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060 - Power plants

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060327000 Methods of operation 235
060533000 Pulsator 170
060413000 With control means for structure storing work driving energy (e.g., accumulator, etc.) 119
060459000 Condition responsive control of motive fluid flow 95
060420000 Having condition responsive control in a system of distinct or separately operable outputs or output drive units 90
060330000 Coaxial impeller and turbine unit 65
060445000 Condition responsive control of pump or motor displacement 48
060407000 Pneumatic motor with gas supply or removal device 32
060484000 Having plural energy outputs (e.g., plural motors, etc.) 31
060487000 Input pump and rotary output motor system having displacement varying type of direction or speed selector 26
060431000 Condition responsive control of or by input to input pump drive means 24
060428000 Having condition responsive control in a system of separately operable power input pumps, pump motors, pump cylinders or pressure fluid sources 24
060369000 Cyclically operable reciprocating or oscillating motor or output stroke device 18
060435000 Having a mechanical clutch or brake device in the power train 17
060398000 Utilizing natural energy or having a geographic feature 16
060486000 Having plural energy input means, pumps or diverse pump outlets 16
060456000 Having distinct cooling or lubricating structure 12
060329000 Condition responsive control means responsive to, or compensating for, motive fluid compressibility, temperature variation or viscosity variation driven master 12
060469000 Having means controlling or attenuating shock vibration, sticking or chattering 8
060403000 Apparatus having means responsive to or ameliorating the effects of breakage, plugging, mechanical failure or power failure 8
060494000 Including by-pass or restrictor controlling flow circuit 7
060328000 Having a signal, indicator or inspection means 6
060395000 Control relative to independently driven oscillator, speed standard or pacer device 5
20090025378Hydraulic Actuator Control System for Refuse Collection Vehicle - A system for controlling motion of a hydraulic actuator on a refuse collection vehicle. The system includes an operator input device configured to produce a proportional electrical signal that is proportional to the degree of motion of the operator input device. The system further includes a proportional pneumatic control valve that is configured to produce a pressurized air control signal in proportion to the proportional electrical signal, and a hydraulic control valve that is configured to selectively control flow of hydraulic fluid to a hydraulic actuator in response to the pressurized air control signal.01-29-2009
20090044527HYDRAULIC CONTROL SYSTEM - A hydraulic control system for controlling preferably at least two consumers, has a pump with an adjustable delivery quantity supplying pressure fluid, an adjustable metering orifice with which the consumers are each associatable, a power beyond connection to which at least one power beyond consumer is connectable, an inlet pressure governor unit situated downstream of the pump and acted on in a closing direction by a load pressure of the consumers or of the at least one power beyond consumer, the inlet pressure governor unit being provided in a pressure fluid flow path between the pump and at least one of the two consumers, while the power beyond connection branching off from a pressure fluid flow path between the pump and the inlet pressure governor unit, a tank, the inlet pressure governor unit in a spring-prestressed position closing a connection to the at least one of the two consumers and the tank, and in another position a pressure fluid connection to the tank is opened, the inlet pressure governor unit being movable into an additional position in which a throttled connection to the tank is opened.02-19-2009
20110167811ENGINE CONTROL APPARATUS - An engine control apparatus includes a hydraulic pump driven by an engine, a hydraulic actuator to which pressure oil discharged form the hydraulic pump is supplied, an operation lever configured to operate the hydraulic actuators, a detection means detecting operation amounts of operation lever means, an target flow rate calculation unit (07-14-2011
20100037602VARIABLE DISPLACEMENT PUMP - A variable displacement pump includes: a rotor mounted in a body; a cam ring mounted radially outside of the rotor, and arranged to move with a change in an eccentricity of the cam ring with respect to the rotor, wherein change of the eccentricity causes a change in a specific discharge rate; and an electromagnetic actuator arranged to actuate the cam ring for regulating the eccentricity. During control of operation of the electromagnetic actuator, a first response is set slower than a second response, wherein the first response is a response of movement of the cam ring to a change of an input signal in a direction to request a decrease in the specific discharge rate, and the second response is a response of movement of the cam ring to a change of the input signal in a direction to request an increase in the specific discharge rate.02-18-2010
20120198829ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM USING HYDRAULIC COMPENSATOR FOR THE PRODUCTION OF ELECTRICITY FROM ONE OR SEVERAL NETWORKS OF CYNETIC ENERGY SOURCES - The present invention is relates to the production of electricity by the integration of a network of kinetic energy sources. The purpose of the propose embodiments is to convert a plurality of energy sources of different potential to one hydraulic source that will be leveled by hydraulic compensator. The objective is to offer a stable electricity source.08-09-2012
060477000 Ram driven by fluid pumped from reservoir 5
20090165451HYDRAULIC FLUID ACCUMULATOR WITH INTEGRATED HIGH-PRESSURE AND LOW-PRESSURE CHAMBER - The invention relates to a hydraulic fluid accumulator (07-02-2009
20080289327Linear Drive - The invention relates to a fluid linear drive having a cylinder (11-27-2008
20090255248Hydraulic Arrangement - A hydraulic arrangement for regulating a lifting mechanism (10-15-2009
20110099994POSITIVELY ENGAGING SHIFTING ELEMENT WHICH CAN BE HYDRAULICALLY OR PNEUMATICALLY ACTUATED - The invention relates to a positively engaging shifting element which can be hydraulically or pneumatically actuated, comprising a hydraulically or pneumatically actuatable piston (I) having a piston compartment (05-05-2011
20110173966HYDRAULIC AGREGATE - The invention relates to a hydraulic aggregate, particularly for supplying conveyor and lifting devices with pressurized fluid, having a tank (07-21-2011
060443000 Servo-motor having externally operated control valve sets motor or pump displacement 5
20100154401HYDRAULIC CONTROL SYSTEM HAVING FLOW FORCE COMPENSATION - A hydraulic control system for a machine is disclosed. The hydraulic control system may have a pump configured to pressurize fluid, a displacement control valve configured to affect displacement of the pump, and a tool control valve configured to receive pressurized fluid from the pump and to selectively direct to the pressurized fluid to a hydraulic actuator. The hydraulic control system may also have a controller in communication with the displacement control valve. The controller may be configured to determine a pressure gradient across the tool control valve substantially different than a desired pressure gradient, to determine a desired condition of the displacement control valve based the pressure gradient, and to determine a flow force applied to the displacement control valve based on the desired condition. The controller may be further configured to generate a load sense response signal directed to the displacement control valve based on the desired condition and the flow force.06-24-2010
20090077958Hydraulic Circuit Structure of Work Vehicle - A hydraulic circuit structure of a work vehicle capable of solving a problem in a conventional structure wherein, in a machine attitude control in back hoe operation, pressure oil is preferentially fed to light-loaded machines and some work machines are slowly moved or stopped and, accordingly, the attitudes of the machines cannot be rapidly controlled and work performance is affected. To solve this problem, the hydraulic circuit of the work vehicle comprises two valve groups for loader and back hoe having circuits to supply the pressure oil from one hydraulic pump P03-26-2009
20100313555Hydraulic Control Circuit For Overcontrol Of A Slewing Gear Drive - A hydraulic control circuit for the overcontrol of a hydraulic system which controls a drive, in particular for controlling a hydraulic motor (12-16-2010
