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With supercharging means for engine

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060 - Power plants


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060605100 Supercharging means driven by engine exhaust actuated motor 371
060602000 Having condition responsive valve controlling engine exhaust flow 273
060599000 With means to change temperature of supercharged flow 44
060600000 With condition responsive valve means to control supercharged flow and exhaust products 43
060604000 With heat exchanger to transfer energy from engine exhaust to motive fluid for motor 6
20100154411Exhaust-Gas Aftertreatment System Upstream of a Turbocharger, Method for Purifying Exhaust Gas and Vehicle Having the System - An exhaust-gas aftertreatment system for an internal combustion engine of a vehicle includes at least one exhaust line, at least one turbocharger and at least one exhaust-gas converter. The at least one exhaust-gas converter is provided between the internal combustion engine and the at least one turbocharger and has a first volume of at least 0.6 liters. A method for purifying exhaust gas and a vehicle having the system, are also provided.06-24-2010
20090151348Exhaust Turbo Supercharger - An exhaust turbo supercharger is provided that is able to effectively prevent exhaust gas that has flowed into between a turbine housing and a bearing housing from leaking to outside of the device, while allowing an excellent level of workability in assembly and disassembly. Included is a turbine housing, into which exhaust gas from an internal combustion engine is introduced; a turbine wheel which is provided within the turbine housing and which is rotation-driven by the exhaust gas; a turbine shaft, one end of which is inserted into the turbine housing, and to which the turbine wheel is attached; a bearing which supports the turbine shaft; and a bearing housing which is connected to the turbine housing and inside of which the bearing is housed. A bolt insert hole is formed in the turbine housing, and an internal thread insert made from a heat insulating material is provided in the bolt insert hole, and the turbine housing and the bearing housing are fixed by a bolt that engages with the internal thread insert.06-18-2009
20100071363Propane Injection System - A flow regulator valve having multiple stages is described herein. The flow regulator valve provides a base amount of propane when the engine is idling and provides additional propane to the engine based on the engine's requirements.03-25-2010
20130067911SHAFT IMBALANCE DETECTION SYSTEM - A shaft imbalance detector system (03-21-2013
20090313990PNEUMATIC HYBRID TURBO TRANSMISSION - A pneumatic hybrid turbo transmission for reduced energy consumption is disclosed. A pneumatic hybrid turbo transmission configured as a multi-purpose unit (MPU). The MPU recovers energy from the cooling system, exhaust system, ram pressure and the breaking system. The MPU unit is an automatic transmission, supercharger, air compressor for other uses, and starter for the engine using a multi-purpose unit that will eliminate the need for a torque converter or clutch, flywheel, catalytic converter, starter and supercharger. The MPU reduces pollution to near zero and reduces the aerodynamic drag coefficient on the vehicle. The MPU uses two or more in-line compressors to transfer power from the power source, such as an internal combustion engine (ICE) to a turbine or multi-stage turbine that acts as an automatic transmission. The pneumatic hybrid turbo transmission system uses plug-in power as a second source of power.12-24-2009
20120285161Methods and Systems for Variable Displacement Engine Control - Methods and systems are provided for selecting a group of cylinders for selective deactivation, in a variable displacement engine system, based at least on a regeneration state of an exhaust catalyst. The position of one or more valves and throttles may be adjusted based on the selective deactivation to reduce back-flow through the disabled cylinders while also maintaining conditions of a downstream exhaust catalyst. Pre-ignition and knock detection windows and thresholds may also be adjusted based on the deactivation to improve the efficiency of knock and pre-ignition detection.11-15-2012
20110271671OPTIMIZED GEOMETRY TURBOCOMPRESSOR - The present invention relates mainly to an optimized turbocompressor for engines mounted transversely, notably for in-line four-cylinder engines mounted transversely.11-10-2011
20120023931INSULATING SPACER FOR BALL BEARING CARTRIDGE - A turbocharger using a high speed rolling element bearing system is improved in desired speed and life by providing an insulating spacer, with a thermal conductivity lower than that of the material in the inner race of the REB, between the turbine-end of the inner race of the bearing system and the compressor-end face of the piston ring boss to impede the flow of heat from the turbine wheel to the inner race of the rolling element bearing.02-02-2012
20120023930TURBOCHARGER - The present invention relates to a turbocharger (02-02-2012
20120023929EXHAUST MANIFOLD OF A TURBO-SUPERCHARGED RECIPROCATING ENGINE - Exhaust manifold of a turbo-supercharged reciprocating engine with any number of cylinders ranging from 2 to 6 and equipped with an EGR system which comprises: a) an outer casing (02-02-2012
