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056 - Harvesters

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056140700 Including motorized vehicle causing transit of harvester 76
056160700 Having motor on ground-supported carrier 73
056130500 Including plural operating units and drive 51
056100800 With selective control of drive means 41
0561604R0 Having driven means for handling or treating crop 21
056120700 Including cutter yieldably mounted on its drive means 21
056100600 With plural sources of power 13
056120800 Including driven air-blower unit 12
056110900 Having fluid-pressure or stored-energy motor 12
056100500 With randomly-operative control of motor (e.g., for starting or stopping motor) 6
056120400 With drive train for imparting compound movement to finger-like elements 3
20110061354Retractile Finger For Fitting To Grain Harvester Auger Main Shaft - The invention relates to a retractile finger (03-17-2011
20100212277Crop harvester - A crop harvester includes: a rotatable auger tube having a gathering section; flighting disposed in a spiral pattern on the outer surface of the gathering section so that, when the auger tube is rotated, the flighting moves material within a perimeter of the flighting laterally and creates a neutral zone behind the flighting that is generally free of material; and gathering fingers disposed in the neutral zone that, when the auger tube is rotated, extend beyond the perimeter of the flighting to gather the material, tuck the material toward the auger tube, and then retract within the perimeter of the flighting.08-26-2010
20110239606TINE ASSEMBLY - A tine assembly is used with an agricultural machine such as a harvester or hay merger. The tine assemblies mount on a reel that rotates about an axis extending transverse to the direction of travel. The tine assembly includes a first tine and a second tine, each having a main extended portion and a lateral portion extending transverse to the main portion at a mounting end of the tines. The lateral portions mount into tabs or opposite ends of a sleeve. The sleeve or tabs and mounting end of the tines are enclosed by a molded mounting portion that also includes a reinforcing arcing element configured for mounting to the reel bar. The arcing element includes orifices that allow for easily bolting and unbolting the tine assemblies for easy attachment and removal.10-06-2011
056120200 With means for using heat or exhaust from engine 1
20110197558Drying of seed cotton and other crops with engine exhaust - A seed cotton dryer comprises an array of electromagnetic wave energy generators in a cotton gin, a cotton picker/stripper. An appropriate amount of energy is used to evaporate a considerable amount of moisture in the seed cotton without producing enough energy to pop the cotton seeds. Seed cotton dried by wave energy is much easier to separate the cotton seeds and lint from leaves, stems and other plant parts. The seed cotton is preferably transported through the dryer in a conduit having flat sides which reflects the wave energy more efficiently than through a round conduit. Provisions are made to prevent arcing in the transport conduit when extraneous metal pieces are inadvertently mixed with the seed cotton. In some embodiments, heated air from a diesel engine is used to dry crops as they are being harvested.08-18-2011
056120600 With separable or vibration-damping drive train 1
20090277142DAMPED GUIDING UNIT AND PORTABLE IMPLEMENT - A damped guiding unit for a portable implement includes a connection element arranged at one end of a guide rod element, for connection of a tool element for the sawing, cutting and/or scything of undergrowth or of grass. A damping element is arranged on the connection element for the damping of oscillations or vibrations caused by the tool element. A holding element is arranged on the guide rod element for holding the portable implement. The holding element and the connection element are structural elements which are respectively separated from each other in that the holding element is associated with a first assembly and the connection element is associated with a further assembly separated from the first assembly. The holding element is further arranged at a distance from the connection element between the one end and the other end of the guide rod element, so that both a direct guiding of the portable implement and also an intensive vibration damping of the holding element is achieved.11-12-2009
056120300 With means for lubricating drive train 1
20110113739METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR OILING SPLINES IN A BEVEL GEARBOX - A method and apparatus for providing improved lubrication of a spline connection between a PTO driver and a bevel gearbox in which lubricant from the bevel gear housing is directed to a location above and radially outwardly from the splined connection and the apparatus then directs the lubricant flow toward the splined connection by force of gravity. The apparatus is configured to be self-aligning when installed in an existing receptacle in the gearbox housing thereby enabling the apparatus to be conveniently installed in a housing designed to utilize gearbox lubricant to lubricate the splines.05-19-2011
20130205733ARRANGEMENT AND METHOD FOR THE ANTICIPATORY ASSESSMENT OF PLANTS TO BE GATHERED WITH A HARVESTING MACHINE - A arrangement is provided for the anticipatory assessment of plants to be gathered by a harvesting machine, disclosed as a combine harvester, and includes a non-contact sensor arrangement for the generation of signals representing at least one characteristic of plants located ahead of the machine, a measurement device for recording at least one characteristic of the plants actually gathered by the machine, and an evaluation device for producing calibration data with the aid of signals generated by the measurement device and from statistical parameters derived from the signals of the sensor arrangement and for the calculation of the characteristic of plants to be gathered with the aid of statistical parameters, which were derived from the signals of the sensor arrangement, corresponding to the plants to be gathered, and with the aid of the calibration data.08-15-2013
