cooling chamber, an evaporator configured to provide cooling air, a first cooling fan configured to provide cooling air of the evaporator to the first cooling chamber, and a second cooling fan configured to provide cooling air of the evaporator to the second cooling chamber is provided. A method of providing cooling air flow in a refrigerator is also provided.01-20-2011
20130061619METHOD OF CONTROLLING HEAT SOURCE-SIDE HEAT EXCHANGER FAN , AND AIR CONDITIONER - A heat source-side heat exchanger fan blowing air to a heat source-side heat exchanger performing heat exchange with refrigerant compressed in a compressor is controlled. A current detected temperature at a current time is converted to obtain a current converted high pressure value at the current time. The current converted high pressure is a pressure of refrigerant inside a high pressure-side pipe of the compressor. The current detected temperature is a temperature detected by a temperature detector attached to the heat source-side heat exchanger. A past detected temperature is converted to obtain a past converted high pressure value at the past time. A speed of the heat source-side heat exchanger fan is determined using a corrected converted high pressure value. The corrected converted high pressure value is obtained by correcting the current converted high pressure value based on the past converted high pressure value.03-14-2013
20130061618ADAPTIVE CONTROLLER FOR A REFRIGERATION APPLIANCE - An adaptive system for controlling a refrigeration appliance is provided. More particularly, a system for controlling the cooling of the refrigerator to achieve a desired temperature performance is provided. A variable damper and variable speed evaporator fan are used to dynamically control temperature of the freezer and fresh food compartments. A model of the refrigerator system can be used to determine the settings for the damper and evaporator fan needed to achieve the temperature performance desired.03-14-2013
20100263391Control Device for HVAC Systems with Inlet and Outlet Flow Control Devices - A process for controlling operation of a heating, ventilation and air conditioning system broadly comprises providing a heating, ventilation and air conditioning system having an evaporator, a condenser, a compressor having an inlet and an outlet, and at least one flow control device; measuring a performance parameter of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system; determining a performance parameter measurement of the flow indicative of onset of surge; determining a surge line of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system based upon the performance parameter measurement; and independently controlling the at least one flow control device based upon the performance parameter to mitigate an onset of the surge.10-21-2010
20100024446REFRIGERATED MERCHANDISER WITH DUAL AIR CURTAIN - A refrigerated merchandiser including a case defining a product display area, and a shelf supported by the case within the product display area. The case includes a base that is disposed below the product display area and a canopy that is disposed substantially above the product display area. The shelf includes an air discharge duct that is configured to direct a first air curtain generally downward from the shelf into the product display area toward the base, and an air return duct that is configured to receive at least a portion of a second air curtain discharged into the product display area from above the shelf.02-04-2010
20110277490Method and System for Improved-Efficiency Air-Conditioning - The amount of supply air used by an HVAC system, and hence the amount of energy used for heating and cooling, while maintaining desirable air quality and composition, is reduced by removing unwanted gases, such as carbon dioxide, using scrubbers or other devices that separate these gases from the circulating air. Optionally, the air can be further improved with injection of concentrated oxygen. While in a normal HVAC system frequent replacement of the building air is performed, scrubbing of CO11-17-2011
20110277489REFRIGERATED CONTAINER - A cold tray for a container may have an interior. The cold tray may include a cold tray housing mountable within the container interior. A refrigerant may be mounted to the cold tray housing. An air flow source may be fluidly connectable to the cold tray housing and may draw air from the container interior into the cold tray housing such that the air passes over the refrigerant and is discharged back into the container interior.11-17-2011
20110283719TEMPERATURE DISTRIBUTION IMPROVEMENT IN REFRIGERATED CONTAINER - The fan of a refrigeration machine operatively connected to a container box is operated in one direction during normal operation and is periodically operated in the opposite direction in order to reverse the direction of airflow to and from the container box so as to thereby promote a more uniform temperature distribution within the container box. A door is automatically closed when operating in the reverse direction so as to accelerate the airflow speed into the container box.11-24-2011
20110296857METHOD FOR CONTROLLING AIR CONDITIONER - Provided is a method for controlling an air conditioner. The air conditioner includes an air-conditioning unit having a plurality of components constituting a heat exchange cycle, a location detecting sensor detecting a location of a learner in an indoor space, and a control unit controlling the air-conditioning unit. The control unit controls the air-conditioning unit such that the air-conditioning unit repeatedly generates a direct or indirection wind directing toward the learner detected by the location detecting sensor by at least one time as time has elapsed.12-08-2011