20120023928MODULAR EXHAUST GAS ASSEMBLY - A modular exhaust gas assembly includes a turbocharger housing having an exhaust flange and a bearing flange receptacle, and a plurality of turbine scrolls of different sizes for selective installation into the turbocharger housing in dependence on a power of an engine. Each turbine scroll has an inlet zone and is connected to the bearing flange receptacle via a selected one of a plurality of different bearing flanges and to the exhaust flange via a selected one of a plurality of different exhaust links. The inlet zone of each turbine scroll is configured to complement a contour of an outlet zone of a standard manifold so that the turbine scrolls are selectively connectable via their inlet zone to the manifold to suit the engine power at hand.02-02-2012
20080229743TURBOCHARGER SYSTEM - A turbocharger system for an engine includes first and second turbochargers, having air intake impellers which rotate in opposite directions. This enables the first and second turbochargers to be mounted on opposite sides of an engine in a symmetrical fashion, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing arrangement as well as air intake and exhaust piping being of the generally same length and configuration to optimize engine performance.09-25-2008
20080271448Particle burner disposed between an engine and a turbo charger - A system comprising an engine, a turbo charger, and a particle burner is provided. The particle burner is disposed between the engine and a turbine of the turbo charger. The particle burner receives exhaust from the engine, heats the exhaust to a combustion temperature of particles within the exhaust, and then directs the cleaned exhaust to the turbine. The particle burner can include a reverse flow heat exchanger to heat the exhaust received from the engine. The particle burner can also include a catalyst to catalyze the further combustion of gaseous products of incomplete combustion from within the engine. The heat produced by the further combustion at the catalyst provides a further boost to the temperature within the particle burner.11-06-2008
20080271447METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SUPPLYING AIR TO AN EMISSION ABATEMENT DEVICE BY USE OF A TURBOCHARGER - A method includes supplying combustion air to a fuel-fired burner of an emission abatement device from a turbocharger. During periods of low turbo boost pressure, combustion air is supplied to the fuel-fired burner from an auxiliary source. An associated apparatus is also disclosed.11-06-2008
20090049834TURBOCHARGER WITH SLIDING PISTON ASSEMBLY - A turbocharger having a turbine housing defining a chamber for receiving exhaust gas, and a nozzle leading from the chamber. Exhaust gas flows from the nozzle through a turbine wheel in the chamber and changes direction from a radially inward direction in the nozzle to an axial direction downstream of the turbine wheel. A divider in the nozzle divides the nozzle into first-stage and second-stage nozzles. The divider has an upstream surface to guide exhaust gas through the first-stage nozzle and an opposite downstream surface to guide exhaust gas flowing through the second-stage nozzle. An axially slidable tubular piston, disposed in the turbine housing, has a radially inner surface extending along the axial direction and a non-flat upstream end surface. The piston also includes a curved flow-guiding surface causing the exhaust gas to change direction. In a closed position, the piston abuts the divider to close the second-stage nozzle.02-26-2009
20100180589CHARGING DEVICE FOR A COMBUSTION ENGINE - The present invention relates to a charging device (07-22-2010
20110239643POWER ASSEMBLY, ESPECIALLY FOR AN AUTOMOTIVE VEHICLE - A power assembly includes an internal combustion engine including an air intake line and an exhaust gas line having at least one heat exchanger. The power assembly further includes a Brayton cycle system capable of providing additional power to the main internal combustion engine and that includes a gas compressor, a fuel burning heater and a turbine linked to the compressor so that air is drawn into the compressor where it is pressurized, the pressurized air is further heated by flowing through at least one heat exchanger where it exchanges heat with exhaust gases from the main internal combustion engine, the heated and pressurized air is further heated by the fuel burning heater and is thereafter expanded through the turbine where a first fraction of the work extracted by the turbine is used to drive the compressor and a second fraction of the work extracted by the turbine is used to bring additional energy.10-06-2011
20110099996EXHAUST AFTERTREATMENT SYSTEM - An exhaust aftertreatment system for an engine is disclosed. The exhaust aftertreatment system including a first exhaust passage, an SCR catalyst disposed in the first exhaust passage, a second exhaust passage parallel with the first exhaust passage and fluidly coupled to the first exhaust passage upstream of the SCR catalyst and a container disposed in the second exhaust passage, the container configured to hold a volume of urea and to direct exhaust from the second exhaust passage through the volume of urea in the container.05-05-2011
20110048000Turbine or compressor, in particular for a turbo-compound system - The invention relates to a turbine, in particular an exhaust gas power turbine for a turbo-compound system, comprising 03-03-2011
20120144824TURBOCHARGER AND COMPRESSOR WHEEL THEREFOR - The invention relates to a compressor wheel for a turbocharger, in particular in combination with a diesel engine, and to an exhaust gas turbocharger comprising such a compressor wheel.06-14-2012
