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Filling preformed receptacle and closing

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053 - Package making

053396000 - METHODS

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053469000 Flexible, expandable receptacle (e.g., bag, tube) 43
053471000 With separate closure attaching (e.g., cap or plug) 27
053468000 Opening prior to filling and closing 14
053472000 With protective media (e.g., shock absorbing) 10
053470000 Aerosol container 1
20120291404CONTAINER PRESSURIZING AND SEALING APPARATUS AND METHODS OF PRESSURIZING CONTAINERS - A process for pressurizing a container assembly includes engaging the outer container around a neck of the outer container at a location between a shoulder of the outer container and a mouth of the outer container with a neck clamp device. The neck clamp device is used to support the outer container as the outer container moves from one location to a different location. An at least partial seal is formed about the neck of the outer container by engaging the neck clamp device with an outer bell member of a crimper-pressurized fluid fill head.11-22-2012
20090120042Device for Individual Packing of Tablets According to a Multi-Dose System - The invention relates to a device for the individual packaging of pharmaceutical tablets (05-14-2009
20090193764Selectively Loadable/Sealable Bioresorbable Carrier Assembly for Radioisotope Seeds - A selectively loadable/sealable bioresorbable carrier assembly for retaining and positioning elements used in brachytherapy procedures comprises a bioresorbable tube having a closed distal end and a proximal open end. The bioresorbable tube is loaded with a selectable arrangement of elements, including at least one radioactive seed, through the proximal open end. After the bioresorbable tube is selectably loaded, the bioresorbable tube is heat sealed at a sealing position adjacent a proximalmost element. Once sealed, the bioresorbable tube maintains the arrangement of elements throughout the treatment duration.08-06-2009
20110192120DISPLAY APPARATUS FOR FILE INDEX - A display apparatus that can be positioned within a file cabinet, a file drawer, a hanging file and/or any other suitable file index system. A container is formed by the sheet material. The container has an edge panel forming at least one releasable tab. The at least one releasable tab includes a flap extend ing from the tab. The flap allows for engaging the corresponding tab, and each tab can be released or positioned away from an outer surface of the edge panel. A label sheet or label assembly has printable labels and at least one identification label. The identification label has or displays an identifier that corresponds to a particular design parameter of the label sheet. The identification label can be attached to the tab. The container can house one or more label sheets.08-11-2011
20080256906METHOD AND MACHINE FOR FILLING CAPSULES OR SIMILAR WITH AT LEAST ONE PRODUCT, IN PARTICULAR A PHARMACEUTICAL PRODUCT IN GRANULES - A method and machine for filling capsules with at least one product, whereby the bottom shell of each capsule is fed along a given path in time with a relative metering device having a metering chamber for transferring a given quantity of product from a tank into the bottom shell; the metering chamber having a weighing device for weighing the product contained in the metering chamber.10-23-2008
20130074454Polyolefin Films for Packaging and Administering Medical Solutions - The presently disclosed subject matter is directed to multilayer films that are suitable for the packaging and administration of medical solutions in the form of flexible pouches. Particularly, the disclosed films comprise two outer layers and a core layer, wherein each layer comprises about 100% by weight polyolefin, based on the total weight of the layer.03-28-2013
20130047557ASEPTIC DUCKBILL FLIP-CAP FITMENT FOR A COLLAPSIBLE CONTAINER - Disclosed herein is a fitment for use with a collapsible bag for dispensing liquids or semi-solids comprising a spout having a generally cylindrical body attached to a collapsible bag, an aseptic flip-cap attached to the spout having positioned therein a flexible cap duckbill that allows for the flow of fluid when engaged with a probe assembly, wherein said duckbill flip-cap fitment forms an aseptic seal with the spout on the collapsible bag.02-28-2013
20130055685Toner Filling Apparatus - A toner filling apparatus includes a storing portion and a nozzle. The storing portion includes a storing chamber configured to store toner therein and a pressing member configured to press the toner stored in the storing chamber. The nozzle ejects the toner pressed by the pressing member outside from the storing chamber. The storing portion has an air outlet for releasing air outside from the storing chamber when the pressing member presses the toner.03-07-2013
20130055684METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DISPOSAL OF HOME GENERATED MEDICAL WASTE AND USED HEALTHCARE MATERIALS - Systems and methods for efficient and effective disposal of home healthcare waste are disclosed, where the systems and methods use a coupon to redeem a pre-paid shipping label for shipping a full home healthcare waste receptacle to a disposal facility via a courier or delivery service.03-07-2013