20110167845COOLER AND DISPLAY DEVICE HAVING THE SAME - A cooler and a display device including the cooler. The cooler includes: a housing; an air blowing unit disposed inside the housing and sucking external air and blowing the external air in the housing, wherein the air blowing unit includes a plurality of groups each including two air blowers; a guide vane disposed above the air blowing unit and to guide air flowed out from the air blowing unit to flow in different directions; and a plurality of auxiliary guide vanes disposed between the air blowing unit and the guide vane, and each disposed in each of the groups each including two air blowers, so as to guide air flowing below the air blowing unit to flow toward the guide vane.07-14-2011
20120023977AIR CONDITIONER AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THE SAME - An air conditioner which may controlled to adapt to changes in power rates, and an associated method, are provided. The method may include receiving electric power information, determining whether a current power rate included in the received information is higher than a preset reference value, and supplying electric power from a supplementary electric power source to at least one appliance in a network to which the air conditioner is connected if the current power rate is higher than the preset reference value.02-02-2012
20120023976AIR CONDITIONER AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THE SAME - An air conditioner and control method thereof is provided which may be controlled to adapt operation to changes in power rates. The method may include receiving electric power related information, determining whether a current power rate included in the received information is higher than a preset reference value, determining occupancy of a space to be air conditioned if the current power rate is higher than the preset reference value, and controlling a flow rate of air supplied to the space based on the determined occupancy.02-02-2012
20110265500METHOD AND APPARATUS TO CONTROL DISCHARGE COOLING IN A REFRIGERATION SYSTEM - A method and apparatus for operating a discharge cooling cycle in a refrigeration system. The method includes determining a first operating condition of the refrigeration system. The method also includes, based on the determination of the operating condition, activating an evaporator fan for a first predetermined period of time, deactivating the evaporator fan for a second predetermined period of time, and repeating the activating and deactivating until a second operating condition is detected.11-03-2011
20110197601CHILLER WITH SETPOINT ADJUSTMENT - A chiller system includes a compressor operable at a compressor speed between a first speed and a second speed to deliver a flow of compressed fluid to a manifold at a compressor pressure and a condenser in fluid communication with the manifold to receive the compressed fluid. A condenser fan is operable at a fan speed between a minimum fan speed and a maximum fan speed to direct a cooling flow to the condenser to cool the compressed fluid and an evaporator is positioned to receive the flow of compressed fluid and operable to cool a second fluid. A controller is operable at least partially in response to a measured temperature of the second fluid and a measured temperature of the cooling flow to determine a desired pressure and to vary the compressor speed and the fan speed such that the compressor pressure equals the desired pressure.08-18-2011
20080271468PORTABLE AIR CONDITIONER - A portable air conditioner (11-06-2008
20100281892COMPARTMENT COOLING LOSS IDENTIFICATION FOR EFFICIENT SYSTEM OPERATION - A galley cooling system comprises a plurality of galley cooling units each to be associated with separate galleys. A sensor senses a condition within each of the galleys. A control determines whether a sensed condition is indicative of efficient operation of a particular galley cooling unit, and the control is operable to decrease cooling capacity delivered to a galley cooling unit which is experiencing inefficient operation. An aircraft galley system incorporating the above cooling unit, and a method of operating a galley cooling unit are also disclosed and claimed.11-11-2010
20130118192USE OF ADSORPTION OR ABSORPTION TECHNOLOGIES FOR THERMAL-ELECTRIC POWER PLANT COOLING - A hybrid cooling system adapted to provide cooling to a thermal-electric power plant includes an air-cooled condenser (ACC) adapted to provide cooling water to the thermal-electric power plant and a vapor absorption/adsorption refrigerant system (VARS) adapted to provide cooled air to the ACC. The cooled air is used by the ACC to condense steam to produce the cooling water.05-16-2013
20130118193HEAT PUMP AIR-CONDITIONING SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING THE SAME - A heat pump air-conditioning system includes a four-way valve provided with a first opening, a second opening, a third opening and a fourth opening communicated with each other. The first opening, a compressor, a first heat exchanger, a first expansion device and the second opening are sequentially connected in series. The third opening, a second heat exchanger, a second expansion device, a third heat exchanger and the fourth opening are sequentially connected in series. A first bypass valve is connected in parallel with the first expansion device and is connected between the first heat exchanger and the second opening. A second bypass valve is connected in parallel with the second expansion device and the third heat exchanger and is connected between the third heat exchanger and the fourth opening. A liquid supply system is connected to the first heat exchanger.05-16-2013