20080236156Electro hydrostatic actuator with swash plate pump - A fluid pressure actuator includes an output cylinder, a fluid pressure pump, an electric motor, a first output cylinder passage, a second output cylinder passage, a return passage and a swash plate control cylinder. The output cylinder includes a first output cylinder chamber, a second output cylinder chamber and an output piston arranged between the first output cylinder chamber and the second output cylinder chamber. The fluid pressure pump includes a first supply and discharge port, a second supply and discharge port and a swash plate for changing displacement of the fluid pressure pump. The electric motor drives the fluid pressure pump. The first output cylinder passage connects the first output cylinder chamber and the first supply and discharge port. The second output cylinder passage connects the second output cylinder chamber and the second supply and discharge port. The return passage is connected to an accumulator for accumulating working fluid leaked from the fluid pressure pump. The swash plate control cylinder is supplied with working fluid from one passage of the first output cylinder passage and the second output cylinder passage having higher pressure than another passage, drives the swash plate and discharges working fluid to the return passage.10-02-2008
20090025381SERVO DRIVE FOR POWER ASSISTED STEERING - A servo drive includes a hydraulic cylinder. The hydraulic cylinder comprises a piston that is mounted in the cylinder and that delimits two working chambers. Relief lines connected to the working chambers via control orifices may aid the definition of the right and left end positions of the piston. The control orifices are exposed by the piston in its respective end positions, thus relieving the pressure in the active working chamber. An end stop, which may be predetermined by the position of the control orifices may be formed by the pressure relief that occurs at the relevant location in the working chamber. Such measure can relieve the pressure in the hydraulic pump, for instance in end stop positions.01-29-2009
060473000 Pump means moves motive fluid from one chamber to an opposite chamber of opposed expansible chambers having a common output 5
20100180586Self-Contained Hydraulic Actuator System - The hydraulic linear actuator system of the present invention includes a pump that is configured to rotate in a single direction at a substantially constant velocity. Both the direction and flow rate of fluid through the system is controlled by adjusting the positional relationship between the stator and the rotor of the pump. This positional relationship is adjustable between a forward flow state, a non-flow state and a reverse flow state. The hydraulic linear actuator is responsive to the flow of fluid through the system so as to be displaced in a first direction by the forward flow state of the pump and in a second direction by the reverse flow state of the pump.07-22-2010
20130008156Hydraulic Actuating Device For Actuation Of One Or More Setting Elements In, In Particular, A Motor Vehicle Transmission - An actuating device for hydraulically actuating at least one setting element comprising a pump, which has an electric pump drive, with reversible pumping direction, at least one double-acting piston-cylinder arrangement, which is connected therewith and the piston of which is operatively connected with the setting element, and a hydraulic fluid reservoir from which the hydraulic fluid can be pumped to the piston-cylinder arrangement in order to hydraulically load the piston thereof for a setting element movement depending on pumping direction on one (effective surface 01-10-2013
20130055706ELECTRO-HYDRAULIC ACTUATION GROUP FOR AN AUTOMOTIVE SERVO-ASSISTED MECHANICAL TRANSMISSION - In an automotive servo-assisted mechanical transmission, an electro-hydraulic actuation group has an actuation unit, a power unit able to provide hydraulic pressure to the actuation unit and an electronic control unit, the actuation and power units being equipped with respective components that are all mounted on a hydraulic casing of the actuation unit so as to define with one another a single assembly structurally separated from the electronic control unit, at least part of the components being equipped with respective electrical connectors that are arranged in a manner such that they can all be engaged by a same multiple electrical connector device.03-07-2013
20090260354Axle Driving Apparatus - An axle driving apparatus in which a hydraulic pump and a hydraulic motor which constitute a hydrostatic transmission are disposed on a center section. In a horizontal portion of the center section are provided a pair of linear oil passages in parallel to each other. A pair of arcuate ports are provided on a pump mounting surface formed on the horizontal portion of the center section. The pair of arcuate ports are substantially perpendicular with respect to the direction in which the oil passages extend. The axis of slanting movement of a movable swash plate of the hydraulic pump extends laterally of the vehicle body on which the axle driving apparatus is provided. The rotating direction of an arm provided on a control shaft for slantingly operating the movable swash plate is coincident with the operating direction of a control rod connected with a speed changing member. Thus, the link mechanism for connecting the speed changing member and the control arm for the movable swash plate is simplified.10-22-2009
20110146262ELECTROHYDRAULIC ACTUATOR WITH A PUMP INCORPORATED IN THE PISTON - The invention relates to an electrohydraulic actuator comprising a body (06-23-2011
060532000 Shock or resonant wave type of energy transmission 4
20080256947System for Generating High Pressure Pulses10-23-2008
20090173070Pulse Generator and Impulse Machine for a Cutting Tool - The invention relates to a pulse generator (07-09-2009
20110131972Acoustic Turbine - A method and apparatus generates kinetic and electrical energy using sound waves and is believed to be particularly useful in high efficiency motors and electrical generators. In particular, the method and apparatus uses sound waves as a catalyst to convert ambient heat energy into kinetic and/or electrical energy. In one embodiment, sound waves at particular frequencies are propagated across one side of a plate or other barrier element, causing flow of fluid (e.g. air) across the surface of the plate which, in turn, causes a reduction in the ambient fluid (air) pressure near the surface of the plate. The difference in fluid pressure on opposite sides of the plate results in net positive thrust on the plate, thereby causing movement of the plate. This movement can be harnessed using, for example, a windmill type of rotor and stator arrangement to generate useful kinetic and electrical energy.06-09-2011
20130091840SHOCKWAVE-ACTUATED POWER DEVICE - A shockwave-actuated power device includes a cylinder, a regulating module, and a piston assembly. The cylinder includes a chamber and a filling port in communication with the chamber. The regulating module includes first and second partitioning members and a driving member. The first and second partitioning members are received in the chamber, dividing the chamber into a high-pressure filling section, a shockwave train developing/actuating section, and a high-energy shockwave producing section located between the high-pressure filling section and the shockwave train developing/actuating section, with the filling port located in the high-pressure filling section. The driving member drives the first and second partitioning members to control communication between the high-pressure filling section, the high-energy shockwave producing section, and the shockwave train developing/actuating section. The piston assembly is movably received in the shockwave train developing/actuating section and drives a power output device.04-18-2013
060470000 Externally operated multiway valve or interconnected control elements control motive fluid for a limited stroke to-and-fro device 4
20080209903Hydraulic Drive Device for Working Vehicle - [Object] To materialize a reduction in pump loss, the assurance of sufficient working device speeds and the priority assurance of an adequate steering capacity with simpler construction and at lower cost than a load sensing system.09-04-2008
20090000293Power Plant - A power plant produces power by using high pressure gas to push a piston. The power plant uses a supply device to provide the high pressure gas to a cylinder and controls an admission valve and an exhaust valve to admit and exhaust the high pressure gas for pushing the piston and rotating a crank member to produce power.01-01-2009
20100287925Hydro-Mechanical Transmission And Valve Assembly - A hydro-mechanical transmission for an agriculture vehicle, such as a tractor. The transmission includes an input shaft, a hydrostatic unit driven by the input shaft, a mechanical transmission driven by the hydrostatic unit and/or the input shaft, and a valve assembly having a pressure control valve assembly to control an output speed of the hydrostatic unit. A mechanical shift control valve assembly is coupled with the mechanical transmission to selectively engage one of the gear sets of the mechanical transmission and adjust the hydrostatic unit speed.11-18-2010