20130055683LID SEALS FOR PACKAGING LIPOPHILIC MATERIALS - The present invention relates to a process for the production of a packaging which is at least partly filled with a lipophilic packed product and comprises a container (03-07-2013
20090272081Apparatus and method for packaging and dispensing medicine - An apparatus for packaging and dispensing medicine includes a computerized data system for receiving and transmitting data regarding prescriptions and for tracking and recording at least one of amounts of medicine being dispensed, type of medicine being dispensed, dosage of medicine being dispensed, persons to whom medicine is being dispensed, and a combination thereof. A medicine packaging system is operably connected to such computerized data system for packaging medicine according to instructions from such computerized data system. Such medicine packaging system includes packaging having individual compartments attached in succession to each other, such packaging being disposed within such medicine packaging system for receiving individual medicine units. A dispensing mechanism is disposed within such medicine packaging system for dispensing individual medicine units into the individual compartments. A sealing mechanism is operably connected to such medicine packaging system for sealing the individual compartments to maintain the integrity of such individual medicine units.11-05-2009
20120192528METHOD AND MACHINE FOR FILLING CAPSULES OR SIMILAR WITH AT LEAST TWO PRODUCTS, IN PARTICULAR PHARMACEUTICAL PRODUCTS IN GRANULES - The bottom shell of a capsule is filled with at least two products, contained in respective tanks, by means of a metering device, which has a metering chamber for receiving a given quantity of product from each tank; and a transfer chamber, which receives and transfers the product from the metering chamber to the bottom shell, and has a weighing device for weighing the product inside the transfer chamber.08-02-2012
20090235618SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CARD REPLACEMENT - A system for assembling a shipping package includes a feeder feeding an envelope from a supply of envelopes and a transport mechanism that transports a shipping container from a supply of shipping containers and places the shipping container in position for the feeder to insert the envelope into the shipping container. The envelope contains a replacement presentation instrument and a shipping indicator, and the shipping indicator includes a shipping address visible through a first substantially clear window in the envelope. Each shipping container has a second substantially clear window, and when the envelope has been inserted into the shipping container, the shipping address is visible through the second substantially clear window.09-24-2009
20130160406CONTAINER WITH CRIMPED TAMPER-EVIDENT LOCKING MEANS - A packaging container has an upper top member and a lower bottom member, and at least one cooperating locking means. Each locking means comprises an upstanding post and a cooperating opening or recess formed in extending lips of the top and bottom members. A weakened fault zone is formed in the immediate region of each post, or of each cooperating opening or recess, and circumscribes the same. The packaging container is locked in its closed position after it has been filled, by crimping the end of each post in an axial direction so as to mechanically deform the post. Any attempt to disengage a crimped post will result in failure of the respective weakened fault zone and may be construed as tampering, and thus the damaged material of the package in the region of the failed fault zone is evidence of tampering.06-27-2013
20130160407SPECIALLY SHAPED CARTON FOR VANITY SINK - A sink assembly is provided. The sink assembly can comprise a container having a generally trapezoidal shaped cross section. The container can be closed about a sink within the container. The sink can be supported in the container by at least one support element, for example a corner support, a top support having a generally triangular shape, and a drain support. Multiple sink assemblies can be efficiently stacked next to one another for shipping and/or storage.06-27-2013
20110099951TRANSPORT CONTAINER FOR METAL ALCOHOLATES AND METHOD FOR TRANSPORTING METAL ALCOHOLATES - A transport container for metal alcoholates, comprising a rigid outer container (05-05-2011
20100251673APPARATUS AND METHOD TO CONTROL MATERIAL CONVERTING AND ENVELOPE STUFFING - An apparatus and method for stuffing envelopes is disclosed. The apparatus includes a plurality of prime movers, a plurality of sensors disposed throughout the apparatus, and a central controller. The prime movers, the sensors and the central controller are operably interconnected such that the central controller directly receives signals from the sensors and from the plurality of prime movers for real-time control of at least one prime mover from the plurality of prime movers based upon determined movement of at least one of a discrete sheet of material, a stack of sheets of material or a stuffed envelope through at least a portion of the apparatus.10-07-2010