20100139297AIR CYCLE REFRIGERATION CAPACITY CONTROL SYSTEM - The present invention describes a method and apparatus for controlling the operating pressure of a Reverse Brayton type refrigeration device 06-10-2010
20100186431APPARATUS FOR SUPERCOOLING, AND METHOD OF OPERATING THE SAME - The present invention discloses an apparatus for supercooling and a method of operating the same which can solve supercooling release of a supercooled space and prevent external exposure of energy such as an electric field. The apparatus for supercooling includes a space cooled by cool air, for maintaining an inside object in a supercooled state by supply of energy preventing the object from being converted into a solid phase, a sensing unit for sensing supercooling release of the space or the object, and a heater engaged with the sensing unit, for applying heat to the space or the object.07-29-2010
20100257877REFRIGERATOR RELATED TECHNOLOGY - A refrigerator and its operation method are disclosed. Cool air ducts guide cool air from a freezing compartment to an ice compartment that is positioned at a refrigerating compartment door. At least a portion of the cool air ducts are located at a barrier that separates the freezing compartment and the refrigerating compartment.10-14-2010
20100192601PORTABLE AIR CONDITIONER - A portable air conditioner (08-05-2010
20100236262METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR IMPROVING DEHUMIDIFICATION - Comfort temperature and humidity levels in a conditioned space are controlled by cycling the speed of an evaporator fan motor in such a manner that, during time periods when higher sensible capacity is desired, the time in which the fan motor operates at a higher speed is increased, and during time periods when a higher latent capacity is desired, the time in which the fan motor operates at a lower speed is increased. The fan motor may be a single speed motor that is switched between on and off positions, or it may be a multiple speed motor that is cycled between a higher speed and a lower speed.09-23-2010
20100000238HEATING, VENTILATION, AIR CONDITIONING AND REFRIGERATION SYSTEM WITH MULTI-ZONE MONITORING AND DIAGNOSTICS - A multi-zone HVAC&R system has its control programmed to provide diagnostic testing of air handling components and refrigerant components associated with each climate controlled zone in sequence. The control changes the original position of the corresponding component and a resultant change in a relevant operational parameter is sensed. If the actual change is outside of the tolerance band associated with the expected change, then the determination is made that the component under consideration is malfunctioning. The periodicity of a diagnostic procedure for a particular component is typically defined by its criticality and reliability level. If the change in the corresponding operation parameter is recorded and stored in the database, the component degradation can be observed over time and a prognostic prediction can be made when a particular component requires preventive maintenance or replacement.01-07-2010
20100000239PULSE WIDTH MODULATION CONTROL FOR HEAT PUMP FAN TO ELIMINATE COLD BLOW - A heat pump refrigerant system is provided with a pulse width modulation control for a fan moving air over the indoor heat exchanger. When it is determined that there is insufficient heat rejected by the indoor heat exchanger to heat the volume of air being delivered by the fan into the conditioned environment, the volume of air supplied to the conditioned environment is reduced by utilizing one of pulse width modulation techniques to cycle the indoor fan motor to reduce the average volume of supplied air. Therefore, a precise control over the temperature of air delivered to the conditioned space is achieved, temperature of the delivered air is increased to the target value, and so-called “cold blow” conditions are avoided.01-07-2010
20100192600AIR COOLED DISPLAY CASE SHELF - A refrigerated display case is provided that includes a display chamber for displaying product. The display chamber includes a product tray for supporting the product. A cooling chamber is arranged beneath the product and is in communication with a surface of the product tray. The cooling chamber is sealed from the display chamber, in one example, and includes a cooling coil. A fan is in communication with the cooling chamber and cooling coil. The fan circulates a cooling flow through the cooling coil. The cooling flow moves across the surface and absorbs heat from the product tray by convection. The cooled product tray removes heat from the product by conduction.08-05-2010
20090320505METHOD FOR COOL DRYING - Method for cool drying gas containing water vapour, whereby this gas is led through the secondary part of a heat exchanger (12-31-2009
20110030396HVAC Condenser Assemblies Having Controllable Input Voltages - Assemblies for HVAC systems and methods of operating HVAC systems are disclosed, including a method of operating an HVAC system having a condenser motor operatively coupled to a fan and a controllable bus voltage for powering the condenser motor. The method includes increasing the controllable bus voltage from a first voltage to a second voltage to increase a speed of the condenser motor.02-10-2011
