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052 - Static structures (e.g., buildings)

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052588100 Interfitted integral flange 201
052582100 With joining means of dissimilar material and separate from unit 120
052589100 Having integral key 42
052580000 Opposed discrete edger-spacers; e.g., hollow panels 4
20090320401Double-Walled Panel For Building - A double-walled panel for building includes a double-walled main body defining an inner space and two opposite open sides, and being internally provided with a plurality of spacing boards to divide the inner space into a plurality of chambers, and each of the chambers having two opposite open ends at the two open sides of the main body; a working liquid stored in the chambers in the main body; and at least two sealing covers for sealing the two open sides of the main body as well as the two open ends of each of the chambers. The double-walled panel may be used as a ceiling panel or a partition panel. The working liquid stored in the chambers not only helps in lowering indoor temperature in normal use conditions, but also helps in putting out fire when the building is on fire.12-31-2009
20100132297REINFORCED PLASTIC PANELS AND STRUCTURES - A partition system may include one or more panels. A panel may be constructed using blow-molded plastic. A panel may include one or more depressions, which may be aligned with one or more depressions on an opposing side of the panel. The depressions may provide additional structural integrity for a panel. The depressions on opposing sides of the panel may extend toward and engage each other. The panels may include patterns with which one or more depressions may intersect. The panels may include symmetric patterns on opposing sides. The partition system may include one or more connectors adapted to receive a portion of one or more panels. The partition system may include one or more feet that may be attached to one or more panels. The panels may include one or more reinforcing members of various shapes disposed proximate one or more edges of a panel.06-03-2010
20130145714VENTILATED STRUCTURAL PANELS AND METHOD OF CONSTRUCTION WITH VENTILATED STRUCTURAL PANELS - A ventilated structural panel comprising a first sheet, having edges that define a horizontal axis with a first horizontal edge and a second horizontal edge, and vertical axis with a first vertical edge and a second vertical edge, a second sheet being of substantially the same planar dimensions as the first sheet and having edges that define a horizontal axis and vertical axis, with a first horizontal edge and a second horizontal edge and a first vertical edge and a second vertical edge, the first and the second sheet being parallel in plane and matched in at least one of the vertical axis and the horizontal axis, a plurality of spacing structural elements, formed integrally with at least one of the first and the second sheet, fixedly attaching the first sheet to the second sheet, such that the yield strength of the combined panel is greater than the combined individual yield strengths of the first and the second sheet; and the plurality of spacing structural elements being arranged such that a plurality of unobstructed pathways are created for air to move from at least one edge of the panel to at least one of an opposite and an adjacent edge of the panel, and being arranged to provide integral ventilation through the materials and between the first and the second sheet.06-13-2013
20080307739Modular Building Panel - A modular building panel having an inner frame, an exterior planar surface, an interior planar surface parallel with but separated from the exterior planar surface by the frame, a generally hollow core disposed between the exterior and interior surfaces, a first side with a longitudinally aligned incurvate aperture, a second side parallel to the first side with a lateral projection congruent with the incurvate aperture, the first and second sides being configured to form an interlocking joint when a lateral projection is coupled with an incurvate aperture and one or more weather seals longitudinally disposed along at least a portion of the interlocking joint. The modular panels may be configured as either wall or roofing panel.12-18-2008
052581000 Edge-to-edge openwork panels 1
20090049785SPORT WALL AND SPORT WALL SYSTEM - An anchoring panel for a sport wall system with a front side facing an interior of the sport wall system, a back side, a flange extending from and rigidly fixed to the back side, a top side, a bottom side, and a first and second end wall is provided. Each of the first and second end walls include interlocking elements for interlocking with a first or second end of another panel in the sport wall system, the interlocking elements comprising at least a male knob extending towards the bottom side of the anchoring panel and configured to be insertable into a panel recess of the another panel in the sport wall system.02-26-2009
20130025228DECKING SYSTEM WITH HIDDEN DOVETAIL FASTENER - This present invention relates generally to deck fasteners for securing deck boards together and to a supporting member, and more particularly with a deck fastener which does not protrude from the deck surface.01-31-2013