20120285159HYDRAULIC DRIVING APPARATUS FOR WORKING MACHINE - Provided is an apparatus provided in a working machine to lower a load, comprising a hydraulic pump, a hydraulic actuator, a manipulation device having a manipulation member, a meter-in flow control device, a meter-out flow control device, a back pressure valve, a regeneration fluid passage branched from the meter-out fluid passage at a position upstream of the back pressure valve and merged with the meter-in fluid passage, and a check valve. The meter-in flow control device controls a meter-in flow rate in a region of the meter-in fluid passage upstream of a merging point with the regeneration fluid passage. The meter-out flow control device controls a meter-out flow rate in a region of the meter-out fluid passage upstream of a branching point of the regeneration fluid passage so as to make the meter-out flow rate be greater than the meter-in flow rate.11-15-2012
060433000 Having correlated or joint actuation of controller of input to motive fluid pressurizer and of controller of motive fluid floow 3
20090308066Motor Control Device for Construction Machinery - A motor control device for construction machinery includes a hydraulic pump; a hydraulic motor driven by pressure oil from the hydraulic pump; a control valve that controls a flow of the pressure oil from the hydraulic pump to the hydraulic motor; a pair of main conduit lines that connect the hydraulic motor and the control valve on a delivery side and a return side thereof; an operation member that operates a spool of the control valve to either a neutral position that does not allow the pressure oil for driving from the hydraulic pump to pass through control valve to the hydraulic motor or a non-neutral position that allows the pressure oil for driving to pass through the control valve to the hydraulic motor; a braking pressure generating device that generates braking pressure in the main conduit lines on the return side in a state where the spool of the control valve is positioned in the neutral position as a result of being operated by the operation member, the braking pressure opposing rotation of the hydraulic motor; and a flow control device for allowing the pressure oil from the hydraulic pump to flow into the pair of main conduit lines while the braking pressure is generated by the braking pressure generating device.12-17-2009
20100089050METHOD FOR OPERATING A WORKING MACHINE AND A WORKING MACHINE - A method for operating a working machine provided with a power source providing power and a plurality of power consuming systems connected to the power source includes the steps of providing a model predicting a power demanded by at least one of the power consuming systems, detecting at least one operational parameter indicative of a power demand, using the detected operational parameter in the prediction model, and balancing a provided power to the demanded power according to the prediction model.04-15-2010
20090094974FUEL FEED CIRCUIT FOR AN AIRCRAFT ENGINE - A head loss element is interposed between the outlet from the pump delivering high pressure fuel and the pipe feeding combustion chamber injectors. A servo-valve for feeding a hydraulic actuator of a variable-geometry component of the engine has an HP admission inlet connected to the outlet from the pump upstream from the head loss element and an LP outlet connected to the feed pipe downstream from the head loss element. Thus, the flow rate taken upstream from the head loss element for driving the actuator is compensated by the flow rate reinjected downstream from the head loss element, thereby avoiding any movement of the variable-geometry component giving rise to a disturbance in the flow rate delivered to the injectors.04-16-2009
060326000 Utilizing a mixture, suspension, semisolid or electro-conductive liquid as motive fluid 3
20090000288SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONVERTING KINETIC ENERGY FROM BROWNIAN MOTION OF GASES OR LIQUIDS TO USEFUL ENERGY, FORCE AND WORK - A system for producing energy includes a solvent chamber, a pressure chamber and a semi-permeable barrier separating the solvent chamber from the pressure chamber. The solvent chamber for holds a solvent, and the pressure chamber hold a solute solution comprising a solute dissolved in a solvent. The semi-permeable barrier is permeable to solvent molecules and impermeable to solute molecules. Solvent molecules effuse across the semi-permeable barrier into the solute solution of the closed pressure chamber to increase the pressure of the pressure chamber, thereby generating energy in the form of hydrostatic pressure. A conversion device may convert the increased pressure in the pressure chamber to energy. The solute solution may be expelled and recycled after use.01-01-2009
20090007555Biomimetic Water Membrane Comprising Aquaporins Used in the Production of Salinity Power - The present invention relates to the use of aquaporin containing membranes in the production of salinity power. The membranes are preferably lipid bilayers incorporating reconstituted aquaporin channels, e.g. entrapped between porous support materials, or alternatively enclosing a highly hydrophobic porous support material. Also disclosed is a salinity power plant.01-08-2009
20110296821IMPROVING EFFICIENCY OF LIQUID HEAT EXCHANGE IN COMPRESSED-GAS ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEMS - In various embodiments, efficiency of energy storage and recovery systems employing compressed air and liquid heat exchange is improved via control of the system operation and/or the properties of the heat-exchange liquid.12-08-2011
060419000 Motor driven by motive fluid of system drives pump pressurizing motive fluid of system 3
20120233995HYBRID OPERATING MACHINE - A controller determines whether or not a control valve for controlling the supply of pressure fluid from a main pump to an actuator is at a neutral position, detects input power of a hydraulic motor rotated by return oil from the actuator, and narrows the opening of a proportional electromagnetic throttle valve when the control valve is at the neutral position and the input power of the hydraulic motor is in excess of a first threshold value.09-20-2012
20110277458PUMPS - A pump for use in pumping hydraulic well control fluid expelled from a control device of a well, comprises means for accumulating such hydraulic well control fluid and means for using the pressure of hydraulic fluid supplied to the well to pump accumulated hydraulic well control fluid into a production flowline of the well.11-17-2011
20100089049HYDRAULIC DRIVE DEVICE AND WORKING MACHINE WITH THE SAME - A hydraulic drive device capable of utilizing return oil effectively while maintaining a driven speed of a hydraulic actuator, as well as a working machine having the hydraulic drive device, are provided. The hydraulic drive device includes a controller. During an external force applying period in which a return oil pressure exceeds a discharge pressure from a hydraulic pump, the controller specifies a regenerating flow rate capable of being conducted to a regeneration oil passage and a surplus flow rate other than the regenerating flow rate on the basis of power required of the hydraulic pump out of return oil other than return oil which is conduced to a tank through a control valve, then conducts the return oil of the regenerating flow rate to the regeneration oil passage and controls an MO valve and a regulator so that the return oil of the surplus flow rate is conducted to an outlet oil passage.04-15-2010
060393000 Manipulator for motive fluid control valve having load feel or motor pressure feedback 2
20090094972HYDRAULIC CONTROL ASSEMBLY - The invention relates to a hydraulic control arrangement that is used particularly for controlling hydraulic consumers of a mobile machine tool. Said hydraulic control arrangement comprises a load signaling line to which the maximum load pressure of several hydraulic consumers that are simultaneously triggered via one respective main control valve can be applied, and a final section of which can be connected to a pump regulator. The hydraulic control arrangement further comprises a pressure relief valve which allows the control pressure to be limited in the final section of the load signaling line. In order to be able to easily and inexpensively control the pressure also for several hydraulic consumers, the pressure relief valve can be displaced in accordance with the level of a pilot signal that is used for triggering a main control valve.04-16-2009