20120000165METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DISPENSING MOIST SMOKELESS TOBACCO - An apparatus for accurately dosing moist smokeless tobacco includes a dosing assembly and a dosing air source. The dosing assembly defines a loading chamber and a dosing chamber for containing a quantity of moist smokeless tobacco material. The dosing assembly also includes a discharge opening communicating with the dosing chamber. The dosing air source communicates with the dosing chamber and is operable to deliver compressed air to the dosing assembly so as to move moist smokeless tobacco material from the dosing chamber to the discharge opening. A method of pouching moist smokeless tobacco includes placing a predetermined quantity of moist smokeless tobacco in a dosing chamber having a predetermined volume, and ejecting the predetermined quantity of moist smokeless tobacco to pouching apparatus using compressed air.01-05-2012
20110214398Dry Prosthetic Heart Valve Packaging System - Packaging for prosthetic heart valves including an assembly for stabilizing dry prosthetic tissue implants such as heart valves during storage. The packaging assembly includes a primary sterile barrier that permits gas sterilization of the tissue implant, and a secondary sterile barrier that also prevents oxidation of the implant during long-term storage. Tissue heart valves may be placed or suspended within a cavity of an inner rigid tray with a gas-permeable lid sealed thereon, and a cap placed over the cavity to limit movement of the valve therein. The inner tray is placed within an outer sterile barrier, such as another rigid tray or a flexible pouch, and the assembly is then sterilized. The outer sterile barrier may include a double seal so that a first gas-permeable seal can be closed for sterilization, after which a second gas-impermeable seal can be closed to seal out any further oxygen contact with the tissue implant. Alternatively, the inner tray may be placed within a sterile pouch and the assembly gas-sterilized, and then the entire assembly is placed within another pouch that provides an impermeable barrier to the surrounding atmosphere to prevent oxidation of the tissue implant.09-08-2011
20120186199VALIDATOR AND BILL STACKER CONFIGURED TO STORE NOTES IN SEALING, TAMPER-EVIDENT BAGS WITHIN A CASH MANAGEMENT SAFE - A cash management safe includes a bill validator and stacker and a bagging mechanism for sealing received bills in a tamper evident bag prior to allowing the safe to be opened. Deposited bills are sealed in the bag upon expiration of a predetermined accumulation period, when an unlock code is entered in the safe's door lock, or when the capacity of the bag has been reached. The bag is sealed and die contents reported to a remote cash management server prior to unlocking the safe door, to reduce opportunities for loss during cash handling and transport.07-26-2012
20090145092METHOD OF PACKAGING THERMALLY LABILE GOODS EMPLOYING COLOR-CODED PANELS OF PHASE CHANGE MATERIAL - A method of packaging thermally labile goods. The method includes the steps of (a) obtaining a legend correlating some thermally labile goods with a first color and other thermally labile goods with a second color, (b) locating the thermally labile goods to be packaged on the legend and identifying the correlated color, (c) selecting thermally conditioned panels displaying the correlated color from amongst a plurality of panels displaying different colors wherein the panels are color coded in relation to the phase change temperature of the phase change material contained within the panels, (d) lining the retention chamber of a thermally insulated container with the obtained thermally conditioned panels, (e) placing the thermally labile goods to be packaged into the lined retention chamber, and (f) closing the container.06-11-2009
20120110958Method for Encasing a Confectionery Product - The present invention is directed to a method for encasing a confectionery product, comprising the steps of (a) depositing an edible mass into a rigid vessel; and (b) sealing the rigid vessel, thereby encasing in a sealed rigid vessel a confectionery product05-10-2012
20120110959Advancing Colllecting Device - An inexpensive and collapsible advancing and collecting device for leaves and other debris. The advancing collecting device includes a chute section foldable into a U-shaped configuration so as to be adjustable in diameter to accommodate varying size opening bags or containers in which the debris is to be collected. Connectable to the chute section is a planar scoop section. Leaves and debris are collected onto the planar scoop section while the chute section is inserted into the bag or container resting on the ground. The bag or container is leveraged upright by pulling up the advancing collecting device via handles in the scoop section while simultaneously advancing the debris through the chute section.05-10-2012
20130097973PHARMACY BOTTLE, SYSTEM, AND METHOD - A pharmacy container comprises a bottle and a ring. The bottle includes a body defining a storage chamber, a neck extending away from the body and defining an opening opposite and providing access to the body, and a pair of opposed ledges each extending radially outwardly from the neck and spaced from the body. The neck includes threads extending around an outside surface of the neck, and the pair of opposed ledges are positioned between the body and the threads. The ring defines an interior wall, an exterior wall, and a pair of opposed indentations radially extending through the interior wall toward the exterior wall. The ring is positioned around the neck with the pair of opposed indentations positioned adjacent the pair of opposed ledges such that interaction between the pair of opposed indentations and the pair of opposed ledges maintains the ring in position relative to the bottle.04-25-2013
