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Barrier construction

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052 - Static structures (e.g., buildings)

052741100 - PROCESSES

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052745130 Using prefabricated unit 28
052745060 Cover 27
052745090 Vertical 26
20110179744SAFETY SYSTEM - An apparatus and a method for providing edge protection for timber kit erections is provided in which fixing brackets (07-28-2011
20100126110INSTALLING UNDERLAYMENT SYSTEMS - Methods for installing underlayment systems include the steps of laying at least one piece of a pre-formed board over at least one first portion surface area of a sub-floor. The pre-formed board is preferably fire-resistant gypsum board, which may also be water- and/or moisture-resistant. A second portion surface area of the sub-floor, which is adjacent to each first portion surface area, is designated to receive a poured underlayment after a tub is installed over the laid at least one piece of pre-formed board. In some instances, a sound mat may be laid over each first portion surface area of the sub-floor, prior to laying the at least one piece of the pre-formed board, and, then, another sound mat may be laid over the second portion surface area of the sub-floor, after laying the at least one piece of pre-formed board and prior to pouring the poured underlayment.05-27-2010
20100088999SYSTEM, ARTICLE AND METHOD FOR PREPPING/FLATTENING A FLOOR - An article, system and method for flattening a three dimensional depression within a substrate floor. A straight edge is applied in a progressive X and Y grid fashion across the depression, with varying levels of shims defining contact locations, thereby establishing a floor template identifying common depths of depression at overlapping perimeter defined boundaries. One or more thermo-polymer sheets is resized to define an outer perimeter matching that of a perimeter boundary. A subset thickness of the sheet is incised around its outer perimeter to establish a feathering effect upon the sheet prior to it overlaying the boundary perimeter and prior to sizing and application of additional overlapping sheets up to an outermost boundary corresponding to a shallowest depression.04-15-2010
20110271638PERFORMANCE ENHANCING UNDERLAYMENT, UNDERLAYMENT ASSEMBLY, AND METHOD - An underlayment for supplementing one or more physical properties of wall, ceiling, and floor construction components is used to in a wall, ceiling, or floor assembly that may be fabricated on site. The assembly includes: first and second wall, ceiling, or floor construction components which each have physical properties and an underlayment component which has at least one supplemental physical property for supplementing the physical properties of the first and second construction components. The construction components may or may not be secured together with the underlayment sandwiched between the second and first construction components to form a wall, ceiling, or floor assembly with the supplemental physical property or properties of the underlayment. The supplemental physical property or properties of the underlayment may include, but are not limited to, latent storage of thermal energy, sound transmission reduction, and/or burn through resistance.11-10-2011
20110271637THERMAL BARRIER IN BUILDING STRUCTURES - A building structure includes a base structure (11-10-2011
20100037553Method for applying a floor covering to a floor - In a method for fitting a floor covering (02-18-2010
20110258963System and method for construction of a floor slab and a roof slab - This invention features a system for construction of a floor or roof slab. The system includes a starter mold configured to span a floor opening or a roof opening. The starter mold includes a first skin configured to form a diaphragm and a second skin attached to the first skin configured to reinforce the first skin.10-27-2011
20090151298Method of Making Monolithic Concrete Structures - A method of making a monolithic portion of a concrete building from a combination of pre-cast and cast-in-situ elements distributes moments and shear loads by using flanged pre-cast columns for support. In addition, a precast ‘waffle’ element is used to reduce the overall weight of the slab being formed. In preferred versions of this method support arms are provided that link formwork to an anchor cast into a pre-cast column and from the anchor to a load bearing point on a lower, pre-cured slab.06-18-2009
