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053428000 With contents treating 216
053473000 Filling preformed receptacle 188
053452000 Forming or partial forming a receptacle and subsequent filling 168
053467000 Filling preformed receptacle and closing 163
053461000 Wrapping contents including cover forming 121
053476000 Closing package or filled receptacle 112
053410000 Forming a cover adjunct or application of a cover adjunct to a cover 91
053443000 Group forming of contents into a unit 86
053397000 Applying a partial cover 82
053492000 Opening only 69
053403000 Gas filling and/or evacuating and closing 63
053425000 Sterilizing complete package 56
053450000 Enclosing contents within progressively formed web means 54
053441000 Conforming by stretching or shrinking of cover over contents 39
053426000 Sterilizing cover only 26
053449000 Plural covers 12
053427000 Skin packaging (e.g., vacuum forming by conforming cover over contents) 11
053401000 With nonreactive packaging materials 4
20130081357CAN WITH BISPHENOL A CAPTURE SYSTEM - The present technology provides a bisphenol A capture system for food and beverage containers which include BPA-containing coatings. The capture system is made of one or more materials which bind any BPA eluting from the BPA-containing coating. The present capture system therefore reduces or prevents BPA from migrating from the can coating into the food or beverages stored in the can. The present technology further provides methods of manufacturing and using such coatings.04-04-2013
20120005987USE OF A CONTAINER OF AN INORGANIC ADDITIVE CONTAINING PLASTIC MATERIAL - The present invention relates to the use of a container, made of an inorganic additive containing plastic material, for reducing physical/chemical interaction between the container and an oil, fat and/or wax containing formulation contained therein.01-12-2012
20120297730USE OF A CONTAINER OF AN INORGANIC ADDITIVE CONTAINING PLASTIC MATERIAL - The present invention relates to the use of a container, made of an inorganic additive containing plastic material, for reducing physical/chemical interaction between the container and an oil, fat and/or wax containing formulation contained therein.11-29-2012
20110232231ANTIMICROBIAL LENSES, PROCESSES TO PREPARE THEM AND METHODS OF THEIR USE - This invention relates to solutions for packaging ophthalmic devices comprising at least one antimicrobial metal salt which prevent the loss of said antimicrobial metal salt during autoclaving and storage.09-29-2011
053400000 With adsorption or absorption of contents 4
20100307113Container Device for Tobacco Articles - Some embodiments of a tobacco product package device can be used to enhance freshness and other characteristics of tobacco products or other products contained therein. Certain features can improve product freshness both during shelf life and during consumer use.12-09-2010
20120031046Method of Making a Fluid Separator Collection Card - A method of making a fluid sample collection card includes providing a support layer, forming an upper layer with a card stock, the upper layer including a sample window and a viewing window, supporting an absorbent layer with the support layer, and positioning the upper layer on the absorbent layer, wherein the upper layer is configured such that as a fluid is being absorbed by the first absorbent layer portion, presence of a portion of the fluid within the second absorbent layer portion indicates that a first volume of the fluid absorbed by the absorbent layer is a minimum necessary volume of the fluid sufficient to perform at least one test on at least one component in the fluid.02-09-2012
20120117919METHOD OF STORING PHOTOCATALYTIC MEMBER - A novel method for storing a photocatalytic member containing fluorine-containing anatase-type titanium oxide is provided, which is capable of suppressing the decrease in content of fluorine during storage in a photocatalytic member containing fluorine-containing anatase-type titanium oxide. The storage method of the present invention is a method for storing a photocatalytic member containing fluorine-containing anatase-type titanium oxide including storing the photocatalytic member in a surrounding environment with a relative humidity of 30% or less. According to the storage method of the present invention, for example, the elimination of fluorine from the surface of fluorine-containing titanium oxide can be suppressed, and the decrease in content of fluorine during storage in a photocatalytic member can be suppressed.05-17-2012
