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With joining means of dissimilar material and separate from unit

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052 - Static structures (e.g., buildings)


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052582200 Includes lock or latch mechanism 17
052586100 Tie along and within edge or face groove; e.g., spline 15
052583100 Connecting protruding ends of units reinforcement (e.g., rebar) 8
052583100 Connecting protruding ends of units` reinforcement (e.g., rebar) 8
052584100 Clamp type 7
052585100 Tie (e.g., dowel) placed in preformed opposed openings 7
052587100 Protruding tying means (hook or eyebolt) embedded in unit at other end 1
20100251656DEVICE FOR CONNECTING PREFABRICATED CONCRETE SECTIONS - A device is provided for joining pre-cast concrete sections, the device including a cable loop, wherein the cable sections forming bent portions of the cable loop have elements for keeping the cable sections in a bent-over position, the elements are cable cores which lie within the cable sections of the cable loop and which are plastically deformable.10-07-2010
20110179739Light Transmission Panels, Retaining Clip and a Combination Thereof - A glazing panel system is provided with improved glazing panels, retention clips and/or U-shaped connectors. The retention clip may engage the glazing panels at locations lower than top ends of the upstanding seam flanges. In one embodiment, an internal U-shaped connector is positioned to engage the seam flanges while an external U-shaped connector covers the internal connector and the seam between adjacent glazing panels. The glazing panels may be formed with pockets adjacent the base of the upstanding seam flanges to receive a portion of the retention clip to apply retention forces at locations below the upper ends of the seam flanges. The retention clips may be formed with an upper transverse portion that is movable relative to the base portion of the clip to accommodate panel expansion and contraction. Also, a thicker plate or portion may be provided at a top flange for the retention clip to provide increased resistance to uplift loads trying to bend the flange.07-28-2011
20120167517THINSHELL COMPOSITE CONNECTOR - A structural member for facilitating quick and economical construction of pre-cast building elements comprising entire or partial panels such as walls, floors, ceilings, and roofs by combining metal stud framing with thin concrete or similar material for light-weight, low-cost, structurally strong panels. An illustrative structural member for constructing such pre-cast building panels is a segmented member made of a rigid material, such as a metal, that is secured to a stud by pressing a member including tangs through a cavity, by the insertion of fasteners through apertures in structural member tabs, or by adhesion or coalescence. The member may include upper tabs and apertures permitting the flow of concrete for additional structural strength. Reinforcement bars can be also incorporated. To reduce heat transfer and promote environmentally responsible and resource-efficient building, a break may be left between the stud and the concrete, with the break possibly filled by an insulative material.07-05-2012
20110192105LIGHTWEIGHT FLOOR SLAB - A lightweight floor slab comprises a meshy shuttering (08-11-2011
20120174518Method for Producing a Building Having a Prefabricated Wood Framework, and Resulting Building - A method is provided for producing a structure from prefabricated panels to be connected mounted on a free-standing supporting framework, each of the panels being made beforehand from a wood framework into which an inner insulation and inner and outer facings are capable of being built, the panels being connected together by a linking mechanism in a vertical direction and in a horizontal direction, wherein the method is characterized in that a subassembly is made from a quadrangular wood frame inside of which vertical posts are arranged on which mechanical connectors are placed, enabling the arrangement, support, and prepositioning of a metal reinforcement on the connectors that are in place. The thus-produced subassembly is placed in a mold so as to be overmolded from concrete constituting the inner facing.07-12-2012
20090255204STRAIGHT JOINT FOR SANDWICH PANELS AND METHOD OF FABRICATING SAME - A straight joint and method for connecting two adjacent construction elements, such as sandwich panels, so as to reduce or minimize thermal bridging across the elements. The sandwich panels each have a core, an outer layer, a cavity defined by a portion of the core, and a pathway through the outer layer to the cavity. The panels are erected such that the panel cores are in contact with one another. Bonding material is injected into the cavity through the pathway to seal the joint and maintain the panels in fixed relation to one another.10-15-2009
20080295436Support group for panel joining elements and panel assembly, panel joining elements, and support groups for the panel joining elements - An assembly comprising at least two panels (12-04-2008