20080209850DEVICE FOR HOLDING AND POSITIONING CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS - A device and method that allows the installation of construction materials, such as drywall, by a single person, is described. The device includes an extension (or hoist) section coupled at one end to a support that can receive and support a piece of drywall during installation. The extension section is further coupled to a base portion at the end opposite to the support. The base portion includes a pivot feature that serves to lift the construction materials into an elevated position once it has been positioned on the support. The extension is adjustable to install construction drywall on a stud wall at various heights. A stand member allows the drywall to be supported in the elevated position. The base portion is foldable between a transport position and an operating position to facilitate transport and shipping.09-04-2008
20110197543Alkaline and Heat Resistant Foam Composite and Floor Underlayment - The invention is directed to a composite foam material that is alkaline and heat resistance. The composite foam material comprises a foam layer that having a film layer attached thereto and in which at least one of the film or foam layers includes a carbon free radical scavenger agent that is dispersed therein. The carbon free radical scavengers neutralize free radicals that are generated in the polymeric material (e.g., film or foam layer) and help prevent the degradation of the foam composite material. In particular, foam composite materials in accordance with the present invention can be used in underlayment applications in which exposure to heat can degrade the underlayment. As a result, the durability and useful life of the composite sheet material can be extended. In some embodiments of the present invention provides a floor underlayment material that overcomes many of the problems discussed above.08-18-2011
20090139182Flexible material flooring miter device and system for flexible material flooring installation - A device and method for the proper installation of flexible flooring such as sheet flooring and more particularly the formation of flash coving and proper installation thereof comprising two complementary portions of a guide tool of proper angles and straightedges required to form mitered corner formation and installation.06-04-2009
20110138737FLOORING INSTALLATION TOOL WITH ADJUSTABLE SHOE - A flooring installation tool includes a base having a bottom surface configured to engage a top surface of a flooring material, and a shoe having a connection portion and a vertical surface engaging portion. The connection portion is movably connected to a gear housing supported by the base, and the vertical surface engaging portion is configured to engage a vertical surface of the flooring material. An adjuster is configured to selectively hold the shoe relative to the base in a first position or in a second position that is different from the first position.06-16-2011
20090255210Structure Having Multiple Interwoven Structural Members Enhanced for Resistance of Multi-Directional Force - A structural assembly has a first set of first elongate structural members alternately spaced apart from a second set of second elongate structural members by locking blocks, the first set defining a first plane and the second set defining a second plane forming an intersection at an angle with the first plane, the structural members and locking blocks defining an assembly of adjoined blocks and structural members at the intersection, and a compressive mechanism spanning the assembly of adjoined blocks and structural members at the intersection. Compressing the adjoined blocks and structural members by the spanning compression mechanism locks the blocks and structural members together in a manner to resist applied forces.10-15-2009
20080307746PIVOTING DEVICE AND METHOD FOR CEILING PANELS - In one embodiment, a device for hanging a ceiling panel may include a clevis for attachment to a support structure, and a hinge for attachment to the ceiling panel. The clevis may include a pin and a first locking member. The hinge may include an elongated slot and a second locking member. The elongated slot may be adapted to be slid over the pin of the clevis. The second locking member may be adapted to engage the first locking member to lock the hinge and the ceiling panel into position.12-18-2008
20120102875BUILDING STRUCTURE AND METHOD - A net layer (05-03-2012
20080250751Method for Making a Sound-Insulating Load-Bearing Floor - A method for making a sound-insulating load-bearing floor, includes the following steps: applying a sound-insulating material over a load-bearing floor as to form a continuous coating layer; allowing the continuous coating layer to harden; applying a covering floor over said hardened continuous coating layer; wherein the sound-insulating material includes: 40% by weight to 95% by weight, preferably 60% by weight to 90% by weight, with respect to the total weight of the sound-insulating material, of at least one rubber in a subdivided form; 5% by weight to 60% by weight, preferably 10% by weight to 40% by weight, with respect to the total weight of the sound-insulating material, of at least one binding agent including: a first, component including at least one organic compound having at least one acid functional group or a derivative thereof, the first component having a Brookfield viscosity, measured at 23° C., of 0.1 Pa·s to 100 Pa·s, preferably 0.2 Pa·s to 50 Pa·s, more preferably 0.5 Pa·s to 20 Pa·s; and a second component including at least one metal oxide or hydroxide.10-16-2008