20120266617REFRIGERATOR - A refrigerator and an operating method thereof are disclosed. The refrigerator includes a refrigerator body having a storage chamber defined therein, a refrigeration cycle device for cooling the storage chamber, a thawing box mounted in the storage chamber, the thawing box having a plurality of air jet holes formed therethrough, a thawing heater mounted in the thawing box for heating a stored object in the thawing box, and a blower mounted at the thawing box for introducing cool air from the storage chamber into the thawing box through the air jet holes such that the stored object is cooled by the air and discharging the air out of the thawing box. The thawing box, the thawing heater, and the blower perform not only a thawing function but also a rapid cooling function, thereby manufacturing the refrigerator in a simple structure at low costs and improving spatial utilization of the storage chamber.10-25-2012
20110016893Redundant Cooling Method and System - A method apparatus and system for implementing a redundant cooling system is disclosed. The system and method include apparatus for providing a plurality of variable refrigerant flow air cooling units, wherein the number of air cooling units is at least one more than required to meet a selected maximum cooling load when operating the air cooling units at up to a maximum cooling capacity; coupling the plurality of variable refrigerant flow air cooling units in thermal communication with the air in a conditioned space; determining a select optimum operating condition for each of the plurality of variable refrigerant flow air cooling units which will result in about a lowest overall energy consumption for the redundant cooling system, while maintaining an average temperature of the air in the conditioned space at a required setpoint; and operating said plurality of air cooling units at about the select optimum operating conditions for each of the air cooling units.01-27-2011
20110100034BALANCED FLOW AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM - An air conditioning system 05-05-2011
20110100033AIR CONTROL MODULE - A damper blade is moved within an air control module connected to the discharge of a high-velocity blower, thereby modulating the electric power consumption of the blower motor.05-05-2011
20130186116OUTSIDE AIR WATER SOURCE HEAT PUMP - A thermal system and method are provided configured for improved efficiency. The system is typically configured to provide outside air to a building with the combination of a ground/water source heat pump and a dedicated outside air unit.07-25-2013
20100242506EVAPORATOR FAN MOTOR CONTROL IN A REFRIGERATED MERCHANDISER - A refrigeration apparatus having an evaporator fan motor control includes an evaporator to remove heat energy from the air in a cooled storage space. The evaporator transfers the heat energy to a refrigerant. At least one evaporator fan moves air from the cooled storage space across the evaporator to improve the transfer of heat energy into the refrigerant. The one or more evaporator fans have an energy consumption and generate a waste heat energy. A refrigeration control unit at least controls the operation of the one or more evaporator fans. During an off mode, the one or more evaporator fans are operated in a reduced energy consumption mode to reduce the energy consumption of the one or more evaporator fans and to reduce the waste heat while still defrosting the evaporator in the off mode.09-30-2010
20110041525CONTROL METHOD OF REFRIGERATOR - The present invention relates to a control method of a refrigerator which operates a cooling cycle including two storage compartments, a compressor, a condenser, a valve, fans, and evaporators for cooling the respective storage compartments, with one of the fans (02-24-2011
20120198866SPATIAL CONTROL OF CONDITIONED GAS DELIVERY FOR TRANSPORT REFRIGERATION SYSTEM TO INCLUDE CARGO SPATIAL TEMPERATURE DISTRIBUTION, AND METHODS FOR SAME - Embodiments of systems, apparatus, and/or methods can provide a supply air delivery system to modify delivered supply air responsive to a sensed condition. Embodiments of transport refrigeration systems, air delivery chutes, plenums in containers, containers and methods for using same according to the application can maintain a prescribed environment for an operatively coupled cargo or a container.08-09-2012
20120198865VEHICLE AIR CONDITIONING CONTROL - Methods and systems are provided for controlling an air conditioning system of a vehicle, the air conditioning system having a condenser fan, are provided. An ambient temperature is obtained. A power setting for the condenser fan is controlled such that energy usage of the air conditioning system is minimized, using the ambient temperature and other available inputs.08-09-2012
20110005245METHODS AND APPARATUSES FOR OPERATING HEAT PUMPS IN HOT WATER SYSTEMS - A method for operating a heat pump (01-13-2011
20110162393VARIABLE POSITION AIR DAMPER FOR A REFRIGERATOR - A refrigerator, including a cabinet having top, bottom, rear and opposing side walls that collectively define a freezer compartment and a fresh food compartment, employs a cooling system and an air plenum to deliver a cooling air flow into the freezer and fresh food compartments. The air plenum includes a variable position air damper having a first, substantially straight portion and a second arcuate portion that forms an air scoop. The air damper is slidably mounted within the air plenum between first and second positions. The variable position air damper is selectively arranged in the first position to efficiently deliver a volume of the cooling air flow into the freezer compartment, the second position to deliver the cooling airflow into the fresh food compartment or in an infinite number of intermediate positions to deliver the cooling airflow into both compartments.07-07-2011
