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060785000 Air bleed 81
20100107650Gas turbine engine accessory system - In one embodiment, a gas turbine engine may include an accessory system integrated in a frame between a bypass flow path and a core flow path. A shaft may be provided between the accessory system and a core shaft of the gas turbine engine. The integrated accessory system may include power devices such as motors and generators, among other types of devices. The gas turbine engine may have more than one device spaced at various circumferential locations. In one non-limiting example, two power devices may be spaced 180 degrees apart. In some embodiments, a shaft and gearing may be provided to a location such as a frame in preparation to receive a power device at a later time.05-06-2010
20100107651Hybrid propulsive engine including at least one independently rotatable compressor stator - One aspect relates to a hybrid propulsive technique, comprising providing a flow of a working fluid through at least a portion of an at least one jet engine. The hybrid propulsive technique comprises extracting energy from the working fluid that is at least partially converted into electrical power, and converting at least a portion of the electrical power to a torque. The hybrid propulsive technique also comprises rotating an at least one independently rotatable compressor stator at least partially responsive to the converting the at least a portion of the electrical power to the torque.05-06-2010
20100107652Hybrid propulsive engine including at least one independently rotatable compressor rotor - One aspect relates to a hybrid propulsive technique, comprising providing at least some first thrust associated with a flow of a working fluid through at least a portion of an at least one axial flow jet engine. The hybrid propulsive technique includes extracting energy at least partially in the form of electrical power from the working fluid, and converting at least a portion of the electrical power to torque. The hybrid propulsive technique further includes rotating an at least one substantially axial-flow independently rotatable compressor rotor at least partially responsive to the converting the at least a portion of the electrical power to torque.05-06-2010
20120180499POWER GENERATION SYSTEM - A power generation system is provided and includes a compressor to increase a pressure of inlet ambient air and a turbine downstream from the compressor having a first stage and additional stages downstream from the first stage, the first stage structurally incorporating a combustor in which the compressed ambient air is mixed with fuel and in which the mixture is combusted to generate high temperature exhaust gas from which mechanical energy is derived in the first and additional stages.07-19-2012
20090113896Control apparatus and method for gas-turbine engine - There is provided a control apparatus for a gas-turbine engine which is configured in such a manner that a portion of compressed air from a compressor is supplied to a combustion chamber and the other portion of the compressed air is sent to the outside of the engine to be used as source of energy, and a turbine is rotated by combustion gas produced in the combustion chamber. The control apparatus executes the optimum combustion control in an extraction engine. The control apparatus calculates the physical quantity related to the air in the gas-turbine engine using the turbine flow-rate coefficient in the range in which the turbine chokes.05-07-2009
20130091859AUXILIARY POWER UNIT FLUID SYSTEM FLUID CONTROL - An auxiliary power unit includes a turbomachine coupled to a generator. A flow path is arranged through the generator and is configured to provide fluid to the generator. A deprime valve is arranged in the flow path and is configured to pulse fluid flow to the generator in response to a command. A controller is configured to send the command to the deprime valve to pulse the fluid flow throughout operation of the auxiliary power unit.04-18-2013
20090272121GAS TURBINE AIRCRAFT ENGINE WITH POWER VARIABILITY - A gas turbine aircraft engine with power variability is provided. The gas turbine aircraft engine comprises a compressor and a turbine mounted on a common shaft, and, a continuously variable transmission coupled to the shaft for transmitting power to a propulsion load.11-05-2009
20100000225Combined Heat, Ice, Power, and Steam System - A power generation plant generates electrical power to be distributed to consumers via a power grid. The plant also provides some of the power to a fuel processing facility that provides fuel for the plant, and re-cycles the by-products of the power generation process to provide at least some of the resources the plant uses to generate the electrical power.01-07-2010
20100031669Free Turbine Generator For Aircraft - A turbine engine for an aircraft is disclosed. The turbine includes a turbine generator which is not connected to the low or high pressure spools of the turbine engine. The generator is used to create power for use in electrical systems in the aircraft. In some embodiments, the free-turbine airfoils receive the core air through an array of variable-pitch vanes. The pitch of these vanes is alterable to control the core air so that the speed of the free turbine remains substantially constant even though engine speed fluctuates.02-11-2010
20090049841GAS TURBINE ENGINE WITH A MEANS OF DRIVING THE ACCESSORY GEAR BOX, AND METHOD OF FITTING SAID ENGINE - The invention relates to a twin-spool gas turbine engine comprising a high-pressure rotor (and a low-pressure rotor, which rotors are mounted in bearings supported by an intermediate casing, at least one accessory gear box, a drive means, driving radial and coaxial shafts for transmitting movement to the accessory gear box, the drive means comprising a high-pressure drive gear driving one of said radial shafts and connected to the high-pressure rotor, a low-pressure drive gear connected to the low-pressure rotor upstream of the high-pressure rotor and driving the other of said radial shafts, the low-pressure drive gear being supported in the intermediate casing by an axial-positioning bearing.02-26-2009
20080282702INTEGRATED ABSORPTION REFRIGERATION AND DEHUMIDIFICATION SYSTEM - An integrated absorption refrigeration and dehumidification system includes an absorber containing an absorption solution, an after-cooler having a flow path to receive the solution and a flow path to receive a warm fluid, the flow paths being thermally coupled to separate a refrigerant from the solution, and an auxiliary heat exchanger having a flow path to receive the solution from the after-cooler and a flow path to receive a warm fluid, the flow paths being thermally coupled to separate more refrigerant from the solution. The system also includes a condenser positioned to receive and cool the refrigerant from the auxiliary heater, an expansion valve positioned to receive the refrigerant from the condenser, an evaporator positioned to receive the refrigerant from the expansion valve and the warm fluid from the after-cooler, and a separator to remove condensate from the warm fluid from the after-cooler or a cool fluid from the evaporator.11-20-2008
