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060734000 Having fuel supply system 559
060752000 Combustor liner 257
060805000 Having turbine 92
060725000 Having noise reduction means 38
060390821 With ignition device 26
060390760 Intermittent combustion type 16
060726000 With means to pressurize oxidizer for combustion or other purposes 16
060751000 Having diffuser for air inlet 15
060730000 With liquid heat exchanger 9
060723000 Having catalyst in combustion zone 8
060732000 Having initial fuel-rich combustion zone 4
20080256954START FLOW MEASUREMENT - A method and apparatus for measuring a start fuel flow to a pilot nozzle of a fuel system of a gas turbine engine using pressure differential between fuel passages leading to fuel nozzles.10-23-2008
20090049837GAS TURBINE ENGINE AIR VALVE ASSEMBLY - A gas turbine engine air valve assembly has first and second valving elements. The second element is rotatable about a first axis relative to the first element. The rotation controls a flow of air through the first and second elements. An actuator is coupled by a linkage to the second element. A plurality of follower member assemblies each have an insertion portion extending through a corresponding first aperture in the first valving element and a corresponding second aperture in the second element. The insertion portion is circumferentially fixed relative to one of the first and second valving elements and circumferentially moveable relative to the other of the first and second valving elements.02-26-2009
20130008168BURNER FOR STABILIZING THE COMBUSTION OF A GAS TURBINE - A burner for stabilizing the combustion of a gas turbine is provided. The burner includes a combustion chamber and a plurality of nozzles opening out into the combustion chamber wherein fluid is introduced into the combustion chamber by the nozzles in the form of a fluid jet, wherein the fluid is burned in the combustion chamber to fatal a hot gas, wherein an annular gap is provided in the case of at least one nozzle for feeding the fluid to the nozzle at a nozzle inlet, wherein a preheater is provided for heating the fluid before entering the nozzle, wherein the preheater is a pre-burner with or without a combustion chamber, and wherein the pre-burner with or without a combustion chamber is arranged in the annular gap.01-10-2013
20120304647REVERSE-FLOW ANNULAR COMBUSTOR FOR REDUCED EMISSIONS - A combustor for a gas turbine engine is provided. The combustor includes an inner liner; an outer liner circumscribing the inner liner; and a combustor dome having a first edge coupled to the inner liner and a second edge coupled to the outer liner. The combustor dome forms a combustion chamber with the inner liner and the outer liner. The combustion chamber receives air flow through the inner and outer liners, and the combustor dome is configured to bifurcate the air flow at the combustor dome into a first stream directed to the inner liner and a second stream directed to the outer liner.12-06-2012
060750000 Having means to recycle combustion products internally of combustion zone 1
20080236166Moderate Temperature Heat Conversion Process - A process that can achieve thermally efficient conversion of heat energy to kinetic energy at moderate temperatures is disclosed in which alternating injections of hot and cool thermal fluid are made into a working gas. The thermal fluid on exiting the heat engine is thermally reconditioned with one or more heat pumps then sent back to the thermal fluid injectors.10-02-2008
20130025281GASIFICATION SYSTEM AND METHOD - A system configured for the production of at least one product selected from the group consisting of syngas, Fischer-Tropsch synthesis products, power, and chemicals, the system comprising a dual fluidized bed gasification apparatus and at least one apparatus selected from power production apparatus configured to produce power from the gasification product gas, partial oxidation reactors configured for oxidation of at least a portion of the product gas, tar removal apparatus configured to reduce the amount of tar in the product gas, Fischer-Tropsch synthesis apparatus configured to produce Fischer-Tropsch synthesis products from at least a portion of the product gas, chemical production apparatus configured for the production of at least one non-Fischer-Tropsch product from at least a portion of the product gas, and dual fluidized bed gasification units configured to alter the composition of the product gas. Methods of operating the system are also provided.01-31-2013
20130031904COMBUSTION CHAMBER - A combustion chamber includes at least one annular wall. The annular wall includes a plurality of segments and each segment has a first portion, a second portion and a third portion. The first portion of each segment extends circumferentially, the third portion of each segment extends circumferentially and the second portion of each segment extends radially to connect the first portion and third portion of the segment. The segments are arranged such that the first portion of each segment overlaps the third portion of an adjacent segment and the first portion of each segment is bolted to the third portion of the adjacent segment. The segments are cast and define a double wall combustion chamber and enable easier construction of the combustion chamber and replacement of damaged segments.02-07-2013