20090288374APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR INSERTING A POSTAL ITEM INTO AN ENVELOPE AND MOISTENING THE FLAP OF THE ENVELOPE - In an apparatus for inserting postal items into an envelope, the envelope is brought in an inserting position where the flap of the envelope is held open. A postal item is transported along a postal item transport path towards the inserting position and inserted into the envelope in the inserting position. The envelope with the postal item inserted therein is transported away from the inserting position and closed. A gummed portion of the flap is moistened, wherein the moistening is at least started before the transportation of the envelope away from the inserting position. An apparatus for carrying out such a method is also described.11-26-2009
20090288373METHOD AND AN APPARATUS FOR INSERTING A POSTAL ITEM INTO AN ENVELOPE - In an apparatus for inserting a postal item into an envelope, the envelope is fed with its flap fold trailing its envelope body and its flap along a flap opener. A free flap opener edge enters between the flap and the envelope body until the flap fold abuts the free flap opener edge. While holding the flap against the flap opener, the flap is pivoted relative to the envelope body about the flap fold to an open position and subsequently the postal item is inserted into the envelope body. An apparatus for carrying such a method is also described.11-26-2009
20090199516METHOD FOR PRODUCING A READY-TO-DISTRIBUTE DISTRIBUTION ASSEMBLY COMPRISING A DATA CARRIER - A method for producing a ready-to-distribute distribution assembly comprising a data carrier in a single production line is disclosed. The method includes providing a foldable cover panel having a basin for receiving a data carrier, inserting a data carrier, folding the cover panel, sealing the cover panel, and printing identification information on the cover panel.08-13-2009
20120067009CONTAINER WITH IMPROVED TAMPER EVIDENT STRUCTURE - A container comprises a basket having a basket lip along at least a portion of a periphery of the basket, a basket tear strip connected to the basket along at least a portion of the basket lip; a lid mated with the basket, the lid having a lid lip along at least a portion of a periphery of the lid, and a lid tear strip connected to the lid along at least a portion of the lid lip. An outer edge of the basket lip includes a plurality of notches and an inner edge of the basket tear strip has a shape that complements the outer edge of the basket lip. The basket tear strip is connected to the basket lip by a plurality of basket links arranged at notches of the outer edge of the basket lip, each link extending between a notch and a complementary feature of the inner edge of the basket tear strip. Further, an outer edge of the lid lip includes a plurality of notches and an inner edge of the lid tear strip has a shape that complements the outer edge of the lid lip. The lid tear strip is connected to the lid lip by a plurality of lid links arranged at notches of the outer edge of the lid lip, each link extending between a notch and a complementary feature of the inner edge of the lid tear strip. The basket tear strip is bonded to the lid tear strip to resist separation of the lid from the basket. The bonded basket tear strip and lid tear strip are detachable from the basket lip and the lid lip when the bonded basket tear strip and the lid tear strip are urged away from the basket and the lid and detaching the bonded basket tear strip and lid tear strip exposes the outer edge of the basket lip and the outer edge of the lid lip.03-22-2012
20110219729Middle layer of die structure that comprises a cavity that holds an alkali metal - In one implementation, a chamber is selected that accommodates an array of die structures that comprises one or more cavities. An inner chamber of the chamber is maintained at a first temperature. An alkali metal source of the chamber is maintained at a second temperature greater than the first temperature. An outer chamber of the chamber is maintained at a third temperature greater than the first temperature and the second temperature. The one or more cavities of the array of die structures are filled with a portion of the alkali metal source. The one or more cavities of the array of die structures are sealed to comprise the portion of the alkali metal source.09-15-2011
20110219730Concentrated fabric softener active compositions - A composition for softening fabric is provided.09-15-2011