20130205716BAGS PARTIALLY FILLED WITH STIMULI-RESPONSIVE HIGHLY ABSORBENT SUPERABSORBENT POLYMERS FOR WATER MANAGEMENT AND REPLACEMENT OF DAMS AND CANALS - Stimuli-responsive highly absorbent superabsorbent polymers (SAPs) are used to harness water to augment water supply and solve water crisis. Rain water is harnessed in fabric-based sachets or bags partially filled with the polymers. The hydrated polymers are used to store water in warehouses for an extended period of time and the invention may obviate the need to construct controversial huge dams and canals or drill wells. The stored water in superabsorbent polymers is released at the point of use by any stimulus which may be light-induced, electrical, thermal or chemical treatment. SAPs with 2000 g/g of absorbency can yield 99.95% pure water in solid/gel form. An ultra SAP with absorbency of 10,000 g/g of the polymer could hold 10 billion cu.m. of water in one million tonnes of the polymer. This is more than the storage capacity of a typical large dam over a river.08-15-2013
053460000 Envelope or triangular flap fold 3
20100122514ENVELOPE TRANSPORT - An apparatus includes a first feed path configured to transport an envelope from an input at an envelope supply to an insertion location, and a second feed path configured to transport the envelope with a mail piece insert therein from the insertion location to an output. The first and second feed paths intersect at an intersection spaced from the insertion location. The paths are angled relative to each other at the intersection.05-20-2010
20090320413APPARATUS FOR PACKAGING FLAT ARTICLES - A packaging unit and a method for wrapping flat articles which are arranged in particular in an on-edge position is provided. The packaging unit comprises a feeding region, in particular a feeding table, and a dispensing unit for packet-type arrangements of flat articles, and furthermore comprises a stock of wrapping material present in tape form, such as, for example, bands. An articulated arm forms a processing plane in which the wrapping material is fixed, and the articulated arm guides the wrapping material around the item to be packaged, in particular flat articles.12-31-2009
20100018164Packaging For Surgical Sutures - A surgical suture package for storing at least one surgical suture includes an outer jacket having a plurality of panels foldably connected to each other and adapted to fold upon each other to form an inner pocket and an inner retainer for positioning within the pocket of the outer jacket. The inner retainer includes a row of support panels having a main support panel for supporting the at least one suture, and a pair of side support panels foldably connected to the main support panel along respective opposed major sides of the main support panel. The side support panels are adapted to be folded onto the main support panel to at least partially enclose the at least one suture. A cover panel is foldably connected to the main support panel along a minor side of the main support panel, and is adapted to be folded onto the support panels. A row of closure panels including a main closure panel is foldably connected to the main support panel along a second minor side of the main closure panel, and a pair of side closure panels is foldably connected to the main closure panel along respective opposed major sides of the main closure panel. The main closure panel is adapted to be folded along the second minor side of the main support panel onto the main support panel and the side closure panels are adapted to be folded along the major sides of the main closure panel to at least partially enclose the support and cover panels.01-28-2010
053409000 Annular package 1
20090217627Production Method for Container Packing Filler and Tubular Net Rolling Apparatus - A method and an apparatus for producing a container packing filler are provided, which ensure that a net can be correctly and speedily rolled up into a bulk or ball shape. A stretchable tubular net (N) is fitted around a columnar support member (09-03-2009
053402000 With inhibitor 1
20130167480CARBON DIOXIDE BARRIER COATING - A carbon dioxide gas barrier coating comprising clay dispersed in a polymer composition comprising EVOH, gas barrier materials such as laminate materials (07-04-2013
20100018159Method and an apparatus in the advancement of packaging blanks - A method of advancing packaging blanks disposed standing upright in a magazine, one after the other, in a file or queue resting against the bottom of the magazine and disposed to be driven forwards through the magazine towards a stop at an outlet end for individual discharge comprises the file or queue of blanks being divided into two pressure zones, a first and forward pressure zone extending from the zone limit between the pressure zones up to the stop and displaying a first mutual pressure between neighbouring blanks, as well as a rear second pressure zone displaying a second mutual pressure between neighbouring blanks. The first mutual pressure is higher than the second mutual pressure. Another aspect of the disclosure pertains to an apparatus for carrying out advancement of the packaging blanks.01-28-2010
