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052 - Static structures (e.g., buildings)

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052745050 Barrier construction 119
052745210 Anchor, bond, etc. 78
052741400 Sealing 73
052745190 Fabrication of member, module, etc. 60
052741300 Protection 49
052742100 Filling preformed cavity 49
052747100 Assembling exposed modules 40
052741110 Requiring soil work 28
052745170 Column, mast, etc., construction 24
052745150 Portal or closure construction 20
052745020 Using prefabricated subenclosure 12
052746100 Adhering preformed sheet-form member 10
052745010 Storage facility construction 6
052741200 Stair 3
20090249738Toggle pin - A toggle pin comprising an elongate main body portion having two ends, one end being provided with a passageway that extends at least partially through the main body portion and which is open at the one end such that a line member can pass into the passageway and be connected to the toggle pin, the other end being provided with a toggle plate, the toggle plate being pivoted to the main body portion in such a manner that the toggle plate can move between an unlocking position where the toggle plate is substantially in line with the main body portion, and a locking position where the toggle plate is substantially at right angles to the main body portion.10-08-2009
20120210671Method of Refacing a Staircase - A method of refacing a staircase having original treads and original risers with replacement treads and replacement risers is disclosed. Each replacement tread overhangs a respective original riser by a distance greater than the thickness of the replacement riser. The replacement riser is shimmed and spaced from the original riser a distance equal to the difference between the replacement riser thickness and the overhang distance. Preferably the replacement treads overhang the replacement risers the same distance that the original treads overhang the original risers.08-23-2012
20090193751Process for regulating the size of residential construction - To regulate the size of proposed residential construction in a community: establish a BULK FACTOR including a ratio of the volume of one of new construction; an extant residence and an addition thereto; an extant residence and an accessory building or buildings; or an extant residence, an addition thereto, and an accessory building or buildings, to the area of a specific lot. Thereafter, limit the size of the one proposed construction to a bulk factor no greater that the established BULK FACTOR.08-06-2009
20130081352FREESTANDING ELEVATOR PLATFORM SYSTEM - A system useful for dressing out or performing maintenance or other work on a structure in a vertical position includes an elevator system emplaced around the perimeter of the structure, the elevator system including at least three elevators, each having an elevator mast and an elevator cab, the elevator masts interconnected such that the elevator system is freestanding; a control station for controlling and maintaining the elevation of the elevator cabs; a scaffolding/platform system attached to the elevator cabs and providing a work surface that may travel to an elevation proximate an upper portion of the structure, the elevation of work surface controllable using the control station and determined by the elevation of the elevator cabs; the elevator cabs being positionable at various elevations to allow for work to be performed on the structure. The systems may be used for construction, modification, and repair of various vertical structures.04-04-2013
20100146905HOMES AND HOME CONSTRUCTION - In constructing a home, a plurality of upwardly opening U-shaped channel members are installed onto a floor structure. Wall sections are then set into the plurality of U-shaped channel members. The result is that the U-channel members locate the wall sections. Each wall section may be pre-fabricated with lines for service (e.g., electrical lines or plumbing conduit) running through it. After the wall sections are set in place, the lines for service may be interconnected. Cut-outs may be provided at the sides of the wall sections to provide access to the lines for service to allow their interconnection.06-17-2010
20120174525CONSTRUCTION FASTENING AND LOCATING SYSTEM AND METHOD - A construction fastening system adapted to fasten sheathing to framing with one or more fasteners. The fastening system has a frame and a fastening actuator coupled to the frame. The fastening actuator has a fastener reservoir portion and a fastener insertion portion. A position detector is coupled to the frame, the position detector connected to a controller, the position detector adapted to detect a position of the system. A trigger is coupled to the fastening actuator, the trigger coupled to the controller. The fastening actuator is adapted to insert a fastener from the reservoir into the sheathing upon actuation of the trigger. The controller is adapted to actuate the trigger upon detection of a predetermined change in the position of the system.07-12-2012
