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062500100 Liquified gas transferred as liquid 99
062510100 Including cryostat 58
062480100 With vapor discharged from storage receptacle 33
062460100 With sorbing or mixing 16
062530200 Storage in modified vehicle (e.g., ship, truck, etc.) 14
062490100 With measuring 14
062470100 With conservation of cryogen by reduction of vapor to liquid within storage receptacle 11
062530100 Underground or underwater storage 3
20090013697Simultaneous Underground Cavern Development and Fluid Storage - An integrated energy hub facility capable of bringing together all aspects of hydrocarbon and other fluid product movement under controlled conditions applicable to the reception, storage, processing, collection and transmission downstream is provided. Input to the energy hub includes natural gas and crude from a pipeline or a carrier, LNG from a carrier, CNG from a carrier, and carrier-regassed LNG, as well as other products from a pipeline or a carrier. Storage can be above surface, in salt caverns or in subterranean formations and cavities, and include petroleum crude, natural gas, LPG, NGL, GTL and other fluids. Transmission downstream may be carried out by a vessel or other type of carrier and/or by means of a pipeline system. Cryogenic fluids are offloaded and sent to the energy hub surface holding tank, then pumped to the energy hub vaporizers and sent to underground storage and/or distribution.01-15-2009
20090293506Semi-Submersible Offshore Structure Having Storage Tanks for Liquified Gas - Disclosed herein is a semi-submersible offshore structure having storage tanks for liquefied gas, which is constructed so as to improve workability in marine offloading of the liquefied gas stored in the storage tanks while reducing an influence of sloshing. The offshore structure is anchored at sea and has liquefied gas. The offshore structure includes a storage tank storing liquefied gas, a plurality of columns partially submerged under the sea level and each having the storage tank therein, and an upper deck located on the plurality of columns to connect the columns to each other.12-03-2009
20130174585METHOD AND DEVICE FOR STORING A CRYOGENIC FLUID AND WHICH ARE SUITABLE FOR SOILS INCLUDING PERMAFROST - The invention relates to a method for storing a cryogenic fluid, implementing a tank including at least one vessel capable of containing the cryogenic fluid. The method including the following steps: a) placing the tank on, in, or partially in soil including permafrost; b) feeding the cryogenic fluid into the vessel; and c) exchanging heat between the cryogenic fluid and the soil, in order to freeze and/or keep a portion of the soil frozen, such that said portion of the soil can be used as the foundation for the tank.07-11-2013
062520100 Spraying of cryogen 3
20100162732Cooling or Freezing Apparatus Using High Heat Transfer Nozzle - An apparatus for reducing temperature of items includes an enclosure having an inlet and an outlet for the items within the enclosure; a conveyor for conveying the items within the enclosure from the inlet to the outlet; one or more delivery nozzles positioned to deliver gaseous cryogen and liquid or solid cryogen at supersonic velocity to the items on the conveyor. The apparatus delivers supersonic gaseous cryogen and fine liquid cryogen droplets onto the surface of food items to cool or freeze the food items.07-01-2010
20110067417METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR COOLING LIQUIDS - A feed liquid, for example, a molten fat, is formed into at least one sheet of flowing particles and is cooled by directing cryogen at the particles from both sides of the sheet. By this means, a molten liquid such as fat may be spray crystallised.03-24-2011
20120055173EQUIPMENT AND METHOD FOR SURFACE TREATMENT BY JETS OF CRYOGENIC FLUID - The invention relates to working equipment that uses one or more jets of high-pressure fluid at a cryogenic temperature, including a source (03-08-2012
062540100 Cryogen stored in both phases (e.g., as slush or gel) 1
20120151943GAS STORAGE APPARATUS - A gas storage apparatus comprises a pressure vessel in the form of a cylinder, closed by a valve, containing a non-permanent gas having under its storage conditions a gas phase and a liquid phase. A jacket formed of plastics sachets surrounds and is in heat transfer relationship with the outer surface of the cylinder. The sachets define closed compartments containing a heat release substance which is liquid at 20° C. On opening the valve, the non-permanent gas is delivered from the cylinder. The liquid phase of the non-permanent gas absorbs heat from the heat release substance which undergoes fusion. The heat release substance may be water.06-21-2012
20090193815CRYOGENIC STORAGE DEVICE - A cryogenic storage device includes a main body and a door. The main body defines an opening and a compartment. The door is rotatably connected to an edge of the opening. An evaporator is positioned in the compartment and configured to produce cold air. A fan is positioned in the compartment and configured to drive the cold air to flow in the compartment. An illumination component is positioned in the compartment and includes several of light emitting diodes. A door switch is positioned on an edge of the opening and configured to detect if the door is opened or closed to turn on and off the light emitting diodes.08-06-2009
