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Interior of enclosure cooled; e.g., refrigerator

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062 - Refrigeration


062300200 - Thermoelectric; e.g., peltier effect

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062300600 Interior of enclosure cooled; e.g., refrigerator 89
20090158751Thermoelectric container cooler - A thermoelectric display case (06-25-2009
20130133339HOT/COLD TEST EQUIPMENT FOR NAND FLASH MEMORY WITH DEHUMIDIFYING FUNCTION - Disclosed herein is hot/cold test equipment for a Nand Flash Memory. The test equipment includes a mounting unit that contains the Nand Flash Memory together with a socket to test whether the memory is defective or not, a chamber provided above the mounting unit and moving up and down to come into contact with the socket and thereby provide a target temperature, and a temperature display displaying the target temperature. The chamber includes a block inserted into the socket, a thermoelectric element seated on an upper portion of the block, a water jacket seated on an upper portion of the thermoelectric element and circulating cooling water therein, and a cooling fan provided in the water jacket to blow air downwards, with a discharge hole being formed on a lower surface of the block to discharge nitrogen gas.05-30-2013
20130047630VEHICLE REFRIGERATOR HAVING A LIQUID LINE SUBCOOLED VAPOR CYCLE SYSTEM - A vapor cycle refrigeration system includes a thermoelectric device (TED) as a sub-cooler to sub-cool liquid refrigerant exiting a condenser to increase cooling capacity of an evaporator and pull down temperature within a refrigerated compartment quickly. The TED sub-cooler is turned off after initial temperature pull down and is not operated during steady state operation for maintenance of the compartment temperature.02-28-2013
20090113898 THERMOELECTRIC WATER CHILLER AND HEATER APPARATUS - The appliance provides chilled water, heated water, or both chilled and heated water simultaneously. The primary intended use is in military vehicles, but the appliance may be used in any environment where heated and/or chilled liquid is desired.05-07-2009
20090064686QUICK THAW/QUICK CHILL REFRIGERATED COMPARTMENT - A food refrigeration appliance having a refrigerated cabinet, a thaw/chill compartment, and a controller for selectively operating the thaw/chill compartment. The compartment is located within the refrigerated cabinet and is heated or cooled by a magneto-caloric element present within the compartment. The controller is electrically coupled to the magneto-caloric element for selective operation.03-12-2009
20110011100UNITARY THERMOELECTRIC HEATING AND COOLING DEVICE - A unitary thermoelectric heating and cooling device for foodstuffs is described. In one embodiment, the device includes at least one detachable container to place food stuffs and a sturdy platform which holds the detachable container, comprising at least one thermoelectric module, wherein said module selectively heats or cools food stuffs in the detachable container depending upon desired temperature set, independent to ambient temperature. Further, the device includes a temperature adjusting slider, wherein desired temperature is set and depending on the set temperature, the direction of flow of current in the module is automated through DPDT switch. In another embodiment, a method for heating and cooling food stuffs using said device includes setting the desired temperature using a temperature adjusting slider, automating the flow of current in a thermoelectric module depending on the set temperature and selectively heating or cooling food stuffs in a detachable container depending on the desired temperature.01-20-2011
20110011099COMPACT COUNTERTOP COOLER - A compact, countertop cooler for use in dispensing cold, energy-shot beverages at point-of-purchase retail locations. The cooler comprises a housing operative to store and selectively dispense individual containers of beverages through a gravity feed system. Preferably, the cooler will include an outwardly-facing window to facilitate the consumer's ability to see the contents and further, will preferably include a ratchet-type dispensing system to selectively dispense each beverage container individually so as to serve as an anti-theft mechanism, and further dispense at least one and preferably two containers of dissimilar size. The housing will further include a cooling system to provide cooling for the beverages and further, may be provided with decorative indicia to facilitate advertising and the display of product information.01-20-2011
20080264069Refrigerated odor reducing trash receptacle - This trash cooling unit system includes a Thermoelectric cooling system (TEC) which requires no harmful Freon or refrigerant liquids. It has a temperature controller to maintain a constant temperature. This system will operate on DC 24V at 12 Amps and move up to 40 watts of heat. Also, it has an AC adapter. The capacity of the trash unit is: width: approx. 10½,″ Depth: approx. 9½,″ Height: approx. 22″. The interior enclosure has a temperature of about 45° F. in a 80° F., 80% relative humidity ambient. This corresponds to approximately 17 watts of passive heat load from air convection and conduction through 2″ of Polystyrene which prevents any condensation.10-30-2008
20090277187Solar-powered refrigerated container - A portable refrigeration unit is described. The unit has a body and a lid. The body has an outer housing and an insulated interior container that is thermally insulated from the outer housing. The insulated interior container has a bottom surface and at least one sidewall forming a cavity for receiving an article to be stored therein The lid has an outer surface and an inner surface and the lid is insulated. There is at least one solar collector on at least a portion of the outer surface of the lid. This solar collector provides electrical power to one or more cooling units and to one or more rechargeable batteries. The cooling units include an interior and an exterior heat sink, and an interior and exterior fan and an interior and exterior vent. Air in the cavity at a first temperature passes from the cavity through the interior vent to the interior heat sink where heat in the air is transferred to the exterior heat sink and where the air at a second lower temperature is transmitted by the interior fan back into said cavity. Ambient air passes through the exterior vent so that the heat in the exterior heat sink is transmitted from the exterior heat sink to the air and the air is discharged by said exterior fan.11-12-2009
20110197598Heat-Dissipating Device For Supplying Cold Airflow - A heat-dissipating device (08-18-2011
20090145138PORTABLE TEMPERATURE-CONTROLLED CONTAINER - The present invention generally relates to containers and more specifically, to a portable temperature-controlled container. The temperature-controlled container is used for maintaining articles at a controlled temperature. The container includes a housing unit defining a storage chamber for receiving the articles, a cooling system mounted to the housing unit, wherein the cooling system includes a cold side assembly system in heat transfer communication with the interior of the chamber, a hot side assembly system in heat transfer communication with the outside of the storage chamber and a thermoelectric module supplied with an electrical power source.06-11-2009
20080282705Chilled Beverage Storage Device - The present invention relates to a chilled beverage storage device constituted by a cold area and a hot area; the cold area comprises a first structure (11-20-2008
20100000230THERMOELECTRIC REFRIGERATED SECONDARY SHELF - An enclosure cooling system for cooling the interior of an enclosure having therein a first shelf adjacent to an evaporator coil in a cyclic refrigeration system and a second shelf positioned on the opposite side. A thermoelectric cooling module is affixed and thermally coupled to the second shelf.01-07-2010