20120167516 METHOD OF FORMING PROTRUSIONS ON A MASONRY BLOCK - A method and mould for forming upwardly extending protrusions on a wall masonry block during moulding of the block. The method including pouring a flowable concrete mixture into a lower mould to form a body of said wall masonry block, applying a head shoe to form an upper section of said wall masonry block, the head shoe including a first mould portion for forming an upper bedding face of said block and a second mould portion for forming at least one protrusion extending upwardly from the upper bedding face, the head shoe being shaped to improve the flow of said concrete mixture into the second mould portion during compression of the block, and removing the masonry block from the mould.07-05-2012
20080256889Joining Element for Joining Two Workpieces - A joining element (10-23-2008
20100005748Deck Covering - Provided is a system and method for protecting and restoring a surface by applying thereto a preformed polymer based film and securing the film to the surface. Particular application is found where the surface is a deck surface.01-14-2010
20100024340WIND BLOCKING DEVICE FOR BUILDINGS - The present invention includes a device and method of manufacture of the device. The device includes frame system and a rigid panel adapted to selectively cover an opening of a walled structure. The frame system includes a top rail and two side rails that couple to the walled structure. Each rail consists of a pair of oppositely disposed L-shaped bends and an intermediate flat panel body method. An L-shaped member couples to the flat panel, cooperating with one L-shaped bend to form a U-shaped channel, which adapts to slideably receive a rigid panel member consisting of plexiglass. A bottom rail releasably couples to the two side-rails to hold the rigid panel in place and allows for rapid installation and removal as needed.02-04-2010
20120096798MODULAR FLOOR TILE - Disclosed is a modular floor tile, comprising a tile body and a splicing bar. The tile body consists of a base and a surface layer where the surface layer is used as an appearance for the modular floor tile. The base has a first slot and a second slot disposed on two opposing parallel sides of the bottom of the base. The splicing bar is partially embedded in the first slot in a manner to form an protruding portion matched to the second slot where the remainder of the top surface on the protruding portion is used to adhere to the second slot of an adjacent tile body. Therefore, the amount of adhesive used can be reduced while maintaining effective adhesion and adhesive overflow is avoided.04-26-2012
20110214379PANEL MOUNTING COMPONENTS, SYSTEMS, AND METHODS - Panel mounting components and systems for mounting objects, such as decorative architectural resin panels, can include one or more of a twist-lock mounting assembly and a melt-bondable panel mounting bracket. Twist-lock mounting assemblies can include a housing and locking pin configured to automatically lock together, thereby allowing a user to quickly and easily mount and dismount panels from a support structure. Melt-bondable panel mounting brackets can include one or more bonding features configured to be pressed into a resin-based panel, thereby allowing additional components, such as a twist-lock mounting assembly, to be secured directly to a single side of a panel.09-08-2011
20120096799PANEL MOUNTING APPARATUS AND SYSTEM - A mounting apparatus for mounting a panel to a structure. The mounting apparatus includes a panel extrusion that attaches to a back side of the panel such that the panel extrusion is obscured behind the panel in order to show a clean surface look. A connector extrusion secures the panel extrusion to the structure for simple construction.04-26-2012
20120110942WALL BLOCK FOR A STRAWBALE HOUSE, AND STRAWBALE-HOUSE CONSTRUCTION METHOD USING THE SAME - The present invention relates to a wall block for a strawbale house. More specifically, it relates to a wall block for a strawbale house comprising a predetermined frame in which at least two facing sides are not blocked, and a bundle of straw which is positioned within the frame and both ends of which are finished with loess. In the present invention, straw bales which will be comprised in the walls of a strawbale house are preformed into blocks in order to allow the strawbale house to be constructed easily and reduce the construction time and effort. This has the advantage of allowing houses to be built both easily and directly with little cost or time, and has many environmental advantages in terms of environmentally friendly use of materials, reduced construction waste, energy savings and the like.05-10-2012
20120110941Extruded plastic members for covering wood surfaces - A substrate covering system includes a plurality of elongated board members, which are, for example composed of an extruded thermoplastic material. Preferably, each of the elongated board members has a convex inner surface and a concave outer surface, both of which are flattened as the edges of the board member are attached to the substrate. Preferably, the inner surface has notches facilitating adhesive attachment to the substrate, while the outer surface has grooves curved to simulate a wood grain and to prevent slipping. The system may also include an elongated edge trim strip that can be configured to cover several different types of substrate edges.05-10-2012
20100077690PANEL ASSEMBLY AND METHOD FOR MOUNTING A PANEL ASSEMBLY - A panel assembly and therefor in which two panels are connected to one another, where one surface of each of the panels includes a joggle, so as to include an upper plateau and a lower plateau, the two panels being connected to each other at their lower plateaus. The sum of the joggle heights of the two panels is for example equal to the sum of the accepted gap tolerances in the joint zone between the two panels.04-01-2010