20090293475Internal Combustion Engine Turbocharged By A Turbocharger - The invention is intended to optimize the recovery of the residual energy contained in the exhaust gases of an internal combustion piston engine by means of a turbocharger group, in which each cylinder (12-03-2009
20100018203ENGINE INDUCTION SYSTEM - A forced induction system for an engine comprising a compressor for increasing the pressure of gas into the engine and a turbine arranged to be driven by engine exhaust gas. The system further comprises a generator and an electric motor. The generator is arranged to be driven by the turbine and the motor is arranged to drive the compressor, wherein the generator and motor are electrically connected. The system comprises electrical control means arranged to receive the electrical signal output by said generator during operation and to apply an AC control signal to said electric motor whereby the compressor is driven at least in part by an output torque of the turbine via the electrical connection therebetween.01-28-2010
20100319342EXHAUST TREATMENT SYSTEM FOR AN INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE - A reductant delivery system for an exhaust treatment system of an internal combustion engine is disclosed. The system includes a turbocharger fluidly coupled to, and configured to receive exhaust gas from, the internal combustion engine. An exhaust gas driven turbine wheel is disposed for rotation in a turbine housing of the turbocharger. A reductant injection device is fluid communication with the exhaust gas driven turbine wheel, a reductant tank having a reductant stored therein and a conduit system fluidly connecting the reductant tank with the reductant injection device. Reductant is delivered to the reductant injection device for delivery of the reductant to the exhaust gas driven turbine wheel.12-23-2010
20110056198Compressed Air Steam Hybrid - A method and apparatus for the capture of wasted heat energy from an internal combustion engine for conversion of water from a liquid state into a gaseous state, the resulting pressure of which being used to drive a steam-driven air compressor, before being directed to a radiator-type condenser for conversion of water from a gaseous state back into a liquid state for reuse. The compressed air from the said steam-driven air compressor is directed to the cylinder head(s) upon the engine the heat is derived from, via an automatic regulator, where air is directed into multiple cylinders of the said internal combustion engine to assist in the propulsion of the pistons within the said cylinders and to assist in the efficiency of ignition of fuel molecules, both attributes of which are in the interest of greater efficiency in fuel consumption of the vehicle the apparatus is situated in.03-10-2011
20120102944Method and System for Limiting Output of a Boosted Engine - A method for operating a turbocharged engine is disclosed. In one example, an engine operation is adjusted in response to a turbocharger expansion ratio. Degradation of the engine may be reduced under some engine operating conditions by adjusting engine operation in response to the turbocharger expansion ratio.05-03-2012
20120159946EXHAUST-GAS SUPPLY DEVICE OF A TURBINE WHEEL OF AN EXHAUST-GAS TURBOCHARGER - An exhaust-gas supply device (1) of a turbine wheel (2) of an exhaust-gas turbocharger (3), having a two-channel turbine housing (4), and an exhaust manifold (7) which can be connected to an internal combustion engine (8), which exhaust manifold (7) has a first manifold channel (9) which connects first cylinders (Z1, Z4) of the internal combustion engine (8) so as to form a first manifold exhaust-gas path length, and a second manifold channel (10) which connects second cylinders (Z2, Z3) so as to form a second manifold exhaust-gas path length, to generate virtually identical overall exhaust-gas path lengths of the two channels.06-28-2012
20100175374INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE WITH EXHAUST-GAS TURBOCHARGING - Disclosed is a turbocharged internal combustion engine (07-15-2010
20120279214ENGINE ASSEMBLY INCLUDING INTAKE BOOST SYSTEM - An engine assembly includes an engine structure and an intake assembly. The engine structure defines a first cylinder, a second cylinder, a first intake port in communication with the first cylinder, and a second intake port in communication with the second cylinder. The intake assembly includes a first throttle valve, a second throttle valve and a boost mechanism. The first throttle valve is in communication with the first and second intake ports. The second throttle valve is in communication with an air source and the first throttle valve and located in a series flow arrangement between the air source and the first throttle valve. The boost mechanism is in communication with the air source and the first throttle valve and located in a series flow arrangement between the air source and the first throttle valve.11-08-2012