20080302051Snap lock joint - This invention describes a snap-lock interlocking joint which locks a pair of mating construction pieces together by the insertion of a specially shaped tongue into a corresponding groove (having a complimentary shape to the tongue). The invention works well with engineered wood composites such as medium density fiberboard and certain other plastic products, namely free foam cellular plastic. The pieces may be joined together in the complete absence of glue or nails. No clamping is required to provide a strong joint.12-11-2008
20120023855ALUMINUM PROFILES FOR OFFICE WALL SYSTEM (PARTITIONS) AND METHOD OF ASSEMBLY - The connection between two partitions of offices is assured by a post of angle and a spacer. The section of the post of angle contains a circular part and a neighboring part in the shape of dovetail. The spacer is a profile, a section of which corresponds to a truncated triangle. The base and the extremities of the sides of the spacer contact the circular part of the post of angle. This contact assures of one part the alignment of both profiles and on the other hand a finish of joint whatever is the angle between partitions. The fixation of an element of partition such as one profile (02-02-2012
20120110944FASTENER FOR BUILDING MATERIALS - A fastener for fastening at least a pair of elongated members to a support structure includes a first arm having a first portion sized to be received within an edge grove or a slot of one elongated member, a second portion disposed substantially perpendicular to the first portion and a third portion disposed at an acute angle to a surface of the support structure prior to use of the fastener, wherein the first portion extends in a first direction from the second portion. There is also a second arm having a portion thereof extending in a second direction being opposite to the first direction, the portion of the second arm is sized to be received within an edge grove or a slot of another elongated member juxtaposed with the one elongated member.05-10-2012
20120110943Concrete insert - A concrete insert having a housing with an elongate centre portion. Longitudinal sides depend inwardly and have edge surfaces. Longitudinal flanges depend transversely from longitudinal sides and diverge. Lateral ends depend inwardly and have mating surfaces on inside surfaces of the lateral ends for mating substantially flush with the edge surfaces which support the lateral ends and flanges. Lateral flanges depend transversely from lateral ends and diverge. The concrete insert includes a nut box insert comprising a bottom wall mounted in the housing for sealing an open bottom of housing and for sealing the gaps between the edge surfaces and the mating surfaces. The housing and the nut box insert forming a nut box, with a nut slidably mounted in the nut box, the nut box for constraining rotation of the nut for the threaded hole in the nut to receive a threaded fastener through an access slot in housing.05-10-2012
20110192106Flooring, Deck and Patio Surface System and Method of Use - A system and method for providing an outdoor flooring such as a lightweight deck surface, employs a fiber reinforced polymer structural panel with internally tapered plural grid openings therein. A connector is driven into selected openings to enable the panel to be secured to a deck frame, or in the case of an impenetrable deck frame, a series of plates are used with or without pipe stanchions to make a floating or raised floating planar surface. A surfacing material, such as a quarried stone, is attached to the top of the panel, providing a stone deck surface without requiring substantial structural support.08-11-2011
20100139198Expansion-compensating deck fastener - The present invention is an anchoring biscuit device for joining three boards. It includes, (a) an at least partially flat horizontal top element having an imaginary center line, having opposite side walls, and having a top view footprint adapted to be inserted into grooves of adjacent boards; (b) at least one substantially vertical support member attached to the underside of the top element and extending downwardly therefrom for a predetermined length for joinder of two adjacent boards which contain said grooves for receiving portions of said top into said grooves; and, (c) at least one compressive element located on aid device, with at least a portion of said at least one compressive element, from a top view footprint, being located away from said imaginary center line and way from said vertical support member, wherein said compressive element is adapted to at least partially collapse under predetermined compressive force.06-10-2010
