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060 - Power plants

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060722000 Combustion products generator 1098
060772000 Process 962
060796000 Having mounting or supporting structure 192
060390150 Multiple fluid-operated motors 147
060390091 With safety device 113
060784000 For nominal other than power plant output feature 105
060793000 Combined with regulation of power output feature 81
060390500 With exhaust treatment 62
060390120 With combustible gas generator 51
060801000 Convertible or combined with feature other than combustion products generator or motor 49
060390461 Using special fuel or oxidizer 36
060786000 Combined with starting feature 32
060390080 With lubricators 28
060390370 Plural combustion products generators in ring coaxial with turbine 19
060390530 With addition of steam and/or water 18
060390830 Cooling of auxiliary components 17
060390230 With variable oxidizer control 14
060799000 Having expansible connection 12
060390340 Rotating combustion products generator and turbine 6
060390600 External-combustion engine type 6
060390480 With fluid pressure feeding of oxidizer, fuel or water 2
20120204532FUEL SUPPLY SYSTEM WITH MULTIPLE PUMPING MEANS - The invention proposes a system for supplying (08-16-2012
20130205748COMBUSTION APPARATUS - A combustion apparatus includes a first device for mixing a fuel with an oxidant, a combustion chamber in which combustion of the fuel/oxidant mix takes place, a pre-chamber located between the first device and the combustion chamber and a second device for outputting a gas flow into the pre-chamber. The first device is adapted for outputting the oxidant or the fuel or the fuel/oxidant mix to the pre-chamber. The second device is located upstream of the first device and wherein the second device is arranged for mixing fuel with a gas and the gas flow is a fuel/gas mix.08-15-2013
060390430 With dual function turbine 2
20090113871ROTORCRAFT FITTED WITH TURBINE ENGINES - The invention relates to a rotorcraft (05-07-2009
20090007539Screw Shaft Turbine Compressor - A screw shaft turbine compressor comprising (i) a compressor section, (ii) a turbine section, (iii) a combustion section coupling to the compressor section and the turbine section, and (iv) a grooved shaft. The grooved shaft in one embodiment extends from a portion of the compressor section, through the combustion section, and to a portion of the turbine section.01-08-2009
060390450 With gear, pressure exchanger, or screw-type compressor 2
20130081374COUNTER-ROTATABLE FAN GAS TURBINE ENGINE WITH AXIAL FLOW POSITIVE DISPLACEMENT WORM GAS GENERATOR - A counter-rotatable fan turbine engine includes a counter-rotatable fan section, a worm gas generator, and a low pressure turbine to power the counter-rotatable fan section. The low pressure turbine maybe counter-rotatable or have a single direction of rotation in which case it powers the counter-rotatable fan section through a gearbox. The gas generator has inner and outer bodies having offset inner and outer axes extending through first, second, and third sections of a core assembly. At least one of the bodies is rotatable about its axis. The inner and outer bodies have intermeshed inner and outer helical blades wound about the inner and outer axes and extending radially outwardly and inwardly respectively. The helical blades have first, second, and third twist slopes in the first, second, and third sections respectively. A combustor section extends through at least a portion of the second section.04-04-2013
20080196384RECIPICATING COMPRESSOR WITH INLET BOOSTER FOR CNG STATION AND REFUELING MOTOR VEHICLES - The present invention provides a natural gas compression system, comprising a gas inlet component for the entrance of natural gas into the system, a booster component for increasing the pressure of the natural gas, a drying component for drying the natural gas, a compressor component including a reciprocating compressor for further increasing the pressure of the natural gas, a valve control panel and storage component, and a dispensing component.08-21-2008
060390490 With air injection by fuel or steam jet 1
20080264033METHODS AND SYSTEMS TO FACILITATE REDUCING NOx EMISSIONS IN COMBUSTION SYSTEMS - A method for assembling a gas turbine combustor system is provided. The method includes providing a combustion liner including a center axis, an outer wall, a first end, and a second end. The outer wall is orientated substantially parallel to the center axis. The method also includes coupling a transition piece to the liner second end. The transition piece includes an outer wall. The method further includes coupling a plurality of lean-direct injectors along at least one of the liner outer wall and the transition piece outer wall such that the injectors are spaced axially apart along the wall.10-30-2008