20100005767HYBRID SEAM FOR A DRAPER BELT IN AN AGRICULTURAL HARVESTER - A draper cutting platform for use in an agricultural harvester includes a platform section having an elongate belt. The belt includes opposite ends, a pair of side edges defining a width of the belt therebetween, and a plurality of longitudinally spaced cleats extending crosswise between the side edges. Each cleat has a length which is less than the width of the belt. A seam joins the opposite ends of the belt. The seam includes a splice bar and a pair of lacings. The splice bar has a length which is approximately the same as the cleat length. Each lacing is disposed in an area between a corresponding end of the splice bar and a respective side edge of the belt.01-14-2010
20090293440DISPOSITIONS INTRODUCED TO ROTATING SHAFT, IMPACT ROD HARVESTER - The present utility model relates to a series of improvements introduced to the system for harvesting grain directly from plants, without cutting or extracting. Advances were substantial, principally concerning harvesting efficiency as well as the capability for harvesting green beans and green soybeans. The more important modifications concern the rotating shafts, now having self-locking and relatively flexible fixing rings for the rods. The operator can easily release these rings through a locking mechanism at the end of the shaft, in a manner so as to allow the replacement of worn rods. Each pair of rings ideally holds three rods which are mounted in an arch in a manner that there are two ends to each rod, with each pair of rings bearing six bristles.12-03-2009
20110277433SUSPENDED OPERATOR PLATFORM - A suspended operator platform for use with a ride-on lawnmower or the like is connected to a rigid chassis of the ride-on lawnmower by a suspension system that has a parallelogram linkage. The operator platform supports an entire body of the operator and isolation mounts connect a seat assembly to the operator platform. Steering controls of the ride-on lawnmower are connected to the operator platform so that the steering controls move with the operator platform and are suspended and/or isolated from the chassis. The suspension system includes a course-stiffness adjuster and a fine-stiffness adjuster that for adjusting suspension stiffness to correspond to a particular operator and/or terrain.11-17-2011
20120096823Fruit Tree Pruner and Harvesting Machine - This invention is a dual function tree pruner and fruit harvester that use the same equipment for pruning and for harvesting. The Fruit Tree Pruner and Harvesting Machine features: a Self-Propelled-Vehicle (SPV), computer controlled robotic arms, a Digital Imaging System (DIS), a Radar Ranger04-26-2012
20100077711Thermochemical reactor for a self-propelled harvesting vehicle - A thermochemical reactor includes a contact surface and a pressing device for pressing raw material to be pyrolyzed against the rotationally symmetrical contact surface which is rotatable relative to the raw material. A generating line of the contact surface is oriented at an angle to a radius that is perpendicular to the axis of the relative rotation.04-01-2010
20090282794SENSING ASSEMBLY FOR DETECTION OF ONE OR MORE PLANTS - A sensing assembly comprises a forward point for mounting on a crop divider associated with a header. At least one movable arm is capable of interacting with one or more plants standing in a field. A sensor detects a position of the movable arm. A mounting assembly operably supports the movable arm and the forward point, where a rear portion of the forward point is spaced apart from a forward edge of the crop divider and the at least one movable arm is located above a bottom portion of the forward point when the mounting assembly is secured to the crop divider.11-19-2009
20090241498Dust Removal System for a Riding Lawn Mower - A dust removal system for a riding lawn mower, comprising an engine, a speed change device disposed outside of an engine compartment, and a universal coupling inserted through an opening provided to a separating wall in order to connect an output shaft of the engine and an input shaft of the speed change device. The dust removal system is composed of a perforated board which rotates integrally with the output shaft and around the axis of the output shaft in order to impede grass cuttings from flowing into the engine compartment through the opening, the perforated board having an insertion hole formed in the center to allow the universal coupling to be inserted; and a seal unit for substantially sealing the space between the universal coupling and the peripheral edge of the insertion hole. The seal unit has a radially extending flange formed on the universal coupling, and a ring member in which one end is mounted on the flange and the other end is in contact with the peripheral area around the insertion hole.10-01-2009
