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055 - Gas separation

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055385300 In motor vehicle 51
055385200 In environmental air enclosure 21
055385400 In vented container 11
055385700 Involving shielding apparatus 9
055385600 Involving communication receiving or transmitting apparatus 2
20080295468ADJUSTABLE AIR FILTER FOR COMPUTER AND ASSEMBLY USING THE SAME - An adjustable air filter for a computer, includes a bracket, a plurality of frames with air filter units set therein rotatably mounted to the bracket, a first transmission bar connected with each of the frames, a second transmission bar rotatably mounted to the bracket and connected with the first transmission bar, and a driver fixed to the bracket with a shaft retractably extending therefrom. The first transmission bar drives the frames to rotate when the first transmission bar is moved. The second transmission bar drives the first transmission bar to move when the second transmission bar is rotated. The shaft of the driver is connected with the second transmission bar. The driver drives the shaft to extend out or draw back according to the temperature in the computer to drive the second transmission bar to rotate.12-04-2008
20090183475PLEATED RECIRCULATION FILTER - The invention relates to a device for filtering contaminants, such as particulates and vapor phase contaminants, from a confined environment such as electronic or optical devices susceptible to contamination (e.g. computer disk drives) by providing an improved performance recirculation filter.07-23-2009
20130067873CENTRIFUGAL SEPARATOR - A device for cleaning of polluted gas from a combustion engine, includes a centrifugal separator with a centrifuge rotor arranged to cause the polluted gas to rotate. The centrifuge rotor comprises a stack of truncated conical separating discs disposed at mutual spacing so they delimit intermediate spaces between them for the gas to flow through. An outlet chamber is disposed centrally within the stack of separating discs, whereby the centrifuge rotor is configured for counterflow separation. The centrifugal separator comprises a gas outlet which communicates with the outlet chamber. The stack of separating discs is disposed for rotation in a space formed within the combustion engine and arranged to receive the polluted gas, to which end the intermediate spaces between the separating discs communicate directly with the space, and the gas outlet is arranged to conduct the cleaned gas out from the space through a wall which delimits the space.03-21-2013
20130031881POWER TOOL DUST COLLECTING DEVICE AND POWER TOOL - A power tool dust collecting device includes a fan chamber and a dust collecting chamber. The fan chamber is formed in a housing which is mountable on a hammer drill and in which a suction opening is provided protrudingly. The fan chamber houses a fan that rotates in accordance with driving of a motor. The dust collecting chamber is formed on an upstream side of the fan chamber. Mounted on the dust collecting chamber is a filter through which passes air that has been sucked up from the suction opening by the rotation of the fan and which collects dust included in the air. An air pumping unit that pumps air from a downstream side of the filter toward an upstream side is provided inside the housing.02-07-2013
20090056291REMOVAL OF CONTAMINANTS FROM A CONTAMINATED GAS OR VAPOUR STREAM - A method of removing contaminants from a contaminated gas or vapour stream, which method includes passing a contaminated gas or vapour stream through a bed of curled separating media linearly in an upward direction at a linear velocity of up to 6 m/s; allowing a contaminant in the contaminated gas or vapour stream to collect on the separating media as the gas or vapour stream passes through the bed of separating media, thereby removing the contaminant from the gas or vapour stream and thus purifying the gas or vapour stream; allowing the contaminant that has collected on the separating media to pass from the separating media into a collection zone; removing the contaminant from the collection zone; and withdrawing a purified gas or vapour stream from the bed of separating media.03-05-2009
20110011045Filtration Lighting System - Disclosed are various embodiments of a filtration lighting system. In one embodiment, the filtration lighting system includes at least one light source, a circulation fan, at least one air filter, and a housing. The housing includes at least one air inlet and is configured to house the light source, the circulation fan, and the at least one air filter.01-20-2011
20110120067FILTER, FILTER ASSEMBLY WITH THE FILTER AND COOLING APPARATUS WITH THE FILTER ASSEMBLY - There is provided a filter including elements, each being made from non-woven fabric, which are placed on one right after the other, the two outermost elements being coated with a waterproof agent. The filter according to the present invention provides an advantage of permitting air to smoothly pass through it and effectively removing moisture and fine dust particles from air passing through it, as well as preventing production of static electricity. Furthermore, the filter can be manufactured with ease.05-26-2011