20100043342Non-destructive element splitting using location-based construction planning models - A system for location-based management of construction is provided. A plurality of location systems generate one or more locations where construction activities associated with one or more elements in each location can be performed. A construction activity location system associates each of a plurality of construction tasks with one of the locations. An element splitting system receives an element selection and associates one or more construction tasks of the element with two or more locations. A construction activity association system associates one or more of the plurality of construction tasks with one or more of the other construction tasks. A construction sequence system generates a sequence of construction tasks based on the layer associated with each construction task and based on the other construction tasks associated with each construction task.02-25-2010
20130160394DEVICE FOR INTRODUCING A FORCE INTO TENSION MEMBERS MADE OF FIBER-REINFORCED PLASTIC FLAT STRIP LAMELLAS - The disclosure relates to a device and method for introducing a force into tension members made of fiber-reinforced plastic flat strip lamella. The device can include at least one clamping element, which is arranged on the tension member and has at least one contact face with the tension member. At least one rigid sleeve can be arranged around the at least one clamping element and the tension member and thereby exerts a clamping pressure on the tension member via the clamping element. The clamping element can be formed of plastic material having a modulus of elasticity ranging between 1000 and 5000 MPa, bending tensile strength of ≧25 MPa and pressure resistance of ≧25 MPa.06-27-2013
20090064630Shower receptor installation method - A method of installing a shower receptor with improved control of moisture and trapped water with one or more of the following improvements: the flange is significantly higher above the threshold than prior art receptors so a membrane can overlap the flange without reaching the ledge; the ledge area has multiple steps adapted to meet the subwall and finish wall materials and position the subwall higher than the finish wall; caulk is strategically applied.03-12-2009
20080263996PROCESS AND APPARATUS FOR ARTIFICIALLY AGEING BLOCKS - A process for artificially ageing blocks, in particular concrete blocks, vitrified bricks and natural stones, provides that the blocks are applied to an underlying surface. Essentially freely movable distressing bodies are applied to the surface to be worked of the blocks. The blocks and the distressing bodies are brought into movement in relation to one another by a vibrating motion of the underlying surface in such a way that the distressing bodies act on the surface and the adjoining, exposed edges of the blocks.10-30-2008
20110283655Metallized Polymeric Film Reflective Insulation Material - A method of thermally insulating an object that requires a Class A standard insulation material, said method comprising suitably locating a metallized polymeric reflective insulation material adjacent said object, wherein said polymeric material is selected from a closed cell foam, polyethylene foam, polypropylene foam, expanded polystyrene foam, multi-film layers assembly and a bubble-pack assembly. The object is preferably packaging, a vehicle or a residential, commercial or industrial building or establishment. The polymeric material may contain a fire-retardant and the bright surface of the metallized layer has a clear lacquer coating to provide anti-corrosion properties, and which meets commercial reflectance criteria.11-24-2011
20090188202 METHOD TO DETECT AND LOCATE A BREACH IN A ROOF MEMBRANE - A defect in a roof membrane is detected by applying a DC voltage between the roof deck and a perimeter conductor and using a detection probe pair to provide a signal indicative of the differences in voltage detected by the pair of probes so as to allow the operator to locate the defect by moving the probes to different locations. The probes are mounted on a rigid common frame such that the probe pair has a fixed separation and the frame includes a handle portion which allows ready manipulation of the frame carrying the probes by the operator. The receiver provides an audible signal emitter to the operator and includes a calibration circuit arranged to automatically maintain, despite changes in voltage applied between the roof deck and the peripheral conductor, a “0” set calibration point so as to indicate at the calibration point when zero difference in voltage is detected.07-30-2009
20090139179Concrete Dowel Void Former - A void former or dowel sleeve adapted to be encapsulated in a hardened mass of concrete, which is collapsible upon the application of a tensile force longitudinally thereof to remove the void former from the concrete and provide a void for a load transferring dowel.06-04-2009
20120023863Method And Elevator Arrangement - Method for constructing an elevator, more particularly an elevator that is used during the construction-time of the building, in which method the range of movement in the elevator hoistway of the elevator car of the elevator is changed in steps to extend higher in the elevator hoistway with stepped lifts of the supporting platform of the elevator car, and in which method the supporting platform is lifted higher in the elevator hoistway with hoisting means, and the support force needed for the lift is taken from the building via a support structure. In the method the supporting platform is moved in the longitudinal direction of the elevator hoistway while being supported on a support structure that is supported immovably on the building such that the point for taking support from the support structure moves upwards in connection with the lifting of the supporting platform.02-02-2012