20100115888TORQUE MEASURING ASSEMBLY SUITABLE FOR USE IN A CONTAINER CAPPING MACHINE - The present invention provides a torque measuring station, comprising a cap-engaging assembly for engaging a cap that has been secured onto a container, a torque measuring assembly for obtaining a measurement indicative of the torque exerted on the cap by the cap engaging assembly and a processing entity in communication with the torque measuring assembly. The processing entity is operative for receiving the measurement indicative of the torque, and for causing the container to be handled, once released from said cap-engaging assembly, on the basis of the measurement indicative of the torque applied to the cap.05-13-2010
20130133288ADAPTIVE COVER FOR SEALING MULTIPLE OBJECTS HAVING IRREGULAR SHAPES AND METHOD OF USING AND MANUFACTURING THE SAME - Some embodiments include an adaptive cover for sealing multiple objects having irregular shapes. Other embodiments of related systems and methods are also disclosed.05-30-2013
20090044491METHOD OF CONTROLLING AN AUTOMATIC PRODUCTION/PACKING MACHINE - A method of controlling an automatic production/packing machine having: at least one production line, along which a number of materials are fed and processed to produce an end product; a control unit for supervising operation of the automatic machine; and a number of electric/electronic operating components distributed along the production line.02-19-2009
20120090270Containers with Reinforced Bottom Panel and Methods of Making and Using the Same - Containers with reinforced bottom panels, methods of making containers with reinforced bottom panels, and methods of using containers with reinforced bottom panels. The containers with reinforced bottom panels have one or more bottom panels, one or more pleats folded along a center line at an angle of about 180°, two side panels, two end panels, and two pairs of side panel extensions. The pleats provide extra strength to the bottom panels of the containers, thereby reducing or eliminating sag in the bottom panels of such containers, particularly when high-water content goods are placed in such containers or when such containers are stored or used in a high-humidity environment.04-19-2012
20120096809THERMOFORM PACKAGING MACHINE AND METHOD FOR STRETCHING A FILM WEB - The disclosure relates to a thermoform packaging machine for stretching a film web as well as to a method of operating a thermoform packaging machine, in the case of which a stretching station with a heating unit is provided, and the film web is actively cooled by means of a film cooling device after stretching of the film web.04-26-2012
20090145084RECLOSEABLE FLEXIBLE BAG - The flexible packaging (06-11-2009
20120291400TOOL CHANGING DEVICE - The invention relates to a tool changing device of a work station in a thermoform packaging machine, used for allowing a work insert to be removed from the work station laterally relative to the working direction, said tool insert being adapted to be raised to a position above a chain guide on at least one side.11-22-2012
20110203226BREATHABLE INSULATION MATERIAL, DEVICE AND METHODS - Provided is a three-ply insulating material which has combined properties to selected gases and vapors, thermal insulation, and humidity control. The device is built as a composite of three layers. The outer layer is made from breathable non woven composite. This layer is adjacent to and bonded to the middle layer, composed of high loft fibrous material with substantial weight to volume ratio, between about 2 to about 20 kg/m08-25-2011
20100139212DISPENSER ASSEMBLY AND A METHOD OF PACKAGING SUCH ASSEMBLIES - A dispenser assembly, comprising: 06-10-2010
20090199511CONTAINER FOR DECORATIVE GRASS - A container liner comprising a backing, a porous covering, a seed carrier interposed between the backing and the covering, and a plurality of seeds embedded in the seed carrier such that upon germination the seeds will sprout through the porous covering to form a soft, natural, protective cushion for objects, such as candies or Easter eggs. The container liner is sufficiently flexible so that the container liner can be easily manipulated to substantially conform to the interior contour of the container.08-13-2009
20120067005STORAGE CONTAINER FOR SPENT NUCLEAR FUEL WITH IMPROVED CLOSING - A container for confining nuclear waste, including a sleeve of longitudinal axis closed at a first longitudinal end by a base and a second longitudinal free end via which the container is designed to be loaded, a plug configured to close the second longitudinal free end tightly, a flange fixed on the inner face of the sleeve to the side of the second longitudinal free end, the plug having at least one external diameter substantially equal to at least one internal diameter of the flange, the plug configured to be welded on the flange such that the welding zone is offset radially towards an interior of the container, relative to an inner face of the sleeve.03-22-2012