20110258977OIL-SEPARATOR ROTOR FOR A TURBOMACHINE - An oil separator rotor for a turbomachine, including a tubular hub that includes an external annular flange and an annular cover which, in cross section, is substantially L-shaped and mounted around the hub. The hub flange includes, at its external periphery, a mechanism to radially retain the free end of the cylindrical wall of the cover, so as to center this end and prevent it from deforming in the radially outwards direction under the effect of centrifugal force.10-27-2011
20090038277Compressed air Filter Assembly for Nail Gun - An exemplary compressed air filter assembly for nail gun has an end cap at a handle of the nail gun, having an inlet aperture for guiding external compressed air therein, communicating with a main air chamber of the handle; an inlet pipe extending in the inlet aperture and the main air chamber, having a ring-shaped step formed at an inner peripheral surface of a sidewall thereof; and a filter disposed at the inlet pipe. At least one bar is provided at the sidewall of the inlet pipe, transversely disposed in the inlet aperture, and the filter being disposed between the at least one bar and the ring-shaped step. The compressed air filter assembly for nail gun utilize the at least one bar to support a center portion of the filter, which can improve the strength of the filter to resist the blasting of the compressed air.02-12-2009
20080236114RECLAMATION OF GASEOUS SUBSTANCES FROM BOILER FLUE GAS FOR OIL RECOVERY - Systems and techniques for the reclamation from boiler flue gas of all or substantially all gaseous substances for well injection oil recovery. A system can include one or more of a boiler for generating high pressure steam, a high pressure water pump, a tower scrubber, an induced draft fan, an absorber, a separating tank, a heat exchanger, a regenerator, a reboiler, a steam boiler, a water segregator, a carbon dioxide compressor, a purifier, a nitrogen compressor, drying beds, adsorption beds, a carbon dioxide pressurizer, a nitrogen pressurizer and a mixing tank of which: the boiler for generating high pressure steam, the tower scrubber, the absorber, the regenerator and the adsorption beds connect with each other in turn. In addition, the mixing tank connects by pipelines with a gas injection tube of an oil well. Mixed gases of carbon dioxide and nitrogen can be obtained for injection into the oil well, thus gaining favorable results of crude oil output increase as well as environment protection.10-02-2008
20090025348DUST COLLECTOR WITH A FUNCTION OF SECONDARY COLLECTION - A dust collector with a function of secondary collection is composed of a bottom base, an air guiding box installed above the bottom base and bored with a suction hole and a dust collecting hole at its upper and bottom surface respectively, a guiding device set inside the air guiding box, a filtering bag fixed on the guiding device, and a dust bag sealed with the lower dust collecting hole of the air guiding box. In using, dust can be drawn in by a blower to enter the air-guiding box. By means of the guiding device, the particles with larger size are to directly drop down to the dust bag and the light or tiny ones are to be drawn through the guiding device to flow up to the filtering bag for being filtered, with a secondary filtration to prolong a service life of the filtering bag.01-29-2009
20090199522Compressed Air Supply Device - A compressed air supply device for a commercial vehicle is provided. The compressed air supply device includes a valve housing and an essentially axially symmetrical, exchangeable air-drying cartridge which is connected to the valve housing. The valve housing and the air-drying cartridge are connected via an essentially circular seal which lies in a plane perpendicular to the axis of the air-drying cartridge. The valve housing and the air-drying cartridge can be coupled to each other by being brought together in an axially parallel manner. The valve housing and the air-drying cartridge have features which permit a leak-proof connection between the valve housing and the air-drying cartridge at one or more angular positions of the air-drying cartridge relative to the valve housing.08-13-2009
20090199521FRUSTUM-SHAPED INSULATION FOR A POLLUTION CONTROL DEVICE - A preformed insulation mat is provided for use between the inner and outer end cone housing of a pollution control device. The preformed insulation includes a frustum-shaped mat. The mat comprises primarily heat moldable, silica based glass fibers containing Al08-13-2009