20130047618WALL ELEMENTS FOR GAS TURBINE ENGINES - A double-wall structure for use in components in gas turbine engines that are exposed to high temperatures has a first wall spaced apart from a second wall. The first wall has a protrusion extending therefrom towards the second wall. The second wall has a cooling fluid orifice, or hole, through which cooling fluid is directed in use towards the protrusion. The protrusion extends across a significant percentage of the gap between the first and second walls. The cooling fluid removes heat from protrusion as it flows over it through convection, thereby cooling the first wall. The cooling fluid is also redirected so as to become more aligned with the first wall as it flows over the protrusion. In some cases, a trench is provided at the base of the protrusion. The cooling fluid causes a vortex to form in the trench, thereby further assisting cooling.02-28-2013
20130055716Gas-turbine combustion chamber with a holding means of a seal for an attachment - Gas-turbine combustion chamber with a combustion chamber head made from a metallic material and mounting at least one burner, and with a combustion chamber wall made from a ceramic material, where at least one igniter plug or other combustion chamber attachments such as acoustic dampers, sensors or valves are arranged in a recess of the combustion chamber wall, and where in the area of the recess a seal is arranged that is mounted by means of a metallic holding means from another component than the CMC combustion chamber wall.03-07-2013
20130055718DEVICE FOR REDUCING THE NOISE EMITTED BY THE JET OF AN AIRCRAFT PROPULSION ENGINE - A gas exhaust nozzle for aircraft propulsion includes at least a downstream part with a trailing edge of chevron type formed of chevrons distributed along the periphery of the nozzle. Each chevron extends downstream between an upstream transverse plane and a downstream transverse plane with free edges oriented in two converging downstream directions and defining the trailing edge. The chevrons generate vortices at the boundary of the jet emitted by the nozzle. The gas exhaust nozzle includes a device to inject auxiliary gas jets upstream of the free edges of the chevrons in the main jet through orifices placed upstream of the upstream plane in such a way as to discharge upstream of the upstream plane of the chevrons to generate the vortices upstream of the free edges of the chevrons.03-07-2013
20130055717TRANSITIONAL REGION FOR A SECONDARY COMBUSTION CHAMBER OF A GAS TURBINE - A gas turbine is provided having a secondary combustion chamber and a first guide vane row of a low-pressure turbine, the row being arranged directly downstream of the chamber. The radially outer boundary of the secondary combustion chamber is formed by at least one outer wall segment, which is secured on at least one support element arranged radially outwardly. The flow path of the hot gases is bounded radially outwardly, in the region of the guide vane row, by an outer platform which is secured at least indirectly on at least one guide vane support. A substantially radially extending gap-shaped cavity having a width in the range of 1-25 mm in the axial direction in the inlet region is arranged between the wall segment and the outer platform. At least one step element, which reduces the width by at least 10% in at least one step, extending substantially perpendicularly to the direction of flow of the hot gas in the cavity, is arranged in the inlet region.03-07-2013
20120111011BYPASS TURBINE INTAKE - A system, that includes a bypass turbine intake configured to route a bypass supply of air to a turbine engine to bypass an air filter of a main turbine intake, wherein the bypass turbine intake comprises a louvered door having a plurality of louvers configured to move between a closed position and an open position, the open position enables flow of the bypass supply of air to the turbine engine, and the closed position disables flow of the bypass supply of air to the turbine engine.05-10-2012
20130061593SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING A COMBUSTOR ASSEMBLY - A system and method for controlling a combustor assembly are disclosed. The system includes a combustor assembly. The combustor assembly includes a combustor and a fuel nozzle assembly. The combustor includes a casing. The fuel nozzle assembly is positioned at least partially within the casing and includes a fuel nozzle. The fuel nozzle assembly further defines a head end. The system further includes a viewing device configured for capturing an image of at least a portion of the head end, and a processor communicatively coupled to the viewing device, the processor configured to compare the image to a standard image for the head end.03-14-2013
