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055 - Gas separation

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055495000 Unit or cohesive sheet-like media in flow line or frame 170
055493000 Hinged or pivoted retainer or clamp on backing frame or in flow line 26
055492000 Internal frame or support means 14
055494000 Grid or tray type for bottom support only 4
20100126128RIGID CELL FILTER ASSEMBLY - A rigid cell filter assembly is described; wherein the rigid cell filter assembly includes a filter header, filter media, and a plurality of support grids coupled to the header. The media adheres and couples to the support grids. The header and the support grids are injection molded as a single part from a plastic material. Alternatively, the media is plastic injection molded as a single part with the header and the support grids. The rigid cell filter assembly includes optional living hinges wherein the living hinges are plastic injection molded as a single part with the header and the support grids.05-27-2010
20100126129Filter assembly for vacuum cleaner - A filter assembly for a vacuum cleaner is provided, and the filter assembly comprises a discharge grill formed on a discharge passage, a filter member mounted on the discharge grill, and a gasket member that is detachably connected between the discharge grill and the filter member and seals a space between the discharge grill and the filter member.05-27-2010
20120067016AIR FILTER GROUP FOR MOTOR VEHICLES AND A FILTER ELEMENT - An air filter group for motor vehicles includes a box body, provided with at least an air inlet opening and an air outlet opening, and further includes a filter element configured to be located internally of the box body, in which the air outlet opening is configured such as to receive the filter element from the outside of the box body, and in that the filter element includes a seal on an end side thereof. The seal being provided with a border configured to be at least partially rested on the edge of the air outlet opening and being such as to enable fastening the filter element to the box body, the filter element being maintained in position by compression directly by the conveyor of the clean air outlet.03-22-2012
20100236204FILTER ELEMENT WITH PLEAT SUPPORT COMBS - A filter element includes support grid secured about its periphery edges to a periphery frame member. A pleated filter media is secured to the frame member and is sized and positioned to fully cover the filter fluid aperture. The support grid is positioned such that it is effective in providing support to the filter media against fluid forces. At least one elongated comb member is provided and includes a plurality of spaced tapered teeth protruding outwards towards the filter media. The teeth are sized and spaced to be received into at least a portion of grooves present between the pleats of the filter media. The teeth of the comb member are sized and spaced to regulate filter media pleat separation and spacing.09-23-2010
055512000 Discrete fibrous or particulate solids 4
20100071327Flame Resistant Viscose Filter Apparatus and Method - A filter assembly includes a filter pad comprising flame resistant viscose. The filter assembly also includes a bonding emulsion. The bonding emulsion may comprise casein resin. The bonding emulsion may additionally comprise acrylic resin. The filter assembly also includes a structural support. In particular embodiments, at least a portion of the fibers are treated with a solution that is fire resistant or fire retardant.03-25-2010
20100071326Flame Resistant Filter Apparatus and Method - A filter assembly includes a filter pad comprising fibers including natural, synthetic and/or hybrid fibers. In particular embodiments, the filter pad comprises wool fibers. The filter assembly also includes a bonding emulsion, wherein the bonding emulsion comprises casein resin. The filter assembly also includes a structural support. In particular embodiments, at least a portion of the fibers are treated with a solution that is fire resistant or fire retardant.03-25-2010
20110083410Exhaust Gas Particle Filter Made of Sintered Metal - The invention relates to an exhaust gas particulate filter made of sintered metal for removing particulates contained in the exhaust gas stream of an internal combustion engine, particularly of a diesel internal combustion engine. The exhaust gas particulate filter is made of a filter material having at least one metal support (04-14-2011
20100186359SECURABLE MOUNTING MATERIAL AND METHOD OF MAKING AND USING THE SAME - A securable mounting material comprises: a mounting material comprising inorganic fibers and having a major surface; and a layer of thermally activatable adhesive inwardly disposed on the inorganic fibers proximate the major surface. The thermally activatable adhesive comprises at least one compound represented by the formula: (M07-29-2010
055491000 Fastening means pierces or penetrates media 2
20080295470HONEYCOMB FILTER AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A honeycomb filter includes a pillar-shaped honeycomb structure integrally formed, first and second lamination members, a metal casing containing the honeycomb structure and the lamination member, and first and second end members connected to first and second end portions of the casing, respectively to secure the honeycomb structure and the lamination member. The honeycomb structure includes a wall portion defining through holes which extend substantially along a longitudinal direction of the honeycomb structure, each of the through holes being sealed at either one end portion. Each of the lamination members has aligned through holes extending substantially along the longitudinal direction. The honeycomb structure and lamination members include inorganic fibers oriented substantially perpendicular to the longitudinal direction. The lamination members are provided at first and second end faces of the honeycomb structure, respectively to align the aligned through holes with the through holes of the honeycomb structure.12-04-2008
20090064646Air filter arrangement; assembly; and methods - An air filter arrangement is (03-12-2009
055490100 With heating or cooling means 2
20100281834Filtration heat transfer system - A filter cooling construction includes a mass of filtration material held in a filter body and a cooling member extending in the mass of filtration material. A manifold communicates with the cooling member for channeling a cooling fluid to the cooling member. In another embodiment, a heat transfer construction is provided so that a temperature control fluid can flow to the heat transfer member thereby selectively heating and cooling the mass of filtration material. Once use for such constructions is in air filters.11-11-2010