20110083398METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR INSTALLING SHEET BUILDING MATERIALS - A tool for guiding the fastening of building material to structural components is provided. The tool may include a longitudinal member, a lateral member and a positioning tab that, when properly positioned over the building material, provide stable guidance as to the proper placement of building material fasteners. The tool may include measurement markings and a level for added utility.04-14-2011
20100180540Hybrid Top Chord Bearing Framing System - A method and system is provided for constructing a multilevel structure using a hybrid top chord bearing floor framing system. The method and system may include a top chord bearing floor truss positioned on a first frame structure. The top chord of the truss may include a load-bearing interface with a top surface and a bottom surface. The truss may be wholly supported by the load-bearing interface of the top chord. The method and system may further include a second frame structure on the top surface of the truss. The first frame structure may be secured to the second frame structure via a fastener that extends through both the second bottom load bearing member and load-bearing interface of the truss into the first top load bearing member of the first frame structure.07-22-2010
20110067352FLOOR CONSTRUCTION METHOD IN MACHINERY PRECEDING CONVEYANCE AREA IN BUILDING - In a method of floor construction in a machinery preceding conveyance area of a building, such as a nuclear power plant, a floor of the building is divided into two work zones, floor and outer wall construction is performed in one of the work zones of the divided work zones of the floor as building work, preceding carry-in articles is installed in sequence as electric/mechanic equipment installing working, and partition wall construction which is building work is performed. In the other work zone, construction work of the floor and outer walls is performed as building working during the electric/mechanic equipment installing working in the aforementioned one of the divided work zone.03-24-2011
20110056167RESILIENT FLOOR - A method of assembling resilient floorboards is disclosed that includes the step of bending an edge of a floorboard during the assembling. The bending reduces the force required for connection of the edge to another edge of a juxtaposed floorboard.03-10-2011
20110030310Subscription-Based Intermediate Short-Term Emergency Shelter Method - One provides (02-10-2011
20090126311Safety system and method for openings in concrete - A safely device and method for construction sites provide secure and easy fastening of a sheet material over an opening in a concrete slab. By covering the opening, injuries and other risks posed by openings can be avoided. Holes are formed through the concrete around the opening and then a two part fastener is used to securely hold the sheet material (e.g., plywood).05-21-2009
20090126312METHOD OF BUILDING CONSTRUCTION - A method of construction. A first step involves stabilizing prefabricated load bearing walls for an underlying vertical level of a multi-story building. The walls have opposed surfaces and a top peripheral edge. A second step involves securing floor joists for an overlying vertical level to at least one of the opposed surfaces of the walls of one of the underlying vertical level. A third step involves installing prefabricated load bearing walls for the overlying vertical level along the top peripheral edge of the underlying vertical level. The walls have opposed surfaces and a top peripheral edge. The steps set forth above are repeated until a desired number of vertical levels are installed.05-21-2009
20100180539Raised floor access panel retrofit method - A method for installation of a raised access floor panel with a raised access floor is provides which includes providing a pedestal support system having a plurality of vertically extending pedestal supports each having an upper end connected to a pedestal support head and a lower end connected to a pedestal support base. The pedestal support heads are each connected in a matrix orientation with a plurality of horizontal stringers. A floor panel plate is provided having four corner portions, four lateral edge portions, an upper load bearing surface, a lower plenum surface, and a clear hole positioned adjacent to each of the corner portions. A threaded collar is vertically connected to the lower plenum surface and positioned in axial alignment with the clear hole. A single handed set screw has an upper tool receiving end and a lower foot end. The set screw engages the threaded collar so that the tool receiving end extends through the clear hole. The upper load bearing surface adjusts to a predetermined level in relation to the pedestal head by rotating the set screw.07-22-2010