060804000 Coaxial combustion products generator and turbine 1
20110209482TANGENTIAL COMBUSTOR WITH VANELESS TURBINE FOR USE ON GAS TURBINE ENGINES - A combustion device used in gas turbine engines includes an annular combustor that contains the combustion process of air and fuel and then guides the hot gas products to a first stage turbine subsection of a gas turbine engine. The annular combustor has an inner/outer shell having corrugated surfaces that extend radially outward and inward across an entire hot gas stream inside the annular combustor. The corrugations twist about the engine centerline in a longitudinal direction of travel of the engine. The resulting flow path accelerates and turns the hot gas stream to conditions suitable for introduction into the first stage turbine blades, which eliminate the need for first stage turbine vanes. The annular combustor is configured with a system of fuel and air inlet passages and nozzles that results in a staged combustion of premixed fuel and air.09-01-2011
060390190 Different fluids 1
20120186219Hybrid Supercritical Power Cycle with Decoupled High-side and Low-side Pressures - The present invention generally relates to power generation methods and secondary processes yielding a supply of carbon dioxide. In one embodiment, the present invention relates to a supercritical carbon dioxide cycle power generator utilizing at least a portion of waste heat from the secondary process that also provides at least a portion of carbon dioxide within the supercritical carbon dioxide cycle.07-26-2012
060390130 Automatic starting and stopping of combustion products generator 1
20130213002GAS TURBINE START/STOP APPARATUS - A start/stop apparatus includes: a transfer rotation shaft which rotates with a gas turbine; a hydraulic pump which continuously generates a predetermined oil pressure; a high-pressure oil accumulation portion which is introduced the oil pressure which generated by the hydraulic pump; a low-pressure oil accumulation portion which is introduced the oil pressure which generated by the hydraulic pump, and the pressure of the low-pressure oil accumulation portion is set to be lower than that of the high-pressure oil accumulation portion; a hydraulic motor which rotates the transfer rotation shaft using the oil pressure; a hydraulic switch valve which introduces either oil pressure of the high-pressure oil accumulation portion or the low-pressure oil accumulation portion in the hydraulic motor; and a rotation controller which controls the hydraulic motor based on the rotation speed of the gas turbine.08-22-2013
20090313965RADIAL BALL BEARING - A bearing assembly includes an outer race and an inner race with a ball bearing element located between the inner and the outer races. The inner race has a first portion and a second portion separated from the first portion by a split. The first portion includes a first curved inner race support surface defined by a first center point and the second portion includes a second curved inner race support surface defined by a second center point that is non-coincident with the first center point.12-24-2009
20100326039GAS TURBINE, DISK, AND METHOD FOR FORMING RADIAL PASSAGE OF DISK - A gas turbine includes a disk rotatable about a rotational axis, when turbine rotor blades for receiving combustion gas obtained by burning fuel are connected to the side periphery, and energy of the combustion gas received by the turbine rotor blades is transmitted, and a radial passage that, in a cross-section at a virtual curved plane that is a curved plane about the rotational axis and in which distances from all points on the curved plane to the rotational axis are all equal, is a hole formed to include a portion having a shape in which the length in the circumferential direction of the disk is longer than the length in the direction parallel to the rotational axis, and is formed in the disk from the side of the rotational axis toward the outside of the disk.12-30-2010
20130212999CONTROL SYSTEM - A control system for at least one of steam turbines, gas turbines or power plants includes a sensor system configured to monitor predefined operating parameters, the sensor system including redundant sensors. A central processor arrangement of the control system has an input side configured to receive measurement data from the sensor system and an output side configured to communicate with operation control elements of the turbines or power plants. A sensor side processor circuit is assigned at least to the redundant sensors, the processor circuit being configured to continuously check the sensors for error-free operation, to protect or block the input side of the central processor arrangement from erroneous signals, and to only respectively forward or further process signals from a sensor that has been identified as error-free in one channel.08-22-2013