20100132322APPARATUS, SYSTEM, AND METHOD FOR INSULATING AN EXHAUST AFTERTREATMENT COMPONENT - According to one representative embodiment, an exhaust aftertreatment component that includes a housing that defines an interior cavity through which exhaust gas is flowable. The housing includes an inner body, an outer body, and a space defined between the inner and outer bodies. The component also includes an insulation pack that is positioned within the space. The insulation pack includes insulation media encapsulated by a flexible fabric. The insulation pack further includes an at least partially rigid member that has a rigidity greater than a rigidity of the insulation media and flexible fabric.06-03-2010
20100107581Absorbent and Canister - An adsorbent having an excellent VOC-retaining ability is achieved. A adsorbent for a canister includes an activated carbon and a hydrophobic substance supported on the activated carbon, wherein the adsorbent has a butane working capacity that is greater than or equal to 9.0 g/100 mL, a butane retentivity that is lesser than or equal to 1.5 g/100 mL, and a pore volume that is lesser than or equal to 0.25 mL/mL.05-06-2010
20100024369Air Filter Housing for a Cylindrical Filter Element - In order to be able to adjust in a simple and inexpensive way in the manufacture of an air filter housing (02-04-2010
20110277432MAT, METHOD FOR PRODUCING THE MAT, AND EXHAUST GAS PURIFYING APPARATUS - A mat includes a first main face and a second main face opposite to the first main face. At least two layers include a first layer occupying a first area from the first main face along a thickness direction of the mat. The first layer includes a first long fibrous substance which includes an inorganic fibrous substance. A second layer is adjacent to the first layer. The second layer includes a short fibrous substance which includes an inorganic fibrous substance and which has an average fiber length shorter than an average fiber length of the first long fibrous substance. An intertwined portion extends from the first main face to the second main face. The intertwined portion includes the first long fibrous substance and the short fibrous substance being more closely intertwined with each other than the inorganic fibrous substances in a portion except the intertwined portion.11-17-2011
20100269466OVAL CAGE COUPLER FOR FILTER CAGES - An elongated, oval, wire cage for use with a fabric filter (not shown), the cage including a plurality of cage sections (10-28-2010
20080276581Removable verticle media insert system for air treatment - A support framework for containing a granular medium that is used to remediate corrosive vaporous pollutants in an air stream. The support framework is situated within a plenum and comprises two concentric open-lattice weave cylinders made from corrosion resistant fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP). The cylinders are of differing diameters and the granular medium is placed into and contained within the open space formed between the inside wall of the outer cylinder and the outside wall of the inner cylinder. The open-lattice weave design allows a greater radial flow through the medium per unit of time, doing so with less pressure drop and using less energy than the prior art. The use of FRP to form the cylinder walls allows creation of large units that are suitable for use in municipal and industrial settings, which was not possible previously.11-13-2008
20120067015EXPANDED METAL FILTERS - Expanded metal sheets (03-22-2012
20090313960COMPRESSIBLE FILTER ELEMENT HAVING END CAPS INCLINED TO ONE ANOTHER - A filter element, comprising a first component, a second component, and a filter medium, which is situated between the components, the components being spaced apart by the filter medium, the components and the filter medium delimiting a permeable volume, and the filter medium implementing a wall surface, through which a fluid may pass for filtering, is characterized in regard to the object of designing and refining a filter element in such a way that it may be used in tight installation spaces in that the components are oriented inclined to one another or have surfaces inclined to one another.12-24-2009
20110239602MAT, METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE MAT, AND APPARATUS FOR PURIFYING EXHAUST GAS - A mat includes a first principal face, a second principal face opposite to the first principal face, entangled points, and unentangled portions. The entangled points are provided by entangling inorganic fibers with one another. The unentangled portions are provided from the first principal face to the second principal face. The inorganic fibers are not entangled with one another and are arranged substantially parallel to one another in said unentangled portions.10-06-2011
20120304608Air Treatment Device - An air treatment device for a commercial vehicle includes a housing set up for connecting to an air dryer device by way of a bayonet fitting. A retaining device that is or can be mounted on the housing for retaining the bayonet fitting is provided on the housing.12-06-2012
20110314780MAT AND DEVICES WITH THE SAME - Mats comprising a non-woven layer and a first polymeric layer on a major surface thereof. The mats are useful, for example, a mounting mats for pollution control devices, as well as thermal and acoustic insulation for pollution control devices and exhaust systems.12-29-2011
20080302073Can-filter structure of oxygen concentrator - The invention is a can-filter structure of an oxygen concentrator, which includes: a first can-filter having filter material; a second can-filter having filter material; and an outlet cover. The first can-filter includes an air inlet provided at the entrance side of the first can-filter and a first conical joint formed at the exit side of the first can-filter, wherein the first conical joint is hollow and at least one recess is provided on the outer surface thereof. The second can-filter includes a second conical joint formed at the entrance side of the second can-filter, wherein the second conical joint is hollow, and at least one engaging hook corresponding to the recess is provided on the inner surface thereof for coupling to the first conical joint. The outlet cover is provided at the exit side of the second can-filter and is coupled thereto by ultrasonic fusion.12-11-2008