20090293415System to construct fence - A system for constructing a fence utilizes foam panels that are coated with a cementitious material and that include rebar feet that extend outwardly from the bottom of the panel. During construction of the fence the rebar feet are inserted in a wet concrete footer.12-03-2009
20110314765HIDDEN FASTENER FORMED IN SITU DURING ATTACHMENT OF SHEATHING ONTO A SUPPORT MEMBER - A concealed fastener is formed in situ during attachment of a first grooved sheathing member to an underlying support member. The concealed fastener rigidly attaches the first sheathing member, and permits subsequent installation of an adjoining sheathing member while providing for proper spacing between adjacent sheathing members.12-29-2011
20120000159Machine and Method for Installing Curved Hardwood Flooring - The present invention relates to the art of installing hardwood flooring while maintaining the wood grain in the direction of any bends required to conform to a curved structure. More particularly, the invention pertains to a machine and method for installing curved hardwood flooring using three steps. First step is to establish the desired floor boundary and anchor a plurality of pressure units in place at appropriate intervals to accurately represent the desired shape of the curved hardwood floor to be installed. Second step is to make appropriate adjustments to the pressure units and position the hardwood flooring in the machine; Third step is to activate the pressure units to bend the flooring into the desired contour; hold securely; make adjustments, if necessary and nail the hardwood flooring to the sub-floor. Then repeat steps 2 and 3 until the hardwood floor is completed.01-05-2012
20110154772Moisture Curable Adhesive Composition and Method for Installing Hardwood Floors - An adhesive composition for adhesively bonding floor coverings to a variety of substrates. The composition includes 0.2 to 10 weight percent of a plurality of irregularly shaped spacer particles of size 0.5 mm to 10 mm; 10 to 50 weight percent of a moisture curable polymer system; and 40 to 90 weight percent of additives for modifying physical properties of the composition. The adhesive has a composition such that, when cured, results in an elastomeric film of uniform thickness that exhibits controlled moisture vapor transmission and sound abatement properties. A floor structure and a method for constructing the floor structure using the adhesive composition are also provided.06-30-2011
20110047928Concrete rib construction system - A system for constructing building consisting of connected T-beams for walls and roof. To create the T shape the system uses blocks of rigid insulation as forming, which are embedded in the poured-in-place concrete. These blocks serve to insulate the structure. The final structure is a monolithic box where the foundation, (03-03-2011
20100043344COMPOSITION FOR BUILDING MATERIAL, AND GYPSUM BOARD AND CONSTRUCTION METHOD USING THEM AND WALL AND THE LIKE - Provided is a building material with a higher specific gravity and/or radioactive-ray-shielding function while maintaining a workability equivalent to that of a conventional gypsum board. It relates to a gypsum-based building material manufactured by adding water to a composition in which a base material is a combination of a hydraulic gypsum and one kind or two or more kinds of dry-hardening calcium carbonate or calcium hydroxide or synthetic resin emulsions and an inorganic filler with a high specific gravity is compounded to it so that reaction and setting or drying and setting are conducted, wherein the composition is characterized by comprising 100 parts by weight of at least one kind or two or more kinds of base materials selected from the group consisting of calcium sulfate, calcium carbonate, calcium hydroxide and organic synthetic resin emulsions, and 50-3,000 parts by weight of at least one kind or two or more kinds of inorganic fillers whose true specific gravity is 3.5-6.0 which are selected from the group consisting of barium chloride, zinc oxide, aluminum oxide, titanium oxide, barium oxide, strontium carbonate, barium carbonate, and barium sulfate.02-25-2010
20100050565FLAT STRIP SLAB SYSTEM - The present invention relates to a method and means of building a reinforced concrete construction employing a flat strip slab system which require less material and reduce over-all cost of construction, number of skilled workmen and as a viable alternative to conventional beam slab frame for medium and large span buildings. The defined strip is not a beam but the slab of larger thickness varied from column strip to its next strip and that is again different form bounded main panel.03-04-2010