20120304633INTENSIFIER OF HYDRAULIC POWER WITH RELY WITH MAINTENANCE OF THE REACHED POSITION AND FORCE - The invention relates to a linear hydraulic actuator which incorporates inside it a piston which can be reciprocally actuated by means of a distributor and a feedback positioning and reversing device. If during its uniform linear travel the actuator meets a resistance or an obstacle, actuating the double-action piston reciprocally will enable the actuator to continue its stroke with intermittent motion and multiplied force without the mobile part of the actuator moving back from the previously reached position and until the obstacle has been overcome.12-06-2012
060455000 Having leakage collecting structure 2
20130074487DRIVE SYSTEM HAVING AT LEAST ONE HYDRAULIC ACTUATOR - The invention relates to a drive system having at least one hydraulic actuator (03-28-2013
20100205953Case Drain Line Pressure Switch With Automatic Fan Drive Motor Shutdown - A case drain circuit particularly well suited for use with a bulk fill subassembly or a vacuum fan assembly of an agricultural implement towed by a tractor or similar vehicle includes a pressure switch that may cause illumination of an in-cab warning light and/or sounding of an in-cab alarm when pressure in the case drain circuit exceeds a predetermined threshold. A fan is driven by a solenoid controlled hydraulic motor which is supplied hydraulic fluid under pressure from a flow control valve to the motor in accordance with electrical signals that are supplied to the solenoid by a controller. The case drain circuit provides a pathway along which leakage fluid from the motor may be delivered to a fluid reservoir, preferably carried by the towing vehicle. During undesirable high pressure conditions in the case drain circuit, the pressure switch provides a corresponding high pressure signal to the controller that in turn cuts electrical current to the solenoid to cut the flow of hydraulic fluid to the motor.08-19-2010
060396000 Utilizing lubricant, starter motor, cooling fluid, or fluid used for combustion in an internal combustion engine 2
20110011076Operating Oil Supplying Device and Construction Machine - A hydraulic oil supply device includes: a work equipment pump that supplies a hydraulic oil to a hydraulic actuator that drives a work equipment; a fan pump that supplies the hydraulic oil to a hydraulic motor that drives a cooling fan; and a circuit switching valve provided on a hydraulic circuit being branched from a hydraulic circuit connecting the hydraulic actuator with the work equipment pump to be connected to the fan pump, the circuit switching valve selectively connecting a discharge portion of the fan pump to the hydraulic actuator and the hydraulic motor.01-20-2011
20130152570FLUID FLOW PATH CONTROL UNIT FOR VEHICLE DRIVE SYSTEM - A fluid flow path control unit includes a fluid supply unit supplying fluid to a hydraulic connection/disconnection unit and a fluid supplied portion, and a flow path selector valve disposed on a fluid flow path between the fluid supply unit and the fluid supplied portion or stradding between a hydraulic path communicating between the fluid supply unit and the hydraulic connection/disconnection unit and the fluid flow path. The selector valve includes a valve element switchable between a first operating position and a second operating position, a restoration member biasing the valve element from the second position toward the first position and a fluid chamber accomodating fluid biasing the valve element from the first position toward the second position. The fluid flow path has a flow path resistance differing between when the valve element is in the first position and when the valve element is in the second position.06-20-2013
060453000 With means purging, cleaning or separating undesirables from motive fluid 2
20100186403Step-less hydrostatic gear box for rotary movement SLGB - The hydrostatic system for the step less rotary movement transmission contains two hydrostatic motors with radial pistons (07-29-2010
20110067392 BREATHER WITH INDEPENDENT INLET/OUTLET FLOW PATHS - The present invention provides an apparatus and method for filtering fluid in a breather assembly and providing uncontaminated fluid to a reservoir. The breather allows in-take fluid traveling through a first flow path to be filtered before entering the reservoir through a first directional valve. The breather also allows exhaust fluid traveling through a second flow path, separate from the first flow path, to exit through a second directional valve.03-24-2011
060388000 Full range correspondence of position of external manipulator and motor positioned member effected by feedback linkage 2
20080295506VEHICLE BEHAVIOR CONTROL APPARATUS - A hydraulic circuit includes a first pressurizing section for pressurizing a wheel cylinder by operating a master cylinder, and a second pressurizing section for pressurizing the wheel cylinder independently of operation of the master cylinder. A control unit determines whether a first operation request according to a physical relationship between a vehicle and an environment surrounding the vehicle is present; determines whether a second operation request according to a physical behavior of the vehicle is present; activates the first pressurizing section when the first operation request is present and the second operation request is absent; activates the second pressurizing section when the first operation request is absent and the second operation request is present; and keeps the first pressurizing section activated and activates the second pressurizing section, when the second operation request turns present under condition that the first pressurizing section is activated in response to the first operation request.12-04-2008
20120180467ADVANCING ASSEMBLY AND POWERED SHIELD SUPPORT HEREWITH - An advancing assembly for underground powered shield support having at least one floor skid for supporting the powered shield support, an advancing beam and a substantially perpendicularly arranged lift cylinder for lifting the floor skid relative to the advancing beam during an advancing movement. The lift cylinder has a cylinder foot supported above the advancing beam and a cylinder head buttressed on a bridge and hydraulically displaceable relative to the cylinder foot. In order to improve a powered shield support and in particular the advancing assembly of a powered shield support, the lift cylinder is a double lift cylinder having a first cylinder stage, comprising the cylinder head, and a second cylinder stage, wherein a compression spring is arranged between the cylinder stages.07-19-2012
060493000 Valve means reverses flow from pump to reversible rotary motor 2
20090266072Hydraulic reversing fan valve and machine using same - A machine includes a hydraulic fan system for circulating cooling air through an engine compartment. Periodically, the fan rotation direction is briefly reversed in order to dislodge any material debris that may have accumulated at the inlet to the engine compartment. When a fan reversal event is initiated, the fan motor will continue to rotate due to angular momentum even after the pump output flow has been switched from a first motor port to a second motor port. During this continued rotation as the fan decelerates to zero speed, vacuum pressure levels can arise at the first motor port, and a pressure spike can develop at the second motor port. In order to alleviate these conditions, a pressure transfer valve briefly opens to facilitate fluid flow directly from the second motor port to the first motor port as the fan motor decelerates towards zero speed before reversing direction, simultaneously alleviating vacuum and pressure spike conditions.10-29-2009
20090139226Hydraulic control apparatus for marine reversing gear assembly for watercraft - A hydraulic control apparatus for marine reversing gear assembly for watercraft includes a pressure reducing valve 06-04-2009
060384000 Expansible chamber type volumetric responsive measuring device in series with or driven by output motor operates the motor controller 2
20130160439FLOW RATE CONTROL DEVICE FOR VARIABLE DISPLACEMENT TYPE HYDRAULIC PUMP FOR CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT - The present invention pertains to a hydraulic pressure control device of a variable displacement type hydraulic pump for construction equipment, wherein operable sections of operation systems are formed in a wide manner while the hydraulic pump discharges a relatively small flow rate compared with the operation amount of the respective operation systems in the case of complex operations, so as to improve the pressure loss and the fuel ratio of the hydraulic pump. The device includes a flow rate controller, which is preferably connected to an operation amount detecting means and a swash plate control device, and receives operation signals from the operation system of a control device that are detected by the operation amount detecting means so as to control the discharge flow rate of the hydraulic pump. In the case of the complex operations, the flow rate controller pre-determines the required flow rate of an actuator for the respective operation systems via the operation signals of the operation systems and subsequently operates the square root of the sum of the squares of the respective required flow rates so as to determine the discharge flow rate of the hydraulic pump, thereby controlling the swash plate control device.06-27-2013