20090139244DEVICES FOR COOLING AND POWER - Certain embodiments disclosed herein are directed to devices for cooling. In certain examples, a thermoelectric device comprising a substrate and a superlattice coupled to the substrate is disclosed. In some examples, the superlattice includes a first semi-conducting material and a second semi-conducting material coupled to the first semi-conducting material to provide an interface between the first and second semi-conducting materials.06-04-2009
20090241554PELTIER DEVICE AND TEMPERATURE REGULATING CONTAINER EQUIPPED WITH THE PELTIER DEVICE - An object of the present invention is to provide a Peltier device capable of retaining a certain temperature at a high accuracy by using a conductive glass consisting primarily of vanadate as an electrode, excellent in handleability, easy in temperature regulation, excellent in stability of cooling performance, capable of securely preventing an electrode from corrosion resulting from chemicals or dew condensation etc., and excellent in reliability and durability of the electrode.10-01-2009
20090249795Thermo-electric defrosting system - A refrigeration unit (10-08-2009
20100186423HOT OR COLD FOOD RECEPTACLE UTILIZING A PELTIER DEVICE WITH AIR FLOW TEMPERATURE CONTROL - A temperature controlled food storage unit is provided with a Peltier device (07-29-2010
20120060514Tube Picking Mechanisms with an Ultra-Low Temperature or Cryogenic Picking Compartment - A tube picking mechanism is designed for use in an automated, ultra-low temperature (e.g. −80° C. or −135° C.) or cryogenic (e.g., about −140° C. to −196° C.) storage and retrieval system that stores biological or chemical samples. The samples are contained in storage tubes held in SBS footprint storage racks that are normally stored within an ultra-low temperature or cryogenic freezer compartment. The tube picking mechanism includes a tube picking chamber that is maintained at about −80° C., about −135° C. or at cryogenic temperatures in cryogenic applications. Active electrical and mechanical components are maintained in a compartment above and separate from the refrigerated, ultra-low temperature or cryogenic compartment. Thermal stratification inhibits heat transfer into the lower, ultra-low temperature or cryogenic compartment in which tube picking occurs from the upper compartment in which active electrical and mechanical components are located, and also inhibits heat transfer into the lower, ultra-low temperature or cryogenic compartment via an access door for tube storage racks.03-15-2012
20100058777APPARATUS FOR COOLING CASSETTE MAGAZINES CONTAINING TISSUE SAMPLES - An apparatus for cooling cassette magazines containing tissue samples is described. The apparatus comprises a housing, a cooling device, and a transport apparatus for transporting one or more cassette magazines within the housing. The cassette magazines are introduced into the apparatus via an input chute and can be removed via an output chute.03-11-2010
20110048034PROCESSING EQUIPMENT FOR OBJECT TO BE PROCESSED - Processing equipment for an object to be processed is provided with a process container, the internal of which can be evacuated, a gas introducing means for introducing a prescribed gas into the process container, a supporting table provided in the process container, a ring-shaped supporting part provided on the supporting table for supporting the object to be processed, a plurality of thermoelectric conversion elements provided on an upper plane of the supporting table on an inner side of the supporting part, an element storing space evacuating means for evacuating inside the element storing space formed by a lower plane of the object to be treated, which is supported by the supporting part, an upper plane of the supporting table and the supporting part.03-03-2011
20100077770REFRIGERATOR, AND ELECTRIC DEVICE - The refrigerator includes a vegetable compartment (04-01-2010
20110259019Environment Control Apparatus for Cultivating Plants - An environment control apparatus for cultivating plants includes a casing having a bottom with first and second holes. A thermoelectric cooling module is mounted in the first hole and includes first and second sides. The first side faces the casing. A temperature control pipe includes two ends connected to a heat reservoir. The temperature control pipe includes a heat exchanging section in contact with the second side of the thermoelectric cooling module. A first power device is mounted on the temperature control pipe. An auxiliary heat pipe includes two ends connected to the heat reservoir. The auxiliary heat pipe includes a heat dissipating section located in the second hole. A processor is coupled to the thermoelectric cooling module and the first power device.10-27-2011
20110083446HIGH EFFICIENCY THERMOELECTRIC COOLING SYSTEM AND METHOD OF OPERATION - A high efficiency thermoelectric cooling system and method is described. The cooling system comprises a thermoelectric module having a semi-conductor body sandwiched in contact between a pair of thermally conductive plates. A power supply having converter circuit means provides a smooth continuous variable output direct current supply to the semi-conductor body to attenuate thermal stress in the conductive plates due to temperature differential fluctuation across the plates. One of the plates is a cold plate and the other a hot plate caused by current flow in the semi-conductor body transferring heat from the cold plate to the hot plate. A cold heat sink is associated with the cold plate to absorb heat from the insulted enclosure to cool the enclosure. A heat convection assembly including a hot heat sink evacuates heat from the hot plate to effectively manage the temperature differential across the plates. A mounting assembly is adapted to secure the thermoelectric cooling device to a wall of the insulated enclosure with the heat convection means disposed exteriorly of the insulated enclosure. An air convection housing may be provided to evacuate heat from the hot heat sink using an outside air supply or ambient air supply and using fans and gates to displace and channel the air flow.04-14-2011
20100281884Thermoelectric Management Unit - Embodiments of the invention provide a thermal management unit including a housing, at least one fan, a plurality of thermoelectric modules, at least one heat sink assembly coupled to the plurality of thermoelectric modules, and controller providing power to the plurality of thermoelectric modules. The thermal management unit also includes a printed circuit board incorporating the plurality of thermoelectric modules and electrically connecting the plurality of thermoelectric modules to the controller. The printed circuit board separates an ambient side of the thermal management unit and an enclosure side of the thermal management unit.11-11-2010
20120304667REFRIGERATOR - A refrigerator includes a main body in which a first storage compartment is defined, and a heat exchange chamber defined in the main body. An evaporator received in the heat exchange chamber. A second storage compartment is provided in the first storage compartment and a quick cooling module to cool an inside of the second storage compartment is provided, where the quick cooling module heat-exchanges with a refrigerant pipe of the evaporator. The quick cooling module includes a thermal conductive unit in thermal conduction with the refrigerant pipe, and a thermoelectric device having a first surface in thermal conduction with the thermal conductive unit to heat-exchange with the thermal conductive unit when current is supplied and a second surface facing the second storage compartment.12-06-2012