20130061607COOLING SYSTEM - The invention relates to a cooling system for cooling a refrigeration consumer (K) that has a single-stage or multi-stage compressor to compress refrigerant circulating in the cooling system, at least one heat exchanger to cool the refrigerant, and at least one expansion turbine to expand the refrigerant in a way that gives off cold. A storage device that serves to store liquid refrigerant is assigned to the cooling system, or a storage device is integrated into the cooling system, in such a way that at least temporarily, liquid refrigerant can be fed into the cooling circuit from the storage device.03-14-2013
20080209915STORAGE TANK FOR A CRYOGENIC FLUID WITH A PARTITIONED CRYOGEN SPACE - A cryogenic storage tank comprises a partition that divides a cryogen space into a main storage space and an auxiliary space. A valve disposed inside the cryogen space is associated with a first fluid passage through the partition. The valve comprises a valve member that is actuatable by fluid forces within the cryogen space. A second fluid passage through the partition comprises a restricted flow area that is dimensioned to have a cross-sectional flow area that is smaller than that of a fill conduit such that there is a detectable increase in back-pressure when the main storage space is filled with liquefied gas.09-04-2008
20100089070Fluid Reservoir with Thermal Management - The invention relates to a fluid reservoir, particularly a fluid reservoir with a sorption medium. According to the invention an improvement is provided by a device for the temperature control of the fluid reservoir.04-15-2010
20130098070PRESSURE CONTROL APPARATUS FOR CRYOGENIC STORAGE TANKS - A pressure control apparatus for a cryogenic storage tank includes a heat pipe extending into the storage tank and having a first end in contact with liquid cryogen in the storage tank, and a second end exposed to an atmosphere external to the storage tank such that heat flux occurs in the liquid cryogen proximate the first end of the heat pipe for providing a cryogenic gas and pressure to the liquid cryogen in the storage tank. Another embodiment includes a sleeve for the second end to control the heat flux in the liquid cryogen.04-25-2013
20090211261Mobile unit for cryogenic treatment - According to various embodiments, a portable cryogenic treatment system comprises a transportable housing. The transportable housing comprises a plurality of side walls, a front wall, a rear wall, a ceiling and a floor. The transportable housing includes a cryogenic liquid source and a cryogenic treatment chamber in fluid communication with the cryogenic liquid source. The cryogenic treatment chamber is configured to treat a treat able object using a cryogenic liquid.08-27-2009
20110132003CONVERSION OF LIQUEFIED NATURAL GAS - A method of and apparatus for converting liquefied natural gas (LNG) to a superheated fluid through vaporisation and superheating of the LNG employs a first main heat exchanger in series with a second main heat exchanger. The first main heat exchanger is heated by a condensing first heat exchange fluid flowing in a first heat exchange circuit including a first supplementary heat exchanger for revaporising the first heat exchange fluid and the second main heat exchanger by a condensing second heat exchange fluid flowing in a second heat exchange circuit including a second heat exchanger for vaporising the second heat exchange fluid. The circuits and may share a common vessel for collecting condensate. The condensing pressure of the heat exchange fluid in the first circuit is less than condensing pressure of the heat exchange fluid in the second circuit.06-09-2011
20090293503SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR LIQUID AIR PRODUCTION, POWER STORAGE AND POWER RELEASE - Systems and methods for storing and releasing energy comprising directing inlet air into a vertical cold flue assembly having an air inlet at or near its top into which inlet air is directed and an exit at or near its bottom. The air is cooled within the cold flue assembly and a portion of moisture is removed from the air within the cold flue assembly. The air is directed out the exit of the cold flue assembly and compressed. The remaining moisture is substantially removed and the carbon dioxide is removed from the air by adsorption. The air is cooled in a main heat exchanger such that it is substantially liquefied using refrigerant loop air, the refrigerant loop air generated by a refrigerant loop process. The substantially liquefied air is directed to a storage apparatus. The refrigerant loop air is cooled by a mechanical chiller and by a plurality of refrigerant loop air expanders. In energy release mode, working loop air warms the released liquid air such that the released liquid air is substantially vaporized, and the released liquid air cools the working loop air such that the working loop air is substantially liquefied. A portion of the released liquid air is directed to the at least one generator and used as bearing air for the at least one generator. The substantially vaporized air is directed to a combustion chamber and combusted with a fuel stream. Combustion gas may be directed from the combustion chamber to at least one expander and expanded in the expander, the expanded combustion gas split into a first portion and a second portion, the first portion being relatively larger than the second portion. The first portion may be directed to a first heat exchanger, and the second portion may be directed to a second heat exchanger such that the second portion heats and substantially vaporizes the released liquid air.12-03-2009