20110138765MAGNETIC ADVANCED GENERATION JET ELECTRIC TURBINE - Supersonic Magnetic Advanced Generation Jet Electric Turbine (S-MAGJET) described herein, and a subsonic derivative, MAGJET, integrate a gas power turbine, superconducting electric power and propulsion generation, and magnetic power flux field systems along with an ion plasma annular injection combustor which utilizes alternative petroleum-based fuel and combustion cycles to create a hybrid turbine turbomachine for aerospace propulsion. The propulsion unit is able to achieve a dramatic increase in horsepower, combustion and propulsion efficiency, and weight reduction. In addition, the turbomachinery structures may be disposed within an exo-skeleton architecture that achieves an increase in thrust to weight ratio with a concomitant increase in fuel efficiency and power generation over traditional gas turbine technology today. The engine continuously adjusts the temperature, pressure and mass airflow requirements using an electromagnetic power management system architecture. Engine performance may be controlled across the entire desired flight envelope, whether subsonic, transonic or supersonic flight conditions. With bypass fan(s), compressor stages and turbine segments controlled electrically in a shaftless turbine design, the S-MAGJET maximizes the propulsion efficiencies over a broader range of operating conditions compared to current art of turbine technology and at much higher thermodynamic and aerodynamic efficiencies.06-16-2011
20120031067TURBULATED ARRANGEMENT OF THERMOELECTRIC ELEMENTS FOR UTILIZING WASTE HEAT GENERATED FROM TURBINE ENGINE - Disclosed is a turbulated arrangement of thermoelectric elements for utilizing waste heat generated from a turbine engine. The turbulated arrangement of thermoelectric elements is located within the turbine casing at a heat exhaust end of the turbine engine. The turbulated arrangement of thermoelectric elements convert heat exhaust generated from the turbine engine into electrical energy. In one embodiment, the electrical energy generated from the turbulated arrangement of thermoelectric elements can be used to power electrical components located about the turbine engine.02-09-2012
20110314788Aircraft Turbine Engine And Use Of Such A Turbine Engine - The invention relates to an aircraft turbine engine and to the use of such a turbine engine. According to the invention, the turbine engine (la) comprises a means for shifting the axis (la-la) of the blower (12-29-2011
20120317955SURGE MARGIN CONTROL - A gas turbine engine control system comprising a variable stator vane schedule for normal operation of the gas turbine engine. The system is configured to generate an arm signal indicating potential shaft break. Then the system is configured to alter the variable stator vane schedule to slew each variable stator vane to decrease the available surge margin in response to the arm signal. Or the system is configured to limit a response rate of a variable stator vane actuator in response to the arm signal. Or the system is configured to alter the variable stator vane schedule and limit the response rate of the actuator.12-20-2012
20120324859HEAT EXCHANGER - A heat exchanger is provided for warming fuel prior to introduction of the fuel to an engine, the heat exchanger including: a fuel inlet and a fuel outlet; a heat exchange matrix having heat transfer components past which the fuel flows between said inlet and said outlet and which are arranged to be heated; and swirl inducing means arranged between said inlet and said matrix arranged to cause fuel from said inlet to swirl prior to entering said matrix. By causing the fuel to swirl prior to entering the heat exchange matrix, entrained ice in the fuel can be caused to concentrate at an outer region of the heat exchanger thereby allowing fuel to continue to flow through the heat exchanger to the engine even when ice is present in the fuel.12-27-2012
20110302901ZONAL MAPPING FOR COMBUSTION OPTIMIZATION - A method of optimizing operation of a furnace to control emission within a system. Each furnace zone inside of the furnace is associated with at least one exhaust zone. A signal indicative of an amount of byproduct exiting the furnace through at least one of the exhaust zones is received from one or more of the sensors. Based on this signal, an offending furnace zone is identified from among the plurality of furnace zones, the offending furnace zone including an oxygen level contributing to the amount of the byproduct. A relative adjustment of at least one of an amount of oxygen being introduced into the offending furnace zone, and an angular orientation of an oxygen injector introducing oxygen into the offending furnace zone relative to a focal region within the furnace can be initiated. The furnace may have structure to perform the method and may be part of a system.12-15-2011


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