20110252817AIR FLOW SYSTEM FOR APPLIANCES - A refrigerator includes a body defining a refrigerated compartment and an air duct, and an airflow system configured to circulate air between the refrigerated compartment and the air duct. The air flow system includes a fan configured to move air between the refrigerated compartment and the air duct, an evaporator configured to cool air passing through the air duct, and an air diverter assembly. The air diverter assembly includes a diverter provided at least partially within the air duct and configured to divert at least a portion of the air within the air duct into the refrigerated compartment, and a baffle provided at least partially within the refrigerated compartment and configured to direct air upward within the refrigerated compartment.10-20-2011
20090301110Air-Conditioning System For Aircraft - Air-conditioning system (12-10-2009
20110185750AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM - A supplementary air conditioning system includes an indoor heat exchanger and an outdoor heat exchanger. The indoor heat exchanger is fanless and includes indoor tubes installed so as to be inclined to a ceiling of a room. The indoor tubes make diagonal contact with a high-temperature air zone in an upper part of the room and refrigerant inside the indoor tubes is heated by the air zone so as to boil and vaporize and air in the air zone flows down through the indoor heat exchanger. The external heat exchanger includes outdoor tubes installed outside at a higher position than the indoor tubes and are connected to the indoor tubes via connecting pipes with no compressor therebetween. The outdoor tubes condense and liquefy the refrigerant boiled and vaporized in the indoor tubes and return the refrigerant to the indoor tubes.08-04-2011
20100031676AIR-CONDITIONING UNIT AND METHOD - The invention relates to an air-conditioning unit (02-11-2010
20110296856CONDENSING UNIT DESUPERHEATER - A condensing unit has a fan selectively operable to draw air through the condensing unit along an airflow path, a first row of condenser tubes disposed along the airflow path, and a second row of desuperheater tubes disposed along the airflow path downstream relative to the first row of condenser tubes. A condensing unit has an airflow path, a desuperheater heat exchanger disposed along the airflow path, and a condenser heat exchanger disposed along the airflow path. A method of desuperheating a refrigerant includes causing air having a first air temperature to encounter a condenser tube comprising refrigerant having a first refrigerant temperature, raising the temperature of the air to a second air temperature, and causing the air having the second air temperature to encounter a desuperheater tube comprising refrigerant having a second refrigerant temperature higher than the first refrigerant temperature.12-08-2011
20110120156REFRIGERATION SYSTEM WITH PARALLEL EVAPORATORS AND VARIABLE SPEED COMPRESSOR - A refrigeration system for controlling airflow around an air-cooled heat generating device having a plurality of components includes a refrigerant line split into second refrigerant lines, which are arranged in a parallel configuration with respect to each other. Evaporators are positioned along the second refrigerant lines and in the path of airflow supplied into the components or airflow exhausted from the components. The refrigeration system further includes a variable speed compressor and a controller for controlling the speed of the variable speed compressor. Furthermore, the refrigeration system includes a temperature sensor configured to transmit signals related to a detected temperature to the controller, and the controller is configured to vary the speed of the variable speed compressor based upon the detected temperature.05-26-2011
20110120155Room Air Conditioner And/Or Heater - A room air conditioner and/or heat pump is shown having a compressor, indoor coil, accumulator, expansion device and reversing valve for changing between a cooling cycle and a heating cycle. Intake louvers direct return air over the entire indoor coil for maximum heat transfer. Discharge louvers are curved upward to prevent short cycling while still being totally adjustable, up and down, right and left. Adjustment posts are anchored to a clip and are adjustable for right or left discharge of air and up or down discharge. Single handles control both the right or left discharge through a rear set of louvers and up or down discharge through a front set of louvers. A no circulation area prevents short cycling and curved edges prevent turbulence in air flow through louvers.05-26-2011
20120144849METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR CONTROLLING AUTOMOTIVE HVAC APPARATUS - A system and method for automatically controlling the operation of a climate control system, such as a HVAC, in a vehicle. The system disclosed here includes a monitoring module coupled to a blower motor and a controller coupled to the monitoring module and a compressor. The monitoring module monitors the status of the blower motor, and provides the status condition to the controller. Subsequently, the controller transmits an operational command to the compressor based on the inputs received from the monitoring module.06-14-2012
20120036874ACTIVE COOLING OF A COMPRESSOR IN AN APPLIANCE - A system for cooling a compressor for an appliance includes a water source, a compressor having an outer shell, the compressor being configured to compress a refrigerant during a cooling cycle of the appliance, and a fluid heat transfer device. The fluid heat transfer device is configured to receive water from the water source and apply the water to the outer shell for rejecting heat from the compressor.02-16-2012