20090266077Mixing chamber - A mixing chamber with a wall and at least one vortex generating element arranged on the wall is provided. The vortex generating element has at least three surfaces, at least one of the surfaces forming a top surface and the other surfaces forming at least first and second side surfaces, the first and second side surfaces arranged not in parallel, the top surface being in contact with the wall via a front edge of the top surface, the front edge extending traverse to a flow direction, the top surface further abutting the first and second side faces forming first and second edges, the first side surface extending in parallel to the flow direction so that the first edge does not contribute to generating a vortex, and the second side surface extending not in parallel to the flow direction so that the second edge contributes to generating the vortex.10-29-2009
20130160452AERODYNAMIC SHROUD FOR THE BACK OF A COMBUSTION CHAMBER OF A TURBOMACHINE - An annular shroud has an internal face intended to cover the back end wall of an annular combustion chamber of a turbomachine fitted with a centrifugal compressor, together with an external face opposite the internal face. The shroud includes multiple apertures intended to allow fuel injectors supported by the back end wall to pass through. The shroud includes multiple bosses which extend as projections on the external face radially towards the interior respectively from the respective radially internal edges of the apertures. Each of the bosses delimits an extension of the corresponding aperture open radially towards the exterior so as to form an air intake scoop.06-27-2013
20110271678TURBOMACHINE COMBUSTION CHAMBER WALL HAVING A SINGLE ANNULAR ROW OF INLET ORIFICES FOR PRIMARY AIR AND FOR DILUTION AIR - A turbomachine combustion chamber including coaxial walls forming surfaces of revolution that include inlet orifices for admitting primary air and dilution air into the chamber, the orifices in each wall being substantially in alignment with one another along the longitudinal axis of the chamber and forming a single annular row of orifices.11-10-2011
20100170248COMBUSTOR AND COMBUSTION METHOD FOR COMBUSTOR - A combustor and a combustion method for the combustor, which can suppress backfire and ensure stable combustion. The combustor comprises a mixing-chamber forming member for forming therein a mixing chamber in which air for combustion and fuel are mixed with each other, and a combustion chamber for burning a gas mixture mixed in the mixing chamber and producing combustion gases. A channel for supplying the air for combustion to the mixing chamber from the outer peripheral side of the mixing-chamber forming member is provided inside the mixing-chamber forming member. The fuel and the air are premixed in the channel, and a resulting premixed gas mixture is supplied to the mixing chamber.07-08-2010
20080289337COMBINED-CYCLE POWER PLANT AND STEAM THERMAL POWER PLANT - A combined-cycle power plant, a steam thermal power plant, and a method for operating the power plant, which are capable of effectively utilizing raw fuel produced from medium- or small-scaled gas fields and oil fields. Raw fuel produced from a gas field is separated into a gas component and a liquid component by a separator. The gas component is burnt in a combustor of a gas turbine, and resulting motive power is converted to electricity by a power generator. The liquid component separated by the separator is burnt in a steam generator to generate steam that is supplied to a steam turbine. Resulting motive power of the steam turbine is converted to electricity by a power generator. Since the electricity generated by the power generators is AC power, the AC power is converted by a converter to DC power that is transferred from the vicinity of the gas field to a consuming area via a cable.11-27-2008
20120023950CONTROLLABLE FLAMEHOLDER - The present invention relates to a flameholder (02-02-2012
20120023949APPARATUS AND FILTERING SYSTEMS RELATING TO COMBUSTORS IN COMBUSTION TURBINE ENGINES - A combustor for a combustion turbine engine that includes: a chamber defined by an outer wall and forming a channel between windows defined through the outer wall toward a forward end of the chamber and at least one fuel injector positioned toward an aft end of the chamber; and a multilayer screen filter comprising at least two layers of screen over at least a portion of the windows and at least one layer of screen over the remaining portion of the windows. The windows include a forward end and a forward portion, and an aft end and an aft portion. The multilayer screen filter is positioned over the windows such that, in operation, a supply of compressed air entering the chamber through the windows passes through at least one layer of screen. The multilayer screen filter is configured such that the aft portion of the windows include at least two layers of screen, and the forward portion of the windows includes one less layer of screen than the aft portion of the windows.02-02-2012