20130199170Hydraulic Drive with Energy Recovery - A hydraulic drive device with energy recovery function, includes a pressure medium pump for supplying a consumer with pressure medium and a return line for removing the pressure medium from the consumer. The discharged pressure medium is returned under pressure to the suction side of the pressure medium pump.08-08-2013
060458000 Having assembly or repair structure 1
20120067038HYDRAULIC FITTING FOR PIPES - A hydraulic fast fitting for hydraulic pipes, including a first fitting element (03-22-2012
060387000 Distinct structure metering and dispensing a stroke length determining volume of motive fluid to the motor 1
20090007556Hydraulic Control System - The invention relates to a hydraulic control arrangement for actuating at least two consumers (01-08-2009
060368000 Control by independently operated punch card, tape, digital computer, counter, template, or programmer cyclic control 1
20090272109HYDRAULIC SYSTEM WITH COMPENSATION FOR KINEMATIC POSITION CHANGES OF MACHINE MEMBERS - A machine, such as a backhoe, has a series of components connected in series and moved by separate hydraulic actuators. A position estimator determines the present position of each component from the load acting on the associated hydraulic actuator and a velocity command for the component. For each component, a function parameter estimator uses the present positions of the components to derive a set of parameters that include a static structure load that the components exert on the associated hydraulic actuator, acceleration and deceleration limits for both directions of component motion, and a control bandwidth for the associated hydraulic actuator. The set of parameters for a given component is used to control the associated hydraulic actuator.11-05-2009
20090193799Hydraulic gravity harvester - A Hydraulic Gravity Harvester is disclosed; having a plural of slip buckets, each slip bucket has a piston that works with a valve that is connected to the lower end of each piston; each slip bucket reciprocates vertically within a cylinder. When the valve is in the closed position and the slip bucket is on the down stroke, it creates a positive pressure in the cylinder pushing fluid up to a reservoir positioned high above the slip buckets. Each slip bucket on the down stroke is connected so that the opposite valve is in the open position and on the up stroke, so the weight of the fluid that has pushed this slip bucket down now rest on the bottom of the cylinder. This allows the slip bucket that is on the down stroke to turn a shaft creating a rotational torque.08-06-2009
20090193798Valve assembly for counteracting flow forces - A valve assembly is disclosed. The valve assembly may include a housing having an interior chamber, inlet port, outlet port, and control port. The valve assembly may further include a valve member configured to move within the interior chamber to permit flow between the inlet port and the control port and between the outlet port and the control port. The valve assembly may further include and an actuator configured to move the valve member to form a first opening and second opening to create flow forces tending to close the first and second opening. The valve member may also include a passageway in the valve member configured to direct fluid flow from the inlet port to the control port and from the control port to the outlet port, and counteract the flow forces at the first and second opening.08-06-2009
20130081381POWER DEVICE USING GAS TO DRIVE LIQUID - A power device using a gas to drive a liquid includes a container, a specific quantity of liquid, a driving mechanism, a specific quantity of gas and a power generator, and the container has a first chamber, a second chamber, and a communicating hole formed between the first and second chambers; the specific quantity of liquid is filled into the first and second chambers; the driving mechanism includes a moving object contained in the first chamber; the specific quantity of gas is filled into first chamber and situated between the moving object and a liquid surface of the specific quantity of liquid; the power generator is installed in the container and at a position corresponding to the communicating hole; and the moving object increases and decreases the pressure of the specific quantity of gas to drive the power generator to generate and output power.04-04-2013
20100043416Wobble plate motor - A wobble plate motor comprises a rotatable shaft having a bent end rigid with the shaft and an inclined plate journalled on the bent end. When only one side of the inclined plate is directly subjected to high pressure, the plate rolls on a base in the manner of a spinning coin as it decays, i.e. as its spin rate falls to a value where the coin is inclined to the axis of rotation. As the plate rotates, torque is generated on the rotatable shaft so the shaft may drive a work consumer such as a generator, pump or compressor.02-25-2010
20100269496DRIVE AND HYDROSTATIC PISTON ENGINE WITH BRAKE ENERGY RECOVERY - The invention relates to a hydrostatic piston engine (10-28-2010
20130067898ELECTRO HYDROSTATIC ACTUATOR - An electro hydrostatic actuator includes an actuator body, a hydraulic pump driven to supply operation oil to the actuator body, and an electric motor configured to drive the hydraulic pump. Each of the hydraulic pump and the electric motor is placed so as to surround the outer periphery of the actuator body, and the hydraulic pump and the electric motor are arranged in a direction along a center axis.03-21-2013
20120110991PUMP ACTUATOR AND METHODS FOR MAKING THE SAME - An actuator for a pump wherein the actuator may be made of a single molded part or multiple molded parts wherein each part or component may define a portion of the spin mechanics of the actuator.05-10-2012
20090056322SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR RAPIDLY SHAKING AN IMPLEMENT OF A MACHINE - A fluid system for use with a machine that employs an actuator, that provides for rapid shaking of an implement. The fluid system includes a source for providing fluid flow to the actuator and an operator input device for enabling an operator to control the movement of the implement by inputting a plurality of commands that specify movement of the implement. A controller is provided for monitoring the commands received from the operator input device and entering a mode for controlling the displacement of the source when the controller detects a pattern of commands that indicates an operator-request for rapid movement of the implement.03-05-2009
20130213022RESCUE AND EMERGENCY POWER METHOD AND SYSTEM - The present invention provides methods and systems for a power generation system, including an inlet for introducing a liquid into the system, an inlet pipe for carrying the liquid introduced to the inlet, a generation station for converting the flow of liquid into energy, and an outlet pipe for removing the liquid from the generation station.08-22-2013
20110011071Hydraulic System - A hydraulic system for an operator controlled machine, the system including at least one actuator for moving a machine component, a source of pressurized fluid for delivering pressurized fluid at a system pressure to a control valve which is operable under operator control, to control the flow of fluid from the source to the actuator at a load pressure, along a load pressure path, a flow control apparatus for controlling the flow of fluid from the source to the control valve, the flow control apparatus including an actuating part which is biased by a resilient device to a condition in which the flow control apparatus provides for a maximum flow of fluid to the control valve, actuating part movement by the resilient device being resisted by system pressure fluid and being supported by fluid at a control pressure, the control pressure being derived from the load pressure, and wherein the system includes a pressure control device to which the load pressure is communicated, the pressure control device being operated under operator control either to deliver the control pressure to the flow control device at load pressure or a modified pressure which is less than the load pressure.01-20-2011
20120233989FLUID COMPRESSION SYSTEM - A fluid pump (09-20-2012
20110289907HYBRID-TYPE SHOVEL - An electric power accumulating means (12-01-2011