20090211272HEAT DISSIPATION SYSTEM - A system for removing heat from heat load equipment including a re-circulating air handling unit for establishing an air curtain that flows up from and around the heat load equipment and one or more roof-mounted heat stratification housings disposed over the heat load equipment for receiving heat from the equipment. The heat generated from the equipment travels upwardly inside of and propelled by the air curtain. The heat stratification housing includes a plurality of heat transfer plates that extend between interior and exterior areas thereof. Water nozzles direct a spray on the heat transfer plates.08-27-2009
20120000219Refrigerator with temperature control - A refrigerator having a main body including a refrigerating compartment, a cool air duct supplying cool air to the refrigerating compartment, and a sub storage compartment provided in the main body independently maintaining a temperature thereof with respect to the refrigerating compartment and being indirectly cooled or indirectly heated by radiation.01-05-2012
20120151947APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR SINGLE OR MULTIPLE TEMPERATURE ZONE(S) IN REFRIGERATED VENDING MACHINE - An automated vending machine that can be selectively configured to include one or several temperature zones. A single refrigeration system and universal interior allows easy and economical assembly into a one, two, or three temperature zone machine. Thermal breaks and dividers are used to partition zones, when needed. The basic vending machine cabinet, dispensers, and controls are not changed between configurations. In one aspect, a universal air duct can be used for all three configurations, with minor changes.06-21-2012
20090211273Aircraft air-conditioning unit and method for operating an aircraft air-conditioning unit - An aircraft air-conditioning unit (08-27-2009
20120131933AIR CONDITIONER AND METHOD FOR OPERATING SAME - An air conditioner according to the present invention comprises an air handling unit comprising a fan for supplying the air mixed the indoor air with the outdoor air to the indoor space and a heat exchanger for exchanging the mixed air blowing by the fan with the chilled water and a temperature sensor for sensing temperature, and a chiller which includes a compressor, a condenser, an expansion device and an evaporator and supplies the chilled water from the evaporator to the heat exchanger through a water pipe connecting the evaporator with the heat exchanger, wherein the chiller communicates with the air handling unit and sets a chilled water set temperature of the chilled water supplied from the evaporator to the heat exchanger according to the result sensed by the temperature sensor and changes the driving capacity of the compressor according the chilled water set temperature. Thus, it can prevent super-cooling and excessive dehumidification of the indoor space when a chilled water temperature of a heat-exchanger is too low. In addition, it can perform the sufficient cooling and dehumidification by the minimum electric consumption.05-31-2012
20110179813EVAPORATIVE COOLER WITH CENTRIFUGAL FAN - Evaporative coolers are disclosed. An evaporative cooler includes a cooler housing, a centrifugal fan, and a motor. The cooler housing defines an interior region, a single air inlet, and an air outlet. The single air inlet is positioned to permit air flow into the interior region generally along an inlet axis. The air outlet is positioned to permit air flow from the interior region generally along an outlet axis. The inlet axis and outlet axis are angled with respect to one another. The centrifugal fan is mounted within the interior region of the cooler housing. The centrifugal fan is oriented to rotate about a vertical axis that is substantially orthogonal to the inlet and outlet axes. The motor is mounted within the interior region of the cooler housing and is coupled to the centrifugal fan. The motor is configured to rotate the centrifugal fan about the vertical axis.07-28-2011
20120210735HYBRID REFRIGERATION SYSTEM FOR A MOBILE UNIT AND METHOD OF OPERATION - A refrigeration system for a mobile unit and a method for operating the same are provided. The method includes the steps of: 1) providing a refrigeration unit having a compressor, an evaporator, and at least one fan operable to move air towards the evaporator, a generator dedicated to the refrigeration unit, and a battery; 2) determining at least one environmental parameter in one or both of the mobile unit and the refrigeration unit; and 3) selectively operating the refrigeration unit in one of a plurality of modes based on the environmental parameter, which plurality of modes includes a first mode wherein at least the fan is powered by the battery, and a second mode wherein the compressor and the fan are powered by the generator.08-23-2012
20120167600Methods for removing heat from enclosed spaces with high internal heat generation - Methods are provided for cooling data centers based on a cooperative system including a plurality of Indirect Air-Side Economizers, also referred to as Recirculation Air Cooling Units, that are advantageously operated in conjunction with one or more Side Stream Filtration Units or filters inclusive to a portion of the IASE/RACUs, and one or more Make-Up Air Dehumidification/Humidification Units for the introduction of ventilation air and control of humidity within the enclosed space. An objective of the systems and methods according to this disclosure is to provide the necessary rejection of heat, removal of particulate from the air, and control of the absolute moisture content of the air within a data center.07-05-2012