20090090083ROOFING PANEL ASSEMBLY - A roofing panel assembly is made of a base and a cap as well as a plurality of I-joists having an upper flange, a lower flange and a web. The base is attached to the lower flanges of one or more of the plurality of I-joists and the cap is attached to the upper flanges of one or more of the plurality of I-joists.04-09-2009
20100126109Recessed Wall-Wash Staggered Mounting System - The invention comprises a completely recessed wall-wash lighting fixture capable of being installed within a ceiling. The lighting fixture comprises a housing, which contains a lamp. The invention may comprise a lighting fixture further comprises a reflector disposed within the housing and adjacent to the first end of the housing. The invention may also comprise a flared lamp shield attached to the housing, which is capable of protecting the lighting fixture from damage. The lamp shield extends below the ceiling when the lighting fixture is installed.05-27-2010
20110265421Truss Hinge with Angular Variability - A truss hinge that allows hinging between truss parts, and also allows configuration into a different size.11-03-2011
20090277126Rolled sheet product - A rolled sheet product, the sheet product comprising a top layer and a bottom layer, the top layer being less ductile than the bottom layer, and the top layer facing outward in the rolled sheet product. A method of packaging a sheet product comprising a top layer and a bottom layer, the top layer being less ductile than the bottom layer, comprising winding the sheet product into a roll such that the top layer faces outward.11-12-2009
20090120032Methods and apparatus for laying marble tile flooring - Methods and apparatus for laying marble tile flooring utilizes a form and method for using the form. The form provides for applying layers of a sealant, mud and thin set to a height determined by the form for laying the first tile in a horizontally level position. Second and subsequent tiles are laid relative to the first laid tile by gauging off the first laid tile and fixing the height of sealant, mud, and thin set such that the second and subsequently laid tiles are level with the first tile and parallel to the edges of the first laid tile. The result is a completely horizontal tiled floor with each tile level to an adjacent tile and parallel and or perpendicular relative to each other tile.05-14-2009
20120291395METHOD IN THE MANUFACTURE OF AN ELEVATOR - In the method according to the invention in the manufacture of an elevator a partially completed elevator is used during the manufacture of the elevator, which elevator comprises a platform that is in the elevator hoistway during the manufacture of the elevator for supporting the elevator car via hoisting roping, and hoisting roping supported by the aforementioned platform and hanging in the elevator hoistway, in which method a lift is performed, in which the aforementioned platform is lifted to extend the operating area of the elevator car below the aforementioned platform to reach to higher in the elevator hoistway. During the lifting of the hoisting roping, the downward-pulling force exerted on the platform is reduced by transferring a part of the roping supported by the platform to be supported by a bracket that is separate from the platform for at least the duration of the lifting of the platform.11-22-2012
20100126108CONNECTOR SYSTEM FOR CONNECTION OF TUBES RODS AND BEAMS FOR CONSTRUCTION OF TRUSSES - This invention refers to a variety of mechanical joints-nodes used to interconnect between them straight parts tubes, rods, beams to construct trusses. In all cases of truss constructions the main question is how to interconnect the straight parts and the usual up to now practices have limited possibilities for mass production of standardized joints-nodes or straight sections that can secure uniform-fixed mechanical strength at the point of interconnection and flexibility in the architectural design. The present invention has achieved the design of a series-variety of standard components for the assembly of joints-nodes with variable-self adjusting angles with moving arms (05-27-2010
20090165422Method of marking truss systems - There is provided a method of marking truss systems including the steps of: inputting project/customer data at point of sale into a mass-customized truss system design engine; generating manufacture information by the design engine; providing a plurality of truss members; and marking each of the plurality of truss members with the manufacturing information. In another aspect of the invention there is provided a method of marking truss systems comprising the steps of: determining a plurality of roll formed members for a particular truss system having a plurality of in-plane trusses and out-of-plane members connected to the in-plane trusses; and roll forming, cutting and marking at least a portion of the plurality of roll formed members providing detailed and complete information for: assembling the in-plane trusses; erecting the in-plane trusses; and installing the out-of-plane members.07-02-2009