20120023917ROTARY ENGINE WITH A CIRCULAR ROTOR - The rotary engine includes a circular stator, a circular rotor rotating about the stator; the rotor and the stator being separated by a circular cylinder and at least one element with two flanges. The rotor includes two compression pistons attached to the inner surface of the rotor. These two pistons are located at the two extremities of a first diameter of the rotor and kept substantially in contact with the outer surface of the stator. The stator includes a recess at each extremity of a diameter. Each recess forms a compression chamber with the compression piston positioned at the end of the recess in the direction of rotation of the rotor and one of the flanges of the element with two flanges, referred to as the cylinder head flange. The motive force is applied to the compression piston when the pressure of the gases inside the compression chamber is suddenly increased to a predefined value.02-02-2012
20090308061Cangrier-M1 machine or C-M1 the powerful miracle perpetual motion machine designed for hydroelectric power generation water recycling concept - When water is pumped manually to the overhead tank, the weight of the water is felt on the opposite end of the lever. Thus, an equal or heavier weights to counter that weight is thought of. This idea works on the output process but not on the input process. However, unlike conventional water pumps, C-M1 works on both processes using techniques (the invention) that employ the underlying principle of equilibrium or perfect balance. These techniques have resulted to the discovery of C-M1, a very powerful perpetual motion machine capable of using equal or heavier weights to counter the weights on the other end of the lever on both the input and output operations. Therefore, since it is perfectly balance, pumping out 1 cubic meter of 10 water per stroke through a 1.6-meter diameter 500-meter high pipe, with a total water weight of 1,000 tons, is simple and easy job for C-M1.12-17-2009
20090120082Chemical Activation of an Actuator or an Osmotic Motor - An actuator comprising an enclosure having a wall impermeable to a first solute and permeable to a solvent and containing, at least temporarily, a catalyst capable of promoting the transformation of at least one second solute into the first solute to vary the osmotic pressure in the enclosure; and a deformable chamber connected to the enclosure, said chambre being capable of increasing in volume under the action of the solvent moving from the enclosure into the chamber by osmosis or said enclosure being designed to be arranged in contact with the solvent, said chamber being capable of increasing in volume under the action of the solvent penetrating into the enclosure by osmosis.05-14-2009
20080307782DRIVE WHEEL WITH AN INTEGRAL FAN FOR A HYDRAULIC POWER UNIT - A drive wheel with an integral fan mountable as a unit to a shaft of a hydraulic power unit for rotation therewith. Fan blades extending from the drive wheel circulate air when the drive wheel is rotated. One or more passageways extending through the drive wheel can be provided to allow air to flow axially therethrough to be circulated around the hydraulic unit. A fan assembly for a hydraulic power unit is also provided including a fan element and a rotatable shroud attached thereto.12-18-2008
20110203265ACTUATOR - An actuator is equipped with a moveable part 08-25-2011
20120067035UNIVERSAL ORIENTATION ELECTRO-HYDRAULIC ACTUATOR - An orientation-independent electro-hydraulic actuator that includes a housing having an interior space forming a fluid reservoir, a pump connected to the housing, an electric motor drivingly coupled to the pump; and a piston-cylinder assembly having a piston axially movable within a cylinder. The cylinder is in fluid communication with the pump to effect movement of the piston in response to fluid flow between the cylinder and the fluid reservoir. The pump has one or more inlet/outlet ports communicating with a volumetric centroid region of the fluid reservoir. The fluid reservoir includes a volume of hydraulic fluid such that when the piston is fully extended, the volume of fluid in the reservoir is at a minimum and at least one of the inlet/outlet ports is submerged in hydraulic fluid.03-22-2012
20090211238Fluid Control Device And Method For The Production Thereof - The invention relates to a fluid control device comprising at least one fluid actuator, such as pistons, membranes, disks, base bodies comprising combinations thereof or similar and at least one cover element. Control/supply channels, which are fluidcally connected to fluid channels which are arranged in the base body, are arranged in the base body and/or in the cover element. The control/supply channels are defined between the base body and the at least one cover element by means of welding joints which are produced by laser welding.08-27-2009
20090241529Hydraulic machine consisting of two identical rotors - Hydraulic machine consisting of two identical rotors comprises two identical rotors R10-01-2009
20100154398FLUID PRESSURE UNIT - A pressure sensor (06-24-2010
20130213021MONREALPOWER - MONREALPOWER is a mechanical design to power up a turbine/generator to generate electricity or power up car engine and alike without using any gasoline or related fuel. Power will be generated using the combination of air pressure and plain “clean water” as the driving force. A revolutionary design in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering using cheap and almost unlimited source.08-22-2013
20100218491METAL FERRITE SPINEL ENERGY STORAGE DEVICES AND METHODS FOR MAKING AND USING SAME - 1-100 nm metal ferrite spinel coatings are provided on substrates, preferably by using an atomic layer deposition process. The coatings are able to store energy such as solar energy, and to release that stored energy, via a redox reaction. The coating is first thermally or chemically reduced. The reduced coating is then oxidized in a second step to release energy and/or hydrogen, carbon monoxide or other reduced species.09-02-2010
20090038304Hydraulic Isolating Manifold - An isolating manifold fluidly connected between a hydraulic valve and a hydraulic manifold operates to automatically isolate the valve from the hydraulic manifold as the valve is removed from the manifold, without requiring any particular blocking and bleeding procedures to be implemented on the valve or the manifold prior to the removal process. The isolating manifold includes an adaptor removably mounted onto a base with various pressure, control and tank fluid channels disposed in alignment through the adaptor and base portions to allow fluid to flow through each of the channels between the hydraulic manifold and the valve. During operation, the valve is mounted onto the adaptor while the base is mounted onto the hydraulic manifold. The valve may be removed from the hydraulic manifold by removing the adaptor from the base, during which process, the isolating manifold operates automatically to block the pressure and control ports of the hydraulic manifold and to bleed pressurized fluid from the pressure and control channels of the valve to a tank channel so as to automatically isolate the valve from the hydraulic manifold as the valve is removed from the hydraulic manifold.02-12-2009
20090071137FLUID TRANSMISSION - A fluid transmission that employs a fluid to transmit a force, comprising a conduit for the fluid made from heat shrink polymer tubing, wherein at least a portion of the heat shrink polymer tubing is shrunken, whereby the force can be transmitted by the fluid from a first or proximal end of the conduit to a second or distal end of the conduit. Also, an actuator and methods for manufacturing the transmission and actuator.03-19-2009
20130145751ENERGY RECLAIMING SYSTEM FOR ELECTRIC FORKLIFT TRUCK - The present disclosure relates to an energy reclaiming system for an electric forklift truck. The energy reclaiming system includes an electronic device operated by a motor when a working machine is raised and operated by a generator when the working machine is lowered, a hydraulic pump/motor connected to the electronic device and configured to perform two functions of a hydraulic pump and a hydraulic motor, a main control valve unit including a lift cylinder operating unit connected to the hydraulic pump/motor and configured to operate a lift cylinder and a secondary consumer operating unit connected to the hydraulic pump/motor and configured to operate a secondary consumer, and a control lever including a control valve configured to control the lift cylinder or the secondary consumer through the lift cylinder operating unit and the secondary consumer operating unit of the main control valve unit, respectively. The energy reclaiming system includes: a working fluid return line provided with a flow amount limiting valve configured to interrupt a flow of a return flow amount generated by the lift cylinder when the working machine (or fork carriage) is lowered; and an energy reclaiming unit installed in the working fluid return line and configured to, if a return flow amount generated when the working machine is lowered is smaller than a flow amount consumed by the secondary consumer, reclaim the return flow amount to an oil tank, and, if the return flow amount generated when the working machine is lowered is larger than the flow amount consumed by the secondary consumer, guide the return flow amount to the hydraulic pump/motor.06-13-2013