20080264011Dust compressing apparatus of vacuum cleaner - A dust compressing apparatus of a vacuum cleaner capable of automatically compressing dust or dirt collected in a dust separating unit is disclosed. The dust compressing apparatus includes a compressing plate to compress the dust or dirt collected in the dust separating unit, a moving unit connected to the compressing plate on one side of the dust separating unit to move the compressing plate, an elastic unit to elastically urge the compressing plate to a compressing position where the compressing plate compresses the dust or dirt, and a driving motor to drive the moving unit thus to move the compressing plate.10-30-2008
20090205301FILTER DEVICE IN PARTICULAR FOR AN EXHAUST SYSTEM OF AN INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE - Cross-sectional geometries of filter elements for soot particle filters are described, allowing uniform loading of the filter element with soot. Starting with hexagonal cell shapes, other polygonal shapes are arranged around them. All the cross-sectional geometries have in common the fact that the cross-sectional area of all inlet channels is larger than the cross-sectional area of all outlet channels.08-20-2009
20120192534MULTI-STAGE HOOD FILTER SYSTEM - A filtration system for a ventilation hood includes a first filter configured to be mounted within the ventilation hood. The first filter includes an air inlet, and air outlet, and a grease outlet. The filtration system also includes at least one second filter, attached to the first filter, and operatively located downstream of the first filter.08-02-2012
20100199616GAS FILTERING APPARATUS - An air cleaner including a front housing, a rear housing, and a filter. The filter includes a plurality of parallel folds and partitions a pre-filtering chamber and a post-filtering chamber. The air cleaner circulates air, which enters the pre-filtering chamber through an inlet port, to the post-filtering chamber to filter the air. The pre-filtering chamber includes a diffusion zone located outward from an end of the filter in a folding direction of the filter. The inlet port extends in a direction orthogonal to the folding direction of the filter along a plane parallel to the filtering surface of the filter and opens in the diffusion zone.08-12-2010
20090107089Unlimited supplying type partial gas pressure structure - The present invention relates to a supplying type partial gas pressure structure, and more particularly to an unlimited supplying type partial gas pressure structure that contains a cylinder rack, whereas a multiple of supplying cylinders connected in series are installed on the cylinder rack; a transportation pipe with one end connected to the multiple supplying cylinders and the other end connected to a mixing processing cylinder and a converter in parallel; and another transportation pipe.04-30-2009
20120240533PARTICLE CAPTURE UNIT, METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME, AND SUBSTRATE PROCESSING APPARATUS - A particle capture unit adopted to be exposed to a space in which particles fly includes at least a first layer formed of a plurality of first fiber-like materials and a second layer formed of a plurality of second fiber-like materials. The first fiber-like materials are thinner than the second fiber-like materials and arrangement density of the first fiber-like materials in the first layer is higher than that of the second fiber-like materials in the second layer, the second layer is interposed between the first layer and the space, and the first and second layers are hardened and bonded together by sintering.09-27-2012
20100180559ELLIPSOID EXHAUST INTAKE BONNET (EIB) FOR MARITIME EMISSIONS CONTROL SYSTEM - An improved Exhaust Intake Bonnet (EIB) for an Advanced Maritime Emissions Control System (AMECS) includes a ribbed frame lowered and then drawn around a stack of an Ocean Going Vessel (OGV), and a shroud unfurled over the ribbed frame. The ribbed frame has a more flexible structure to better conform to rectangular and oval stacks. The bonnet includes a peak with a duct for receiving exhaust gasses captured by the shroud. The bonnet is positioned over the stack using a deployment arm. A duct carries exhaust from the stack to an Advanced Maritime Emissions Control Unit (AMECU) where the exhaust gasses are processed before releasing to the air. The AMECU) may reside on a ship, a barge, a trailer next to a docked OGV, or be a stationary AMECU) on a dock.07-22-2010
20110030323DISCHARGING AIR FILTER - An apparatus comprises a moving, continuously cleaning filter that removes contaminants from air as the air enters an equipment rack and discharges the contaminants into the air as the air exits the equipment rack.02-10-2011
20110072771OPERATING ROOM AIR RECIRCULATION SYSTEM FILTER WITH FILTER FLAPS - A filter body having a housing, a cavity for holding a filter media, intake ports each configured to receive an intake tube, and a plurality of intake port flaps configured for movement between a first position which restricts passage of a gas or liquid and a second position which allows passage of a gas of liquid. In one aspect, a filter body has flaps that have a magnet and the housing has an attracting material configured to attract the magnet in at least one of the flaps and configured to hold a flap in the first position. In another aspect, a filter in which a portion of the housing comprises an attracting means is configured to hold a flap in the first position. In another aspect, a filter having a housing configured to hold a filter media has a plurality of fluid passage holes and hole covers, in which the hole covers and an area adjacent to the holes on the filter housing each have an attracting material for holding the hole covers in a position.03-31-2011