20090107075BUILDING PANEL ASSEMBLY FOR ATTACHING FLUTED DECKS TO UNDERLYING SUPPORT STRUCTURES - A building panel assembly has a first end support, a second end support, and an intermediate support positioned in spaced parallel relationship to each other, a deck positioned on the supports and having a plurality of low flutes extending across the deck in transverse relationship to the end supports, a plurality of fasteners affixed in the low flutes for securing the deck to the first end supports and a plurality of fasteners affixed in the low flutes of the deck so as to secure the deck to intermediate support. The fasteners used to attach the deck to the intermediate support are of a fewer number than the fasteners used to attach the deck to the end supports.04-30-2009
20090038253FLOORING PANEL OR WALL PANEL AND USE THEREOF - Flooring panel or wall panel and a use thereof in a wet room. The panel is provided with a locking means in the form of groove (02-12-2009
20090107076Sectional Flooring with Coupling Member, and Assembling Method Thereof - Sectional flooring is provided. The sectional flooring includes first, second, and third floor boards (04-30-2009
20110083392SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR INSTALLING PANELS - Systems and methods for installing one or more modular panels onto a wall or other surface. Such systems may include at least one panel retainer mounted to a substrate and at least one panel connected to the panel retainer in a removable fashion. In these systems, the interaction of at least one panel insert and at least one attachment structure facilitates connecting the panel to the panel retainer in a removable fashion.04-14-2011
20110078973INSULATED METAL ROOFING AND WALL SYSTEMS AND RELATED METHODS - An insulated roof deck or wall system which can be used in installing roofs and wall is set forth. The system includes a plurality of metal purlins (04-07-2011
20090217614MODULAR FLOORING - A flooring system comprising a plurality of tiles (09-03-2009
20100071296CONSTRUCTION KIT COMPRISING A PLURALITY OF PANEL ELEMENTS - A construction kit comprising a plurality of panel elements (03-25-2010
20110067341WALL PANEL WITH EXTENDED INTEGRAL POST - A wall module for a modular wall structure integrates a wall panel portion with a post portion having top or upper and bottom or lower extensions and at least one groove for receiving for receiving a distal end portion of a wall panel portion of an adjacent module. The bottom/lower extension is set within an exposed portion of a reinforcing cage of a caisson or pier extending below grade and the reinforcing cage and bottom/lower extension are encapsulated with a material such as concrete to integrate the caisson or pier with the bottom/lower post extension. Integration of the caisson or pier with the module provides numerous economies of transportation and construction of the modular wall as well as increased safety and limitation of costs of repair. The top/upper post extension is of a length to accommodate the full height of the wall panel portion of an adjacent module to improve strength and stability of the modular mall.03-24-2011
20110061328Tile Connector - A connector for joining modular flooring tiles to one another on a floor without joining the tiles to the floor includes a tile-contacting surface comprising a material operative for preventing movement of the flooring tiles.03-17-2011
20110047922Method and system for interconnecting structural panels - Building or structural panels may be joined, such as to form walls or floors. The panels have edge anchors with mounts. The anchors may comprise elongate members defining a trough having spaced cross-pins. A connector is positioned between adjacent panels. The connector engages the mounts of the anchors, such by having the cross-pins slide into slots of the connector. The panels may have outer skins located over an expanded core comprising a matrix of supporting elongate members and voids or openings, with the anchors located slots formed in the edges of the panels.03-03-2011
20100275544COMPOSITE JOIST FLOOR SYSTEM - The composite joist floor system includes joists supporting metal decking and a stand-off fasteners are spaced along the length of the joist Each fastener has an upper portion with a a through hardness between HRB 70 and HRC 40 and a lower portion having a threaded portion with a through hardness of between HRB 70 and HRC 40 and a thread-forming portion adjacent the threaded portion with at least a HRC 50 hardness and failure torque to thread-forming torque of at least 3.0 and a drive torque at least 20% less than a thread-forming torque, and a fluted lead portion adjacent the thread-forming portion with a nominal diameter between 70 and 95% of major diameter of the threaded portion adapted to form a fastener opening. These stand-off fasteners extend into and are encapsulated by a cementitious slab supported by the metal decking to form a composite floor system.11-04-2010
20110113716FALLING-PREVENTION ULTRA THIN STONE COMPOSITE BOARD - A falling-prevention ultra thin stone composite board is provided with a composite board body 05-19-2011