20110225925ARCHITECHTURAL ALIGNMENT SYSTEM - A system of aligning a panel comprising a base shoe having two side walls and a concave base surface and a mounting pad having a substantially flat bottom surface and a convex top surface corresponding to the concave base surface of the base shoe. When the mounting pad is disposed beneath the concave base surface of the base shoe the system achieves vertical plumb. Each side wall of the base shoe may define at least one groove therein.09-22-2011
20100199595SAFETY STUD SETTER - A safety stud setter includes a spacer bar along with a stud flange disposed at one end of the spacer bar for abutting a first stud disposed at a right angle to a transverse stud. A stud gripper is disposed at another end of a spacer bar for positioning a second stud disposed at a right angle to the transverse stud at a preselected distance from the stud and a lever mechanism is provided for forcing the second stud against the stud base to enable nailing of the second stud to the transverse stud through the stud base without movement of the second stud from the transverse stud. Safety guides are provided for positioning a nail gull head against the stud base and preventing escape of fired nails.08-12-2010
20110146198MODULAR SEISMICALLY RESTRAINED DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM AND METHOD OF INSTALLING THE SAME - A method of installing distribution systems such as needed piping, ductwork, electrical wiring, and other systems in a new construction having a structural ceiling and floor, comprises the steps of: providing a frame module of main and cross frame members; assembling the modules on site directly below the final placement position; installing ductwork, piping, electrical wiring, and other distribution systems in the modules; fabricating and attaching upper wall portions to the modules; lifting modules with attached upper wall portions towards the structural ceiling; attaching support columns to the structural ceiling and floor; and mounting the modules onto the support columns, such that the support columns support the modules .06-23-2011
20110146197TAB CUTTING APPARATUS FOR USE IN FLOOR LEVELING - Tab cutting apparatus designed to assist in floor leveling, the tab cutting apparatus including a base designed for movement along the surface of a floor. A framework is affixed to the base and supports a vertically movable portion above the base. The framework and vertically movable portion include height control apparatus capable of moving the movable portion vertically relative to the framework. Height sensing apparatus is affixed to the movable portion. A cutting element is affixed to the movable portion and positioned at a fixed distance below the height sensing apparatus. The cutting element is designed to cut an upright ribbon or rod portion of a leveling tab.06-23-2011
20130167471ADJUSTABLE LIFT TABLE - A table lift having a base and a lift attached to the base for movement between a lowered position to a raised position for installation of articles. A platform pivotally attaches to the lift for movement of the platform between a generally horizontal position and an inclined position. The platform is sized and shaped to receive at least one article.07-04-2013
20100307103Screed Machine for Preparing a Stone Base - A screed machine is formed with a forwardly positioned screed assembly including a wedge portion and pivoted wing members. The frame is supported on two rollers spaced behind the screed assembly, which is mounted on a mast for vertical movement in conjunction with a laser receiver that provides a signal from a laser level indicating the final desired grade of the stone base. The machine can be turned at a corner by extension of a jack stand to elevate the machine for rotation about the axis defined by the centrally located jack stand so that the screed machine can be redirected into a different direction without disturbing the final grade of the stone base. The screed machine is manually moved along the stone base by an operator pulling on the handle pivotally connected to the frame. A sight line provides a monitor for the lateral orientation of the screed assembly.12-09-2010
20130186036Leveling Mechanism for Floor Drain - A floor drain includes a head having a top surface, a leveling member, and a frame having a top surface and a bottom surface. The bottom surface of the frame is positioned adjacent the top surface of the head. The leveling member is positioned between the head and the bottom surface of the frame and is displaceable relative to the head in a first direction. A method of leveling a floor drain with a floor surface is also disclosed.07-25-2013

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