20100186400Method, system and computer program product for producing renewable electrical power - A system, method and computer program product for producing renewable electrical power energy which does not require the consumption of fossil-based, petroleum-based or other combustible fuels, nor release hazardous emissions or byproducts to the atmosphere or otherwise to the environment. The system utilizes closed-loop fluid recirculation and is not dependent upon an external unlimited sources of water flow and head as with dam-style hydro-electric power systems and is not dependant upon predefined favorable environmental and/or weather conditions to function. The system includes a DC magnetic system adapted to be coupled between an AC generator and a hydro-rotor/centrifugal pump system; a DC power source and charging system; a propulsion pump system; and a containment housing with a plurality of thrust producing vanes, fluid management infrastructure and reservoir. The hydro-rotor/centrifugal pump system utilizes thermal energy, kinetic energy, fluid dynamics, mass inertia and centrifugal forces to drive an AC electrical generator, and the DC magnetic system serves to both initiate the system and regulate the electrical output of the generator.07-29-2010
20120117957APPARATUS UTILIZING BUOYANCY FORCES AND METHOD FOR USING SAME - An apparatus has a tank with an open top, a tank wall, and a closed bottom. A first ringwall extends from the bottom such that a first annular space is defined by the first ringwall and the tank wall, and a second annular space is defined by the first ringwall. A second ringwall extends in the second annular space, and defines a third annular space between the first ringwall and the second ringwall, and a cylindrical space. An air conduit extends through the cylindrical space. A pod disposed into the cylindrical space has a closed chamber and a displacement chamber. An inner riser disposed in the third annular space has an open bottom, and rests onto the inner ringwall. An outer riser rests onto the outer ringwall and is disposed in the first annular space and has a closed top, a wall, and an open bottom.05-17-2012
20090007554Hydraulic Energy Storage with Reinforced Layer - In one aspect of the present invention, a system for performing work has a hydraulic circuit adapted to store energy within a hose. The hose has an elastic inner layer pre-tensioned by a radial tensioning component disposed within the hose and at least one reinforcing layer of elastic thread disposed around and compressing the inner layer. A hydraulic fluid is in the circuit and in communication with the hose, the radial tensioning component and with a hydraulic actuator for doing the work. The circuit has a mechanism for pressurizing the hydraulic circuit in order to perform the work.01-08-2009
20110041489 METHOD AND AN APPARATUS FOR PRODUCING LIQUID FLOW IN A PIPELINE - A method and apparatus for producing liquid flow in a pipeline which is provided with at least one turbine device to extract energy from the liquid flow, wherein stream is used to produce liquid flow in the pipeline and through the turbine.02-24-2011
20120304630CONTROL SYSTEM FOR CONSTRUCTION MACHINE - A control system for construction machine includes a main pump; a circuit system including operation valves; a boom cylinder being connected to a specific operation valve; one passage allowing communication between the specific operation valve and a piston-side chamber; another passage allowing communication between the specific operation valve and a rod-side chamber; a hydraulic motor rotating by the action of return oil from the piston-side chamber; a generator generating power by a rotational force of the hydraulic motor; a battery storing power generated by the generator; and a valve mechanism being provided in the one passage communicating with the piston-side chamber, introducing the return oil from the piston-side chamber at the time of descent as a regeneration flow to the hydraulic motor and introducing the return oil as a recovery flow to the rod-side chamber if necessary by causing the return oil to flow into the other passage.12-06-2012
20100319334HYDRAULIC SYSTEM WITH IMPROVED PULSATION DAMPING - A hydraulic system comprising a receiving body with electrohydraulic valve, with at least one hydraulic pump, and with channels for connecting the pump to at least one hydraulic load. A pulsation situation arises as a result of the delivery of a pressure medium by the pump and/or as a result of pressure medium being withdrawn by the load. At least one damping unit is provided, having a plurality of pulsation damping means such as, in particular, a damping chamber, and orifice. The hydraulic system provides a uniform and cost-effective solution for different operating situations and prevents a decrease in comfort. The damping unit has at least one switching means for adjusting the action of said damping unit to a varied pulsation situation by connecting or disconnecting one or more damping means.12-23-2010
20120255289WATER-CHAMBER WORKING APPARATUS - A water-chamber working apparatus 10-11-2012
20100326062COMPRESSED AIR ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEM UTILIZING TWO-PHASE FLOW TO FACILITATE HEAT EXCHANGE - A compressed-air energy storage system according to embodiments of the present invention comprises a reversible mechanism to compress and expand air, one or more compressed air storage tanks, a control system, one or more heat exchangers, and, in certain embodiments of the invention, a motor-generator. The reversible air compressor-expander uses mechanical power to compress air (when it is acting as a compressor) and converts the energy stored in compressed air to mechanical power (when it is acting as an expander). In certain embodiments, the compressor-expander comprises one or more stages, each stage consisting of pressure vessel (the “pressure cell”) partially filled with water or other liquid. In some embodiments, the pressure vessel communicates with one or more cylinder devices to exchange air and liquid with the cylinder chamber(s) thereof. Suitable valving allows air to enter and leave the pressure cell and cylinder device, if present, under electronic control.12-30-2010
20100326061"Buruga" hydraulic vehicle engine - This new type of vehicle engine is a zero emission engine. It uses low consumption of electric power from electric batteries, which is transformed in hydraulic power through the hydraulic pumps system, which is transformed in mechanical power through the cylinders of the engine.12-30-2010
20120297757Hydrostatic Stepless Transmission - A hydrostatic stepless transmission joined to a transmission housing includes a hydraulic pump, a hydraulic motor, a port block and a charge pump. The port block includes first and second side surfaces opposite each other. The hydraulic pump and motor are mounted on the first side surface of the port block so as to be fluidly connected to each other via a hydraulic circuit formed in the port block. The charge pump includes a pump housing mounted to the second side surface of the port block. The pump housing includes a mount part to which the transmission housing is mounted.11-29-2012
20120279208HYDRAULIC OUTPUT DRIVE SHAFT GENERATOR - The invention relates to a mobile machine having a traction drive and working hydraulics. The drive unit has a radial piston pump which is driven by a drive set and supplies working hydraulics. The radial piston pump is arranged on the axis of the output drive shaft of the drive set, between the drive set and a gearbox which is connected thereto via the output drive shaft. The drive set, the radial piston pump and the gearbox in this case form a compact drive unit.11-08-2012
20120285151OUTPUT SYSTEM FOR A PLURALITY OF MASSES - An output system (11-15-2012
20120285152HYDRAULIC DRIVING APPARATUS FOR WORKING MACHINE - Provided is an apparatus to lower a load, comprising a hydraulic pump, a hydraulic actuator having first and second ports, a manipulation device, a hydraulic circuit including meter-in and meter-out flow passages for the first and second ports respectively and a regeneration flow passage with a check valve, a control valve, a meter-out flow controller adjusting a meter-out flow rate according to the manipulation device, a back pressure valve, and a non-regeneration operation relief valve whose set pressure is not less than a sum of a minimum set pressure of the back pressure valve, an inlet-outlet pressure difference of the meter-out flow controller when the meter-out flow rate is maximum and a discharge flow rate of the hydraulic pump is maximum, and an actuator pressure difference for driving the hydraulic actuator with no load, and not less than a maximum set pressure of the back pressure valve.11-15-2012