20090293406POSITION RETENTION MECHANISM FOR MODULAR WALL ASSEMBLY - A system for connecting modular walls includes a position retention mechanism configured to releasably retain a plurality of wall modules together. In one implementation, the position retention mechanism includes opposing front and back surfaces or walls, and one or more channels formed therebetween. The position retention mechanism is further configured with a plurality of spring tabs positioned within the one or more channels, wherein the spring tabs are configured to lock into a plurality of opposing connector interfaces corresponding to the opposing wall modules, such that the positioning retaining mechanism secures adjacent, opposing wall modules together. The position retention mechanism can further be configured with different surfaces to connect or hold a variety of components of various shapes together.12-03-2009
20110067342EMBEDDED CLIP ATTACHMENT FOR CAST ARCHITECTURAL ELEMENT - A clip is provided for use in securing a cast architectural element to a substrate, wherein the element has a stone shell having front, end, side and rear walls defining an internal cavity, the rear walls defining a rear opening, a core disposed in the internal cavity, a layer of mesh disposed upon the core, and a settable filler layer disposed upon the mesh in the rear opening, such that upon setting, the filler retains the clip in position. The clip includes a first clip portion with an eyelet, a second clip portion with at least one core engaging tooth, and a transition portion between the first and second clip portions which axially displaces the first and second portions, which are parallel to each other.03-24-2011
20090282768Plywood clip for use in roofing - A panel clip configured primarily for use in roofing defines lower and upper spaces for respectively receiving therein the edge of a first panel and the edge of a second panel to help maintain the two panels in a coplanar relationship. Specially configured teeth extend into the lower space to inhibit removal of the first panel from the lower space. The clips are typically used midway between the rafters of a roof to provide additional support to the panels.11-19-2009
20120144770MODULAR FLOORING ASSEMBLIES - A modular flooring assembly including a flooring component adhered to a tray substrate is described. The modular flooring assembly may be interconnected with additional modular flooring assemblies to form a modular floor suitable for most flooring applications. The flooring component may be tile or wood or other materials commonly used in flooring applications. Convention fill-in grout or a snap-in grout may be used with the modular flooring assemblies. One suitable snap-in grout is a right angle grout member.06-14-2012
20120036808PURLIN CLIP FOR BLOWN-IN INSULATED CEILINGS - An improved purlin clip has an arm and a leg defining a channel to receive the lower flange of a ceiling purlin. A pin is integrally formed with the lower leg of the clip and extends downwardly. The pin is adapted to penetrate a ceiling membrane. A cap is frictionally fit onto the pin to retain the membrane adjacent the purlin, and to support the membrane, with the insulation blown in between the membrane and the ceiling deck. The pin includes teeth or barbs for retentively engaging the cap.02-16-2012
20120042597Roofing system support assembly - A support assembly for supporting a retrofit roof to be installed above an existing roof made of preformed panels. Elongated support assembly members are positioned along the roof line to provide additional points of attachment for the new roof, while at the same time forming a substantially even plane for new roof panels. Some of the support members fit in the channels between the ridges of the preformed panels, which can be R-panels or standing seam panels. Transverse top members secure the channel-mounted members in place, while strapping members positioned atop the top members form additional lateral support for the new roof. A plurality of bracket support assemblies is secured between the top members to the roofing panels to elevate the new roof support. The bracket support assemblies are formed of two engageable parts to increase resistance to wind forces.02-23-2012
20090064621DEMOUNTABLE PANELING SYSTEM - A demountable and remountable wall assembly for partitioning room space between an overhead and a floor, the major elements of which are reusable. The assembly provides one or two walls, at lease one of which has an outer fastener-free surface. Additionally, the fastener-free surface may be made substantially smooth and seamless. The walls are arranged in planar congruence, separated by internal spacers or studs, and vertically positioned between the overhead and floor of the room space to be partitioned. Removable tracks or spacers at the top and bottom of the wall assembly serves to interface the wall assembly with the floor and ceiling of the space. The walls are constructed of either finished or unfinished wall panels (e.g., fabric covered or sheet rock panels) which are incorporated into the assembly using a combination of removable fasteners and releasable adhesives. The finished or exposed area of a wall surface includes no fasteners. Any fasteners used to fix a wall panel in place is covered by a removable trim or other removable feature, which make the fasteners readily exposable and easy to remove.03-12-2009