20100050665METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MAINTAINING A UNIFORM TEMPERATURE IN A REFRIGERATION SYSTEM - A refrigeration apparatus includes an air chiller including a fan, a storage enclosure defining a compartment, and a duct system. The air chiller blows chilled air into the duct system. The compartment has first and second openings, each of which is coupled to the duct system. Chilled air enters the first opening and exits the second opening, and vice versa. In one implementation, the first opening is at the top of the compartment and the second opening is at the bottom of the compartment. A control circuit may periodically cause the fan to change the direction of the chilled air flow. This effectively maintains a relatively uniform temperature throughout the compartment.03-04-2010
20110107775Parallel Condensing Unit Control System And Method - A system comprises a condenser for a refrigeration system and a control module. The condenser has a plurality of variable speed condenser fans. The control module controls the plurality of variable speed condenser fans. The control module increases condenser fan operation by activating a deactivated variable speed condenser fan at a first fan speed when at least one variable speed condenser fan of the plurality is deactivated and by increasing a fan speed of an activated variable speed condenser fan to a second fan speed when each variable speed condenser fan of the plurality is activated and operating at the first fan speed. The second fan speed is faster than the first fan speed.05-12-2011
20120318007INTERNAL AIR CIRCULATION CONTROL IN A REFRIGERATED TRANSPORT CONTAINER - Disclosed is a system for and a method of controlling internal air circulation within a refrigerated transport container (12-20-2012
20120227424Converging/Diverging Front Intake - An air supply system for a refrigerator cabinet, which reduces temperature differences through-out the cabinet generates air currents in the cabinet by a panel that extends across the inside of the cabinet. The panel is set an angle that directs air downwardly and terminates with an upwardly-inclined air-diverting surface or baffle. The panel and baffle define a converging/diverging air intake for the air supply system, the input of which is located at the front of the refrigerated cabinet.09-13-2012
20120137710DAMPER APPARATUS FOR TRANSPORT REFRIGERATION SYSTEM, TRANSPORT REFRIGERATION UNIT, AND METHODS FOR SAME - Embodiments of systems, apparatus, and/or methods can provide a damper assembly for transport refrigeration systems. One embodiment can include a damper assembly including a damper door configured to operate in a first position (e.g., closed), a second position (e.g., open), and at least one intermediate position. In one embodiment, a plurality of intermediate positions can be used to controllably vary a capacity of the transport refrigeration unit, or at least one component thereof. Embodiments of systems, apparatus, and/or methods can provide a damper assembly that can be accessed though an ambient portion of transport refrigeration systems or components.06-07-2012
20110146307CONDENSER VENTILATION CONTROL - A method controls operation of one or more ventilation fans of an air-cooled condenser for condensing exhaust steam from a steam turbine of an electric power plant. The steam turbine powers an electric power generator. The method includes the following steps: An ambient temperature is acquired and a parameter indicative of the power output of the generator is measured. A fan operation state is determined based on the acquired ambient temperature and the measured parameter. The fan is operated in accordance with the determined fan operation state.06-23-2011
20130167565METHOD FOR CONTROLLING OPERATION OF REFRIGERATOR - Provided is a method for controlling an operation of a refrigerator. Different operation modes are selected according to whether a refrigerator door is opened and closed, and according to an inner temperature and an ambient noise. Freezing capacity of a compressor, the number of rotations of an evaporator fan, and the number of rotations of a condenser fan are varied in conjunction with one another, to reduce a noise.07-04-2013
20130139530METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR COOLING - A method of calculating net sensible cooling capacity of a cooling unit includes measuring a discharge pressure from of fluid from a compressor and a suction pressure from an evaporator, calculating a condensing temperature of fluid flowing from the compressor and an evaporating temperature of fluid flowing from the evaporator, calculating a mass flow rate of fluid flowing from the compressor, calculating enthalpy of fluid flowing from the compressor, of fluid flowing from the thermal expansion valve, and of fluid flowing from the evaporator, calculating a mass flow rate of fluid flowing through the hot gas bypass valve, and calculating net sensible cooling capacity. Embodiments of cooling units and other methods are further disclosed.06-06-2013
20130139529Fan Speed Control For Air-Cooled Condenser In Precision Cooling - An air conditioner system including a condenser fan, an ambient temperature sensor, a refrigerant pressure sensor, and a controller. The ambient temperature sensor is to sense ambient temperature at the system. The refrigerant pressure sensor is to sense pressure of a refrigerant of the system. The target refrigerant pressure module is to identify an optimum pressure of the refrigerant in the system. The controller is to generate an output representing a speed of the condenser fan operable to maintain the pressure of the refrigerant at about the optimum pressure as the ambient temperature of the system changes.06-06-2013