20080282638Decking Plank - A decking plank (11-20-2008
20090100780STRUCTURAL INSULATED PANEL SYSTEM - A structural insulated panel system includes a frame including a first vertical frame member and a second vertical frame member and a top frame member and a bottom frame member. A first siding member is attached to one side of the frame and a second siding member is attached to an opposite side of the frame to form a cavity and an insulation material is provided within the cavity. A tongue portion includes a projection formed from the first vertical frame member disposed laterally outward from one vertical edge of the first and second siding members. A groove portion includes a recess formed from the second vertical frame member disposed laterally inward from an opposite vertical edge of the first and second siding members, so that the tongue portion from one panel is configured to mate with the groove portion of another panel to provide an assembly of multiple panels.04-23-2009
20090100781Modular building system - There is provided a panel for use in the construction of a structure. The panel includes a panel body defining a panel body periphery. The panel body additionally includes a panel body front surface and an opposing panel body back surface. A flange extends along the panel body periphery. The panel further includes an elongate rib having first and second rib walls and a rib channel. The first and second ribs walls extend from and along the panel body back surface. The rib channel is disposed between and along the first and second ribs walls and extends toward the panel body back surface. The rib channel defines a rib longitudinal axis generally parallel to the adjacent panel body back surface. The panel is cuttable along the rib channel to form a structural element. A plurality of structural elements may be combined to form the structure.04-23-2009
20090293405METHOD OF PRODUCTION OF JOINING PROFILES FOR STRUCTURAL MEMBERS - A method for forming a joining profile in a structural member comprises providing an assembly having a base member, a forming body and a pair of side anvils having profiles formed therewithin. The method further comprises mounting the structural member on the base member, advancing the forming body toward the structural member such that the structural member is clamped to the base member, urging the side anvils toward flanges of the structural member, forming a profile in each of the flanges, and engaging protrusions of the side anvils with the web such that opposing portions of the web are forced upwardly by the protrusions at locations adjacent to each one of the flange profiles in order to accommodate formation of the flange profiles in the structural member. Formation of the joining profiles in the structural members allows for detachable engagement thereof with another member having a corresponding mating profile.12-03-2009
20110138728Panel for decorating spaces - A panel for decorating spaces has a first structural element and a second structural element connected with one another, wherein the first structural element on lateral sides is provided with pins, while the second structural element on a back side is provided with shaped slots with a depression corresponding to the pin.06-16-2011
20120192520LIGHT STEEL ROOF TRUSS WITH STRUCTURE OF DOUBLE CONTINUOUS BEAM - A light steel roof truss with a structure of a double continuous beam includes structural beams (08-02-2012
20100186336PANEL STRUCTURE - The invention relates to a panel structure, in which structure at least two layer sheets (07-29-2010
20120131873METHOD OF MAKING WALL BLOCKS - A method of making a wall block and a mold box therefore. The wall block design maximizes the use of the mold box. The method produces wall blocks having a large surface area front face compared to the front face size of prior art blocks. The blocks have about one third more front surface area. This results in faster construction of walls and a faster construction sequence. The method of making the blocks makes efficient use of mold space and material, resulting in higher production yields and/or higher total daily production square footage.05-31-2012
20100236180METHOD FOR INSTALLING A SURFACE COVERING, AND APPARATUS THEREFOR - A method for installing a first surface covering element onto a surface is provided. The element has one half of a hook and loop attachment system, and the surface has the other of the hook and loop attachment system. The method may include the steps of: (i) placing the first element onto the surface so that at least some of the respective hooks and loops of the first element and surface engage; and (ii) applying a force to the first element to encourage tensioning in the loops; and (iii) securing the first element into place.09-23-2010
20090301020Unit for block walls and walls incorporating the unit - A unit for block walls and block walls assembled from said units. The units have top and bottom surfaces joined by spaced-apart planar abutment surfaces that form equal dihedral angles such that when two units are abutted at their base surfaces, they form in side view a hexagonal array that is self aligning and mutually supporting. Fractional units can be provided at ends of the wall which carry only a single abutment surface.12-10-2009