20110030303MECHANICAL LOCKING OF FLOOR PANELS, METHODS TO INSTALL AND UNINSTALL PANELS, A METHOD AND AN EQUIPEMENT TO PRODUCE THE LOCKING SYSTEM, A METHOD TO CONNECT A DISPLACEABLE TONGUE TO A PANEL AND A TONGUE BLANK - Floor panels are shown, which are provided with a mechanical locking system including tongue and grooves provided with protrusions and cavities which are displaceable in relation to each other and configured such that the protrusions can obtain a vertically unlocked position where they match the cavities and a vertically locked position where the protrusions overlap each other.02-10-2011
20110154769Insulated Metal Roofing Systems and Related Methods - An insulated roof deck system which can be used in installing metal roofs is set forth. The system includes a plurality of metal purlins (06-30-2011
20110094177TILING SYSTEM - An apparatus for installing tiles on a surface uses tile modules, which have a plurality of tiles mounted thereon, and a device for permitting the tile modules to inter-engage, in which each tile module includes a backing board which can be affixed to a stud wall or the like. Each module has on opposite sides complementary connector members, so that one module can be located above or below another module with the complementary connector members being interengaged. The apparatus also provides for connection to one side of a module and internal and external corners for use with the modules.04-28-2011
20120102867BUILDING ASSEMBLY WITH A CORNER PROFILE FOR AN INSULATING BUILDING SYSTEM - The present invention concerns a building assembly comprising joining profiles provided with profile contact sides, a corner profile provided with corner profile contact sides, and insulation panels orientated in two planes wherein the joining profile contact sides and the corner profile contact sides are adapted for receiving opposite contact sides of the insulation panels, such that the insulation panels are retained between the corner profile and the joining profiles.05-03-2012
20100205888CONNECTOR FOR PANELS OR PANEL-LIKE COMPONENTS - A connector is provided for connecting a first panel to a second panel with the first panel having one edge thereof fixed relative to a surface of the second panel and the two panels extending transversely, typically at right angles, to each other. The connector includes an anchor unit for cooperation with an aperture through the first panel inwardly of the one edge thereof and a nut captive relative to the anchor unit for receiving a fastener passing through the second panel for urging the anchor unit towards the second panel. The anchor unit includes a first component and a second component each of which has a generally planar base with one or more attachment lugs receiving the fastener. The peripheral edge of the base, in each case, is shaped so that the base covers and obscures the aperture with a flat abutment edge engaging the second panel.08-19-2010
20120247052MOUNTING CLIP AND WALL PANEL ASSEMBLY AS WELL AS KIT AND METHOD - A mounting clip and wall panel assembly is dimensioned for securement along an associated wall structure. The wall panel is formed from a thin-walled material having a substantially uniform thickness. The wall panel has a longitudinally-extending length, and includes first and second longitudinally-extending edges with a mounting wall portion extending lengthwise along the first edge. The mounting clip includes a fastener portion dimensioned for securement along the associated wall structure, and a panel-engaging portion configured to interengage the mounting wall portion of the wall panel. A mounting clip and wall panel kit, and a method of assembly are also included.10-04-2012
20100011693SHEAR PLATE - A shear plate for application to the outer end portion of a ferrule to be cast into a concrete component such as a wall panel, the shear plate having an outer portion engageable with the ferrule and, beyond the outer portion, a portion shaped to incline away from the adjacent surface of the concrete component to which the outer end of the ferrule is to be exposed. The shear plate enables the ferrule to be situated close to an edge of the component in a situation in which it will be subjected to shear loading in a direction towards that edge.01-21-2010
20120073233MODULAR WALLING SYSTEMS - A system for the modular construction of partitions, the system comprising a plurality of modules, each module comprising a security panel and a frame, the security panel being attached to one or more surface of the frame, the frame comprising at least one box shaped profile, each profile being adapted for connection to an adjacent profile of an adjacent module or to a structural building member.03-29-2012