20120192526PACKAGING SYSTEM WITH SORTING STATION - The disclosure relates to a packaging system comprising a product feeder and a packaging machine, wherein a monitoring unit, which is arranged upstream of or along the product feeder, detects at least one characteristic of the products and transmits it to the control unit. Depending on the category of the packed products, a downstream sorting station sorts the packagings into collecting containers provided for them or onto conveyor belts provided for them. The disclosure also relates to a corresponding method for operating a packaging system.08-02-2012
20100192515ARTICLE ALIGNMENT APPARATUS - Apparatus (08-05-2010
20130125509METHOD OF OPERATING A BOTTLING PLANT - A method of operating a bottling plant including at least one phase of running up the bottling plant and one phase of normal operation of the run-up bottling plant. By the actual value of at least one parameter characteristic of a proper operating state being measured, and in the phase of running up, a deviation of the actual value from a desired value of the parameter other than that in the phase of normal operation being admitted, an admissible deviation of the actual value from the desired value can be adapted to the comparably instable operational conditions during the running up of the plant without changing the admissible deviation of the actual value from the desired value during normal operation or restricting the control in normal operation.05-23-2013
20090165426METHOD AND DEVICE FOR HOLDING ENVELOPES DURING INSERTION - An inserting system is provided for securing an envelope having a window. The system includes a deck slidably supporting the envelope, where the deck defines an insertion area, and a securing mechanism in the insertion area securing the envelope in an insertion location during insertion of a collation. The securing mechanism includes a first securing element selectively securing a first portion of the envelope between the window and an open edge of the envelope and a second securing element selectively securing a second portion of the envelope between the window and a closed edge of the envelope. The inserting system may also include a deflection element disposed on the deck between the first securing element and the second securing element, wherein the deflection element guides the collation away from an edge of the window.07-02-2009
20110067358Packing and Presentation of Ice-Cream in the Form of Scoops - A method, System and Dressing of ice-cream & Desserts for enhancing the commercial value further by using the compatible container system. Features include the use of a premium container system, that provides an instant step in presenting multi facets of various desserts, which supplement in a area where speedy delivery in a short time is required, with less inventory includes less infrastructure & coordination of equipments which already exists. However, the infrastructure & equipments has limitations without the method, system and compatible container.03-24-2011
20110247303DEVICE FOR CHAMBER CONVEYOR BELT MACHINE - A device for the movement of a chamber upper part of a chamber conveyor belt machine includes first and second lifting mechanisms. The first lifting mechanism is driven by means of a motorized drive, and the second lifting mechanism is driven by means of an adjusting cylinder. Furthermore, a connection element is provided for coupling the two lifting mechanisms.10-13-2011
20110061340SENSOR UNIT AND METHOD FOR PACKAGING THE SAME - A method for packaging the sensor units is shown below. First step is providing a substrate, and each sensor area on the substrate is partitioned into two individual circuit areas. An emitter and a detector are installed on the two circuit areas respectively. Step two is forming a first packaging structure to cover the two circuit areas, the emitter and the detector by a mold. Next step is cutting the first packaging structure to form cut groove between and around the emitter and the detector. Next step is forming a second packaging structure in the cut grooves by the same mold. At last, the panel of sensor units is diced and separated as individual sensor units. As above-mentioned, the second packaging structure is used for isolating the signals of the emitter and the detector.03-17-2011
20110005169CUTTING DISC, CUTTING DEVICE, AND METHOD FOR SEPARATING PACKAGE UNITS - A cutting disc for separating containers (01-13-2011
20100115887Detection System - A foil lid inspection system for detecting and separating defective foil lids on a container in a production line includes one or more light sources, an inspection camera, and inspection software. The light sources are positioned to direct light in an upward direction to illuminate the container. The inspection camera is positioned above the foil lid, and the camera includes one or more outputs. The inspection software is in communication with the inspection camera. The inspection software is constructed and arranged to determine if the foil lid on the container is defective. A reject signal is applied to an output if the software determines that the foil lid is defective.05-13-2010