20110277466ENGINE ASSEMBLY AND METHOD OF MAKING - An engine assembly comprising a cylinder head, turbocharger in fluid communication with the cylinder head and exhaust conduit in fluid communication with the turbocharger and method of making the assembly using a single human assembler includes: mounting the turbine to the cylinder head; using a first assembly aid to form a slidable joint between the exhaust conduit and head; using a second assembly aid to form a movable joint between the turbine and exhaust conduit and align the turbine outlet flange and exhaust conduit inlet flange; using a third assembly aid to pilotingly engage the flanges; disposing a clamp about the turbine outlet flange and the exhaust conduit inlet flange; tightening the second assembly aid sufficiently to form an immovable joint; tightening the clamp to form a sealed joint between the flanges; and tightening the first assembly aid to form a fixed joint.11-17-2011
20120090318Supercharged Internal Combustion Engine - Reciprocating internal combustion engine supercharged by a turbocharger of which the compressor (04-19-2012
20130019592INTEGRATED COMPRESSOR HOUSING AND INLET - In one exemplary embodiment of the present invention, a compressor housing for a forced induction system of an internal combustion engine is provided. The compressor housing includes a compressor inlet passage in fluid communication with a compressor volute configured to house a compressor wheel, the compressor inlet passage comprising a wall that is shared with the compressor volute. The compressor also includes a compressor outlet in fluid communication with the compressor volute, the compressor outlet being configured to direct a compressed gas to an intake manifold of the internal combustion engine.01-24-2013
20080236162Supercharger control system - A compact, solid mount unit supercharger control system is installed at the bottom front end of the engine, directly onto the crankshaft of a vehicle. An accessory drive belt around the accessory belt pulley of the system rotates continuously to keep vehicle accessories (alternator, water pump, etc.) operating. A second belt around a larger pulley drives the supercharger blower. A switch mounted with the vehicle dashboard controls engine generated electrical current to the system. In order to activate the supercharger, the switch is turned on. Electric current flows to the system and energizes an electromagnet, creating a magnetic field which compels engagement of the rotating accessory pulley with the supercharger pulley by means of a slide plate. The belt around the supercharger pulley then rotates, operating the supercharger. When activated, the supercharger forces air into the engine cylinders for greater horsepower output with fuel/air explosions within the cylinders. This provides greater acceleration and top-end speed for the driver. If the driver does not require extra power and performance, the switch is turned off, stopping the flow of electric current. This shuts down the magnetic field, causing the pulleys to be disengaged and disconnecting the supercharger, while still allowing the crankshaft to operate the other accessories. In this mode, gasoline consumption is reduced and there is less exhaust being emitted. The control system of the present invention also reduces wear and tear on the crankshaft and other engine components for greater reliability and extended engine life. It also reduces stress and wear on the supercharger itself, while keeping it running cooler.10-02-2008
20090260357SERVO-ACTUATED SUPERCHARGER OPERATING MECHANISM - The present invention provides a servo actuated operating mechanism for a lobed rotor positive displacement supercharger combining a low cost and capacity electromagnetic clutch with a small oil pump internal to the supercharger unit. The oil pump supplies on demand oil pressure from oil in a hydraulic clutch housing or the supercharger timing gear case and acts as a servomechanism to actuate an internal hydraulic clutch. The hydraulic clutch can be engaged over a much wider range of speeds and loads than is possible with an electromagnetic clutch alone. The addition of an accumulator enables even faster engagements. The electro-hydraulic servomechanism provides improved highway fuel economy relative to an electromagnetic clutch as the engagement speed could be moved to a higher rotational speed (rpm). The internal hydraulic system makes higher supercharger engagement speeds possible with a hydraulic system, but without the assembly and leak issues associated with externally plumbed engine oil system actuated clutches.10-22-2009
20130174544Electric Supercharged Co-Power Hybrid Vehicle - Systems and methods to achieve an electric supercharged co-power hybrid drive mechanism using a Rankine cycle system to reduce fossil fuel consumption are disclosed. The hybrid drive mechanism can be used by a vehicle or by stationary machine when fast changes of load are required. The drive mechanism comprises an internal combustion engine with an electric supercharger, an electric motor/generator and a Rankine cycle system using waste heat from the exhaust system and radiator of the combustion engine. The supercharger facilitates to further reducing the size of the combustion engine. The electrical supercharger is activated when higher power levels are required by the drive mechanism in order to push additional air into the internal combustion engine. The internal combustion engine, the electric motor/generator and the turbine are all on a same drive shaft07-11-2013
20110265471EXHAUST DRIVEN AUXILIARY AIR PUMP AND PRODUCTS AND METHODS OF USING THE SAME - One exemplary embodiment may include an engine breathing system including an exhaust driven auxiliary air pump to flow air directly into the exhaust side of the breathing system.11-03-2011

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