20130291564THERMOELECTRIC COOLING SYSTEMS - The present disclosure provides a thermoelectric cooling system with improved performance. The thermoelectric cooling system comprises a thermoelectric cooling unit. The thermoelectric cooling unit comprises a thermoelectric device, heat pipes, condenser fins, a cold sink and a cold fan. The thermoelectric cooling unit can be easily assembled with a chamber which contains a fluid to be cooled. The thermoelectric cooling system comprises screws to attach the thermoelectric cooling unit to the chamber, and sealant rings to prevent heat leakage in the thermoelectric cooling system. Further, the present disclosure provides a thermoelectric cooling system with a freezer part and a refrigerator part. The freezer part encloses the cold sink and the cold fan. The freezer part is cooled by the thermoelectric device, and the refrigerator part is cooled by walls of the freezer part. Further, the present disclosure provides a thermoelectric cooling system for use as a wine cooler.11-07-2013
20100024439Cooling Device - A cooling device is in the form of a refrigerator or a point-of-sale display cabinet that is open on one side and is used to store and present perishable goods. The device is fitted with a unit for lowering the interior temperature in relation to the ambient temperature. The inner wall is constructed in two stages, the outer layer consisting of a thermal insulation layer having a heat conductivity <1 Watt/K, and the inner layer consisting of an at least partially coated mixture consisting of a phase transition material and graphite, which covers at least part of the inner wall and is used as a cold accumulator layer.02-04-2010
20120102972THERMALLY CONDUCTIVE CUP AND HOLDER - A thermally conductive cup and holder for maintaining a temperature of a cold or hot beverage in the cup includes a thermally conductive cup or mug having an open or closed top, a closed bottom and an upper and lower portion between the top and bottom. The lower portion and bottom of the cup are made of a thermally conductive material such as aluminum while the upper portion includes a ceramic layer or coating. The cup holder includes a heat conductive liner engaging the bottom and lower portion of the cup and an on/off switch and a polarity switch to select heat or refrigeration. A thermal electric device maintains a hot or cold beverage at a pre-selected temperature and is connected to a computer or other source of electric power.05-03-2012
20090133409Combination Thermo-Electric and Magnetic Refrigeration System - A refrigeration system has a compartment and a first cooling device. The first cooling device cools the compartment and generates a magnetic field. The refrigeration system also has a second device. The second device uses the generated magnetic field for additional cooling to the compartment.05-28-2009
20120159968COMPARTMENTED TEMPERATURE AND HUMIDITY CONTROLLED MODULAR HOUSING FOR THE STORAGE AND PRESERVATION OF WINE BOTTLES - A temperature and humidity controlled housing for storing and preserving wine bottles. The housing defines a storage compartment having front and rear temperature control chambers and wherein the rear chamber is also humidity controlled. A division wall having passages provided with a flexible sealing component receives bottles on supports associated with each of the passages and a cubic chamber structure in the rear chamber. The bottle necks engage the seals which, together with the division wall, substantially seal the front chamber from the rear chamber while the spout end portion of the wine bottles is supported in the rear humidified chamber. The housing may be used in a modular assembly. The method of use is also described.06-28-2012
20120247127THERMAL CASCADE SYSTEM FOR DISTRIBUTED HOUSEHOLD REFRIGERATION SYSTEM - A distributed refrigeration appliance system in a residential kitchen and other locations in a dwelling including multiple separate refrigeration appliance modules, a central cooling system and a cooling circuit. The system can also include one or more satellite stations having a heat exchanger and arranged for supplying chilled air to one or more refrigeration appliance modules. One or more refrigeration appliance modules can include a thermal cascade cooling device to cool the module to lower temperatures than the cooling circuit can attain. One or more refrigeration appliance modules can be refrigeration/storage modules that can provide refrigerated, unconditioned or heated storage space. The central cooling system can be a vapor compression system having a refrigerant circuit connecting the modules. Alternately, the central cooling system can cool a secondary cooling medium circuit. The refrigeration system can also have more than one refrigeration machine providing cooling to the secondary refrigeration loop.10-04-2012
20100000229THERMOELECTRIC REFRIGERATING DEVICE - A thermoelectric refrigerator apparatus (01-07-2010
20120312030Thermoelectric Cooling System for a Food and Beverage Compartment - A thermoelectric cooling system includes a thermoelectric device that transfers heat from a cold side to a hot side via a Peltier effect, an air heat exchanger that transfers heat from air to the cold side, and a heat sink that transfers heat from the hot side to a fluid coolant. The system also includes a temperature sensor that measures a temperature of air, and a controller that controls a flow of electrical power to the thermoelectric device according to a temperature measurement. The system also transfers heat from the air heat exchanger to the heat sink via the thermoelectric device according to a heat conduction effect due to a temperature difference between the air heat exchanger and the fluid coolant. The controller may reduce an effective voltage across the thermoelectric device to reduce power consumption of the thermoelectric device.12-13-2012
20120186273Produce Refrigeration Chamber - The invention is directed to a produce chamber having an outer housing with a first panel, a second panel, and a base plate inter-dispersed between both panels. A door is placed between both panels to deposit and remove produce. Positioned within the first panel is a refrigeration system, which includes both ammonium absorption (AAF) system and a Peltier thermoelectric plate (TE) system. The AAF system includes a contact plate which communicates with a series of ducts having a first and second channel. The first channel circulates ammonia, while the second draws and then cools outside air for introduction into the produce chamber. The TE system is positioned proximate the contact plate to afford additional cooling, which has a plurality of parallel thermoelectric plates. A digital controller operates both the AAAF and TEC systems. Such controller also operates a scrubber, which includes zeolite powder, to remove ethylene.07-26-2012
20120260672COMPOSTABLE MATERIALS RECYCLING BIN REFRIGERATION DEVICE - A refrigeration device for compostable materials, comprising, a recycling bin adapted to receive compostable materials, a liner element adapted to receive the recycling bin; and refrigeration means adapted for cooling the liner element wherein when compostable materials are positioned within the recycling bin and the recycling bin is positioned within the liner element, the refrigeration means cools the liner element, the recycling bin and the compostable materials positioned therein.10-18-2012
20120297795Refrigerated Point-of-Use Holding Cabinet - A refrigerated point-of-use food holding cabinet keeps food products cold in compartments having cross sections that are substantially U-shaped. Food products are kept refrigerated using heat-absorbing, heat-exchangers thermally coupled to the U-shaped compartment. Refrigeration is provided by either a conventional reversed-Brayton cycle, one or more Peltier devices or a chilled, re-circulating liquid that does not change phase as it circulates but which is chilled by another refrigeration system, such as a conventional refrigeration system. An optional cover helps prevent food flavor transfers between compartments. Semiconductor temperature sensors and a computer effectuate temperature control.11-29-2012