20090000250System and Method for Producing a Packaging Laminate and Packages Made from the Packaging Laminate - A system and a method for production of a packaging laminate that comprises a layer containing magnetizable particles. The method involves marking faults, such as single spot defects and splices, on the packaging laminate by the application of a magnetic field to make a magnetic mark on the packaging laminate. A packaging device is arranged to sense the presence of the magnetic mark related to a package made from the packaging laminate.01-01-2009
20110154781METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR LOADING DIGITAL CONTENT INTO A DIGITAL STORAGE DEVICE AND SUBSEQUENT PACKAGING - There is provided a method for loading varied pre-determined digital content into a plurality of digital storage devices, and subsequently providing each digital storage device with varied pre-determined accessories. It is preferable that the digital content loaded into the digital storage device is not identifiable at the digital content loading post, and the consolidated digital storage device and the pre-determined accessories are shipped to particulars of the shipping label. A corresponding system is also provided.06-30-2011
20110094186METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PACKAGING A LIQUID FOOD PRODUCT - The invention relates to a method of, and a device for delivering a predetermined (1) volume of beverage into a thermoplastic container formed from a heated preform, the preform being positioned in a mould, characterized in that the method includes a step of injecting at least some beverage into a recess in the preform so as to promote expansion of the preform inside the mould, the mould defining the shape of the container, a longitudinal displacement of a stretch rod (04-28-2011
20110126492FLEXIBLE PACKAGING MATERIALS AND METHODS OF MAKING AND USING SAME - The presently disclosed and claimed inventive concept(s) relates generally to packaging materials for packaging articles. The packaging materials may include a substratum with a printed pattern disposed thereon that provides a grass-like appearance, and/or the packaging materials may include a plurality of individual strips, strands, or units of material bondably connected thereto.06-02-2011
20120210674DEVICE AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING STRAPPED PACKS AND REGULATORY AND/OR CONTROL METHOD FOR A STRAPPING DEVICE - A device and method for the manufacturing of a pack including at least one article. The device includes a strapper for strapping a strip around the at least one article. The strapping is strapped around the outside of the article horizontally and/or vertically and/or cross-wise. A device generates a definable tensioning force of the strapping. A detector for the detection of properties of the article(s) is coupled and/or effectively connected to the device for generating a definable tensioning force of the strapping.08-23-2012
20110126491HYGIENIC HAIR BRUSH COVER - A hygienic cover for a hair brush is an elastic plastic netting of lycra polyester stitched into a tunnel shape with open and closed ends. This cover is rolled on a hollow insert with two open ends. A hairbrush is inserted into and through the insert. The closed end of the cover hits the end of the brush and the cover is stretched over the brush and slides off the insert and compresses around the brush head. The cover is porous and the holes grow when stretched, allowing the brush bristles to pass through the cover. When allowed to slide off the insert and collapse around the brush, the cover closes tightly around the bristles to prevent debris from reaching the brush head. The cover protects the brush in use. After each use, the hygienic cover can be taken off and replaced by a new cover.06-02-2011
20120279172TEST STRIP CONTAINER WITH EXPANDABLE INSERT AND METHODS OF MANUFACTURING AND UTILIZATION THEREOF - A test strip container with an expandable insert, and methods of manufacturing and utilization thereof are disclosed. The container includes a housing defining a cavity, a lid, and a compressible insert removably mounted in the cavity. The compressible insert is expandable to retain a plurality of test strips in the cavity and to protect the test strips from environmental degradation.11-08-2012
20130008134STRAIGHT-SPLIT POUCH, METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING SAME, AND DEVICE FOR MANUFACTURING THE POUCH - A straight-split pouch, a method for manufacturing the pouch, and a device for manufacturing the pouch. The pouch is based on a front synthetic resin sheet and a rear synthetic resin sheet, has a notch marking the tear starting point at the openable portion, and has a series of multiple grooves for splitting disposed at a predetermined distance from one another along a straight line at the openable portion starting from the notch. The method includes producing a base film; producing the grooves for splitting; applying an adhesive to the surface protection layer and drying the layer; adhering the base film to the surface protection layer; sealing a large-area sheet; and cutting the sealed large-area sheet and forming the notch. The device includes first and second winding portions; an adhesive application portion; a chamber; a shaping apparatus; a laminating treatment portion; and a heat seal and cutting portion.01-10-2013