20120227348Building Means - A fastener having an elongate base and a series of extensions proceeding outwards from the base at spaced intervals, each extension having a series of outwardly oriented claws formed by forcing the claws outwards from a main part of the extension to leave a corresponding space in the main part and then pressing or otherwise forcing the claws into a widened state so that they are too wide to return into spaces from which they came, the fastener formed so that when it is in use a wooden board can be arranged between two extensions such that edges of the board contact the two extensions so that a force applied to an outer face of the board will cause at least a substantial number of the claws to penetrate the edges to retain the board against the fastener.09-13-2012
20110225920UNIVERSAL FASCIA BOARD CONNECTOR - A fascia system for a building is disclosed. The fascia system includes a sheet of material comprising a first part and a second part, as well as a first fascia board and a second fascia board. The first part is coupled to at least one side of the first fascia board, and the second fascia board is held in a predetermined relationship with respect to the first fascia board in response to the second part being coupled to at least one side of the second fascia board. In some embodiments the sheet of material has an inner angle that is greater than 180 degrees. In some embodiments the sheet of material has an inner angle that is less than 180 degrees. In some embodiments the inner angle is a function of the pitch angle.09-22-2011
20120279158Building panel - A building panel comprising a device for connecting the building panel to at least one further similar building panel on a sub-surface. The building panel is intended to be lowered against an already installed building panel. Each building panel has first and second profiled side surfaces, at each of which an abutting surface is disposed, which is perpendicular to a usable surface or base surface of the building panel.11-08-2012
20080250744Retainer Device for the Connection of Components in Particular Flooring Panels - The invention relates to a retaining means for connecting structural parts, in particular covering panels, and to covering panels and the retaining parts thereof needed to form a covering.10-16-2008
20120247051INTERLOCKING FLANGE AND FASTENING SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SECURING TOGETHER TWO PANELS - A flange component used to secure a first panel to a second panel including a first section to be affixed to the first panel and a second section to be affixed to the second panel. The second section is integrally formed with the first section, which has a length dimension that is longer than a length dimension of the second section forming first and second tabs. The second section of the flange component is integral to an intermediate section between the first and second tabs. The second tab is offset relative to the intermediate section and first tab whereby when the first section is attached to the first panel, a space is formed between the second tab and the first panel. A first tab of an adjacent flange component is inserted this space, and the second section protrudes from a periphery of the first panel for receiving the second panel.10-04-2012
20080202055BOTTOM COVERING - The invention relates to a connecting element (08-28-2008
20130145715WALL PANELS OF DISSIMILAR MATERIALS - A fastening system for attaching cladding panels to a carrier panel and allowing for differential thermal expansion. The system fastens the two panels together at points in the direction perpendicular to the panel planes. A combination of different carrier panel hole sizes and slots fix the panels together at one point and allow the panels to expand and contract relative to each other while maintaining rectangular alignment. Wall panels and buildings constructed using the fastener are disclosed.06-13-2013
20130145716BUILDING WITH PANELS OF DISSIMILAR MATERIALS - A fastening system for attaching cladding panels to a carrier panel and allowing for differential thermal expansion. The system fastens the two panels together at points in the direction perpendicular to the panel planes. A combination of different carrier panel hole sizes and slots fix the panels together at one point and allow the panels to expand and contract relative to each other while maintaining rectangular alignment. Wall panels and buildings constructed using the fastener are disclosed.06-13-2013
20100287872Open web stud with low thermal conductivity and screw receiving grooves - An open web low thermal conductivity steel stud, having a web defining a longitudinal axis and a web plane, side edges along each side of the web, main web openings formed through the web defining two lengthwise sides parallel to the web axis, ribs extending diagonally across the web between the main web openings, right angle flanges formed around the main web opening and along the ribs, bent away from the web, and having flange extensions formed along the right angle flanges formed along the two lengthwise sides of the main web opening, bent at further right angles into planes parallel to but spaced from the web plane to define three sided parallel spaced apart reinforcing channels extending lengthwise along the web, rib openings at each end of each rib defining narrow throat portions of the web for reduced heat transmission, at least one stud leg formed along at least one web side edge, at right angles to the web, and, two parallel screw receiving grooves formed in the at least one stud leg, the grooves being spaced apart equally on opposite sides of the centre of the stud leg.11-18-2010