20120297794MODULAR COOLED PRODUCT MERCHANDIZING UNITS, KITS, AND METHODS OF MANUFACTURE - Kits for constructing a modular merchandizing unit include panels, frame members, joint pieces, and a cooling device. The frame members have a lengthwise shape defining outer and inner panel mounting assemblies and a joint capture region. The mounting assemblies include opposing legs extending from a base web to define a panel engagement region. The joint pieces each include a block core and orthogonally arranged plug assemblies projecting from faces of the core. The plug assemblies mate with the joint capture region. Construction of a unit from the kit includes the frame members retaining selected panels as paired inner and outer panels within corresponding engagement regions. The joint pieces interconnect the frame members and paired panels to form a cabinet. The cooling device is mounted the cabinet. A door assembly can also be mounted to the cabinet. Optionally, foam insulation is dispensed between the paired panels.11-29-2012
20110225981COMPACT THERMOELECTRIC MERCHANDISER COOLER - A compact merchandiser cooler is provided for chilling food and/or beverage containers. The compact merchandiser cooler utilizes thermoelectric cooling technology and is configured to be positioned within the line of sight of customers that are either approaching or present at a point of purchase so as to effectively promote impulse purchases. The compact merchandiser cooler includes a base assembly, a housing assembly, and a lid. The housing assembly may include a number of thermoelectrically cooled sleeves that are arranged in a substantially horizontal array to allow customers easy access to containers received within the sleeves. Additionally, to further attract consumer notice, the compact merchandiser cooler may be customized with branding information related to the food and/or beverage containers to be chilled within the compact merchandiser cooler.09-22-2011
20120279233THERMOELECTRIC-ENHANCED, LIQUID-BASED COOLING OF A MULTI-COMPONENT ELECTRONIC SYSTEM - Apparatus and method are provided for facilitating cooling of an electronic component. The apparatus includes a liquid-cooled structure, a thermal conduction path coupling the electronic component and the liquid-cooled structure, a coolant loop in fluid communication with a coolant-carrying channel of the liquid-cooled structure, and an outdoor-air-cooled heat exchange unit coupled to facilitate heat transfer from the liquid-cooled structure via, at least in part, the coolant loop. The thermoelectric array facilitates transfer of heat from the electronic component to the liquid-cooled structure, and the heat exchange unit cools coolant passing through the coolant loop by dissipating heat from the coolant to outdoor ambient air. In one implementation, temperature of coolant entering the liquid-cooled structure is greater than temperature of the outdoor ambient air to which heat is dissipated.11-08-2012
20120137706RFID ENABLED DRAWER REFRIGERATION SYSTEM - An automated system and associated method for storing medical items comprises a medication cabinet having at least one refrigerated drawer having a thermo-electric cooling (TEC) device and a non-refrigerated drawer. The refrigerated drawer design is such that cooling gradients throughout the drawer are minimized. Faraday cages are provided about each drawer to support separate RFID readers to monitor the medical items in each drawer. An automatic RFID data detection system determines the temperature requirements of medical items in the refrigerated drawer and controls the TEC device to maintain the required temperature. A temperature logging system for the refrigerated drawer is provided. A separate RFID reader determines if a temperature-controlled item has been placed in a non-refrigerated drawer and if so, an alert is provided.06-07-2012
20130008182SELF-CONTAINED TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED APPARATUS - A self-contained temperature controlled system and apparatus is disclosed. Example embodiments of the invention provide a system for operating a self-contained temperature controlled apparatus comprising at least one compartment, a predetermined temperature condition for the compartment, a sensor for detecting the temperature of the compartment, and at least one device for controlling the temperature of the compartment so that the predetermined temperature condition is met, wherein the system optionally comprises an on-board electrical power source. In some embodiments, the device for controlling the temperature of the compartment comprises an on-board refrigerant source.01-10-2013
20120240597TEMPERATURE CONTROL APPARATUS FOR SAMPLES STORAGE - A temperature control apparatus for sample storage includes: a well block comprising at least one accommodation groove accommodating at least one container for containing at least one sample therein, respectively; and a temperature control unit controlling a respective temperature of the at least one sample to be uniform, wherein the temperature control unit includes: a heat source portion generating heat or cold; and a heat transfer object transferring the heat or the cold of the heat source portion to the well block.09-27-2012
20100018221AUXILIARY COOLING DEVICE - An auxiliary cooling device is used in another main cooling device, such as a refrigerator. The auxiliary cooling device includes a thermoelectric element, such as a Peltier element, which includes a heat source and a heat sink. The heat sink is used to directly or indirectly cool an item, such as a bottle of liquid. The heat source, which is insulated from the heat sink, is in close thermal contact with a heat exchange fluid in a container. The heat exchange fluid is used as a thermal buffer for the waste heat generated by the cooling process. That waste heat may be transmitted into the main storage chamber of the main cooling device.01-28-2010
20090188260CRYOGENIC CONTAINER WITH BUILT-IN REFRIGERATOR - A cryogenic container with a built-in refrigerator according to the present invention comprises the refrigerator having a first heat absorbing part and a first heat dissipating part, a vacuum vessel for containing and thermally insulating an object to be cooled while holding the object at a cryogenic temperature through the first heat absorbing part of the refrigerator, and a pre-cooling unit having a second heat absorbing part and a second heat dissipating part for cooling the first heat dissipating part, wherein the first heat dissipating part and the second heat absorbing part are arranged inside the vacuum vessel, and a part of a heat dissipating unit including the second heat dissipating part is exposed outside the vacuum vessel.07-30-2009
20100307168THERMO-ELECTRIC COOLER - One or more piezoelectric devices cool or heat a thermally-conductive basin. The basin is sized, shaped and arranged to receive two or more food serving trays. In a preferred embodiment, the food serving trays are sized, shaped and arranged to provide an air gap between the tray and the thermally-conductive basin so that the tray is cooled by convection and radiation but not conduction.12-09-2010
20120131931Capacitive Separator Device - A device is disclosed which is designed to separate water, hydrocarbons and gases, based on the electric characteristics of the materials; the device utilises the different capacitance of water and hydrocarbons.05-31-2012