20120240522SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING, FILLING, PACKAGING AND/OR TRANSPORTING BEVERAGES - A system and a method for the production, filling, packaging and/or transport of beverages in beverage containers. The system components are coupled physically and by a common control unit. Furthermore the system components are coupled at least partially energetically. The system components form mutually coupled energy conversion units, energy storage units and/or energy consumption units. The system components are provided with energy from one common energy generating device, which supplies mechanical operating power (wave energy) and/or electrical energy and/or thermal energy to the system components.09-27-2012
20120240521CARRYING CASE WITH REMOVABLE AND INTERCHANGEABLE INSERTS - An embodiment of the carrying case system of the present invention includes a front panel and a body portion. A transport strap and a handle attach to the body portion for the user to hold the carry case. There is an adjustable hold strap attached between the body portion and the front panel, so that the hinged relationship between the front panel and the body portion ranges from a closed position to an open position. Length of the adjustable hold strap sets the open position, forming a flat workspace with the back face of the front panel. The body portion also includes an attachment area, which removably engages an insert panel. The insert panels have different configurations of pockets, straps, and pouches. The carrying case system can be used for different functions related to the particular insert panel installed in the body portion.09-27-2012
20130091804TAPE AND REEL ORIENTATION SYSTEM - A method and system identify an orientation of a part to be packaged by a tape and reel machine. The method includes identifying a packing slot of the tape and reel machine. The method includes identifying the orientation of the part in the packing slot. The method includes determining whether the orientation of the part in the packing slot matches a predetermined orientation for the part. Additionally, the method includes generating an alert in response to determining that the orientation of the part does not match the predetermined orientation of the part.04-18-2013
20130091803BARRIERS AND FILMS - Provided herein are various bathers and methods of making and using them. In some embodiments, the barriers include a porous crystalline charge-transfer complex and a filler.04-18-2013
20080202070Culling method for blister-pack production line - A continuous and elongated blister-pack strip having transverse rows of blisters of which some are empty and most are full is transported through a stamping station. Upstream of the stamping station whether any blisters entering the stamping station are full or empty is sensed. In the stamping station only sections all of whose blisters are full are stamped out of the strip from between the edges thereof while leaving the edges flanking the stamped-out section intact so that sections of the strip having at least one empty blister leave the stamping station attached to the strip edges. The stamped-out sections are transported away from the path at the stamping station. Spaces in the strip between blisters still attached to the strip edges are then detected and the entire strip is transversely cut only between the respective blisters into pieces each including at least one row of intact blisters.08-28-2008
20100307111SUSPENSION PACKAGING ASSEMBLY - A packaging assembly includes a frame member and a retention member which is not permanently affixed to the frame member. The frame member can include a variety of features which allow the retention member to be tightened around an article to be packaged and thus protected from shocks and impacts during transport, display, and/or retail use. The retention member can be formed as a sleeve or with pockets for engaging the frame member.12-09-2010
20120272618GAS BARRIER COATINGS - Water-dilutable coating compositions comprising poly(vinyl alcohol) and/or ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer, dispersed clay and polycarboxylic acid polymer that can be prepared using convention apparatus and that provide exceptional oxygen barrier along with good laminate bond strengths at high relative humidity when incorporated into adhesively formed laminates, particularly PET-PE laminate structures.11-01-2012

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