20100011712BEVERAGE BOTTLING OR CONTAINER FILLING PLANT HAVING A BEVERAGE BOTTLE OR CONTAINER HANDLING MACHINE AND A METHOD OF OPERATION THEREOF - A beverage bottling or container filling plant having a beverage bottle or container handling machine and a method of operation thereof. The abstract of the disclosure is submitted herewith as required by 37 C.F.R. §1.72(b). As stated in 37 C.F.R. §1.72(b): A brief abstract of the technical disclosure in the specification must commence on a separate sheet, preferably following the claims, under the heading “Abstract of the Disclosure.” The purpose of the abstract is to enable the Patent and Trademark Office and the public generally to determine quickly from a cursory inspection the nature and gist of the technical disclosure. The abstract shall not be used for interpreting the scope of the claims. Therefore, any statements made relating to the abstract are not intended to limit the claims in any manner and should not be interpreted as limiting the claims in any manner.01-21-2010
20090241477Methods of Packaging Using Multi-Compartment Containers - A method of packaging products in a multi-compartment container. The method comprises providing a first container and a second container and coupling, in a substantially permanent manner, the first and second containers at bottom ends in a stacked arrangement to form the multi-compartment container. The method also includes placing a first product into the first container, placing a second product into the second container, and sealing the first and second containers. The products may be placed in the containers before or after the containers are coupled together.10-01-2009
20100154361Oxygen Scavenging Compositions And Packaging Comprising Said Compositions - The instant invention concerns a composition comprising a base polymer, at least one compound of the formula E-(L-E)06-24-2010
20100180551METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR STERILE OR ASEPTIC HANDLING OF CONTAINERS - The invention relates to a device and a method for the sterile or aseptic handing of containers, which method includes at least the following process step of: evaluating whether a container is safely closed by means of a stopper by determining whether an expected low pressure, preferably a vacuum, is present in the interior of the container.07-22-2010
20080276571PACKAGE AND METHOD FOR MAKING A PACKAGE - A package includes a first wall, a second wall coupled to the first wall at a peelably openable seal portion, a gusset coupled to the first wall and the second wall, wherein the first wall, the second wall, and gusset define an interior space, a vent portion provided on at least one of the first wall and the second wall, wherein the vent portion is configured to permit gases to escape from the interior space, and a food product provided within the interior, wherein at least one of the first wall and the second wall comprises an anti-fog material on a surface facing the interior space.11-13-2008
20100218465Method to reduce the cost of product software upgrades after production - A product packaging shipping container for housing and shipping a device that allows for service upgrades while the product packaging container remains closed. The product packaging container may include a set of container interfaces configured to be accessible from an exterior of the product packaging container and respectively corresponding to a set of device interfaces. The shipping container may also include a set of connections that respectively connect the set of container interfaces to the set of device interfaces, such that an external connection to the set of devices is provided while the product packaging container remains closed via access to the set of container interfaces.09-02-2010
20110083403COMPONENT BEARING STRIPS - The disclosure relates to a device for packaging and conveying components that uses a heat-formed bearing strip provided with cells. The cells preferably all have the same standard size, and the components are maintained in place in the cells using a filler material that can be configured at will. The disclosure also relates to a component supply device including such a device, and to a method for implementing such a device.04-14-2011
20100071319Hot fill container and closure and associated method - A method for hot-filling and closing a polymer container is disclosed in which one of the closure for the container and the head space area of the container is provided with a hole covered with a hydrophobic air permeable membrane. The container is then filled with a hot liquid and the filled container is closed but for the air permeable component. The filled container is then cooled with the pressure between the interior of the container and the ambient pressure being equalized due to the air permeable membrane. Subsequent to cooling, an air-tight seal is provided over the membrane-covered hole. An associated container and closure cap is also disclosed.03-25-2010
20120031054ICE BAGGING SYSTEM - An ice bagging system that comprises a compressed flake nugget ice maker and an ice bagging device that receives compressed flake nugget ice dispensed from the ice maker. The ice bagging device includes at least one bag into which the compressed flake nugget ice is dropped. The ice bagging device is configured to seal and drop the bag of compressed flake nugget ice once a predetermined quantity of ice has been loaded into the at least one bag. An ice merchandiser supports at least the ice bagging device. The ice merchandiser is adapted to receive the at least one bag of compressed flake nugget ice dropped from the ice bagging device. Whereby the compressed flake nugget ice is dispensed from the ice maker directly to the bag of the ice bagging device and the at least one bag of compressed flake nugget ice is dropped directly from the ice bagging device into the ice merchandiser.02-09-2012