20100005753Composition and method for installing a simulated natural surface - A method of producing a simulated natural surface, such as stone, tile, brick or wood planking uses all environmentally friendly components. First, a water-based polymer liquid is applied to the existing surface using a roller. Next, a self-leveling mixture of water, polymer, cement and sand is applied with minimal trowelling in order to spread the mixture evenly over the surface. The applied mixture settles in a self-leveling manner. When partially cured, a desired grout pattern is scored in the applied cementous mixture to create the desired pattern (i.e., brick, stone, tile, wood planking). Next, the entire surface is painted with a prime coat of an acrylic paint including the scored grout lines. Once the prime coat dries, shading containing an organic oxide pigment is applied using a sponge. Alternatively, a marble appearance is created by applying drops of ink or other liquid pigment to the self-leveling cementous layer while still wet, which allows the drops to bleed and create a natural marble veining appearance. Lastly, a water-based glaze is applied over the entire surface as a sealer.01-14-2010
20080263995AUTOMATED CONSTRUCTION SYSTEM WITH INTERLOCKING PANELS - An automated method of building construction utilizes a horizontal force to extrude a structural member formed from a plurality of elongate joists, upper panels, and lower panels. A framing machine includes an upper panel bay and feeder, a joist array and feeder, and a lower panel bay and feeder. The machine positions each joist into an installation position where fastening means forms the structural member, which is advanced out of the framing machine. Panel engagement means between the trailing edge of a panel and the leading edge of the next panel attach each panel to the next panel as the structural member is being formed. Additional means for insulating the structural member, installing pipes and wires, and an exterior finish may also be provided.10-30-2008
20090139178METHOD AND APPARATUS TO DETECT AND LOCATE DAMAGE AND BREACHES IN ROOF MEMBRANES - A leak in a membrane on top of a horizontal roof deck is located by a manually operable carriage which is swept over the upper surface of the membrane on the roof deck. A measuring and switching circuit generates a voltage having a positive attached to the roof deck and a negative attached to conductive brushes on the carriage. The brushes are arranged to form an outer peripheral contact with an inner contact inside the outer contact. Thus the presence of a leak is detected by the outer set of conductive brushes at distance from the leak and by the inner conductive brush when directly over the leakage site.06-04-2009
20080263994Method and apparatus for protecting a substrate - A method and apparatus for capping and encapsulating a shaped wooden workpiece or substrate to protect against environmental elements and prevent splintering of the wooden substrate in the installed condition is disclosed. An inventive end cap having a melt ring integrally formed therewith is installed on a portion of the substrate, such as a terminus of the substrate. According to the invention, the wooden substrate is sheathed during a polymeric extrusion process with a substantially continuous, unbroken polyethylene or other polymeric layer extending from and continuous with the inventive end cap. During the extrusion process, the melt ring integrally formed along the annular walls of the end cap melt the encapsulant and form a substantially sealed configuration with the polymeric layer applied to the substrate. The melt ring is engineered to sealingly incorporate with the polymeric extrusion as the molten encapsulant is applied to the wooden substrate, to provide a substantially uniform sealed joint between the end cap and the polymeric layer while maintaining a substantially uniform cross-section along the length of the wooden substrate following completion of the encapsulation process.10-30-2008
20090049791Mechanisms for Locking and Removing Flush Mounted Inserts - A wall-mounted component can be flush-mounted into a wallboard by first installing a panel with a receiver bracket flush into a wallboard. Once the panel is installed, the component can be inserted into the receiver bracket at which point a locking mechanism automatically or manually engages to lock the component into the wall. The locking mechanism is concealed from view so that a casual observer does not see how the component is affixed to the wall, yet is accessible from the wall's exterior for routine service and maintenance, as well as reinstallation of updated components.02-26-2009
20090249737RETROFITTING APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR SECURING ROOF FRAMES AGAINST WINDS - An apparatus and method is provided for tying down an existing roof frame to resist windstorm uplift forces, in which an elongate connector is inserted slantingly upward through a hole through the roof frame, allowing an upper end of the connector to protrude from the roof frame to receive a head member which is detachably attached thereto in order to prevent the roof frame from moving upward relative to the connector under an uplift force. The lower end of the connector is secured to an underlying wall such that the connector applies a restraining force against wind uplift forces.10-08-2009
20130212975METHOD FOR AN ICE BUILDUP INHIBITOR - An ice buildup inhibitor is disclosed useful for preventing ice damming, in particular in conjunction with the use of a closed gutter. Heat escape through a roof made warm snow pack, causing it to melt and flow down toward the gutter. After moving away from the heated roof, the water may re-freeze and form an ice dam. In the ice buildup inhibitor may be configured to warm in the closed gutter, thereby preventing the formation of an ice dam. They ice buildup inhibitor may be configured to be easily installed onto an existing closed gutter, enabling responsive installation on only those homes experiencing ice damming.08-22-2013