20090255270Jet engine with at least one emergency drive unit - A jet engine (10-15-2009
20100236255GAS TURBINE EQUIPMENT UTILIZING HIGH HUMIDITY - A gas turbine equipment utilizing high humidity, for preventing generation of white smoke throughout a year, and for restraining radiation of extra heat so as to restrain lowering of heat efficiency, the equipment comprising a humidifying device for humidifying compressed gas for combustion, a heat recovery device for recovering exhaust heat from a gas turbine or the compressed air so as to heat humidifying water in the humidifying device, a recuperator for recovering exhaust heat from the gas turbine and heating the compressed gas for combustion, a dehumidifying device for dehumidifying and recovering moisture in the exhaust gas having passed through the recuperator, and an exhaust gas reheater for heating the exhaust gas after dehumidification, and further comprising a temperature measuring device for measuring a temperature of the exhaust gas passing through the exhaust gas reheater, and a heating temperature adjusting device for increasing the heating temperature of the exhaust gas reheater if a temperature of the exhaust gas measured by the temperature measuring device is not higher than a predetermined value.09-23-2010
20110239660MOUNTING ARRANGEMENT FOR GAS TURBINE ENGINE ACCESSORIES AND GEARBOX THEREFOR - Gas turbine engine accessories are mounted on an accessory gearbox therefor which is in turn mounted on a case of the engine such that the accessories extend from the gearbox in directions generally parallel to circumferential tangents to the engine case for compactness, ease in installation and removal of the accessories, reduction of the weight in lines extending from the accessories and minimization of the risk of damage to such accessories and gearbox from the fan blades which may separate from a fan hub upon encountering birds, ice, or other foreign objects.10-06-2011
20110162385SYSTEM FOR PROVIDING AIR FLOW TO A SULFUR RECOVERY UNIT - A system includes a sulfur recovery unit including a thermal reactor having an acid gas inlet and an air inlet. The acid gas inlet is configured to receive a flow of acid gas, and the air inlet is configured to receive an air flow of pressurized air extracted from a gas turbine compressor of a gas turbine engine.07-07-2011
20120125012PROCESSES AND SYSTEMS FOR DISCHARGING AMINE BYPRODUCTS FORMED IN AN AMINE-BASED SOLVENT - Embodiments of a process for discharging amine byproducts formed in an amine-based solvent are provided. The process comprises the steps of contacting the amine-based solvent with flue gas comprising carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, NO05-24-2012
20120317991TRANSVERSE MOUNTED ACCESSORY GEARBOX - A gas turbine engine and an accessory gear box (AGB) are provided for. The gas turbine engine comprises a drive shaft, a compressor, a combustor and an exhaust turbine, where the exhaust turbine and the compressor are coaxially connected by the drive shaft. The gas turbine engine further comprises an engine casing of varying diameters circumferentially enveloping the compressor, the combustor and the exhaust turbine with a waist located between the compressor and the combustor. The gas turbine engine also includes an accessory gear box (AGB) attached to the engine casing at the waist, the AGB comprising a gear rotating on an axis extending in a transverse direction relative to that of the drive shaft.12-20-2012
20120317992FEED INJECTOR FOR GASIFICATION SYSTEM - The present application and the resultant patent provide a feed injector nozzle for a gasification system with a reaction zone therein. The feed injector nozzle may include a number of tubes extending towards the reaction zone. The tubes may define a number of passages therebetween. A cooling water channel may extend through one of the tubes. The cooling water channel may include a first side adjacent to one of the passages and a second side adjacent to the reaction zone. The first side may include a first side thickness and the second side may include a second side thickness with the first side thickness being less than or equal to the second side thickness.12-20-2012
20080223047Xplogen TM: a system, method, and apparatus for generating energy from a series of dissociation reactions - Methods, systems, and apparatus for generating energy from a process-contained series of thermobaric reactions and/or explosion cycles are provided. The Xplogen™ energy generating system includes several embodiments for stimulating the heat and pressure release episodes, which are directed by the process system toward the task of dissociating a target substance being subjected to the hyper-stimulated pulse of energy. The target substance is thermolyzed by the pulse energy episode and the resulting dissociated gases are either quenched and captured or they are consumed in a direct thermal conversion process and are thus translated into steam pressure, and/or torque, thrust, motive force, and/or super-heat impulses. The methods and systems of the present invention include a comprehensive arrangement of process configurations and components as well as a means of operation.09-18-2008
20130091860FLUID SEPARATOR - The invention relates to a fluid separator 04-18-2013
20130091861TURBINE - A turbine includes a rotor having at least two rotor members for rotating in a plane, the rotor members being substantially diametrically arranged and attached to an axis situated substantially transversely to the plane, and drive unit coupled to the axis, wherein the rotor members include a fluid contact member, that is hingingly connected to an arm which is attached to the axis, characterized in that the fluid contact members are adapted to hinge between a fluid-active position in which the members project transversely to the plane and a fluid-transparent position in which the members extend mainly parallel to the plane.04-18-2013
20130111922FLEXIBLE PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD HARNESS - A gas turbine engine installation is provided that has a flexible printed circuit board (FPCB) harness to transfer electrical signals, including electrical power, around a gas turbine engine. The FPCB harness is held to the gas turbine engine installation using clips. The clips have a jaw that has two sets of opposing teeth extending from a base, and a mouth through which the FPCB harness is inserted. The teeth point in a direction that has a component from the mouth to the teeth. This means that the force required to insert the FPCB harness into the clip is lower than the force required to pull the FPCB harness out of the clip in the opposite direction. This means that the FPCB harness can be secured in place whilst aiding ease of assembly.05-09-2013

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