20110197586Systems and Methods of Providing High Pressure Air to a Head End of a Combustor - A combustor includes a first flow path and a second flow path. The first flow path places a diffuser in indirect fluid communication with a combustor cap assembly by way of an intervening lower combustor annular passageway. The second flow path places the diffuser in direct fluid communication with the combustor cap assembly.08-18-2011
20090145130Building energy recovery, storage and supply system - A building having an energy conversion apparatus and method for distributed energy systems using recovered energy of stationary structure wind resistance and solar radiation in conjunction with normal and off-peak operation of a gas turbine engine. The energy sources are combined, as available, for electric generation and to drive an air liquefier. Liquid air compression and pre-compression cooling of an atmospheric air portion of engine working fluid reduces compression work while increasing engine efficiency. The liquefied air is stored and transferred between buildings and between buildings and vehicles, as required.06-11-2009
20100281868GAS TURBINE ENGINE COMBUSTER - A combustor for a gas turbine engine, and including an integrated dome and deflector having a conical shape optimized for each individual combustor cup in an array of combustor cups, as determined by CFD analysis for eliminating combustor air recirculation zones and swirling. A related method is also disclosed.11-11-2010
20110203282ASSEMBLY FOR DIRECTING COMBUSTION GAS - An arrangement (08-25-2011
20110203281ARTICLE FOR HIGH TEMPERATURE SERVICE - An article comprises a substrate and a coating disposed over the substrate, wherein the coating comprises a monoclinic silicate phase that undergoes no solid state phase transformation reaction in the temperature range from about 1100 degrees Celsius to about 1275 degrees Celsius. Another article comprises a substrate comprising a silicon-bearing ceramic material; a bondcoat disposed over the substrate, wherein the bondcoat comprises silicon; a coating disposed over the bondcoat, wherein the coating comprises a monoclinic silicate phase, the silicate phase comprising a) yttrium and b) at least one other species selected from the group consisting of ytterbium and lutetium, wherein the material undergoes no solid state phase transformation reaction in the temperature range from about 1100 degrees Celsius to about 1275 degrees Celsius; and a topcoat disposed over the coating, wherein the topcoat comprises at least one selected from the group consisting of an aluminate, an aluminosilicate, a silicate (such as a rare earth monosilicate, for example), and zirconia.08-25-2011
20120102956TURBINE EXHAUST DIFFUSION SYSTEM AND METHOD - A system includes multiple blades coupled to a rotor, a stationary shroud disposed about the multiple blades, and a clearance between the stationary shroud and each blade end of the multiple blades, wherein the clearance is configured to enable over tip leakage flow. The system also includes a diffuser section that includes an outer wall defining an expanding flow path downstream from the multiple blades. The outer wall includes a first wall portion having a first angle relative to a rotational axis of the multiple blades, and the clearance is configured to enable an increase in the first angle by maintaining the boundary layer along the outer wall with the over tip leakage flow.05-03-2012
20100313567GAS TURBINE - In a gas turbine that generates rotational power by supplying fuel to compressed air compressed by a compressor and burning the fuel in a combustor and supplying resultant combustion gas to a turbine, a circumferential distance starting from a leading edge of a turbine first stage nozzle toward a trailing edge side of the first stage nozzle and ending at center of transition pieces of such combustors that are adjacent in a circumferential direction is set relative to a circumferential pitch of such first stage nozzles within a range of 0.05≦S/P≦0.15, and an axial distance between a leading edge of the first stage nozzle and a transition piece rear end of the combustor is set relative to the circumferential pitch of the first stage nozzles within a range of 0.00≦L/P≦0.13. By improving the relative position of a transition piece of the combustor and the first stage nozzle, both suppression of inner pressure fluctuations of the combustor and enhancement in aerodynamic efficiency can be achieved.12-16-2010
20110016865GAS TURBINE AND METHOD OF FORMING COMBUSTOR INSERTION HOLE OF GAS TURBINE - A gas turbine includes a combustor, a combustor casing formed in a cylindrical shape to house the combustor therein, and a combustor insertion hole, which is a hole formed on a side periphery of the combustor casing, where a size thereof in a direction orthogonal to a circumferential direction of the combustor casing is formed larger than that in the circumferential direction of the combustor casing, and when the combustor inserted into the hole, a member moved together with the combustor, and the hole are viewed from a moving direction of the combustor, the hole includes an entire external form of the combustor and the member moved together with the combustor.01-27-2011