20090293411Confinement Fence Structure For Climbing Animals and its Associated Methods of Construction and Installation - A fencing system for confining climbing animals. The fencing system uses a plurality of vertical posts that are set in place along a fence line. Arch support brackets are provided that attach to the vertical posts. Each arch support bracket has an ascending section that climbs to an apex point and a descending section that descends from that apex point. Flexible plastic netting is suspended between the rigid supports that are created by the vertical posts and the arch support brackets. Flexible plastic netting is supported vertically by the vertical posts. Above the vertical posts, the flexible plastic netting is supported in an ascending” angle to an apex point by each ascending section of “the arch support brackets. From the apex point, the flexible plastic netting is supported in a descending angle to the free end of the arch support bracket.12-03-2009
20110030307CONCRETE BAR SLAG CONTAINER - The present disclosure is directed to a containerization support structure for use in metal cutting including a flooring structure and a plurality of concrete composite structural bars positioned within the flooring structure. In another aspect of the present disclosure, a method of implementing a reusable containerization system for collecting metal by-product during a metal cutting operation includes the steps of positioning concrete composite structural bars within a flooring structure, where the flooring structure includes a plurality of longitudinally extending metal carriers positioned to house the bars; performing a metal cutting operation; collecting the metal by-product on the concrete composite structural bars; removing the bars; cleaning metal by-product from the bars; and returning the concrete composite structural bars to the metal carriers.02-10-2011
20090064629Flush Mount Panels With Multiple Aligned Receiving Brackets - A panel with multiple openings and brackets can be used to flush-mount multiple components in a wallboard. The panel is installed flush with the wallboard and the junction between the panel and the wallboard is plastered or drywalled to create a uniform appearance. Wall-mounted components can then be installed into the brackets into openings that have been pre-measured and cut to ensure that the components are aligned with precision relative to one another before installation even begins.03-12-2009
20100058708METHOD FOR EXTENDING A MOUNTING WORKSHOP IN AN AUTOMOBILE MANUFACTURING PLANT AND RELATED MOUNTING WORKSHOPS - The invention relates to a method for extending a assembly shop in an automobile manufacturing plant in order to increase the vehicle production rate and in order to obtain a new assembly shop from a former assembly shop that is older by several years, wherein the former assembly shop includes an assembly line including a body trim portion and a vehicle assembly portion, the body trim portion including one or more existing body trim sections (03-11-2010
20100071308FORMLINER AND METHOD OF USE - A formliner and method of use are provided in order to minimize and/or eliminate visible seaming between interconnected formliners. In some embodiments, the formliner can comprise raised sections that define interrelated inner and outer dimensions. In this manner, a given portion of a first formliner can mate with another given portion of a second formliner in a nested manner. As such, edges of the interconnected formliners can be discreetly hidden along features of the formliner pattern to reduce and/or eliminate visible seaming between the formliners.03-25-2010
20110067348CORRUGATED DECKING FLOORING SYSTEM - The invention includes a corrugated decking flooring system. The corrugated decking flooring system can include a corrugated deck having at least two flutes and a trough between the flutes. A sound insulation layer generally conformal with both the flutes and the troughs of the corrugated deck can be provided. An underlayment layer can be provided over the sound insulation layer.03-24-2011
20110047927Method of Securing a Cable to a Roof - On a roof having a raised seam, a method of securing a cable comprises extending a first run of cable in a direction generally parallel to the raised seam. In accordance with the method a cover is accessed having a channel dimensioned to receive at least a portion of the cable therein. The cover is installed on the roof at the raised seam. The cable is secured in the channel of the cover against the roof in a manner such that the cable is partially exposed and visible from a position adjacent the channel.03-03-2011
20110113720METHOD OF INSTALLING AN ELEVATOR - In a method in the use of a construction-time elevator, at least two lifts are performed. In each of the lifts, the supporting platform is lifted higher in the elevator hoistway with the hoisting device supported by the support structure so as to extend the operating range of the elevator car to reach higher in the elevator hoistway. A second support structure and a second hoisting device, which are above the support structure, are used between the lifts of the supporting platform, for moving the working platform in the elevator hoistway under construction between the second support structure and the support structure, and for lifting the support structure upwards in the elevator hoistway.05-19-2011