20110271630STACKABLE OFFICE PANELS - An upper stackable panel is provided for use with lower panels having a structural panel to panel connector mount located at least at each upper corner of said lower panel, to which a panel to panel connector can be secured by at least one fastener. The upper panels have a structural panel mounting member located at least at each bottom corner, at a location adjacent an upper corner panel to panel connector mount when the upper panel is positioned on top of the lower panel. Each lower corner panel mounting member has a fastener configuration which is compatible with that of the adjacent upper corner panel to panel connector mount on the lower panel. At least one fastener secures each said bottom corner panel mounting member to its adjacent upper corner panel to panel connector mount, to create a structural connection between the upper and lower panels at each of their respective lower and upper corners.11-10-2011
20110302868Rigging Deck Module - A rigging deck module including: a deck body including a flexible deck material bounded by a web-reinforced tensile edge, suspension means spaced about the edge whereby the deck body is tensionable to form a substantially flat deck surface, and a lattice of tensile web members secured to the flexible deck material and the web-reinforced tensile edge; tensile rigging strops adapted to be mounted in tension to a structure in maintained spaced relation to each other, and each having securing points formed thereon; and tensionable connection means located at each suspension means for securing and tensioning the deck body to the respective securing points.12-15-2011
20110302867Modular wall system and connection - A construction of an upright panel unit adapted for use in a wall with the panel units abutting end to end in which a pair of spaced facing sheet members on either side of the panel unit have vertical edge portions joined at each end of the panel unit by being sandwiched between an inner bracket member and an outer bracket member, with the outer bracket member having male and female arms engageable and disengageable with an outer bracket member of the end of an adjacent panel unit merely by respective movement of the panel units longitudinally relative to each other.12-15-2011
20110308187SUPPORT FOR PANEL ELEMENT - Support for a panel element for fastening the element at a specific angle relative to a base or for fastening non-flat elements having an inner profile (12-22-2011
20120017532Dust Control Cover for Channel - A novel dust cover is formed to overlie horizontal structural surfaces such as a channel or web of an I-beam, H-beam, conduit or channel member. The dust cover includes an elongated spanning section and a pair of longitudinal leg members extending from the spanning section to lie flush against the adjacent structural element to prevent dust accumulation. The cover is held to the structural member by a plurality of magnets spaced along the length of the member.01-26-2012
20130097958STACKABLE OFFICE PANELS - An upper stackable panel is provided for use with lower panels having a structural panel to panel, connector mount located at least at each upper corner of said lower panel, to which a panel to panel connector can be secured by at least one fastener. The upper panels have a structural panel mounting member located at least at each bottom corner, at a location adjacent an upper corner panel to panel connector mount when the upper panel is positioned on top of the lower panel. Each lower corner panel mounting member has a fastener configuration which is compatible with that of the adjacent upper corner panel to panel connector mount on the lower panel. At least one fastener secures each said bottom corner panel mounting member to its adjacent upper corner panel to panel connector mount, to create a structural connection between the upper and lower panels at each of their respective lower and upper corners.04-25-2013
20120073232Sheathing and siding hangers - A building construction connective hardware which holds and supports the starter row of wall sheathing and most types of siding at the mud sill and foundation and which holds and supports the roof sheathing at the rafter tails, comprised of a thin, flat rectangular shaped upper arm (03-29-2012
20130205704HIGH FLOW NOZZLE SPRAY DEVICES, RELATED METHODS, COMPOSITIONS, AND STRUCTURAL INSULATED PANELS - The present invention is directed to glass-fiber-reinforced concrete compositions that may be sprayed, methods of preparing and applying such compositions, devices used in preparing and applying such compositions, and composite structural insulated panels that may be fabricated using such compositions, related methods of manufacture, and building systems employing such panels.08-15-2013

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