20120285150POWER GENERATING APPARATUS OF RENEWABLE ENERGY TYPE - A power generating apparatus is provided with a hub rotated by the renewable energy received via a blade, a rotating shaft connected to the hub, a hydraulic pump mounted on the rotating shaft and driven by rotation of the rotating shaft, a hydraulic motor driven by pressurized oil from the hydraulic pump, a generator coupled to the hydraulic motor, a support providing reaction torque on the hydraulic pump from the rotating shaft while allowing a displacement of the hydraulic pump in a direction perpendicular to an axis of the rotating shaft, the hydraulic pump being supported by a nacelle through the support, and a pressurized-oil piping which is at least partially constituted of a flexible tube and which connects an outlet port of the hydraulic pump to an inlet port of the hydraulic motor to supply the pressurized oil from the hydraulic pump to the hydraulic motor.11-15-2012
20130008151SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR ROV MULTITASKING - A remotely operated vehicle system comprises a primary hydraulic system and a multitask interface panel including a hydraulic receptacle in selective fluid communication with the primary hydraulic system. The multitask interface panel is configured for selective connection and disconnection to one or more hydraulically powered devices while the multitask interface panel is subsea.01-10-2013
20130139494METHOD FOR PROTECTING A COMPONENT OF A HYDRAULIC MACHINE AGAINST EROSION, COMPONENT MANUFACTURING USING THIS METHOD AND INSTALLATION COMPRISING SUCH COMPONENT - A method for protecting a component of a hydraulic machine against erosion comprises steps involving preparing, in the flat state, several sheets of polymerised synthetic material, in applying a coat of adhesive to one side of each sheet 06-06-2013
20120247093DISPLACEMENT ELEMENT - The invention relates to a mechanical displacement element, which is provided by means of a displacement foil, capable of being configured as a miniature and has a hollow space that is configured such that a spatial arrangement and/or configuration of the displacement foil occurs by means of the supply and/or the removal of a liquid and/or gaseous medium into and/or from the hollow space. The displacement foil is disposed on an object, and/or is at least partially integrated in the object, such that a predetermined change of the spatial configuration of the object is occurs with a change of the spatial arrangement and/or configuration of the displacement foil.10-04-2012
20130133317Ambulance Shock-Absorbing Platform for Stretcher - An ambulance shock-absorbing platform for stretcher. The ambulance shock-absorbing platform for stretcher has a plurality of gas actuators mounted to an ambulance floor, and a stage mounted atop the gas actuators. A prime mover drives a pump to actuate the gas actuators to raise the level of the stage to provide shock absorption; a valve may be opened to vent the gas actuators to reduce the stage height for rolling a stretcher on and off the stage. Means to limit the upper and lower stage ends-of-travel is disclosed, and means to control stage height. An M bar and hook are mounted to the stage; a stretcher may be locked into place by means of the M bar, the hook support, and a hook slidably attached to the hook support.05-30-2013
20130111887HYDRODYNAMIC CYCLE GENERATION TECHNOLOGY - An energy generation apparatus comprising a storage vessel adapted to contain a first fluid, one or more evacuation vessels, each of the one or more evacuation vessels being divided into a first portion in fluid communication with the storage vessel and a second portion in fluid communication with a source of a second fluid, and energy generation means, wherein the flow of the first fluid from the storage vessel to the first portion of the evacuation vessel results in the evacuation of the second fluid from the second portion of the evacuation vessel such that the flow of the second fluid from the second portion of the evacuation vessel results in the actuation of the energy generation means.05-09-2013
20110308240DEGRADATION OF BIOMASS BY METAL-CATALYZED PEROXIDE OXIDATION - This invention relates to degradation of biomass with a peroxide in the presence of a metal catalyst. The process can result in ethanol production from cellulosic biomass, fuel gases, useful chemicals and biochemicals from decomposition products, heat and/or pressure for direct use, and electricity generation.12-22-2011
20110308239HYDRAULIC ENGINE WITH INFINITY DRIVE - A system comprises a first piston comprising a first piston shaft and a first drive pin. A first piston cylinder comprises a first body and a first groove, wherein the first groove defines a first aperture, the first aperture oriented axially along the first body and configured to receive the first drive pin. The first body encloses the first piston and allows the first piston to travel axially within the first piston cylinder. A drive shaft comprises an axis, a drive groove, and a surface, wherein the drive groove forms a continuous channel along the surface and receives the first drive pin. In one embodiment, a first distribution wheel comprises a first face, a second face, a first inlet aperture, and a first outlet aperture. The first distribution wheel couples to the first piston cylinder and to the drive shaft at a first end of the drive shaft, and rotates axially with the drive shaft along the axis of the drive shaft. The first inlet aperture allows hydraulic fluid to pass through the first face and the second face and the first outlet aperture defines a groove on the second face.12-22-2011
20130186078MICRO-VALVE HAVING AN ELASTICALLY DEFORMABLE VALVE LIP, METHOD FOR PRODUCING SAME AND MICRO-PUMP - The present invention relates to a micro-valve which is formed from two firmly connected substrates and preferably has an actuator element, for example that is diaphragm-driven, for the controlled opening and closing of a first and/or second passage. The invention further relates to a method for producing such a micro-valve and to a micro-pump which uses at least one such micro-valve. Said micro-pump is intended to be used in particular in conjunction with the development of an artificial sphincter. The micro-valve has a first substrate and a second substrate which are non-detachably joined to each other in order to form a controllable fluid flow section, and at least one first passage and at least one second passage. According to the invention, the micro-valve has at least one elastically deformable seal structure which, for example, can be formed by a photostructurable silicone, to seal off the first and/or second passage.07-25-2013
20130199167HYDRAULIC DEVICE FOR CHANGING THE PITCH OF A PROPELLER - A hydraulic device for changing the pitch of a propeller including a piston rod actuated by a hydraulic fluid, the piston rod including at its end a clevis mount able to provide a connection for transmitting the movements of the piston rod so as to change the pitch of at least one propeller, a thread nut held in position on the clevis of the piston rod by a fastener, the nut being able to collaborate with a threaded rod in order to provide a connection.08-08-2013
20130205761INTEGRATED DEVICE FOR ORIENTING AN OBJECT ACCORDING TO A GIVEN SPATIAL ORIENTATION AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - There is disclosed an integrated device for orienting an object according to a given spatial orientation comprising a frame and a supporting member connected thereto and adapted for supporting a portion of the object. The integrated device comprises a plurality of fluid actuated devices integrally molded and joined together through a joining portion to form an integral unit for displacing the supporting member with respect to the frame. Each fluid actuated device is actuatable between a first position wherein the device has a first length and a second position wherein the device has a second length. The integrated device comprises an actuation mechanism for actuating each fluid actuated device between the first position and the second position to enable displacing the supporting member with respect to the frame, thereby orienting the object according to the given spatial orientation. The integrated device may be of particular interest in the medical sector as a medical object manipulator for reaching a given target in an anatomical structure. A manufacturing method is also provided.08-15-2013

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