20110185675METHOD FOR SUPPORTING A STRUCTURE - A method and device for supporting a structure above a fixed surface. The device can include a support pedestal whose height is adjustable through a range of heights without a substantial gap in the obtainable heights.08-04-2011
20100024348METHOD OF EXPANSION - A method of expansion.02-04-2010
20090241464Hanging Beverage Dispensing Device - A method and an apparatus for attaching a beverage dispensing device to a vertical surface. One aspect of the invention includes a beverage dispensing device that may be mounted to a panel at a first position. The panel may be attached to a vertical surface. The panel may be secured to the vertical surface by at least one securing device operatively attached to the panel. Another aspect of the invention includes an apparatus comprising a panel having a top end terminating in a hook end, an insulated beverage dispensing device adjustably mounted to the panel at a first position, and at least one securing device operatively attached to the panel and configured to engage a vertical surface.10-01-2009
20080236091TAPERED LOAD PLATE FOR TRANSFERRING LOADS BETWEEN CAST-IN-PLACE SLABS - A tapered load plate transfers loads across a joint between adjacent concrete floor slabs. The top and bottom surfaces may taper from approximately 4 inches wide to a narrow substantially pointed end over a length of approximately 12 inches. The tapered load plate accommodates differential shrinkage of cast-in-place concrete slabs. When adjacent slabs move away from each other, the narrow end of the tapered load plate moves out of the void that it created in the slab thus allowing the slabs to move relative to one another in a direction parallel to the joint. Tapered load plates may be assembled into a load-plate basket with the direction of the taper alternating from one tapered load plate to the next to account for off-center saw cuts. A tapered load plate and an end cap may be used to provide load transfer across an expansion joint.10-02-2008
20120036811OVERHEAD FORM TRAVELLER AND METHOD - An apparatus and method are proposed for incremental casting of concrete cantilever bridge sections (02-16-2012
20120042603Method for removing shingles from a roof - A roof shingle peeler device which comprises a saw blade, a motor to operate the saw blade, a horizontal arm and skiis to regulate the depth of the saw blade, a wedge to remove the nails and shingles from the roof deck and enable the saw blade to cut the shingles into a predefined section, and a frame to facilitate the transportation of the predefined section of shingles for being received and collected into a bag for disposal. A hoist and return hoist are used to pull the roof shingle peeler device up and down the roof deck from the base to the crest while removing shingles.02-23-2012
20120042602Transition strip for floor panel and method of installation, replacement, and repair using the same - A transition strip is used to install, replace, and repair a floor panel in a floating floor system. The transition strip is a film or tape that comprises plastic, vinyl, polyvinyl chloride, polyester, polyolefin, or nylon. The transition strip can be used to repair a floor panel by removing at least one of the floor panels in the floating floor system to form an opening therein. The transition strip is positioned in the opening such that a portion of a top side of the transition strip adheres to a bottom surface of a bottom layer of at least one floor panel adjacent the opening and a portion of a top side of the transition strip extends into the opening. A bottom surface of a bottom layer of a replacement floor panel is then adhered to the portion of the transition strip extending into the opening.02-23-2012
20120204512Method of Straightening Foundational Walls - A wall straightening apparatus provides multiple independently controllable jacking members pressing outward on diagonal braces to push those braces against the wall to move the wall into a vertical alignment. Feedback control of the jacking members provides coordinated straightening of large wall sections with lessened cracking and distortion.08-16-2012
20090133358FLOOR PANEL AND METHOD OF LAYING A FLOOR PANEL - A floor panel including structure for releasably connecting at least two panels. A tongue is formed extending in the longitudinal direction of the side edge and corresponding recess is formed opposite it. The recess comprises a top lip and a bottom lip, and the bottom lip forms a shoulder with a front shoulder side. The shoulder blocks the panels in the transverse direction. An undercut is adjoined by a recess, with a bearing region which corresponds to the shoulder, and a wall, which, with the front shoulder side in the installed state, is located opposite the latter. Form-fitting elements are formed on the wall and the front shoulder side that, in the installed state, engage one inside the other and bring about locking in the vertical direction. An underside of the tongue and a top side of the bottom lip runs parallel to the top side.05-28-2009