20110048017METHOD OF DEPOSITING PROTECTIVE COATINGS ON TURBINE COMBUSTION COMPONENTS - A method is provided for high velocity air plasma spraying (APS) application of a protective coating system, such as a bond coat with or without an overlying ceramic thermal barrier coat, to a superalloy metal substrate. Application of MCrAlY alloy bond particles (where M is at least one of iron, cobalt, or nickel) onto the metal substrate is maintained at a particle velocity of at least 400 meters per second (m/s), for example within a range of 400 m/s to 700 m/s. The resulting bond coat on the metal substrate has a surface roughness of about 300 to about 500 μinch Ra, and a density of at least 90% of theoretical density. The protective coating may include a ceramic thermal barrier coat applied over the bond coat by any suitable process.03-03-2011
20120198849MULTIPLEXED OPTICAL FIBER CRACK SENSOR - An optical fiber crack detector that includes a plurality of FBG sensors positioned within one or more fibers that are operable to reflect a defined wavelength of an optical input beam. The crack detector includes a light source for generating the optical input beam that propagates down the optical fiber and interacts with the FBG sensors. A wavelength of the optical beam that is reflected by the FBG sensors is detected, and if a crack in the component damages the fiber between an FBG sensor and the detector circuit, where one or more of the reflected signals are not received, the detector knows that a crack has occurred. By strategically placing a plurality of the FBG sensors along the fiber, a crack that damages the fiber in multiple locations between multiple FBG sensors, or in multiple fibers, can provide an indication of the length of the crack.08-09-2012
20110162369Gas Turbine, Exhaust Diffuser, and Method of Modifying Gas Turbine Plant - A method of modifying a gas turbine plant which is provided with a one-shaft gas turbine having a compressor for compressing air, a combustor for generating a combustion gas from the air compressed by the compressor and a fuel, and a one-shaft turbine driven by the combustion gas generated by the combustor and supported by a rotational axis common to the compressor, and an electric generator for generating electric power by driving force of the one-shaft turbine, wherein: the one-shaft turbine is replaced with a two-shaft gas turbine including a compressor for compressing air, a combustor for generating a combustion gas from the air compressed by the compressor and a fuel, and a high-pressure turbine driven by the combustion gas generated by the combustor and supported by a first rotational axis common to the compressor, and a low-pressure turbine driven by the combustion gas used to drive the high-pressure turbine and supported by a second rotational axis, which is different from the axis for the high-pressure turbine.07-07-2011
20110048018COMBUSTION DEVICE OF A GAS TURBINE - A combustion device for a gas turbine that includes a portion having first and second walls that defines an inside of the combustion device, a zone between the first and second walls and an outside of the combustion device. A plurality of first passages connect the inside of the combustion device to the zone between the first and second walls and a plurality of second passages connect the zone between the first and second walls to the outside of the combustion device. A plurality of chambers are defined within the zone between the first and second walls, each chamber being connected with one first passage and at least one second passage. Each chamber defining a Helmholtz damper.03-03-2011
20120159952GAS TURBINE COMPONENT HAVING THERMAL BARRIER COATING AND A GAS TURBINE USING THE COMPONENT - The present invention provides gas turbine components having durability and reliability for use in a corrosive environment such as a turbine employing a low grade fuel, and also provides a gas turbine equipped with the components. One of the components is a gas turbine bucket/nozzle comprising a substrate made from an alloy containing Ni, Co, or Fe, a bonding layer made from an alloy and disposed over the substrate, and a thermal barrier coating disposed over the bonding layer. The thermal barrier coating includes a thermal barrier layer of porous ceramics, an environmental barrier layer containing silica, and an impregnation layer having a silica-containing material in the pores of the porous ceramics.06-28-2012
20100205969Burner for a Turbo Machine, Baffle plate for Such a Burner and a Turbo Machine Having Such a Burner - The invention relates to a burner for a turbomachine, comprising a guide plate that is arranged in a flame chamber and engages a wall section via spacers. The invention further relates to a guide plate, the fastening section of which comprises a plurality of raised areas for fastening to a wall section of a flame chamber. The invention further relates to a turbomachine having a burner of said kind.08-19-2010
20110179794PRODUCTION PROCESS - A transition duct (07-28-2011
20120186254DAMAGE-REPAIRING METHOD OF TRANSITION PIECE AND TRANSITION PIECE - A damage-repairing method of a transition piece in an embodiment includes; an oxide removing step of removing an oxide on an outer surface 07-26-2012