20090145091METHOD FOR TREATING OPHTHALMIC LENSES - A method of treating an ophthalmic lens in a package involves: placing the lens and an aqueous solution in a recess of package, the solution including an organic surface treatment agent that attaches to anterior and posterior surfaces of the lens; and sealing the recess of the package with lidstock and sterilizing the package contents. The bottom of the recess includes grooves.06-11-2009
20110131929Sealing of Plastic Containers - An ampoule contains a solution, e.g. an inhalation or injectable pharmaceutical, and an outer surface of the ampoule is coated with a metal or metal compound so as to reduce moisture egress from the ampoule and reduce contamination of ampoule contents from external sources. Labels are easily applied to the coating.06-09-2011
20110131928REDUCED-ODOR THIOL COMPOSITIONS - The present invention provides compositions for and methods of delivering a therapeutically-effective dose of a malodorous, sulfide or disulfide group-containing compound, for example glutathione (reduced) and/or glutathione disulfide, in a vehicle that is effective to reduce the unpleasant odor and/or taste of the compound. The invention further provides methods for reducing the amount of oxidation occurring when sulfide group-containing compounds, such as glutathione, are incorporated into sugar and or sugar-free hard candies without subjecting the glutathione to thermal and or moisture degradation where degradation is expressed as oxidation. The invention further provides vehicle compositions including the protected sulfide group-containing compounds and their use as medicaments. The sulfide group-containing compounds are protected from degradation by their dispersion into fats, oils, and/or fractionated or partially hydrogenated oils prior to their blending into the vehicle.06-09-2011
20100031612APPARATUS FOR AND METHOD OF PACKAGING STACKABLE 0BJECTS, IN PARTICULAR PRINTED PRODUCTS - The present invention relates to a device (02-11-2010
20100031611METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DETERMINING A VOLUME-BASED FILL PATTERN OF A MULTI-DOSE MEDICAMENT CONTAINER - A system and method for determining and communicating a volume-based fill pattern for a multi-dose medicament container is disclosed. Pill information corresponding to one or more pills for a patient to be packaged together may be obtained, and non-volume fill factors may be obtained. The volume-based fill pattern may be selected and indicated to be a cuboid volume or a packing parameter fill pattern. Pill and multi-dose medicament container data may be obtained and used to determine a fill pattern that is communicated to a filling entity for execution. The present disclosure may operate in accordance with multi-dose blister packs, and systems and methods of filling said blister packs.02-11-2010
20120000166EVOH Barrier Film with Reduced Autoclave Shock - The presently disclosed subject matter is directed to a barrier film that maintains an oxygen barrier after being subjected to autoclaving conditions. The film comprises one EVOH layer positioned as a core layer, and one EVOH layer positioned directly adjacent to an outer layer comprising highly permeable material having a moisture vapor permeability greater than about 40 g-mil/100 in01-05-2012
20120060450Dispensing System for Medicament Regime - A dispensing system for administration of medicaments during a medicament dosage regime and comprising: (i) a tray comprising an interconnected array of compartments, each compartment being dimensioned to accommodate therein a plurality of medicaments; and (ii) a closure for the compartments arranged so that the closure and the compartments form a series of sealed containers for holding medicaments; the compartments and the closure therefor being arranged so that each sealed container is frangible from the interconnected array so that a sealed container may be removed from the array.03-15-2012
20120247069METHOD FOR STORING A PELLICLE - There is provided a method for packing a pellicle container in plastic resin bags, which is meant to prevent foreign particles from reaching the pellicle container and eventually the product pellicle; the points of the invention lie in that bags are either antistatic or of special cleanroom-use grade prepared and preserved in a cleanroom environment.10-04-2012
20110179754METHOD FOR THE PRODUCTION OF SELF-VENTING PACKAGING - The present invention relates to a method for the production of a self-venting packaging for use in heating a food item in a microwave oven, said packaging comprising a rupturable valve seal (07-28-2011
20120311971SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CREATING HIGH GLOSS PLASTIC ITEMS VIA THE USE OF STYRENIC COPOLYMERS AS A COEXTRUDED LAYER - The present techniques provide multi-layer plastic structures and methods for making such. The multi-layer plastic structures include an inner surface made from a polyolefin resin, and resistant to environmental stress cracking, and an outer surface that includes a styrenic copolymer. The outer surface has a kinetic coefficient of friction with itself of 0.42 and a static coefficient of friction with itself of 0.44.12-13-2012
20120167530Thermal Packaging System - The present invention is an apparatus, method and system to thermally package an item having at least one container (07-05-2012