20120186187Movable Safety Barrier System - A movable safety barrier system includes a flexible barrier member having a barrier member length with first and second ends, and a width. The barrier member can have a construction that is flexible in both directions along the length and width of the barrier member. First and second end supports are provided which are capable of supporting respective first and second ends of the length of the barrier member when the barrier member is extended between the end supports. The end supports can allow the extended barrier member to move in a direction transverse to the width of the barrier member when desired.07-26-2012
20100263321ACOUSTIC MOUNT - There is disclosed an acoustic mount for dampening vibrations between two structures mounted or coupled in use to each other. The mount includes a vibration dampening member having a first portion, a neck and a second portion. The second portion has a head. The dampening member has a bore running through the first portion, neck and head to receive a component, such as a fixing member such as a screw, for engaging or coupling to a first one of the two structures. A support member is also described to which a second one of the two structures is secured or coupled in use. The support member has an aperture to receive the dampening member. The dampening member is an integral unit and the head can be passed through the aperture and positioned such that said head resists withdrawal through the aperture. The support member is interposed between the first portion and the second portion.10-21-2010
20120240510METHOD OF ASSEMBLING A PLATFORM SYSTEM - A method of assembling a platform system is disclosed. The method includes positioning a first frame having one or more panels, then securing a first portable support to the first frame, securing a second frame to the first frame to form a first continuous platform level. The method includes positioning a plurality of frames having one or more panels to form a first continuous platform level, then securing a first portable support to at least one of the plurality of frames. The method includes forming a first continuous platform level from a plurality of frames having one or more panels. The method includes securing portable supports to at least one of the plurality of frames, securing an additional frame having one or more panels to the portable supports, and forming a second continuous platform level from a plurality of additional frames.09-27-2012
20080236090Modular building structures - Presented are methods of assembling and disassembling a modular unit so that the modular unit. The modular unit includes at least a concrete column with an embedded steel receptacle and an access port, and a concrete joist/slab with an embedded steel receptacle and an access port. The methods include inserting a first end of the rigid member into the steel receptacle of the joist/slab and a second end of the rigid member into the steel receptacle of the column to form the modular unit. The first and second ends of the rigid member are releasably coupled to the steel receptacles of the joist/slab and column, respectively. The first and second ends of the rigid member are then decoupled from the steel receptacles of the joist/slab and column, respectively. The joist/slab, column, and rigid member are separated so that at least joist/slab and column can be reused and/or recycled.10-02-2008
20080216441Perimeter temperature controlled heating and cooling system - The purpose of the invention is to create an improved system of climate control over the traditional heating and cooling systems. It involves forcing temperature conditioned air into a system of ductwork. The ductwork runs from the heating and cooling system to a plurality of air cavities between the outer wall and the inner wall of a building. Therefore, the treated air is not forced into the occupied space of the building, but on the interior of the walls. By doing so, this permits the living or working environment to maintain a much more stable temperature as opposed to traditional forced air heating or cooling, which tend to have a high temperature gradient within the interior of a building and are also subject to high temperature changes within the course of a day or even minutes. This system may also be combined with other traditional or yet to be determined heating and cooling systems.09-11-2008
20130118112PROCESS FOR MANUFACTURING PHYSICAL ASSETS FOR CIVIL AND/OR INDUSTRIAL FACILITIES ON MOON, MARS AND/OR ASTEROID - A process for manufacturing physical assets for civil and/or industrial facilities on Moon, Mars and/or asteroid, as well as the kit of materials and apparatus for implementing the same. Such a kit allows in fact to implement the process of the invention by providing all materials and apparatus that will be applied on Moon, Mars and/or asteroid, thus advantageously and significantly reducing, either the costs and the volume and bulk of the materials. The process comprises the steps of enriching the regolite present in the soil in ilmenite or in iron oxides, then mixing it with aluminum powder and sending the resulting mixture to a reaction chamber for the obtention of constructive elements.05-16-2013
20130125500Temporary Support Bracket - A bracket (05-23-2013