20110067340MODULAR FLOOR TILE WITH CONNECTOR SYSTEM - Modular floor tiles and modular floors are described herein. A modular floor tile may include a top surface, a plurality of edge surfaces, and a plurality of interlocking member for attachment to adjacent tiles. One interlocking member may include a protrusion having a curved interlocking portion. Another interlocking member may include a recess having a curved pocket portion. An interface between the curved interlocking portion of one tile and the curved pocket portion of another tile may allow pivot movement between the tiles. A modular floor may include a plurality of interlocking tiles connected to one another. Methods of forming a modular floor that includes a plurality of modular floor tiles are also disclosed.03-24-2011
20110162312FLOOR COVERING - Disclosed is a floor covering consisting of a plurality of panel elements (07-07-2011
20110162310Tile And Strut Construction System For Geodesic Dome - The present invention sets forth a tile and strut construction system for a geodesic dome. The tile has a generally triangular shape, with the corners cut out to accommodate hubs which retain supporting struts in position. The tile has a faceted 3-dimensional upper surface, integrally molded reinforcing ribs, and a recess in the lower surface at each of its 3 edges.07-07-2011
20110162311BUILDING STRUCTURED MATERIAL USING CELL GEOMETRY - An improved cellular building block including a middle beam and two legs. The cellular building block having the first leg coupled to the middle beam such that the leg is perpendicular to the middle beam and a second leg coupled to the middle beam such that the leg is perpendicular to the middle beam and spaced apart from the first leg, the first leg and the second leg having an inside edge and an outside edge. Having at least one barb located on the inside edge of the first leg and on the inside edge of the second leg and further configured to lock into a recess. The cellular building blocks connect in a two dimensional or three dimensional pattern and a produce a structured material that holds itself together and exhibits beneficial characteristics.07-07-2011
20110131915PARTITION MODULES AND ASSEMBLY SYSTEM THEREOF - A partition module and system of partition modules provides an aesthetically pleasing partition for an interior space of a building. The front and rear exteriors of the module each include three-dimensional surface patterns configured to coextensively align with patterns on adjacent substantially identical modules to form a collective, dual-sided partition having a seamless visual appearance. The partition module may include a recess sized and shaped to receive a beam for supporting the partition structure and a plurality of alignment projections for self-alignment of the partition modules during construction.06-09-2011
20100236179BUILDING BLOCK, BUILDING STRUCTURE AND THE METHOD OF BRICKING WALL USING THE SAME - The present invention relates to a building block serving as a mold when carrying out civil engineering and construction works and forming an external appearance of a structure, a building structure and a method of bricking a wall using the same. The building block comprises first and second exterior walls facing each other and spacing from each other in back and forth directions, and a connecting portion connecting the first and second exterior walls to each other and having an upper portion provided with a first mounting groove for mounting a width-directional reinforcing bar. Here, concavo-convex coupling portions are formed at inner peripheries of the first and second exterior walls, for concavo-convexly coupling to each adjacent block, and here, leakage preventing recesses are respectively formed at outer peripheries of the first and second exterior walls.09-23-2010
20120036807ANCHOR SHEET POSITIONING AND CONNECTION SYSTEM - Attachment devices are described for attaching and locating overlapped anchor sheets while allowing for some relative movement as to expansion and contraction. Generally, the devices are a male/female connection on corresponding sheets and expansion openings or apertures surrounding either the male or female part to provide for areas of flexibility to provide for possible movement of either the male or female part.02-16-2012
20100313514ROOFING COVER BOARD, ROOFING PANEL COMPOSITES, AND METHOD - A roofing system includes a layer of insulation boards overlying a roof deck, and a layer of cover boards overlying the insulation boards. The insulation boards include a polyisocyanurate or polyurethane foam material that has a first density. The cover boards include a polyisocyanurate or polyurethane material that has a second density. The second density is greater than the first. The roofing system may also include a waterproofing membrane overlying the cover boards.12-16-2010
20120060441APPARATUS FOR THE CREATION OF OUTER SURFACES FOR STRUCTURES - The present invention provides an apparatus for creating an outer surface effect of a structure wherein at least one wall of the structure defines a support surface, the apparatus comprising means defining a covering surface which overlies the support surface but is movable therefrom, so that a quantity of material to create the outer surface effect can be positioned between the support surface and the covering surface, and wherein the covering surface is in the form of a panel.03-15-2012
20120247050COVERING UNIT - A covering unit for use in combination with similar units for covering a surface with a natural random look, the unit having an hexagonal body comprising first, second and third pairs of opposed and parallel sides. Each side has a central point of angular symmetry. The second and third pairs are similar to each other while the first pair is different from the others. The sides of the second and third pairs are provided with at least one split deviation along their length arranged so that each side of the second pair is a rotational image of the sides of the third pair, whereby in use in combination with other covering units: each side is matingly engageable with the sides of an equivalent pair of a neighbouring unit; and the unit has a central point of angular symmetry and is matingly engageable with a plurality of neighbouring unit.10-04-2012