20120167529METHOD FOR FILLING AT LEAST ONE THIN-WALLED TRANSPORT CONTAINER WITH AT LEAST ONE VALUABLE OBJECT AND DEVICE FOR SAFEKEEPING AT LEAST ONE VALUABLE OBJECT - The invention relates to a method for filling at least one thin-walled transport container (07-05-2012
20120210678Method and apparatus for sharps protection - Devices and methods are disclosed for protecting individuals from the sharp ends of medical objects following use on a patient. Such sharp objects include hypodermic needles, scalpel blades, cannulae, trocars, and the like. The invention utilizes a disposable protective cover for the used sharp. The protective cover is designed to surround and embed the sharp in a permanent cover that is blunt and will not permit further puncture or cutting with the sharp. In an embodiment, the protective cover also absorbs any fluids on or in the used sharp and prevents any fluids from escaping the protective cover. The sharp cover is configured to irreversibly lock, once closed. A refillable or replaceable dispenser dispenses the protective covers at points of use. A disposable receptacle receives the used sharp embedded in the protective cover. When the receptacle is full, the entire receptacle may be discarded in a medical waste container.08-23-2012
20120260610PROPELLANT BAG IMPROVEMENT - An improved propellant pillow and method for filling a propellant chamber of an implantable pump with propellant through the use of such an improved propellant pillow are disclosed. The propellant pillow includes an improved design that prevents the damage of such during evacuating and filling procedures.10-18-2012
20110225934CONTAINER HAVING BOTTLE-LIKE SHAPE AND FIXING RING AND ALSO PRE-FORM, HANDLING DEVICE AND HANDLING METHOD - The container has a bottle-like shape and is made of thermoplastic material. The container is provided with a mouth section which has a fixing ring (09-22-2011
20100199611SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PRESSURIZING A PLASTIC CONTAINER - A system for manufacturing a plastic container, including a thin-walled container, includes an actuator and a base unit. The actuator may include a body portion and a holding/securing member configured to hold or secure a portion of a container. The base unit includes a heating surface and may optionally include an insert. In an embodiment, the actuator may be configured to apply a force or pressure on a container to contact the base unit, the base unit may be configured to receive a base portion of the container, and the heating surface may be configured to convey energy or heat to a portion of the base portion of said container. Embodiments of a method for providing a plastic container are also disclosed.08-12-2010
20130014474CLOSURE FOR SILICA GLASS CRUCIBLE, SILCA GLASS CRUCIBLE AND METHOD OF HANDLING THE SAME - A closure for silica glass crucible to be mounted on an opening portion of a silica glass crucible is provided with a peripheral edge mounting portion closely adhered to an inner peripheral end of the opening portion.01-17-2013
20110146212CONTAINER DISPERSION AND FILLING SYSTEM - A multi-pharmaceutical dispensing station includes a circular platform around which a plurality of individual dispensers is arrayed at a convenient loading height. Each dispenser accepts a single bulk canister containing one pharmaceutical. Cylindrical, empty prescription containers carry labels bearing indicia of the patient and pharmaceutical to be dispensed into each container. Sensors detect the indicia and direct the containers to the proper dispenser which fills them with the type and quantity of a pharmaceutical according to the indicia. Incident containers first drop into a dispersion wheel which translates them around the circular station and aligns them with a vertical chute leading to the correct dispenser. After filling, the containers are urged onto a moving, circular table which conveys them to automatic closing and sealing apparatus. Once closed and sealed, the containers exit the dispenser station through pneumatic tubing which conveys them to verification, sorting and shipping stages.06-23-2011
20110146211Authentication, Security and/or Marketing Display Kit For A Precious Gem And Method - A new system of packaging and offering precious gems for sale are disclosed. A precious gem and an abbreviated certificate of authenticity about that gem are sealed within an at least partly see-through security case. The sealed security case is secured inside of an enclosed compartment in a security carton, and the gem and the abbreviated certificate of authenticity are visible through one or more windows in the security carton. Additional information about the gem is stored in a storage compartment in the security carton, which is separately accessible from the enclosed compartment. A retailer displays and offers the gem for sale directly to end consumers in the display package, and the consumer is assured by the display package that the gem has the characteristics disclosed on the abbreviated certificate of authenticity without requiring an intermediate local jeweler to verify the characteristics.06-23-2011