20130125499METHOD OF EXPLOITING LIGHTING ASSEMBLIES IN PROFESSIONAL ARCHITECTURAL STRUCTURES - A method is described for exploiting lighting assemblies in professional architectural structures. A plurality of lighting assemblies equipped with LEDs is provided. Lighting assemblies are installed for free. After a period of time previously agreed upon, an invoice is sent on the basis of an amount per unit length of the installed assemblies, multiplied with the number of length units of the installed assemblies, in which, in accord with a previously made calculation, that can be checked by the owner, the amount of the invoice is smaller than the savings on the energy costs realized by the owner with the lighting assemblies in said time period. A subsequent invoice is repeatedly sent on a regular basis.05-23-2013
20130139468DEVICE FOR SUPPORTING PHOTOVOLTAIC CELL PANELS, SUPPORT SYSTEM AND INSTALLED ASSEMBLY - A method of using a solar cell system as a support structure and outer skin for a building is disclosed. Such a support structure is used as a roof and/or one or more façades of a building.06-06-2013
20080196350Method For Guiding Contact Strips on Solar Modules and a Solar Module - The invention relates to a method for guiding contact strips on solar modules which comprise a laminate of a glass plate facing towards the light and a glass plate facing away from the light, and a laminated solar module produced by the method, the photovoltaically active layer of which between the glass plates is connected to contact strips in an electrically conducting manner. It is proposed that the contact strips are led out from the upper side of the glass plate facing away from the light around the edges of this glass plate, are covered with a laminating medium to the underside of this glass plate and with an insulating film to at least over the upper edge of this glass plate and are held in this position for laminating the two glass plates. In the case of a corresponding solar module, the contact strips (08-21-2008
20100287876METHOD FOR INSTALLING AN ELEVATOR AND METHOD FOR INSTALLING THE GUIDE RAILS OF AN ELEVATOR - The object of the invention is a method for installing an elevator, in which method the guide rails of the car are installed by fixing the guide rail sections into position from the bottom upwards. After installation into position of the lowermost guide rail section at least one working platform is built between the guide rails of the lowermost guide rail section, the guide rails of the second guide rail section are fixed as an extension of the guide rails of the lowermost guide rail section using the working platform as an aid, diverting pulleys are fixed to the top ends of the guide rails of the second guide rail section, a hoist and the rope suspension of the working platform are fitted to the working platform, in which rope suspension the hoisting rope is led at its first end from the hoist over the diverting pulleys and under the diverting pulleys that are in connection with the working platform to its fixing point of the second end on the working platform, and the working platform is lifted to the next working height by means of the hoist and is locked into position.11-18-2010
20120272611REPAIRING METHOD FOR WALL MEMBER WITH FLOW PASSAGES - It is an object to provide a repairing method for a wall member with flow passages capable of reducing the time and the cost required for a partial repairing work on the wall member with flow passages. The repairing method for the wall member with flow passages includes a removal stage of removing a portion of the wall member with flow passages (11-01-2012
20130186032CHINESE DRYWALL FIX - Odor emissions from improperly prepared Chinese drywall commonly termed “Chinese drywall” are reduced by the use of a hydrophobic coating on preferably both sides of the drywall, and by positively ventilating air from between the joists onto which the drywall is mounted.07-25-2013
20130192159WELDLESS BUILDING STRUCTURES - A building structure including a first building member and a second building member may be connected by fasteners, each fastener having a head, a tapered lead portion having an angle from 30 to 60° of at least HRC 50 hardness adapted to start into a pilot hole, a thread-forming portion of at least HRC 50 hardness adapted to thread the fastener into at least the second steel building member, and a threaded portion having a through hardness from about HRB 70 to HRC 40, such that the fastener is capable of providing a ratio of failure torque to thread-forming torque of at least 3.0 and a ratio of failure torque to drive torque greater than 10 when the second steel building member has a thickness of about 0.25 inch and the pilot hole has at least one diameter within nominal diameter from 80 to 98% of major diameter.08-01-2013
20130192160MATERIALS AND METHODS FOR LINING A CHIMNEY - A method of relining a chimney includes: coating the inside surface of a chimney flue with a first layer of a flowable refractory material to provide a wet and sticky surface on the inside of the chimney flue; providing an insulating sleeve on the refractory surface so that the insulating sleeve adheres to the refractory surface; coating the inner surface of the sleeve with a second layer of flowable refractory material effective for hardening to provide a refractory surface on the inner surface of the sleeve; and allowing both layers of flowable refractory material to harden, thus providing a hardened relining comprising a first refractory layer, an insulating layer, and a second refractory layer on the inner surface of the sleeve.08-01-2013

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