20130247590Dynamic Chilled Mini-Bar for Aircraft Passenger Suite - A dynamic chilled mini-bar includes: a cover; a movable compartment translatable to expose an interior thereof from behind the cover; and a cooling device operable to cool the interior of the movable compartment. A piece of integrated entertainment equipment in a vehicle includes: a dynamic chilled mini-bar movably installed on the integrated entertainment equipment; and an actuator coupled with at least one of a side of the integrated entertainment equipment and the movable compartment, the actuator being operable to translate the movable compartment. A method of operating a dynamic chilled mini-bar includes: receiving an input signal to translate a movable compartment of the dynamic chilled mini-bar from a first position to a second position with respect to a cover of the dynamic chilled mini-bar; and linearly translating the movable compartment to the second position according to the input signal.09-26-2013
20090031733THERMOTUNNELING REFRIGERATION SYSTEM - A refrigeration system is provided. The refrigeration system includes at least one thermal blocking thermotunneling device. The thermal blocking thermotunneling device comprises a first and a second surface separated by a nanoscale gap of less than about 20 nm, such that tunneling of electrons causes a unidirectional transfer of heat from the first surface to the second surface. Further, the at least one thermal blocking thermotunneling device has a thermal back path of less than about 70 percent.02-05-2009
20130276465REFRIGERATOR - A refrigerator is provided. In the refrigerator, cool air within the heat exchange chamber is supplied into a drawer assembly disposed inside a storage space, and also the inside of the drawer assembly is cooled using a thermoelectric module to quickly cooling the inside of the drawer assembly. Thus, food storage performance may be improved.10-24-2013
20130025295TEMPERATURE CONTROL ELEMENT AND TEMPERATURE CONTROL DEVICE FOR A VEHICLE - A temperature control element for a vehicle is provided that includes a first Peltier element layer, a second Peltier element layer, a first electrically conductive heat conductor layer for conducting a first heat transfer fluid and a second electrically conductive heat conductor layer for conducting a second heat transfer fluid, wherein the first Peltier element layer, the second Peltier element layer, the first heat conductor layer, and the second heat conductor layer are disposed in the form of a stack, so that the first heat conductor layer and/or the second heat conductor layer is disposed between the first Peltier element layer and the second Peltier element layer, and wherein an electrical current conducted through the stack brings about a temperature control of the first heat conductor layer and the second heat conductor layer due to a Peltier effect.01-31-2013
062300610 Having vehicle feature; e.g., cooling cart, car, truck, boat, etc. 20
20080209912Container cooler and warmer - Disclosed is a container warmer that utilizes the same compartment for heating and cooling. In optional embodiments, the unit may include a programmable timer operably connected to the heating and cooling units such that the timer may regulate activity of the units. In other embodiments, the invention may include a baby bottle warmer in which the baby bottle is placed in a water bath in a compartment, the water bath being heated or cooled by heating or cooling units, and optionally operably connected to a programmable timer.09-04-2008
20100071386Cooling Device for Installation in an Aircraft - The present invention relates to a cooling device (03-25-2010
20130086923THERMOELECTRIC DEVICE CONTROLS AND METHODS - According to some embodiments, a thermoelectric system comprises a thermoelectric device having a first surface and a second surface and a power source configured to deliver a voltage across the thermoelectric device to selectively activate or deactivate the thermoelectric device, wherein the first surface is configured to heat and the second surface is configured to cool when the thermoelectric device is activated. The system further comprises a processor configured to determine a potential between the first surface and the second surface when the thermoelectric device is deactivated, correlate the potential to a temperature of the first surface and adjust the correlated temperature of the first surface based on an ambient temperature.04-11-2013
20120102974Air conditioner for vehicle - In a vehicle air conditioner, a heating heat exchanger is disposed in an air passage of a casing to heat air to be blown toward a vehicle compartment by performing heat exchange between air and a heating fluid, a heat radiation portion is disposed to radiate heat to the heating fluid before being heat-exchanged in the heating heat exchanger, a heat absorption portion is disposed to absorb heat from the heating fluid after being heat-exchanged in the heating heat exchanger, and a Peltier element is disposed between the heat radiation portion and the heat absorption portion to pump heat from the heat absorption portion to the heat radiation portion. Furthermore, the heat radiation portion is disposed in the air passage of the casing, in which the heating heat exchanger is disposed. Thus, heat discharged from the Peltier element can be effectively used.05-03-2012
20080209913AIR-CONDITIONING APPARATUS USING THERMOELECTRIC DEVICE - An air conditioner includes a thermoelectric device, and a first line with a first fluid therein. The first line is configured such that the first fluid can exchange heat with a first surface of the thermoelectric device, and configured to discharge the fluid to a space. A second line has a second fluid therein. The second line is configured such that the second fluid can exchange heat with a second surface of the thermoelectric device, and pass through a heat sink to further exchange heat. A control unit supplies electricity to the thermoelectric device such that the first surface absorbs heat in a cooling mode and the second surface absorbs heat in a heating mode. The control unit also controls a flow rate of the second fluid, such that the flow rate is higher in the cooling mode than in the heating mode.09-04-2008
20090199572Solar-thermoelectric air-conditioning in vehicles - An apparatus for providing air-conditioning to a vehicle is disclosed. The apparatus includes a solar photovoltaic panel positioned in a window or windshield to provide direct current to power a thermoelectric assembly to pump excess heat out of the interior of the car. The car is air-conditioned in a parked state and pre-air-conditioned before use.08-13-2009
20080264070Roof with intergrated device for ventilating and cooling a motor vehicle passenger compartment - A device for ventilating and cooling the interior of a vehicle with at least one air guide channel (10-30-2008
20110061403HEATING AND COOLING SYSTEM FOR VEHICLE SEAT - A heating and cooling system for a vehicle seat, may include a heat exchanger cooling or heating air before the air is introduced into the seat, and a blower blowing air toward the heat exchanger, wherein the heat exchanger includes a positive temperature coefficient element assembly provided inside a housing of the heat exchanger to heat the air supplied from the blower, and wherein the positive temperature coefficient element assembly operates in a case of heating the seat but does not operate in a case of cooling the seat.03-17-2011
20090000311PRELIMINARY VEHICLE HEATING AND COOLING BY PELTIER EFFECT - A climate control system includes the interim heating/cooling component that operates in the interim duration prior to the heating and cooling systems reaching a desired state of readiness. The interim heating/cooling device uses the Peltier effect to transfer heat between first and second sides depending on a polarity of current. Controlling which of the two sides is heated provides the desired heating or cooling of the air. Once the heating or cooling system reaches the desired state of readiness, the interim heating/cooling device is turned off.01-01-2009