20130019572SYSTEM FOR THE STABILIZATION, CONSERVATION AND STORAGE OF NUCLEIC ACID - Described is a system for the stabilization, conservation and storage of a nucleic acid, wherein the system comprises a test tube and a preferably freeze-dried stabilization mixture. Upon addition of a viscous bodily fluid to the mixture, the mixture dissolves and stabilizes the nucleic acid present in the bodily fluid.01-24-2013
20100018166METHOD FOR HOT-FILLING A THIN-WALLED CONTAINER - Process for hot filling a container with a sterilized liquid, generally at a temperature that is between 60 to 95° C., includes the following stages: 01-28-2010
20110047940RECLOSABLE CONTAINER - A container for retaining one or more inner packets having an outer package having at least a back and a flap, the flap including a first layer and a second layer which are joined along side edges thereof to create a pocket in the flap that is open along only one side, wherein the flap is divided from the back by a fold line; and at least one inner packet slot configured to receive the inner packet, the inner packet slot being defined between the first and second layers of the flap; whereby an opened inner packet can be partially inserted behind the inner packet slot and into the pocket between the first and second layers of the flap of the outer package, so that when the outer package is folded along the fold line, the inner packet is folded against itself and is pinched shut to retain its contents. Methods and blanks are also included.03-03-2011
20080202075Layered Film Compositions, Packages Prepared Therefrom, and Methods of Use - The invention relates to a perforated film composition, comprising at least three layers, and wherein at least one layer is a inner layer with a softening and/or melting temperature, lower than the respective softening and/or melting temperatures of at least two outer layers, located at opposite surfaces of the inner layer, and where upon exposure to elevated temperature, the inner layer softens or melts to such an extent, that upon exposure to a compression force, a sufficient number of perforations seal in the inner layer, to impart an increased moisture barrier to the overall film composition. The invention also relates to a method of forming such a perforated film composition, packages prepared from the same, and a method of filling packages prepared from the perforated film composition.08-28-2008
20110209445FLEXIBLE ULTRA-LOW PERMEABILITY TRANSPORT SYSTEM AND METHOD - A method for storage and transport of a commodity is described. The method may include the steps of placing the commodity in a long-term storage container, hermetically sealing said long-term storage container, and placing the long-term storage container in an outer container. The long-term storage container may include an outer layer, an inner layer, and a middle layer. The middle layer may be made of an ultra-low permeability material. The placing may include providing a capability of storing for at least four months.09-01-2011
20130180216Lens Holder Method - An apparatus for safely retaining an eye implant lens for transport and access for inspection and use in which a holding apparatus has a chamber for holding a lens. In one embodiment the chamber has aligned transparent portions and a lens can be placed in alignment with the transparent portions to enable inspection. Also, a system including the apparatus and a bottle assembly that will hold the apparatus in the bottle. A method for holding an eye implant lens in which a lens is placed in the apparatus which can then be placed in a bottle assembly.07-18-2013
20130180215CATALYST AND FORMULATIONS COMPRISING SAME FOR ALKOXYSILANES HYDROLYSIS REACTION IN SEMICONDUCTOR PROCESS - A stable formulation comprising a silicon containing precursor selected from an alkoxysilane, aryloxysilane, or alkylalkoxysilane and a catalyst compound comprising a haloalkoxyalkylsilane or haloaryloxyalkylsilane wherein the substitutents within the silicon-containing precursor and catalyst compound are the same are described herein. More specifically, the formulation comprises a silicon-containing precursor comprising an alkoxyalkylsilane or aryloxysilane having a formula of Si(OR07-18-2013
20110308202CAN END - An easily openable can end (12-22-2011
20130192171PROCESS OF MANUFACTURING A SHARPS CONTAINER, AND A METHOD OF STORING SHARPS IN A CONTAINER - A process of manufacturing a sharps container and a method of storing needles are disclosed. The sharps container utilizes a blocking member which does not interfere with a needle being inserted into the sharps container, and a latch mechanism which does not require a protruding tab. The latch mechanism requires at least a dual action to open the sharps container, and limits the movement required for opening the sharps container.08-01-2013
20130192170Method and Tray For Mailing Small Objects - A method of sending a collection of small objects comprises providing a flexible tray comprising a plurality of compartment indentations each having a depth that is approximately the same, providing a card stock paper, providing an envelope sized to fit the flexible tray, placing at least one small object into one of the compartment indentations, covering the flexible tray with the card stock paper, placing the flexible tray and card stock paper into the envelope, sealing the envelope to form a sealed envelope, and sending the sealed envelope.08-01-2013

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