20080314006Quickly assemblable structure of molecular sieves and can filters in oxygen concentrator - The invention is an assembly structure that allows molecular sieves and can-filters be fast assembled in an oxygen concentrator. The structure includes: a molecular sieve and can-filter set, which is composed of at least two molecular sieves and at least one can-filter; a support frame, which includes a base plate and a frame fixed on the base plate in an upright position, and the frame has a first support plate having a plurality of through holes and a second support plate having a hole, wherein the hole of the second support plate is for one of the at least one can-filter to pass through; and a plurality of bend joints, each of which including: a thin plate portion formed at a first end, wherein an opening is provided in the center of the thin plate portion; and a plurality of annular barbed portions provided near a second end, such that a flexible conduit/hose connected thereto does not detach easily and the air tightness is increased, wherein the second end of each bend joint passes through one of the through holes of the first support plate while the thin plate portion of each bend joint is fixed to the first support plate via a second fastener.12-25-2008
20110005177Filter fan - A filter fan of a switch cupboard or of an electrical and/or electronic device placed in a casing with a blast producing an air flow and with a filter element (01-13-2011
20080256912Apparatus for the Purification of Gas While Bleeding a Crank Housing - The invention relates to an apparatus (10-23-2008
20100293909Paint spray booth - A paint booth or paint booth system is presented having an upper and lower portion containing a flood plane panel located at the lower portion of the paint spray booth. An annular region is formed within the flood plane panel for receipt of a metal mesh filter removably fixed within the annular region and at least partially above the flood plane panel, for filtering of paint spray booth contents. The paint spray booth may also contain a perforated plate fixed over the filter for regulating the flow of air and bulk fluid through the filter.11-25-2010
20110041468Smoke Evacuation System - A smoke evacuating system for use during surgical procedures, particularly minimally invasive procedures involving the use of a laser or cautery at a surgical site having an associated higher than ambient pressure, wherein the system includes a filter with a site side and an outlet side and a fluid conduit extending between the surgical site and the filter. The filter includes a filter media and a housing substantially surrounding the filter media with a space between the filter media and the housing to collect condensed vapor. The filter exhibits low resistance or a low pressure drop and resists fluid flow, whereby the higher than ambient pressure is not substantially diminished and generates a fluid flow in the fluid flow path tending to carry smoke to and through the filter.02-24-2011
20090133369DUST MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR A HARVESTER - A dust management device for a harvester, including ducting in secure engagement with the harvester and adapted to receive air, airborne harvest dust and other materials discharged from the harvester. The dust management device further includes a diffuser-separation chamber, in secure engagement with the harvester, in engagement with the ducting, and adapted to receive air, airborne harvest dust and other materials from the ducting. The diffuser-separation chamber redirects air and airborne harvest dust back into the harvester and discharges other material from the harvester.05-28-2009
20120124949COGENERATION APPARATUS - A cogeneration apparatus having an engine and an air-cleaning device provided to the engine is disclosed. The air-cleaning device is provided with an air filter and a hollow resonator. The air filter is provided at a position where a space within an air-cleaning case splits into an upstream space and a downstream space, and the resonator is provided to the downstream space and positioned at a predetermined interval with respect to the air-cleaning case. Air is introduced through the downstream space to an internal space of the resonator.05-24-2012