20110107773CLIMATE CONTROL SYSTEM FOR HYBRID VEHICLES USING THERMOELECTRIC DEVICES - The present invention provides a system for controlling the climate of a hybrid vehicle. The system includes a thermoelectric module, a heat exchanger, a pump, and a valve. The thermoelectric module includes thermoelectric elements powered by electric energy. The thermoelectric elements emit or absorb heat energy based on the polarity of the electrical energy provided. A tube containing coolant runs proximate the thermoelectric elements. To aid in the transfer of heat energy, a blower is provided to generate an air flow across the thermoelectric elements and the tube. The coolant is provided from the thermoelectric module to a heat exchanger that heats or cools the air flow provided to the cabin of the vehicle. The pump and valve are in fluid communication with the heat exchanger and thermoelectric module. The pump pressurizes the coolant flow through the tube and coolant lines. In a cooling mode, the valve is configured to selectively bypass the engine coolant system of the vehicle.05-12-2011
20100180606Partially Refrigerated Pet Supply Storage Device - A partially refrigerated pet supply storage device comprising inter alia a refrigerated thermally insulated box, a non-refrigerated interior compartment, and a non-refrigerated storage cart removably engaged to the non-refrigerated interior compartment. The storage cart can be removably engaged with the base structure of the storage device so that the user can have easy access to the storage cart and ultimately remove the storage cart from the non-refrigerated portion of the device, and when the storage cart is engaged with the base structure of the storage device, the storage cart serves a load bearing function. Once the base structure is engaged with the storage cart the overall stability of the storage device is bolstered thereby reducing the load borne by other load bearing members of the device.07-22-2010
20090193814CONDENSATION AND HUMIDITY SENSORS FOR THERMOELECTRIC DEVICES - According to certain embodiments disclosed in the present application, a climate controlled seating assembly includes a thermal module. The thermal module comprises at least one inlet channel, at least one outlet channel and a thermoelectric device (e.g., Peltier circuit) positioned upstream of the outlet channel. In one embodiment, the seating assembly includes a sensor positioned within an interior of the thermal module and configured to detect the presence of a liquid, such as water, condensation or other fluids, on or near said sensor. In certain arrangements, the sensor is configured to detect the presence of a liquid by measuring an electrical resistance or capacitance across a portion of the sensor. A climate control system can include a separator gasket located within a housing of a fluid module and at least partially between the cold passage and the hot passage. In some embodiments, the separator gasket comprises one or more wicking materials. The separator gasket can be configured to transport liquids from the cold passage to the hot passage.08-06-2009
20120102973AIR CONDITIONER OF ELECTRIC VEHICLE - An air conditioner of an electric vehicle includes a blower. A Peltier unit is connected to the blower unit to receive air blown therefrom, and includes Peltier devices mounted on opposite side sections. One surface of each Peltier device is oriented inward and the other surface of each Peltier device is oriented outward in order to eject cooled or heated air to respective regions. A partition is mounted between the opposite side sections of the Peltier unit to divide a space inside the Peltier unit into first and second spaces, the Peltier device mounted on one side section is contained in the first space, and the Peltier device mounted on the other side section is contained in the second space. A guide case contains the Peltier unit therein and introduces outside air. Heat exchange occurs when the air sequentially passes through the first and second spaces of the Peltier unit.05-03-2012
20100050659VEHICLE AIR COMFORT SYSTEM AND METHOD - Systems and methods are provided for conditioning air inside an enclosure. The systems and methods may comprise: (1) a plurality of flow tunnels for passage of a heat-transfer fluid; (2) a thermoelectric cooler in thermal communication with the flow tunnels for thermally conditioning the heat-transfer fluid in the flow tunnels; (3) an air inlet for receiving unconditioned air; (4) a thermal exchange assembly for facilitating thermal exchange between the thermally conditioned heat-transfer fluid and the unconditioned air to result in conditioning of the air; and (5) an air outlet for outputting the conditioned air into the enclosure.03-04-2010
20120222429VEHICLE AIR CONDITIONER - A vehicle air conditioner for a passenger compartment includes a power source, a radiator provided outside the passenger compartment, a heat medium passage through which heat medium is circulated between the power source and the radiator, a first peltier module having a first peltier device and a first heat exchanger, and a second peltier module having a second peltier device and a second heat exchanger. The first and second peltier devices each has a first surface and a second surface, one of the first surface and the second surface serves to release heat, the other of the first surface and the second surface serves to absorb heat. The first heat exchanger is thermally coupled to the first surface. The second heat exchanger is thermally coupled to the first surface. The heat medium passage is thermally coupled to the second surfaces of the first and second peltier devices.09-06-2012
20120079837Thermoelectric Comfort Control System for Motor Vehicle - A temperature control apparatus for an interior of a motor vehicle having a temperature control loop circulating a heat-exchange fluid to a drivetrain component. A thermoelectric heat-pump (Peltier device) is disposed in the vehicle to heat or cool the desired area, and a fluid comfort control loop exchanges heat with the thermoelectric heat-pump and with the drivetrain temperature control loop, increasing the net amount of heating or cooling that can be delivered to the desired location by the thermoelectric heat-pump. The comfort control loop may branch from the drivetrain loop and carry a portion of the heat-exchange fluid carried in the drivetrain loop. Alternatively, the comfort control loop may carry a second heat-exchange fluid that remains separate from the heat-exchange fluid of the drivetrain loop and exchanges heat therewith in a heat exchanger.04-05-2012
20130167556COOLING AND HEATING APPARATUS FOR VEHICLE SEATS AND METHOD OF CONTROLLING THE SAME - A cooling and heating apparatus for vehicle seats and a method of controlling the same, which can control the cooling or heating temperature by sensing the temperature of air before the air is introduced into a cooling and heating module. The apparatus includes: a blower fan installed in a housing so as to forcibly blow cool or hot air to an air supply channel of a vehicle seat; a temperature sensor mounted in the housing at a location at which the temperature sensor comes into contact with sucked air and senses a temperature of the sucked air; and a control unit receiving a temperature signal from the temperature sensor and controlling a cooling or heating temperature according to a characteristic value that corresponds to a state of the sucked air and is selected from characteristic values stored therein.07-04-2013
20130232996CONTROL STRATEGY FOR A ZONAL HEATING, VENTILATING, AND AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM OF A VEHICLE - A climate control system of a vehicle and a method of controlling the climate control system to minimize vehicle energy consumption and maximize occupant comfort. The climate control system includes a main HVAC system for conditioning a fluid discharged into a passenger compartment of the vehicle, an auxiliary HVAC system for conditioning a localized fluid of at least one HVAC zones of the passenger compartment, a seat system, and an HVAC controller. The HVAC controller controls the main HVAC system, the auxiliary HVAC system, and the seat system based upon at least one parameter and condition which pertains to at least one of electrical energy consumption of the vehicle and occupant comfort.09-12-2013