20120317985ELECTRIC FIELD CONTROL OF TWO OR MORE RESPONSES IN A COMBUSTION SYSTEM - A combustion system may include a plurality of heated volume portions. At least two of the plurality of heated volume portions may include corresponding respective electrodes. The electrodes may be driven to produce respective electric fields in their respective volumes. The electric fields may be configured to drive desired respective responses.12-20-2012
20110048019TURBINE ENHANCEMENT SYSTEM - The present invention is concerned with a system and method for enhancing the performance of a wind turbine, which involves injecting air from an array of nozzles into the airflow upstream of the turbine in order to reduce the turbulence and/or increase the velocity and/or control the pressure of the airflow, thereby improving the performance of the turbine.03-03-2011
20110265481DUAL FUEL CAN COMBUSTOR WITH AUTOMATIC LIQUID FUEL PURGE - A lean, low NOx gas-fired can combustor having liquid fuel operation capability includes a housing, a combustor liner disposed within the housing and defining a combustion zone for combusting fuel with air, and a head assembly for joining the longitudinal housing and liner ends and for supporting swirler vanes that admit about 45-55% of a total combustor air flow to the combustion zone. The head assembly includes multiple gaseous fuel injection ports upstream of the swirler vanes, and a single liquid fuel injector positioned along the liner axis for directing atomized liquid fuel into the combustion zone. The head assembly further includes a heat shield disposed between the injector and the combustion zone, and the head assembly is configured to provide a flow of air for cooling the heat shield during all operations of the can combustor. The can combustor may also include apparatus for automatically purging the liquid fuel injector with compressed air, such as cooled compressed air from a gas turbine engine compressor stage. The apparatus includes a shuttle valve controller including a shuttle member biased by a first pressure towards a first position interconnecting the liquid fuel input to the liquid fuel injector inlet, while blocking compressed purging air flow, and biased by a second pressure towards a second position interconnecting the compressed purging air input to the liquid fuel injector inlet, while blocking liquid fuel flow.11-03-2011
20120317984CELL STRUCTURE THERMAL BARRIER COATING - A combustor component of a gas turbine engine includes a thermal barrier coating on a substrate, the thermal barrier coating defines a multiple of cells.12-20-2012
20120324894STRAIN TOLERANT COMBUSTOR PANEL FOR GAS TURBINE ENGINE - A combustor component of a gas turbine engine includes a substrate with a cold side, a central core section and a hot side, the cold side and the hot side have a porosity different than the central core section.12-27-2012
20130008166TURBOMACHINE COMBUSTION CHAMBER HAVING A CENTRIFUGAL COMPRESSOR WITH NO DEFLECTOR - An annular combustion chamber for a turbomachine, including an external wall and an internal wall which are oriented substantially axially relative to the rotation axis of the turbomachine, the combustion chamber being closed upstream by a chamber end wall oriented substantially radially, the chamber being supplied with compressed air coming from a compressor via a nozzle, the output direction of which is offset radially relative to the mid-axis of the combustion chamber, the chamber end wall including cooling air supply holes inclined to the direction normal to the chamber end wall. The number of holes oriented radially in the direction opposite to that where the outlet of the nozzle is located is greater than the number of holes oriented radially in the direction of the outlet of the nozzle.01-10-2013
20100154422CMAS MITIGATION COMPOSITIONS, ENVIRONMENTAL BARRIER COATINGS COMPRISING THE SAME, AND CERAMIC COMPONENTS COMPRISING THE SAME - Calcium magnesium aluminosilcate (CMAS) mitigation compositions selected from zinc aluminate spinel, alkaline earth zirconates, alkaline earth hafnates, rare earth gallates, beryl, and combinations thereof wherein the CMAS mitigation composition is included as a separate CMAS mitigation layer in an environmental barrier coating for a high temperature substrate component.06-24-2010
20130167537QUICK DISCONNECT COMBUSTION ENDCOVER - A clamp assembly for facilitating attachment and removal of a first component to or from a second component includes plural clamp bodies, each having at least two mutually perpendicular surfaces arranged about the first component. A substantially rigid ring is located between one surface of the clamp body and a surface of the first component. At least one fastener is provided for each of the plural clamp bodies, adapted to extend through a respective one of the plural clamp bodies and into the second component. Tooling is provided to allow for simultaneous tightening or loosening of all bolts on a single combustor.07-04-2013