20090293502SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR LIQUID AIR PRODUCTION POWER STORAGE AND POWER RELEASE - Systems and methods for releasing and replacing stored energy comprise capturing inlet air from the ambient environment so the inlet air flows in a first general direction. Released liquid air flows in a second general direction, the second general direction being substantially opposite to the first general direction. The released liquid air is pumped to pressure, and the released liquid air and inlet air flow past each other such that heat exchange occurs. The inlet air warms the released liquid air such that the released liquid air is substantially vaporized, and the released liquid air cools the inlet air. Moisture and carbon dioxide are removed from the inlet air, and the inlet air is compressed and cooled such that the inlet air is substantially liquefied. The substantially liquefied air replaces a portion of the released liquid air; and the substantially vaporized released liquid air is combusted with fuel to produce electricity.12-03-2009
20120117985FLUID PATH SYSTEM FOR DISSOLUTION AND TRANSPORT OF A HYPERPOLARIZED MATERIAL - A fluid path system includes a vial containing a pharmaceutical product therein. A dissolution fluid path is also included in the fluid path system, the dissolution fluid path having an output end in fluid communication with the vial and an input end attached to a pressure vessel containing a dissolution medium. A delivery fluid path is also included in the system having a first end hermetically attached to the vial to transport therefrom a mixture of dissolved pharmaceutical product and dissolution medium and a second end connected to a receiving vessel to receive the mixture. A dissolution fluid path valve is positioned between the pressure vessel and the dissolution fluid path to control flow of the dissolution medium, and a delivery fluid path valve is also included in the fluid path system to control flow of the mixture from the delivery fluid path to the receiving vessel.05-17-2012
20120159969Method for charging evaporators with cryogenically liquefied gases, and a device for carrying out said method - Within a method for loading evaporators (06-28-2012
20100050660Refrigerated Vehicle with an External Refrigeration Module and a Refrigeration Method - The invention relates to a mobile refrigerated vehicle comprising a refrigerated chamber housing for at least one refrigerated chamber contained therein, a tank for liquefied gas, an evaporator for the evaporation of the liquefied gas during the delivery of cold to the refrigerated chamber and an exhaust pipe for the evaporated gas, in conjunction with which the evaporator is arranged outside the refrigerated chamber; and a method for refrigerating a refrigerated chamber of a mobile refrigerated vehicle comprising the following process stages: removal of a liquefied gas from a tank and supply of the gas into an evaporator arranged outside the refrigerated chamber; removal of a flow of cooling air to be refrigerated from the refrigerated chamber, evaporation of the liquefied gas in the evaporator and utilization of at least one part of the cold content for the refrigeration of the flow of cooling air; introduction of the refrigerated flow of cooling air into the refrigerated chamber. The invention is characterized in that dependable and efficient refrigeration of products can be achieved in conjunction with particularly high operational reliability and energy-saving.03-04-2010
20100011782CONTAINER FOR RECEIVING MEDIA AND/OR DEVICES TO BE STORED AT LOW TEMPERATURES - A container for receiving cryogenic media and/or units which are to be stored at low temperatures, having an outer shell (01-21-2010
20110265494Production of Liquefied Natural Gas - A liquefied natural gas production and storage scheme for offshore liquefaction of stranded gas reserves using a processing vessel and a liquefaction and storage shuttle vessel. The processing vessel includes the typical steps of condensate management, pre-treatment and compression. The processing vessel also recompresses a recycle gas from the LNG production and storage vessel. The high pressure, treated natural gas is fed to the LNG production and storage vessel that has minimal processing equipment consisting of at least a heat exchanger, an isentropic expander, a separator vessel, and a small LP compressor. The liquefier on the liquefaction and storage vessel are designed to generate a high liquid yield without the need for excessive operating pressures or multiple refrigerants circulating between vessels.11-03-2011
20120317995PUMP FOR CONVEYING A CRYOGENIC FLUID - A pump for conveying a cryogenic fluid from a tank into a container which is under a higher pressure. The pump includes a cylinder having a piston which defines a low-temperature chamber and a high-temperature chamber in the cylinder such that during a first stroke movement of the piston, the volume of the low-temperature chamber decreases and the volume of the high-temperature chamber increases correspondingly, and during a second stroke movement of the piston which runs in the opposite direction of the first stroke movement, the volume of the high-temperature chamber decreases and the volume of the low-temperature chamber increases correspondingly.12-20-2012
20120240599AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM FOR AN AIRCRAFT - A cryogenic fluid from a cryogenic tank is used as a cooling medium for an air-conditioning system of an aircraft.09-27-2012
20120060515INSULATION, IN AN ARGON ATMOSPHERE, OF A DOUBLE-WALLED LIQUEFIED GAS TANK - A double-walled liquefied gas tank characterized in that one or more insulation spaces about the vat containing the liquid are filled with a mixture, consisting mainly of argon trapped by gravity, between the outer walls of the vat and: a) for the insulating space (03-15-2012


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