20120204511CONSTRUCTION STRUCTURE OF WALL SURFACE - Provided is a construction structure of wall surface having no sealing material and in which a joining portion between building boards is inconspicuous.08-16-2012
20120060440Utility Materials Incorporating A Microparticle Matrix - A utility material can include microparticles, an organic binder and an inorganic binder. The microparticles can be present in an amount from about 25 wt % to about 60 wt %, based on wet formulation. The inorganic binder can optionally include sodium silicate. The organic binder can optionally include a vinyl acetate. The utility material can be formed into a variety of different products or building materials, such as wallboard, shear panels. In addition, the building material may be particularly used to attenuate sound.03-15-2012
20110154768COMPOSITE PANEL, CONNECTOR AND RELATED METHOD - A composite panel comprising a layer of hardened settable material, at least one element bonded to and/or embedded in the settable material, and one or more connectors fixed to the at least one element, the or each connector comprises a coupling portion that is disposed at a surface of the panel and arranged to form one part of a load bearing coupling, wherein loading induced at the coupling is arranged to be transferred through the connector to the element.06-30-2011
20120151864TOWER STRUCTURE AND METHOD OF ASSEMBLING - A modular tower structure is described herein. The modular tower uses a cost-effective, efficient design that reduces the amount of steel necessary for tower structures for wind turbines. The modular tower is constructed from sections. The sections are constructed from panels. The panels comprise a curved or arcuate shape. The panels include vertical edges and horizontal edges. A vertical connection connects or secures the panels at the vertical edges of the panels and forms the sections. The sections have a generally circular shape. A horizontal connection connects or secures the sections at the horizontal edges of the panels.06-21-2012
20120151863Wooden structural building panels - This invention is based on sizes and shapes of wooden building panels that creates a standard of measurement for wooden stick built panels to increase efficiency in design, manufacturing, cost control and assembly.06-21-2012
20120117909ADHESIVELESS DECORATIVE FLOOR TILE - A decorative floor tile including at least one decorative layer and a backing layer having an array of resilient annular projections. Each annular projection includes a concave top surface, an outside wall surface, and an inside wall surface. The inside wall surface defines a central, blind passageway area. When the decorative floor tile is installed over an underlying surface, and pressure is applied to the decorative floor tile, a vacuum is created within the blind passageway and the underlying surface. The vacuum increases the amount of frictional drag between the surface covering and the underlying surface, and thus allows the surface covering to remain in place without the need for an adhesive.05-17-2012
20100071295BAMBOO PANEL ASSEMBLY - A bamboo panel assembly includes a rectangular open frame member, a plurality of bamboo strips press-fitted into mounting grooves of the rectangular open frame member in a flush manner and kept in parallel, slide rails affixed to the rectangular open frame member on the same plane and kept in parallel for sliding insertion of a sliding container in between each two adjacent slide rails. An outer frame structure may be attached to the rectangular open frame member to construct a screen panel for making a folding partition screen.03-25-2010
20100326002WALL STRUCTURE - A wall structure is provided, which, despite having a surface that is covered with elastic coating material and that is jointless, has an uneven pattern in the surface, and which does not require any great effort in the coating process and exhibit little variation in the finished design. The wall structure has a wall material, an elastic joint material, a mesh-shaped material and an elastic coating material. The surface of the wall material bears an uneven pattern in which the height difference between deepest portions and highest portions is 2.0 to 4.0 mm and a pattern loss ratio is 15% or less, and furthermore, the wall material is fixed in a state where a side end portion of the wall material is abutted against a side end portion of another wall material. The elastic joint material covers the surface of the abutting portion of the side end portions of the wall materials, and the elastic coating material covers the entire surfaces of the wall materials and of the elastic joint material. The uneven pattern in the surface of the wall is formed by coating the uneven surface of the wall material with the elastic coating material, and the amount of the elastic coating material is 2 to 6 kg/m12-30-2010
20120279157Magnetic tiles - This invention offers a kind of magnetic material, which especially refers to wall tiles and floor tiles. This invention contains a building material (11-08-2012