20120240584COMBUSTION CHAMBER FOR A TURBINE ENGINE - A combustion chamber for a turbine engine such as an airplane turboprop or turbojet has inner and outer annular walls forming bodies of revolution that are connected together by an annular chamber end wall. The inner wall is constituted by a single thickness of material that presents thickness and/or nature varying along the longitudinal axis and/or the circumferential direction of said wall.09-27-2012
20120240583SEGMENTED COMBUSTION CHAMBER HEAD - A combustion chamber head for a gas turbine, with the gas turbine having a substantially annular outer combustion chamber wall, at least one substantially annular inner combustion chamber wall, and several burners 09-27-2012
20080229749Plug in rabbat engine - By using a plug to charge a medium-sized battery of the most up-to-date technology, the Rabbat PLUG-IN ENGINE benefits from the most up-to-date and most economical available grid supply at any point in time, to start the engine. The Direct Current from the battery sequentially activates an Ultrasound Transducer. The ultrasound waves break down physically electrolyte water into H and OH. The electrolyte carrying H or OH according to whether it is the cathode or the anode, is absorbed into a microfiber substance. The microfiber contains a wire-grid electrode, either anode or cathode. The electrolytic process finally breaks down chemically the partially ionized electrolyte into Hydrogen and Oxygen making use of the H and OH produced by sonic waves The Oxygen produced is passed through an Ionizer. Ionized ambient air, ionized Oxygen, and Hydrogen are injected into and piezzoelectrically sparked in the combustion chamber of a special cored type of gas turbine. The expanding gases rotate the turbine to which a Direct Current generator is attached. The Direct Current is henceforth used to drive electric motors externally and all electric and electronic components internally. It may be used to drive the electric motor driving either the front or rear axle of a car (or both in case of 4-wheel drive), or trucks, trolleys, locomotives, train segments, or compressing air-jets of airplanes, or pod-propellers of boats and ships, for example. Electronic controls regulate the timing and proportions of different gas elements involved.09-25-2008
20110232288METHOD OF REDUCING COMBUSTION INSTABILITIES BY CHOOSING THE POSITION OF A BLEED AIR INTAKE ON A TURBOMACHINE - Method of reducing acoustic vibratory phenomena in the environment of a combustion chamber of a turbomachine, said chamber being positioned in a cavity delimited by an exterior casing and an interior chamber casing, characterized in that it includes at least the following steps: 09-29-2011
20130174557COMBUSTOR FOR A GAS TURBINE ENGINE - A combustor in a gas turbine engine has a wall which forms a gap with an outer nozzle guide vane platform. A closure mechanism is operable to open or close the gap. Opening of the gap, for example during cruise conditions, reduces the mass flow rate of air through an open end of the combustor, so enriching the air fuel ratio and improving flame stability and combustion efficiency. Under high power conditions, the gap is closed, causing an increase in air flow rate through the open end to achieve a lean burn air fuel ratio when the fuel flow rate is increased.07-11-2013
20130139511GAS TURBINE COMBUSTOR AND GAS TURBINE - A gas turbine combustor includes: an external cylinder (06-06-2013
20120247108COMBUSTOR PROBE FOR GAS TURBINE - Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed towards a turbine combustor probe having a combustion dynamics monitoring probe configured to monitor combustion dynamics within a turbine combustor. The turbine combustor probe also has a gas sampling sleeve configured to collect a gas sample from an airflow path between a liner and a flow sleeve of the turbine combustor.10-04-2012
20130125547METHOD FOR OPERATING A COMBUSTION DEVICE DURING TRANSIENT OPERATION - A method and apparatus are disclosed for operating a combustion device during a transient operation. The combustion device is fed with at least a fuel. The transient operation includes a period having a period length (T) during which the fuel is fed in an amount lower that a designated (e.g., critical) amount (Mc). A limit value (L) is defined for the period length (T), and fuel feed is regulated to keep the period length (T) smaller or equal to the limit value (L).05-23-2013
20130139510METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING A HOT GAS PATH COMPONENT AND HOT GAS PATH TURBINE COMPONENT - According to one aspect of the invention, a method for manufacturing a hot gas path component of a turbine is provided, the method including forming cooling channels in a surface of a member. The method also includes disposing a layer on the surface of the member to enclose the cooling channels, the layer being disposed on a portion of the member to be cooled and bonding the layer to the surface, wherein bonding comprises heating the member and the layer.06-06-2013