20090113865Method and Apparatus for Removing a Drive Belt in Confined Spaces - An apparatus and method are disclosed for efficiently removing a belt from a drive assembly of an agricultural implement in which a flywheel and a header framework cooperatively define a gap therebetween which is smaller than a cross-sectional dimension of the belt and thereby prevent the belt from being simply passed through the gap and removed from the remaining components of the drive assembly. A radially inwardly extending notch in the periphery of the flywheel is configured and dimensioned to allow a portion of the belt to be received within the notch. The notched flywheel, with the portion of the belt received in the notch, is rotatable such that the portion of the belt is moveable past the gap to thereby permit the belt to be removed from the remaining components of the drive assembly in the distal direction without requiring the removal of either the flywheel or the framework.05-07-2009
20100058726INTERCHANGEABLE ELECTRIC MOTOR FOR POWERED GARDEN IMPLEMENTS - An electric motor sub-assembly with a gear train or drive train and clutch, which replaces a conventional internal combustion engine unit including its conventional clutch. The speed increase or decrease of the gear train is selected so that irrespective of whether an induction or universal electric motor is used, the speed of the clutch substantially replicates the speed of the conventional internal combustion engine clutch. As a consequence, a wide range of implement frames can accept either the internal combustion engine unit or the electric motor sub-assembly to create differently powered implements with a maximum of commonality of parts.03-11-2010
20100064648Bending Attachment and Portable Mowing Machine Mounted With This - The present invention provides a portable mowing machine, in which an angle of connection of a blade unit with respect to a support rod is adjustable, and a bending attachment used for this machine. The bending attachment 03-18-2010
20120144793PULL TYPE SIDE PIVOT ROTARY MOWER CONDITIONER GEARBOX - In one embodiment, an apparatus, comprising: a pull-type implement having a top surface; a tongue assembly pivotably mounted to the pull-type implement; and a gearbox assembly mounted on the top surface and offset from the center of the top surface, the gearbox assembly comprising: a top gearbox unit rotatably coupled to a driveline via a joint that is functionally distinct from a constant velocity (CV) joint, the top gearbox unit pivotably coupled to the tongue assembly; and a bottom gearbox unit in pivotal relationship with the top gearbox unit.06-14-2012
20090031686SELF-PROPELLED FORAGE HARVESTER - The present invention relates to a self-propelled forage harvester (02-05-2009
20080276587Methods and Apparatus for Guiding Harvest Residue - Methods and devices for guiding harvest residue at the time of harvest to prepare crops for strip-tilling operations. Embodiments of the invention include an attachment for a harvesting machine, and a method of harvesting a row crop in a way that directs harvest residue into relatively narrow strips, leaving strips of soil between the strips of harvest residue in better condition for strip-tilling. The management and placement of harvest residue during harvesting operations according to embodiments of the invention may improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of strip-tilling operations.11-13-2008
20100095643GRASS CATCHER - A grass catcher assembly for coupling with a grass cutting device includes a covered frame and a support defining an aperture for receiving debris from the grass cutting device. The covered frame may be pivotally coupled with the support for one or more of collecting the debris when the covered frame is in a closed position and emptying the debris when the covered frame is in an opened position.04-22-2010
20130111863Disc Mower Blades - An improved cutter blade or disc mower blade is provided having structure to reduce the tendency of vegetation to slip off and around the blade edge and tip. The disc mower blade is attached to a rotary cutter module and driven by a mowing machine. In one aspect of the disc mower blade, the disc mower blade includes a knife edge with serrations distributed along the edge such that vegetation does not slide along the edge during operation of the mowing machine. Further, another aspect of the mower blade is that the knife edge may be curved so as to prevent the vegetation from sliding along the edge during operation of the mowing machine. In another aspect, the disc mower blade includes a winglet disposed at a tip of the blade such that vegetation cannot slide past the blade during operation of the mowing machine.05-09-2013
20080196373Controlling Groomer Assembly Depth Penetration - A turf cutting unit includes a reel assembly mounted to a frame and having a plurality of reel blades rotatable about a reel axis extending substantially parallel to the ground. A drivingly rotatable groomer includes a plurality of spaced apart and substantially vertically oriented cutting plates. An adjustment mechanism is operable to move the reel assembly relative to the turf to set a turf cutting height. The adjustment mechanism is operable to adjust the position of the cutting plates to set a depth of cut that the groomer cutting plates engage the turf. The adjustment mechanism limits a maximum depth of cut of the groomer cutting plates based on the cutting height of the reel assembly. A method of operating a turf cutting unit is also discussed.08-21-2008
20080196372Cutting Unit with Moveable Groomer - A turf cutting unit includes a reel assembly having a plurality of blades rotatable relative to the ground. A groomer includes a plurality of spaced apart and vertically oriented cutting plates fixed to a driven shaft. The groomer is moveable between a first position where the cutting plates engage the turf and a second position where the cutting plates are spaced apart from the turf. A method of operating a turf cutting unit is also described.08-21-2008

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