20130239592CLIMATE CONTROLLED CONTAINER - A cooling system comprises a container that is conductively coupled or convectively coupled to a thermoelectric device to selectively cool and/or heat the container. A climate controlled container system for a vehicle includes a container or cavity and a conduction element configured to cool the cavity. In some embodiments, the cooling system comprises a housing, a housing inlet, a fluid passage and one or more thermoelectric devices and fluid transfer devices positioned within the housing.09-19-2013
20090071170Live well cooling apparatus for fishing vessels - The invention relates to an apparatus for cooling and maintaining the water temperature in the live wells of fishing vessels. This twelve volt singular device is applied through the live well wall, and through use of thermoelectric technology the ambient water temperature within the live well is decreased. The importance of cooler water is that holds more oxygen and lowers metabolism in fish, which in turn increases the survival rate of captive fish. This invention is targeted for use by sports fisherman for use in tournaments to avoid penalties for dead fish and to promote the conservation of fish for ecological purposes.03-19-2009
062300620 Portable, having transporting feature; e.g., handle 8
20110271691PORTABLE COOLED MERCHANDIZING UNIT - A portable cooled merchandizing unit including a product container assembly and a thermoelectric assembly. The product container assembly includes an exterior frame and an interior container forming a floor and side panels defining an interior region. Openings to the interior region are defined opposite the floor. Airflow paths are defined at an exterior of the panels and are fluidly connected to the interior region via the opening. The thermoelectric assembly includes a thermoelectric device connected to a heat sink that is fluidly connected to the airflow path away from the opening. A fan is positioned to circulate air from the thermoelectric device and into the interior region via the airflow paths.11-10-2011
20090139245THERMOELECTRICALLY AIR CONDITIONED TRANSIT CASE - Systems and methods for cooling the contents within a portable case, such as a transit case, using a thermoelectric air conditioner. Thermoelectric air conditioners are used with, and mounted on or in, a transit case for maintaining a desired air temperature within the transit case. In one embodiment, the thermoelectric air conditioner can be incorporated, concealed within the housing and/or cover of the transit case. In this embodiment, the thermoelectric air conditioner is protected by the design of the case, the mounting arrangement, the shock-mounted frame, etc. Alternatively, the thermoelectric air conditioner is mounted partially internal and partially external to the transit case. In another embodiment, the thermoelectric air conditioner is mounted external to the transit case.06-04-2009
20090049845MEDICAL TRAVEL PACK WITH COOLING SYSTEM - The present invention provides a device for keeping medical materials, such as medicine, cool. The device allows for easy transportation provided infrequent access to electricity. The device incorporates a thermoelectric cooler (TEC) inside an insulated container. The TEC is in contact with a freezable material which is frozen when the TEC is electrically powered. Upon disconnect from electrical power, the freezable material provides passive cooling inside the container while the medical material is transported. This portable device helps patients to travel with their medicines confidently and safely.02-26-2009
20090064687PORTABLE COOLED MERCHANDIZING UNIT - A portable cooled merchandising unit including a product container assembly and a thermoelectric assembly. The product container assembly includes an exterior frame and an interior container forming a floor and side panels defining an interior region. Openings to the interior region are defined opposite the floor. Airflow paths are defined at an exterior of the panels and are fluidly connected to the interior region via the opening. The thermoelectric assembly includes a thermoelectric device connected to a heat sink that is fluidly connected to the airflow path away from the opening. A fan is positioned to circulate air from the thermoelectric device and into the interior region via the airflow paths.03-12-2009
20110179807PCM MODULES/PACKS/PCM ARRANGEMENTS - A transportable PCM (phase change material) module comprises a number of PCM packs; a housing for thermally insulting said number of PCM packs from a module's surrounding medium; spaces separating said packs and forming one or more channels for the flow of a fluid; said housing incorporating a fluid inlet and a fluid outlet; whereby, in use, fluid flows through said channels from said inlet to said outlet. A PCM (phase change material) pack comprises a laminate of a first conducting panel and a second conducting panel enclosing a portion formed primarily of PCM; wherein said portion of PCM incorporates thermal conductors.07-28-2011
20120312031Cooler for Temperature Sensitive Items - A carrier for thermally sensitive items such as medications, biological tissue and the like comprises a cooling chamber for receiving items to be cooled and a thermoelectric heat transfer module using the Peltier effect to cool the chamber. To maximize the time the cooling chamber remains in a cooled state when the heat transfer module is deenergized, a polymer gel is confined in conductive heat transfer relationship with the cooling chamber wall to provide a “volume of cold” surrounding the cooling chamber. The polymer gel releases thermal energy to the cooling chamber as the chamber is cooled to attain essentially the same temperature as the cooling chamber and absorbs thermal energy from the cooling chamber when the heat transfer module is deenergized and the cooling chamber begins to warm. Absent active cooling this release and absorption of thermal energy maximizes the duration of cold temperatures in the cooling chamber.12-13-2012
20120090333METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR AN ELECTRICALLY COOLED PITCHER - Embodiments of the present invention relate to an apparatus that includes a thermoelectric cooling unit coupled to a power supply and a removable container configured for holding and dispensing a liquid. The thermoelectric cooling unit includes a heat sink and a thermoelectric cooling plate. The thermoelectric cooling plate includes first and second surfaces spaced apart from each other. The first surface expends thermal energy from the second surface to the heat sink. The container holds and dispenses a liquid. The container includes a thermally conductive portion that is removably positioned on the thermoelectric cooling unit by having frictional contact with the second surface of the thermoelectric cooling plate. The frictional contact is sufficient to result in transfer of thermal energy from the conductive portion of the container on to the second surface of the thermoelectric cooling plate and effectively cool the liquid in the container.04-19-2012
20120285180PORTABLE MEDICINE COOLER HAVING AN ELECTRONIC COOLING CONTROLLER AND MEDICINE EFFICACY INDICATION CIRCUITRY AND METHOD OF OPERATION THEREOF - A portable medicine cooler is provided herein. In one embodiment, the portable medicine cooler includes: (1) a self-cooling and receiving structure including a thermoelectric cooler, a vial receiver and a heat sink, wherein the thermoelectric cooler thermally couples the vial receiver to the heat sink, (2) a battery configured to provide power to the thermoelectric cooler and (3) a thermoelectric cooler controller configured to employ the battery to control moving heat between the vial receiver and the heat sink based on an external temperature representing a temperature outside of the portable medicine cooler and an internal temperature representing a temperature of the vial receiver.11-15-2012