20080202122ARRANGEMENT WITH A TWIST-LOCK COUPLING FOR A TURBOMACHINE COMBUSTION CHAMBER - The invention relates to an arrangement for a turbomachine combustion chamber, the arrangement comprising a chamber end wall pierced by at least one opening, an injector system, and a deflector mounted on the downstream side of the chamber end wall in the opening by means of an annulus, said injector system including a pinch ring mounted on the upstream side and fastened against the annulus with the pinch ring and the annulus together defining a groove, and a bowl mounted in the opening, the bowl being made up of at least two distinct parts, at least a first part forming an end plate suitable for sliding radially in the groove, and a second part forming a bowl collar that is provided with a collar extending parallel to the chamber end wall on its downstream side, said first and second bowl parts being fastened together by means of a twist-lock coupling.08-28-2008
20120000203Method for operating a burner and burner, in particular for a gas turbine - A method for operating a burner comprising a burner axis and at least one jet nozzle is provided. The nozzle or nozzles include a central axis, a jet nozzle outlet, a wall that runs in a radial direction starting from the central axis and that faces the burner axis and a volumetric fluid flow that includes a fuel and flows through the jet nozzle or nozzles to the jet nozzle outlet. An air film is formed at the jet nozzle outlet between the volumetric fluid flow including the fuel and the wall that faces the burner axis by means of air that is injected into the jet nozzle or nozzles along the wall that faces the burner axis.01-05-2012
20120017594SEAL ASSEMBLY FOR CONTROLLING FLUID FLOW - A seal assembly (01-26-2012
20130192231Turbine Wheel Arrangement For A Gas Turbine - The invention relates to a turbine wheel arrangement for a gas turbine comprising two successive turbine wheels (08-01-2013
20130199187Gas-turbine combustion chamber having non-symmetrical fuel nozzles - The present invention relates to an annular gas-turbine combustion chamber having a radially outer and a radially inner combustion chamber wall relative to a machine axis, a combustion chamber head and a combustion chamber outlet nozzle, where the combustion chamber head includes several fuel nozzles spread over its circumference for supplying air and fuel, the latter exiting in an outlet surface of the fuel nozzles, where the respective fuel nozzle has a burner axis which is vertical to the outlet surface and where the intersections of the burner axes with the outlet surfaces define a circular burner centerline around the engine axis, characterized in that a cross-sectional area of the fuel nozzle radially outside the burner centerline is identical to a cross-sectional area radially inside the burner centerline.08-08-2013
20130199186Fan-less Thrust Generating Component for Air-bypass Engine - A fan-less thrust generating component for air-bypass engine includes an outer casing, a fluid moving device, and a plurality of core components. The fluid moving device and the plurality of core components are positioned within an intake opening of the outer casing. The fluid moving device is positioned in front of the plurality of core components and connected to with the plurality of core components. The fluid moving device includes a hub, a helical fin, and a fluid inlet. The helical fin is connected around the hub and the fluid inlet is positioned on the helical fin. The fluid moving device pulls air fluid into the intake opening through the fluid inlet upon rotation so that thrust can be generated within the air-bypass engine.08-08-2013
20130205786COOLING HOLE WITH THERMO-MECHANICAL FATIGUE RESISTANCE - A gas turbine engine includes a wall having first and second wall surfaces and a cooling hole extending through the wall. The cooling hole includes an inlet located at the first wall surface, an outlet located at the second wall surface, a metering section extending downstream from the inlet and a diffusing section extending from the metering section to the outlet. The diffusing section includes a first lobe diverging longitudinally and laterally from the metering section, a second lobe diverging longitudinally and laterally from the metering section, an upstream end located at the outlet, a trailing edge located at the outlet opposite the upstream end and generally opposite first and second sidewalls. Each sidewall has an edge extending along the outlet between the upstream end and the trailing edge. Each edge diverges laterally from the upstream end and converges laterally before reaching the trailing edge.08-15-2013
20130205787TRI-LOBED COOLING HOLE AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURE - A gas turbine engine component includes first and second wall surfaces, an inlet located at the first wall surface, an outlet located at the second wall surface and a diffusing section positioned between the inlet and the outlet. The diffusing section includes a first lobe, a second lobe adjacent the first lobe and a third lobe adjacent the second lobe. The first lobe and the second lobe meet at a first ridge and the second lobe and the third lobe meet at a second ridge.08-15-2013

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