20120227365FILTER SYSTEM FOR CLEANING THE AIR OF AN ENCLOSURE TO BE VENTILATED, ESPECIALLY FOR FIBER-OPTIC EQUIPMENT - The invention relates to a filter system for cleaning the air of an enclosure to be ventilated, especially for fiber-optic equipment. The enclosure includes a ventilation opening and is associated with an insertion shaft located proximate to the ventilation opening. The filter system includes an insertion part including a filter housing for accommodating at least one filter element and further including a handle for inserting the insertion part into the insertion shaft. The filter housing is configured so as to cover the ventilation opening when the filter housing is in a working position within the insertion shaft. The filter system includes an insertion arrangement provided at a first end portion of the insertion shaft for inserting the insertion part into the insertion shaft.09-13-2012
20120317939Air Filter Element, Filter Housing and Filter Arrangement - An air filter element (12-20-2012
20110265434FILTER ASSEMBLY - In an embodiment, a filter assembly includes: at least one airflow inlet; at least one tubular filter element adjacent to the at least one airflow inlet; and a support member attached to the at least one tubular filter element at a first portion and a second portion of the support member, the at least one tubular filter element circumferentially surrounding the support member, wherein the support member includes a composite material.11-03-2011
20120285132AVIONIC BAY COMPRISING A DEVICE FOR FILTERING COOLING AIR FOR ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT INSTALLED IN SUCH A BAY AND AIRCRAFT EQUIPPED WITH SUCH A BAY - This invention relates to an avionic bay comprising a device for filtering cooling air for aircraft electrical equipment.11-15-2012
20100011721AIR FILTER FOR A COMBUSTION MACHINE - An air filter for a combustion machine including a housing with a flow passage and a filter insert, wherein said filter insert subdivides the flow passage into an intake flow passage with an air inlet opening and into a discharge flow passage with an air outlet opening, wherein the filter insert has an air inlet surface which extends at least region-wise over the length of the filter insert along the air flow direction, wherein said filter insert has at least two successive filter elements, wherein the outside diameter or diameters of said filter elements, is or are different.01-21-2010
20130111859DESIGN AND SHAPE FOR PULSE CARTRIDGES TO ALLOW HYDROPHOBIC MEDIA TO DRAIN AND GENERALLY INCREASE WORKING SURFACE AREA - A filter element is provided for filtering air in an inlet system of a gas turbine. The filter element includes a hydrophobic filter media that limits the passage of particulates and liquid from passing through the filter element. The filter media extends along a longitudinal axis and circumferentially about a central passageway that extends along the longitudinal axis. The filter media further includes a plurality of pleats. The pleats extend in a non-linear or helical orientation about the longitudinal axis. Adjacent pleats define a trough portion extending therebetween. The orientation of the pleats reduces liquid from accumulating and pooling within the trough portion and promotes drainage of the liquid from the filter element.05-09-2013
20130091816Intake Device for Engine - The intake device for an engine includes a carburetor section and an air cleaner section. The carburetor section includes a body having an intake passage which has an opening communicating with the air cleaner section and a choke valve being a butterfly valve having a plate-like valve body. The air cleaner section includes an air filter, an air-flow chamber provided between the air filter and the intake passage, and a reverse-flow restriction surface provided within the air-flow chamber. The air cleaner section further includes a plate-like partition extending from a location near an air-cleaner side periphery of the valve body of the choke valve in the full-open position to a location near the reverse-flow restriction surface so as to continue the periphery.04-18-2013
20100307117GAS FILTRATION STRUCTURE WITH CONCAVE OR CONVEX HEXAGONAL CHANNELS - The invention relates to a gas filter structure for filtering particulate-laden gases, of the honeycomb type and comprising an assembly of longitudinal adjacent channels of mutually parallel axes separated by porous filtering walls, in which: each outlet channel has a wall common to six inlet walls, each common wall constituting a side of said outlet channel; each outlet channel consists of six sides of approximately identical width a, so as to form a channel of approximately hexagonal and regular cross section; at least two adjacent sides of each inlet channel have a different width; at least two inlet channels sharing a wall with one and the same outlet channel share between them a common wall of width b; and in which the ratio of the widths b/a is equal to 1.12-09-2010
20120291407Air Filter Sleeve - This invention generally relates to the use of an Air Filter Sleeve to protect an air conditioning's air filter from getting dirty. The idea is to keep the original air conditioning's air filter clean to help consumer avoid high cost on air conditioning's air filters replacement.11-22-2012

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