20100307174Method and apparatus for controlling certain refrigeration system evaporator fan motors - A method and device for controlling certain two-speed ECMs (Electronically Commutated Motors) used in refrigeration evaporator coils. Said method and device monitors and responds to the status of the cooling system, causing the ECMs to operate at high speed when the cooling system is actively cooling, and at low speed when the cooling system is idle.12-09-2010
20120272670REFRIGERATOR AND CONTROL METHOD THEREOF - A refrigerator includes a cabinet having a storage space; a barrier to divide the storage space into a freezing compartment and a refrigerating compartment, filled with a heat insulator, and having a depression part formed on one side surface thereof; an evaporator accommodated in a part of the depression part; a blowing unit accommodated in another part of the depression part corresponding to a upper side of the evaporator; a barrier cover to shield the depression part by covering one side surface of the barrier. The depression part includes an evaporator accommodating part to accommodate the evaporator, a blowing unit accommodating part configured to accommodate the blowing unit, and a cold air passage extended from the blowing unit accommodating part to allow the cold air to be guided into the freezing compartment and to refrigerating compartment. The blowing unit accommodating part is depressed greater than the evaporator accommodating part.11-01-2012
20120272669HVAC UNIT WITH HOT GAS REHEAT - The present disclosure is directed to a single compressor HVAC system with hot gas reheat. The system includes a single compressor, a pair of condensers, a reheat heat exchanger, an evaporator, and an expansion device. Within the system, the refrigerant exiting the compressor is separated into two portions. In the cooling mode, the first and second portions of the refrigerant are directed from the compressor through the two condensers in parallel. In the reheat mode, the first portion of the refrigerant is directed through the first condenser, while the second portion of the refrigerant is directed through the reheat heat exchanger. The system also may include a head pressure control device that is designed to maintain the compressor discharge pressure within a desired range by adjusting the condenser fan speed.11-01-2012
20110302939COOLING SYSTEM WITH INCREASED EFFICIENCY - A cooling system is disclosed. The cooling system may have an evaporator, an evaporator fan, a condenser, and at least one compressor. The compressor may be either a single speed or a variable speed compressor. In addition, the system can use a mechanical or electrical pulsed operation refrigerant flow control valve for controlling refrigerant flow to the evaporator.12-15-2011
20110302938CONTROL METHOD FOR REFRIGERATOR - The present invention provides a control method for a refrigerator that can acquire a pump-down effect without performing an additional pump-down process and furthermore, efficiently utilize residual cool air remaining in a freezer evaporator.12-15-2011
20120000218CONTACTOR FOR AIR CONDITIONING UNIT - A contactor for air conditioning unit includes a first magnetic coil, having a first set of contacts for the compressor; a second magnetic coil, having a second set of contacts for the fan motor; and a time delay device connected in series with either the first magnetic coil or the second magnetic coil. The contactor provides for independent control of the compressor and the fan motor. During the time period when the fan continues running and the compressor is switched off, the device equalizes the pressure difference between different portions of the air conditioning unit.01-05-2012
20120017612SYSTEM TO CONTROL EXTERNAL CONDENSATION ON A REFRIGERATOR - A cooling system for an appliance includes an evaporator stage, a compressor stage coupled to the evaporator stage and a condenser stage coupled to the compressor stage. The condenser stage includes a condenser and a condenser cooling fan for cooling the condenser, and a condenser loop coupled between the condenser stage and the evaporator stage. A humidity sensor is configured to detect a humidity level in an area of the cooling system and a controller is configured to cycle an operating state of the condenser cooling fan from ON to a low speed or OFF prior to an end of a cooling cycle.01-26-2012
20120017611LOAD MANAGEMENT AWARE FAN CONTROL - A fan-control device for overriding normal operation of a circulation fan delivering conditioned air through ductwork in an unconditioned space. The fan-control device includes a detection circuit and a fan relay. The detection circuit is configured to detect a cooling system control voltage and a cooling system control current and to output a fan control override signal when the cooling system control voltage is detected and the cooling system control current is absent.01-26-2012
20120085109Contained UPS System with Temperature Control - An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system includes an enclosure, a floor system, a UPS, and at least one air conditioning unit. The enclosure defines an interior chamber. The floor system is disposed in the interior chamber. The floor system includes a floor that defines within the interior chamber a main compartment above the floor and a plenum below the floor. The at least one battery is disposed in the plenum. The UPS is disposed in the main compartment and is electrically connected to the at least one battery. The at least one air conditioning unit is operable to generate a first conditioned air flow through the main compartment and a second conditioned air flow through the plenum such that the main compartment is maintained at a first temperature and the plenum is maintained at a second temperature different from the first.04-12-2012

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