20100199588High Strength Low Density Multi-Purpose Panel - A high strength low density panel. The panel is formed of sections. Each section will preferably have the shape of a cuboid or a prism. At least one face of each section is provided with a buttress. The sections are preferably inverted relative to each other. The sections are configured so that they share sidewalls with each adjacent section, which creates a series of braces extending across the panel. The prismatic sections are paired to form cuboids. These cuboids have a diagonal internal wall. The internal walls of the cuboids align in the panel to create braces that extend across the panel at an angle to the other braces. Finally, all of the buttresses are configured so that the buttress of adjacent and cater-corner sections meet their respective common section corners at substantially the same point.08-12-2010
20120137616AWNING-MEMBER MOLDED ARTICLE AND AWNING - Provided is an awning-member molded article which can be easily fabricated and have an excellent strength, and an awning formed from a plurality of such awning-member molded articles. When an awning-member molded article 06-07-2012
20110146187Panel System - The present disclosure relates to panel systems, including panel systems that provide one or more tensioned panel portions.06-23-2011
20120240505Drywall Apparatus and Method - Described herein is a drywall apparatus for constructing planar partitions and corners. The drywall apparatus includes a first drywall panel having a first edge and a second drywall panel having a second edge. An elongating hinge connects the first edge to the second edge, and allows the first drywall panel and the second drywall panel to assume a range of angles therebetween to enable the apparatus to be used for constructing planar partitions and corners. The elongating hinge is designed to elongate from a contracted position to an elongated position as the first edge and the second edge are displaced apart.09-27-2012
20080222987Wall Panel - A wall panel includes a pair of plates and a plurality of vertical supports. The plates are spaced apart and parallel to one another. The vertical supports are affixed between the two plates. Each vertical support has a longitudinal axis parallel to the longitudinal axis of each other vertical support. Each vertical support has a width dimension parallel with the two plates and perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the vertical support. At least one of the plates extends beyond at least one of the vertical supports a distance of a partial width of the vertical support.09-18-2008
20130111842Masonry Block with Taper - A cast block for use in a wall is provided. The block includes: a body including a top surface and an opposed bottom surface; and a face portion extending frontwardly from the body portion, the face portion including a front surface, an upper tapered surface, and a lower tapered surface, the upper tapered surface disposed between the top surface and the front surface and the lower tapered surface disposed between the bottom surface and the front surface; wherein the front surface, the upper tapered surface, and the lower tapered surface are each patterned. Also provided is a wall formed of rows of cast blocks. Also provided is a method of forming masonry blocks for use in structural retaining walls.05-09-2013
20100018148METHOD FOR CLINCHING THICK METAL WORKPIECES, USE OF A CLINCHING TOOL, AND STEEL STRUCTURAL ELEMENT PRODUCED ACCORDINGLY - Method of producing a load-bearing steel construction connection, wherein a clinch connection (01-28-2010
20130145713BUILDING STRUCTURED MATERIAL USING CELL GEOMETRY - An improved cellular building block including a middle beam and two legs. The cellular building block having the first leg coupled to the middle beam such that the leg is perpendicular to the middle beam and a second leg coupled to the middle beam such that the leg is perpendicular to the middle beam and spaced apart from the first leg, the first leg and the second leg having an inside edge and an outside edge. Having at least one barb located on the inside edge of the first leg and on the inside edge of the second leg and further configured to lock into a recess. The cellular building blocks connect in a two dimensional or three dimensional pattern and a produce a structured material that holds itself together and exhibits beneficial characteristics.06-13-2013
20110308186FLANGE FOR WIND POWER GENERATORS - In a flange to adapt a wind power generator to a pre-stressed concrete tower, the flange includes an annular tapered pre-stressed concrete shell having a bulging which inwardly protrudes toward a central axis of the flange, and a steel component to be embedded within the pre-stressed concrete shell. The bulging includes a horizontal flat surface for settling the steel component. The steel component includes an annular tapered body having an upper and lower end, a plurality of vertical and radially extended fins joined to an external face of the steel component, a connecting ring joined to the body upper end and including a plurality of holes for introducing bolts to join the wind power generator, and an annular base joined to the body lower end, which is settled on the bulging.12-22-2011
20120085062Prefabricated shear wall system with integrated channels - Prefabricated wall segments for construction of buildings. The prefabricated wall segments are lightweight and easy to install and enable an improved ability to install electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling systems as well as insulation in both the vertical and horizontal direction. The prefabricated wall segments can be utilized in new construction as well as in preexisting structures without the need for specialty equipment or tools.04-12-2012