062300630 Icemaker 7
20130074521ICE MAKING METHOD - There is provided an ice making method capable of forming ice to an intended level although a sensing unit configured to sense whether or not a formation of ice has reached the intended level malfunctions. The ice making method includes: an ice making initiation step S03-28-2013
20090165467ICE MAKER AND METHOD OF MAKING ICE - The present invention discloses an ice maker including an ice tray (07-02-2009
20090293501ICE MAKING IN THE REFRIGERATION COMPARTMENT USING A COLD PLATE - A refrigerator includes a refrigerator cabinet having a fresh food compartment and a freezer compartment. There is a fresh food compartment door for providing access to the fresh food compartment and an ice compartment mounted at the fresh food compartment door. A cold plate is mounted within the fresh food compartment and adapted for cooling the ice compartment when the fresh food compartment door is in a closed position.12-03-2009
20100251730Portable cooler with internal ice maker - A portable cooler including a sealable outer container, and a sealable inner container situated within the outer container. A first thermoelectric cooling device having a cooling panel and a heating panel is mounted on the wall of the outer container such that the cooling panel faces the interior of the sealable outer container and the heating panel faces outside of said sealable outer container. A second thermoelectric cooling device, also having a cooling panel and a heating panel, is mounted on the wall of the internal container such that the cooling panel faces the interior of the inner container and the heating panel faces outside of the sealable inner container into the interior of said sealable outer container.10-07-2010
20100018223Tabletop Quick Cooling Device - A tabletop cooling device has a housing that contains an ice storage chamber with hinged cover. Adjacent to the ice storage chamber is a chiller that also has a hinged cover. An ice maker is container within the ice storage chamber to produce ice. A water storage tank is provided to supply water to the ice maker. The chiller contains a removable cage that holds cans or bottles of liquid refreshments. The chiller holds water and ice to bathe the cage in a low temperature slurry. A compressor, condenser and associated components are used to produce the low temperatures needed to produce the ice. In another embodiment, solid state thermoelectric modules take the place of the compressor, etc. The ice storage chamber and chiller are insulated with a high R rated insulation. Rotation is controlled by a control panel which can also monitor temperature, etc.01-28-2010
20100154438ICE THERMAL STORAGE - A system, configured to be disposed in a information technology equipment rack for providing ice thermal storage, includes a tank configured to hold water, a heat exchanger disposed in water in the tank and configured to convey a two-phase liquid and vapor refrigerant and to transfer heat between the water and the refrigerant, a first valve connected to a liquid and a vapor refrigerant line and configured to selectively connect the liquid refrigerant line to a first port and the vapor refrigerant line to a second port in a first mode and to connect the liquid refrigerant line to the second port and the vapor refrigerant line to the first port in a second mode, a thermostatic expansion valve connected to an inlet of the heat exchanger, and a liquid/vapor pump connected to an outlet of the heat exchanger and to the second port of the first valve.06-24-2010
20100126185REFRIGERATOR - A refrigerator is provided. The refrigerator may include a body having a storage room, an ice making chamber formed separately from the storage room, and a thermoelectric-module provided in the ice making chamber to generate cold air. The thermoelectric-module does not require a cold air duct to cool the ice making chamber. As a result, space utilization is improved and a capacity of the refrigerator is improved. In addition, energy efficiency may be enhanced because a heater is not required to remove the frost from a cold air duct.05-27-2010
062300640 Beverage dispenser 4
20100005811Beverage Preservation, Chilling, and Dispensing System - A chamber for receipt and retention of a bottled beverage has a dispensing cartridge that interacts with a bottle to remove air therein to preserve the beverage under vacuum and to dispense the beverage under pressure. The vacuum and air pressure within the bottle is applied through a concentric pair of tubes introduced into the bottle as a part of the dispensing cartridge. A reversible pump is in fluid communication with the tubes. The chamber is maintained at a user-selected temperature using a thermoelectric cooling unit.01-14-2010
20130047631WATER DISPENSER - A water dispenser including a water inlet system, a drinking water storage system, a heat-exchange water system, a refrigeration system, a heating system and a water outlet system is provided. The drinking water storage system connects the water inlet system. The refrigeration system connects the drinking water storage system and has a water cooling tank and a first thermoelectric element. The cooling side of the first thermoelectric element contacts the water cooling tank. The heating system connected the drinking water storage system has a low-temperature water heating tank and a second thermoelectric element. A heating side of the second thermoelectric element contacts the low-temperature water heating tank. The heat-exchange system connects the water inlet system, a heating side of the first thermoelectric element and a cooling side of the second thermoelectric element. The water outlet system connects the refrigeration system and the heating system.02-28-2013
20120125016DUAL FUNCTIONAL TEMPERATURE CONTROL SYSTEM APPLICATOR SYSTEM - A temperature control system for dispensing a fluid material from an applicator nozzle at a controlled temperature that includes at least one temperature control fluid conduit at least one fluid material supply conduit and at least one manifold device. The manifold device is in thermal communication with the temperature control fluid conduit and the fluid conduit and may also be in thermal communication with the fluid material supply conduit. At least one thermal adjustment device is in thermal contact with the manifold device. The thermal adjustment device includes at least one thermoelectric device such as at least one peltier circuit. The temperature control system also includes at least one sensor positioned proximate to the applicator nozzle that produces at least one signal actionable on the Peltier circuit device.05-24-2012
20080196415Beverage sip cooling system - A sip cooling system for a personal drinking vessel or container including a block of thermally conductive material with a cooling chamber through which drinking liquid flows when the user draws liquid from a flexible tube connected to the chamber outlet. A flexible supply tube connected to the chamber inlet has the remote end immersed in the liquid in the drinking container. A solid state thermo electric cooling device is attached to the block for, upon energization from a battery, cools only the liquid passing through the chamber. In one embodiment, the cooling unit and battery are contained in a cap fitting over an opening in a personal drinking container. In another embodiment, the system is connected in line in a flexible drinking tube connected to a personally carried supply of drinking liquid.08-21-2008

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